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Christ's Defining Truth Of History

Dave Bostrom



  • June 16, 2007
    10:00 AM
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well I have a very very special son-in-law of the hundred percent kindness and patience and love where we are just so proud of him our family that God would lead someone and our daughter 's life from such a nice Lancaster nor these wrong once in a while and I think you're marrying two hundred percent of her smiles and surplus life and maybe thirty percent from me anyway set the record straight but I want to say for my heart to yours that I'm especially grateful to be here I own some of you a lot as a father out of the pastor but some years back when the general youth conference first began what was that five years ago and like that all three of my children at the time I have one seventeen -year-old Philip called the three older ones all attended that my Springs retreat and Jonathan and her two daughters firstborn daughter was Deborah and the second part is Marianne is here in your fellowship but the girls call me embarrassing dad mom spoke about this I think we just met our Jonathan 's future wife and so after they came back and we found indeed very wonderful girl from Seattle occupant and was not an advertisement going to a special kind of independent group that was studying the Bible and I should be attending their and strong closer to her family with some contacts in Bible studies and baptized her and two years ago she was married to my sons I owe so much to those of you help out maybe sponsored that program in the spirit and you lysine is very gone through your life they praise the Lord this morning another thing I'm very grateful for the this is the more excited because just a couple months ago I was in the Templeton Hills church over in federal California conference near the coast and Internet church really the global growth operation global rain actually began that started really from a local church and the two families I'm very play with because of had a wedding for women and daughters and two families the Kirk family and the Lewis family were very concerned about the church is all of a sudden many of us have the same feelings and pain their church needed revival and they began training in a begin having more commitment many don't even really know the most about the church by going to permit you know that and and so they start craving more they got over half their church and their churches but hundred and seventy on Sabbath or more and other the church are busy and Philip and then the Holy Spirit in the really break out as they sought the Lord and numerous days of prayer and they has so many reconciliations confessions of sin and God speaking to their hearts that they resist replying this as leaders in the church and so many members of the church the church had in the dedication service what I was back in oh six when remember six oh six oh six occurred in this talk about the mysterious mark of the beast in these numbers there's attending well they begin to lose little did I revival spirit making background that they said we must be behind the church again and again and ask God for blessing and that's very interesting that they then came across this in their own heart of hearts divided in we were seeking for Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit as a result of the Lord that letter and then the majority and that's where we invited a seven oh seven oh seven this has us do it again only this time or to do more and this happened have contact with the past driver Myers and things were discussed is over they began to move in and an even more personal realm they had a special dedication service curve eighty nine three annoyed all their elders she also dedicate all the heads of household because how can you have revival does not happen in the home revival starts at home and the men then leave the families and the godly mothers and even minimally filled it's time to raise completely confessed Christ in full unconditional surrender Vanessa they did they have fifty five this year at their prayer service for the rededication anointing and then he has been there with the satellite seminar than he had insurance dedications and asked how they're moving along with vulnerable church together and so it just brings joy to my heart process bread from their church like wildfire the charges dignify the conference picked up on the general conference is given signature okay but hundreds upon hundreds of churches and arguing operation global rain but the real key is what seeking after the Holy Spirit and God bless us for that I like it had before again for I want to do a little illustration diners alike and have a little help from those we talked about before to close the drapes here in the church sanctuary Gala where counsel to have a little corner in every sermon for the younger people congregation that is my wife's pastor I had no the top me before I ever begin ministering and pastoring he said the union the slave boys and girls very find relevant to the hundred and two finally seventy got it right we half are used to the for the younger people hear my fellow sort of command lights out to there is I was in one growth home the family was baptized some years back and I said yesterday please come in look what's on my wall and lesser Gearhart she had a movie now I regret not visible in platform that there's vendor network it is and I love astronomy is where you should get the media to talk about it because the mood is such a wonderful symbol for those who are romantic you like to go for walks at night in the moonlight right but is not really moonlight is what sunlight reflected is so your talk in bedroom and be retained home I went wonderful experiences that think you can see the moon at night but Dyson does that remind us of our Christian life of you know we awaken with a little faith in our heart there where is God and we began into search ask questions with pretty silly began to seek in some essential start praying or maybe start studying in Italy come under