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10. Doing Right

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 13, 2014
    12:00 PM
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at some of you enjoying himself what is up with a workaround bless us with his Holy Spirit father in heaven thank you so much for this time thanks for being a God who is faithful let me bring refreshes with your spirits I got you out this console along the week here we are at the end of the Lord we pray we would finish strong through paper strength energy clarity focus and got me our hearts leaves satisfied for you in Jesus name we pray amen I know we look at the nonnegotiable and here they are right here Christ centered character compatibility communication commitment and chemistry these things are remaining on the platform we do not want to remove anything yesterday we talked about the possible will find these kinds of creatures right we use the analogy of a wildlife photographer I that he had discovered of these kinds of people either have one of two choices either moves closer or not run the other way I diet is not as opening the doors of elder greenlight going on this is the time to want to move closer to the meetings that ultimately we need to understand this meeting log on to lead and I will have to be done absolutely silly desire and God is speaking to us and say this is not what I asked for you then we need to have enough courage to follow what God is saying because and on these beings that we don't see he sees the future better than we see his wisdom is greater than any model is the answer we want to make sure what following God welcome we have to hurry a man added the number one criteria about any kind of Christ I will not know that the real we got as a gift of a kind of stages to let you know this is by no means been a very exhaustive and we both read some blogs talk to mentor godly people and find out more conversation about when we talk about this in consideration kinds of people we'd be interested in we talked about where we might find these kinds of people how to begin to engage socially with these kinds of people that want to be dealing with the age of days we are starting this quarter she rocked that godly dating with anyone we are inventing this time together this special kind of relationship a kind of committed relationship with the intention of the possibility of right was the difference between worldly dating and courtship once again the leverage of yes intentionality of what the intention of Doctor yet the ride very good and what the intention of this godly children of Ali Mohammed got a picture right now and I written about the children and people the children but we want to be able to produce a godly man suddenly I win the stage right here and the relationship has just begun the right calls in place two or three days prior to this mutual understanding we are now beginning this very committed time of courtship the question can't wait a minute how does the court should take place what sort of thing should take place during that courtship we had to go there to pay attention to a very beautiful book in the Bible that she describes courtship it is a book call song of Solomon found the following evening we need to understand about the what will he was somebody who had well a lot of women in a workflow in the page are a big problem in our office because involving you know eventually what started happening and you know patent on a all these sexual encounters that he was having he began to become effeminate development think about that what I mean that indicate he was also the sexuality and sleeping around and worshiping God that were really all about the fire we the image of God within mankind yet in the early ages of Solomon when he was somebody who was speaking after wisdom the Bible describes there was one particular woman that he was very much interested in and see whether I shall write and he began to share in the book of song of Solomon the courtship process often times the meanest looking as bad as it will too much symbolism we can understand that will allow understanding the book of Revelation actually live up to the second place a lot about as part of who we are as Christian God-given prophecy but here we are we have another book that uses a lot of symbolism only just dismiss it when we are missing out if this is truly a description of Christ and the bride then we need to look deeper and understand women like to symbolism me if the symbolism in Revelation revealed such key powerful foods then the book follows the main kind of understanding and learning framework God wants the leaders did drink you can you say amen to that but when you do get a look at oh man I will make it out into about four different categories okay is about calling in life of the city to the second grade is about being united in love the lighting adding a third one is not strongly Latin American frustration and then you have the ministering in love and marriage faithfulness and there's usually about three or four ways to break up the song of Solomon but here are four different ways and there you see various aspects of the relationship between that takes place between a man and woman someone were looking at the first few chapters and some little overlap with the collection of this mysterious and this mysterious woman it's amazing how well it looks on the following lifeguards actually consider that one time the most holiest book of the old wine because they describe a man love for his bride depending a greater picture of God 's love for his church amazing special kind of love so when you look at all the things we can begin to see more and more about the song of Solomon is very amazing with my favorite verses in all Solomon and one that really just not been able to fully wrap my mind about what this verse means in this verse right here who is she who looks for the morning prayer the moon clear and defined on them as an army with banners this is actually spoke in by the mad what do you think this verse is talking about the iPhone another ride and there's no question about it I is not talking about and how old I had any news on when and how to ride right here on the question it widened any kind of symbolism in many different ways they can describe him uses very kind of it I is a special kind of language is called the language is going on with what people don't talk like that I guess it people see the way we thought they were they don't talk like that you years of me using a very unusual bark where the world is seeing his bride