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4 - His Incredible Gifts

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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Shelley Fraser Gerhard as we presented your incredible gifts tonight we just made me a mail up on the wall fastens securely in its place then from this thing so when so small hangup right picture like face and we thank you Jesus name amen it is an incredible gift this is speaking of conditions of answered prayer thirty years ago I swear studying this new kind of prior learning the ABCs of prayer I found myself burdened down with one aspect but Doctor conditions that conditions my friends and for some reason another as I was coming up as a young Christian it seemed to me probably people who presented it admittedly but it seemed to me like they are sort of thing that you heal must fulfill certain conditions and to fulfill these conditions and to a certain level then you can ask of art and the then will hear and answer on and I'm the only one that felt that way as anyone else kind of felt that way I see yes what a number here and admit you are doing this have probably felt the same way it I must do this and this and this and this and that and want to come up to a certain level of having fulfilled the conditions then I come and talk to the Lord and a lot of times to my rescue and answered my prayer now I want to notice to begin with tonight my friends the foolishness of such a philosophy one of the kind at the media Jesus said in John fifteen Marcelo if you are providing me and my words abide in you you may ask what you will will be done and he tells us in first John two four units of final payment and that's not his commandments is a liar the truth is not in the and in first John the chapter the twenty third verse it says this is how we know that he answers us if we keep his commandments so that is obedience it is a condition not notice if I had to obey the Lord bringing myself up to a certain level before I can expect a lot of answer my prayer then my friends if I put up a handful of electronic recognition if I can do that without asking and without then I could make that happen without a bright can you while I obeyed God in our spring know in the way it's impossible so in media finally obedience and once I got the downward obedience of God is not promised to it is absolutely outrageous noise so we growing grapes there many things as we grow along that we find women I've innovate like I said yesterday I'm a big better today it's a as we brought in through the acceptance of this day abuses of Reagan was the Bible say that anybody would know before you get a text and a you can remember what does it say that obedience is him and twenty seven is a new hot also I give you a new spirit will I put women you take away the stony heart out of your flesh in the marketplace and I will put my Spirit within you and I to walk in my statutes so as to God 's upbringing is great so he doesn't say law one you must first of any that you only need you can ask me to help no driving and I need his help to eleven a.m. amen in fact I is in my garden located so begins it is very good this is very important because I also found many of my fellow church members would notice him to run the players and they would start to zero in on this law you know you've got to know that through but that's not enough to if I say you've got to obey God and I stopped there it's a big no one said anything because the time I got to be something that you can do is believe in what frustrated and discouraged that he is a man swollen like that yes you must obey me either good luck I didn't even obedience on videos is a previous I know in your heart I'll give you your heart out I will freely in your nearby I will do it so now we say yes I must obey but I have a except as I reach out any sense of childlike faith a large here is a great problem in my life I I I just can't get you are in this area but want to tell me that doesn't mean it is your previous so I have I believe I thank you that I am now receiving the gift of obedience to the life of Jesus Christ so as a condition of answered prayer is a free gift let me give another example when I was a little why I heard many preachers going this next song sixty six eighty is that if I regard iniquity in my heart the log will not hear me all right now so I got with I have to repent of cherished iniquity and if I do not repent up cherished iniquity in me right that's what it says this is viable and then years later I learned that you know how I can keep from cherishing iniquity you know how I can read and cherished iniquity it does not come from the common suffering from heart is the promise I chapter five verse thirty one Melissa did this hint but is Christ God exalted with his right hand to be a prince and a Savior fourteen on repentance sin is the gift of the Lord beloved so every time that you and I try to shame anyone and repentance were not using God 's methods is characterized same people in repentance instead of trying to build them into attending Wes I will send your Holy Spirit and then I said I presented in Christ that the province will be fulfilled in God exalted with his right hand of your prints in the figure he was right and up him this is not me save his beloved if right now during the service of any meeting this week if the Holy Spirit speaks to you and as he speaking