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AudioVerse 3ABN Today Interview

Alistair Huong Tim Arakawa
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Tim and Alistair share the story of where AudioVerse came from, what God is doing through this ministry, and how lives are being transformed all around the world.


  • March 30, 2014
    8:00 AM
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him him know when you want a man to be in large nine and a is an and one is in my new one day I he a Christian and with me and Brian Hamilton and run a very good to be with you good to be with you thank you very much I'm not normally on premium radio and Brian is normally the guide says in the accounting office and the way he described anywhere is a little green shade and he sits there in the and work on the adding machine of death outlets that were glad to be with you today and we have a couple of great guest that you're going to enjoy because they got quite a story for your very interesting ministry right now let's introduce them let's talk with them we have fun Alastair long will this end uneasy executive director of audio for strength and we also have Tim Kara and he's a cofounder of audio parts are glad to have you both with us our pleasure to be here were looking forward very much to talking with you learning about your ministry personnel before we do that we have a song and we would like to enjoy some beautiful music Silverstein Barry and the name of her song is twenty three or will him will him a you on how I had him know how he's a nice man is all nice and all he will him him to a Healy said that I have a very new to me he will need to manage and being a little as him to a little is all I and him for a a and a him him him him him handling on an nine she is in time and he is and in a I is time to you will a will and a then you have a will and in and in a will a on a beautiful song Silverstein Barry was twenty three and the gentleman on the background 's husband Michael crazy well Brian we have quite an interview ahead of us know and looking forward to the indefinitely we got a ministry that reaches around the world on the Internet and will let the gentleman that are here tell us about it because on the work with a very closely and rather than spending a lot of time just saying this is what it are saying this is what it is would like to hear from you guys on and so we've got time cofounder cofounder is him and tomorrow and Timothy would tell us a little bit about audio birth and how it got started after well the best way to describe our universe would be to say that this is a collection of sermons are available on the Internet that anyone in the world can download for free we have a collection of all I believe over five thousand sermons now on the website and there from a lot of different speakers a lot may be recognizable to our audience here for instance with Mark Finley is on audio version of Doug Batchelor even if it wasn't as a few sermons on a verse and the we've had various events of the record as well that that we have in on the website as well in an attempt I was there recently on audio versa and looking up some of the sermons that were on there and I noticed one from Glenn Kuhn David M Cohen was active in ministry when I was a young person whom back in the seventies sixties somewhere in that year I did to get stuff that far back on the over yeah actually that's that's the question because the truth never gets old right and wrong and the Bible is relevant yesterday and today and tomorrow will be just as relevant and that we just got the contact with Glenn Kunz grandson and they wanted to get the message out one the letter may be blessed by his messages as possible naturally what audio versus all about anyway and so through the connection with God Lincoln 's family now we are working on releasing the rest of the material that we haven't once is often done all we should have the most complete collection of Lincoln recording audio and video that's available in any one place were really excited about the great until you just said something that want to check no you said both audio and video that's correct out so he can need listen to it or they have to download while our website actually is designed to allow people listen directly on the website and or they can download it to listen to later or they can put on the iPods or iPhones and tablets and things like that at all of these technologies enable people to access the content wherever they are and yes we do have audio primarily but we also have some video content now to and from the sounds of things you doing some of your own program while we went all have too many programs right now but we we continually strive to release the gospel in the best way to touch hearts all around the world will you expand more and do that more yeah actually we are looking forward to letting more and more people know about our diverse around the world that's really the vision is okay how can we find you if they want to go and check you out on the Internet well our our website is easy to remember it's W WW audio verse .org and actually we brought a few pictures to share with our viewers here of the website of what the final in May when they get their okay and him when you arrive at the auditor 's website you'll know you're at the right place when you see the audit was logo right at the top across the top of the webpage will see all of the various links to take you to the different portions of the website you can see we actually have material in different languages even and you can also search in the pool are my top base your favorite present during conferences that he may have missed like ASI would you I see but the real good stuff is underneath you'll see the list of all the sermons that are almost frequent leave you then you can click on the speaker 's picture and you'll see the next page which is a certain page the most important thing to remember on this page is right in the middle of the top of the page is a big media player is a big place sign it quick that and you're listening to a certain so literally within just two clicks of visiting audio verse you could be listening to the truth of God 's word and that soon so exciting that people around the world can just take advantage of this resource and ten you helped get the whole