and I was at school and she will split the morning there alone is awesome as an army with banners will want to take a shot I wanted Judy down because I myself don't know what this really means yet okay I can look good I like that one of the e-mail will also give me a description is taking place here when Robert Burnett they were that the revelation right and what the describing is describing the church right and the light reflected off of her right but what you see right here is a description of the bride of Christ as well but the imagery is also being used at this woman that he has all language is a very beautiful how well I think I want to be compared to the loan into the finer than army and is a majestic army at the beginning of March this powerful and classes the world to tremble as I was describing the woman is amazing when you begin to think about we talk about the collarbone in a portrait painted in another person p.m. repeated itself many times in Scripture as the wind of passage into Elizabeth Edwards is right here followed by only two percent and I thought your daughters of Jerusalem by the development adult of the fear feels to not start I know how Lake NY until then please is on agreements like I charge you O daughters of Jerusalem by the gazelles of an adult in the field do not drop Norway in what long until it releases on Vonage a great Reform Act Anjo daughters of Jerusalem do not what their normal are late in love and how it pleases and what you are discovering it if there is spoken by the woman a short while halting a sort of slowly down the path of love things are actually so quickly so the conflict is so overwhelmingly that this woman is constantly think they just will have held down well you do not go into business is doing well either and how it is ready and so you see over and over again in this book throughout the various processes because God wants us to mature in several spaces if all the courtship process can use a mentor and so you see this constant repetitious phrases repeated over and over this link just the second way is held as a readiness on the charity before we keep going on I thought he looked up at the courtship phase it may need to understand something so that the relationship is taking place as we access all the well will relationship oftentimes crazy in the well family will get together and against each other one day and in very next week is sleeping in the same you know I think over and over again another time it's just like angry just because I start dating if you look at them the main offender holding them there just like I just met the person on my dreams intoxicated by law upon this please see this with quickness and is creating a relationship at all it's a sign of unhealthiness seeking relationship there needs to be possibility everything can be mathematically lined up but it does mean that there is going to be a slow actual processing understanding if you want on this amount in helping us one would imagine a life that make hay low Medicaid will always and I was enjoying each stat the advantage of it while going Julie but at the same time keeping the bathroom I make sure that your feelings are not overwhelming your sense of reason anything under that so while elected a happy one there's a few dynamic driving me to pay attention to write here number one covenant not to communication of her three children were crying or by physical number six blogging so one of the great things involving couples can do when they initiate a relationship is that it company a company like a neutral contract where they are some woman bringing this is in some business when you have a third-party sign everything that is something where both of you are in Paris on certain things one-time users announcing about was very beautiful he said this when what do you know I'm ready to feel you can just turn on the water are also in the water will flow into the field and it will go anywhere to be very inefficient maybe the Weizmann and going to it prior to opening up the water you can affect rooms down at his old run down and pathways when the water is well is the one in drill and it will be efficient and effective at reducing its intended target the damage that has been up like we want our relationship is going to take place raisin don't immediately let go of feelings that will take over what could happen it is all over the place or you can be intentional about certain things of that eleven hundred and is something very special that should take place now where the company when it finds that he showed me the covenant when they got together and this is the covenant right here is the first page table United is my immediately living with the president for the rest of your life right and many of the world relations it are falling apart so you want to do the best you can think of to make this the most lively and most powerful most accessible kind of relationship amen I the company also felt navigability of the big their exact words I will be committed to love God supremely and our neighbor as ourselves we wanted I can't wait to hold the following principles and the dog will our lives the Soviets had three kids burst of who couple we can't escape God is our first flight in our life we choose to nurture our relationship with God spending time daily with him even many less time with each there is no evidence that we are willing to challenge and forsake our personal lives and opinions of my family and against his word and his meeting with discipline according to the ministry suspecting one another spiritual gifts and how we also commit ourselves to finding ways in which meeting where he building up to shop each other so that we can mutually strengthen the body of Christ we must be honest with each other telling the truth in love we reviewed the play games with each other Humana is my game with each other's feelings or to engage in a form of manipulation we can openly sharing within your trust love and respect we will listen carefully show empathy genuineness and acceptance when we build discipline one another we will communicate about the problem for damaged African network appropriate we will easily challenge what went well right here in time for the lack of communication people will not share with going on in a very open and loving way what happens if you begin to build up two two or three later to three days later the guy has no reason or no understanding why the females acting the way she is everyone good idea who is she like to know what you did as they were talking about two different species telecommunication