conviction all of a sudden our hearts are turned on study Bible prophecy and the insights of God 's word in his character of Christ we want to be like Christ and pretty soon we say I'm going to follow the Lord all the way and be baptized and if you notice those that have the first month experience of Christ how glowing they are and what is the Bible say rise and shine I is come may the Lord bless Fiji in May the Lord causes face to shine upon the applicant off the mound like most milk flow if were in the presence of three that is so often the case some goes wrong after baptism and that we lose our relationship and I know some people seem to become so busy and you felt quite on okay well by the boot I suggest you don't touch the table that illustrates it in the sermon I'm doing all this little story anyway nonetheless I want you to know that it doesn't take too long if you neglect prayer and study and an really witnessing for Christ and perhaps on committees for any interactions we have all these buses in the fences and people get hurt in her NICs on the Catholic Church where everybody says where is Christ where is the Lord I don't see Christ here LSA praise God today we can restore our relationship with Christ and have the full glorious experience with the Lord and that's why to the young people are lysate is hounded into the airport before everyone I'm sure even the young people maybe how many fervently for an airplane of two okay well this is a story just happened not too long ago truth eventually like I'm flying I see a lot of people rushing to meet their play wealthy sellers to run a business trip in Chicago had really delayed and they were literally running to the concourses and O'Hare airport at the airport they get the plane and is one businessman Eddie came around the corner he wasn't watching but his leg hot the table it was loaded with a beautiful display of apples NHS bill have any money saw what was happening he just said hey guys guess that's what name call my wife and tell her exactly had been delayed any stop his heart sunk of course the guy down the floor and he started to try to pick the apples up when he looked in he saw a young teenage girl billet made his heart really skip of the easy realizes she is reaching out for the apples the issue is blind and he says sweetheart don't worry I'll pick up all the apples and said everything and so he began also over the floor this airport find these apples any realize some of them are bruising under the basket and fill that it has to do with all the bruised apples got it all back together you reason as well I told out to twenty dollar bills he's a sweetheart it's all back together and leave you some money here for the apples that I bruise thinking a journey was walking away in the middle the young lady she spoken to Mister Nestor are you Jesus and ask what I really want to come to the heart of our message today because there is something in the church that has to happen and I'm here for the satellite seminar but every church service should really be a scene where we turn in for just walking in a way veneer for five years we walked in should we greet each other with the below of Christ on her face as I was sure something you believe God speaks to you anytime anyplace anywhere do you honestly believe that if you give I had a brother from the church that preaches about over the telephone or conference then the meeting opened blinds here are the greatest anyway I his name was major white in either one of these experiences my thirty two years of testing where the Lord is really flashed inside my heart it changed my life and change my family is that a political Limited big booming voice because major wife had never been in military said he had never been why he was a black brother preacher but of God man any step that accompanies from suburban big booming voices that I never been to a cold church and I quickly said in my heart why have no health were told our minds think and untested in our we speak write and so my mind was documented by Univac my mind flashed back to the seminary of age Ms. Richards Senior when he was training of pastors of preacher boys I said I'd been as an evangelist and some churches are so cold you can skate down the aisle of the church as they can all be stopped by the dozen I see churches very the spirit of a cell yet I've never been so cold church bring my need with me and you know suddenly the lights went on to with Revelation three say Revelation three thoughts about the latest in churches that right and we talk about the fact the church should be lukewarm shouldn't even be cold somewhat high is aware to buy gold tried in what like the word of God is like fire and other birds of the drawstrings and that we should have a robe of Christ's righteousness that covers us that we should have our eyes anointed with eye salve and you all things I mean I must be debated some thermostats rather than thermometers we should never have again realized I process this we should never go to church cold lukewarm where the devil cause all these arguments incessantly know we need to go and we walk in and where the ones that are friendly where the ones that are turned on or illuminated with the love of Christ were turned on to the truth and the love of God and we share with everybody we go in and we just need to advance the truth of the other impact my heart as a father delete family if you want him and walking is a list churches hold high to get anything out of the service today that is nothing more than pointing the finger which is it when you point wonders three coming back to and means you're confessing you don't have the power the Holy Spirit in your life you don't have the radiant love of Christ glowing through your heart out of your life to touch others with Chrysler and I just would date of all of us not to go on F complaining about our spirit that's the wrong spirit from the wrong one we want price for it in so it had little introduction about twenty three minutes for a sermon here is the set list see what I can do here but I say I'm so thankful they did that one moment hobby and insight