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Part 1: The Prophetic Gift and Ellen White

Jonathan Karlsson


Jonathan Karlsson

Bible Worker and Evangelist, Finland



  • December 29, 2013
    4:30 PM
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MS Jonathan also for those of you don't know me I work a semi- worker in the Finland at the moment and it is a very very challenging work and lots very blessed for as well so I'm going to share something that is very close to my heart and that all shares some of my own testimony concerning the spirit of prophecy and the light and it will try to end this presentation I like to go into a little more abundant of depth of how to have a balanced view of LMI anchors I believe and look at that later but there are an extreme use on both sides and we will look at it that I believe it will see from the Scripture actually what what a prophetess and how we should read how I felt I like to pray before we start and get a inference in the father I think as much for giving us the opportunity to study a word pray for your Holy Spirit illumination so that we may understand the things that we are going to read it pray for less time together in Jesus name we pray on so I was raised in the Senate and assembly but during my teenage years I I felt the Bible was extremely boring asked nothing interesting at all I drifted away from God and I was brought back through some ways that I can't take time to explain right now but during my the preparations for my baptism I had come across some of the websites out there that attack analytes have any of you ever been to official website ever okay so I that leaves lots of them out there and I came across this on and it was because I was discussing in a full of metaphor am and some persons that well lights but look at this room and I was I was stunned was reading these things are thinking wow why did no one tell me about this wow look at that and NASA this can allow an NII was looking into all this and I look and started to have questions about it and I told my pastor that I actually printed the head the objections and then I came to my pastor to put them put them on the table of us and I told the pastor I wonder that's it every single one of these questions write about and that guy yesterday know about there really got to work at Elisabeth 's life that helped me out and I week later she had studied into all these subjects and we went through these different points point by point and as I was reading them another as I was reading the things in the context I was very convinced that whatever motive was these people have they were not as unheard within these webpages they were not fewer they were not honest in their way of presenting the material in the way of presenting at Ellen White's writings as though this is that I got baptized and a prison or for that during the years the writings of the light have been an extreme extremely great inspiration to me in my ministry if there is it if I get discouraged let's write when I get again encouraged again is the so much meaning in certain preparations and MLB things that I I I have a passion for the subject but I also know that there are others that extremes in this and regarding the lights and I think that we would look really want to look at what the Linux actually means that what she says and how we can have our clear view of what the Bible says about profits numbing markets is falling now so we'll see what time it is somewhat good a help me out a lot otherwise I'll keep here forever getting his upper thinks so if you receive this paper hopefully if you haven't it's right over here and they figured as well talk about but in this as in more depth so we won't going to limit the notice she has some mild experiences but what I want us to look at this presentation is first of all the question of what is the project and then after which we look at analytes and will see whatever the test for profits and in the Bible and see if it corresponds with what the Bible actually says so of them and so this ways we don't even have to have a viable fetus annihilation gadabout we can turn to it but if you look about in the first verse first paragraph there one a racist Hebrews Hebrews chapter one verses one and two other than the limited share the women come to the question what is a prophet as so many interesting ideas out there what a prophet as I was actually at a participating not too long ago and it was this profits there got them then belong from my church at all but this profits came I have may the profits went around at all of the pastors around them and she put her hands on each of us and she put oil on our heads and then she said something kind of them help I almost considered Christian in a parallel of it as so the summit Summit something that was said of the general fund and general information at all you have some difficulty in your life that you need to let go you know when she came to me she said that I needed to start up the gifts within the thousand message from God tosses the most staffing gifts within and when she was singing to get you thinking up on speaking in tongues on on on these kinds of things so I what I was actually a bit skeptical to this profit but they're so many different variations among people over people say a prophetess so I would like us to look at what to buy what you have to say about it Hebrews one versus one and two and says God Rivera type various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets housing these last days spoken to us by his son so according to this verse God has spoken to Jesus and through the prophets but interesting what is a prophet the property section