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2 - Jesus Delivered Dorothy

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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dear lard just make me a mail upon the wall fast and securely in its place and from this thing so common and so small reveal the beauty of thy face thank you in Jesus name amen one thing about the little old lady Dorothy but before that one answer a few of your questions here are some questions that have come in from the students right here and it'll pertain to you young people for doing this program how do you relate to your parents divorcing especially in and I'm not bordering the name of the town the town where we are or all of church members stare and talk about you and your quote terrible home life in the first place is the tragic that any professed Christian would belittle all home there's going to all the trauma of divorce those that are divorcing already find their hearts are caught their hearts are bleeding and broken they don't need to have somebody condemning them the Bible says in John three seventeen God sent not his son in the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved any church members that will carry on like that about a home that's divorcing they these people were criticizing me to be pitied because they don't all Lord Jesus Christ the Lord Jesus Christ means that we're not participating in belittling people right God sent not his son and world condemn the world God doesn't want his people looking down their noses somebody else is having a rough time you see so on as I understand the Bible our relation to these people who talk about your terrible home would be Lord help me to pity them because Jesus when he talked to the woman of Samaria she had five husbands she was now living out of wedlock you notice how kind Jesus once instead of condemning her and billing prayer he revealed over that he was her savior so we need to pray for people that are going around with the thoughts of criticism and condemnation number two when your parents are divorced and one talks about getting remarried and the other is dating again how do you feel the child soon should react should I sell so they show their true feelings are consider the parents sensitivity and hide their feelings I'm investment rewritten or to think so big so been prewritten whoever wrote this recognizes that the parents knew about a sensitivity it's a it's a trauma it's a very difficult situation now but it's also extremely difficult for the children now shall the child shall shell the song of the daughter shoulder revealed feelings are solidified this is what they shall do no claim the Bible promise under this new kind of prayer like James one five Lord I don't know how to handle yes you are ready wisdom let him ask of God I like with them I don't know hard I have some very sensitive feelings myself daddy mother are very sensitive I don't know how to handle this but you said if I like wisdom I may ask that you pray now that reinforce what they leave Lord I believe you're going to help me to know how to react in such a way that I'll not further deepen the pain of daddy and mommy right I don't want to deepen their faith in order to be dubbed to be more severe so hard I'm thinking about forgiving me wisdom and what would God 's wisdom the eleven mommy know mommy I understand that led that it known that he I understand I know you're having a lot of pain and where having a lot of pain with you Rall suffering together and how about daddy mommy are praying together the Billy Graham evangelistic company did uphold the company on marriage and divorce they said that they found that where daddy and mommy prayed together and fellowship in Jesus together it is not one divorce and five hundred otherwise it's almost fifty percent now so if the Lord can help you to save mommy and daddy could we pray together I'm not condemning either of you I'm not belittling you they don't mean belittling I'm not belittling you would currently go to Jesus and use this new kind of prayer I'm thinking of a couple quite already been divorced and they had a lovely daughter and this daughter would never belittle mother mother to Danny in any way but you ask Doctor Hal Carter be they make you good and seeming used to outlaw me to turn to Jesus for help as a new kind of prayer to tell the Lord Jesus I am helpless but you promised to supply my need for games for nineteen and when I talk with Eddie not to get madman but to help them to turn to Jesus in a new kind of priority is the new normal happen that couple that had been divorced for undermined you know really I love my wife I made a mistake and then the man told me he said the girl that I was going to marry now the Lord revealed to me that whatever weakness my wife had that I divorce this girl I thought America had twice as many here I was getting out of the frying pan into the fire their daughter was training for the busy Madonna was dating Bible promises and the Holy Spirit is working on that is my why I go to get a girl is much worse than that than the one I've divorced and and and the mother of the girls that I'm having a rough time alone I really had a eyesight in their home the dollar was there and I wanted to just like heaven they said we learn we learn how to appreciate each other so that daughter 's prayer alright maybe better stop right here else why otherwise I may not be able to get to with Dorothy this little lady Dorothy she was sitting there