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Blessed are the Sexually Sanctified

Gerry Wagoner


This talk presents Biblical insights on the topic of sex. The moral aspect of our lives is a beautiful part of how we were created, and God wants us to experience freedom in this area.


Gerry Wagoner

Biblical Counselor at One Achord


  • October 22, 2013
    7:00 PM
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world saturated with a wrong use of facts you know this from the youngest one in this room to the oldest grandfather grandmother in fact the world takes God 's ideal interns and completely upside down it fills marketing entertainment music literature everything preserving purity no day stay away from me when that young man turned seventeen or eighteen years of age is very likely that his biological collection will change his view like to talk to you just briefly about the right way and the wrong way to conduct a dating relationship many of you young people are either involved in a dating relationship most of you are that all of you were how quickly candidates for that that will come in God 's time and that's an exciting time in your life when someone you think terrific think you're terrific that is a neat time of life but it's not to be entered into casual later loosely as a game of some sort but rather with wisdom and one particular pitfall that the enemy has thrown on the road to happiness in the road to joy as this issue of morality Satan wants to mess up your capacity to flick a couple of examples here let's look at the wrong way while Mister Waggoner why is that wrong not doing anything okay you're doing something like Plainfield later why that might be wrong else if you agree with sexual immorality my friends young people comes at a tremendous cost there's a price tag attached to my question for each of you young people tinnitus can you board you pay that cost I will have to know what that cost them before you can answer the question accurately the Bible says and Lisa actual immorality every sin that a man does is outside the body maybe who commit sexual immorality sins against his own body the poor guy the paramedics don't even know what to do he's a golfer who got off course into some of the worst practices in California and the they drive themselves and your skin and your clothing and is aromatic like we do they once dwelling was so let's take a good hard look tonight at moral failure last question what is it what does it lead to what does it cost lastly can I afford it Proverbs five twenty two says the evil deeds of the wicked man ensnare him the cords of his sin shall hold him fast let's go on and are not into the path of the wicked and go not in the way of evil men I love this question asked by Solomon how can a young man keep his way pure answer is by living according to thy word that's a good question a very valid questions this day and age lastly Proverbs five three for the lives of an adulterous drip honey and her feet go down to death her steps leads straight to the grave sounds rather serious minutes but I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart these are the words of Jesus so moral parity is the goal it is the way that God has designed our bodies to function he designed us with this physical sexual capacity it's a wonderful capacity actually truth and only one environment not the marriage Proverbs thirty therefore things to wonder for me number forth as the way of a man with a maid talking about a young man presumably young woman reached debating recording age how can a young man keep his way pure Proverbs five eighteen says may your fountain be blessed and rejoice in the wife of buying youth now the verses is that Megan that you read verse less money is for I won't go through that all but I would like to pause for a moment and focus in on that one word there in verse six the word the fraud that word shows up three times in the Bible in three different context it shows up in first Corinthians seven when Paul here is that some believers are taking other believers to court how can you use a Paul and rightfully so the wording is rotting also shows up here in first Thessalonians four and the sexual contact from fornication now Paul has a concern and needs verses in first Thessalonians four number one he has a concern for our law that we would walk in the right way the right direction number Julia has a concern that we would please God number three but we would shower we would abound in other words that we would grow that we would prosper finally then brethren we request and exhort you in the Lord Jesus that he received from us instruction as to how he ought to walk and to please God that you might excel in the King James is about more easy Paul had a concern furthermore example the believers at Thessalonica largely came in out of the worldly culture they came in I was googling Jewish in the Christian culture negative raw things with them into their relationship with God and hope all right them because I have this burden for you gives them some very very helpful explicit number one that you would abstain from sexual immorality number two we would know how to control our sexual desires in sanctification and honor let's go on and then Paul says what is God 's will he first defines what God 's will is that many says what is God 's will married is to be held in honor reads get over to Hebrews thirteen for marriage is to be held in honor among all the marriage that undefiled and so God 's will is not hopeless onto that we would yield to less actions that we would transgress by defrauding and I'll explain to you what that means young couple came into my office years ago premarital couple the kids they said Mister Waggoner we came to see you is worth thinking