of the spokesman will not sometimes we think that a prophet is set as a fortuneteller no of the father definition according to the Bible and in the next of this for over sixteen God says that Erin chubbier spokesman for the people and he himself some chubby as a mouse for you and you shall be to him as God and then an chapter seven verse one East God says to Moses so worth it also see I have made you has gone the Farrow and Aaron your brother shall be your profit if you compare those to versus you see very clearly that province a spokesman for God so eventually God 's primary after primary way of communicating sometimes actually speaks through allowed an audible voice and think of an example in the Bible when God spoke through audible voice here right that you will expect you and them at Mount Sinai right sometimes he makes his will known that when we wish we sometimes all I can go under that's in the I is in you speak to me through thundering lightning than it would be so easy to know God 's will but that's primary method of communicating as to the profits and massive it doesn't communicate through the Bible you wrote the Bible prophets such unit the Scriptures on the profits is whether the Bible is called so if it wasn't for the prophetic gift we would not have a Bible today so the prophet a gift is very very important and we met one this half zombie profits do I go to to profit school one oh one and then I graduate and then I become a profit and I listed one of these set tests are noted on them this in the church you have a gift test and I actually did not want and I I I turn out to be a prophet for I don't really know that I is in maybe you that it confident in those things and because them I don't believe that God in the in the Bible is the prophetic gift first Corinthians twelve maybe someone else can you say that I'd have to want him I was always on the prescriptions twelve is eight to eleven is another the word of knowledge as to another and I think it is as working as a prophet is not as fun as no one is holding against so who is the biggest the spirit and is according to his own in the gift that God when he sees is a he he gets it at the question can best can all be prophets in that it would continue and that in that chapter first Corinthians Paul actually as is this question and he writes that having first convinced twelve verse twenty nine that are all apostles are all prophets are all features are all workers of miracles and the obviously implied at concern that is not in eighties making a rhetorical question at visiting not all-encompassing it so then the prophetic gift is something which God decides if he would if he will give you not so how can I tell if I am a profits let's read the next passage in an numbers twelve over six someone would like to read that one as there is a him hi him a him a all right so if if I'm a profit how do I know the Lord will be attending and dream our innovation and that so I don't have to sit and wonder if the lack of feeling in my chest of ice I think our profit or some relaxation when I sit them think it's actually a supernatural event God comes down in dreams and visions and he tells you you are profit of fly don't really believe that estimated because I didn't have the vision and imaging and so anyway within this couple a restricted free here in the in connection with the submissions there are also supernatural experiences and numbers twenty four over sixty we read of bringing them in oh and remember the profit they limp he was going to curse Israel and also know but he went anyway and the donkey spoke to him and say this life on them he had to say only what the Lord put on his heart sank and when they limit of vision as a hungry number twenty four sixty with you what happened the afternoons a few years as well as long as the most high is the only continue know why order was that all sorry it was the end no one in the finger associate at the twice justice but who fall down with their eyes wide open at the this is the point when when they limited vision he filled out a sentencing ambulance is a much more except that men had his eyes opened wide open with initial system supernatural signs that took place of course it doesn't say too much more in Daniel on the other hand we get some information happened to him since then Daniel ten when I saw this great vision no strength remained in the for my vigor was sent to frailty and me and I retained no strength yet I heard the sound of his words and what I heard the sound of his words I was in a deep sleep on my face phase down to the ground suddenly a hand touched me with which made me tremble on my knees and on the palms of my hands for how can this servant the loop of my Lord to talk with you Lord and then speaking as for me no strings remains in the nor is any brick left in the then again the one having the likeness of a man touching and strengthening so noted to catch this picture Daniel fold-down EEs is that without any strings than this this man comes and he gives them strength he raises them up and that during the time the Daniel said no Brett is listed in other words I don't read him it was now well he I was unconscious of things around and fitted within the deep sleep basically but it wasn't he wasn't breathing I was in addition if we look at Paul's example is a similar idea he was blind busy rendition for three dates so these kinds of things are supernatural and science not help a person understand that this mission is not just a nightmare I ate to much too much spaghetti in the evening and I had in my metal on public profit in a Gaza how how do we know if it's a dream we all dream at so we can we can base it on the