to God 's word as rudimentary here today somewhere and made in the sermon or some merger discussing the time forward as we share this afternoon that the Holy Spirit will give you an illustration application SunTrust some insight something that will transform your sadness and make them into until I greatest day of joy of the week where when you go your family with your single whether you're a parent grandparent married without children what will our status as the sociopolitical the Royal of the height of the Lord Jesus Christ does for my hardest so I defined a untitled sermon to Christ defining truth of history if you turn now to Hebrews chapter four the Scriptures I'm just in a quote out of this passage today really is from the book of Hebrews chapter four because the book of Hebrews was written to reassure the New Testament believers that trust in Christ as the Messiah was a legitimate stand for their faith and to find their faith when you come to chapter four the writer is really affirming that the Christians still defined their worship in the experience of the seventh day Sabbath you cannot miss it is the seventh day is the seventh day that he single thought we are in the Scripture says let us therefore fear lest a promise in verse one of the left us of entering into his rest any of you should seem to come short of it verse ten for he that is entered into his rest he also has ceased from his own works as God did from him from his due you and I keep the Sabbath like God keeps the sound do we keep the Sabbath like Christ live the Sabbath on Mister whether or grandparents or parents or whether we're young single do we do we really experience the Sabbath killed with the power the Holy Spirit and the love of God now I think it's important to define our favorites on this listserv in your lessons the Sabbath defines our love and loyalty to Christ I believe the Sabbath defined the love and loyalty to Christ how do you keep the Sabbath really makes a statement in capital letters that everyone you need is a boring day is a day of legalistic original or is it a day with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on your life are you listening I is important to define your faith as so if you were to go to Jeremiah seventeen twenty two you remember the story where God confronted his own people said Doctor Burns on the Sabbath and don't know in Jerusalem open your businesses into all these things he says because I commanded your fathers not to do these things but they keep the Sabbath holy that is a whole passage and there were gusts of his own people about the Sabbath these I commanded your fathers to do this if you compare that with numbers twenty first fifteen the word you know all our fathers in Israel met who are the fathers of Israel Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the ones that went down to Egypt and has said survivors were his Egyptians vexed our father and I say that because when you come diversify no sissy girl says and behold the people and our many he says to Moses and you make them rest from their burdens but here we have a pagan ruler ruination and he's faced with a situation where I knew God is saying that my people go decently you make them rest Moses did they start leaving the Sabbath on Egypt yes they did remember Abraham the father of Israel he kept all of God 's flood Genesis twenty six all of God 's statutes and laws and amendments verbally they were transmitted it is really new that when they went down and hear Moses comes back to remind the people slavery where Satan tried to obliterate the Sabbath and the God of Jehovah but now they're coming back to the Sabbath and there are revivals in their group and even Farrell says you many the people simple to have a Sabbath rest is important to define your faith as a study by their Egyptian faith but ELISA this view the templates begin the fall is that also in the last leg was such a tragic play the firstborn sons died and so it is just that one experience right Doctor leads to correct behavior the wrong doctrine leads to corrupted behavior and all those things fail because they resisted listening to the true doctrine of God and has happening today to the fact if you go to another position is important for a church to define his faith going to numbers chapter fourteen this vote in numbers chapter fourteen thousand nine Israel is afraid they were now in God what happened on the road to gain and as you look at numbers fourteen here we you is interesting because now we see in verse twenty nine suddenly saying now your carcasses are going to fall in the desert in the wilderness and die all those twenty years and has said that is but the worst verse is back in verse twenty two to me they all saw what the glory of God working miracles delivering them but look at this verse where it says and have tempted me now though these ten how many plagues fell in Egypt and isn't it interesting that God had the same patient is not a partial God working with his own people what were they resisting God on everything they were short of water food the leadership of the church in all these things events taking the land sending out the spies but they can say I don't know about God were really saying this work they could not trust God as a even in America or what's going on with us all this issues like abortion nobody seems to care much but you realize we are losing our first born over forty what is the five million babies a been aborted in America and most of them are being tracing back to the firstborn die when a sobering thought and athletic it is important for church to define this phase inch trust in God not to doubt and questioning murmur and challenge the way God does things here Wednesday and has why it's so important income that is it is important for a nation is important for a church what about you and I should we define our faith in what I'm seeing here are really in in essence is that it's critical for you and I can know or we are when I first began minus two Carolina a mother came in to the church as she had a real girls tagalong with her but we could tell she was sad and