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3. How God Led Us

Tom Waters Alane Waters
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why weren't excited about him share how God led us in our experience from our city suburban lifestyle a beautiful country setting out in the mountains of Montana the following go with you and that will journey as we go back early nineteen eighty five would like to share a scriptural reference and if you'd like to follow along you might enjoy these the young the thirty sixth chapter the first is that I had read when I was younger addresses that began to come alive in our experience versus that became personal and practical in our lives I'm looking to get your verse twenty four Ezekiel thirty six twenty four for I will take you from among the heathen and gather you out of all countries and will bring you into your own land then will I sprinkle clean water upon you and you shall between from all your Filipinos from all your idols will I cleanse you a new heart also will I give you in a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh and I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and he shall be and you shall keep my judgments and do them you shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers and he shall be my people and I will be your God back in early nineteen eighty five we were caught in what I would say is the typical rat race him there are very busy in all one can longer and possibly understood myself in the salt salt is even doing things for God that we had no time for God is amazing as I talk to people all over the world find out that I started sincere people especially people that want to do work for the Lord often find themselves in the same position so busy and doing things that there is really no time for personal practical communion with God and is maybe just a quick five-minute prayer for your outdoor media quick devotional or quickly reimburse and then out into the today this is not the kind of communion that will sustain us in the real Christian walk was one Friday evening came to the end of the weekend it was actually a rare Friday evening that we were out doing something else was in the family room sitting by the fireplace in the suburbs of Chicago Hinsdale sitting there in our family room having a little client time you're setting that evening absolutely free remember how I thought the Taliban the girls to find one should know well is where most of my time soon rare evenings where you just feel that you are in tune with your family and not being pushed and rushed by everything around you and I became very aware that time we did check out NME they were very young toddlers and those little people in pajamas on your numbers different things and they look so cute and so sweet and so innocent and I remember as we were talking and relaxing because obviously the sun is setting her client time starting early in the evening it just watching him play and how happy they were and it I became very aware of their their activities bear there and then enjoy and I realized that all week long even I was at home is the time when I really didn't trillions of them in this night I was really tuned into them well we were just talking having nice conversation and talking online and I didn't now when the thought came from that night but I soon found out that it was Lord bringing a strong thoughts in my mind and this is the question that I asked my wife started right out of the blue I sent it was the most important thing that you can accomplish in this life philosophical question but it just came out of my mouth it wasn't even have anything to do with what we were talking about and my wife just paused while I didn't Nancy is very quick to answer questions and I found myself to my mind taken back and critically reviewing the last hour with my family and is very deep thought and very heartfelt thought came to my mind tonight that the common consent honey see our children God and to see the crown of life they are all of a sudden the reality of eternity became very real to me a very important and even though that was the desire of my heart of the mother all of this time the home with my children I really never gave all that night it was like a dart to my heart when she responded that way I sent ISS and taking back a little bit him as saying that is how it was a strange response in my heart because my wife had just finished her bachelors degree in nursing and she was a very goal oriented and very directly behind I wouldn't be surprised to hear say well not a Masters degree he surprised me but when she responded with those words it just cuts in my heart and I realize I said I something 's got to change I just realized in their it anyway I really going to see our children and the kingdom of God if we are going to see them receiving online then what it looked a lot if we continue living our lives when we are now something 's got to change that I was the beginning of God opening our eyes never heard that suppression of the scales being dropped off of our eyes on that process we began that night and very I we were we were already thinking about country living I can remember when Allison was very small was two years old ninety two we had been in Tennessee and we actually liaise with visiting Tennessee and there was a beautiful stallion running across a black stallion running across the field and just caught our attention using the gracefulness to running the process of the film was shot and we caught a look in and Allison 's eyes that that we've never seen before it was exactly what we say we go in the creature in the country authorities counsel is how life is moving on him you are nineteen eighty nine we weren't