something seems to be within you say I'm sorry for the life I live remember that did not come from me that was the gift of the Lord with a copy of your attendance I'm right now try to fill your heart with sorrow for that thing you do on your newest Regency and I is repented thank you I decide I've done that so written this is something we work on it something that God gives us free of charge repentance Jerry said occupant something else company said that the medical problem that I have is I don't have enough faith in the Bible says without faith it is impossible to please him and I will expect an answer to my prayer when I don't have anything present all of a sudden did you know when you're born you are born in a package by which faith was a part one the twelfth chapter and verse says go down to every man a measure of faith and ethnicity here tonight as they regional that God gave us this week what is the world with faithfully at the Berkeley community idea if you haven't had a you know you wouldn't walk in the spelling it was because you believe the building would be here vegetative state the building would still be here that some cyclone or tornado would've taken it away to breed an earlier agreement I would be unlocked you may not actually be on you may at the same man you want me to you it will be here on a misdemeanor will you you cannot get a signal on a separate already would just as the ladies are ready to say is a gift obedience is again red pen of sponsors that is a gap the new heart is again Ezekiel thirty six twenty six transit depth gives that the fifty seven thanks made in God giveth us the victory every single condition the answer is up for you from the hand of God will have one of these conditions you find yourself week concerning the laptop in the face of God within you promised me that this is a free my friends does not take the legalism only aren't you glad that we aren't expected to try to lift ourselves by our bootstraps to galaxy when I could be good enough God will be God who says we are Jesus died for us while we were yet sinners while we were still his enemies Romans five aged ten he loves as well as the amount of July thirty one three when the lovingkindness is gone this will give you attendance I give you forgiveness and ability while I give you eternal life Romans six twenty three the gift of God is eternal life so years ago as I went through those things I suppose Lord help me to get this in the somehow someway language people everywhere I go we realize that we don't have to do this and this and this and this and this before God begins to answer for you give me immediate at the fire burning in the Israeli and in such a sin said more you mean the thing that I liked so well you'll get new hatred for the thing I like long after getting a good Genesis three fifteen hour enmity Jesus said to them our empathy sent between you and the woman between your seed and her seed in other words he was not really telling them that when Adam and Eve that the Messiah would come but he was telling the commission of a hostile but let's make it possible Jesus Christ would make it possible for your link is that they we naturally love to think like that but the Lord that they are not doing well I find myself clinging to and not thinking about the look to me I'll give you a report how many times I've pray that I never was a boy I know as a boy I just don't want me to stop doing this lab and I'm glad I stopped I couldn't stop it I learned this the identity completed but like you said I had and that includes hot statement for the thing that he liked what I ask again to hatred that will delete your getting the report you you cannot like you and in Jesus name client friends time and again and again and again and you'll be astonished at the distance that God will bestow upon I found also that we can do that for others we can ask God to deliver all the people in Matthew Chapter eighteen verse nineteen human recording it and another's him Jesus said to them you shall agree as having anything that they shall ask it to be done for them of my father which is in heaven you know what the context before that was dealing with somebody somebody would lost his way and people could meet together and ask God to deliver that person and the Lord will deliver to you shall agree why have some wonderful favorite authors one of my favorite authors has written a book and this book states of Grace from conviction and it says this and this comes from the word of God people can come and play God promised I have so converted to the book entitled many medical ministry I believe it is page two hundred forty four I have this view and in what is referred to the souls that have no desire apparently to do right to grade or more signal heart is a soul this will not knows nothing but the JavaWorld missile doesn't know anything about the giant Nvidia Fellowship in Jesus but before I used to get me the soul Joseph Jordan and I was subject to bondage I must have been so let's give it to you to limit you look like does that he said Angels of light in the Angels of darkness and that so that is a victim of the devil but that was released was released and many people completely safe but does God force a backslider to be saved no he doesn't know enough and I returned with two digit him he is advancing I am not the last lighter who choses the burn in hellfire no one is ever companies that I want to get