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6 - There's Joy in Trusting Him

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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selling our heads in prayer dear Lord make me a mail upon the long passes securely in its place then on this thing so common and so small hangup right picture of thy faith and we thank you in Jesus name amen you'll recall that on the last study we discussed tools special secrets of communication there so I allow the sovereign well and humility the low third level down we found me still sacred when we conform to them by the blessing of our causes the soul will only communicate on when we could communicate and feel at ease in our presence if we do not observe joy and humility he feels restless in our present this evening we got into more of the seven secrets of communication James and John July in trusting Jesus and these are two vital secrets of communicating with the only pray just before you'll need to very learn the ABCs of prayer to learn how to clean Bible promises for download from your garden and then not to cooperate with the Lord in communicating we beat with the easier ones overplaying his decathlon our prayer we wish you could notice with me this evening from the holy Bible how about Joe I didn't seize us has out tremendously him I and on the lives of those when we visit Montenegro Medicaid and even that has almost gone description we can almost use the word annulus first of all I want to notice with me friends the emphasis that the Bible plus on the satellite S this snow I will emphasize is July eighteen hundred and twenty six nine you know if the emphasized that once it would mean that he expected us to learn about it right when you say even if he emphasized you really need that he ran his Internet if he emphasized that everything is not a hungry time visit my this must be true none the but I want to emphasize in this one volume the Bible being a part of the praising the Lord of thanking the Lord I'll be filled with giant Thanksgiving eight hundred and twenty six times so want representing you my friend is no mere theory the pilot will and the reason why the largest emphasize it so many times we want to share with you now know what is the relationship between trusting in Jesus are the joy of trusting Jesus is the relationship of this and prior there's a vital relationship not a problem from the lips of Jesus as recorded in John sixteen twenty four he scheduled me and received and your job will be one so you busy finally connected with a program you are your same anger July will follow and what again we read in Romans uplifting chapter in the thirty first values of July and easy installation they silently take the Bible promised for any problem in light we just don't hold a lot of promise we tell them we need easy-going reason why I was leaving a gaping alert nurses July in believing that God is getting off the solution but he promises it means we don't have one of the negative we go out around the problem waited for all the wrong dogs on a solution for every promise of God contains identity promises remember that an aesthetically so there's joy and peace in believing so until I is that John up trusting in Jesus is at the very center of BBC prime program question can do for this question he can understand many theories but he will not have a giant visa unless he believes in the Lord Jesus how can a person was I gone wrong was goes out the sex world was husband is in fact with someone else goes like this running around how can that person in the mid- in the most about tremendous trauma how can that person is happy there's only one went out and that is the believe the Lord Jesus Christ will give us solutions this book is for the solutions praise the Lord God has promised to keep his word so there's joy and peace in believing God but that is no majority of the Lord my friends him waiting for the sole when we couldn't indicate nice now hot we pray for a human soul we have to understand that sold no matter what tremendous problems that still have we gotten the Bible promised that the model say that so biomechanically this book tells us how the Jedi program and is it is set living program as we pray for a period Psalm fifty one twelve and thirteen restore him to be the job I apply salvation then what needs transgressors your way and status will be converted to you what does that say it's as when God reveals to me the joy of salvation when he reveals to me and I will be taken at his word and I know he'll keep his word then I can teach transgressors is wait with his wife that got away and when men and women realize that the layabout is a boy Santa Rosa will be converted you know in a previous study we almost dramatize the power a young man let us say it is the is being alert to the world and he sees his father and mother and various professed Christians another competences and he sees what worried he has been with me and they speak worriedly peanuts on the TV screen and what does they see all my all you can blame him for wanting to be happy my friends in your life a little on the long and the I wanted one we found that John Jesus Christ Psalm fifty one twelve and thirteen restore to me the joy of your salvation and its transgressors your ways one of his way the driveway wife the gospel is one of the meaning of the word gospel is the gospel is good news undercounted women do not knows everything about a committed your forget is that new real sense this power based on Ms. White is not a new value will not stop your life and the human cloning your boys and girls than you you belittle people got offended in all areas that usually meant to say that he knows your engagement of the job not done right in your business feeling north-south Daniel and outgoing to the wonderful success that's good news and I'll teach transgressors your way the wonderful job weight this is the God we have a wonderful site that solely by John Jesus up trusting Jesus will be reflected and people say naturally I choose that we all have a favorite author who's taught me more about so living than all other authors combine in the loop about the desire of ages page eight hundred twenty six and I want to hold about how Jesus went about doing unfolding dancing