concept started how did you come up with the idea was what made you think well to begin with I think it was providential just as God displaces an opportunity in front of us and and we we don't even know what the results are going to be able to step forward in faith and that's really the way that the body of her started on them or started back in two thousand five I was a student at Loma Linda University studied medicine at the time and while I was there there is a large group of young people students young professionals who are all off on fire for the Lord and several groups and ministries extra can out of that one of them was at an hope which is a Sabbath school of Loma Linda University church another one was restoration which is actually in evangelistic series that happens on the campus of Loma Linda University every year and the student led and also other youth conferences not liking to adopt through this there are a lot of great speakers that were coming through a lot of great presentation that we want to share not just with the surrounding community that windows out beyond Southern California him across the world and so I began to to wonder if there was a away that we could do this that was no cost-effective and easy in a governor back in those days in two thousand five at your use of this theory connected world now social media are cell phones and everything Irving 's wireless but back then we have any of those things in fact and when you look back actually a Facebook at that time was just an online college directory it wasn't even open to the public and YouTube which we all think about we cannot online video and even started yet what we did have was the Internet we had MP3s and iPod it become very popular at that time and so this idea began to bounce on my mind of what we had a centralized resource on the web where people could go and download sermons we really have a small archive and make is available to a wider audience if you already had a lot of money right those they all had deep pockets and in and I just had this unlimited reserve of cash money you can go to set it up as Eric Hilliard Peter Valles the startup send how to satisfy one's garage or if someone's dorm room is pretty much the way our neighbors start as well it was to graduate students that this is how this idea and it was basically the website was coded and written in the back removal of someone's house but the way that the data started was his idea in my mind but no way to do it I'm not a web programmer I don't have any expertise in that but I had a friend 's name is Curtis foreign was a very talented computer programmer and we were just sitting actually at a youth conference over lunch talking and I can imagine this is a dream that the I had something on the web that will begin make sermons available and he really like the idea he was very informal conversation now and I didn't think that anyone really can come out of it but I was really surprised about two weeks later I got an e-mail from Curtis and he said it I really like the idea that we talked about I've put together a website and it's ready to go I think we do want in the month and so they center that we we basically had a quick contest to find a name that's within name on a risk came from was due this this contest that we had and then we launched about a month later on October twenty two two thousand five and it's been pretty strong growth since then really on the verse is the Lord 's ministry and we can't take any credit for the way that the Lord has used it really and I mean the fingerprints of his problems is just all over he was just referring to starting this with nothing as to graduate students and just as an example of how the Lord really blessed right at the beginning of friend of the ministry gave us a free service where we can host the website at its Internet service providing company for free and we were just showing up his bandwidth but he believed in the ministry and he let us just do it just like that and without that the minister would have taken off and actually has his business went through a rough time and we found that we have to move the server very quickly on the drop of a dime but the Lord open another opportunity when our server is actually hosted in one of the best locations for the fastest connection in Los Angeles where our service sitting right next to the server the big companies like AT&T for example and the Lord has just provided us with this tremendous opportunity to reach the world and Asian open the doors one way after the other and were just so thrilled to see the Lord work this is one of the ways and you can see when the Lord is behind something you look at it we've seen this happen in three ABN some twenty times and certainly in three ABN radio where I'm more knowledgeable because that's where I spend my day over there on but when we see the Lord move on we see him move in certain ways I don't I don't about you but sometimes I think it's normal to sit back and think in my really doing God 's will and him I really ours is my project I would always want to do God 's projects would want to do our project wrongdoer God wants us to do and got always finds ways to weave together since a few you doing real good and see this is what your ministry is doing this is how your reaching people on the movie opens up doors that you would never have known a quick example from three ABN radio one we got started we were on a big dish C band only we started in February of the year two thousand and we had no idea who was going to listen to us we were just up there on satellite sin was aware of the TV was and within a few months they opened up the LP FM we had no idea that was coming in and just like with you guys you know you remind me a little bit about what happened with us and that's how God looks at this situation and says they're doing good I'm going to bless this one sounds like this happened with you try this right and in God is just so good and it reminds me of I want to share here real briefly L Y at the beginning of the hapless publishing work she got a vision and then after she came out of vision she told her husband you must begin a printable paper and send it out to the people let it be small at first but after people read they will send you means with which to print and it will be a success in the first from the