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Part 2: Self-Management- How To Use Time, Talents, and Resources

Jeremy Zwiker



  • December 30, 2013
    4:30 PM
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I think so much for giving us the pallet of time we pray therefore that he would help us to use it effectively your daily niacin and in in your work father help us to understand some principles and that we can view more efficient than using the time that you have given us cringe is in no way affect the thesis and that I started calling your thesis now in a diseases is the definition of a missionary Reverend from yesterday in the seventies there missionary is a person whose sole aim is to demonstrate apostles it is obvious or her time talents and resources to reach this goal yesterday we talked about how it's because that's more or less an overarching topic that includes time and resources today to talk about time tomorrow to talk about resources case of how to use resources when were in the work of God and so did today will be about time and so this is the thesis of this is that the foundation that's next weekend at an understanding that all of our time talent and resources are here for the sole purpose of investing them in the work of God okay here that I have time you modify the if you have one thousand four hundred and forty dollars fee water saying Norwegian crowns not it's less euros it by the end of the day you can not saying that how you use it how would you use that one thousand four hundred and forty euros nervous we have one thousand four hundred and forty minutes of being ten thousand and thousand thousand and eighty Smith week thirty thousand thirty two thousand four hundred minutes a month and five hundred and forty five thousand six hundred minutes a year how are we to spend this time no time as something that can never humiliate times us close says in the Bible and look at some secret sacred texts and that the time is evil I believe because it just continues it doesn't stop okay the foundational lessons on sacred references in the Bible in Genesis one in Genesis one God made heaven and when you look you read through the you can see that that God made the heaven and the earth is flat and didn't say on the third day may notify payload the resorts of Oracle auditing get done what I wanted to do an event names are for their enough is enough this procrastination and saying all the article that later he had a plan and he put it into practice and ending sentences one twenty seven people in services one verse twenty seven it says so God created man in whose image in his own image in the image of God created he him him if you are creating a so so he has created us in his image so we aren't to be like him and also make a plan like he was winning when he was the creator God he was he was not procrastinating his plans that he had me he had made plans and that's what you and the councils of having actually read about your main plans and was forgot lots of them and jealous about anything but me but that's another topic but let me just there was translating and it was executed so Ms. November nine forty four and forty seven and if you have a status prophecy started Ace is amazing and he's right on the dot for Christmas is not to delay or gap planning and end not saying all I didn't get it done today or the other tomorrow in the eleven American consumers a month right tomorrow which means not necessary to Marvin and Gidget so you and procrastinating is kind of just putting it pushing it away in front of you and never doing anything is not a knock progress yes okay so does that also busted time prophecy that is so exact he had foretold this many many hundred years before before it happened so that city he knew he had a plan he came right on the dog he didn't even come like a year late or your attorney as as you might interpret if you didn't know that the year zero wasn't a year at any rate study this instance is fascinating God is always on time also donations were for rights also says that he chose a time and and came at a specific time another one March one fifteen that you work with the same is also and say how how the fulfillment of the prophecies that Jesus would come had has been fulfilled Mark one fifteen says and say the time is fulfilled in the kingdom of God is a hybrid of the year that the gospel what was he talking about the time is fulfilled but while exactly one of investment value the prophecy of Christ as the Messiah would come Proverbs that for the Proverbs twenty two written twenty nine antivirus got a Proverbs thirty two verse twenty nine and thirteen Proverbs twenty two forty nine said that CFL and Maddie diligent in his business he shall stand before kings he shall not stand before mean men for the money he's a stand before kings he shall not stand before mean men is that bad men evil men mean that I not sexy enough it's it's you must come before kings he will not stand before normal mean like instead in the meanwhile exhibits that at twenty and the middle you are unknown on women yeah like that in common normal person he was that if you and what was that what is it Pentagon and that that is what I was describing at what is a religion like a primitive mountain in his business to somebody that you know how to use this time okay Ephesians and this is the central texts I was of this this study Ephesians five verse fifteen seventeen said that CNN that he walks circumspectly not as fools but his wife's sons existing sites with me why I invented this redeeming the time because the gains of Art Nouveau so we have to redeem the time is actually a you use the time because the days are evil that is to be hired as a whole if we didn't have holes that you today is the time that that that the Lord is calling major decision in notebook hostility all of these these things so that the days are evil because it just continues enough we would never never experience another yesterday 's possible start if not this one we are we are limited in his time we are limited the time is evil and should let us continue in the end if you would like it are not a less than forty eight hours maybe the new year if you can't stop it from the days are evil in the percentage of his interesting things wherefore be ye not unwise again says don't be unwise but understanding what the women of the Northeast we got to know what the will of the Lord is for us in regard to using his interesting text Ephesians five is one thing and these are able here regulate there is one at one