air needs to be some kind of supernatural sign that tells us but Ms. actually not from myself it is from maybe from gauntlet could be from the devil I basically could be but it's not just myself so it's important to test the province and have the two Revelation nineteen ten outlets get stuff right let us going to another question now if we look at what the flutter prophetess let's find out is it biblical to expect the gift of prophecy in our days as an important important question because many people accuse Adventists of course of having the Bible and I want to know we have more way we don't have the Bible only when the Bible and LMI and that is a dupe is a good in the biblical for us to believe in another profits and to believe in the profit and in the latter days it is a very important question is I would like to claim that I don't believe in the Bible and Alan light I believe in the Bible and therefore I believe in our click make a distinction it is not just an I don't believe in the lights as an extra thing but if I am six of the Bible and the Bible only I will be forced to accept that there must also be the prophetic gift in the end of time and that's what it wants attempt to show in this study by the law and the prophets in the book of Amos in the Old Testament Councilman Henry Amos three ever seven six number four of the headings number four Amos three embers seventh truly is yours as you will just love these that if you reduce easy service beautiful physical missile much as God do without revealing it to the profits nothing at all well maybe does some small things in him he works all about but basically when there is a big event happened God is going to make it known is going to make it known to his servants the prophets we see that throughout the Bible we see before the inhabitants of the earth rate it and were destroyed by the flood of the prophets who was a prophet Noah and it was also enough and then two of them at and I'm before before Israel was going into captivity into Egypt's God foretold it to Abraham said he'll be in captivity for four hundred years and can go through the same thing when they were going to be delivered out of Egypt Gaza the profits through the burning bush Moses Wright was it throughout history when when the history goes into the activity involved along constant prophetess the prophet of the profit Jeremiah and and others and then when they were going to be delivered God sent a guy and secure I strengthen them in and building up Jerusalem often a time so God sends a profit is to the time but most people were not always happy about profits this is Smith nothing new under the sun in our when them what if overcomes they often speak very pointed messages and it can be quite uncomfortable how many of you would like really loves to hear when your own address on the thumpers always present off I had my left eye I don't really feel good about if someone tells me you're wrong or you're doing something the thought rights by price rises up in me and I like the whole it is a hose that was honestly what I was doing but honestly it doesn't feel so good so this is the the problem may be why so many of the prophets were persecuted in the Bible it says here at times and this is history the gift of prophecy and temporarily been removed during the time of the Judges morality was so perverse that it sets and judges that everyone did what was right in his own life as a morality was very low then abandoned the law of God and what happened as a result in first Samuel three one we read that the word of the Lord was rare in those days there was no widespread revelation I'm reading from D yes and this pattern is seen throughout Israel's history you know God is not going to add twist people 's hands into making them except what the prophet actually says he is either the and he sends warnings pointed warnings but it is the leaves it up to the person to receive it or not and the other leftover also at the truth we can never force someone to accept it is only up to each person to make a position where we can pray for them in particular the Holy Spirit will help them to make a position but anyway in in Israel's history we see that after the captivity in Babylon God 's people actually started at abandoning law and in Lamentations Jeremiah says this is a Madrid Lamentations two hundred nine as is is is is is is is is is is a correlation between the longer profits the law is no more than they abandoned the law and as a result profits received novation of course first God warns that he was unstoppable breaking the law stop breaking the law but if they continue persecuting the profit eventually he'll say well if you don't want to listen when I speak why should I continue speaking and he takes away if temporarily and we see this in and Mike as well my country is five to seven start some agreement as to make my Jesus and Sharon Pease 's motivation is to prepare for you to not think into their mouth therefore you shall have married without reason you shall have darkness God is the nation this unscheduled down profits his days shall be done for them so this years shows you see is defined him he face of all however then this there is no harm see the same thing what do they do again well let us prepare war against those that don't lay them and some are sensitive as this holy war for a group and as a result of abandoning the Lord the profits received novation in Psalm seventy four speaks on the same topic we do see our signs there is no longer and profit nor is there is there any among us who knows how long so this would be quite discouraging how I want people those people get the gift back oh God did not leave his people