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4 - Sex, Sins and Other Stuff

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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Lorne make each one of us a mail box humble mail on the wall passes securely in place then from these things so men so small and bright pictures of thy face thank you in Jesus name amen before we have a couple of our young people read some the questions that are coming in five hundred eleven of one of the students came to me this morning said he wasn't able to be here yesterday and had some problems with the way of studies so I thought maybe I just share one experience of my own regarding studies and how God answers prayer I was sixteen years of age and I was taking algebra in whatever they don't I hated algebra my teacher was taking algebra to and taking algebra one but he didn't know algebra one at the end of the six weeks written exam two of my brothers were taking the same algebra that I was taking and what are six weeks exam papers came back with a grade one of my brothers had the grade of zero that's rather cool the other sixteen and I have sixteen between the three of us we had thirty two percent both of my brothers dropped algebra I invited the digit to come up to my dormitory room and help me with algebra he worked at two hours on one problem and in so as he left I fell on my knees I'm telling you the truth I fell on my knees and I one day of prayer I told him that there was no whole advantage and an enormous solution how the world could I invitation to get the answer how could I and and I think in the background was the strongest ask since you begin a new and I wrote for my knees believing the latter strongly believing that the Lord was somehow going to give an answer and claiming it in my heart I climbed into bed and began to sleep now I have thousands of dreams I've remembered about five of all of them but I immediately began a dream I dreamed that I was working on that problem at all things I dreamed that I found why the teacher missed the mark and in my dream I corrected it and immediately the Lord awakened me I save my pencil and paper and I get the correct sum and with perfect and I took it the seeds of the next morning I wish I could remember how he looked I know how I was looking the Lord and come to my rescue I decided to stick my algebra and I came off with the C and D I see that's not too bad but usually and I thank the Lord ever since that when you have a problem in school education so God has the solution that was the end of my school problems later I was studying strange under a teacher from New England and in New England you know why we say Isaiah they say I is there why we say remember they say remember and insights I know what does all of those are others remember how was remember and I got so confused with that French and again I fell on my knees I simplified this French is all Greek to me please come to my rescue and you know the Lord help me to that was the worst then I came in general history I've never contacted in general but I hated like general history I couldn't see any sense to you must remember that one are making mama came up on the right side of the mountain the other came up on the left side I didn't care what he did not want anything amounting and what grade did the horrors I don't care whether was even an army and now you're supposed to know six oh six is when it happened that made me sick Lord help me I would study two hours for the history class and come down with a big fat the one that fell on my knees their God on helplessness things go with and I was the worst part of it the teacher was a great long like if I had a neck and ears and he had eyes that pierced my soul and when I saw him I forgot all that I didn't know I wanted the horrible experience I felt on these methods are there's nothing beautiful about this it is all terrible toys out and while I was on my knees and you want this the large thought was said to me you can get a better grade with a less me to concentrate don't let your mind wander on the girls him and I had a roommate that would have one eye on the book and the other on the street I see the girls come along and put your mind on this this one thing you do and you can get good grades with forty minutes instead of two hours and you know I didn't and God saw me through that was there when I was in college I was in the newest degree and that was Greek and I wasn't doing well I fell on my knees again I said Lord you helped me now general you help me get X at home lacks your help and friendship you helping general history of all things you will help me in Greek and God taught me how to come down with days in Greek and one of the big things was to concentrate this one thing I do all right God hears and answers prayer and whoever that young man was it steady like some help with studies you don't hesitate upon your knees tell God to help us that's a upper tell God that you believe his promise it says you can do all things through me but Vince four thirteen and then thank you hard you're doing it as I concentrate network questions I'll work on us yet are good young man and the gun young lady digesting turns read a whole batch of those on sex thank you and is divorced to OECD before you should be and what if you think you are old enough to date with your parents don't thank you again and the live the question is one person is trying my boyfriend and I do about it Melville I do feel that my friend and let him he continued to have any of the end and you are going out with the guy is fighting thank you I hate my mom was that you need in Japan and New Zealand the dating a few is it wrong for someone to kiss someone of the opposite sex of the first date is a good