distraught and business yesteryears so we visitor home to unholy get visiting visiting Sandy and I we finally got there early Sunday morning knocked the door her husband Dan open and we has to see Martin him as the way we came in it was really interesting because we can see from the yard grass never cut overgrown beer bottles and cans is everywhere all the lines were askew in the Dreyfus known everything is a mass we sat down there with these beautiful little children and begin to learn they used to be said that they had they used to go to church they usually keep the Sabbath in her it all slip away from them in their quest to get money and more things ended up in drinking and all the stuff that goes on the wife diagrams and get a he is pretty much stayed in with his buddies drinking and working working working losing the family what you do in a situation like that and I'll say I can do is tell testimonies of Christ in restoring a broad victory pro-life and as we told our stories also does the chairs are coming down and I can just tell you here today we walked out with a decision except Christ but what happens when you decide to do something for Christ you see the devil comes right in light of the parable of the sword must snatch it away or things start happening live to put the heat on you know or to choke it out so we want to go right back into the night came to the house that Thursday but I guess we knocked at the door and door swung open we could tell something was different Riley Columbus cut earrings picked up in the trace route so we do something good was happening the Lord is being victorious we wanted to I do her husband Dan just restart the past I'm so glad to see the hug me like Mister and I said what happened anything you won't believe this is would tell me what it was any set I just came back from the funeral of funeral he said yes fellas I drink with somebody came into the bar that didn't like us a gun and understand I wasn't there because I made a decision for Christ and I want to come back to all of us and they know where the college right now many are not married how do people get no situations but age is the way from the delight of worshiping Christ every day and specimens how can that be and that's why we must not compromise one principle of truth and that's why so excited about hope that your church is alive now the next ten minutes on the try to do something here I learn from Jordan and that it is an speaker but my family and I met my wife in his evangelistic meetings we can do became friends with them they taught us this principle if your origins are fuzzy your destiny will be fussy is a test self-imposed I than we say the Sabbath is the greatest day of joy and all the way in so to real things and try to bring you here if you go to Hebrews chapter four verse four is the back picture again for verse four it says for he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise and God did rest the seventh day from all his works see the Sabbath is defined as the defining moment of creation you know this truth and I just want to reemphasize that here again today and when I was visiting my son and we mark the lowest thing on the bulletin board the said yesterday the past tomorrow the future today is a gift that is why we call it the present and has just stuck in my heart again when those moments I realized that the Scripture gained my mind was over and James is the one verse twenties no wonder seventy negative that every good gift and every perfect gift don't what father of lights and I thought how many was unwrapped the gifts of creation and we go to college and campus is like as a university net home are really doing of whether were a biology or astronomy or the science is what we defend mapping these gifts of plant life and animal life it and human life but how many of unwrapped the seventh day is the dog ate this reminds me of a little girl they gave against her dad dad unwrapped all the paper yelling in front of the start but all truth in it yielded up there's nothing in the box is a dearth where's the gap since his daddy I just filled with all kinds of kisses for the when you open up the Sabbath when you find nothing in its life so difficult for people to realize that God has done something the supreme gift of creation is really the Sabbath because God is giving and I realized that as a husband as a father if I get anywhere near the Sabbath I'm opening up this gift to give to my kids to give to my wife as it says he blessed it and he what sanctified in any single part reserved it in a unique way to the Blessed something music but the Holy Spirit what we thought the Holy Spirit is God 's blessing time but he's been a blessing invisible the Holy Spirit we do not see that Holy Spirit is in that box I guess and if you unwrap the Sabbath and call it a delight in the delight of the Lord comes into you but when I'm around most of the folks I've grown up with this added the pretty dull day I can't wait to snowboarding family go canoeing the campaign and lobbying and some dinner places something and we miss with the Holy Spirit Howard Jesus would be a unique fully I know where I speak I've raised four kids I have a teenager not usually straight C-17 anyway the Sabbath is holy time you know that the Sabbath defines the weekly cycle there are a hundred fifty six languages that came down from the flood the major language is a hundred and eight of them have the Sabbath is the seventh day you know what wasn't it just as it was a name of Sabah it was the same across the fled from God these are the evidences of history but I like the fact that God marrying Adam and Eve on Friday and their honeymoon that is what they shall this process say something to you I mean if Friday is the day you have that intimacy and oneness between husband and wife bid with its purity that is so precious you would die for the one you love what is it that when the honeymoon Bay starts with God where he was at the same intimacy and oneness between humankind and God himself this is the day God 's chosen out at the his honeymoon with all those he has created and he wants