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Lael Caesar


Lael Caesar

Associate Editor, Adventist Review



  • March 14, 2014
    4:00 PM
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him of the exercise is everybody to read music leaders about word because usually reading education is what you do if you want to get if you love Jesus and you want to serve him with all your heart and the people in authority the responsible people recognize that something is wrong because you so they send you what for reeducation than me that being education has to be a so we are going to attempt some really education is for a specific group it is not for the godly and wholly necessary was it for who's it for the athletic types the guys are only low-protein high carbohydrate diets and you know when garbanzos mingled in bed at night and become the five over a job three miles every morning for ten miles one of the two why is this re- education necessary because fitness is not everything fitness is not everything is read a Scripture reading together it's an astonishing words enough to think that because it is an astonishing worse one other thing everybody and that he has uncertain when Joab sent the king 's servant and your servant I saw well but I didn't know what it was both a summary be sure you know what to say be sure you know what to say that is free thank you a wonderful heavenly daddy for putting words on our lips because you put something in our heart something unmistakable so that when we are asked a reason we can understand with reverence and godly fear and focus thank you Jesus me and in those days when the NBA store for nothing more and nothing less than East versus West and magic versus a bird named Larry and the Celtics against the Lakers in Boston and LA Time and again here are the year class in the national championships of the national basketball Association James worthy who I'm told it is and was the People's playing basketball at the time I think of the retired he stated ministry he left basketball and student ministry but I didn't know anything about that but I heard him answer in this interview James Webb who was described as consistently being a step ahead of the Celtics defense was asked you guys are the Giants the Celtics and Lakers how come in full games you have demolished the lake the Celtics by a total of fourteen points this was supposed to be a competent one of the first game event risk the Celtics by twenty two in the second game by eighteen somebody asked James worthy and he replied with words you could've said one thing what he said was hopefully I'll can you do that is replied was openly focused I haven't has was an athlete to second Sunday will which of course comes after Persephone wrote in the adverse nineteen chapter eighteen is before chapter ninety and verse nineteen after verse eighteen seconds Sunday will eighteen nineteen to twenty three why do you go this because it is not a sure remember that my sisters and brothers you don't cite the text and carry on because you are a spectacled people are paying attention to become the house of God worship point then the word of God and insist by your delivery deletes that the get time to find the text well you didn't bring your bike but second Samuel eighteen versus nineteen through twenty three follow me I has a subtle set up soon please let me run bring the king news withdraw set for him you are not a man the County news this day the job said to the push I will tell the key what do proceedings the local Shiite ball with the July wrap knowing any of the son of Sadock said while small the gelato while please let me also run after the push type jaw set why does he said I don't run so he said to him run in him is run by the weight of the plane and pasta opinions clearly knew he could run was moralistic viewpoints and opinions of him he has number one was a spiritually connected young man his father was the director of the desktop of the high priest and she and his father lives on both companies he had wandered off the joined rock band and smoke pot he was also a politically no father have stayed on Jesus on David's site and he gets the with Islam he was a politically invested young man it wasn't just on Jesus site and what you want on the good side she was on the inside of the operation he worked at the lifestyle he seek he was a part of the business supply network cables me on the hillside the place was crawling with supplies and messengers and informants guys looking like bugs and girls looking like they were just pretty girls out for an afternoon stroll opinions will survive no note not just an athlete I can be as it was a rough somebody hanging around the streets in the pretty girl goes by vehicles CSI and she notices him and he crosses the street she stands there in the chat for a while looking over their shoulders sometimes she says TTYL of him he has gone busting bullets I think Domino will shop for the wrong spread across its opening of corn sprinkled on the relative size because Absalom 's people opting up on the compact between him yes and the pretty girl and now they are on the the high and has written down and installed himself as king in Jerusalem and David has things in the debuted a set of his network of him yes his partner when Absalom also has his network for people who realize and I were checking on the corner onto David Street as the word gets left some of you got to find him he realizes down the well shaft under the row spread across the top of the shaft in this corner triangle route and as a woman of the underlying to save his skin we saw that you know somebody comes up and touches article do you resolve these guys we know that if you can still catch them quickly across the river so they crossed the river quickly uncertain search for me she knows that if across the river and gone back to Jerusalem and not found anything she moves around the corner and will route calls on the shop drive memory and they are often find even if it could've been there that had been for Absalom because they are difficult to guess at so what is going on in Jerusalem I just tells David what I can fill in the Bible says he fulfills consul was like the counsel of God exited it didn't mean that his counsel was not want to fill sent directly if you needed do we acute somebodies and you must fill in you how to tell you how to do it and get off Scott free and he knew how to get rid of David the Secret