principle that I would like to the pump that it is actually the very beginning we talk about it have to run here and otherwise I would've felt like a hypocrite being standing in front of you access your international events six hundred and fifty cents regularity of these is essential never been late for an appointment never relates to an appointment remember this never deletes an appointment try to do everything in your power to not be late for an appointment course things here that must try with everything you tend to not be late for an point and it's against a good the point of this the purpose the purpose of like that the grounds and that's where the rebellion your voice or his leisure time on his artists on the north and here's what it winning souls for Christ this is the purpose the purpose of the present input of a voice the purpose of times as we look at yesterday already is nothing new the purpose office is to win souls for Christ which means which we could at least put as an equal to the definition of a missionary because missionary is somebody that when social trust so so this is this is just another way to express what this is the foundation for for the things that we're going to talk about and remember that you're a three different than you think that have helped me in my day to use time effectively and have a working understanding for what time is the question of priority summers as I don't have time for this one it doesn't mean that they don't have time and that means it's not a priority as I sensed it if if if you can't afford them but I don't have time it's a lie the money just they don't they don't want to take time because I find the most probability of probable fact is that they they do have time for something that is as soon as you actually and find out what is their problem on the door so you can spend a whole oh I didn't have time not much time is a question of priority so as soon as they say all loving why waiting I didn't know you were doing this Sunday to have lots of an invoice you know it's it's this is a question of priority this is a good understanding what you say whenever you say I don't have time question yourself is it because I don't prioritize and it's okay if you sometimes don't prioritize things but good to be ever aware of this it's not just because you don't have time it's because you have other things hiring your priorities with not together is enough time take time but it is a similar concept to prioritizing needs and then if you feel like I don't have time for this but it is a priority while they interested but higher priority list and take time it's it's it's a mentality question takes time for listings in the if something is important to take time for an eye have included this in in the talk but not your house this is about about them prioritizing and in all tasks she maybe will look at it afterwards but there's important tasks and granted tax costs and then there is urgent tasks but not important tasks than this important task for urgent tasks and then there is dust that are not urgent and not important that you should never do that anyway this is like that the box where we where he puts things and end we need to find out how we can use lifetime earnings urgent things always firefighting is as somebody would collect enough trying to auction another urgent thing and it's not as not really important when it comes very important to you and you think it's important because it's right in your face but he needs it maybe they get out of your face and say this is not something important but it is expensive but think about it one more thing that we already love that never the late and missed this is also the groundbreaking and it helps you to be consistent every time your late as a defeat every time you make it to defeat and in the last twenty years I started feeling anytime only I give you for being late because of these and in an and in Houston to an end it's its beneficial and that here's another another principle that it is interesting I and mature with chloroform and but for some I said that the longtime is being Leah Mrs. Swiss and Levine five minutes early is the multi- that's another aspect if you think that's not coming in here like I did which was actually make that I was here in thirty and what was on time but it was late I wasn't prepared and to suggest the talks a lot in with this definition I was a little bit vividly I would say and to be honest with you that much but in any case that's this is also mentality question is as also question of your culture a lot of these things but I think we need to to strive towards ideas when it comes with okay I I chose to I have been starting to have practical applications that I want to go through with you some some practical hints that I have a how-to use time in property are not used by a inappropriate improper use of time and the proper use of time visited three sections that I have not sure how far we will get through it so I'd I decided property and went from from what you said yesterday in your answer to the most interesting interested by the harbinger most interested in is part of applications is that correct you at the competition so that's why I decided it was actually back in the bottom equity in the front and some women about the practical applications first and then we'll see if we can have some improper use of time and properties of time and on on the subject work for us okay then practical applications it is the night things that were to go through you have the right and on right now because I have a slightly so so he's a nice and practical applications of remote is memorized and managing an when you have an hour of leisure open the Bible and store with its precepts intrudes and engaged in labor garden I keep us safe at home God walked less focus I admitted more so something that you can do when you when you're not sure what you doing understanding when you're it for food on your hereinafter bus stop work order to train our wherever you are you using trying to meditate and memorize and I have has started using using something that that has helped me in memorization I don't know how you memorized and I've gotten that an application and that helps me to store all the verses that I I want to use in this flash causes generated to me I can read and versus its audio as well and yes list the different ways that you can find your own way how you can saturate the mind and that I was a practical hour or proper use of all times okay number two make the day to day him the night and this is