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Part 3: Balanced or Lukewarm

Jonathan Karlsson


Jonathan Karlsson

Bible Worker and Evangelist, Finland



  • December 31, 2013
    4:30 PM
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on the face is a question of balance or lukewarm going to look at how to read the lights went on to look at her her own claims so what authority does this you have in comparison with the one is inspired with an uninspired because of questions like us to look at that list so what if random Lynwood will start her father in heaven we were thankful for the opportunity we have veered to study a word and them to learn more about the spirit of prophecy which we are to expect and in the last days according to your word so please don't help us understand these things correctly help us have a balanced view all the Witcher profit is written so that we may have get that prospering but you promised is my prayer in Jesus name amen this was started on the plagiarism it's going to the end that will bounce back to Alan I think we're covered in the second one in and changing my minor at plagiarism or literary borrowing it says here that times in the Bible the nonprofits borrowed expressions language or phrases of thoughts from other inspired or uninspired authors that send number at a number four on the second and handouts which some you might not have the business even though some of these authors were not inspired the thought is inspired by the fact that the profit under the guidance of God chose to use them all truth belongs to God preaches us of is nothing new under the sun and therefore originality is not a test on inspiration for a Delta so sometimes when people have been them upset about that all of them for example something that analytes wrote on something that the mother profit is written and they might say on this long original of the cookie from somewhere else while originality is not necessarily a test of a true prophet and that's it read Ecclesiastes twelve nine to eleven someone would like to read it moreover because please was is beautiful beautiful moment as far as so follow as informed as it reaches so far assessable with a worthless reason for software website to their workers this was followed by two words of scholars on my world is given by was Susie hear the preacher that Solomon in this case he didn't actually write all the Proverbs but he sought them out and search for them he found them he put them in order and but still there were words of truth and they came from the same author from the Lord even though he had to maybe take something that some otherwise person said that by the fact that he chose it begin we can trust that it is uninspired quotes at the message in it this is absolutely true Luke one Chris wanted three Luke says the same thing that he you listen to eyewitnesses something he actually took a lot of things probably from the other Gospels and put into his his narrative and that doesn't make it uninspired of course so without giving any credit to to to the original author that's also something very interesting column and insight so thus says go figure so whoever he took the gold from so even give any credit to us both Solomon Luke used previously written Proverbs and documents presented them under their own name is nothing unethical or false in this all in this since all truth belongs to God and Adam White was led to use previously written expressions and thoughts this is a quote from her some says in her early experience when she was sorely distressed over the difficulties of putting into human language the revelation of truths that had been imparted to her she was reminded of the fact that all wisdom and knowledge comes from God incidentally the light had only four years of education so should she will not a well learned scholar and words in a sense of the word have said she was feeling was positive okay maybe so she was nine years old at least at miss you tried some more seminars was shattered as animals Chris Whetstone majestically so you can understand the children of frustrated issues going to write eternal truth and how can she expressed herself in the very acceptable and good way to him and you feel for you is over to him who your little as the mullahs override these could be the own and she absolutely have to live with it was very good and that was very efficient she learnt a lot and that's the thing she left she read other authors some and not to just take the quotes from there but she she learnt the language very well so she was a thoughtless and him and him and the right of this anyway cannot she was reminded that all of the fact that all wisdom and knowledge comes from God she was assured that God would bestow grace and guidance she was told that entered in the reading of religious books and journals she would find precious gems of truth expressed in acceptable language and that she would be given help from heaven to recognize these as separate them from the rubbish of error in which with which they would sometimes find them think that she was sometimes find them associate so this is quite interesting let's see she read things some and some critics they say all she took from this author in this author was a terrible he them amended other things maybe they wrote something really good on health or something and she used a similar language it was not helped her to pick out those things which torture and amid the rubbish out there and then different percentages of people put them how much she actually borrowed in this way at night but therefrom from Herbert Douglas messenger of the Lord that was one study that's said it was an exhaustive study but a random study and about thirty one percent of the sentences had at least one word from another author in question is very loosely behind Adam the whole lot of Alexi took lots of