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Revelation 12

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • February 8, 2014
    11:00 AM
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so much hope you've all decided to make even pro-choice women and if you're just joining us here today which might be several drive sometimes all be honest with you as in the congregation for your one members again I checked my community visitors here today announced a new look for and I can't activated I don't know we have a whole lot of visitors it is a welcome everyone of you glad to have you I don't don't make the justification you can come on by regularly will be happy to have you whenever but so welcome I'm glad you're with us we been going through a study of the book of Revelation we been going this chapter by chapter through the back book of Revelation of course the book of Revelation is very large book and it's a very is very difficult book sometimes read through and so we could spend a lot of time getting into each little detail but our goal is not to get every word and every idea but to get the broad picture of what the book of Revelation is talking about and what we see with the open of the book of revelation affect the very first words of the book of Revelation Revelation chapter one verse one it tells us what the book is all about it says the revelation of home Jesus Christ is not a revelation of the world Satan or of all kinds of terrible horrible things at the revelation of Jesus Christ he is the center is the circumference he's all in the book of Revelation but it goes on for one to say the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants the things which must shortly take place a so from the author 's perspective the book of Revelation contains things that must happen still to come or future events we call that prophecy in the book of prophecy and it reveals to us Jesus Christ now the book of Revelation if you notice the issue to be this way in your Bible if you have a Bible that doesn't have revelation at the end of the Bible then something 's wrong but in most common Bible to believe all of them have the book of Revelation right very end of the Bible and it assumes that you read all the Bible becomes before it there's a lot of references to previous things been from the Old Testament and things earlier in the New Testament things that you need to be familiar with to understand the book of Revelation it assumes that you read the rest of the Scripture is of some of the things that might be confusing if they were taken away from the context that they were taken out of its original environment make more sense when you place it right in Scripture and let the Bible be its own interpreter let the Scripture unfold itself and so far what we've seen in the book of Revelation again today were to be in Revelation chapter twelve but leading up to that we have seen several repeated sequences of history chronological history outline the start of the time of the Prophet of course the prophet of this instant is the name of John starts in the time of John and goes all the way through history until the coming of Jesus a starting job because of the coming of Jesus you see a sequence of seven churches right in the beginning and each one represents a period of time from the other John until the coming of Jesus you see a sequence of seven seal but because one two three four five six sealed and then right before it gets to the seventh seal right with the coming of Jesus is an interruption for just a moment it describes to us and ablation chapter seventy hundred and forty four thousand those who are faithful to Jesus and will be alive when he returns then you have the sequence of the seven trumpets then again legal one two three four five six it lets them out before we get the sound and the seven trumpet there's a pause we find Revelation chapter ten where John is told to eat a little book of Bible prophecy that had come before the book of Revelation which is course the prophecies the time properties of Daniel specifically those that end at that time and in earth history and we understand from that there was a time when people were going to pick up towards the end of Earth 's history there would pick up the Bible and evidence are to understand Bible prophecy and you so excited about it it would seem sweet in their mouth they would stop proclaiming the truth that they found there in the Jesus is coming again which he is coming again but Jesus did a work first before his coming again he moves in the heavenly sanctuary from the holy place to the most holy place to begin his work judgment that we see described in Revelation chapter ten Revelation chapter eleven gave us the standard they were going to be judged and in that judgment the word of God any guesses the history of the Bible from the time of John again unfilled the second coming of Jesus how there would be a time of persecution with a Bible message was still get out what it would be clothed in sackcloth it would be difficult on the persecution but after that it would rise to prominence again and now we find ourselves revelation chapter twelve by the way if you'd like to get any of the previous sermons about with the we can make recording some are already available out in a resource death or you can visit our church website at Segan FDA .org and all of those sermons are online ready to listen to something catches up to where we are now but today were to be in Revelation chapter twelve it paints a fascinating picture of the history of the church leading up to the second coming of Jesus but before we get started in any study what we need to do first workforce with our heads and we father thank you so much for the awesome privilege of studying your word and Lord you promised that the same Holy Spirit who inspired his writing will inspire our