question is and that is what I love that he may can anyone fall in love the first time you meet someone okay are you ever too young to follow the how are you sure you're in the news a little bit on this I'm going steady I care for the version DVD but not sure just how much people say that the person I'm with loves me sometimes I feel that they are the only one I want but at other times I feel I need someone else what should I do if you are the last time you sent why is it so bad to make relationship with the opposite sex if you love the person and you're not married and I have who is sitting in a what is your staff have been marital sets the manifest what you have today is that how do you feel about was the Jesus and want to start a new life and what does God think of this as I like to know that you take what you are and how you and you and you and I is you what is a solution to give fresh as a teenager what does the church as a family expect from us too we thank God where money is needed and the farther the father with both the monthly income and the mother uses once a month to cover monthly expenses how can you get your guys address you and vice versa all right thank you so much maybe I've been to just take one of the satellite and thank you now you notice that that is us dad of questions and every anonymous says there we have left over pages we took these questions as they came in Nancy Neuharth type them out pages of questions and if we were to take time on each question individually we could mention all of the volatile weeks so I thought I'd start of the dearest Amal sometimes unfolds and asked the Holy Spirit to interpret these principles for each one who has raised these questions you see first of all the that may give you the story of two lovely Christian young couples were talking about sex were down about dating worked on but only hands were down by kissing Raton about premarital sex were talking about all of how shall we be guided possibly know what the new dad his mother 's and some days and won't let us do what we want to build and someone he handed me another question in the same line yesterday that in mommy don't want me to date I want to live you are sure within the store these two couples both of these couples were young people from tool wonderful Christian families and these two young couples were wonderful Christians one couple the young man was preparing for the ministry now and make real clear that neither of these young couples neither one were work costs and neither one was worldly so to speak they love the line they get in their hearts to him they're planning to be in his ministry but the long couple meaning to write loving the Lord in a follow-up in his way one couple were faced with the question of abortion now what are they going to just for a moment let's forget all about religion just for the moment now here's a teenage girl she meant well the girl the boy who got her pregnant was a wonderful Christian by a wonderful Christian young man they had no idea that it would lead to what it did him she's pregnant forget religion for the moment let's what is a seventeen or eighteen -year-old girl wanted to let you find she's pregnant she has not arrived at the age where she can even support herself yet that's not against their is just because she is not gotten that far she can even yet support herself and she support the child know what was genuine the child I know these two families their Christian friends of ours what will it do well she can either keep the baby was to keep the baby that her mother will really be one the baby she can embark or seek in the arrange for some Christian family to take the baby the agony through which that girl class and the young man I can't describe finally they came to the conclusion that the only thing to do was for her to abort and so she did now here you have a young couple they're not trusted they love the Lord but there's one thing that daddy and mother and their dad his mother 's didn't make clear to them and that was the law of human magnetism when I was a little boy came back to school one day two of my brothers and my older brother had a magnet under the table and he had a sheet of paper here and he had iron filings and we hadn't heard much about the magnificent and he said now I want to show you less than Glenn I want to show you that I just tell these filings want to know and then when you are telling Google I waited only had a magnet right on the need you should know are in filings year-over-year that they started now you overhear they started with what in the world is this infinite Donald Ross there's a law magnetism and the mirror those our filings got the magnetic the more they lost a self-control that's just a simple law and refineries a year just gone up the cost is a magnet on entire reality uncouple were equally wonderful Christians they wanted to go right they love the Lord but nobody can explain to them the Law of human magnetism that the closer you got physically the more you are liable to lose self-control and the girl in this case was pregnant now forget for a moment religion where people go to do well so I have more shall I keep the child shall I watch on you and about that time some religion came in the picture of one of the parents and when the parents and you can embark that murder the parent and the other one said that's nothing new otherwise you're bringing shame on the I say shame on her jock the thought of and she often thought of her daughters happiness instead of herself as so many people only thinking about what will people think of me she said you must abort the mother the other ones that have particularly near the I think you'll like them the agony through which that young couple fast the story is this there