lots of things am just one example of this I have a here that he ever read that quote from them unless ratings when she's conscious thoughts about them about the woman about you being created from that rid of Adam no okay I let the lift computers and profits he was greeted from Orinda taken from the side of Adam signifying that she was not to control him as ahead more to be trampled under his feet as inferior but to stand by his side as an equal to be loved and protected by think of the beautiful quote and no one uses it in production profits the thing is that Matthew Henry wrote that ends in the seven and a sixteenth century also similar course it is from Matthew Henry's commentary but the woman was made out of a rib out of the side of Adam Knotts made out of his head to rule over him nor out of his feet to be trampled upon him but out of his side to be equal with him under his arm to be protected need to start below is using the similar thing and should probably a read that and thought of this as well as the a precious truth and she took achieved to make some changes in wording and and she presented it herself but some people say all the plagiarist you took initiative and say this is from Matthew Henry while that wasn't the way they did it in the nineteenth century ever wonder this way they just took things out of without necessarily attributing like a liquid having the scholar world today you need to even the slightest little thing you need to have a reference to I have a case sometimes it seems very much and actually even in spite of this people are made sides of the chart of the charge at a light for being a plagiarist so to settle the matter once and for all the general conference and eighties I believe in eighty one and they they hired an independent law firm with private money which said it specialized in patents and copyrights investigated the light could be charged with plagiarism or if she had done anything unethical so no plagiarism that's when I went and I study for a test of writing the article I copied from Wikipedia and I say that all I wrote this and none the less plagiarism but some people say that elected so they asked one of a lawyer by the name of Vincent Ramage and he was a Catholic and a Catholic background since atomic and that he investigated is for three hundred hours and at the beginning he was he was not favorable towards that he thought that actually she was guilty of plagiarism because he had read all the critics books and so on see how that preconceived idea but he said okay I go into this a little of a study on it afterwards and in this review interviewed him and told him these things on reading from the number one to any number four in the second handout attached to the page numbers on this is what the Benson from excess I gradually turned one hundred and eighty degrees in the other direction I found that the charges simply were not true but I had to get that from her writings I did not get that from from either the people who said she was a plagiarist the people who said she was not it was reading her messages in her writings that changed my mind I believe that the critics are missed the boat badly by focusing upon Mrs. White's writings is the focusing upon the message is as I trust this is what is amazing is like to move Mises in all candor she moved me I'm a Roman Catholic Catholic Protestant whatever she moved to me and I I think her writings should move anyone unless he is paramount that mentally biased and is unsuitable I think I know a little more about the real than ceramic than I did before I started reading the messages about my thoughts and writings I think of a better person today from when I started this project with the scope of this lawyer said is in considering all factors necessary and reaching a just conclusion on this issue it is submitted that the writings of Ellen G White were conclusively unplayed juristic of his legal take on it and he said if I had been involved in such a legal case out I would much rather appear as defense counsel none for the prosecution there is simply no case so this these charges of plagiarism have no foundation and independent sources of sickness legally it is absolutely no problems if you come across sonography and it's one that's even been tested to prove that it's absolutely Benoni have what amounts I think that's probably going to these the rest of the handout soon it's going to hand out three incident is this relative he didn't but please please do read the rest that gives the so a lot of references to contradictions in the Bible and I pray that those things will help you to be established and have a firm belief in the Bible and that also in the spirit of prophecy Philistines Revelation chapter three and will read the message of Lacey and that the message I want to focus on today the title of this presentation is balanced or lukewarm telephone and a provocative question and that's what I intended no lukewarm that's what the church in August the eighth accused of being a bug in many times we want to be balanced also I still do the question now how can we be balanced for the same time not lukewarm is read in Revelation chapter three at from the beginning of the of this handouts I can maybe this verse in the book of Revelation Jesus gives a message to seven different churches even though they were natural churches in John's day they were chosen by Jesus because they represent the whole church of history from John stay until the second coming of the last church 's love is the sole we don't have time to prove that really from revelation rigid God revelation seminar I'm sure you will find out actually the seven churches in Revelation represents church history from the time of John up until the last days and we live in the last excellent I believe with all my heart and the last church is not easy by means of the messages