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10. The Reformation Will Not Be Televised

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 14, 2014
    7:00 PM
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of him ASAP thank you so much for joining us for the final lines in the restoration series we do have one more message tomorrow morning overcharges but is our final nine is one of them behalf myself and the revelation posting is it really appreciate you and we have been blessed by your company and your fellowship we hope that you continue on your phase continue to grow as Jesus built the great purposes and plan to ask for your life and I said something again I don't want to repeat it it definitely did a relevant websites message is English author put it this way there are two important things in your life just a reminder too important to your life the day you are born in the day when you discover why pray and hope that this is one of those days many men as well even with a word of prayer that God lets us as they specially with this video father in heaven we thank you again thank you so much for being a faithful God thank you for a beautiful sound this means we can sense your presence and your holiness in the extraordinary way let me just say now that he would really speak to our hearts and minds individually personally got to remind us of the purpose and plan to have our life the great calling like to have on each person the Lord made me feel whole heaven and in nineteen father in Jesus name amen the only interesting thing here at restoration within talking about life and and him talking about are with trying to understand the great controversy motive for learning about relationships of the kingdom the new Navy and I myself have felt really blessed the Bible and see water will himself being water presentation is going to be a very interesting one said radially welcomes you as one who has all the knowledge and wisdom in the world will come to you as one who thinks he knows it all I come to you as one who knows what the Bible 's teaching on this subject and it is your job as I said during the meeting 's goal to pray about these things that you won't take them in tears at this period in guide you as a mentor that will with this in mind please be careful is something here that is often said that sometimes a think and write about house payment we are the people who are thinking about things and not be so quick to be emotional about it for the Mozilla blog will take some time to learn and grow as I always say in my meetings check these things out you yourself examine these things out he said the unexamined life is one that is not worth living the unexamined life is one that is not worth living soul in this money toward examining are made what we stand for what the Bible 's teaching and some of the problem is that God builds a certified PC a lot of things that are taken place in the world around a couple nights ago we talked about properly and some of the designs that are happening in our world we talk about that well-known comic bulletin of science in that group of a legitimate scientists who are saying something severely wrong with the world and society itself is full of all sorts of trouble people are searching the Bible finds you understand the time we are living at the rally theme that all time high anytime you mean the news is always bad news right we hear in the news is bad news the Bible says something very interesting about smooth single of the mouth is right here in Isaiah fifty nine verse fourteen shots he turned that way were my guess is that far off for two falling industry and I cannot answer is lacking in the Lord always any disbelieved in God was looking upon the condition of the world through men like this is an justice and mercy that seems to be standing up are all fifteen and the three easy so we're using is an interesting biblical picture about the condition of all world today many individuals in before outlining announces release time working all the things that are happening with leadership in government nation everyone is asking the question


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