in the country house outside on the side of the house outside undesired now you couldn't talk for logging is now even want everybody to know your mission is but I we held together our little family we put the girls between us and I offer a prayer of commitment to God a prayer that I've never forgotten her and then I saw this on a new course with the new direction I said Lord where willing to go anywhere you ask us to go were willing to give up anything you ask us to give up we will do whatever you ask us to do if we can hear your words well done good and faithful servant see life placed on his show both the sisters we have never turned back from that commitment that night I wish I could say to you that we just move right ahead no as Iran no backtracking on detours but I can say that he can say that we put our hands to the plot at times we have continued to press forward by Jesus Christ and you want to talk about today we want to talk about what began to have and how God led us through this experience because some very beautiful things began to happen that night when we made that decision things started to happen we recognize that God save us where we are legally ten I mean your number and it was bleeding when God in their example of that safety is what you say is when one can't say with Jesus I guess you and Abraham something about how to prepare the city residing solving the mercies of the Lord is there were only ten synagogues there soon exhaustion is then spread quickly tells you that God is a very merciful and long-suffering with us nothing will hold us back there in an environment invested a suburban lifestyle they can swing people away and some very difficult to gain experience that God desires people have any rate you know what is a simple notebook country living a reference that really impact us there is not one family in a hundred will be improved physically mentally or spiritually I residing in the city they hope love happiness and far better be gained in retired places where there are fields and hills and trees take your children away from the sights and sounds of the city it will be found easier to bring home to their arms the truth of the word of God and it goes on this is the work of character building is ten fold harder will show you sunny know you Leo has anything like that for off our children didn't just come out of the wall saying praise the Lord in all a does all the work involved in parenting is about the only network to be ten times higher than we because it's hard enough in the best circumstances well for me I already knew my failures his appearance I mean I have a four -year-old and nearly two -year-old was floundering for how to manage these little one that I think should be very difficult and that Friday night when Thompson something has got to change he said it was such strength and confidence that rather than in our negotiating with them are trying to know the argumentative with them because I didn't understand I excepted that I would encourage you why was particularly at times a year and will have a particular burden to lead out in your family and you may not understand where he's coming from or the string army the energetic enthusiasm that he had violent encourage you to not respond maybe in your natural response but rather listened quietly to the Lord because that night I was very sensitive to what he had to say and he gave me such a confidence in his willingness to lead out in an area that was unfamiliar to us entertainment is quite frightening to me because my personality that I like to know where I'm going what I'm going to come to get their act all I had time him on the moving in and with the family but we do for a job and all the other unknowns can be very intimidating and I believe that's why many of God 's people are finding it easier to continue on where we are presently in the suburban lifestyle in the city lifestyle of living you can read that in the country is well aware to be contrasting what God helped us to understand between how we were living presently and how God was calling us to live by his principles and his word I want to encourage you especially if this is a time to mix your hearts together don't expect to each other has all the answers but see the willingness in your heart than on a husband and wife to be one in heart and one purpose and move forward step-by-step of God revealed his beautiful plan for you I tell you that at least in our situation I saw thankfully God gave me a woman that truly need help maintaining not just where I want her to help me out where she needs to help me when God recognized she needs help because when I saw that we needed to be moving to the country you know I will stick the sign in the front yard and dog will sell the same probably in a week I mean this is God 's will so let's don't want and I think God enjoys the enthusiasm but I should wedding doesn't always give us exactly what we want when we think we want and so I'm changing to stick design and a five yard my dear wife is thinking about things I had to learn how to have faith and not have to figure everything out because baby is not my size it is what I put in her heart and we can see our immediate health and the Army can step in and naturally they fight and so for me I wanted to have a little more security Friday May I not read that will try and develop the confidence has been my layout delete out any God is not our personalities to help each other for my husband encouraged my day instead of my site and for me to encourage him with a list is not the defining yard pack up and move and are driving around nine they can find however Gilead but rather lifted from planning and Natalie won a share with you the next step is not