understanding Lord we ask today that man's words will not be heard with the word of God will be heard and that Jesus himself will be our teacher through his Holy Spirit represented Lord speak to us doubtful we pray in Jesus name amen so let's dive right into Revelation chapter twelve we pick up our sermon series about the book of Revelation is as now a great sign appeared in heaven so he's having this vision experience he looks up any season this guy thinks he is in heaven a great sign and what does look like it looks like a what a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and honor had a garland of twelve starts in being with child she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth to a pause right there and try to understand what the book is telling is now the book of Revelation is the book of symbolism there are things that represent other things I don't think that he looked up in the sky near the giant woman standing on the butt this represents something that Israel is symbol that represents a real thing and one of the handy keys is in Bible prophecy a woman always represents the church church is always represented by a woman you'll notice that even Jesus would call the Old Testament church and the new Jeff Richards who you referred to it as a woman is referred to as the bride is referred to as as as as a beautiful woman and now they're later on in the book of Revelation you can find another description of a woman is not so beautiful the baccarat but it's just the church in a corrupt state but the woman always represents the church and hear the church is seen closed with assignment with the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of twelve starts now again the book of Revelation assumes that you read all the other books that lead up to Revelation by the time you get the revelation your book number sixty six there are sixty five books before this that have all kinds of language and imagery that's already been used right so if you didn't know that they will let the world could the stars and the sun and the moon what about rep as well I think we start making things up but the handy thing the Bible has already decoded the mysteries for us this is a picture of the church at a certain point in time how do we know that we look at the symbols that are employed a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and honor at a garland of twelve stars if you've been a student of Scripture those symbols would probably come to my next enough before releasing them before we go all the way to the first book of Bible Genesis going back to the very beginning of the Bible Genesis chapter thirty seven Genesis chapter thirty seven we see the same description given but here it's referring to a specific group of people now God 's people his church on the earth in the Old Testament recalled children of home Israel the children of Israel but Israel was not his first name Israel was the name his name was changed to before he was Israel the gentleman named Israel is actually named Jacob right so Jacob had twelve sons to shrines of Israel and this is where this takes us back to this language in Revelation twelve fixes all the way back to the beginning of God 's people in the Old Testament Genesis chapter thirty seven will start with a verse nine and to get a little bit of context one of Jacob 's sons by the name of Joseph was a very good boy very young and very I would have to say naïve and that he told his brothers about these dreams he was having and the first time he told his brothers about the dreams he was having they did not like the dreams and they didn't like him for telling him to drink you would think if you had a second dream he would learn to just kind of notes keep it to himself but look what happens in verse nine the Genesis thirty seven then he dreams still another dream and told it to his own brother at another dream I don't know what you expecting but it didn't turn out well the first time and said look I have dreamed another dream and this time you recognize the language and symbols assigned the moon and the eleven stars bow down to me they might possibly women would in Revelation twelve of the Sun the moon and twelve stars only eleven start let's think about that logically who with the twelfth Derby you're already getting ahead but you're getting good at this decoding Bible optimistic about verse ten so he told it to his father and his brothers and his father rebuked him and said to him what is this dream that your dreams and then he interprets what the symbols mean shall you are what lepers were mother and I and your move brothers indeed come down to about the bow down to the earth before you so that they are see Joseph is the twelfth starving the brother that all the other brothers would bow down to his youngest son the moon and the twelve stars representing the family of Jacob with the nation of Israel to go back to Revelation chapter twelve we know now that we're talking the church and specifically the Old Testament church because we had that symbolism from the beginnings of the church history but also there's another good reason as to why this is the church before Jesus came on the scene was run verse two then being with child she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth as were going to see in just a few moments that child was Jesus Christ by the way this is also symbolism is been used all throughout the Old Testament again leave your finger revolution chapter twelve is on the back of the book of Genesis now the Genesis chapter three you'll see this idea of a one birth to a child and that child would be a danger and at the rat to the kingdom of Satan Revelation chapter three when the serpent was speaking to even tempted her in an procedure indicating the forbidden fruit and she gives out there I was with her they stand before God and he starts explaining