especially for us let's read it someone greeted him and him a I will work with you the more you will do anything I will and do not move it move it I live in white community is in a and maybe that will live in and a you a you will him will I also need a room 's quote is quite harsh rebuke and one way to this church has no culmination is only review actually a Jesus tells the church as they are lukewarm and how does he feel about that is that a good thing he doesn't like it he says I wish you even cold weather you were hot but not lukewarm like the middle not how does Jesus feel about the church what are his feelings towards the church does he hate the church he loves it you say that all as many as I love I rebuke and Jason therefore be zealous and repent the only reason Jesus gives reproof is because he loves classless quite hard sometimes we hear you have people like him it's awesome and they give us your proof because they don't like us and help I'm so upset with you while you do that and and I want to see a really begin this review cannot wait assault the God we serve he doesn't do it that way the only reason God tells us to change some things because he loves because they want he wants us to have a greater joy a great experience in our life and you know sin destroys joy is not and that and that's why Jesus says don't don't go MM and learn the part of the he loves slutty Seattle Slate gives this message what is amino to be lukewarm would you say him and I and you have one foot in the church on foot and the world have I think so you have you have the form of godliness a second Timothy three five says in the form of godliness but you deny the power thereof you come to church is a tradition right becomes a church lately do those those civil ceremonies but the heart is not really in it the heart is not really that we're not really serving God with all her might in all of our hearts it is it is something that's just a shallow now address up nicely for people and then pretend to be Christians and spiritual enough this is a lot of bloggers this problem they do not have full entire surrender to God editor caught up in the latest TV shows the latest ad sports the latest and they wanted to get a job good job you know some of these things might not necessarily be bad of a job right but that's what's absorbing their attention how can I get money enough about how can I add what shall I do who should I marry right while any difference someone to marry and that's that's the main thrust in life instead of having putting Jesus first in their life and because these promise that all the things will work out a loony so we really don't have anyone anything to worry about if we put Jesus first up is is that it's it's hard to trust infinite I know that sentences from my experience at a some years ago six years ago something I and the Lord spoke to me somehow in my mind I can't explain how you did it but he asked me to this question was okay my mind Jonathan is if if I saw that it was for your best happiness but you would not be married and you will be most happy if you are not married would you trust me how the question I like my f of course he wanted to be married right I I I want to be married by the Lord Presley with a similar thing but you trust me if I would say that you would be happy with getting a single life would you trust me enough now so hard I will see if this was actually for I have met her it was whose but that I had months and months ahead speaking of settlement but that I was I I told the Lord it was really hard and I was a cry and I was thinking all Lord is that really what it takes for the missing wealth you want me want the best for me and my know you love me and I know you want me to get the greatest joy in the world as I made the surrender message okay even if it is I have to than a single life I will have the moment I said that I was sold relieved from this pressure and know that people say all her into getting and I started having you haven't even had a girlfriend all U all not just disappeared message I'm going to live for God I'm than it do what God wants me to do in my life and I don't care what happens if he wasn't it married don't make me get married and imprisoned he made me in he led me into that led me to find the most wonderful woman in America right now and but I was always open to the Lord 's leading however you want to delete I think that's it that's the key that we need to have I needed to make that decision many pledges once but still this is singling out full surrender to God and disabled you can do whatever you want to in my life I want to live not for myself of my own selfish interests is that I'll be miserable and depressed I want to live for you entirely so I believe is the problem of of other CM and that Jesus is the problem with others is also the don't feel a need for information -based they feel what do they say that I am rich I'm a rich I become wealthy and need nothing and I will think it's a very minor thought about is talking about that spiritual wealth on evictions many changes in my life I'm good as long as I'm better than that person I'm all right the Senate failed long as I is I do a little better than the person and I'm sure that person will be saved so as long as I'm a little bit ahead of that one that I'm all right well will you have one example don't we one person we can compare life as Jesus and ninety CF doesn't feel the need for an exam tomorrow I'm okay and even changes is very dangerous self-deception Jesus tries to warn that Lotusphere with the strong language no as as pastor page told on the Sabbath know that the big story moved on the mountain of a woman it was shouting pig man it was so upset about any and around the corner and go into the pig as it was a warning but he thought it was an implement an insult check is another way we take rebuke