brought as to because we started discussing what do we do want to put that sign in the yard I wanted it to have a little bit more planning and so he challenged me we came to an agreement as we prayed and talked together and there was a time when the finally out even though we didn't have all the answers a through C but during the process we would let God decide when the house without he had things for us to do it I want to share a just a few of those Sarah 's mother went to apply where we were presently because the way I was landing I was what you would call all recreational shopper anybody ever had I have met form of recreation centers probably many who have harnessed no longer could have had that recreation is what we call it today anyway it actually occurs is not really a blessing but I found myself even be at home often with the children just you know is coded in moving through the system that you want to let you go along with Marvin Austin was excited I than I had enumerated type coffee as I know he is not in Mountain View he is an alien hottie is certain a lot the immediate window and the in an environment that bigger is better and more is necessary and for me though I want to start companies simplify and I started having to first address my time my time in the simplification process and just spinning my single drive from store to store and look at this is saving money in the fuel expense in the car saving time and ingredient at the time and my children which was a new revelation to me as well and then saving the money because I already have we weren't going to have very much money to move out into the country and our goal as we talked and we pray and we studied during this process our goal and desire was to look for the past opportunity to exemplify the original plan forgot people as God established in the Garden of Eden has been likely and to gather as much as possible the family in a natural setting the employment outlook only possible and to be debt-free when yes in-home pet care so I had to start dressing how I spent the family 's money and that was a real challenge to me at first that sounded exciting and we actually went together to the little credit union where we work our hospital had a little credit union for employees and we open up a new account called country living account and every little thing I could say we would talk away and I got excited because I found out that each week I was baby more more money I was a dismantlement him whether I was necessary and then I started challenging myself but maybe we do need environmentally don't need to go out to dinner not that we ever get that often but not just any way we could say and I found that very excited and then we decided to sell our home because they recognize important to move out of the twenty four hundred square foot home in suburbia and simplify life and get some units affordable it is likely that were not an unlimited twenty four hundred square foot home in the country so we start going to our house no one will guess that we got that I don't know that we ever used so those are some of the easy things you don't put out the yard sale I think we were done and didn't need anymore and they went through the Houston and establish our first little garage sale it was exciting we made out quite a bit of money into nearly six hundred dollars on the first one and that was so exciting to me and so then we met that many immigrants remaining account and then I went to the house again this time I got more serious about the things that we're putting in and start asking the Lord Lord of the bargaining unit this something I should have or do we need this where were going to be and we start selling bigger items like my antique bookshelf now those not blessed your tour bookshelf the fact bookshelf I really like my antiques in the Lord that you know we need to put gloves on and I know just the simple hundred dollars bookshelf and you really need to take this expensive old antique bookshelf when you can't take it invaluable near sellout where people are in the anti- and redeem those visitors are hearing from the Lord worked with me so I put the things me are suddenly started getting a profound knowledge to tackle and even became more exciting during this process we started researching where would we would like to live in the research that by establishing to gather member that him hello what are our priorities when the mailman in the American priorities that we were looking for in a country setting in the most important to have at that time was homeschooling this is an idea that I never even happened when we first decided to move to the screen but it's something that the God that God opened to let and and and another avenue by which to raise our children prepare them for the kingdom of God and the character so homeschooling laws became very important priority list and back in the mid- eighties many states it was illegal to homeschool so that narrow our search down right away from fifty states down to a half dozen states in part that we set time we prioritize I was assigned was in the yard and we'd talk on file and I didn't understand what is happening here I was sure that God was calling us just like he called Abraham I met about Abraham and I felt the call to come out from this situation wherein Y was at our house selling when when the realtor listed a house he told us that everything in our area we were in a fairly affluent community we worked very of foot but we were in an affluent community big houses on both sides of lesson so who else is that having everybody selling about two three four weeks in this market within about a four block area five thousand sound window borrowing that's okay for the weeks went by