also important these are there are young men and young women who are very much opposed to order and this they paid no heed to those arising and retiring regular hours but Brenda midnight oil at right identity and oil and is and then but in the morning would it not be well to break the habit of turning the precious hours into my end until you hours of my day by the use of artificial life so sissy she recommends less metadata they did not deny tonight as you're in the habit of starting the night and sleep him again not very health healthy habits to have so keep that in mind as I think it's practical and as I like to be in and you and you cannot okay except our first practical application make minerals and accomplish them this is one of the one of the day probably most important points that hopefully will take away from this this might make memos and accomplished this is something that you have realized that even in time and management research that this comes up all over and over again it's if you have a pen or paper or an iPhone or something write down things that you need to do I've been doing okay is not that that's able to look at how actually you can do in order or are some practical help for you to actually be able to accomplish and is the as possible as well this is what is to be accomplished the day is in the morning what should I do today what do I want to accomplish this face the room you want to consider many amendment right to write a memo pad after all the different duties which is set apart certain time for the doing of the HUD had so is not only just putting what everything you're doing but say all this with you between this and this time is going to be known as required this last time and this must take the estimate is the hard part of his life were many and also myself I'm learning here is a and is and is sometimes actually just say okay I'm how I do this and this amount is another interesting part we were talking about this is that time expands to to the amount or the work expands to the amount allotted to it you do that work expands to the time allotted to it that means that if you say I'm to write this piece of paper in eight hours the probability that you can use eight hours is quite high you say I'm I only have four hours to do this music for ourselves Eleanor year one hundred whatever the probability that you didn't write a paper in four hours is much higher so so it's it's you don't want me to idealistic at either Wednesday on the hundred and five minutes left but you want to want to set time something realistic but ambitious so that you can strive towards using time effectively and is okay so far as you are doing you than everything done with her on this neatness and dispatch quick and that is sufficiently than English teachers I have sons and daughters of the reports and care something that also comes to mind stress is not the result of a lot of things to do is notice stress is not necessarily the result of a lot of things to do the stress is how do a lot of things to do but not knowing exactly what or how the article stress and stressful are stressed when when you don't know exactly how to compass this class you notice this if you if you know what you need to do and you know how to do it while I'm just good at putting is not extinct what distressing as much but if you don't know exactly how to do it and you going to do it was just so this is this is something also interesting to their death just be aware when you're stressed about time management or if it is not because there is so much to do this is because you don't know exactly what to do so you need to find out how can I do these things an approach that the cause first night will help you to accomplish the task for protests on newspaper or you or wherever your incomes no as a big practical and on minerals but Ivy or if you have an iPhone art however it is fitting for you something that you can have with you during the day after sending that you know if it's these agreement if it's if it's as smartphone is also I'm an I use iTunes wanderlust for example add that the house memo sniff but then works well for me because it also has some tasks and use the why that's important imminent and whatnot for example here's a memo that could be done right step to be on my unlike this is so under problems with impacts Germany are and how is tomorrow and that you have to be something rights and Christmas cards and increases shopping for auto I don't do that it can but factor beyond somebody's talk the Internet on his program check my e-mail the life reports that in this set an organization that month as part of a back keynote said what he is doing research on on reason I thought all opportunities and or book you're reading and read New York City this is a symbol of the book okay now question I have this task in front of you for this task is that you sent said on Wednesday okay how minor how many accomplices identified these at five and he's that will help the company to actually accomplish here your ad memos and effectively I would recommend you to retina this article lists the public if you see how things work best and I can send my e-mail I can write my e-mail and there is just Jeremy Mathieson got enough she sent me an e-mail I can send you our first first thing we had to do list the first one and do it do it if it's in less than five minutes I did notice do it right away that this is your brother and you do it right away that's the first one wanted to post those small things out there might not be important in my just be being present but ultimately less and get a moderately is deleted and also important if you have something honest-to-goodness that you don't really need to do then don't do it check you really need to do it know that just behaves okay you don't need to go and do this or the other thing that's that you might think you is it would be nice to do what you have to do and so so there's those of that day maybe unimportant on on urgent things okay that your Facebook page you can speech to spend lots of time on Facebook but you might not you can you can say you can schedule two hours on Facebook right on your computer but if you don't need to do it directly on his finest quick but Duncan seconded by and make sure your new follow-ups okay during the meeting the delegated this is a demonstrative exhibit is that you can validate somebody else the and nine A question for you and there's something that that unit don't necessarily need to do and if it's maybe even in another if you're talking organization