Service getting so he told us that I is dotted from the girl and took it to David said the victim still decided to go because I hit the fifth upset give me twelve thousand men and because I get them from it by him yes and you get here bye-bye bye-bye morning there was not a single one of David's troops that was on that side of the river facts Bohemia 's opinions was invested in the operation it wasn't just hanging around and seeing high the students when they registered what are you doing oh I came to get some of the courses down under my belt then you were wondering the OC stuff and that what we do oh I'm work-study I have decided it exactly but I was a participant cables working with helping mommy and that he was working on his life was in this enterprise so when the battle was over and it was time to tell the King 's army had been victorious opinions actually want to keep on running this was his job was running running the lines to spread the news and running hot and running fine and running fast I'm been thinking about Bohemia 's quality and it strikes me that one might mention at least five therefore anymore but I'll just mention five number one I came he has had only first and second Samuel fifty second Samuel fifty first twenty seven the king would I say that she didn't set also does out of the priests return publicity and your two sons with you that I hear some pages turning second Samuel fifteen twenty seven a sort of assumed I could move along because but I don't want to be unfair to anyone who is actually miming the text to build fifteen twenty seven the king also said to that of a priest returned to the city and your two sons with you yes I realize I'm Jonathan the son of a lifetime see I'm going to wait at the forwards of the witness of the word comes from you to inform the soul that she can sell things unions in NHS volunteer she was selected God is the King called him by me what else I have has had the enthusiasm it withheld we already sort of described who he was and you could tell from that that no kind of the little guy who came up here last night and makes it can you imagine if you actually used coffee Jeremy or the other one José you a lot what else did I have has happy side of Pauline and seized his conditioning second signer in eighteen twenty three we already read I him he has been we will clean up the question my daddy was a preacher and a few obvious authorities to allow this story I don't know if I made was that it was the ball you about cubes in the race and I remember this story as my father 's story and him he has run by the way of the plea in oh nine cushion opinions didn't gorge on protein she wasn't a low-protein open government he instructs them high carbohydrate meals and methods and he made it work he dreamed it comes as a few items a look pretty at least give it to bed at night and woke up at five when I was located in high school alone loan long time that was long enough okay a long one of my colleagues seventeen -year-old kid announced to his friends and I will credit I really wasn't on that impressed but I heard him telling he was done with growth he wouldn't smoke anymore no more late night 's drinking parties he discovered when he was about sixty that he was a gifted athlete he people have known something about the book something when he got to be about sixty sixteen seventeen age of seventeen he represented his country I don't mean running would be on the seventeenth and some international the patient to be team taught by Sprint of course it was Guyana seven hundred and fifty thousand people in the hold 'em digoxin but will see you came all the age of seventy hundred and nationals he had the health message fitness is not everything fitness is not several the Adventists are not the only people in the universe who have some idea about taking care of their bodies and has had a help message and he has focused to tell me opinions did not have focus again is what she wanted to do what the king 's side when I'm not supposed to want to get the legal on the thirteenth no heat pump unit to run this is for me perhaps the most perplexing the two of this story horses nineteen through twenty nine verse nineteen of him as the sun is out soon please let me around and bring the king knew is that the Lord has freed him from the hand of his enemies and in verse twenty nine so long story David asks Israel with the young man at some of the authors I saw a great multitude when I didn't know what it was not a single thing about it is that he just said you are the man to carry news this the because the teens saw his day that's what you are says William the Yule the messenger of big because the team was some instead the reason I have felt perplexed the reason why economist at the time I felt the story is because of these six words when I greeted you my microspheres like the music you could wear the golden yesterday that you said sometimes I should use it because it benefits the presentation I don't have to do it because you are not here now you are years old key of an iMac mate will more like three words in Hebrew we have to come back for these words these six words I him has had a relevance the king himself the entire nation was interested in health the president 's wife had a program called that's what I'm getting my nose which him how I is interested in the new under him is long to the new that people needed to see it the king says in verse twenty three is it well with the young man Absalom on him is ounces when Joelle sent the king 's servant and your servant I saw a great but I did not know what I is the deceased he ran because he will run the UK because he was sixteen get good over consultant but the question is that of the reference to live the way of the playlist suggests that perhaps the new days of getting through the course I didn't even know about you you are able to bolster me going he did not know what that profoundly amazes and bewilders how will he not know the answer to the teachings question all over him you are not running the because the teens felt that it gets to the king of the king says I wasn't with my son on but I can't really tell you what what what going on really young man young woman cute I harbored feelings over Arava which I will CIA operation you are because God is in charge spouse who is very accompanying somebody on the rules heart God has lead upward so you can imagine I don't have a brother sister of my president