without a promise of precious promise in Malachi chapter four says the following summons Malachi chapter four verse four to six remember mama Moses is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is their father is a sexier is an affirmative about this remember the law of Moses Buffett and commitments right if people start remembering God 's notes login at which he commended for more info on Israel then he says behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the infamous return to the law and I'll reestablish the prophetic this is a brought precious promise and it happened also in the last John the Baptist is remembered and John the Baptist was actually cold this eight came him held Elijah he was the is even said in Matthew eleven heat he was the Elijah who was to come so as set as God that he was going to go back to the law he received the gift was again established in Israel and in the New Testament church we find the prophetic it was very very prominent after the out for the Holy Spirit they had prophets and they were lacking no gifts with inotropic and acts of the apostles see many profits arising and telling all warning him from doing things in and so on so this prophetic gifts was very prominent in New Testament church however there was going to be a falling away from the Lord God as prophesied and in acts twenty four legs relaxed twenty verse twenty nine thirty lots letters each as this will solidify him see as a gay film is in a will and desire and just ball is speaking to the fusion of elders and he says that after my departure that he is after the time of the apostles they would be people coming from their own and from among themselves from Christians and they would draw away disciples Paul speaks of the same thing in Thessalonians this is sometimes called antichrist the nominative unless the Bible 's item on the antichrist ever a someone who has not done it a badge on her well that we we won't go into it so much but as you know Texas seven and we read of this antichrist power the falling away inside the Christian church it would be a falling away and this power would start persecuting God 's people and would change once law is the essence of it and read out in Daniel chapter seven was twenty five says he shall speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most high and shall intend to change times and law the saints shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time so even how they and Bible prophecy we do have the prediction of how long this power would rule and for those of you who have studied prophecy you know that one day in the living Prophet prophetic time what is not equal one year or so we have this time time times and half a time that's three enough prophetic years which equals one thousand two hundred and sixty prophetic days if you never heard this this is not the stump and cutting corners here so please ask their physician wonder that that that this time we find in history stretching from five thirty eight eighty two seventeen ninety eight and eighty as I'm doing this this time Antichrist would rule he has changed God 's law is abandoning God 's law fallen away from God 's law and if we saw the look of them previously what God did when when when the people of God left law he actually temporarily removed the perfect against us we can expect that here as well the same the same idea in fact but during this time we find very few will will will I don't know any person hardly claiming to be a prophet during these times but there might be some thought but still we don't see the prophetic history prominence during the Middle Ages and during this time it is sous is for you is the unifying is as it is ultimately as I is available through this iPhone will also love that was almost as will is will is is he is absolutely absolutely the thing is that you know in our nature there is a tendency don't talk about this in the last seminar is a tendency no nature to go to extremes always as though an insult before people where they have forgotten the law all crazy consume and you can break on flow basically and just come to confession and and or pay some money on them everything will work out at the in and then when they rediscovered the love God of course they do want to emphasize it a lot because that's all the rest of the Crescenta forgotten and in than is natural that some people might come and gone them to extreme to emphasize it too much and forget about grace swinging about some of the good points but we see this the same this time this pattern is Revelation chapter twenty and then we find there this same time number sixteen verse for fourteen speaks of the woman fleeing from the Dragon and the woman of those of us who started Bible prophecy we understand that it represents the church in the true church of God and they hide from this persecution they hide out in the wilderness for fun times enough time for it one thousand two hundred and sixty days is assessing Revelation twelve six but after this time the woman would no longer hide and in verse seventeen please reread the climax of this this controversy someone could read for us Revelation twelve seventy eight Israel was enraged with the Romans and humans make war with the rest of health and Catholic commandments of God and have his testimony is Christ of the Dragon Satan is he happy about this people stopped his enraged but there is a group that keep the commandments of God at the end of time and we might wonder will then they have the prophetic gift they would also have the testimony of Jesus and was the testimony of Jesus love you go to revelation nineteen verse ten explains what the testimony of Jesus actually is skip