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Gifts, Jobs, and Homosexuality

Eugene Prewitt


What is the difference between spiritual gifts and church offices? And how should we relate to homosexuals?


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • March 22, 2014
    11:00 AM


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in the three only slightly related topics one of them is the use of the spirit to get you to his first love mission another development job we sure and the Internet church there are many jobs and is far more are people which means the numbers one year how many jobs in the theme for a brief period about homosexuality an issue that is currently in our society in the world in politics and because it is probably enough I suppose there is not there are not many of us here do not know someone that practices were attempted to practice homosexuality beyond the church is not how I relate to that you're my first in chapter twelve verse as well as our Scripture reading it still is our Scripture reading I wanted to observe a few ideas in the past person in this chapter twelve in looking at verse twenty eighth in God hast fast song in the church we talk about the gifts of the spirit who is doing the getting to know God is the one doing to get a biosphere is that anywhere I have read and give it to ourselves God is those against the church there are apostles and is therefore not because of the churches built on a foundation of all raw not only is essential for you and I because otherwise we would not know what was I meeting on the foundation so we can know what is so and apostles and prophets there wants to read in the New Testament his first apostle bearing products menace that is thirdly teachers teachers are not the same source of authority of the apostles and prophets the Bible is not a church was built on a possible Robinson to use I also our suppliers will pay for what they write Rod is true profit in writing history but procedures easy it is a good make sure of truth and not so much truth you don't I experience is not a liability mess I don't remember anything is bad his name that God never intended that you would trust immediately as possible never to trust the trust each other as teachers when we trust the Bible after the first three there are some that argument in particular were there are miracles gifts health think of the viewing helps governments and when I mentioned off the spray careful to say universities and talk to see if there is there are more than one language that has been given to the church to help and that is the question verse twenty nine the real answer are is one apostle know is everyone a profit now are all teachers know some people I know are all workers of miracles no have all the gifts of healing no nine and were known I think you can see the line do all speak with Hans no long-term correct no but I have earnestly the best gifts is inappropriate for you to desire spiritual gifts as for everyone that I am in your mind which you are more value than others in my problem is that your congressman against the disaster that is right and earnestly the best gifts for our best guess is that the enhancement that question is no that you are not the best thing you see the last part of this chapter by showing you a more excellent way to see that verse thirty one that way his love I'm not speaking about that really you directly to message this morning I want you to understand that while he is your precious while some of that have authority while they held is alive not many of them are all together are so likely to help you get something done ask his love and works by love and that is what accomplishes what endures is something chapter thirteen again looking back today this brings me to my second point is our presses and styles that but suppose that in our church someone stands this afternoon or even while speaking right now as well as afternoon instead of someone stands up and says that God is good now processes such as Virgil Garrett made they are also more office targeted as a teacher or some other spiritual get argument I is obligated to trust that please don't say yes because the Bible teaches that there are serious guys in your words in there are all gifts there are people who say they have guess from God which is presently being tricked by the day out supernatural spirits is that they associate with God but from another source maybe we should look at evidence is now turn your Bibles in Matthew chapter seven Matthew chapter seven is looking at verse twenty one not every one that says to me Lord Lord will enter into the kingdom of and doesn't will which is in many was taking a nap today Lord Lord we not prophesy in your name and in your name cast out devils in your name done many wonderful works that is they have their profits they are the gifts of healing now the question is what the Lord Jesus was working in them they were wrong and the gifts of healing look at verse twenty three and then will I profess it down I never knew you depart from me you were lawlessness and Microsoft was there are a variety of useful gifts in the church the second thought is that there are also serious gifts and that if that someone have to guess is no evidence that we not trust him in fact it's not even evidence that we should get him a job in the church in fact Arkadelphia in Houston this afternoon and say that you are probably the chance of being given a job in this church is just gone down a long ways because we do not think that just because someone claims that West Virginia that in fact they are being given in job for Arafat yes but let me take that idea a step further we had our first son verse into our thinking about right now thinking of my friends they're not here because the spring rate of my visiting her family in whole and in Little Rock two awesome directions from here you know Chris is pretty typical convert in some ways many new farmers shall lot of energy loss CL while in other concentrations you is that supposed someone shows a great deal of talent and skill energy and emotion is there a reason that we want to give them a position as an overseer in the church the Bible addresses this question to it on the first Timothy turned first Timothy voice you might find first Timothy chapter wearing all this chapter three first Timothy chapter three verse six speaking of you should be in one of those physicians is not a novice 's first Timothy three six lest being lifted up with pride on the combination of the figure you are and what is the danger to interview get him too much responsibility to quickly get a new converts are immune from spiritual danger certainly not install as a fineness you peoples all in the unedited a shallow we are advantages in the Bible qualifications and responsibilities as a matter positions resume the anniversary likewise must indeed can be raised not to hold my not given to much wine not greedy of filthy Luker in the first half and let these also first be one to say prove your testing that you can use the office of a deacon at his office here you don't hear use too much that way anymore it doesn't mean like for you after death office year is just another way of saying the word job the office of deacon is the job deacon the office