to be doing you think it's possible to the right in the midst of this glorious hope will the changing movement to not know what we is going on did you get the help message course you did you have to eat it morning noon and night except in Colorado of course the benefit for you to music of the distal third one in the offing the health message what do you know what's going all in one of the lifestyle almost but that would duel fuel understand what is going on this is not everything folks massages and hydrotherapy and tofu are not everything coming to these schools but save it to get a job and have a life work is not everything but you know what really is going because what is going on with OCI is vastly more than Riverside Farms two thousand she put to good luck on eight thousand kids getting breakfast every morning in Asia it's gloriously more than operationalizing a dream that you called be a good Nasional units so that Donald Buddha sort similarly some mathematical deputy of them got in and out is very dear to our hearts it's just that in all lifestyles those people you keep things and why Wellington always in the music class else besides no what is going on if anybody asks you what you want to and you give a reason for the whole that is in you with meekness the only tears or is your old one the full reality as quickly as your old CPU by even when people all are available Olivia loving and shopping it into your deer in classical cafeteria in the website programs the OCI retreats I have an idea a little idea how we could be met him is never heard what George said to him because I fly the appropriate attention when they say pleased with pension now begin to tell you what to do if the plane starts going down what it comes down on the wall please don't come out well they don't tell you what to do it quickly disappears but when they specifically ask you to talk about focus Philippians three three through fourteen good morning when I was you said at Philippians three I heart my voice involuntarily you think all the people next to me hard because I will be preaching the M Philippians three but the other because he preaches at seven in the morning will be all the true circumcision who worship in the spirit of God in glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh although I myself might have confidence in him the fact that you heard this morning so let's not bore you with repetition but we does appear the spirit thinks we need repetition for things both class and started all the rock was five circumcised the eighth day of the mission of Israel of the tribe of Benjamin yet all I see when measuring the tribal Benjamin Wellsville first tribe the name Royal Canadian initiative a nation of Israel come from Benjamin as for the law of privacy Josephus says there are about six thousand Pharisees of Jesus time they numbered more than the Sadducees and they were the most powerful not only numerically but intellectually speaking on the people I belong to the majority group and I belong with the unique within that majority of class you started off with rock fallout from the six SZ you persecute poor of the church Paul gives to be bad I was betting was eating with the defense for the kindness of June dear was petting them this growing well Adventist and a preacher 's kid I used to wish that I could have a dramatic experience going to college and studying but very certain I used to wish you waiting in the administrative starting my ministry I still had the stages of that which because you know if you have a story used to smoke pot in your ear was long on your bowel movement you have been doing up a dozen different countries and you'd actually hustled for a while but if you know what puzzling it but I will get you what you stop running house that it's easier to preach because I told you have to say goodbye to hear there is of course installed the wish I had a story like both the sorry sorry that that's about what they does have a wonderful conversion story he told you last night but it didn't include not some of the elements adjustments and so my my my policies of I wish I had a dramatic story that held all the story of pill all used to be back and being pulled was what else number three while at experience poll earned his stripes are the servants of Christ I speak is insane I more so than far more laborers in formal written imprisonment 's times without number often in danger of the five times I received from the Jews thirty nine kids three times I was beaten with a roster once I was stolen three times I wish it right away you need to know that this letter the place before he got arrested and I've been eventually will speak of the Roman on the week of road ended up in another shipwreck so the numbers here are not the full story of the book to life each of the pole experience for the sake of Christ I been on frequent journeys in danger from rivers dangers from robbers dangers from my own countrymen dangers from the Gentiles dangers in the city dangers in the wilderness dangers on the sea dangers among false brethren I have been in labor and hardship through many most nights in hunger and thirst all without fully cold and exposure on apart from those external things there is the daily pressure upon me of concern for old church call was also supporting missionary before anyone had ever heard of it both single and was also died for the entire apostolate Church publicly when giving the ball is the person involved was looking why would involve was okay when it will give it to Michigan reasonable to buy Google ball in his right fold to number four at focus whether the difference between polls focus on him in opinions focus was defined by him yes I will do this pull was defined by his focus is focus was on sight of him brethren I do not regard myself as having laid hold all beauty yet but one thing I do in the King James version depicts six words this one thing I do in the Greek addicts for letters for letters to words that the stage with a rough reading Mark ten that the new Google you can say the same thing but this one thing I do there was something about the Greek sounds more focused and that so now we've also use the Greek lien on what's going on us for that so the question that matters delivered to my system please do my brother make sure you know what to say all the default install had the most compelling of all his locals got asked and he had and he had experience and yet