in hellfire and so was to be burned and held choir makes you happy and that will present the world in all its light it looks on the TV screen some of these views of April faces and they got to get several hundred dollars just this mile and we can hardly wait to get home to commit suicide but all we see is the smile and the man and the boy and young people look at those monolithic I like to be happy like and then they take a look at many first Christians and one of these the other professed Christians face and I expect them to go as expected that is why they can be happy then I said I like to do so I'm what please call the TV no as he was even happy under the logistics which tells us something doesn't it it tells us my friends it's up to you and me to let men and women know that we found that joining of Jesus Christ when you say now that this is your brain every online plan that was supposedly all you nothing of the kind he chose us to be happy he doesn't see the happiness in his Christian friends and he is obsessed with a desire to be happy to be happy to be happy and we go an advantage of the getting up that's what happened when I try to be happy may God forgive us what you think will be interesting hello Kristin on John and satisfaction that we realize the study on the blessed is your known Ms. that service that's what the question these the Vienna convention oh well this message one one two convention of the message found in Psalm sixteen eleven he presents that is what I if we don't enjoy even in our perplexities if we happen than the general Jolly and Jesus Christ my friends as we start waiting for somebody out of Christ is available on our given the gift of joy regional joint is wondering if the fruits of the spirit from the spirit as well John I missed the mark of the Holy Spirit what you say you want right now we claim the promise of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of love and joy and peace so that these people were losing their layer gone out in the world and do not see chart reflected in our conferences made a sea of July large around the house no matter what problems we have because we believe in Jesus Christ thank you for hearing us a Jesus made he man now that these gifts and recognition unsurprisingly I did let I did the other being invisible the new article to repentance is again forget this is a chart like this again salvation is that Jesus is again transferred to someone we knew we ask we believe everything you are seeing that occurs prayer is like a radio wanting to broadcast is already going on the beams of the broadcast believes are beating against that radio all the while I think but not until it tubes in thousands received that's why they say how the reception where break talk about the prior reception we conclude in the life of Jesus Christ in the form of obedience we zoom into the life of Jesus Christ in the form of repentance are aged for that which is evil because as we tune into Jesus we see a satisfaction found in that there's not in the world to me I ask you you promise to give me this hatred for this sin that I live I will elaborate large you promised you cannot lie and so on I believe I had an excellent athlete you're not Catholic I is he will try and we didn't play that way we enjoyed not just sit there and try it's amazing what will happen and recognition that Reagan 's gifts are incredible now them we ask God to give the repent repent of someone else let me give you an illustration not long after my wife and I did not learn this new kind of prayer and were thrilled with it but God had done some wonderful things while I presented to you under the six thousand dollars for my friends was just a tiny bit of experience in which we pass if I would tell you the whole experience you say sure that God has worked miracles for Glenn who miracle after miracle after miracle I'm a living miracle debate not myself but to the and recent Lord Joomla! one I kept thinking about how he gives us these these conditions the free gift and I didn't want entitled gods choicest gifts in the network is now known the rent book entitled God 's promises solve my problem and put down that hatred for sin is a gift it around me because I've never intended so I did one page God gives me a good person and one of the text that I place that was Genesis three fifteen ounces are in the theogony one hundred percent nine centimeters this is a workbook so that anybody that's worried about conditions can know that every condition enterprises forget it wasn't long after that I just barely got this little book out and I learned that those young men in our church he had a wife and two lovely children is working at a hospital about fifteen miles away but he was a member of my church family and I learned that he had become infatuated with a nineteen -year-old girl she is working at the same hospital and when I heard about it someone can revisit a couple becomes Wintersteen just the other day and if you don't I try to call the eighteen ninety eight deacons eighteen ninety eight deacons knocked not modern pagans beaten eighteen ninety eight vegans would be the kind of Dickinson said listen here to realize what you're doing you'll probably love electro same on you shame on you you know because I can say is not video straighten up the gospel the gospel is not all got the same people that go to the park salvation which is afraid to even and when they got through