things he presents in the most all-knowing terms how did Jesus about saving people he presents his blessing not his negatives because blessings Jesus isn't going around emphasizing the negative be emphasizing the blessings people what that will only ever seen we left everything a volume Jesus said you will see that I will do is exist on your investment the drug is hundredfold on the times one dollar is ten thousand presented you well know my friends that Jesus Christ offers us only and that they we don't get anything really we sacrificing my sacrifice inviting Jesus does not one thing that Jesus is talking about that is not going to happen it only can save them and those feelings a man who is right now things the president of the most alluring curve I'm going he is not content to merely on now these blessings in prison than in the right way to excite a desire to possess them friends this is a way to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ ten million women that you found that so I have a salvation when not facing software praising the Lamb of God taken away the sin of the world and sinners looking on with a lowlife like what you have so there is the spiritual soul living benefit not really special living benefit but there's a spiritual benefit for ourselves in the joy of Jesus noticed this in James chapter one verses two and three we read these words and you may want to put it beside Revelation fourteen twelve and Revelation the fourteenth chapter in the twelve verse it tells us that those are ready to meet Jesus will be a patient people here is the patience of the site and saw how the dictation by the way neither would really like to be patient you will and God UMass prodromal new math problem do you know anyone in a conversation is a problem it is James chapter one verses two and three my brother and count it all so I let you fall into divers temptations knowing this that the trying of your faith worked with patience patience trouble but not just trouble it is our response to problem Romans of that chapter versus report says Wingo Harry and tribulations knowing that tribulation works patience when we go to unit one majority and it it works patience I remember several years ago my wife now conducting a series in St. Croix Virgin Islands and I had a great burden for all the people in the audience to reflect that John S of my eye I almost like to take a person but when I had to take the baby you know and I finally decided I would chose Amanda was sitting right near the front and I would start stop exhausting and ninety five saw the select that person exhorting men in the audience that accepted better source of brother brother about you rather I think it says here that you have rejoice if you follow a few thousand Alain Woodridge on your brother you know and what I was exhorting him goes along upon the ceiling and the law must depend the discerning of spirits Jacob he he he took the most gracious curve I've ever seen he seemed out of I was I have my glasses on anything between my glasses and my right eye went over my nose and he saw the I highly just like SMS on the scene and then I was still exotic with an campaign funds to synergize if you want me to jump you will and you must make the right response and I was going to the amulet occurred to me all at once the unit must rejoice or be a public hypocrite thoughts about what I but the rest of the evening breeze with one mouth in one nine and one oh one one for meeting that night that eyelid was swollen I said to my wife I've never had such a state in my life I said it looks like that I would be slower I thought I will rejoice in and the next evening when I went to church you wouldn't know that anyone's been anywhere around that last statement something for me I should praise the Lord all the while rich I spin he said this is the latest indication when you have troubles appraised in one people gossip about depression I went people slander you in the death of the Bible says the it does something for own spiritual life the Bible says I have told you in the furnace of affliction my friends the next time somebody because the cursor without notice member this is God 's appointed program the Democrats lost that we might have taken peace in believing that Jesus Christ was okay I get wet I cannot I think the Lord we don't have to retaliate like that circuit Rider one hundred years Margot is writing hot like motivational they can have a part in the three men had only met him on the cause when you are probably motivated they thought they are going to get all upset and so they said ones and how will you than the others and how although I think that wasn't how I wanted Jacob to journey said I'm neither Abraham Isaac Jacob but he said I installed the son of Kish who identified my father 's passive and I found them know that you leave the place of retaliation we can rather say is that I give them they know not what they do so when we rejoice in trouble it is something for all it do not say things another soul God uses at the perfect patient enough and that is no then do something else happens John Jay's office does something to any marriage eight a.m. jar of the Lord is your strength utilize the strength of marriage not trying to reform Army but the joy of art I think the lady gave goes on a Friday night certain place were holding meetings sell thousands about from here when the professional man and she was afraid that he was falling in love with one of the patients felt quite sure she said Sir what did I know my husband is isn't coming back home like yours do it a lot of things by which I feel white juries owning over this with this woman I know who she is what shall I do the Bible tells you what to do the Bible says in first Thessalonians five sixty five and are in first class twenty five eighteen it says waving goodbye these are not level one no not about baseball and love that woman the large that Jesus Christ will keep his word and help you to be happy no matter what happens a man and I said Nikolai Athans says that job a lot easier to write I figured you know how the women get a man like that also the Bible tells itself out how this woman gets in it tells how you begin by you guys yes it says in Proverbs she catches him with a pilot never see the picture that she