about getting married is a great relationship doing they said you know we had a really good six months we did all kinds of exciting things that went on picnics we've got it we went to a nursing home site one Sabbath of the people there was really exciting and we just enjoy being around each other we love to talk the language it seems like we've been fighting that's why we came to see that statement a big red flag went up in my mind I said nothing I waited for the story to come out and explain to you later while flight one God 's will is not that we would use or damage other people who were defrauding in this content in this young couple I said are you guys oh actually good they still have this conflict going on in their lives and had to find out what it was last a couple of more questions very careful not to try to expose them but I waited for the story to come out and when it didn't I asked them one more direct question I said are you guys arousing one another sexually needed and their faces show now that we talked to bastards this is okay not okay I'm done explained to you hopefully why can I not all right because we knew that is defrauding my last entry does the product one another and explain to them what it meant it meant to arouse another person where defrauding means to reach across the boundary and means to make this honest gain to reach over abounding over overstepped their bounds when you row someone is not your spouse you are overstepping a boundary that God has placed between units only marriage that opens the door of access to that other person in them to you and it's a beautiful thing within the context of marrying outside of marriage it leads to lay hold host of consequences let me give you one if a couple steps over this line while they're dating they will experience conflict within two weeks time every time no exceptions two weeks of the fighting I will know why I can tell you why it's because when you transgress God 's law by defrauding or by quote going all the way which is what they said the pastors told and they said it was okay as long go all the way through ways and defrauding is almost worse than going on the one all the way number one it arouses all of these desires and passions inside of you you can't release very often drive the person and the self abuse which brings more shame or guilt upon the heart of a young person which will eventually turned to depression and they won't know why okay this recon sequence is a God allows into your life and mine if we step over that boundary our guilt shame and fear God allows these three four reason guilt shame and fear not because these out her chair kept you these waking us up to this check heart light is flashing on the dashboard of our life something 's wrong you've stepped over this boundary that leads to conflict leads to blaming the other person subconsciously the guilt becomes something you have to deal with you later resolve it right away or you will blame that other person that other person will become a constant reminder of the three consequences can be resolved in Christ it can be resolved biblically you can go on free takes little effort at the Reuters leave takes maybe an hour and half there is in anything you've done by the way that I probably haven't heard already I'm not challenging you believe me I heard all kinds of things in ten years of counseling let's go on here right now I want to talk about something very vital to you young people even those of you who are considering marriage the development of intimacy in a dating relationship see this is a very special time in your life when you need someone with your interested in those of you that are dating or those the other married remember was stay away from that will be my GPS marker yeah I know has called them to do this on your person a person find the one that fascinates and I'm glad to be free from London the other one is human nature to go to extremes but demonstrated that for you when you when you're dating a young person you'd like to talk to each other right when you do get on the time goes your over at her house even if you're watched I should go to be so sorry I got a dose passenger grab it go you never you never when you're dating you never said Thursday such hard work I then your ten minutes already get a lot of the time go because you're getting to know that another person you are communicating deeply and intimately you're getting the guy wasn't what the girl is all about the girl wants to know what the guys all about this is a very special time in your dating relationship you're getting to know that other person you're doing something else that you may not read your laying a foundation that foundation is called emotional intimacy say that with me emotional intimacy every kinds of intimacy that's never to talk about the rest later zero your building a foundation the more you communicate with one another you guys who never built a wall you know how bricks and mortar work that's what you're doing you're putting blocks order one after another and you come back and put another layer on top strong fuel out to finish if the relationship turns physical within that period of time the wall stops stops you would not believe any word if you would not believe some of the stories that I've heard a couple of been married twenty thirty forty or forty one years one time they commend my office and they set the marriage of their house on top of a partially completed foundation and they got these huge barriers between them and they can't communicate they wonder what's wrong with our lives I married the wrong person no didn't marry the wrong person you started your marriage wrong foundation there's a big difference it's worth noting this difference tonight friends when the