needs to be clear and open as much as possible aim at if you want to communicate and share what's going on on me you know nothing unnecessarily destroying the other person but learning to share you find a mutual kind of respect and honesty that will continue to grow more and more listening carefully to the genuineness and acceptance when we built our discipline another we will communicate about the pump again after Dennis when appropriate appropriate we will seek a lovely challenge both ourselves and each other to grow beyond their comfort zone to the place where me more what is that about half of you know that won't go in I is why isn't at all the romantic in me either you that these guidelines in the very beginning one two or three months later heart talk with each other and say what we need to be careful about the other relationships in our lives what you would you prefer to never take place or prior of course we just don't want to get taxes and a leadership that will allow our relationship into consideration and counsel either believe God is not leading us together he or she will be free to share the reason why honesty and terminate his relationship with amazing we continued talking and holistic relationship centered on Jesus Christ we are honored on all of our conversation like while he will not just one Canadian express my feelings we will also evaluate whether these are in line with the will of God we can express our love for each other in ways appropriate to the purity of a Christian relationship we therefore coming to avoid all kids can pull longer and has hardly any aircraft in incompatible with Christian purity our relationship with each express genuine love and respect for God and each other while keeping on my clear and unconscious is pure the company has left more than the company select not Taiwanese lady at our litigation practice having ended in the company to let not our long being lazy appetite of our lives me we will enjoy joyously and only in the presence of God I'm unfocused commitment to God until the reply was to faithfully follow this company to the best of our ability pray for wisdom to discern the will of God encouraged to move for at the final UNICEF are sending yourself a covenant but when you actually begin to think and if you want was beginning to set the growth now and so will allow America's feelings are released in such stronghold how always they're going to go into their independent area efficiently and effectively one of the things I really want to challenge you want to make that commitment you may need to spend time in prayer and faith okay let's like a company because it can be one of the most beautiful things that you will get your children one day and they will think this is how my parents came together you will imagine Friday's children will have the wall models they will have to see how parents to a man and woman got together and how they made it from the very beginning a company of love a special kind of contract upon this that they will honor each other and the things I laid out right here too and I guess I can take place so your real relationship and begin to understand something of what kind of company that has brought dynamics about relationship communication is extremely important shutters chart time physical aspect and regarding we talk a little about that it would look little bit about communication and communication is healthy for people in the first few stages all their courtship relationship with the question that you okay that's good that they get an e-mail yesterday Gizmodo is very good and if you you seem to give her one other thing the yes will will will him to the evening okay well well okay and we wanted to find out something about a healthy know we were dating find out we stayed up late talking to them because the things that happened around one a.m. two a.m. the brain stops working very well and you'll find people willing to share things real things that they wanted prior to that time I would stay up late with it now undergoing that one ex-girlfriend wait till two a.m. talking to her untimely fall sleep on the phone it seemed wrong for the first month is becoming annoying but here's the thing we started sharing everything sure quickly to pass and the things that were left for mystery and the things that level in three short development weblog is your thing on people 's relationship with it this is the person I am going to marry I think to myself all they care too much too quickly they know just of life story everything about their life for the first week is endangering that because the reason why does the more you share to make this concentric circle right here is a rather large concentric circle on the outer side of information on the unit circle their thought and opinion and in the very center Circle is concentric figure out if any circle space Center something all needs and fears we need their fears needs and fears that you are are communicated the highest form of bonding takes place to sell before you have a chance to really get to know that person and view their understand their character you just one of the strongest kind of want to retweet this is not usually changing to know each other while I'm simply saying is willing to be unity some history and clean and you will need to quickly ascertain all information about yesterday 's event and would like to usually something that open to reveal any of why that relationship will still have its beauty and joy extended over a period of time on the Internet has been out yet really affect that the Pennsylvania something that is all I want to sound like TVs our business specific one oh one was dangerously a clear-cut one about how love is what it had to be gifted activities of these somewhat of an awareness and know what you really thought your pretty quick to pick up there's something happening right now that I do not think that I like to think you might will know on shares of information which is currently impossible if you're trying to connect with that person right you may share things on everything at this point if don't you everything too quickly too fast so they know everything about you and your deepest darkest secrets in your deepest darkest fears in the first week if that needs to be extended over a period of time but the one most difficult client we discussed yesterday threatening when you call the parent take place at emphasizing yesterday because if you really want to a lot of people 's pointed me whatever sort heard it while I'm not saying if you absolutely each step how quickly you can