small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light that likely around the world I know what familiar with with her statement here and I just wonder perhaps it wasn't just seeing the pages of the hey going one meter bottom maybe she saw the Internet because literally the fiber optic infrastructure of the Internet are streams of light that's how the data is communicated and I'm just amazed to think the auditors had an opportunity of being some of those beings of light together with the rest of the Lords work like a Canadian opinion radio to take the gospel to the world and you ask a little bit about the growth about a person since two thousand and five when we were really nothing all since that time we've had over fourteen million downloads altogether and every year now we have more than three half-million downloads and that numbers climbing every single day and right now there's a sermon downloaded every eight seconds off of our website and in and in the hour program that were watching right now so be it nearly five hundred sermons downloaded in the time that we spend together in this interview and this is all the Lord 's doing and all because I believe she wants to get the message out Jesus wants to come soon I was so happy that we can do a small part to be part of that and I know it's a good thing as well to have something on demand you somebody maybe doesn't have the time to watch DVR or listen to radio but they have a chance to record something downloaded and take it with them and listen to it at a later time and that's worth something like this is so valuable and it's it's it's it's it's a great way to reach people sometimes around the world views of different languages right try try yet there are there actually I believe over three billion people now that are all connected to the Internet so there's a large audience that we that we still need to reach but the I do know that it audio verse there are people that are downloading in at least two hundred countries all over the world a lot of these countries are close countries where the gospel this persecution for Christians the gospel is is not available as of this elder placement of the world and is so actually people can believe it or not the country that downloads the second-most sermons from audio versus actually China a country where it's illegal to proselytize with it where religion that is persecuted as actually one of the largest download is an audio verse try to prove their soul it's just so encouraging on what are some of the countries which are reaching the world but she was you know I mean this probably wouldn't be all the bridges some as Tim mentioned we're reaching over two hundred countries already so pretty much it can point a finger anywhere on the map and we've gotten some people downloading from there all we have a large number of people from Africa and also in all drawings Europe and of course North America South America and Asia to every inhabited continent pretty much it in a find someone who's listened auditors wrote to the live gotten just a little flavor for audio verse give us a low flavor about who you are who each of you are in a family desert anyway tells little bit about yourselves sure sure well I like MS before I studied medicine and Loma Linda and ask the continued on through residency and fellowship I married my wife 's name is sunny and I've got two wonderful boys one is a two half the other is six months old and in how well all my guess my claim to fame is I married his sister so we're actually brothers-in-law okay I am that's that's not necessary the reason why will work together but the that's that's an interesting fact perhaps for our viewers but I went to school a washing of the Academy and also what college I taught there for a number of years before I went to Southern Masters degree in business and to again that the providential meeting of the Lord I was at the right place with the right training at the right time when auditors had a need for me to step in and to be the executive director of the ministry and I'm assuming audio personal step hundreds of employees well actually right up until last year on a verse was a hundred percent run by volunteers while so the five thousand sermons the three half-million downloads all of that it was through the support of volunteers but last year we decided we need to take us to the next level and so I was brought in as executive director and we haven't massive team of three entire people now okay so we're word working like busy bees but so thankful to be in the Lords work is amazing how something can read so far and yet not really take that many people to do it that's the beauty of technology aircraft the beauty of using leveraging the tools around us there to make the biggest impact for the gospel of the kingdom of God is think of when Jesus spoke the words there in Matthew and this gospel to kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations and all peoples and then the end will come I'm not sure that his disciples had a full concept of how that could be done or would be done but we're getting some inklings of that today just in hearing about your ministry and health through the Internet people from two hundred countries can go to one site and get said spiritual food that is contains the gospel flavor that's that's really that you look at it on paper back in Christ day to reach the world somebody had to physically go they had to walk write a donkey they had to get on the ship they had to do something they had to physically go everywhere today we don't have to do that and back in Christ they also the people that would go they would often lose their lives there were certainly end up in jail or are uncomfortable in some way and when that happens they're not preaching to anybody and so as you mention reaching people behind closed countries to wear if you stood on a street corner to get your soap box and set it down on the street corner and you got set on it you'd be up there for about five seconds for some to drag you down in the and you to be dead on or taken off to jail somewhere but somebody at home with an Internet connection can download the sermon can download the information and watch it in the privacy of their home and were reaching them that's right and really I just I'm I'm about to burst when you're talking about back to me