focused his face was focused for system will be one well I know whom I have believe you or is it I know what I believe it I've even massages and vitamin B and dealerships final I have believe he knew what the state can finish will supremely focused first Corinthians one eleven thirteen and informed concerning you my brethren first Corinthians one eleven through thirteen I have been installing and setting in by police people couldn't want eleven through thirteen for I have been informed that concerning you my brethren by Chloe 's people that there are quarrels among them I mean this that each one of you is seeing I'm of amazing facts than I am of Mark Finley and I am of Adventist frontier missions and I has Christ been divided as false questionable meeting that the rest of it yes this week has been an eye opener for a bin in the company of beautiful people there is a beautiful spirit and you do wonderful work listening to those reports from my night just boggles your mind as it relates your soul I don't know if it's possible for people of such wondrous spiritual beauty and charm to have any tensions among the do-nothing but some of you have mentioned that you are aware that there are some sort of pensions I don't know if that's the right word between the angel of self-supporting work on the conventional church structure so I ask you the same question is Christ divided only going to do or several different things or can we see all of us to get in coldest all that you will include any personal pronoun men enlisting in all the world 's second son that would include an explosives twenty six options I you well let's say eight because in English we distinguish between key industry I change both seven means you the I'm mathematically challenged of what there is any reference to I see she made the Oregon program affiliate is six because it's you would you about the head and then literally would be translated and it would do me no violence unable to hold the spirit of God no harm in every single soul seated in this congregation of those lost along the way and also have met a horrible sky but I working for judicial software that we all will voice her out in the other double and Ruth Corinthians to his old answer he knows what to say and what isn't first Corinthians two is doing one thing and we can join him and see if we are to wean one thing what is it I determine the know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him it's one thing Jesus Christ and him crucified told you what to seek Jesus Christ and him crucified God grant that in the end being no other thought experiment that it may have told to invert Adina Gillett that we are all look about one thing Jesus Christ and him crucified somebody asked me a question for the enjoyed my answer in you didn't know it was in the notes somebody asked me today and it was clear I heard about the one project he said can you tell me about the one project so I said that I have never been there can you tell me about one project that he started telling me of dangerous and parallel some very liberal it was amusing Jesus is all and that means that they are despising doctrine is that to him the Pentecostal preacher says Jesus is oh I know where he's going with that but if a Seventh-day Adventist minister is bringing his people into the Church of God on the seventh week to worship according to the commandments understanding them Jesus is all a world in my life like I will look at the day without him all without him I can bring glory to God was I told him about Jesus is all the men I told him of an illustration nine hundred or so people who think it's Jesus versus Doc I was in the committee under somebody I don't know what what had bothered this dear soul University professor Abbott this institution I don't know what felt with her before or just before the committee meeting or something that had been bothering her for a long time but she just thirty dollars often talked about the difficulties of some somebody else on the committee took his time and folders story about this guy we used the Bible studies and had this way of doing the Bible studies by giving the people cardboard cutouts with a word or phrase written on them justification by faith for the Trinity or the investigative judgment or no at this what we can study tonight this will be in study now I'm been a climax work cut out for a different shape so he suggested that they could put them together see what we could meet corporate and it turned out that some more in the shape of an arm and some of the Schiphol behind some a leg sum up with some a parcel one in the shape of ahead and then he suggested that became from turned over old the pieces I felt that on the one side you at all but doctrines written out a number of the site there was the face of Jesus we do not believe in the hospital that asked the Sabbath Jesus or ask the speaker but then Jesus or ask George Jesus or source abstracts the health message from him Jesus do you know what was going on you know what is going on with LCI is going on with you and you know what is going on with Gerald Dawson Institute for world mission going a lot is going on in this review what this world is Jesus Christ and him inclusive I mean the middle of the world may know that we will save you because it does not matter how masochistic your massage may be in all the more it hurts a bit and that if it is and how unpalatable your old road administrations may be because the victim but that is all we can do is prepare people the people into a box in a hole in the ground we are open old humanity Ms. but if because of Jesus Christ and him crucified but will celebrate for us and will we celebrate victory over death and the grave and I guarantee of life eternal when the trumpet sounds of the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall all be changed then we have a message for you you want to say Jesus Christ and him crucified I have one less quotation for you contrary to know me 's instruction is that you can find on your cell phone the last one I'm doing so everybody read this together if Christians what do I in constant moving forward as long under the direction of one hour for the accomplishment of all but one purpose and will move the world you want me the world make sure you know what is this media was brought in audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio source .org


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