relationship or if the relationship turns physical in that dating the foundation stopped inches on her they can no longer communicate on an emotional level remember that word emotional intimacy they cannot connect on that basis it's impossible is my helper is a good man you cannot communicate on that basis from that point on the guy wants to know how I can get the girl alone okay this does something to the girl that we would rewire as her heart requires her mind on the inside after she's married she will respond to things that she should not respond to you will not be able to respond to things I try to make plain she will not be able to respond in the way that God intended that she will respond to things that she shouldn't pay the same thing happens to the guy that messes them up inside it takes the wiring that God designed it messes it all up now it can be fixed they can be fixed biblically God is is provided for this in Jesus Christ you can rewire your heart he can do it but you have to realize there is a need for couples come in and have been able to communicate on an emotional level my friend for thirty years they can't talk anymore I have to initiate out of the office in general and start talking motion when it is so roughly four limits so uneasy you can just see the beads of sweat on the guys for head this is really really hard but he doesn't because I basking to all of a sudden it gets a little bit easier little bit easier and as I take them through this moral area assuming that they transgressed in this area by the way every couple out of two hundred now it's come to my office has had some cleansing to do in this area including myself years ago long years before I was married I did things that I wouldn't do again and I'm here to tell you that I resolve them in Christ a long time if I hadn't I would praise God for his freedom and for his cleansing so I take it overseas in this illustration they been married thirty years they come in they say we can communicate I checked them right away to see if they can communicate emotionally I find out they can't see what happened what went wrong tell me the story what attracted you to her and tell functions pretty much something you don't look at them one that is not enough if it absolutely not and it's not on that basis if God chooses the value of a person he demonstrated that a lack of the King makes all what attracted you to have them shall tell you the reasons why can't you communicate ophthalmic storage or not we go back into that moral area of their life that your moral area of your life it is now defiled I help them resolve it and they go back to their rooms for the night of homework to do that they come in the next morning have a question for say obviously okay once we got there really beautifully we still talking to about one forty a.m. what were they doing before that foundation stopped indicating his likely go back spiritually connected that point where the foundation stopped all of a sudden they're back at it again thirty one years later the rebuilding this foundation is good news for you I did it for you it's like they go back and they start again they can connect down this emotional level missing what if we waste so much time let's not regret the past be glad to go forward that is the mercy of God at work and why the development of intimacy in a dating relationship number one the very top chart is something that I put together that illustrates the wrong way to conduct a dating relationship dating again six months before rotting begins in six months by defrauding you know what I mean now arousing one another physically and sexually on dates and I explained to you if I have to just how much touching is permissible probably a good I'm among friends here to share my children even asked me that you will battle for hearts and let me give you my suggestions holding hands problem enjoyed really wow what else is on the cheat once a month then once a week but what someone might give no French kissing along line three one because that will rouse me and you just defraud and you got nine consequences of poor in your life like a poison that's what no more frontal hugging that will arouse a man but your arm around one hundred woman must weigh in I tell people like hello Mister thank you drowned in Dylan I was at Cincinnati SL an old friend that come running at one hundred woman must weigh anyhow defrauding began six months later premarital sex again six months later they say well oriented so far most of and get married getting married in a set house on top of the foundation that's only partially completed on the how long I don't know how cool it is but there's holes and gaps in the house sits on top of that animal foundation everyone lived like this comes along with them somehow it rocks not secured it's not solid there is a better way now now the bottom I put together the right way I'll try to get out of the last ratings you and down at the bottom dating begins emotional and spiritual notice that spiritually together a high-level then tell me that after I married my wife simply should credit sounds great for getting deeper that some time I'll try that I was not regulated by the way when I was married by God 's grace he turned that all around after some time in our marriage got convicted me on that my wife and the biggest smile on her face when I became the spiritual leader in the family allowed for the respect me in greater ways note that man got his command and woman respect her husband and if you're not spiritual leader in your home and she has a very hard time doing no damage her on the inside puts her in turmoil down here at the bottom again emotional spiritual and you are allowed to develop never strong foundation you get married you set the house on