don't just see these downloads as numbers and that's the most beautiful thing that is behind each of these numbers there are lives their souls are being transformed I just like to share a story of an individual and Alex are contacted us and see the way that he described that he was chasing the thrills and spills of life and he found himself in a very dark place his wife and he were on the verge of splitting up and he was he found himself in jail one day because he took up bad mixture of prescription medication and alcohol and he didn't know what to do and before long he was invited to church he came to prophecy seminars but it wasn't enough he came in and then he was a struggling you know how that is in the kneecap upon our neighbors and he started listening to sermons about the righteousness of Christ and the power they have in our lives is forgiveness is grace and he began to have a new life within wife husband have a strong marriage now they have wonderful children the fact that experience led them to give their lives and their service completely to God they sold their home they went after the end of the full-time Bible workers display would afterwards after Liz amazing facts center of evangelism Bible were training program and Doug these two young parents actually ended up there and got trained to work for the Lord and all of this is from influence of listening to sermons about the Bible truth of Jesus Christ offer my verse is just so encouraging and ousted I reminded another story that we heard about Lebron he was actually group growing up and raised in Botswana Africa and again he wasn't a Christian at the time although he did have a sister who is seven dev and test but he actually ended up moving to Russia under a bilateral scholarship program I believe and he he while he was in Russia he was alone he didn't know anyone very destroyed and have any family there but discovered a website with sermons on a call audio verse and he began to solutions of these sermons and the name became convicted that not only Christianity but that he wanted to become the seventh Adventist again without really any other means to find out about the message he founded in Russia and they became about the number of the SC church and now he's actually working in Russia the typing revival organizing meetings and things like that in Russia to try to bring that truth to the Russian people all the way from Botswana on that note we have a video rule yes that you guys but would do so on we wanted to let us know what's going to be and before we started well is just right along the lines of the influence audit verse had an various people 's lives him ELR on individual spaces I'm sure many of our 3-D and family would recognize and maybe I should just let them speak for themselves they are right so let's put it now or are there many people around the world and have been benefited by his easy access to rich spiritual material on audio verse and that it is truly been a blessing for the world in many locations around the world it's always amazing to me as an equal amount of music I listen to you and all you and me paces and bringing Q I see on any Norway are Singaporeans say on this unless I'm seriously needed on your something else this means astounding combine his views on the worst of times hearts and lives of people around the world it's amazing to see how wide and influence audio price as not just with my message is just so many good Bible -based messages that people all the time telling me what a blessing on your person as well audio verse even comes very close to our family have a son-in-law who are pastors and they access to my daughters like to access audio version in the last three years I've been more and more people who tell me more and more often like audio verse means to them I know for myself that on my iPhone hit the store spaces Gainesville and more and more with sermon material seminar material all of the completely free accessible autobody verse as we all know they come by hearing and hearing by the word of God of course that's standard mono audio in fact there is a new one of my favorite new developments in the audio version now you just cannot win to give me a quick and easy him him driving my car this will be our mom Madonna 's sermon in the anatomy and then my work with you can access a great blessing to be able to make immediate contact he is on the word free is an I can tell you the compliment on my ministry I think I've been humbling under the lives of others is highly encouraged you have added yesterday on the audio verse more senior some as something one we understand that you if you want to move closer to Jesus Christ this is all you need is an you should listen the audio verse new name was on Brian a good message in particular and I saw something in the little video here they were talking about the ballast or what what is as yet what this is one of our newest developmental all show this to those who are maybe viewing at home and we have actually a free app now available on audio birth of four android as well as for other I was platform Apple platforms iPad iPhone and so forth it's a free app they can download on your tablet or your mobile phone that allows you to access the content about a verse in the palm of your hand you can have in your pocket anywhere you go in fact as I was coming to 3-D and I was able to download sermons and listen on the plane when I had no Internet connection so we believe this is just another great opportunity to touch more lives in him him you give us some examples of some people that they touched he has more of an eye I want share this amazing story of of a gentleman named Duke IC was brought up a Catholic home and he actually told me the story himself personally and see what the Loma Linda University and he has friends with given CDs and recordings I listen to this listen to this he didn't know that they came from on a verse but that's where they were from and he never had time for that but until one day he got very sick so he can attend class you can go out he can get out of bed was in a dirty put in those recordings in his computer and he started listening after listening to these messages she heard about the connection of the body mind and spirit he was a health professional and training so he got resonated with him he thought maybe there's more to