is capturing human but I was also but not a lot Jesus said yes right now right in the body is the eye and the MIA can not just what is your strength I know in in ninety nine cases out of a hundred can never take that away from you if your child spouse happy delightful I said so you you you must ask the Lord for a honeymoon wrinkle in your eyes she's a double honeymoon twinkle honeymoon twinkle is what Japan before you married him but that one she said you think you have a honeymoon twinkle if your wife for leaving you I said never I would not have a honeymoon point at all unless gone anything I said if you try to start will you something you can do the floor as I was wanting in that what can I do I think this is what you can do the Bible says to rejoice all the while first Thessalonians five sixty and Nehemiah eight ten says that God provided your strength the strength that you know about experience is to have a honeymoon to go so I'm going to give you a very practical as you drill to engage in the eye said you write down ten words each of these words represent one thing for which your great cards should be grateful in words video maybe the first word is like a sentence for dogfighting up from Big Bang point of the simplest thing up as they go to Russia something we never thank the Lord for right and then when you put up or down then rising as you writing you see yourself writing then you hold that the pomegranate and you say and it conforms to a Bible text joint authority to restrain him I then so is brushed thank you that's going thank you hard that the driver Martin you might get thank you likely to rush and when you say that without you realizing it a little honeymoon putting job begins the made in the next word to put down his face what good with a toothbrush be without the truth makes you think that your larger public to make and without you realizing it a little more joy comes to guys you're not working on the eyes you don't want alongside he said that John Villani just trying and the strength is in the eye that China emanates from the honeymoon place as a tremendous drawing power well let's him but how about saying I want her to brush about that mid- vertebral brightness it had a brother Steve was meeting one night on the subject in he got just said but down to and a little old lady stood up way back in the middle of the auditorium and she said brother saying the old line by Dave I want my lungs as he thought about that I had to rush thank you I will space thank you for keeping the brush well let's see another shawl regular job even when Elizabeth Miceli did you ever try to control your teeth without any job is easy here your dentures out in space thank you cards also like even with like an excellent job with one guy must be gotten out in somebody back the audience turned to someone else visit now is getting silly I significantly instantly get along with alternate one-day my friends it allows you to go and how do I than it is committed by the other side of the largest earth right and then I could make a list of ten words each word in a sentence that you are far that you will cultivate your working thank you for the site template based thank you for the job that Anna Bank of America uneventful prayer they do not hold your breath by the ice it doesn't make this list of ten things than between now and tomorrow we what are the next morning then I sent tomorrow when we see when and how well it worked out I said if we attend a program like blogs and things that they can work more than twenty hundred hundred but that they had something pregnant is one business going on right tendon but I said since we're going up tomorrow eleven o'clock and when I met her level about the next morning it one day a friend just one day that I looked at that latest on I wanted to friends when I looked in her eyes sought to have anything I I thought if I if I were an American and she won a married woman I still wouldn't you because she wasn't cut out for me she is got out her husband and how sharing this program so that she would have in Jesus Christ that I got so what is your strength that is the strength of Mary Karen May God forgive us for being crab I've often said that enough to be a cool about being a Koran when using slowly uniting a little bit chasing the good angels await Evite .com around friends that I just is the strength of America's joy you will a few weeks later we received a letter dear Pastor and Mrs. Gould everything is all right in our home my husband and I honestly got again friends tried its tremendous God will bless us as we ask it to give us a sense of trust I shall trust in Jesus why because we know that all things work together forgotten the Romans eight twenty eight I know you're not on Calvary will really have hired there is anything related to the rest doing what you think I know they saw it up trusting in Jesus and the strength of trusting union is also help for the whole be body mind and soul in in the hundred third Psalm the first five verses it says this bless the Lord is my soul and I need bless his holy name and it's as if we do this if we praise him with everything that is within us he won't forget and brand equity the only zero diggs they went when we debate tomorrow in the resurrection revealing your amortization of the joint report now it says we should praise him with everything that is within us that is every sense of the that explain important you take a little cardboard about twenty square on this cardboard ten words in a column each one represents one thing for which you should be grateful now all that is within us it's surprising we praise and by writing out these ten words we then as we write them this is a sense of talks were going as we write we see ourselves right up at the sense of sight we cannot love cardboard in her hand and then we put these words of a sentence still talking and that's looking at a sense of sight then we think that you are not the simplicity and we ourselves fighting the battles of the very end rate since then we can implement a place in the eighties that you blessed with all insulin and you what do you believe in friend we have been checking on this in a clinical light more or less for number of years many of you heard how thirty years ago after I learned something