top of this perfectly finished foundation than me however how many trials troubles no human sure that you will be working from a position of strength that's a beautiful thing now you'll have to know how things the balance and Mary Jo have struggles and trials she might like Chinese food like Mexican no problem no problem if it worked that out if she loves Jesus and you don't than you do we'll talk about that Martin I might talk about how to choose the outfit for my favorite was the one here did you know this command is imprinted by his first sexual encounter what I mean by that I mean is that each of you guys and myself as a male camera in your brain you're born with it the camera fires your first sexual counter make sure make sure this on the honeymoon to life if you're stuck with that image the next twenty years it can be re- re- Justin S needed with its top it takes a while make sure that there were fires in a way that will glorify God and bring comfort to your life and I has a camera in the brain and be stuck with that image for a long time ago in the office guy and his wife and that honey donation were going to pray for you and become syndicated and great help me actually were struggling with it what's going on in your life like get to know you better tell the story well we can't we can't seem to him that the along the number of years back are there any time when you can take them out assuming they let us all in place and was I scissor anytime you can see how we go to a motel no problem I'll bet you go there a lot now has its own got your first sexual encounter I guess where prostitutes this is for you guys now you go to learn something about guys you need to know this doesn't he know something about girls if sex outside of marriage and the man becomes imprinted with last not love last it's a bitter substitute if your first encounter then married in hearing the guys imprinted with low beautiful thing I'm also a realist I know we live in a world where were many many people have stepped over the line damage themselves and actually wounded their heart are the spiritually that's what happens when my next polls sexually active outside I love it I'm sexually active hope everyone's married is they go on here the more encounters outside of marriage the last guy able is able to live so that year later let's at this football star quarterback policies so good-looking he's handsome you can throw a ball sixty five yards which is too bad for following new letter mail but she doesn't know perhaps the need for the sake of illustration that this guy doesn't know how to love and she's not a befitting of crying her eyes out if she ever marries this guy he's going to get bored with her someday and leave Herb Y is no love he doesn't know female is for you girls do not learn something sex outside of a married woman is imprinted with lassie gets programmed wrong I talked about that earlier in marriage the gals imprinted with this new one out when he wasn't imprinted with love by this Shaw on which are my disciples lovers of God if a woman is sexually abused she gets imprinted with nothing sex becomes meaningless to her it simply becomes a tool way to get attention and while the size of the enemy puts in her heart bless her heart is that you're already defiled now it doesn't matter what you do doesn't matter which belonged sex outside of marriage makes you stupid like that sex outside of marriage makes you really stupid really I know a whole illustration who make it there are that guy totally confusing how here's how you and makes you stupid if any sex with this girl outside of it makes you utterly fatally stupid and does something else it does something else very very important it causes a role reversal what I mean by that you guys need God has ordained that you would be a spiritual leader in your thank me I hope to get there before I got thinking well you got a head start and advantage of me I got married thinking errors like one condiment now I know better now you guys know their straight time so you have a little bit of a panic when you're dating a girl I can get involved sexually with that girl there will be a role reversal remembered as ladies let me know either I see it in Scandinavia seated in Europe I've seen it all over America a role reversal is just this girl becomes more dominant she becomes more masculine more aggressive guy be the guy surrenders his leadership seen it over and over and over again like I can spot a pattern mile away ones that happen to wagon here's what happens because a girl since is that damage inside and the guy was supposed to protect your and how she feels unprotected so she think she's got it do it herself so she becomes more dominant what we call turbocharged and she can become a very very nasty person her femininity gets compromise sake of this momentary thrill that means absolutely nothing to does several things it makes you more stupid and it will steal your identity it will cause a role reversal I am convinced that in the Western culture which is also very very sexually permissive culture the rise of feminism is directly related to this virtual it causes a role reversal Bruce's leadership at a general call me a number of years ago crime should Mister Waggoner thought you loved me I love you left it up you made you think you all know we we we were having sex my dear my heart out from under you that is while he was using you for what he can get me on board then he moved on to someone else now you're crying your eyes out happens over and over again and then she ask one more question which is a beautiful salient question I'll pass along to you folks does it help of unhealthy love for God loves me send great question when he wants to protect you when he wants to protect you including