what's going to happen now and he curses the serpent and in his dialogue to the serpent notice what the Lord God says Genesis chapter three in the verse fifteen the Lord says to the serpents and I will put enmity that is tension in hatred and discord in the teeth between you and whom the woman and between your seed and her seed and notice that seen in your Bible should have a S referring to Jesus who is coming and what that seed going to do he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel they'll doesn't think too much rocket science to figure out which is the worst injury a head injury or a foot injury onto the head injury in some versions even translate that I believe correctly to crush your head it's been a be a mortal wound is not this could be a glancing blow this child is coming for the woman is going to be such a threat is going in you that in so doing your bit to get a wound on him but the wound on you to be much greater yours will end in death and so the serpent there's this Satan is the right of Revelation chapter twelve from the very beginning of Scripture has been looking for this coming child this seed was going to strike his head through the back revelation chapter twelve just unfolding letting the Bible be up own interpreter we start to get the picture of what's being described in Revelation chapter twelve with the church in the Old Testament and we can well to reason number one it uses the language of the children of Jacob in verse two if ever she's with child but have to given birth to the child yet notices before he comes but getting closer and closer to his coming at me adversely than being with child she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth to have happen but it's getting close stage is getting set to go to verse three and another sign appeared in heaven so up until this point he was just watching the woman in the sun the moon the stars are beautiful looking but frankly she can tell at the contractions are coming about to give birth but that at the present moment is coming closer he looks and added that another sign appeared behold a great fiery red but that work first time it's been used in the book of Revelation were introduced to this character this being called this Dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven items on his head this also is language from previous profits you can find that in Daniel chapter seven you just drag it is introduced and indescribably looks like this is a verse or is detailed to a third of the stars of heaven and through them to be our noble posterity are the describes this Dragon again just like there wasn't an actual giant woman standing on the moon closed the sun had started had but it represents something true on earth the church here we have a Dragon 's tail sweeps a third of the stars out of heaven what could this possibly mean overhead anything above this is right inside the same chapter it gives us the explanation of the two the Dragon is to skip down to verse nine will be coming back to it in a moment for right now Skip ahead to verse nine it tells us who the Dragon is verse nine says so the great dragon was cast out okay will come back to the you can't know it in just a minute before right now keep this in mind the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old apartment there soon as you hear serpents of old in the Bible would store you go back to Genesis we just read about the serpent speaking to the woman right in the opening that serpent of old and what else can we call them call the devil and new makes no and no no ambiguity at all whatsoever as to who this Dragon is the power were talking about Satan himself who deceives the whole world begin to take you back to the Garden of Eden he was asked the nurse and his angels were cast out with enough over there and he wasn't just cast out by himself who also came with him his angel will be go back to verse four it said his tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and through them where they are is it possible that stars are a symbol for Angels and Bible prophecy was not only possible is actually true and Jesus himself tells us so we giving the revelation twelve and the back Revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one again were just letting the Bible unfold and explain all the symbols for us we don't have to guess Revelation chapter one not only is it about Jesus but is actually given by Jesus this prophecy of the John with having an Jesus himself speaks and he says there in verse twenty Jesus explains what some of these symbols mean Revelation chapter one verse twenty he sells John the mystery of the seven stars which you saw in my right hand and the seven golden lamp systems are this the seven stars are the what in Joel 's of the seven churches and the seven lampstand you are the seven churches so in the first chapter of Revelation Jesus was seen by John as walking among the seven lampstands and holding in his hand seven stars and you noted Mister Jesus said let me explain it to you these seven stars are the seven angels of the church is an angel is another word for a messenger sent by God Angel messenger and he said the seven lamps and are the churches themselves though the Bible tells us what the symbols mean the government client is now back to Revelation chapter twelve we start putting the pieces together let's go to verse three again again another sign appeared in heaven and behold a great fiery red Dragon which we know now is Satan was standing there and he describes the verse or future is detailed to a third of the angels of heaven and the earth now in what position his feet in relative to the woman herself are you just seen a picture of the woman and her condition and standing on the moon being about to give birth to a child right and then he sees another sign this Dragon and how those two relates over spore