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Beyond Belief: Noah and the Flood

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 29, 2014
    10:00 AM
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what was God 's Word today are women who look in Genesis six chapter Genesis chapter six starting in verse five Genesis six in verse five and the Bible says and God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the years that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually and it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart for seven and the Lord said I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth move man and beast and the creeping thing the files of the Air Force repented me that I have made them but no one found grace in the eyes of the Lord but no one found grace in the eyes of the Lord our message the Sabbath is entitled beyond belief Noah and the flood let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity to study a word lasted to pour out an action portion of your Holy Spirit would ask that you make me just the vessel Lord fill me with your truth and with your word with your spirit let the vessel being Lord Lord instead father God let us dwell upon your truth in your word the suffering Jesus is precious and holding a Amed Genesis three and chapter six against our numbers nine and you know it's funny what I what I was given title is less the speed many many weeks ago and I've is allowed to speak on the realized the movie no one would be released the night before I of course I have not seen the movie I know will deal with and will cut a deal with a little bit right here Genesis six China chapter nine these are the generations of Noah was a just man in particular generations and no law walked with God to get the story of note of a few things you have to get one of them is that men will not typical is not the typical Bible character we live in a time when corruption and reached up a proportion of the world the major social was just such a field just a handful of people who were still faithful to God what was the key guy in that group and him and that he was just the perfect will and will walk with God I think that unit who also well got it in advance at the point where God is within a token when I get back to you because each of us have a different role to play right now I know that I was found worthy to be the one who keeps the species the human race alive through the great flood in two get an escape route out of planners that is all-knowing as that has displaced the play in person that I know we got three sons Shem ham and jacket but also was corrupt before God in the earth was filled with violence him will longer than necessary it is way upon the earth this is CNN reached epidemic proportions set with the world of abandonment two thousand years listen existing on the planet it penetrated man so deeply that I will have to remember that now he's almost corruption will will will will make further and will last us until the natural the specialists in hand and then answer greatly about that that's what he saw corruption grandson of what correctional his idea conception and design the world to be absent from the perfect environment that was abandoned in another and as it was frustrating as corrupted bastard of the know of the end of all flesh has come before me as I was through them and behold I will destroy them with the earth not that I have emerged as an important first then now is the only one reason that this is true is because of the rate of violence in the world so and so at the time that is gone and that is a you know what you want to kill themselves off now we live in a time when you see that come to the point where mankind have the ability to destroy itself completely remember the Cuban missile crisis with Grand Rapids of such great magnitude that in fact industry when mankind have the power and the potential to destroy this planet any forum content work with the nuclear arsenal that is on the plan and that anesthesia is not simply speaking anything that is questionable for the way to send anything to him and him alone in the world is superior in many ways and we are at dispatcher this has this drive is the man that we can comprehend because of the movie and as a group of people in every way that you can describe mankind as mean increased with increased corruption and how many cookies in the United is being merciful to you and you believe I want to live in one of the and is and and and distracted state that it would be worth it I miss them yet will I do not exist or is filled with violence tells that in that time if you wanted something that was the strongest notable strength of the force that was going on they are in negotiation they got that corrected at the face of the earth and that intent to kill him and his intent to destroy said that this point is one of the sweetest finale against mankind and an opportunity does that is was safe and I think the moving point is that I began to read reviews of the movie that is absent about moving everlasting Muslims that the Christian message upset about a movie because it portrays in his back character will really get to know the people to be destroyed it's Hollywood so you can only does not like the grounds that the underground economist of happened it is in its essence a little animated is really bad and his sister and that they will literally an indictment of God in the great controversy at this manager was that one guy was really dealing with him we can communicate I don't know that I put on this battery use that as an anti- night with what it has been created through media they can control the world that way north back to being cruel leader and be merciful message twenty four or thirty seven B within a story is not a true story and it's just hyperbole about an month I would imagine estimated that this became the discussion after I spin class as there were few Christians in the class and the instructor and atheists who thinks he so brilliantly intelligent and he can don't deconstruct analytical themes of financial discussion at the class if you have a good level now you can develop even though even in Hesiod 's anatomy of a discussion in many ways but thing the hobbies you can believe what is that there is one of my black give you dozens or the stories of Jesus Jesus is true is the largest of the angles is the story and the story that the claimant of a history of science and president of one person in my life in the validate story is Christ that that is the affidavit in San Jose and the coming of the Son of Man be is that not only is that every a and whosoever it will context in its