to come so close to us can you imagine what it is to be in the lumber of wood with a couple last night where are they sitting here yellow right here there to be married and just a little while they seem to sit close together they seemed to glow at each other as I saw last night to bed with had been made for years and they were just as snuggling up just the same way we're happy Sabbath worship you when you're in love you don't want to be a party bag is squashed together and things like that and that's the way it is I want to see his romantic God created is this way these feelings and thought it would utterly passionate about the Sabbath to be close to Christ but it is not that way usually in most homes we hardly talk about the Savior or the Lord of the creator and that's why we need to do that I remember my phone rang one morning really more a part of the office and said as funny to see you open so I got the rope at eight thirty so Howard would help you with peace of the Lord will be out at the about two thirty this morning he said I'm not preaching the full gospel of Christ well when you stop and think about it point I want to make his Sabbath really like this the defining moment of creation is the defining moment of salvation and he called me you see that the Scriptures as went back to Hebrews go back this very passage here word in verse two it says front of us the gospel is preached as well as unto them but the word of God preached did not next a profit and not be mixed with faith who did not preach the gospel to the Old Testament people as well as the New Testament would all save are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for his power got into salvation to who the Jews first see the Jews first and then the Greeks got some given the same plan of salvation and message from God 's people Hebrews for all through history raise in his love and the gospel in these things while when Howard Dean of the office of he said the Lord told me I am not preaching the full gospel of Christ that's what you mean by that is that you learn what we have I used to be a Seventh-day Adventist I left the church became charismatic became a missionary may preacher traveled around the world one thing that he says the Lord will have this one I've been looking at everything from the Sabbath I've been looking at every possible insight on the first day text he said I come to this conclusion I'm under conviction the Lord is right how can I pause people to follow Christ and not leave them every day to the Sabbath to have a full rest of the full Gospel with price is what I do about the church and he was baptized with the faithful life and I thank God for Howard's data available more about that celebration but there's no question about it this sacrificial lamb is the symbol of Christ the Redeemer the Sabbath is the symbol of Christ as creator and reading it we can escape that got a Sabbath is a defining moment of salvation and creation but the third one is really saddens funny moment for the world 's probation and some order the Holy Spirit has to stir up the young people of our church and the young adults of the church and the parents of the church and the grandparents of our church we are on the verge of the most climactic are some of the fence in the history of the world and yet you did use thing that every Sabbath and so casual that nothing 's happening will it take another twin towers to wake us up as Americans what's happening without any hope young wearing today I haven't forgotten what happened in America but the world is much bigger than America something happening to America in fevers the book of Hebrews written around sixty sixty nine A.D. and if you go back and realize thirty forty years after Christ here the writer in verses nine and ten says there remains therefore a rest to the people of God the New Testament Christians for he that is entered into his rest he also has ceased from his own works as God did from him and that means that God is saying through Hebrews there is a Sabbath rest right now to the end of the world and we need to sharpen our swords when it comes to be aware that the Sabbath is playing a role in history from creation for the coming of Christ and very few seem to be excited about what's happening on Sabbath and the people here are some data failure about all the activities or the ministries or the laws of the joint and Adventist experience on Sabbath leagues the data 's got to come that we wake up as a father I could not if I didn't plan to have you know what happened what you're not up on your what down on enough for most husbands lose it they will not plan a spiritual Sabbath is organa do this after to these are just things again not of our planning of our family learning from others and how the Lord let us go get the resource book of incidents out of Bob's public seven delightful Sabbath packet things like this that these were to just move us to a relationship where the Sabbath was planned for and we can discover what the blessings of God world and sent but I'm here to tell your most nice that experienced the most everyone does not plan ahead person but knowing that I should apologize little bit because the wife seem to plan ahead but the serve for food for guests but has so far short of the powerful joy that should exist on the Sabbath I want to remind all of us here I know were out of time let's hang the clothes have a lot of sermon but no time limit me to say this with come down to the time in Revelation chapter thirteen combined with Daniel the prophetic chapter you know them well Daniel twelve Foreman Angel said sealed about the multimillion them into and control knowledge of injuries remember that and then we were told in verse one that there was a time of trouble coming sensibly never seen and not you get down to that verse in Revelation thirteen you see the great stream of prophecies and the beast Hardiman is coming down to our time we are coming down to the timer were saying decided to join the Sabbath and obliterate fire destroyed price and his message and Mary and I haven't has had to know something special because it's