continues and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth to throw a party that was that Abbott shall course not what the standing there to do according to Scripture to devour the child as soon as it was born so now these two signs come together easy the Chavez woman has been about to give birth and now we see this Dragon who apparently is quite upset about this child is going to be born will no surprise we went back to Genesis chapter three can see why is he so upset about the start going to kill him right because you know in order to getting what I need to do in the contacted first nothing about this when Jesus was born when Jesus was born Satan didn't wait thirty years until he began his ministry to start technologies in fact the moment Jesus was born there was the death decree on it that right but the Lord had said an angel tell Joseph take your children take your baby down to Egypt and come back out of a certain product guide them around the entirety of Jesus life from the moment of his was under the gun from Satan from the fiery red Dragon trying to take out Jesus before he accomplished his mission because of Jesus mission was accomplished Satan knows undone so he's going after the this child and notice here in the chapter twelve is original concern is not necessarily with the church with the woman it's with the child the woman would bring for now if he can get the woman to go off course and not have to child to start with that would be great with him to write but his main objective is getting the child and I will diversify what happens with that child she bore a male child and begin a child with a C this is a reference to Jesus Christ who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to God and his throne by the way verse five is the entire description of Jesus life his ministry his death his burial his resurrection and ascension into heaven into sentences in one verse she bore a male child was to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to God and his throne so Satan 's plan to get an advert did not work by the way it failed also we try to get them in his ministry started to fail the moment across every moment you try to chase you can get them down but this child had a very brief ministry the blood with an effective and as soon as he comes up he gets is almost like one of those things were easy incoming like this Dragon try to get up and Jesus gets out of his grasp goes up to heaven in Satan 's primary target Jesus Christ as the state 's plan of this is a very big deal done notice however the revelation chapter twelve is not focused on the life and ministry of Jesus is not a detailed history of the ministry of Jesus Jesus ministry is sensual and its resurrection and heaven and ascension into heaven is central but the prominent features are the woman and the Dragon this is not just a history of Jesus Christ of the history of Jesus people on the earth church so now Jesus is the board 's mission is successful he returns up to his father in heaven what is a verse six said the woman fled into the wilderness nowise the woman running away he was after the woman he was after Jesus right but did he get Jesus know so busy just give up and I guess I'm not no for six the woman fled into the wilderness which he has a place prepared by God that this shape that they should feed her one thousand two hundred and sixty day and again if you are this is the first time you've ever read Revelation chapter twelve you think what in the world is one thousand one in sixty days me but in all the Scriptures to go before it specifically in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation this particular time reference is mentioned repeatedly it means one thousand two hundred and sixty literal years of persecution that the church would endure after Jesus completed mission on the earth after he returned to heaven the church was going to go through a time of persecution for one two hundred and sixty years but apparently the Lord would take care of her but the Dragon is not happy which would let us pause at this point to ask the simple question I can as this is the first were introduced with Dragon why is he filming what is the delete as well obviously he goes back to the garden right what is there something that happened even before the garden the why was even trying to lead people away from God to start with what was the deal what's the background story of this angry red Dragon will that's where verse seven starts and gives us the background story of this dragon and his war against this child doesn't verse seven and war broke out where to breakout and have barely there was a war in heaven before this earth even got going Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and the dragon and his angels fought apparently the war through the Dragon and his angels and Michael opposing him and his angels there was a war in heaven verse eight but they didn't know what prevail with other word for prevail when Ludwig did not win that means they did lose there was a war in happen and the Dragon has already lost that war and notice what it says you know what happened because of what they did not prevail nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer they were removed from heaven their places taken away verse nine we've already read it did not make sense in this context so the great dragon was cast out now we know the hardware at an that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he was cast to the earth angels were cast out with him so now we go back we read Revelation chapter three we see that serpent in the tree we know the back story of why he thought that the fees already lost against this guy wants and now he wants to deceive this world get them allied in his side and take on Jesus instead of in heaven now on earth they were cast out with him now look at verse ten finally