a while the weeks went by during this waiting time the Lord was showing us that we needed to start changing right where we were now there's this feeling of this philosophy that the grass is greener another sign in now is like watching it over there on Samuel and that you as always it will concentrate all and I'll start doing these things on him to show us know you need to start doing these things you need to learn how to start simplifying your life now is precedent-setting don't wait to get out there we see many people over the years that in waiting until they get out and be squandering opportunities the presence experience to begin to work through it well during this process it was seven months eight months nine months ten in the realtors come into a few wind and rain people right wing allies who have the courage to invite our realtor to pray with us when she comes in this number you never have to do that and just tell everybody else is on you will find that you know that anything is out of the way well Lord do all these things and find out later story why these things happen but we had a testing time you know were told that without a vision the people perish right on time even there's also experienced that happened to many people and in Bible times it was called the death of the vision right and whatever happened to God 's people the vision and I was the one that was generated from self barks of early kindling like to get out in a week to be a great mountain and all these things and I found myself one day on my knees just leaving with the Lord alone nobody was around nobody heard my groaning are you saying Lord that I missed something here you should call us all in this letter asking as you and I realized the problem was not with the Lord was asking us to do what he was interested in was how we would run how I was trying to do it I was trying to let my own way Sharan mine my own understanding do it on my timetable and that day I found a victory with God it was my first day to understand what I call neutralizing the will of a message on it neutral life he will meaning you may did not affect like pouring in a cell phone of one or Marriott neutralizes and needs that we come to the place where we really allow God really allow God to have access to is that if it's just well it will happen it is not his will and not his time were content to wait on the Lord and I came away from that experience my need no July before the law so much so that I said Lord if I misunderstood something unwilling and intended to stay here as long as you want to be here you know within a week things started happening beautiful things started happening but people are the best thing happen we got a distraction from the devil nearly often does that and we had been sitting out for ten lives with no offers on our house is disheartening but right after I pray and got that piece of the Lord a few days later we got an offer and offer from a couple of attorneys in Chicago for that failure and very municipal price for a bargain investment him all how are real I'm sure she arrived and with an average in everything or just selling to my relaxation while we had been praying this process and we knew that God was going to bring us back several dollars we had prayer that we were contented to know that this was the price that God has for us for this property and these people are hard-pressed over twelve thousand minus ten thousand and so we decided to call the callback and they offered us a few thousand more sex for cash he phenomena have taken us Friday afternoon the offer is there taken we want to move what is humanity wanted to start rationalizing reasoning away we can do that so the Sabbath and before ourselves we knelt down together and we settle our we don't want to be thinking about this over the Sabbath this is in your given to you and he gave us complete rest complete rest we had a four hour version of the runway I usually need to open your only had an rest of the Sabbath and Sunday morning at about ten o'clock in the morning we got a call that a full price offer plus a thousand dollars back different party can be completely LSF full price offer plus a thousand dollars we had we had asked to come and do a market analysis of our property and went to the center than the one in the middle of the of the song asking price but then there was God the price was two thousand dollars less than the asking price for my nap and we found dollars more than that only another one hundred thousand dollars to help another family in need we will win where genetic testing process and when he tested is not in their we got exactly what we needed to move on during my human priority process any I found a lot of my time was being spent you contacting realtors and in the Chamber of Commerce is in the area on which we had designated on the map and mistake it had a lot sound wasn't just sitting back and waiting for us to sell the almond wanted without okay when I take the next way we spent a lot of time contacting people gather information from client weather patterns employment opportunity now private in their area and wanted to move the price we can afford to live there some places even though it couldn't afford to live there because the cost of living is so high so we get all this research and we had narrowed it down to force state can I call Washington Oregon is the entire Northwest with was very open in your homeschool law that they had a lot of water in those days and good air quality for the most part especially if they have any law national forest areas these are all things we were looking for lower density of population and so when we went home and filled and we actually had a contract with the closing dates and white