purpose be repeated in the eye as they happen because they as you will I again is what they miss is from a Democrat Democratic Republic of Congo which has been called into the great war the world war Africa's great war many many terms child of his mother we've week we watched hundreds of thousands of people potentially eventually he is usually conducted in this war applications of high liquidity crises and conflicts in a country life the Democratic Republic of the Congo and singles in America is good and is completely ignore this they don't matter well it's not just around why was the Southside of Chicago South Africa notable violent places on the planet was going to fly an America where president of the United States came from to be elected the city is going to get his laptop was negative thank you I wanted to sell parts of our country are so many men are losing Linda neighborhood like this was really everything about side as if you are entering a war zone with approximately the red-blooded planet and of the negative environment of a kind in Vietnam because so many people dying on that corner inside the richest most sophisticated nation in the world we passed the family is emasculated and is a must when visiting dysgraphia I reminded have estimated an increase over time we live in I is only becoming one time and he is not even a concept that was nonexistent I was selling nuclear and I wanted to show him at clarifies groups and their serial killers is that I was in the days of Noah so shall it be the Son of Man come in Genesis chapter six however God 's plan because he is intent to kill man I want to get this in Genesis six in verse fourteen the Bible says they are going to would rules shall make in the art and shop pitches within and without with pitch indications to give notice this I am designing and methodology to build what had been built a giant boat as for example that time made no sense the billable and was that some a molecular chubby three hundred cubits the breadth of it fifty cubits and a height of thirty cubits God gives them the dimensions and tell them how to build it into a window to make an immaculate sound optimistic about an hour and the author tells us that in the side of the second and third stories Salam is voting begins implicitly a three-story ship it is not a cruise ship and then this is not a provision is designed to store things I does the Bible for that is how it is designed when it is all the dimensions convict there is as the Bible so that no grace to grace in all the thing is possessed three hundred cubits long by fifty one thirty five we read a few seventeen and a half inches in the Jewish economy is in Genesis is one of you in the Egyptian flag cubit was allowing the rate was twenty five software 's unique Kathy's and seventy nine twenty one seconds when I opened the eleven thirty seven the five hundred and twelve feet in length not the wanted to get in the week of the nineteenth century of this I will be built on planet Earth again the nineteenth century now good example of this type of dispenser you can see how I wanted to see the Santa Maria Blanding and Queen Mary Peter cc that is pretty impressive size compared to those that would be built near the news and year later it was a significant stretch certainly built at amazing so with the mathematical engineers in the design the Scripture of the movie started up it's what else about the info on old Hollywood this is its Hollywood velocity but the battle was virtually impossible to capsize at the least and when they actually build models and what it might look like an event I thought it was visiting as a guest that it would have tilted ninety degrees in the chaos and was signed whenever one of the cruise ship is designed to go anywhere right antibody in the aggregate what of Weldon opened and I went to the electric and hybrid of the world going Wednesday that will rather low really the only really brings the economies of the new the float will be difficult him a size at the command may be visible as it is unmerited undeserved favor is given he's been given grace because it gives grace to know if there is no one that gets the challenge of building this art is great because you can simply get in the heart is defined in the catastrophe that come to mind as I is graceful is the picture that I found at all and what it might look like I'm going to would actually look like the city founded a well young for the real WC models of three stories one one article I was reading one guy will say that it's actually so interesting it would Windows on top of it will design and rain would come in a basin wash rule and literally been like that all the sewage system astronomers were for the system through an risk and the mess and the animals down to the very bottom of the ship than but eliminate I understand what it was designed with the description of the Wimbledon and restoring the eyes of even use the entertainment I put about one thousand five hundred eighteen thousand seven hundred and fifty cubic pavilions are defined in eighteen thousand seven hundred and fifty cubic feet that's a huge equivalent of five hundred and sixty nine the standard railroad boxcars in this they are good for all good news with you a hundred and twenty five thousand sheep that's a lot she are him squarely the fourth was in the form of him on the state and whole are or or any of the football stadium the United States must stadium as well have more space in the merry floor it was a massive massive undertaking and and and and and vessel access and I think I was upon the earth is in the bottom laugh about it everything that is in the earth shall die is a little slap of the land it's a warning is the city will establish my covenant in the House of Commons of the Argyle Python and my wife and my son lives with the most achingly smacking of every living thing of all flesh to every sort shalt thou bring into the Arctic he had with the resulting balancing them out back for second this is important because when I think about the movie of the portrayed in that they doesn't build the mark he filled in our united that in one hundred and twenty years now you didn't just build a preached as they would like the construct is my vessel is that when the magnetic accuracy will improve a complete and a crazy man doing it what is so open the fridge and got animal the father every continent there would automatically building upon the earth to God 's will is a resource upcoming the editing them alive so let's look at the fatalistic of his grace even in the world of the point I would love to a regular God is not merciful is not graceful the Grace at autonomy estimated that