this he continued to listen and he heard a powerful sermon by a preacher are asking young people to dedicate their lives to God 's service he said that's what I need to do but he can listen enough perhaps because to him that meant becoming a Catholic priest and so and so he went to to be interviewed by the priesthood to become one but in that interview the Lord wasn't there with the Lord had something to tell them through this experience and as he was being interviewed the gentleman interviewing and said well you realize that the traditions of the church come before the Bible comes first that doesn't sit right with with Duke he had listened enough to realize Athlon got away and so he decided I can do this they went back and he listened the more sermons often bawdy verse before long he decided to start keeping the Sabbath and in fact he told me this story very first Sabbath that he came to church and he was just rejoicing in being able to share the story of how auditors has really just touched his life do get a lot of e-mail also your phone calls people trying to make contact with you in some way because of the downloads absolutely and on our website has a section called testimonies again anyone can go and read the stories that people have sent into us about a Methodism 's touch their lives as well these messages are some of the testimony we have to keep the names private because they're coming from places where they could be endangered if it was found out that there listening to these things J I think when this is over I need to go and download my back on it now I noticed that you are talking about the health message capture this man's attention and sometimes people of asked us you know why do you focus on health one why do you have so much about health and number one health is extremely important on if not to help messages all through the Bible and that you know that unclean foods God does want us to eat it's not because he's says while Gilligan enjoy the taste good you non- want and enjoy you want be happier or whatever on there's a reason this because the food is bad for and that's part of the health message and so when you have some thing like this on your website some people might say want to just do all sermons why or why focus on health and this is a perfect example of track on it because it caught this man's attention he was interested in health and through hearing about health he heard about the message of God and came to church members got enough if I were to go to your website I can can I look at it looks either subject was sure that Heidi had been divided up so that I could sort down to find what what I'm interested in on on universe that's a great question because there's so many messages on there how do you find what you want right while we are all working action on improvements on this so stay tuned as more and more to come right now you certified topics by various subject matter we also the search function were just like YouTube and Amazon and places like that in my opinion when you looking for an ill point you in the right direction again can you think of any examples along the way you buddy that you had it that had a good experience with audio parts we know it's interesting that so we talk about about someone downloading a sermon about how much he makes an impact in their life and I think that's really the driving force behind all we do but sometimes one download can actually connect to translate into multiple lives as you know tens of thousands of people can be attended by one download all of you one example and out there is this actually a missionary that's living he's German missionary that's living in the far northern reach of of Canada with the Eskimos and that he he told us that he actually lives there in a small little cabin that he built himself out of wood especially with scraps from from the local dump and that he uses wind power to power a little computer that you can download sermons from audio verse and he uses that any shares that with decimal people in his local area and that's one way that one download can actually be shared with with many people and that's what's most amazing to me is the ingenuity and and a zeal of God 's people to use this resource to touching the more lives we recently heard from Carlos and human ingenuity who runs a radio station in the south the only radio station in town and he told us a new download service him on waivers to broadcast to his whole town of over two thousand people for that one download in our statistics but at least two thousand people it are hearing a sermon and Pacifico another gentleman in the Philippines says that his family had I started a ministry when you download all the messages for free from on reverse burn them onto CDs and images distributed all over the whole country so one download may translate into thousands of lives being touched and that that's that's just mind-boggling to us that when you're talking about all the people that are downloading is all this is free to the people write daily downloads they can use these sermons in any way that they want to use obviously because some is playing on radio somebody else is playing in front of the congregation making high DVDs or CDs and pass them out to friends is and is there any sort of a cost associated with this to you well you know how we want to keep the service to be as free as possible because we want the gospel to go out and want as many people especially in other countries may not be able to afford it to be able to have access to any sermon to truth and so in order to do that there are dark costs of course and some of the costs really are due to the actual expenses needed to maintain servers to cover the data the bandwidth is needed to you to download the sermons and in their other costly like we go to record an event somewhere there's recording equipment and all at the same but believe it or not with all those different expenses if you break it down it really costs just three cents for one sermon to be downloaded so that again I can attest to the ability of the Internet to reach so many added at a fraction of the cost that it used to use Intel and so when I think about it that way three cents has the ability to touch a life to transform a heart at the convict someone of work you do allow some of the witness to their friends and in that