we made the decision to take three weeks off from work safe vacation we're going to every refinery drive from Illinois and Northwestern regarding each of these and we are seemingly minor research them by site and have a very deciding to live in process we we tried that we become so economy and saving I felt I was with modern old seventy eight for a cab pickup nothing was quite outdated even then and we packed everything in that pickup and I made a little better than that little curtains for the Windows and we are going to live in this track and back at camp where they cast in the back of his pickup argument for the next three weeks and it was exciting and could take a long especially on this trip we had a newborn baby Josiah part of the reason why God allowed it they really were protected because the net profits of time some of the face if I had to go through it could I trust the Lord now to leave the security of my medical background hospital we were going in angle frame into a new state and not have health insurance health people are having Doctor that I was familiar with but I was willing to surrender that God gave any competency could take care of his new matter what condition are wary with to take he could take care and in that process I think the piece so he resulted in three months I've been writing but he knew we needed to wait so we had to a few weeks old bundled up and went home are blatantly traveled across the United States what are three references three inspiring words in California when taking with us when we set out on the strip and we were growing in faith the first one was found in Christ God bless page three twenty seven is more surely is the place prepared for us in the heavenly mansions that is a special place him we want from God that was one of the promises that we claim we soften our mission defined in this new land that God had for us and to all persons in a very powerful and very harmful to me my family even today the first line south thirty two a.m. I was in each league in the way was now somehow I will guide the with mine I is a wonderful thought to believe that just as God was guiding Israel across that desert journey in the Exodus God was guiding however finer cloud by day is beautiful that was real just as God will guide us with this I as we are journeying mine made the directions develop second burst was very meaningful to to us was I think forty two sixteen I will bring the blind are we buying I felt like I was I will bring the blind by way they knew not I believe that in path they have not known I will be encrypted way straight before them this will I do not perceive there's more numerous than this is what we focused on that God was going to personally direct us in this journey we believe that when Helena solemnized we got to talk to research the best that we could win as well as we could we believe that during this three weeks God would reveal either the place or the employment one or the other and is disgraceful that would be a bonus well as we once down the road on the beginning of our journey we were going to be staying with some friends remember you are not aware what I want and we plan establish with them we hadn't seen them for some time there rated friends when we got there we were excited to be reunited as we sat down through the meal and during the meal all of us got a similar thing I would know much about impressions of how God speaks to us but the Lord was directing is just as we had believed that he would as we were sitting there individually we were both feeling strongly that we should stay overnight really discovered I wasn't so nice time we run in the morning we all felt very strongly that we should leave what we can say this until after the meal we got together we both found out we are feeling the same way so we candidly explained to them that we are feeling strongly we should move on they understood they were excited about what we were doing and so we headed out we were going to be meeting up in Montana and because we left early because we almost will have been number one twelve are fairly when updating our friends at the real estate office rather than in their home and in the course of God 's providence we were introduced to the owner of the real estate company Paul invited us into his office and he said to me about what you folks are trying to do it we began to share with him and he looked at his watch an example that another appointment he said really like to hear and what you folks have in mind well he ended up in essence a couple questions and many think of the farming call somebody and he rearranged his appointment we spent the next hour in his office you know I think that I can help you do what you feel guards asked me to do he said I would like to set up us I offer is only really area and shouting I think that I can help serve the premises you're looking barn find one thousand and you could help me build my business a liberated situation when when I can so we sat on our search to find property in the Eureka Valley because we found that it was really the job and John Hanford and he would also show was clearly a place to live it was affordable to us we were still looking I was within the dollars we had me home we were selling so that we can try to be an attack it was interesting during their ten month process on anything it is a look at how my husband could do in London the disease x-ray technician by profession and an heading man through the different levels and actually was teaching radiography students and was moved to the country first of all they probably have an x-ray machine in town and a lot of these little towns secondly they are not really looking related traits do not have anything she so he