sometimes but remember God loves uneasy about twenty gives this message if it hurts it's only as is going to take away something that is like a surgeon you know a surgeon cuts the heel was a butcher cuts to kill but both the cup but God is not a butcher is a is a surgeon Wilson take away those bad things in our life so that we can horny and better life afterwards many people they say no they don't want Jesus to meddle in the habits of the eating or dressing or spending or dating or whatever notable though and ultimately the six you can be in church on American income and him at once every Sabbath and is and so they are coming I'll be with you Jesus on them I go into my own facts is the problem and Jesus are present himself as the true and faithful witness he says that he knows their works he knows our works might think that we can hide our works from each other and we can but what happens when no one is looking what happens when people are not listening Lord sees everything he knows our hearts he knows our motives he knows everything about us he knows exactly what's going on in our hearts and he wants us so to open the door right is what he is doing is knocking my synoptic feel strong enough to go in with any of all power in heaven and earth gives us the freedom opportunities is whether the site is a stunt at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come into them and dine with him and he with me nuts it's amazing with this with the skin who Jesus is a force himself on us but he invites us we need to make a decision would come into every part of my heart and a part of my life and be there now how does the others Jesus speak to have Visio and access that he comes as the faithful and true witness not what is a witness to the info witness tells speaks what we called fist violently someone is witnessing their telling I will have Jesus testimony the testimony of Jesus now with study what the testimony of Jesus us in Revelation eleven and it is actually that which characterized the last the church and in according to Revelation nineteen ten it is it is the spirit of prophecy it is this prophetic gifts included the that it is actually through the spirit of prophecy that Jesus gives the rebuked related fantasy and arteries I believe so I've read from section page rest of the third handout if we had been convinced that analyte is the prophet Jesus ascended his people in the last days so we looked at in the first presentation in each this must must then mean that her writings are the message of Jesus to lately receive as a micro nine volumes of something called testimonies to the church pay is not testimony against the church sometimes with we feel that way going high of a odds against me as a site insulting me and the little things that some of your credit while it is for the churches to the churches were for the upbuilding of the church it says the message in these books are for the most part direct and practical expectations concerning everything from salvation theology health entertainment and finances evangelism family life education and church life etc. and this I believe is what Laodicea needs to hear these messages are in is is that Jesus addresses is represented in an revelation chapter three in the light understood this as well as direct from the district releases one page three forty seven forty nine cents testimonies had been given correcting and counseling the church and many had made practical application of the message to the Laodicean church she speaks of her own testimonies in and were confessing their sins and repenting and contrition of soul they were hearing the voice of Jesus the heavenly merchant behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I looked coming to him and sup with him and he with me to quote suckers at an area like this some quote from testimonies five page six hundred and eighty two God has given sufficient evidence so that all who desire to do so may satisfy themselves as to the character of the testimonies and have acknowledged them to be from God it is their duty to accept your proof even though they do not themselves see the sinfulness of the course if they fully realized the condition what would be the need of reproof to stand up in a minute passes a all of us not applicable when and one of the most humbling things to do that I started reading as much for the church and its it is challenging because it goes to the very core of on the practical things and eight it really tests how willing I might out house her income surrender them I really do to Gautam I willing to go all the way for him and that of course when I read it I think all this is for somebody else hi all found this this person really needs to get this one but am I willing to see that it actually can apply to me and not everything might have been and we will talk about that later some as we apply it to the wrong kind of situations we get a distorted picture but we need to be open to the space got bleeding and not be hardening ourselves to I would say almost almost a hundred percent guide animal research to back that up with a so many of the critics that accused 's Allied left the church and started at attacking the like writing these webpages in all these things the demo is not a hundred percent of the people that left the church and silencing but under present percent of the people that actually going to start attacking they have once been reproved for examples they can write again cannot he was a minister and it was something that light wrote to him but he did not feel was justified he got upset about it and not let him to leave the church and write them and start to attacking the gift of prophecy about unpleasant and so many examples could be given and just we have these said all I focused to translate Proverbs twenty nine eighteen which was focused on this Proverbs twenty nine eighteen