this part before the service and I fell down at his feet to worship him but he said to me see that you do not do that I am your fellow servant and of your brother and have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the lot spirit of prophecy we might want all but one of the spirit of prophecy okay who wants the spirit of prophecy according to the source for this look of exegesis of this first producing oil chalet in in in the other one he is not listed above and in this persons up to nineteen percent our findings is that I am your fellow servant and on your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus is not sufficient to John's brother Charles of others and difficult to the Chapter twenty two Revelation twenty two and verse eight and nine see almost the same things as now I John was heard and I don't thought her these things and when I heard and saw I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel showed me these things then he said to me see that you will do that for I am your fellow servant and of your brethren the prophets and vote for those who keep the words of this book worship God so who are more jobs by the property that was Revelation twenty two verse nine since is actually the profits of the testimony of Jesus so when we read in Revelation twelve seventeen that this church should give the commands about on how the testing of Jesus rereading of this church and keep the commands of God and also as responses to the threat the message of Malachi four God restore the competitive to this church which is expected I was in such a church that have least to the Bulls keep the commands of God including the Sabbath in the prophetic gift well I read from from any number five that this is an is their church arose at the seventh ninety eight which keep the commands of God and has a profit if so this must be the church described in Revelation twenty is a revelation twelve and seventeen there is there is one and only one of fulfilling both characteristics and it is the seventh Adventist church that is as dumb unit Adventists are the only ones will be saved or that Adventists are somehow better than other people it simply means the Seventh-day Adventist church is the percentage who foretold in prophecy in these verses and they have a special calling to guide people back to the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus both of them when he travels with my brother pointed out here and does this church have profits while we may answer is yes and it is a lot CC when I present this eye I see that side item I believe that I believe the Bible and the Bible only but if they believe in the Bible in the Bible only I must also accept that there must be a perfect profit and the last days of the discipline of my tool is LOI twelve hello engines winds won't go into so much I trust that you've heard of the law might as became a half and but the sea was some she wrote this and some facts during her lifetime she received over two thousand patients technicians and dreams she wrote more than forty large books over five thousand articles she is considered the world 's most translated most translated female author throughout all times in the books of surprises because they for forty languages during analytes and James West time the church grew from fifty people two hundred and forty thousand members today this invents a stretch has more than eighteen million members and that is one considered one of the fastest-growing churches and world just like Daniel and they let him and the other prophets although I also had supernatural signs connected to the visions that she had and I like to read some of these since number six there adding six and one sister she's utterly unconscious is his testimony from her husband James White says she's utterly unconscious of everything transpiring around her and has been asked has been proved by the most rigid tests but views herself as removed from this world and in presence of heavenly beings she does not breathe during the entire period of all of her continuance in mission which has a different times range from fifteen minutes to three hours is no breath and has been repeatedly as has been ripped repeatedly proven by pressing up on the chest and by closing the mouth and nostrils immediately on entering this in her muscles become rigid and joints fixed so far as any external force can influence at the same time her movement and gestures which are frequent and free and graceful canopy hindered when were controlled by the strongest person I'm coming out edition whether in the daytime oral or a well lighted room at night all is total darkness or power to distinguish even the most brilliant objects held within a few inches of arise returns but gradually sometimes not being fully established for three out this is continue for the past twenty years yet her side her eyesight is not the least impaired few persons are better than she now possesses otherwise family also records etc. is that early in eighteen forty five one condition at her parents home in Portland Maine seventeen -year-old Allen Harmon picked up their large family Bible and held it out and held it on her outstretched left arm for twenty to thirty minutes the story was document the Virgin Loughborough interview those with this including Allawi 's father and mother the Bible on which is on the screen on the white estate ways eighteen and a half pounds less eighty kilos guy have a family Bible that weighs about five kilos when I try to hold it out and on my lifetime I can hold it maybe twenty second of February become really struggling she held for thirty minutes and this is a very small little girl seventeen -year-old she