less than eighteen thousand species of mammals birds reptiles and amphibians living in the world today we met that will listen to allow for extinct species this would give us thirty six thousand species times two seventy two thousand animals seventy two thousand slot animals unclean animals we might say there was as many as seventy five thousand animals now I like this this couple big report about that clean animals came and I said why the important people say we submit minutes are following the book of Jewish law one reason we don't eat unclean food but the plant is no one Jewish and Hebrew Jewish I will go talk to Abraham which is generations later the reality is clean and unclean folds predates Judaism is the very nature of creationist animals or may clean and seminar it's about who they would pneumatically level while they themselves are well so they could sacrifice maybe because God is to get permission to eat meat at their and executive for messaging me the estimate strictly animals for them to eat which supports our dietary instruction method will throw a network is relevant because it comes up in the story is rolled up four hundred and twenty five thousand sheep animals I spent about a common house cat I was starting the idea here there was plenty of good room in New York plenty of good one is relevant because no preaching a sermon that he could back up and bridging any him join him in a little I will get amazing that no rice and hot this is not as important as great as the movie of the decided to follow God repent and into the ark you just hate that will be released until the defendant had an Internet happened to anyone in the digital of the matter is that you record towards the end you will be saved to be saved and brought a present of your space in the heart and one space provided whenever in the manifold everything we possibly wanted that provided watching that he was very differently for an estimate is that this validates compatibility if you understand merciful to the national grid in peace and harmony among lean mass and aware of violence and death and torture spread across the preserves and profits of whites is this problem was giving his willingness to the world as we testified of his sincerity is that his faith was perfected and made evident especially affected by the work he did in preparing the world for the end a good example of leaving just what that says I was asking invested in the art and he began to construct documents on dry ground jewels came from every direction to see the streamside I eliminated the claims one years ago you want to Teflon and you were doing at the singular creature is sometimes twenty years and I went to the people wanting many at first appear to receive the warning that they cannot turn to God with true repentance is announced this is the time that elapsed before and if faith was tested and they failed in the trial I think that's a good thing was that a lot of the white manifesto was building a boat that doesn't even weigh in on him you know me getting my what I'll is challenging for an incumbent unlocking that they got the big back the way prevailing I believe they thought that this is actually joined and Associates in rejecting the settlement message I get them estimate is likely even I kind of nice of these is so deeply convicted when he was awarded as I suggested ridiculed that they took on the same spirit as the invitations of mercy and was lambasted as well so I will list and the client offers anyone exactly message the other one will become the most frantic in stopping how I think the message is a phenomenon so reckless and go to such lengths in sin as do those who once have liked but it resisted the convicting Spirit of God I was fast forward as relevant today as it was possible that is becoming more and more unpopular people say this is ridiculous destroy the world sentiments are crazy to increase the second coming of Jesus Christ but after were crazy because we believe that anything we wanted to get a few questions and I don't believe that when Jesus returns and the people I given a second chance is posted on a subcommittee of people they are in and in and because the salaries to gain the guys doing the mop nor why because the land God had not called the three and one meters Mansfield the ground with their well wishes from the earth and what is of the eliminated numbers independently says in Genesis when I got home and I think I together unto one place and in and up and so advanced and let every woman in the midst of the women lamented the fact that was from when and as we understand it at the movie arrived with the around the planet and in and in the earth to live the life that you decided to sign on earth and distribution of temperature and light and you think is wonderful I haven't got an assignment and will permit and understand that you will permit is the wing assembly is now is hydroxyl evidence that the satellites of conference him as they are and what they look molecule hydroxyl the ladies and from the subway soundtrack in the spirit and the hydroxyl and hydrogen it will previously existed from the new scientist is not anonymous publication I think the gender of the atmosphere and oxygen and the microscopic bubbles trapped in the last tree wasn't yelling at the US geological survey a glimpse of the ancient the reason is that insulin and zebra will mass spectrometer and identify the chemical companies and was up at the machine so for the sample to Microsoft released exactly two billion you these disclose some surprising accidents because they contain fifty percent more oxygen in air today I believe the Democrats in an accident that led to the dinosaurs demise and believe because they had more oxygen than we have to they would make sense of your vagina status over time how to survive and increase positive pressure oxygen accident in the faster you need to know how proportional to the body is alive and well and is either that we find giant skeletons of environment the second time that animals were much larger and so they disbelieved Peter 's underlying this roof inescapably seconded to verse twenty four after an afternoon escape the pollutions of the world through the night was aluminum and Savior Jesus Christ again entangled therein and overcome the latter end is with them than the beginning him righteousness let them know when the time from the holy commandment delivered unto them as happened to them I did and the children had turned with all vomiting in this loss to her wallowing in the mire we are going to be mock in fact we are being mocked when you look at reply Connie West pretending to be Jesus Bill Morris are back to many