of elder is the job dollars he followed me when I'm trying to say before someone has the job of the elder John Deacon Beijing has sufficient experience in testing so that we know that they are ready for those responsibilities in this to you because I received a real danger is as sure as we go to the people and spiritual responsibilities we might do on the basis of their gifts are their energy or their zeal when in fact there are some other qualifications we are keep in mind is possible that we could do harm to someone because you have the qualifications are not to go through all the altercations that you find them in first Timothy three and also infectious chapter one some of the qualifications relate to the issue of gender example and are basically talk about your current environment in our church for some of those stuffs like you made that this spiritual energy and zeal yeah that a younger convert Michelle you can acknowledge what they are can someone receive as a result have conversion while in fact in the past nineteen for example when replying however some of these men that I you will worry about my Seo NASA in the name of Jesus Lisa will what about later the job of a sad reason what is office here is you are over there being a spirit that fiasco that is what rebaptized you about as Jesus described the name of the father the son and the Spirit and only now he followed directions and that is what Ralph Landau designs human they were given yes they were given gas right at baptism that happens in several other places and people or even gifts is not always so you are only given in baptism fax letter first even before you're close to their first twenty four in verse fourteen health of the community do not neglect again that is in you which was getting used by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the leaders you never forwarded me to the elders overseers in other words there is time in his life when he was given in possession of an elder overseer of Bishop and the other overseers later on pray for you and that in his life in terms of giftedness here's even get to that point verse fourteen setting it and I think that because God is the church just because the church needs guests he gives you certain this because you need them to do the more her father 's will when you're at higher responsibility is that he will give you to guess that man is responsible and was I thought while I is probable because the test frequently when God 's responsibility is to get faster as if the mast cells that he ran out of Joslin Joshua was a man filled with the spirit even before he began working with Moses the man he became the leader 's life is filled in with the spirit that is when you have a responsibility got a few more gifts in the normal way and I will guess he gets a yes of the matter responsibilities if you understand I can see how backwards and yes together someone responsibilities just because you perceive may have the gifts in fact frequently God is necessary and math responsibilities on another might've lost you God chooses who receives the guests the Bible says in verse as well as to suggest that every individual athlete he said the size and charge jobs the only church decides the church job the church 's one desire is viewed in the Sabbath school teacher to be an overseer the church 's desire and sex goddess releasing yes he's never going anywhere the qualifications for rigid happiness because he is the one who gives the guests going to come to church on his qualifications he's told us what to look for Roush who should know what we should see what we see is getting even and they don't care about their reputation is given a lot of information he said only and is and will and choose someone who matches the qualifications that are made here that person special guest so they can effectively carry out their responsibilities and be the only reason that words can say is otherwise following person has to guess therefore he or she must be given responsibilities you don't want to use their gifts to undermine the Security Council should have jobs an asset is your doorways I'll try one more time for something else is working for the church to write people have jobs and it is important for the shares that it should be available with spiritual gifts but all of us can have the spiritual gifts verse all of us can have spiritual gifts as I can become useful meeting to happen our first several people were like fathers and mothers in Israel people who take care and they see someone hurting they had taken interesting when I see someone because this is Vegas is there any interoperability will return all the pastors Pastor is adjusted in old English barbershop there could be many shoppers for only the one that immediately qualifications should be given the job which is visiting here the spirit who chooses the jobs the church this insurance is just the job according to his own imagination no lingering qualifications are right I have said that sufficiently right now in South Africa there is a meeting going on are the leaders of our denomination I saw for the neighborhood of two hundred persons are in error here more immediate one of the thirteen divisions have convened in South Africa under their talk about particular issues that are likely about homosexuality maybe I think yesterday as you conveniently are there for several more days and one of my friends there presented his name is playing lately I face my wrath I only met two Lee's ago or three in picture gives you a drink in the donation when blatantly way lately has layout for more than thirty years of his life as a practicing gay person is a homosexual man he had a sense that I found the Lord he has to a celibate person living in a QR Christian life and speaking to people about how to deal with their is not listening to you and I know how to deal with someone else be speaking to those who themselves have those in homosexual floor same gender attraction about how they can be victorious in a couple ideas that are relevant to all of us ever since we struggle with talking about those by showing you this because someone might see this afterwards is really useful you know someone who struggles with those kind of thoughts and feelings your analysis resources are available what ideas the land speaks of is the difference between a patient and see printer violence in James chapter one J him him or him him James born November fourteen binary math is tempted when he is drawn away of you will say his own desires and enticed every man is tempted yes indeed every person is everyone kept in more or less the same way for all of them in our desire to let a certain direction if you are a married woman and you feel an attraction for the man who is not her husband and that attraction is an application that is your desire is pulling on you and what is anyone working on a desire to hold you the wrong way doesn't it call it an invasion everyone is tempted when he is drawn away of his own desires the taxation is not as the taxation is the tasks and you can overcome McDowell when you are so that when you have that attraction and you don't have to surrender to it you don't have to fantasize about it or do something relevant to the attraction doesn't make you learn that doesn't