another department or you can get another department feeds it to take responsibility for it Ellie and I like next I I wouldn't have been able to come here on time if I hadn't delegated they quickly got back to the newsgroup how is that more than twenty henries somehow bring it up to and in such event she dedicated that I don't know who you got somebody got in and out and invite you is you have to do that myself is dedicated to be happy to have their okay or some something wrong in the fourth of is decided decided and the means prioritize and these boxes you are the boxes is an important is an urgent is about then make sure that it gets done nothing in life is important and urgent need to do it add to just describe an event what is important and not urgent is for some exercise exercise is important but not urgent and that's why sometimes I get a day or I I I I I I get it to someone else for the last half of the but I sometimes just don't than not is not as as origin as as maybe I'll other things that are all right in my face I is not something I need to conscientiously know this is important I need to take time to thank everyone for otherwise it I don't think I want to sub anything got decided decide on what is important and then scheduled time forth and prioritize it and then the last one was also a ID report and his degenerate into my regular at this this next year you're okay and launch within Germany and the needs a okay the understand one hour for this entity is at one hour and an even higher than us that's fine that's the one good and got a Christmas card I would never get back to you to write all all right my name hundreds find it up with their name as well usually is often that is sorry and doctors are shopping a point where this is a you is just comes comes in and the life and I know that I definitely don't delegate you are a is an essential essential quality of a five hundred day of obvious protocol test specified agent ID and asked to meet Monday talk about it's okay and in my way out of the question something else that I don't know if I'm typing to mention it is if you have a calendar you need to have also calendar and somehow that that tells you at what you doing what you if you don't have that you probably was spend your time and you won't wonder oh what happened with my time I add but if you do you know what's happening with your time because you scheduled in senior in your former on your Mac or PC but not as well as why does they hear life are in high impact this is it is something I need to do but it's ace I can just have impact visit as it to do list only like a spy medal at the gym I need to say okay I need to talk with your and I need to talk talk with him about this this and this will provide also need to talk with him about that impact strategic planning development and is not already did I need to send this to me I need to go in and visit the union to talk with them about about this and that and so not need to make makes bet that the points more specific and actually have some points on on that so this is different and magnitudes of all things that are on your to do list when when it comes to an eighty day see that and he needs it in Kenneth and because otherwise it'll always be honest to goodness you never get to get their satisfaction I did consider I noticed this today I managed to complete this today I was out yesterday and how is always averred that but even he didn't think so given the five steps five five person there with Spencer second he said then again at their site and therefore can't decide it is in the left of the detailing exactly so if you can remember this waiting area your members I think this can help you a good rest they were different with our looking at have you which was presented in the eye and as long as I take that everybody got to get there I could preface about all others for which God 's gifts should be used in signing him as an utterly safe journey and time honestly I does anybody have the your voice your influence in time bodies are just right okay who had gotten all charges on to the questions that can be taken in the fifth and seven aside punishment okay give yourselves a number minutes into the work nonstop to read papers and books that take your your life but Satan yourself I have just so many minutes in which were most economists like a big cock I have another sheet she just writes about Romanticism that was my naturally slow movement seeks to become the quick energetic remembering that the words of the apostle not slothful in business from it instead serving the cellular South slowness is actually something that should be overcome is a dangerous thing ha ha she is and she does another quote is also set up set aside time and say I must do this in Sigma and then when you environment and you will learn so create new habits if you are I will also buy I know that you are a very movement is a religious slow how do you define it slow movements started thirty a.m. slot if your habits I am an easy order you will make a long child out of the software and it is the duty of those who are slow to reform and to become more expeditious while it is the duty is our duty is for slow to become fat and in our work and when we do our work and if they win they can overcome their fussy lingering if they win it is our choice this this might be as overwhelming Reichenbach but this is the fact we can choose and we can work on our habits to make ourselves going better and better and better and actually and an end this is it was such a blessing for me to actually have prepared a seminar it was such a rebuke to me as in many things that feedback and help me to reform my my habits as well and in preparation for this is as indignant as a regular case of the Washington mission statement was enabled to perform a great amount of business because he was feral and preserving order and regularity Washington Utah Washington was George Washington no George Washington was president of the United States is every paper needs his place at no time was lost and looking off what had been measly man of God must be good isn't in study him always never wasting our world persevering exit exit exertion possession they may rise to almost any degree of eminence as Christians as men of power and influence is that interesting there is some value put on time management and when many without additives in the pulpit or in business because of their next in fixed expense of purpose and a laxness of habits contracted in their youth soaking your juice you can say I want you can