was recognizing that the Lord will probably change his occupation even know I was a nurse and easy for the nurse to find a job anywhere early oriented he said he got it but in my heart to be a full-time mother and my husband said were not located at ninety three to work in the country so you don't have to work more and that that was a real encouragement to me because I knew that he was behind me and encouraged me to fulfill that the rawest beautiful home so when the opportunity came up and I haven't possibly become real estate agent 's property I thought it was wonderful and so we drove up to five miles north into the reading area in Montana and we started looking into why we need every day we went on will off a family when they do have a problem universality homes were soundly in our name and they haven't had to go the next time you stop her option is today and we don't have time to go without we had guys driving around in areas and not in the door you don't related out to anybody have a home in one fell and we were all excited and immediately on my excitement started to go now he Monday are Sunday through Friday and we have found mainly in and we don't have to release them out one link is totally gone and where will we have nothing at the end of the week it was not done door which is not either of our personality having to go to a rural community drive in the background and I like stopping on strangers going to get money right now I mean that is all much against you we are in our personalities and yet we word that Willie to research every opportunity and so at the end of the week I found myself of the discouraging time maybe we should move on to another state maybe it is in the wisdom that Idaho and Washington Oregon and always we only actually flat while we recognize first of all I care was not our first choice state okay we recognize that maybe this was just the largest time he and open something up we recognize that maybe this wasn't what God had in mind maybe he was just showing how quickly he can offer some possibilities solve we made a decision that if we didn't find something by next Monday morning that we would have our way so we spent the are at on Sunday morning we model again and I went out together we can on national for servicemen and we circle I can mile circle on the map and we all know together and we prayed it was an area that we felt would be an ideal location work real estate my friend was in real estate he said this would be an excellent place to start a business is not good access and yet is out private will now together and we prayed that it was a sunny and more if you want to sustain his family by your grace today's the day I was channeling the pressure on God gently but we weren't really playing with God 's laws and show us and we started driving hydraulic and started driving everywhere all every road that was out there on the ten mile circle just drove complacently everyplace that we can drive into we drove and we ask questions of people and say why I also talk about a list on about fellow longtime engineer at him went from place to place to place and finally we drove into this one place and it was a beautiful mountain stream flowing down we went across that drove up into the yard with the people live the owner came out my friend and I began to speak to the arm on our desires and we started asking him about this little piece of property where this stream went through his wife but by that piece of property is set the alternate is nicely separated by the fourth service run everybody wants to live in and while I rally was won by his not interested in selling well in there for a while my friend being a realtor was not intimidating to say we shame on me consider selling such a nice television property is now not interested in selling the property talk a little longer my friend said to not allow fans you will make the problem there is as we do not have been even asked me to not get a cell so he well anyway the more we laugh you might eliminate his wife and you want to show off his moves spring cool refrigerator it built in he was my people that can do just about anything you don't analyze sprinkle copper coil refrigerator stainless steel built into his cabinets gravity flow note on strengthening all we were impressed never seen anything like that anyway and help as we were leaving we haven't bought legally can bring the family up to see this neat little cabin refrigerator this is bring them on so my friend went home and Monday we get our last checklist that an entity with a zero on everything we had let's check and less go out there before we leave the Valley let's thought there and see the sky he said he would like the family to see his place in his refrigerator we went up there and I while denying license is are you are now in now the bar he figured out it is not willing to be we drilled everything out what their hour out of our time had nowhere to hide out to drive away and go see that these people who have made it very clear they are not interested in selling individual in his refrigerator for me he will help conventional power maybe we'll have some good covers the NFL now a little bit reserved that submitted and we went there and that the children are dropped and I turned to find and close in on him unfortunately are there very often a hearing the drive and the rather unfortunate while understanding and got never came in the house he is lying down unfortunately conflict with the man the owner and there was this strange lady this time healthy men heard at our math and the children I went into the house and then she started asking a lot of questions where you from what are you doing why anyone in the country and all the questions and and