priority there needs to be a time what to know each other and when you sense a sort of awareness now man I like that I know that I like them you know it's pretty obvious underneath there seems to be something consistent hundred when you get your older you may say let her call your parents are you mockingly data iPhone be respectful to you and your parents that's lame as a Christian or if there come from a conservative afternoon or consummate any maybe aware you may need to talk to the parent before you go any further with them the just depends on their background as an example of it because knowing there down helps you kind of understand that I played lazy to find out information besides if talking them to live in a social media age I trip with her life story on Facebook I live anything but I think you know a person is getting to know the friends to write of anything to thought like you know how to connect with them by connecting with their friends when I was a steamer and I call myself whatever I put a lot and I didn't quite understand all these principles what I would do this when I was going to become a Christian effect a good friend as yet another front I was interested in front of him I felt okay how are meant in effect connecting with this person I know what I'll do I'll talk to her friend because I don't reprint of the big mouth and she will talk about the lack of automatic so that these were from my fellow season so energy like why an outright understaffing in the obvious okay energy lack of energy generated things in America I will work it to go somewhere came back a week later my friend had come to fruition shine an individual with any of these but when you know what I was Joanna a referendum in it is like looking anyway to do things we do maybe on right now I think you are and we need a racist part of the audio recording in an effort to both the beginning of church life is extremely important that you do in the divinity they need themselves after all independent walk with God if they do not have their own independent walk with Jesus raising gentlemen with a complete unit with all in the world being speaks from you they need to grow in their walk with Jesus as much as possible otherwise you may end up being a hindrance to that walk because you are a rifle to drop off the letting them critical role in their own lock is extremely pointless I think you people left on your walk with God they need to learn to experience church life together going to church was out of school see how each other it engages in the life of the church church is to be part of your life the rest of your existence anything that is what if any that is a young geography literature that's obvious until learning to departure learning to engage their ministries mission fixes very interesting on mission to inform a lot of pressure on people and you see how people read and as part of the drawing process learning to work together to manage that have been out okay I'm fine with that kind of connected communication you are growing the tenancy can be run atop every single day morning noon and evening rife with each other once a day and went to find out if something is happening out there in the communication process and that him to test it up I never thought would quickly just like home now I just kind long time this person always wanting to be around me we just start recording just about a couple weeks ago learned to just you know who I actually let things develop over time usually make haste what slowly it's okay to the world today right we need to do slowly letting me many communities have great big user is going in their walk with not using it at all the time and what with the usually indicate the kind of weakness weakness is important to learn how to fit their craving for special kind of love when they need to find it I can't force your the one that they are replacing the bottom left likely to spend all this time with you in the beginning things they can actually develop things need to probably need to be temperate to continue communicating here to tell you how many times we need to communicate but I am saying is just pay attention to yourself and if you still mystery about me endlessly about the other person that we can still explore what do we know everything already is moving left things grown actually identify that there is this longing that will stay intense as the relationship is continuing on with five physical be right for seconds I cannot exactly did he think that by telling he would be speaking for the service of any digital regular okay now oftentimes easy to really quickly he does regularly happen really really really bad that I outlined out just high schoolers all my dentist in the although this is because meeting with offense of all understanding and knowledge inexpensive somehow we conquer the world already raising gently you have a physical body and physical body reacts on autopilot men and women hope I win word within the thing is that everything in the physical law is extremely important and the reason why I bring this up is this because the sooner the physical part takes place when you will basically what happens is this the mind becomes unreasonable and the reason why doesn't mean you're stupid I think it just means that the physical aspect of who you are is now becoming the dominant part of who you are in the physical relationship and interaction so you really think about that and you really printed of the covenant is like okay okay so I you want to be careful of how much physical talk you out in the beginning that makes sense if you get started you know I quietly after the first week and you find yourself man I bring them in all the time is not correcting them all the time I think I happening right I have yet to an infinitely negligent in the meantime like I've been on autopilot right you spend enough time close to the rate but is not limited as an you will you know you are him I only know you know that he will be there with you learned that with a limited window is he is really close to the radio and you know what he did we even moving when I kiss you to think yourself when it is just happen automatically I do for this because your body is doing what God designed the human body it was that when males and females getting too close proximity close proximity at this point is so kind of the action doesn't make sense yes or no if it is in the early part of the relationship when the physical stuff happens too quickly Nvidia cannot say they are made more even warning signs about the relationship but because of physical things