you can determine a lot how you'd intervened in the future when it comes to time management service and attempted an intervention is seen in everything they undertake a sudden impulse now and then is not sufficient to accomplish Reformation and loving in the Midlands this is this is a work which requires patient continuing convenience in well doing than a business can be truly successful on Levi and then she mentions for things by what number am regular hours for rising so getting up at it and this same theme same time every day regular hours rising for prayer before meals for retirement is interesting to go that for things in order and regularity are essential in women business how much more so in doing work for God is interesting I heard a sermon where it was somebody quoted this end and so that the this is actually an studies done on businessman on that on the most successful CEOs that that chief executive operator of our institutions of institutions how what what makes them successful and is in regular hours and four for retirement and for getting interesting that they value so much that's why they pay double or triple developers class to be able to go during the day and are seated in as a visiting and it's it's possible that they want people but it is not class seven Facebook with you to read when you are traveling on the cause of waiting in the is the own planes or trains or are you anywhere else they employ every star moment and doing something she got interesting I read a statement just recently that one of that one of our our our and desires of our hearts is to to do I was a formative effort about that wording but it's it was at these units are in game activities is something that we just Sodom and Gomorrah didn't have anything to do so they did enough junk are they came up with something so said she recommends that we would use our mind and and use every spare moment for something good to be able to use our in this way an actual door but because they didn't files and temptations in another statement of ashes is that at the end I don't mind is the devil 's playground into an idle mind suddenly something that doesn't know what to do one thousand conditions for many of them in the loop will come and enter our minds if we had acted an activity that is positive it will haul this away from invasions hiking bathing the invasion something you some useful employment is in you were not have been guilty of the murder of Uriah it was because of failure of management that David killed your interest Sears Mark one thirty five in the morning rising up a great while before the UN all in the partisans is solitary place their great as many verses there as well and is a out from Jeremiah either and this is an interesting statement that that I also thought was good to memorize early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise so early to bed early to rise to healthy wealthy and wise it doesn't work always doing conventions like this now but but got bigger for what it is and and and try to implement implemented as much as useful modernization study to make themselves useful for every when invited to visit persons at their homes they should not sit idle making no effort to help the ones whose hospitality they share the waiter invited somewhere they have to talk about the only always useful have anyone and obligations are usually his administration is the hospitality of his friends it is his duty to respond to their kindness by being thoughtful and considerate in his conduct towards the and the entertainer maybe I matter of care hard labor I'm testing testing at this position not only to wait upon use of but to render assistance to estimate often bypasses the hearts heart and open the way for the reception of issued helping you useful see opportunities weight and health that my dad will often set off hoping to harness sunlight received truth okay and I and does everybody is going your voice and influence your time all of these are gifts and power to be used in weasels with Christ now you are and everything is okay I like to appeal to you if you would like to make a decision they can use your time in winning souls for Christ that you would understand that your time is not sheer for self-indulgence for using it on yourself but to serve others help others and make user time and make it effective to reach most people visit this is I think the foundation of our Christian life is that at all times all of our resources all of our time are not ours could see for example no know how long these spend working on that on that arch hundred and twenty years or about a big him he is working on the things that men I'm wasting my time right using so much time but he surrendered his he said North I will do whatever you want and even if there was never rating on the planet that is never been right on your I would do this ridiculous thing that you ask celebrity jeweler he surrendered his time you know after he was on that art and he walked off the hard was the only one shooter in time and surrender are trying to God and we will be able to user affected so I is you arrive back at his cards if you have your your commitment if you have thought about it as a husband and various life and ends in if you would like to as a suggestion my suggestion for for your commitment you can write whatever you are convicted about the day itself on the back of this this quote on the back of her something my suggestion would be our views on my time in winning souls for Christ is my desire is your desire and went out on the back of the card then we written and reading your Bible see Ephesians five possible to stand for father in heaven thank you so much for the gift comment of trying before the reprieve if you would help us to know how to use it effectively and how to surrendering to you and we know that everything that we surrender to you even our lives you will get back to us according to UN father this is a great privilege to work in your vineyard and to go forward as you as UN would have us thank you for forum giving us principles the work by and we pray that you will eat us in our daily lives and help our minds to two be diligent and Swiss to be able to use time the most effective way because time is evil it is running out and enter souls perishing for work returning to identify the coldest work together and you will you will do the work as a media was brought by audio a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe more so than in www. audio source or


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