case to me the sermon is because the best return on investment than you could ever imagine but don't tell me a little more about the how you go out and get all this stuff does it come streaming into you people approaches a hey put the song or do you have to go to them and knock on their door how does that part F there are various ways that we that we can materially happen on audio verse a lot of the material is through recording different events there are some of us we go to every year and record them on a good example that would be a açai okay we've been doing a recording for SI for number of years now and we put them up fairly quickly after the meetings are over of alleles have messages from a lot of other events July sees in the past and a lot of youth conferences and left to go to those events and will record them and then we'll put them on the website presented by second meetings is it you ask a good camp meetings forges be they send material to use human heart how does that work in various some academies Mexico record and are sometime elected to their own recording and they give those the records to us again the amazing thing is that we know we do we do have a selection process in an kind of this our own internal review that we need to do and sometimes we can get quite a backlog of certain history was waiting outside it digitally owes on the website as well so we tend to go to events we tend to select the different sermons that we like at this point but that's the other exit number of ways that could it we have our own church year to you not Thompson them and so we have a lot of sermons are we record thereto so I'm sure will be contacting you from church on so that you can put them out there when you have time of course I know you're busy and all that but I'm a member of the church and so maybe I'm a little him I know many my opinion this is a little jaded but they're very good very good sermons and I think you'll enjoy those as well so on we are the time to slowly slipping away from us and I don't know about you what is important you but I always like to hear stories I like to hear about how people are being impacted I don't know how many stories you brought with you towards you can think of to tell us but every time I hear a story I think of a person I do my story I was baptized in nineteen ninety two and before that I didn't I'd heard the name Seventh-day Adventist way applet was partly I you guys are the one to celebrate Sunday on Saturday and that was my knowledge of Seventh-day Adventist on the head of course obviously now I know that the Sabbath is Saturday and that's the day that God said and that's the day that that he wants us to worship but when I hear stories of people who are hearing this for the first time and the light goes off and they react to it it brings back memories for me of my life should you have any more stories to share a quick one this young lady by the name of Lorne the human high school student and on the island of Guam she wanted to Bible studies her friend she doesn't know how so she just download assign somebody versed and played it during lunchtime Bible studies with her friends and just by doing that she led four of her friends baptism and it's one of those instances where the multiplication effect it empowers God 's people and they have a strengthening of their faith and now they're using at the health of its people as well and for us a lot of her stuff really our mission we believe in getting the message out Jesus is coming so soon there's no time to waste so we want I went around the world the global reach of the three billion people on the Internet we have to go after them and just like the day of Pentecost people heard the gospel known language we want to go there to want develop language resources for people August be different tongs and also investing in technology like can set three cents a download I feel we could probably do better than that we do continue to invest to reach more souls to win more sheet for Jesus and that's really our mission and that's our purpose and you and you talking about three cents a download you may be and Brian you be the one to tell me this because your numbers and figures are your life but it seems to me like it was cost me about three cents a download now it seems like the more people you have the more sermons you have the more people you have the cheaper it will get as Arafat is absolutely right exactly right but there's still bottom line dollars in ball is held out to know about that because we streamline on the Internet to and I get those bills every month like I understand that Theophilus do this on I know that there will be people in our audience the want to know about you the one to know how to contact you want to know where you are and so we have address role and will run that right now if you would like to know more about this ministry and how you can contact them use the information right to argue verse PO Box two two eight eight Collegeville Tennessee three seven three one five that's all you various PO Box two two eight eight college the Tennessee three seven three one five you can call them at area code nine five one two two three six seven nine four that's every two nine five one two two three six seven nine four or visit them online for certain and more audio first the word that some volume verse .org okay Brian I hope people contact them and go to be go to the website tonight and learn and deliverance about yes that's it that's why I do that right away if not before the program is older than the heck I think the statement is renowned and maybe unless I don't know maybe have a cell phone with URL or iPad or Lord and other content letter whatever just go ahead and download the app right now maybe already done it maybe maybe I'm slow but it is we hope you do that on now you said the server is in Los Angeles you are headquartered now in Tennessee is a crack on and so what took you we would get this couple minutes here liberal lesson that but what took you from Los Angeles to Tennessee that's an interesting story because as we mentioned earlier the Augustine was a lucid group of volunteers on that primarily were in the Loma Linda area to begin with but we since gone to the four winds we started different careers and family and things like that and stated the course of time out we needed another