the end of many poor and I got more of your minister is with me down to see this young man I do know that he become infatuated with ready to divorce his wife and young minister said yes I will why when I was sent to reminisce the ninth of several promises in my heart then you'll be interested you may want to take a note because you'll be visiting people in a like situation and you don't have to call on me to do it you can be used as an instrument item Genesis three fifteen as a problem I ask you to give this young man and this young woman and not for each other David Villa Sammy Genesis three fifteen I believe you are doing it and I thank you for and what I'm claiming the promise was done by six eighty if any man see his brother sin a sin that is not under that that's important to ask and you will and I I ask you to give this young man this young woman like what the be I believe you're getting on why prophecy I kind of art by thinking you that you are giving them like first job by escape now in order to be used large I ask you to give me wisdom James one five if any wisdom let him ask of God giveth to all men liberally not rated not it shall be given him but let him ask in faith nothing wavering I ask you to give me wisdom to present it in the right way I believe you're getting the width of the present Jesus Christ in the right way I thank you you are doing it and then I claim the promise eleven thirteen for the Holy Spirit is not what I say it's what the Holy Spirit says that only and directly right so I could invest more promises as I recall about the only young minister went on the young man's home in the dark just like in this house working in the garden sun was just setting and in the country where I was between the time the seven is only a few minutes that it was working in the garden and the sun was setting and it was already getting dark quickly and we looked into the house from the backside and that was the kitchen and result alike come on in the house and his wife was working in the kitchen the kitchen was so situated that she was working the kitchen the window she looked through the window she could see us and what we were working we could see further in the kitchen and how I can't how are you going to go to person I was eight you were made by going to give you obedience don't give you remember God make it possible for you to like it now I see what efforts right you don't fulfill these conditions acceptable mighty power of God there is afraid so I didn't go tonight I was I was enthusiastic shouldn't we be enthusiastic oversoul will be saving God 's kingdom when you say you want on the baseball diamond you know what somebody gets a stick and a final-round something about three inches in diameter and some who really dreamed this powerful set of muscles that will stay with us in all that he will step down as I because he was able to knock that little ball four hundred and then we come into the Church delivered the same Jesus died on Calvary so I must act like a corpse I must be just as dead as possible because somebody made them think I'm religious the more dead appear the more sanctimonious I appear the more Brian I will call him with enthusiasm I can definitely wonderful view of the implement I'm not as tall bike that I've learned about the problems of the Bible promises and all these promises are given us we can ask and we can believe and we can not be received and will batgirl I think you know I'm not coming soon to all interested I don't not appreciate the past I don't give her up the Journal why does God promise he promises that make it possible for us that nothing will their beloved England brother and as I was try to think a minute just a moment just formal legal argument I go to bring lots choice and the Holy Spirit is fixed in my mind Philippians two thirteen is God working in you both to will and the new and the lots of cool I'll call making willing and are given the power to break up and I was so thrilled I should bother the inode is to say I think it's your I know you're not willing to bring up are you willing to be made willing and going three times I think my mentor I'm willing to be made willing and in my heart thank you you're kidding in the gift of obedience hatred for Sam you are giving them free of charge hatred for this life usage of the English and in Genesis reflecting our estate in my heart and looking at all this in the pilot of a opinion that Donnie is an emphasis inside of five minutes him the masonry said pastor I warned America now friends the coffin I come to conclusion that one of the reasons why it takes us along to win the Boulevard is because we use devilish methods and we think are scolding will do it it won't we think that we belittle them a little input in his work send them to do and I found my friends the great thing that you and I simply did not price it shall represent the will of the gospel as we work to resolve the then acting like that I'm accusing them that was all right and accusing them right he was my brother and one was not accusing a man because he done wrong using both methods like we spoke a little earlier recommended many of the goal of the meeting on me not beer he said I see what's wrong with me now is that I've been working for the lard like the devil is in the center nothing about the difference between accusing and convicting voice that convicts the double accuses me she was a newbie in any