in this moral area girls had enough and I love you really love you and cares for you you are we are in your heart when he wants to protect you and protect your purity and protect your sexuality beware someone who wants you without any commitment my daughters beware we only have to go a little ways and the Bible find the groaning came are demanding it where someone who wants you with no commitment to and who following that episode will hate you as much as they love to the school on premarital sex teaches each other how to commit adultery the general getting serious is been serious from the second slide melting more so premarital sex programs to people how to commit adultery when it teaches that other person you're thinking them if your ball with someone else are married his help teach them how to commit adultery why because sex outside of marriage is the same as before after even just taught them how to commit adultery and you've done something else very very working you have identified the thrill of physical intimacy now with guilt you've linked them together after marriage is only one way to get a note from speaking to young people around the world caring about them bring with them and helping them that some of you brought into this room some of the things that were talking about let's accept that to me just say this to you are not here to judge and condemn you make you look bad let's accept that every around seven let's go forward premarital sex damages the spirit of both people and wounds the heart of that other person and your own heart programs a person wrong let's talk about pornography did you know this many people who produce pornography are also into the occult there are couple of hotbeds of this around the United States there is Shanghai 's another big one no abroad but here in America Miami Florida Chicago there's other places I believe outweigh many of these people are also into the occult and they pray over their product configure playing around with the this paper magazine often it's something that's been prayed over sorry this is an alteration in the knifepoint something that's been preying over may have asked the enemy could enslave anyone who looks at insulating winding you like the idea of being a slave I don't they pray over their product three out of seven three out of ten men to come into my office and an enemy attached in this moral area and many times it's because they have dabbled in something that was first given to the God of darkness disabled is behind all that you see it is the special things is actually praying over it and asking him a demon to enslave anyone who looks at it pornography through the young man into a zombie now for for forty years people who were involved in pornography were usually guys usually may wife the way were wired of an triangulated with his vision I think that's what you are maybe but a man triangulated with his vision and a natural engineering ability and the woman's body lends itself to that that's a great thing when you're married it's a wonderful thing nothing wrong with that it's when the enemy perverts is there something wrong with it and so guys get into this and by the way the number of girls were getting into it is on the rise in very small below sixty percent now it's up in the mid- twenties it's on the rise because back to the role reversal but I talked about in cultural shipments going on in the Western world damaging young people right and left and they don't know what to do about it now all they know is that they feel worse each morning they did way out there is a way out it's a beautiful pure way forgot to hand you a white sheet of paper and say no it's right start over that's right nice orderly on this I forgive you and heal you it must be done from the heart you cannot pray over this stuff intellectual prayers I got I'm sorry for everything and more like dad forgetting them thank you must be done from the heart James tells us clincher hand he centers and purify your hearts you double minded what is the theme of this week blessed are the pure love it hurts for features young men into zombies were losing a whole generation of young men we need you guys search ranges guys and God will need to you we need young men who are leaders we need young men who understand the power and beauty of Jesus Christ is a meaning to be perfect doesn't mean you have to baptize people New York River just means you have to look up four sevenths and I need you that's all you need to say by the way to get that machinery and heaven rolling metal start and will start the process by land energy follow the Lord in obedience to the water baptism your life but in Christians five seventeen were losing a whole generation of young men pornography and video games since epidemic in our culture it's worse than you realize the Timothy Leary had it right and only the old folks in this audience know who that is Timothy Leary father the hippie movement then a half he said computers is the new drug is right pornography is the dumbest trade in the world specially if you're married it's trading a real live woman for a piece of paper for fantasy you have a young man I've done this my office handing a sheet of paper such as hardware loving anything out of that I guess not pornography will open your the greater temptations to see what the parents do in moderation the children will do to access the trend is getting stronger friends if you struggle in this area you help resolving you have children they will most likely struggle and it will be a little harder if you resolve this problem art biblically and if you resolve it this media was brought osteoporosis is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio verse .org


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