I find it fascinating that when Satan first rebelled in heaven and when that war was fought and when Satan and his angels lost that war they didn't lose their life they just simply lost their place in heaven they were cast out instead of being blotted out of existence and overcast beer and now the war that had been in heaven is now raging on the earth but associate down verse ten then after he's been cast out then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation and strength in the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brethren who accused them before our God day and night has been cast down interview it is quickly read that you think all verse ten is simply repeating what we just saw in verses seven through nine about the war in heaven they were cast off was just saying it again but I don't believe that's the truth and tell you why because look at the testimony to Jesus gives in John chapter twelve leave your finger in Revelation twelve and go back to the gospel of John written by the same individuals who wrote the book of Revelation John John chapter twelve and look at the words of Jesus as he approached the cross of Calvary and persecution John Chapter twelve in good and verse thirty one as Jesus is nearing the end of his ministry Dean knows that his time is short notice when he said he says and now is the judgment of this world now the ruler of this world will be with those that cast out will be asked I thought you'd been cast out long before the earth was needed is it possible that the destruction of Satan and his rebellion happens in multiple steps originally the war was fought in heaven he was lost his place he was geographically is cast out of the courts of that what if the cross there was a second casting out of sight and how to win over Dartmouth across the about I just keep reading John chapter twelve verse thirty two new and Jesus himself says that I if I am lifted up from the earth will draw all people to myself because I was still how do we know he's talking about his death on the cross keep reading with verse thirty three this he said signifying by what death you would die so apparently at the cross of Jesus Satan was cast out on yet somehow know he was already cast out of the courts of heaven but what you find out at the cross of Christ and of the whole sermon series goes with this but the cross of Christ those who watch that war in heaven had heard God say the truth about himself I am love I would give anything I would sacrifice myself for you I have you versus the live thing was telling achieved by the way thirty the liar and the father of it even murder from the beginning but he had that in his heart he's been lying about God thing and you are not love you are not kind in fact you're actually opposite of that I on the other hand offer you freedom interestingly by the way in Revelation twelve in verse seven the word war it's employed there is the word Paul Lemos which is where we get our English word for limit which is an argument if the verbal battle at the battle of ideas at the war of words between Christ and his adversary the Dragon or state and when it was just the war of words you can hear pricing it up this is writing things a minute of this is right and at some point if summoned by the way this is a handy tip for life if someone ever called you a liar you know you can't do you can't come back with no I'm not why not be biologically that's exactly what a liar would say fetal will air live the comeback that would be the veto lying in a and you can save as much noted trust me I'm not a liar is exactly would ally with her at some point the war of words have to go beyond just words and when Jesus came and died on the cross to help it was more than words when Jesus Christ laid down his life the entire universe for the very first saw the words of God lived out in the life of Christ and by the way they saw the true character of the we revealed the very first time Christ on one hand would you have everything were Satan would take everything even the life of God and when the universe saw that for the second time back were done without listening anymore he was cast out the notice is the third step of that revolution twelve solo versus seventy nine of the original war in heaven when he lost his placement is cast in the courts of heaven verse ten he was cast out of the sympathies of heavenly beings there done with them they see the difference between Christ and his enemy and now in verse eleven it says and say in speaking of a vest that their brother and who been accused by him from first-hand and in verse eleven and they overcame him now not only did Christ when but those who claim to be Christ's start overcoming Satan in Jesus name he realized the oh my influence is getting even smaller and smaller and smaller and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony notice they don't overcome in their own strength but they lead the blood of the lamb in their behalf and to begin overcoming Satan 's influence shrinks and they did not love their lives to the death was lost did not love his life to the death was about Jesus Christ their overcoming Satan in becoming more and more like he sees his influence 's whittling down less and less and less violent verse twelve therefore rejoice O heavens and you who dwell in them woe to the atmosphere the lessee for the devil has come down to you having great wrath exceedingly upset now why because he knows what does he know for certainty and he has a short he knows that the clock is running out on him and his administration he used to have universal influence newscasts in the courts of heaven and the all of the universe was still unsure about it and they saw across the he was cast out again and now those who look to Jesus for their salvation by the blood eleven where their testimony begin to overcome the devil 's influence