says where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint second Chronicles twenty twentieth is believed in the Lord your God sociality be established believe his prophets so shall you prosper god has promised that he was at the prospect wants us to be the head enough detail and actually that's why he's is given the message to notice you but to be blunt hard to put it plainly message in the testimonies written by a lineup the centum investments with judgment all of her writings from them saying if we believe that this is actually the prophetic gift from God that letter writings I Jesus personal testimony or to personal reproof to love easier those who reject the message from the spirit of prophecy and do not repent are those who will be vomited out of Jesus Malthus is speaking in Alesia at and that's somehow being ejected from leaving the church will get into that later on but this quite important if it is so if we can just say that all of them even if we read her writings and we can safely reject it is not safe to reject the words of profit if the light was in fact a true prophet which I believe I'm convinced of that then it is very unsafe to just throw that away and say that no I don't want to listen to it I don't follow those things because it is actually the testimony of Jesus is not the profit is not alone like we do any harm by saying bad things against her it is the spirit of prophecy it is an the Holy Spirit and Jesus nonsense at melt how do Zeta feel about the spirit of prophecy Revelation twelve seventeen and now how he feels about it some agreement him to him to listen him and him and him and case of the Dragon is Satan he's enraged with a woman who has the testimony Jesus and the New Testament uses the spirit of prophecy so then we see in this verse that there is this going to be an attack on the spirit of prophecy basically having weekly CNET and LOI confirms this justice and in the estimates for the churchwarden for page two eleven it is Satan 's plan to weaken the faith of God 's people in the testimonies the skepticism in regard to the vital points our faith the pillars of our position adult tests of the holy Scriptures and then downwards and on the downward march to perdition when the testimonies which were once believe the company given up state the nose the deceived loans will not stop at this and he redoubled his efforts to launch them into open rebellion which becomes incurable and ends in destruction I've seen many people do this they've gone from reason and faith in the spirit of prophecy in the Bible and everything in this talk about some things it goes to superstock the slippery slope that don't start and select the messages one page forty eight the very last deception of Satan will be to make all none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God with his omission the people perish Satan will work in genius in different ways and for different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God 's remnant people in the truth testimony is one of Satan 's last deceptions and a sign of the times I believe that he is trying to make a non- ASIC the testimony of the Spirit of God that they didn't know that if he would make an open attack on the spirit of prophecy on the other like many people in this church would say off no delete we somehow believe that a light is a messenger of God so he wouldn't be so successful and when it comes to Africa said he felt was the way he would be working must understand to believe that what was a prophet and he would openly deny that they believe that she was a messenger of God even some person I I was sent an American and a church and this person he gave me all the set websites you sent me these websites because I was quite young in the faith and ethical Aurelius and I was finding out of these things it was a member of the church but sent an innocent digital content in a business of the bed and there's something to it and of course I know I was already settled on the question and I and told the elders in the church and the other state they investigated intermittently they talk to this matter so why did you do not know I do try to discourage him from reading alike and so on and then the present all I believe that I like is the profits no problem it didn't do it really but openly he said he would he has only few people would openly deny that she is a prophet but instead in the Satan makes efforts to make the testimony of none effect and the thing is we find that the Jews didn't than the time of Jesus and Mike seven as we did five seven nine through thirteen some affiliates for him to value him him and Moses said I thought is the father is the thirty first I say to him and his father worked as a prophet and a you know if him the Jews openly say don't keep the ten Commandments and commands about they didn't but in their policies they made the ten Commandments of no effect I this is what Satan 's last attack will be is not just to take away single stop believing analyte is actually saying Astro we believe that I like but making them have no effect on us and no change in our hearts and is the last deception many people say that's what I liked Rhodes was good in her time but her message is not relevant to us or I believe her messages but I do not believe that they apply to me and and thereby the testimonies have been made of no effect and in and in this fact people in this way people reason that I am rich I'm not the I don't need anything one way it's elegant your question is a you as soon as you are is full you still compromise is also the question hello I said that actually but it's not so that a person then accepting her as a prophet is a test of membership when you come in and she should clearly states that people that have no bidding they can have time to be acquainted with everything that electrodes and in a short time