way shape or manner why because God says I will give them repentance not regular do you claim I have been written and directed in the government I make it possible for me soon I give them a different attitude you will represent my lower right and no that you have brought in the nose I hope God but that he currently exhibits you might break up is aware you say that Wylie said you won't see well I'm craving a promise that she well in the morning about the promises and the promise of somebody only what they love it wasn't him that she loved it was sensuality that Sheila and she thought it was him the question should break up the signals you will knows you want what you said he said we talked over the other day and she told me repeatedly broke up she would commit suicide you know I know she would commit suicide artillery one was the land is worth committing suicide over sometimes how people come to mean Academy the college usually in Academy missing less eloquent pastor Thomas tonight I found a boyfriend he's just what I was attempting to Father's Day I couldn't and didn't get it we don't go is no promise by Citibank using the word about hanging on to you but I don't want to talk about was worry I said that just like a bus if you lose one another will be long and thirty minutes no man is worth committing suicide over so I know she wouldn't do that and the second reason was and the reason was God says I will game you like a good person and God is through God keeps his word what we need to believe that fellows questions as to know that God will keep his word the man we have to start we don't have to we don't have to play we don't have the same people the gospel is veiled Regent Sherry finish she will permit suicide to break up now with another caution don't ever give God a deadline but I did I've done it I think five times in fifty years once in every ten years and only then when I had asked such a special message from the Holy Spirit that is and the lot conveyed to me that night that she would break up the Claire is about how should you make up the night we went down seer as you recognize that she won't but I will and I was arguing that I was persuading also like the slain man you persuade them with your head bowed down Michael Ross the people and of God God is keeping his word God is so I think your break up tonight is and what evil he doesn't optical blade is doubtful that we should remember to want to accept and remember to say what I was smiling jump in the car the umbrage at something going on the fifteen eighty miles by the time we got there these people were up early sleepers every one of them informed about the life throughout and this is the first sign I had that the young man of weakening when he saw the lights out I could see that he was happy and I feel he said he said I'm going to bed I said the ABCs of fact Islam means what the city is not your thing then I think you going only without him I will admit that when I not at all you'll be taken when you buy this wake up and you think the work this one will have given the work is on the Colorado appointment I'm not there I not is one of business and what not found not in the door will be open and you know a lot of people who don't recommend doing this is you mean you couldn't promise for practically with promises of our different one hundred and eighty one is a must so that some are you know when it's not going to scare but I'm not that a little stronger than most preachers who may not work as it was a style of making a piece I think the pictures they know we were going filmmakers we come to straighten things out with your daughter is going to bed as a seal what's this is where I wanted to have received you can't thing the night and then as I believe I claim that even I could swear that's not the way to pray for Loretta I claim and I'm taking absolutely in Jesus name alleluia they say I think you wake up on her to call through Alice are you willing to do more for Bangalore supports the two got dressed cannot walk right down within the car and got right in the colorless not talk about the miraculous power of God friends him him in the written gotten the car night babies vomited all over again for wisdom James one vying for the Holy Spirit Luke eleven thirteen for the soul of these people first John five extreme Genesis three fifteen in the park very quickly get back from heaven faith you want to put Magellan prayers all while you allow people to the pre- Magellan prayers together people pray in public Magellan prayers Magellan the tallest in school was the first man to sail around the world I learned recently to get around the world Magellan prayers are people pray all around the world in public while others write up on it before somewhere as you all are praying for the week Magellan prayers when you're before the public and in a situation like that no payments I haven't thanked you Lord to give you the only Nazi android is taking place you want to get the justice of the programs I turned towards the Lord impressed with a second was the treat her like a princess treat her like one is an amazing you know how sanctimonious we are in you know we say to other people something like this you better send the way I say in all you better stop sending prosecutor she's my princess was working on craigslist Salt Lake looking at the know just try when the cat is is it still is still wrong the owner back home in Tennessee