are some all human magnetism and the more we can keep from this bodily contact the happier regarding the fellowship between male and female can be one most beautiful things in all of God 's creation just so long as they understand the law of human magnetism using there's another feature to and that is the the law of Philippians three thirteen this one thing I do it's awfully hard to love a lot and study a lot and learned a lot a lot of people didn't know that others care I fell in love is a student that got quite an experience I was engaged three times before I was married but I fell in love is a student when I was in the third grade I looked across the school room and I saw the redheaded girl running was made I like that name about me I guess it and Iran I may mind she was worth more than all the studies really at my age because I was quite mature you understand but the login of my rescue and my brother Lester took me away from the then I can learn my lessons the next year I went to another school he was never going is always there she didn't have red hair but yet beautiful brown hair and brown eyes I read on a farm father had a lot of cows and I wanted to Louisa 's eyes were as pretty as any cows eyes I ever see him and it was beautiful silent and I looked at will and she flashed a smile let me and I was taken I wanted that you I studied arithmetic of the fourth grade I started with the big two times two equals Louisa I studied grammar sweetheart Louisa was that I think I studied geography as they call it and as the Mahatma mappable is is worth more than any other map and so I was looking always though I certainly looking at my letter originally I was and I didn't like that was looking at Louisa thought we had that feature set and is there something wrong with your eyes I knew that must be another black because I knew my eyes were working all right in that helpless to look to the and I I I just want go through the floor about that time my mother said something that gave me hope I've been writing notes now some notes in those days without a date now but in those days as you write a note to put on the back S W a K they don't do that anymore it really know what it means I have to tell him the right S W a gate sealed with a kiss you'd be medicinal safe and I will also promotes Microsoft roadmap as of the one that heard my mother say that will broadcast which is a man would never write most of the girls that was the last note I wrote her faith in me know what I would try to say is this those who go too far in their sex relation before marriage are taking a big chance not recognizing the law of human magnetism they also taking a big chance at their studies and preparation for life and then in addition to that they're taking the risk at their marriage you'd be surprised how many many married people issuing a lot of people come to us over married problems marriage problems and a people people with company and they said because what I did before marriage I've looked upon marriage relationship as nasty almost ruined not everybody but many have actually almost ruling their marriage relationship I've come to this conclusion that all male female relationship is one the most beautiful things in all God 's creation as long as we recognize the law of human magnetism now the Holy Spirit will reveal to each one of us how that applies in all of life is the I thank the Lord for what my mother did I went on to the Academy without any dates I went into college if I had any dates I think I want to far in the opposite direction I think I should of had some dates I think of been better I have some but I want to that extreme we don't have to go to that extreme now the Holy Spirit will say to you yesterday each one of you he'll say to you how he wants the look to interpret this for yourself and that's what you say large you promised me wisdom you said that any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally not great if not it shall be given him that me add this also concerning the sex problem I have found in my ministry and very few people may know this I have found that appetite and sex usually have a very close relationship I felt that as a rule and is not always true but as a rule the individual who learns how to eat carefully find much easier to control his sex urges Jesus started on the point of appetite not not merely that Jesus was a young man and Jesus never once said and yet we read in the Bible in all their affliction he was afflicted I think if there's any area of life in which God especially understands us and loves us and wants to help us it's in the area of appetite and six so as the Lord helps us to learn to stay in from food that is naturally stimulating it I hope it's not the full answer by any means the promises of God are to be used when these tremendous courage is gone and anybody that says they are not urges they then he therefore there lying appetite urges and sex virgin yes and particularly so when you and Jesus understands now you might be interested to know that there are three chapters in the book desire of ages that have met very very much to me one is entitled days of conflict the other has to do with Christ on the Mount of temptation I see our time is up their large may the Holy Spirit views what I said in a faltering in a faltering way to every one of these blessed young people and their teachers that we may know how you want us to relate to you Lord appetite to the opposite sex so we can have an abundant happy joyful experience in Christ thank you for hearing us in Jesus name amen you might argue the website is not worth reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about numbers is much more certain he is www. audio


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