and so and before a person is baptized they need to accept the prophetic gift in the last day of those the theory that there is supposed to be a perfect prof prophetic gift in the last a church that's one of our our fundamental beliefs but but when it comes to accepting a light as a true prophet a person might need more time but however if they after they've study Intuit and they've been acquainted with a light for a long time and know our writings and all that and then they openly say no I'd I deny notes she was a true prophet it and if they start doing that they won't stop there they want to sell I believe in eighteen forty four investigative judgment I believe in all these other doctors that we have except for the light no a it gets it's going to go with all of the rest of the things are going to go basically most of the things that the city is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is I finished and I I think it is very sad and I think that is a final night of the business led him away living but we we don't need to be part of that there is one thing that is one of Satan 's most effective ways weapons to make the testimony of Jesus is not monitored and that weapon is fanaticism is fanaticism we might say what how how in the world is that your business is very very clear people with extreme needs quote that allow lights left and right I don't know if you've ever met a person like this I met many income they think lots close in making this put so many closely would drown in them right and many people in our leeward by this assignment will this person is really spiritual alight so much I have the time to read everything but I trust that this person really knows that these he or she is talking about and they start following what this person sets with extreme use now other people realize that that is an very exchange you on that person this is a fanatic and therefore they falsely assume that analyte also have extreme view this is the danger of fanaticism fanaticism is not just for those on on the very right fringe finding joy for them it's it's for all of us because of the reaction against fanaticism is equally dangerous if we if it's the wrong way is fine as I understand let Willis Reed on the mostly test was administered page fifty one fifty two almost my whole lifetime Allawi says has been devoted to this work but my burden has often been made heavier by the arising of men who went forth to proclaim the message that God is not given them this class of evil workers has selected portions of the testimonies and have placed them in the framework of ever in an order by this setting to give the influence of their false testimonies when it is made manifest that their message is error then the testimonies brought into the companionship of ever share the same condemnation in following and the people the world who don't know that the testimonies quoted are extracts from private letters used without my consent present these matters is evidence that my work is not of God or of truth but also so this is the thing in a X I think they can always think someone who people look about missing off its terrible how can someone have those ideas and then as they always read alike all alike is a terrible person and see what happened because we don't know at some logo this far but they still make the assumption that if you read in the white to closely build and open fanaticism and they take a little bit in now the taken distance against it like okay and I can relate little steps to Christ and I'm a little bit of the design desire of ages but be careful about reading too much of the controversy goes if you read too much into the later chapters there will always feel go crazy that salt will have a safe distance with heaven is a devotional book in a nice and comfortable but don't read too much of a deal be extreme this is our reaction to fanaticism visit visit justice and not the people have seen all these fanatics that goes into these things and they said I don't want to be like and they go and they go away from it what shall we do got the Lord has warned us that against both extremes history Deuteronomy Deuteronomy five thirty two to thirty three someone is him him him to his size is so little it says don't turn to the products or to the health business straight and narrow road fears it is a state of arrow didn't you say that but all that road back to ditches this one to the next want to the right and these two pictures have only one thing in common neither of them are on the road neither of them on the road and those people that are in the right pitch they feel with wisdom they rightly feel that is horrible to be in the left which is it and but often times they identify the middle with ethics and the people on the left and the left is they feel it's terrible over the handle semantics on the right page I was terrible we don't want to go there but often times they identify the middle with and with the right so if you want to walk on the straight and narrow road you want to be attacked from both sides as is the fact that is a cool different testimonies for the church five page three oh five there is an shoot in human nature a tendency to run to extremes and from one extreme to another entirely opposite to does the danger we need to realize how can we know what what's an extreme and what is not for those who want to read here Luke twenty four August twenty five through twenty seventh this is Jesus solution to this problem is as foolish as far as I is is is all if you remember what we written Deuteronomy else said the same thing in Deuteronomy five that is therefore you shall be careful to do as the Lord your God has commanded you you shall not turn aside neither to the right or to the left to shall walk in the ways in which Lawrence commended itself to follow all that the prophets have spoken and in Joshua one