at this critical time as it has been all through history to find the present truth becomes critical when you read Revelation thirteen is a critical that the great American prophecy in Revelation thirteen is going to assume the power of the Dragon as the cause the whole world to worship the first beast now when you're talking about state religious powers whenever they are defeated American prophecy is going to be an instrument in the hand of the devil because people who need forth with that big tree no matter buyer selling less he has the mark of the Fidel issues over worship so it's really pushing people tend not keep the Sabbath to move themselves away from the true honoring of Christ on his how you resist that pressure will come when you do not have food fuel or whatever I just say to us here today Jesus when he met Satan and the voters how do you answer him it is written and I have to say that's what I came across one devotion here year and half ago where God 's servant said clearly you know we should hide herein are hard in the new weird as right back in the bottom of your page there we drove right back in Satan 's face the Scriptures their witness for the truth about the Sabbath the light giving you the Sabbath wall of protection where you can look at those scriptures on the law of God and all of them on the Sabbath anyone glance see this is the mighty wall of protection the word of the Lord shines forth and if we hold on to it we will belong the moon of God if we've experienced the Sabbath will never be moved off center will never go into an eclipse if you please in the darkness and I find ourselves compromising into another form of worship why not make this most glorious time for the church why not let this fellowship on campus become the most radiant lonely group of believers because we have found the anointing of the Holy Spirit the outpouring of Pentecost upon our group and I know it's possible the more you become intentional the more you become proactive in this you then plan to have Sabbath is when you are manipulating God but I'm here to tell you when you go to prayer you ask God what should I do for Sabbath you think the Lord sits back and says I'm not don't tell them anything the Lord looks for every husband every young man a young girl the really wants to do this that we were coming home from the items that a meeting here about two years ago operation white coats the notice of the military back in the sixties and seventies of over two thousand seven thousand men were drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War but we were taken off to do special volunteer projects to have diseases introduced into us so we can develop serums of vein Eric what in the master antibodies to resist diseases that affect the military overseas anyway we had a reunion and seven hundred dollars for the rotten church in Oregon and my brother to the doctor now on Carolina he is going back to the motel and he got very happy to David you won't see what I just heard this phrase Catholic priest is on the radio and that he was saying that there are no conservatives or liberals really in the church blackout my attention to because without my discussions of the family are we to be conservative or to become liberal are no ugly traditionalists are we with the other one traditionalist or progressive that's when the Army we on the right about anywhere are any major decision where you are the unit when people look at Christ some of them saw him as liberals of them saw Christ is what conservative right used to stick to something one two lenient on other things and so is only my brother and I said this is pretty sad there are no conservatives or liberals when it comes to God 's truth and when it comes to God 's law you either old they had or you don't like and want to ask you this morning your item will display realize some you may not see this but I have a role of dominoes down here in front and I did last you are you are you on the left or younger right are you are you liberal are you conservative is necessary to say on a college campus why not line up where did you go where you honestly stand because I found one thing as the father and even the pastor there but his militant today they're rushing you we want to be like I want you notice that everybody wants the church to be like they wanted rather than the way God wants it and so anyway the site which uses the strongest it has everything to them and their group all right our young exhibit of lacrosse is as if they all fell down what's going on here there is one now of course this is of it doesn't move you know I doesn't move I glued it I know it's hard to set this display of that it exceeded that anyway it is not the point you could not move Christ left or right you could not move Christ off of principle when it came to his character when it came to the prophecies urging the truth or his law the time has come for us to not judge you hear what I'm saying the time for us is for you and I to live the truth is some of the assets of it why we're in this way are we need we are compelled to talk to someone who warned them then be viewed in the most love like Christ would share the lid of the made the Scripture truth as it stands and not put your fiends and rejection into the price lost people and was drawing he didn't want them and always different groups he wanted to draw their hearts that God is not right let's pray heavenly father today my prayer is it is wonderful how group this fellowship on this campus will be a full moon when it comes to reflecting the glory of Christ please Lord Jesus types each person is here today maybe changed in some way and I asked as we come to the kind of the end when we are but the tests the witness for you that we would truly reflect Christ in all his glory Grant us Lord someone will say to Mister sister argue Jesus they are defining the Sabbath from creation to salvation through the end of the world 's probation Lord may have been we've all humbly reflect the love and more in the life of view on the Sabbath I pray for Jesus he


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