was what I get than when I do I find the groundhog to take over him in front of his how long and looks at me and I know we can't have an yesterday conversational I look at him as a leader in my property is about the local here I don't mind dear before you get Mister groundhog you know he said that I'm here to stay know you are not went on for my fixed effects your here to stay which was the underground in a different in a different way it will be a dead also traps that can overcome days later finally ground out your thumb one call in one trap another call in another track I wish I wish I'd known this better way to take care grown pumps another another trap and the fourth point in the fourth track and was no wrong huggable it was my neighbor 's cat I wanted to policy I want domestic CCTV she's at now listen friends present telling you this right in the middle of the story is this that can before that was trapped it belonged to my neighbor trap who did it belong to say neighbor that young woman was trapped in this list grab whose childless he the Lord Jesus God whose jealousy the Lords the young man was trapped without whose child was a the Lord up with jealousy the Lord is the Lord cinematic style that is interviewed by the Holy Spirit one trap just like I let the cat out I put it aboard between the gap in the and I let them talk and another in the know that when I'm out for call back at what I shot them is that I found my neighbors house but my friends come over selling but my friends God led me anyone leave you at your millennium he then even that that by not taking it really is a gift of God so I turned your and I treated her like a princess I want to bring the Princess and you'd modulate your voice into Princess I said that we called in the interest of this young man's home he has a lovely wife and a couple lovely children and we wondered if in the interest of his home if you would be willing to break up I no sooner got those words out of my lips then she said yes sir yes I'm ready and I think I turned in the direction young man inside knowledge of a trap door insults on I looked in the direction of the young man the young minister in the Islamic novel and they looked in my direction and I had a hard time not do the same it happened so suddenly he turned the reason is but I I love you I love you for a long while she said I know what you were through he said but I want to sincerely she said I know it we were through and he began to whimper did notice that they did see a man who ever you know it's like a rooster who can't grow anymore it's no think it's the rooster cackle like that in you know you should ever need you know I don't need you with your and I turned over and I said would you mind telling me I'm so happy would you mind telling me why you say the soap him she said the best of my knowledge the hour that you pointed out was the very hour that we were in the back yard with that young man claiming the promise of God that God will give them hatred for the life that they laid about that she said Oxley amendment something swept over me and said you can break up and the Lord will wake up and I said what I want to break up you mean yes you said I was decided before you save the night that I was born by God that the condition of answered prayer is God 's we get let's recap is a lot I asked for repentance you will assume that I will I'm like a slave to that same but like you said that you get a report I'm not working but Jesus shed his blood on fabric for me I have purchased possession and while it is your practice possession you're going to the library promised this is the gospel of Jesus Christ thank God for his incredible gifts we went back home called his wife she came out we dedicated a whole a little after that my wife and I began our traveling ministry install pastor yes would you find it possible to speak of the young people of this church of what you are a pastor about substance at the time I said I was this and he was the same young man who would become infatuated and gone and you is not as instruments of the gospel not only with regulators on the leader I felt like hugging you my long-distance is rather difficult to realize that life is building lives and if any man be in Christ is a new creature him him reach up and ask him to do what he wants to do embrace incredible get his this is the gospel as I had about in prayer and eyes are closed I want to thank you personally for your wonderful dear log none of us deserves any of the gifts but thank you the blood of Jesus has purchased unlawfulness we thank you other approaches two thousand years ago all we have to do is take the if there's one here tonight large finds himself or herself in the law with some special infatuation of evil thank you just the repentance is being brought to that hot in the Harkins is rejoicing the heart I take the hatred for that simply to get me I think that the fringe of obedience which offer as freely as what I said about driver clothes is a woman Kate came into my without this assurance and you will take hold of this free gift of eternal life hatred for sin and the love of Christ which in Mister hand I think we thank you in Jesus name amen it was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to the gods were audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like this for certain is www. audio person or


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