all your children and mother remains in with her all of his mouth on top conversation an hour went by like I'm ready to move on I'm ready to the object now your casino only time I don't hear I don't see him anywhere and now sometime later they finally came in the house and he had made a grin on his face while I asked the man I said I know an Internet interested in selling the property I said you got such a beautiful place here within the and we just walked around on it we can see it please ensure I love you show people my proffered as fraud and enhance simple place simple cabin but it doesn't recognize things on the properties always all are yet we we crossed over for service runs in a lower apartment property that is I had my eye is a little jump of power hitting forty acres and this was nicely divided separated by the officer was wrong and we were crossing the road this is the first time I experienced and I can ever remember thinking this is the low speed and this is what the Lord said in my thoughts that might allow an audible voice and visit Gainesville daily show clearly the Lord is taught in this land as though this will be your imagine that you want to sell his property the largest selling it on to him as long as it is going to be my property I didn't have a clue how to do since he was a basis of conversation and talking online is as valid and and we want in on this one area and there was a place in the Soviet Union on that means it's kind of underwater the Springs and the waters just gently moistened underneath and saw and when we got to Best Buy I have this would be a great place to have a garden and so I thought this is my chance so I sent him this would be a great place for our environment this is supposed to be like I get on this property I he never he acted like I didn't speak a word as well right out and said he never responded he just kept walking I can hear me and I was very intimidated by the unit yet invented into our talking back to me and speak with us and has no this will be I am sorry while you want quite a way to get a little clearing is stronger than how I was like hi I think even just climb and thought I want to stop in there was a beautiful view and I say this would be a boring place to build a house and he said yeah I've got an idea throw water system for you and him and that is why there was is by quickly I was amounting at and we spent the rest of our walk back to the house here in telling me about his idea for this gland water system that he would help me build somehow and then when you came in your hand in the dark so we all got together and do you want to not get excited when we all around the table well why would I want to when we got back to the house he said to me each student and he was willing to sell it to me privately but he said I have to tell you that is my wife who makes the decision and now is a life that she thought I was the head of the house but as she love this property was like her this was her baby and Southeast he was expressing only thing money flowing out of the dark we stopped it he said my wife who make decisions only when the house and resentment it always talking and he was expressing if you want to he liked us apparently there's something him expressing the president will address and solve that is why she said where you staying in the number found by the way about three miles down the road and we were parked there she's sad lesson wanted to bring your family appear tomorrow morning for breakfast with us drinking she said she would like to have a few days to think about Wednesday is because I do so she wanted to so we were saying velocity was expressed to her Sally went down there this was Monday afternoon right when you choose what you give us until Wednesday I went down there and being children Jacob Lawrence Montana and why this was in the way to get the hotel side policy delete grizzlies that they are children they are all very cold Mountain Lake for a refreshing and after John so when we got to know you are in pain we are tucked away from the night we were at special partner and praying together that I was reminded of the situation were where the Angel was striving with McCain Daniels and when Daniel was there in the kingdom and she wanted to come down and it strives to continue working as a friend has had a lower if this is your will he'll get a little nation peoples minds you can look at people 's life and I split authenticate the same in I laughed on the side of our captain Travis Santos including all people down there no real standouts and start a lesson and they patiently weren't was is not the people that own the property is income from and Chris Ware and solve claims to us to sell it to you by now I said he is only the and they just exhausted Illinois continually had lots of other states as it is willing to work as an entity is not wasted time so we got out and went Saturday table mates that listen to the vacant watch it come up in the morning will have a pancake breakfast together on ten one twenty one dollars and we went back in now or then again we were going to get our answer so what we got there and was done eating and it was amazing so I've always been pretty good eaters are some children that you just get here each day children always enjoy their meals and they age in a bank pays this law and was so excited about how our children age shooting a person showing me something that is getting embarrassing but going down in England more than hardly anything can unevenly around the cell anyway we finished our breakfast cleanup things and then we sat around the table and we just sat there looking at each other finally God says all iPhoto wondering what we decided not a word was said about the