about the ABCs of prayer saved in an almost crushed and I began to get my eyes off of Jesus the source of joy and I began as a wind of this thing that happened to me about three days is where traveling I was just crushed crabbing and complaining the next morning I couldn't out of it Doctor Miller a friend of mine that China Doctor Garner specialist so I made special with the same city like calling the people receiving he told me that I would be I would be laid up for six months with nerve exhaustion I started praising the Lord for all I was worth any three days out of the Michael thank you Lord now you've shown me the ABCs of prayer and the job I am trusting in Jesus I got my Jesus on the people and I lost my joy nothing up my mind on Jesus and his promises his joy and peace in believing I said was shared with the world I didn't go good job for quite a while but finally when they were holding a series of meetings in St. Louis Missouri is a lady to endorse almost the beginning of a series she said that the I'm in trouble she said I was involved in an automobile accident had surgery it was successful but it left my nerves in a state of shock she's gone one nurse specialist after another after another after another and she said they told me that there's nothing they can do it she said one finally said why don't you go wrong minister maybe he can get through to you you think you don't have that I don't recall x-rays and the positive living cleaning I said yes ma'am would you do what we can guess he said yes I said when you won't make less than ten words little cardboard to carry make each word in a sentence conforming to the Bible formula if it chemical chemistry joy plus the log display you might need them by the way did you know did you know that every time you praise the lard is a chemical change in the body it has been researched and told him when men and women praise the Lord and praise the Lord doesn't actually a chemical reaction in the body the physical reaction I said so you make a list of ten things thank you Lord for this thank you for the state archivist megalopolis you use a sense of touch the sense of sight the sense of space the sense of hearing on it is employed in blessing the Lord and he promises that you and then anymore attempt to have a hundred that whole day program is that I don't think you are going to buy drugs I don't like the devil can't you just closing the taken website compensated hydraulic like a significant particular at the end of ten days were closing our series she came up to me she said that something wonderful to tell me about Jesus I went back to my doctor and my doctor told me absolutely well and I know I am I said we ride out the Dale she ruled out the Jelinek certainly held without them when the park Florida and updating the very first night that meeting I received a letter from a lady one talk about anti- lady said I wanted to like I said I will happen to me all my life I'm thinking when she said it might want to want to my nurse specialist and he said you're well I said I don't I just what do you say to you when you go she said I don't did what you told me to do I want to sit on floor needed to get into it's only take a little cardboard right Edwards makes each word in the sentence the state appraisal appraisal was always pretend they still got a hot debate is important in the normal arrival but you know what happened on our enough account you don't I was so thrilled about letter that at the very first study that I gave in the church in Winter Park Florida Michael I read part of this letter I got myself in trouble so the give the best pastor would you take cool you over to visit a little woman about twenty six years of age is that she's fit to be committed she's an awful awful condition emotionally and when the pastor asked to go I felt like the world I've ever read that letter you had me going wrong best in all of the mental people that's not my calling I'm to get the gospel I just related expense of July but I do know is going to follow up most like to forget but now she's asked so we went we wrangle about that little lady came to the door I want to tell you what a picture her eyelids were way down to like shades over window worrying she just peeking out on the ocean as you talk your life will be to call me I thought all I hope Jesus said that and we sat on a cheapo he said come back to the healthy I said Lord help me she said I have lived in imaginary rule with no windows no doors for wall for twenty years and every year these last couple as you went into quite a bit of detail which will not she said now also supposed to be the Windows no door and is just driving me up those walls she said your can you help me I said we did what we could even imagine the trauma I was going through shout when you visit all right go get your pencil paper to another wobbly walking back send a message write down ten things for which are grateful I don't call inside of six minutes obviously written six things I should lady she done the best of anybody ever thought that class one of these recycled what was Jesus there's hope another thing to thankful for what her husband but to anyone on the thankful for husband this will sixties just like I said I was like four more things that can benefit all each of these in assignments conforming to the Bible jar of the largest earthquake we did with you I said and come tonight to the meeting and will go to have found at Kenmore portable guide to be one people are I succumbed to the meeting after study he said well all of every other night I should and I you have twenty things and if you want to get well faster at your last the twenty eighth nineteen ninety North eighty nine and ninety North and write down anything on the cognitive fun just keep thinking the use of low to get in the Asiatic honeybees which is usable that when he produced two days she had forty one should you looking better we coached along a little bit and greater the gas station at eighty two I said Lady you're looking better the shades were halfway up she looked like to split fifty percent or I said maybe how you feel she said I don't feel I do with your medicine when you don't get what you said I feel like I was in Texas we just been in Texas on the walls shift for Milwaukee Texas as well