headquarters and Tennessee just happened to be the place where God has landed us and I is again open doors of providing just the right resources the right place the right people in the right time off for us to have our headquarters and the Collegeville area now on we've got just a short time to have another testimony of somebody all share one more story about Winnie she is from Great Britain and she told us was brought up in heaven is home however she also was sexually molested as a child and it was a terrible ordeal she went down the him where hopefully none of us ever have to go but she found Jesus through the messages about immersive nonhealing and in fact she wrote me this message right before she was going to have an interview or at a meeting with the prisoner abuse as a child to tell her because of Jesus healing her life she's able to forgive that man and I move me to tears when I read that story because it just testifies the power the ceiling power of the gospel truth in Jesus Christ amen on that as people are converted which your ministry is hoping people to do one of the things they do is forgive they forgive on don't harbor any more hate even like that in their lives as well we praise God for that is time for another song now and as if you are with us at the very beginning and I will beware your self-esteem Barry C will hear her sing again and this time will hear a song you alone I the time is that as soon as I have a man in this is a is a are you him and I will be in the curve is not a bad day is you me and I is is is mad and Aman will that will I will so as Amy a man in the and I have an and him and I is and I you will you a way and will and will will him for Danny and I him him a him in him and him to him and him undone in and have you ever wondered what it takes to keep three ABN 's message fresh and up-to-date working constantly on new programs were ever-growing audience around the world but how is that accomplished after working many years in television radio I realize how unusual it is for three avian to produce such a large percentage of original quality programming was Christian networks use a large number programs produced by other ministries and unfortunately they have little or no control over the contents when we've been called to give a consistent message and we do not allow the focus to become entertainment on performance oriented the clear vision given if any shall not founder was to build a television station it would reach the world with the undiluted three Angels messages one that would counteract the counterfeits and that's what we strive for is to provide family-friendly programming is not squarely based on the Bible our pledge to you is that it will not appear on any of our networks when it comes to original programming we produce sixty nine percent of our three-week English television content sixty seven percent over three million Latino content and one hundred percent of what our Russian language channel as the Lord and all of you that would be impossible but would continuously blessed with a fine him present yes day after day year after year so many people work together to make a television program producers directors operators studio managers lighting and audiovisual directors and video engineers just to mention a few but we never forget that the message is the most important part of the equation and bring the hope of salvation to those who haven't heard about Jesus Christ we have only one solution our relationship with our Savior and whether it's a story of a change life for program specifically for children we want to bring honor and glory to him each and every minute of every day I was six networks one hundred sixty hours of programming each week that's a total of one thousand eight hours how can we do this with such a small staff the answer is simple the Lord makes it possible and he uses you to help in the beginning your prayers and financial support have made it all possible and twenty five years later I message is still strong so thank you for all you do for three ABN your prayers are filled each day both at her ministry headquarters and all around the world if the Holy Spirit impresses you to support three ABMs worldwide ministry please send your tax-deductible love gifts through three ABN PO Box two twenty West Langford Illinois six two eight nine six or call us at six one eight six two seven four six five one during regular business hours God bless you amen good message run yet otherwise we just have a minute or two left here but Tim and Ellis are wondering are there some things in the horizon has some projects you guys are working on it all you birthright absolutely had on a verse we always want to keep our eyes looking up nothing Jesus is coming from eight and we want to occupy till he comes and him for we have earned a passion to get the three Angels messages that the message of Jesus Christ of love as many people as possible as a weird working very hard on some new initiatives all one in particular is to expand the international reach the global reach of our ministry that involves different languages and also getting the message out so people and other countries know about this free resource and that takes energy that takes resources that takes time and also where developing some new tools on our website and you can look for that on the big things to make it much easier to find the sermons they want to listen to her health talk to seminars and also to make them much much easier to share with your friends and as a part of that development we also are trying to were going to be having a transcription service so all the sermons will be transcribed to be able to be read as well and auditors we are completely supported by the gifts of our users and so we really need the support of our financial partners okay a minimum runtime flies should it does we thank you very much for joining us on we had a wonderful conversation with some people with with a great ministry and we encourage you to support them go to audio birth and learn all about them and the different programs if they have to offer but it's time to say goodbye so Brian will say goodbye thank you very much for joining us and we'll see you again sometime I is him and him 's and him and I him and him him him him him him him


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