property is as long as life is in talent sense when he said that you don't happen in my heart is that it is because the Lord called to me and eating in Bangalore reminded me that he is this was not the place he had something better for my heart camera backup because I'm just that like that she looked at us she just looked at us I think she was doing this on purpose just one data didn't say a word it seemed like such a long time is that within a silent I showed Bob I wanted to blame up and saying he will not do things we found out that they were not into Christianity 's managers course of talking to that found out that they were not in like to talk about religion and a morning of that stuff the second reason that I couldn't really jump up is because that night when they knocked on the camp can learn from their I said you know even if they are willing to sell it you know we only have six thousand dollars all a six thousand dollars to this man that he is not to sell and move their heart to sell it for six thousand and I didn't know it at the time nothing like getting the might of been overwhelmed by the time we were looking at this property that is I was working on I didn't know because it wasn't for sale and will present she's a solid talk that's why I said a prayer that it was a long pause again that Don said we need six thousand dollars all I wanted illegal again for the Lord restrained me from doing that we knew God was answering now you have the here the end of the storage was hearing in resume when I didn't realize is that all these questions you ask me she was trying to get a feel for who we were up one articles remind me she told me later she didn't want a bunch of brats around her finally moved out of the city existing mommies brat that was her term for rebellious young people and state she was scrutinizing our children and I have three and newborn and she was meaning they weren't listening they were canned in favor of the music they were happy I've been assisting my printer because there was a tremendous work I had to do with parenting time from fussy complaining and whining and self-willed children to beginning to mold and shape the characters so that if I asked him did something that they could obey carefully and not to throw a temper tantrum on the site and all this was preparation which we didn't now that Nielsen watched to see how they could she told me later I was talking picky children the table in here with American readings on matching she was thankful to see the children could enjoy good health and we also might in order for him anywhere he can carry as well all I mean how nothing she wanted a time when you came how do we have our next day in the vegan pancake breakfast for so all that arranged even now be well cared the most exciting and well as long as I and has encapsulated version for our source the largest before you call I will answer you believe we all fulfillment of these words like we've never experienced that before she said to us about three miles after we were there building our home living in Littleton 's real-time monitor on and let us use always felt about three later he is already good at home and she said you know why we decided setting this property is haywire at all she said I had a dream twelve years ago now I'm suffering there for a moment I married a way in nineteen eighty and is now nineteen eighty six six shares this lady had three six years before I knew she existed that is that God is in this drain she said I saw family with three children there were no faces in that family came to us and she said family and I saw the timing was God 's time him every time I say that it makes chills going up mind that that's how God is he is the God who has all the way in which we know not he then and will do whatever he deems that any of the world is his he still directs the world in spite of thinking caps before God wants to direct the individual is calling to us to be willing to do what he asked us to do I thought for our family and when God called us to the country he led us each step of the way and calling to your heart today to quiet to be still to come into a more retired circumstance where you can have better with God when life slows down to be still and know that he is God thanks Ranger is sensitive right where you are the still right where you are and God right where you are what you do because he is the God of all flash and he knows exactly where we need to talk election and that only joy in sharing how God led us and we love child along version of the two is encapsulated version today that will lead each person no more surely as please prepare and have them enhances that God has a special place for each of you to do his work Mister are father had only hear far the opportunity to share together as brothers and sisters on we now that we live in a time and as our system that has been compared to otherwise in the days of Noah was in Sodom Amara luckily now that's live in a world that's moving at a very rapid pace I'm the devil is trying every way possible to take us from our communion with you to keep us from even recognizing our true condition and Italy recognize and trying to overwhelm us with so much even good things to do that we neglect the best time to be endued with power from on high time to work with the needs of our own marriages in our own children Lord I pray that you would need each one of us where we are we know that you need is where we are and that you will instructors and teachers to where you have a strong and you guys are on things in Jesus name this media was gone audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain and please visit www. audio tours or


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