sentences the same thing only be strong and very a very courageous that you may observe to do according to all of the law all which Moses my servant commanded you do not turn from it to the right hand one to the left but you may prosper wherever you go get him he gets limiting simpatico example site under study as was letting with Iraq had a good friend that game went into analysis he was studying the book of Daniel and then he was saying that this word if ever a Daniel eight it talks about the daily the daily sacrifice and that this understanding particular understanding of the daily sacrifice of the DNC and you need to understand is of great importance and that I was trying to see wealth whereas risk Christ and how does that relate to my personal relationship with Jesus I can really see another male case I'm that he was so strong on this point and he said if people reject my understanding of and what the daily means you will not be saved you will you will you will be agreed in the spirit of God in an and you will be you will be lost this person told me this and then coded lights support and not his initiative or say something about absolutely on the other hand I quoted to him some very clear right and quotes about exactly that point and this is from selected messages one page one sixty seven hello I says I have words to speak to all who have been active in urging their views in regard to the meaning of the baby of Daniel eight and is is is is is is not to be made a test question exactly enough for you that is the daily emulator test question no it is not according to the lack but the Priscilla still claim to believe without a life 's a hundred percent and was saying that I was compromising my beliefs and I like because I didn't accept his idea of what the daily about is fanaticism but you see what he's doing he's doing exactly the same thing at the compromisers are doing he's following one part of the testimonies but not all of its and this is my point fanaticism and criticizes they have the same problem they don't want to follow all that the prophets spoke because I believe if you follow all of the profits is spoken you will be balanced you have a correct understanding of God is balanced another example I met a man that I talked with him he was claiming very strongly that you if you if you married an unbeliever you need to have a divorce and said he was fishing these things and is I guess it is vital for then smash unbelievers and that this is somewhat is true I mean the Bible says the lobby unequally okay he was quoting these things and so therefore if you are married of unbeliever you need to be divorced and I was extreme some people that they actually follow this person is assigned to do but we were there other passages in the Bible it talks about this if an unbeliever is willing to live with you you are not allowed to divorce that person so I quoted the thinkers in the lineup doesn't apply to the situation not only if they were believers from before you know they made an exception for that particular Bible verse and they quoted a light them well I can say is very strong things like and it is the forbidden in all attitudes who for a friend presents Mary an unbeliever these client has a really strong statements of the dugout while I M from home no business my own notes and there's over three fifty one talks about someone who married on I gone this youth is this her marriage with the destruction of the devil yet now she should make the best of it treat her husband with tenderness making us happy as she can without violating her conscience for if he remains in his rebellion this world is all that have them he will I read the speech will be fifty one euros and outside of interest home in their own this world is all the heaven he will have a few remains in this rebellion itself out like clearly say us one thing if we really just read all that she has written on it if we just take one thing out of context yes we can build we can to lead the same in the Bible country which and a second sensing with a violative distorted and we can get all kind of fanatic ideas but if we actually believe all of the profit the spoken we will not go astray you know if you are really beautiful she's soon as she is the vote to social justice is usually thought among the lowest leave the old fashion is not the among the first you think this is it is usually poor grown people don't get you a person is not the among the first in a thing about about dress I have not studied it completely to my satisfaction but I read I read what expense of the summit by Stephanie about it and the principles send in the NL alliance writings is huge it clearly says that is not a decision minute live to talk about the reform dress she says it's not a test question very clearly and if you read her writings and then later on she talks about modesty two talks about how she talks about simplicity in dress and needless swallowed the dog dressed in rags and then the ugly clothes at least four principles I found and I think that's the core of what unlike talks about an constant suggests that if you read all of it I think you'll get a balanced picture to just take a few snippets here and there will be a problem to go through any of these things but some lives are so many examples like I could tell you there was one person that thought that was so convinced that all the Sabbath begins in the Longmont that's summed up on any of the made all notes in addition the gymnastics and in the Bible to show that even though you likely supporting its case I risen I've actually it's for some comment like clearly says that it's from sundown to some and he was like well I was before she got and the oil profits learns more things to know and so maybe the ill things that she read there later on she issues you what might you change your mind issued today know you can