is even smaller and he looks down the chain of history knows at this rate my time is almost up and notice how we react to that he doesn't just get self-pity and wallow in his own sorrow it is says that the devil has come down to you over and happened to see the devil has come down to you having great what rat he's very very angry which delegate back up on our story of the woman and this Dragon verse thirteen now when the dragon saw that even cast of your he did what was the next work persecuted who the woman the church who gave birth to the male child by the way as is the Old Testament church or now where's that the New Testament church is an adjustment church how do we know because she's given birth to the child right the child has been born had his ministry got up to heaven and now pussycat in Jesus he goes after the church the claims his name he persecuted the woman who gave birth to male child but the woman was given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness to her place which in our dimension Revelation twelve where she is nurse for time times and half a time which we had the further time to study this out we could find it time times and half a time warp forty two months as we saw in Revelation eleven or were one thousand two hundred and sixty days all of those detained same time span of one thousand two hundred and sixty years of persecution she was persecuted but the Lord had guided her and given her nourishment for that time it says here Dragon was not happy birthday themes of the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the one may cause her to be carried away by the flood but the earth helped the woman and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood with the dragon spewed out of his mouth and then we did the very last verse we've almost read an entire chapter the book of Revelation up with the revelation twelve or seventeen and the dragon was in radiation window woman so apparently he tries persecuting her one thousand two hundred sixty years and to some degree he has been successful but there is this one last vestige of faithfulness that he just can't shake and he is not pleased in fact he is enraged like the way the King James version says that the dragon was wrong individuals like almost only about the angry so you can understand the very beginning he lost toward with cast out and that made them angry that I finally got the keys become theater and he's going up to the male child and you lost there as well okay to his followers in he's losing there as well and now at the end of time there's this one last group on earth who will not bend the knee who will not give an infected describe them here it would make war with the rest of her offspring typically some of the offspring of thought away he's been victorious over some son has given it but there's this one last group who keep the commandments of whom God by the way him show God that you love them as you keep the command is Jesus himself and if you let me do what my myth he's not looking for lipservice he's looking for life service and this is one group will claim his name but they overcome by the blood land by the word of testament to go not love their lives so that they are not afraid of all the things of Satan they have no fear because they looking at Jesus and they understand the greater is he that is in them that is even into the world and the Dragon is extraordinarily angry using arrays with a woman and went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ and that's where the chapter ends friends it gives us an overview a snapshot of the history of the church from the Old Testament time through the ministry of Jesus the title persecution it would come after Jesus and then at the very last segment of funders is one faithful group who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus eventually some of the other offspring of fallaway some of the other Osprey had been overcome apparently be implying if they do not keep the commitments of God or have the testimony of Jesus Sabina boyfriends if you looking for church to join very simple the first thing you look for do they say they love Jesus every church says they love Jesus but do they actually keep the commandments of God apparently there's been any one group who loves Jesus and not to not just say it but to live it with a lovely keep his commandments and they had this testimony of Jesus which will be a burden of a study later time but there's this concept out there that the dragon is angry he knows that his time is short he knows that his influence is winding down any one of the world on his side if possible this is one group just will not remit will not give up will not bow the knee they continue to keep the commandment of God about the testimony IW president I want to be part of that group as I look at this flow of history were not in the Old Testament times pray the Lord will looking forward to the first coming of Jesus it's already happened and I pray the Lord Jesus did and that he was successfully needed go back up to God 's throne and he's ministering our behalf in it but right now and I'm glad of that time of one thousand two hundred sixty years of persecution has already were already past that we are living in that revelation twelve or seventeen time in the question part you would like this is going to be a people who keep the commands of God and the testimony is the question I happy to even be one of are we going to be that commandment keeping people who whatever the world says doesn't matter we want to know what the words whenever God 's word says we go with it because we love Jesus enough to keep this media was brought by audio parents a website dedicated to spreading God 's free audio and much more know more about our universe the more certain is www. .com universe .org


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