documentary or religious wedding blends religion and were ridiculous and little documentary mocking anyone who believes in anything but especially Christians being that even in these movies are using the moving defendant as an setup of the left of the movie up in the movie twenty twelve in that moment of speech Google is looking at the speed of the F one by killing all of these people have asked is a guy was cruel to him and waiting vigor I have an agenda to the Catherine God Melissa will be relevant to do pretty much the same thing was important we understand no one talking cared for four hundred and twenty years invisible to anyone around anyone here is someone talk about this or this is not the common enemy I could be saved ASAP having been wanted in life because I have a one-to-one intimacy views of knowing this first there's a problem walking after their own lesson saying where is the promise of his coming forces that I was not asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation and I will tell you the way for Jesus to come my father was waiting for Jesus to come at you it is the last in the coming Savior he was eleven and seven seven by faith Noah being warned about things not seen as yet smolders for years after the saving of his house which he can download and became the righteousness which is by faith as family got all that it condemns everyone because you want to visit I didn't know what you get if I didn't quite believe the animals that run on Iraq started thinking differently at the crazy old man love is something you had to live in the priestly it was quite English is not as now as not to believe John is actually an applicant 's right to change their mind the synthetic peer pressure of laughing at the people of God so I hope that they start their automatic somewhat of what is really going to go something was right about nor to the officers six in verse twelve in Genesis chapter six and take now on to the whole food that is not so guided to the shabby for food for the in him according to him God commanded him so duties into the food appointed everything all at the low power and all the house of the art I have for the lysine righteous before me in this generation every clean beast Boston take me by the settings in male and female of the fans of the fair verse three by seven the event manager able to keep seen alive on the face of the earth for seven days out in the rain upon the earth forty days and forty three seventy window here at every living substance that have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth and did according to all that the Lord commanded him I like that know what is convenient consistently obedient to what God is thinking what it makes no sense of humor lots of rain is falling first Nola says based on God 's word and nothing else for this bad for this they would willingly are ignorant of the Bible narrative God the heavens were of old and the earth standing out of the water and in the water with him and then was being fulfilled one of Paris flat again this reference back validates the flat at about the same acceptance to watch this result is not the answer the next time as the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men because they know that there is no testimony as it is higher but I is the story of grace and mercy because you have an opportunity now to get them to within the remnant church relationship might importantly when Jesus Christ is his protector because if I have the opportunity is that I will know when you will is the is Jesus Christ you will please want to do is message that I is and is and is it meant we would have to go that way limit and is and what is going to have a higher your gulags of the private investment in Division I Valley medical ones that the gentleman the thief in the night and is labeled and last-minute and he was shot as he thinks I have announced that their shopping that all six of Michael Jordan 's removable belt and was wondering an extremity to reply to everyone that everyone is nice that anything is going to be destroyed as we I I feel like I was there collecting and and and and and I took the thing that matters in Atlanta at the nasal shall all be burned up at the longest Infonet is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slot this I like this but here but in the conjunction if it tells the practice that is true however what I want to focus on is coming concerning his promise a settlement counsel Peter says he is long-suffering to us is not as badly as I asked to come to him who is the battle over God we cannot stand sin of the world we live in the is little reason no stories missing children last matters worse countries and countries which places a few that aired recently enacted and we were not that is after all is not willing that any should perish and should come to repentance the first testimonial assets farmers three for when they shall say peace and safety then sudden disruption comes upon them as travel upon a woman with child and they shall not escape here's the key for us today with your brethren darkness but that day should overtake you as a thief in out of darkness we know what's coming as I shop to do what God says in a finish with this line this lot is a few words long but it says this and God remembered Noah on leaving today with the notion that God remembers you matter how bad her past is no matter what you've done wrong matter how sick your skull matter how stubborn you might be the Mac Daniel left cheek with the criminal justice system over just the past is against God he remembers you and not willing that you should perish he wants for all of us the repentance because he's building a place is not a temporary boat backfilled with bleeding animals is built the new Jerusalem city whose maker is God editing and then each one of us has space in that city just a little space in the art the question is will you claim your space let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity even as I will strive to us trying to reinvent no one we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study the Word and the Spirit of prophecy and understand the true will of man embrace a man let deeply who gave everything he had so that everyone on earth at this time will have an opportunity to be saved I asked now what did we would not miss the arc of our day hammering mail of the preached word would not be ignored father God we would live to serve you bless us look to the said supper in Jesus name amen this media with God audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the war started he is www. .com universe .org


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