as the young people were relating their experiences how do they relate the experiences this is my problem this is the promise I had and this is also the Lord gave me one after another window really sad they can tell at all not as a rule in about three or four minutes and right side of a young person again out that always give the credit of the line nothing done up as though there were both a look at what I did gnome gnome gnome is what Jesus did the amphetamines I was helpless this problem in a hopeless situation there was no answer and then I claim that God 's promise and I believe I trusted him and loved one he then an all young people said amen and Dorothy was the daughter of a medical doctor and darkly was felt on drugs and she then talked for years keep going to church Sabbath morning said through church hope that somehow should get an answer somebody put in the question how can you get interested in the Sabbath sermons for some reason and when one of their little warmer was preaching but for some reason they didn't get the secret in any sevens you are she somehow did learn that you can take God 's immutable eternal and taxable word the Lord made a world out of nothing you can take that word and when you are a hopeless the situation is a hopeless situation your help with the family you could look skyward with a large I know it you can't listen to it that justice of the promise Sabbath after Sabbath Sabbath after Sabbath Dorothy went to church bless her heart your budget got discouraged with she walked out as you walked in except the more guilt than ever before may I just parenthetically say if anybody doing this program of anybody here this morning find yourself under guilt that guilt that accusing does not come from Jesus Christ that comes from the devil and when Christians go around condemning they are there the Devils instruments of God 's instruments don't go around committing God 's instruments will run showing us how to find a solution how to be successful in life there enough problems let's talk about how to find a solution they said she heard these young people get up and tell their experiences it was dark it was they did he supposes to work for me I tried a thousand ways I felt could it work for me these are teenagers teenagers are feeling early twenties and these young people everyone has a Bible everyone is claiming a promise for a problem and they're getting up and they're coming out on is absurd to suppose you give me the answer when the young people were through in their experiences they started the lesson for the evening we had a whole set of lessons and in the lessons we quoted sex text of Scripture as I shared with you ask it shall be one get one free document victory is free salvation is free eight fertilizers three the Holy Spirit is free fragrance free every spiritual blessing we need from here to eternity is free and then him a lesson this wonderful quotation from my favorite author in the book education -based two hundred fifty three page two hundred fifty seven page two fifty eight it said this it said according for any gift that God has promised we may ask that's what Jesus said that it said that we are to believe that we receive and that is it that we are to return things to God that we have received the gift is not promised and when they go about our way of thanking God that we have received and we will realize that when we need it most Dawson looked at that last one I never played that way in my life and I I've never heard in six postulated I've never heard and presented I can take a promise of God I didn't know I didn't believe him then I can look up and say thank you Lord that just isn't up to others I've received no I may not feel that I do not see the apple tree in the Appleseed I may not see the percent one country in the presidency I may not see the halt in the old stigmata expire and got his tallest in nature and in the book of Revelation how to claim the secret of solutions then the one in charge said now all of us are going to meet in little groups five through group five girls five girls by Bro five boys in the group five boy young man young ladies and one of the young ladies group saw this little lady Dorothy would you would you like to meet with our group and Dorothy were thrilled that they gave young folks would put up with an old lady him us so she met with that little group every one of the five young ladies had a Bible and the one in charge said now you know we've been praying for let's say Jane Dole J Bill has been having a rough time and this is a wonderful thing I find about this new kind of prayer in the new kind of prayer we don't scold anybody we don't belittle anybody we don't approach people we claim the solution for them she said as you know we would agree that we're going to pray for Jane Bill she's having a rough time she is discouraged and she's had gone out in the world now let's open our Bibles the first John five sixteen and every one of you made is that it and every other group did it first someone whom they are praying and darkly listen and be open to this text if any man see his brother and go like this if any young lady sees another young lady commit a sin that's not unpardonable we may pray for her and God will give her life and then with a habit that the hand on the promise nothing magic about it is just a sign of trust dear Lord we ask you to give Jane life Lord we believe your giving Jane life as we learn how to communicate with her and Lord thank you that you are