cause you to do something inappropriate it loses you that way and you resist that applications resist the desire to maintain European dislike is not why it is that we have those kind of attractions my fiddles cry I don't just mean attractions the generality of any attraction to any chitosan attractions lie and I trust why we now have there be a thousand reasons you could let us I think you can divide pretty neatly into two categories reasons related to your inheritance your parents or great-grandparents and hold no and then reasons related to your own experience of life in your own decisions you have inherited reasons that you have about attractions and you have cultivated reasons or experiential reasons when you have a lot of actions because the parents suddenly you may have a much stronger appetites in relation to food and some people live because of the regular raises a child you may have stronger isolated and some people do and because of the decisions you made us that all might have stronger citations in the remote agent is able to relate your ball are relevant to our life but not there are inherent as nor our experience nor our decisions Shane 's Haitian Indocin they always bring his power and when you by the grace of God resist temptation you are victorious the matter what that patient is not what I'm saying about diamonds or about infidelity is also true about homosexuality there are more than one reason that someone could have a sane gender attraction it could be because of foolish choices they made it could be because of the weather rate never gone for example as shown in a race out of a chance you have any satisfactions as much time for example in the defibrillator your ancestors have lived there in the unknown in the attraction barley rations in know those attractions participation is when you resist down you're doing the same thing any other person does when he resists his application Paul simply says that his first drinking he says some of you are precisely simple way to Montana are practicing homosexuals practicing gay person is as you are that way you are why you are sanctified but you are one of the gospel can do that for any type of sin another distinction and amazingly sharing has to do with the density when a person calls himself homosexual merely because you have those attractions is something similar you calling yourself an adulterer because you have an attraction to someone who's not herself but you're not an adult person because of an attraction you're an adult urban union Internet attraction either in your mind with your practice ways as you should not consider yourself a homosexual on the basis of that attraction you can acknowledge that you have those kind of attractions without submitting to them and you can consider yourself a Christian not your self-centered is retracted because yourself a Christian because your victorious over your attractions just as it is inappropriate and identify yourself with your adaptations is inappropriate for someone who's trying to live the Christian life identify himself with his patients I think Wednesday differently but I cannot hear my conversation way comes out of my mouth I think you have to warn us we don't want to buy or sell with our sins are sinful attractions and we don't want to render a person who attractions and we don't want to reach people in any way I is in their attractions themselves make them simple or unclean it is not clear attractions but they're surrendering to those attractions I want to come back to the idea of gifts and jobs because here in Arkadelphia we have a lot of jobs in fact I hope a lot of you become members here's Lily had more people among whom this thread jobs is the only reason I want to be here but when God gives us spiritual gifts though certainly has created responsibilities even if no one ever gives us a job even if no one gives you a job you still have given no one gives me a job I still have certain responsibilities I have responsibilities to use the gifts that have in politics right now there is an issue related to this freedom coming up and I will be done for minutes of some tenacious is under the age of one hundred and two in politics it is well-established that racism is the legal that is prejudice against Jews so that I do not serve you and you religions are opportunities because of your skin color you will be responsible by the laws of this nation it is even legal to be prejudiced in and you know where you somewhere way Lisa John Margaret his new legal the practice is on the basis of gender to the higher a man or woman opportunity job to pay for that is against the law while I can see the status of those lost the Bible indicates for example in seventeen overall reason on one line racism certainly has no decent basis in Scripture God made a follow one of a lot of well-known face of the earth and in fact it is true that in terms of remuneration people are opting using evil and but in our course is the day I knew right is is being tested even the Supreme Court this coming week and I is against the law to the prejudice is prejudice against someone on the basis of their homosexual orientation I don't know that if our schools are held accountable your life our schools reviews except black people they be in big trouble some excess USA will live in our schools refused to hire homosexual teachers practicing sexual teachers what do you mean what if because of our values we taking a position to become legal gears when talking about I want you can just know that in your life you should not allow you to stay to color your own that racism is an age gender in the jobless is when the learner promised to the role in the church the Bible is our marching orders we have no right to much from and when it comes to the issue of submitting to a homosexual attraction living without lifestyle the Bible does not give visitors the option to say is fine either way we have to hold a position unit that means that we lose a lot it means that we suffer some degree but we must not brothers and sisters allow that pressure and push us too far in standing up for our rights to be conscientious we must not allow ourselves is to be questioned when we speak about people who have those attending to patients as we don't have love or concern her help or hope for the we can let the state to determine her gender anyone we can less just determine our message under our agenda that will be in Leicester is our agenda behalf all occasions office thirty first Timothy three five one we have a description of what is acceptable morality you can find that Malachi three we find it in acts thirteen you find in Ephesians chapter three verse five eight you can find the issue of Iraqi settlement here and what was that Seth is what we say it is our only hope all wrong and the last time to go over my last thought is that if you moron worshipers get and will receive job in the church below under his abilities and know that God will give you what you need to carry out responsibility however is that yes except the job of the church in Rome this media was wrong audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hothouse of his life was more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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