get all kinds of rationalization if you really want something to be the case as of this is the problem with both analysis of Adam with compromise and the same problem why is my experience we don't have time to read all these set quotes but otherwise clearly speaks on these things that we need to read her testimonies in order to select messages one page forty four letters come to me and treating onset I know that many men take the testimonies the Lord has given them apply them as they suppose they should be applied picking out a sentence here and there taking it from its proper connection and applying it according to their idea thus poor souls will be will become bewildered when could they read in order all that has given they would see the true application and would not become confused much that purports to be a message from systemwide serves the purpose of misrepresenting system are making her testify in favor of things that are not in accordance for them right let's is is is is is is is is it came out at times the first was that volume one first it was only cheesy wrote personal testimonies the people and when they started collecting these and they took away the names of flight have rather be rather see ads on and and then the study compiled it together I'm printing it and sending it around sometimes we read in testimony she says all as I is Iran and as I wrote than in the previous testimonies there you go and read that I will the reason why she published these things will so that other people could identify with a similar experience and take and learn from those as well one thing I want to say before me and hear his glory the question is how much is inspired I want some of these quotes from prayer beforehand yes out of there in that letter F Smith there is again the section heading up the visit of both compromises in the fanatics have the same problem it hearts they choose to believe some parts of the testimonies which happen to agree with their ideas while not which does not suit their mind they discard they might sell a license hired by God but sometimes he puts forth her own opinion and therefore not everything is inspired and thereby they set themselves up as judges over what is inspired by God and what is not it is the danger of which such thing all some parts are inspired she's half inspired by fifty percent of it whom I could decide which parts that are inspired and which are not can I developed all the thing about the villages is about food I don't I don't like I want about I really like things in some education and health is not how we should do it or or maybe I'm a fanatic and a siesta seeing her food that's what I do but then when Jesus don't be a fanatic and all that uninspired and what powerful are we to judge I even be different for you for each person if we just say that all some parts inspired and some are not highlights of this EULA by a criticism take out all the force all the point of an power from the testimonies do not feel that you can dissect them to suit your own ideas claiming that God has given you ability to discern what is light from heaven and by this expression of mere human wisdom if the testimony speak not according to the word of God reject them and sisters in the letters which I write in the testimonies have been better I am presenting to you that which the Lord has presented to me I do not write one of Arthur the paper expressing merely my own ideas they are when God is open before munition crashes rays of light shining from the throne and no won't go into any more but let me read one more paragraph from the whitest states compilers of how they view things on the G number two some selected messages consistent and keep except for that which is in the nature of everyday matters for Biograph full graphical that which Mrs. White said before the people was based upon the missions given her given to her whether or not she used the term I saw she in her day and we today draw the line not between books and letters etc. but between the sacred and the common no one need be confused so satellite of course when she writes her shopping list the thought inspired shopping over the profits shopping so no is not inspired by God not since the wishes writes on the sacred things when she writes about spiritual matters this is not her own opinions of what you have a free will she couldn't express strong opinions but if she did it in the in a position to what God wanted and God would correct this like you did with Nathan remember the prophet Nathan Newton corrected and so God would would do that but at the thought she stayed faithful we can trust that all the provinces written if we follow it we will find a balanced view of the white and says it's which I stress that we will not just read some part of it that we will actually try to get a big picture of what you say it someone comes in as you have no as with everything I see the context and then you start searching on them the white district 's website for all of all of those things search for the word concealment hates me read it and you see is that I see a balanced view that this person was telling was there more to it with my challenged all of us and I believe that we can have that we will prosper outside Philly and the prophets who will prosper how many of you would like the prospect that here praise the Lord know what to do it unless you celebrate Emily father thank you so much for the prophetic gift I pray that we may maybe establish that you will rightly interpret these things to her heart so that we may not be led astray help us to know how to read the writings of your profits we may be faithful to his advantage this is a woman this media was brought audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to be an audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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