giving Jane life one young lady prayed that prayer another young lady another young lady another year maybe another young lady one right after another and Darcy was almost stopped teenagers in eighteen twenty one there were pregnant so they expect and want to know what he's promised there's no doubt in their prayer they are granting around the price chart but I is based on God 's immutable eternal intent of the Lord when I know I will door that said to me that said that the letter I will be okay and instantly was planned long most powerful word and then after they're through their prayer everything was finished in our same the closing song that you make to Dorothy was thinking could I find the answer could I get on top would God do this for young people anyone with me she went outside in the car on the way home I could deliverance by these lessons are right down or maybe it was with our problems thought about how God self is special problem upon the mountain the platitudes known etiology he had a problem the kind of promise and not get men's restrooms it is a life dedicated problem opinion on the world he could be fitted for the exam but he saved on almost economical flying colors do it for me why would he do it for all these lovely young people anyone do it for me she got home she bought a car in the garage walked in the house walk right through the front will Wright in the bedroom with the Bible she fell on her knees she said I have never in my life for and she told along how long I don't know many years I've never yet been able to go to bed at night without another one of these whatever I'd like to go to sleep tonight without any kind of drug but I don't want Congress to claim and the Holy Spirit gave her a nice and Angel can't help to open the text in his youth on the text that they can use come under me darkly your laboring and your heavy laden and I'm going to give you rest down a lot I ask you to give me rest on how close I think this explains a lot life I've been a professed Christian years and years and years but I've never known this kind of experience I was due to come to my rescue that's the prayer then she was going to say I believe you think diseases have believed you try out you see what the devil site you better not say I believe you would be presumptuous isn't Satan the devil you won't be presumptuous to think not it is work help will be called all the devils in hell have a committee meeting how can we keep that person from Satan I believe in all that often arise we want China 's presumption without telling this has nothing to less will tell you the stories is my misspelling our knocks where are these making them up as a statement him registered dental NRA face my feelings he demos all album is that you'll believe me to be presumptuous she tried for four ten maybe fifteen minutes is that I believe blindly in agony she said the young people said I live in then came the terrible how can I say I have received seventy one night without it how can I set recipient and say that you are right you can say and I think your and he told us that she struggled as he struggled as he struggled Dwight Dallas and I believe just implemented will thank you I believe and I have received and I will rest twenty one days later I saw Dorothy and the disconsolate gardens of Los Angeles she said I slept like a log in all of sleep nothing will aboard thought as you said I slept like a log the next night I went up on the CNN went through the agony of leaving and trusting and thanking God and his brothers and I slept like a log twenty one days without a road I said that Murphy promised to pay my phone out of an envelope she said I claimed Matthew eleven twenty eight come under me forget your roots three months later I called Dorothy on the telephone Dorothy three months advanced masking personal question she said yes I sent one of him on his called use praise God answers you mind if I ask you three months later you still have the victory she said you're not alone not wanted I your story in a book you crazy so that's the three years are holding a series down in Southern California I told her story of group young people like you and those of you are doing as I shook hands outgained I think you know me I said no she's either directly or I had to give her coon hunt for him to apologize he was focused I could know how CI thirty one Dorothy three years of past tell me she said not one has passed my lips I'm now one of the leaders of the conference you see what God can do she said when you come out or having an open-air meeting you when you talk to our youth I said I'll be thrilled to do it and I was through this is a new kind of prayer that demoed everything is thought to keep us from doing it are having us go to one extreme or the other will not let him do it whatever your problem is you now have the tools to start with their Lord thank you in the precious name of Jesus for this wonderful group of students and faculty members here this morning for those who will be viewing this large and alarm billing it at this time out then Radio Lab Lord thank you thank you for letting the Holy Spirit Angels come to their rescue keep our smartest Christians from belittling each other help us instead of this to share the secrets of success in our lives and we thank you we have received in Jesus name amen you are you a website that God 's word is audio must want a to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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