took place to quickly what happens if you begin to bypass the warning signs bonding began to take place and when you realize I should've broken up with this person was so afraid of the pain of breaking up does that make sense yes or no I don't think the attributes happen to me if so she becomes very difficult in the hardest thing to do is having to say you know what no there are other warning signs in this and now we've gotten too close to quickly physically it so hard for me to break up she went on to say why you won't get anything by making sure things are done over Peter 's not here to tell you whether or not you should just before the grantor is no evidence of a wedding I find your to say to do everything in your power to guard the purity of that person says this ring is will reign as king is not okay for pearls before your finite so in a lovely woman who forsakes discretion in other words like you know you can something jewelry health monitoring how did you would like to be more okay I think we have to be destroyed in raising the terror or do whatever with it right he does not understand its value some of the prime was trying to point out that a beautiful woman a fair woman a woman of God when she is becoming in modest in the relationship or whatever it is what she is doing in the things that God has given through the beauty that God has given sure is being given to the dirt of the world is losing its purpose you want somebody who's going to value anything valued the one about your body can examine the party of the physical relationship is mainly extremely important that you shall destroy with you won't be forgot that and is this a look at this Iranian and his mission in Kabul that I was starving and she was no light on what was that the numbers and not so anyway they decided I wanted a son Anthony you decided that you know they were to remain a Christian couple and they decided a lot it was that the morning of the wedding and the women visit in hee hee just felt weird I want to go see her and play with her but what happens if it's because Jesus was the center of the relationship I think that's awesome that he had one here because any of the tradition that really doesn't see the bride and bride and groom on the morning of the wedding so what happens is at one corner and he reached his hand over and she reaches out and reached over and they pray because they just need to the time of prayer but she why sexy and hot this is what she says was very interesting to see he is not only my Prince charming because it is incredibly some love a lot of the humor or that we have so much in common she is my Prince charming a patent is because he help me protect the most precious gift that I own my my purity soon after we started dating I nervously told my friends that I was a virgin and planned to be until the night of my wedding to which he replied he would have it no other way no other way than relationship engagement we constantly thought what times felt like a losing battle the temptation of prayer Scripture and accountability I had friends checking up on me if they knew we were together late at night and she regularly met with other godly man to pray for spring times especially at the wedding closer we thought we were attempting to do the possible but what was so amazing is they kept the purity of that relationship visiting there so many things to talk about we comes to the courtship phase but the one thing I want to hone in on is this ladies and gentlemen you need to guard the purity of each whether that means you don't climb to the pass that late-night TV I understand what nothing like this to happen but everything on my healthy and it leads to excess intemperance is the time to quit too fast bring everything together and allowing each other to grow and diversify in the other relationships that exist your church life needs to grow how you can be involved in ministry to get involved in the church of God 's extreme what are all these things is very point that the courtship begins the rollover period of time much of an online activity is a very beautiful flower that opens up naturally and beautifully revealing what it really is a gift of God to this world ladies and gentlemen God wants the blessing special way amen just think about the colonies as eluting as I waited in the relationship yet this is the time to really start thinking if I was in a relationship what kind of company when I write only when what sort of things what I want to be part of this covenant communication will be half hour X three would we be people who want to invite people over to our house the study is a God 's word and foods out of afternoon would we be people allowed to go on emissions that are possible based on time anything only be witnesses to this world and teach our children physical relationship if I have a couple that fighting you may write been together for several years they have to reduce excess something that might set you on the line to get married all the other reasons that extreme importance of this because one day you can grow and they know that you made decision for Jesus Christ that you wanted to honor God and be right in his life so you chose to get married in spite of the so-called financial advantages you might have if you are single ladies and gentlemen God is calling to honor him in all things in our lives amen our bodies are the temple of God and the file in time the marriage relationship will take place at a beautiful expression of that love the physical part will happen and of itself will be a growing time and a learning time and also don't forget to guard each other below that proceeded to guard their purity who they are and payment of this cohort of prayer what does Victor by the way they show a couple that decided to retain the purity all the way to the day of their wedding when he fell into the open where because they knew that this was a gift of God is our heads they were a prayer father in heaven but the time is so short we covered so little about thank you so much at every phase of life you willing to help us even if we make mistakes I think that the blood of Jesus cleanses us from mistakes Lord anyone with a guilt but right now right here got she was to make a decision to make this right we can help us do that which honors you and brings a smile on your face interpersonally with the love of Jesus in the unit right and LSU media was wrong audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about the universe is like the more certain and www. on universe .org


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