was very agenda basic during her lifetime also so this is clearly supernatural events taking place in connection with with permissions now this doesn't necessarily prove that it is from God but it does prove that it's not just her own imagination is not just some kind of softened gnosis that she goes into and she gets these ideas are greens it is actually either from God what is from the other source problem sometimes people might pick up the middle top of it I don't see it as possible you can see that these and these visions are these supernatural things even by her enemies some people in that you can rely on your own number three there is the opponents of a person who did not believe hello I was a prophet could examine unlike and saw that through the the basement he was trying to move her hand when she was walking around it was totally possible she held up the Bible and in and started reading without seeing it as she should and she read correctly what was the mood was written was totally unconscious of everything happening around so we can just discard this woman is just being some nice inspirational author there was some other source where she got her information 's but we should be careful because this one against it's been a infant many so and that I don't think we have time to go through this but I would just be through tests of profits here because the Bible tells us to test the profits in first Johnson to fourth Congress one seventy can meet up its heading number seven by the way to today us to presentations and won the fight for the blog tomorrow will look at mouse more practical to do but I just wanted lays a foundation here have some agree first John four verse one love is as awful as we are encouraged to test the profits don't believe it just because someone comes as I am a prophet we should believe them but we should test them estimate what while there are certain test every profit needs to meet in order in the Bible that in order to be the actual profit and I've listed five of them that might be more of them but we see at least that these are true the prophet must uplift Jesus is both God and man number two you must be in accordance with the Bible number three the fruits of his or her ministry must be good the prophet invokes obedience to the ten Commandments and the prophet predicts the future correctly those under the biblical tests and you have the text of a show where this test is found but I just go just like to to look at these and see in contests for the contest length with us with another white say about Jesus was in first Chris John Ford says by this you know the Spirit of God in the spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God so a true prophet must confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh now that expression brings us back to John chapter one verse fourteen where John says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and then the word became flesh what about Elimite but did she say that Jesus while I happens in closer freely may read but very clearly she says that he was both a hundred percent man in a hundred percent gone it was equal with God infinite and omnipotent he is the eternal self existence on in Christ's and Christ is life or original I'm borrowing a underived he that hath the son hath life the divinity of Christ is the believer 's assurance of eternal life at least we can look at so many other presidents believe the point of the duet I believe with all my heart and LOI pacifist she doesn't if Christ has amount and asks God and what about contradicting the Bible with the contest might be a most comprehensive one and most important one Italian I will just post things and more months and no shipping in Sweden where I was living and that the first thing that these Mormons told me was about their profits this evaluator from the latter-day Saints and we have a prophet named Joseph Smith and his unlettered a message from him it is said in a book of Mormon they gave a thought maybe the first thing I would present divided an evangelistic meeting and but that's omitted and they are so sincere people I admire their humbleness and many many times at anyway they I decided to be to go along with this allows saying that while Casey prophetic gift and then I believe in the prophetic gift to you in the parts and I asked the state said Herbert instead of vanilla like live the boxing premises of Smith and they were all really and only for the disease he was efficient than losing all your base are amazing and the so we decided to talk to about it had they picked up the book of Mormon is a malicious business of the book from Joseph Smith I happen to have a desire of ages in my backpack and all of you this is my profit so they would they were a bit taken do they never experienced anything like this before at and them and I continues to the contingent on about what Joseph Smith and said they thanked me for the book that I gave them to get them in the book of Mormon I you have a just and that the talk we come across some differences but Joseph Smith says this site unlike business and then the question rose arose okay so solely but who should we trust them as they had told me that the course is good but are more than one profits and and down into the Sabbath question so I asked them how they could tell the difference between issuing false prophets and they told me that while actually when we regions of Smith's book it feels amazing we have the six interesting experience with this field is that the light is is just so illuminating and full of soul such a wonderful piece of relates our hearts rejoice in us and while that's amazing that's exactly how I feel when I really