as Walter telling us about it had no windows North old he's a pastor windows and doors have come back in my wall there are days my dear friends had a you trusting Jesus in today's windows and doors enough to know that you never had she had never experienced a twenty years I think God knows what he telling us to do what he said trust in Jesus this is a joy entrusting him this helped investigate them I was so thrilled in the VA patient on hundred and sixty something I don't think about it but that's all I wanted to strike the island were on the same drop is stuck with elastic Sheila well you are to me like you're absolutely well she said I am identified with you on work once the inordinate number get their minds off of themselves about the how many hours a week well we can finish it she said I work ten hours a day ten hours a day one year ago ten hours late she said I babysit with little children I said system you must be well out of kill me now sitting with little children ongoing assessment is I think that what is right she said I'm absolutely well this is a place in the large my friends it's one thing to get people to praise the Lord it's a wonderful thing to be humble thank the Lord but my friends actually done in Jesus Christ to let the world know that we trust him it emphasized in the Bible it is the strength of soloing sinners and willingly converted it is the strength of married but so I wanted to write any of the strength of the soul for one we rejoice in all things patience is developed it is thus great my friends it is the spring of the body joy of the Lord is your strength on Mary Hart during the Black Hawk like medicine eight hundred twenty six text of Scripture so be thankful all these women to be thankful for the Lord will bring a touch of your fingers right now see yourself writing so him him herself saying from the time my friends so that they you would be deliberately astonished if we were to share with you what has been happening in communicating the joy of Jesus maybe I can share just one moral aspirations of soluble happened in communicating this joy recording a series of meetings a long ways from here a lady came to us can you help me I said I think so she said I have a problem with my husband she said he's one of my visit there both in their thirties he was a medical doctor she said he's a wonderful guy is you know what I was going to what it was a guy now even girls or guys she said he's a wonderful guy she said I can't stand the ground you walk I have sent a reply to the left can you help us again we did what we suggest she's outgoing tomorrow morning when you got Nicolas defend things which are grateful make each one and of the son of conforming to the Bible the largest drag and say thank you Lord for this thank you and thank you come back tomorrow night now go to Gisele doing the next night when she came she said on amazing thing to amazing things the way she said wanted this morning when I got up I was mad because I promised you I be thankful and I didn't want to be thankful and so I together rationalize I said my husband is here you'll think I'm crazy Bible run think tank particular and my older girls you'll be Gaiman signing so she said I waited till he went this bike is that going to school and I slept with my little girl and I realize that the Telugu I had to buy from she said after it is taken me one hour the list the first thing for which I've written I got it over why should I be nice for the reason it was never maybe grateful she said in front of the enemy I put down apartheid it took me an hour the next one that was really in trouble I she said it has taken me all day just a list template but she said that the next amazing things with I get a percent yield right my attitude is fifty percent better I said now portable you had had more than twenty and report tomorrow night she came back the next night forty eight hours appraising the only forty eight hours as you wrote me a letter and handed it to she said that I can't wait with you I'm in love with my husband completely so she said I have spent a lot of money on this on a psychiatric help and she said I receive more harm than I have good how come in for showers of this myself experience with my husband has changed my sweetheart I said the Lords themselves he said the Lord dwells in the praises of his people some twenty two verse three and neither has the son has life John five twelve okay he's saturated you went his life she's a molecular happen when you board one by dependency is a all I did was value about UK going up and gone although his word my wife and I arrived in Venice it weakened by West nine months later were holding a series meetings often counted about two hundred miles or so from this doctor and his wife and we came home one night from the meeting and my wife said to me did you see the doctors like your tonight I said yes she said did you see them going and I will save them between Sirs we went down to see them the Northeast the pastor at a good and is lasted the passive wife and direct enough for the home visit she said I wanted to build a complete change in the woman's personality as a result about one week series of meetings what ever happens he said it was wonderful my friends that eight hundred twenty six text of Scripture God is emphasized again and again Abelard is your spring physical strength mental strength of strength selling strength to strength so we bring their large and have we thank you that your forgetting for wine we ask that children of God with all the wonderful promises of your word have gone grabbing around we claim that forgiveness right now and while our heads about in prayer coming here tonight one of God 's forgiveness that we not been rejoicing more we do that your hands and those who are doing William address log thank you now hard enough from these negatives while our kids are still found in fertilizers will probably also repented and asked God to forgive us but we've not sold the joy in our soul when you go all others so they just see reflected in us a simple trust in Jesus and we want to market that wants to trust and faith and confidence in him when you lift your hands God bless you thank you Lord for hearing us in Jesus name amen


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