she was into profits and they would've been startled by a then I called made the whole really at but other of them talk progressed of course I tried to get them to understand that we can't have such a subjective way of testing a profit we need to test that my previous profits previously receives revelations and them let's look at Isaiah eight and twenty two of the Bible says so if you've got straight as spoken through the other prophets is not going to contradict himself late drop when he is also blogging for profit and then is this the complete opposites another of the North America nebula so whatever is just another profits must be in accordance with what the already established confidence that I treat Isaiah eight twenty someone like me that Susan is a you see according to these words is the course there is him a no short where Allied 's writings agree with the Bible or not what can we do need to read her writing letter we can read them at but the only way I can tell I can tell you all analyze writings not agree with the Bible and I all of that I read daily agree with the Bible you can believe me because you think I'm a nice guy but the only way that you'll know for yourself that aloe that the only path of this test you have to read her books for yourself and tested the Bible I remember a brother in Christ is a foaming of people he has met a precise cross of people who never read a book as soon as and interesting points is important I think I can believe it is true many times have I wouldn't say that it is always so but I believe it many times when people get discouraged by LOI for example some people maybe but she would allow I got an okay of ever experienced such people and you get discouraged and like all will talk about that later on but everything is the problem with most of the time that the person that gets bashed by Alan light is not really read what she writes because as they say reading the conflict they would see a few notes in a totally different perspective me of my experience I can say since everyone but on the other hand we can't we can go through all of her writings the customer right here but will look we can see slow fellow light said about the Bible allowed this luxury one quote from the great controversy allowances about the Bible in his word God has committed to men the knowledge necessary for salvation now the Scriptures are to be accepted as enough for in high-level revelation of his will misunderstand another character the revealer of doctrines in the test of experience so she at least claimed to believe that the Bible was the supreme authority at an early writings she says that I recommend to you dear reader the word of God as a rule of your faith and practice by that word we are to be judged God has not worked promised to give visions in the last days it was you not for a new rule of faith but for the comfort of his people and to correct those who err from the Bible should is the problem but the Mormon church and does they say that they haven't another revelation that corrects the Bible and other man-made errors in the Bible that's how we had Joseph Smith's presentation that correct the Bible this is not what we believe is the government this week another leader of the delegates come to replace the Bible at as long as is as is as interesting point in my next layout that I want as you said that if the blood and studying their Bibles it wouldn't have been any for the specific it but of course now we happen she has just come and she is a good news is just pointing back to the Bible back to the Bible and the look with the test will probably deceive the discretion of the Bible but that doesn't mean that a public count on something and some more details see no act and explain since the very simplest story of Jesus and that's my cousin details the facial expression of Jesus you know and in the gospel doesn't say always how his facial expressions were but in the desire of ages three sometimes so that's explaining more things going to reveal more things to profit and also to guide the church into unity system yet mutations and really don't have time I think we'll will just finish right and will continue later on tomorrow we look at no get some practical experience and that hopefully not so much theory but I will first will finish this up and then we will look at inspiration look at what is inspiration how does inspiration work according to the Bible and what is so I'd say about it and this will is is that this will clear up a lot a lot of misunderstandings that are out there is little of this was what helped me also have confidence in this gifts and minorities so I pray that you will come back tomorrow as anyone to see the blessing of others by what was done I've been with someone all right so much I last used to read her books digit to do this test you need to start reading get into and see for yourself it is so frustrating about how to father think is a must for this gift that you give in to this church I pray that we may understand it correctly so that we can get the most blessing the most joy out of the gift because that is why you give us excuses not to discourage us is not to make us feel bad but as for enjoy for receiving you in a greater measure so that we can reach out with the message to this generation so you can come back and bring us to our real home on the subparagraph printed you may lead us to and for us and help us take time to read your testimony is just one of a prophet is testimony to Jesus Jesus in this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe will feel like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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