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Be Like Jesus: Virtue

Justin Kim
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Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference




  • June 30, 2007
    9:15 AM
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when this morning we has to me hear from Jesus himself yesterday 's spirit that Jesus may be seen Jesus heard of Jesus experience as Jesus Scripture reading is found in second Peter chapter one verse five and if you can turn your Bibles quickly there is a Bible students only for you second Peter chapter one verse five and besides this giving all diligence as your faith virtue and to virtue knowledge that the status quo time when Jesse some not Scripture memorization and everyone anything at all new no value into one memory verse today and I was perhaps subsequently but we don't remember this was instead verse five repeat after me and besides this I don't hear any of you been besides this getting all diligence as to your faith virtue and your virtue knowledge gentlemen repeat after me and besides this giving all knowledge forgotten anniversary as your faith virtue and sheer virtue knowledge ladies ladies emphasize this giving all diligence add to your faith virtue and your virtue knowledge and everyone was a sound now I won't wish you and test you later on in the day and so you know all your search from short-term memory is excellent your long-term remembers moving distorted cinnamon of one today's message is found in second Peter chapter one verse five will look at three vertically passages this morning because of limited time this passage is Peter Peter is a fisherman we study the last minute I appreciate it so much we appreciated other bachelors that he on diligence and elder Macintoshes study on think he appreciated that I never had two messages on a Friday night before but those are simply long but amazing in an long but amazing that such messages but that is also innovated the study was easily no double portion of spirit was going on but having it that's it we had here Peter a fisherman in my imagination I imagine Peter to look like Ernest Hemingway why I don't know his scruffy beard he has white hair sort of grayish assault peppering his huge forearms like you are living today you have a Popeye -esque the non- Adventist aunt on his warmest imagine that bringing these these these myths in is not a theologian but in this letter this deep knowledge of your verse one it's so complicated that we can understand the Fishman Saint Simon Peter a survey and an impostor Jesus Christ to them that have obtained the like precious faith with us the righteousness of God and our Savior Jesus Christ Grace and peace be multiplied unto you the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord degree with three according as his divine power has given unto us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue whereby are given to us exceedingly great and precious promises that by these electric partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust that is a long sentence having you immediately know what to say me I don't need a breakdown and maybe English lesson in this motion is not enough time to do that this morning basically what he sings this to know more about God we have to become more character you will know more about God but there comes a point when you hit the limitation about knowing more about God yes have to be lunch in to get to know more about the clear funding goes in the latter verse five is where whereat and besides this giving all diligence add to your faith virtue and happiness on a virtue my questions used in the world is virtue when I think of virtue I just think of the plane popular usage is girls keep your virtue meter heard that before think of your virginity here now I don't think that's what it's talking about I really don't I'm nothing no not this time Virginia add to your faith virtue what is virtue some solutions to this and I be causing goodness the Wycliffe transition called excellence the court translation called courage fortitude bigger energy Robertson calls it a mental excellence or moral quality or physical power in the NASD King James my favorite by NSB has a more accurate translation this word in Greek means more role accidents what is going more Muslims in Greek is on active repeat after me out at their needs moral excellence at your faith what moral excellence I think I need this energy in one word at least to me how I understand it needs her just as your faith early is no word for it this is the significant fiscal you earn forty two energy vitality for this him there is your faith for the clear Tesla peters a fisherman to imagine funded the necessary as your faith virtue moral ask whatever you do the best of your ability it's a face behind a car and it was one of yes you need two people to push this car one person needs to sit indigent in the end of yes there and needs the skier another person needs to go out behind the car and what flesh faith is the person sitting in the car driving eating the driver is the foundation of all movement your driver but if you just have a driver you never go anywhere yes need someone in the back to put the lot yes you got it for her in the back the question now if the guy is in the back or girl is touching the girl in the back and is known in controversy what happens your car you're going to go away I am nowhere everywhere or whatever noise she has one in the driver seat your faith as your faith what hurts you the guy what is that how I get virtue the second pass you look at his Philippians chapter three with instructor three semester for the first time a non- otherness in thinking that these avenues are a lot that's just today in everyday will be turned away barbering beasts of the free verse thirteen of Philippians twelve chapter three verse twelve chapter three verse twelve if you look at this passage Paul is using the language of Olympic runners running you you've studied this before many of you have what is interesting for me as a youth pastor I see I have some might see you are cross-country wonders from you runners are they run across the country I don't know I called cross-country but did you and I thought as a runner the most important thing you need to do is develop your legs is related to what running in your heart yes you think that but these runners they know that's not the most important but it is the foundational part the most important part is to develop your arms and I was like what if I'm a runner on not work out my arms he said that when you come to a certain level of running everyone's legs are about the same efficiency effectivity you know big muscle size yes after that point everyone's quality of one's level how levels off and it's those whose arms are stronger than when I was when you're running your arms for power your upper body making it easier on your lower body in connection for fast was fascinating segment to be a better runner is not meeting the exercise on your legs to be a better running the exercise your entire want entire body policies is an analogy here first while he's using the knowledge of racing and thinking how I become a more virtuous excellent person how I reach this this level and I believe friends as young people we need is unlikely that a generation or indifference permeates every aspect of our lives that is we are so bombarded with TV iPods and and and video games PS2 and an media now I box I boxed Xbox whatever it is that we become in different Sun Life when I'm so used to like blowing people 's heads off and I come living life this is boring thing is your life is your life is the only thing that's being reported at fighting the matters we rather live our lives here is our generation the previous enrichment it wasn't so Bob Rosen called on rock 'n roll and young is no but in verse twelve it talks about how to become more passionate in life how to get that guy first well not as though I already attained either were already perfect but I follow after is that I may apprehend that for which I'm I'm apprehended of Christ Jesus which is parsing your number one principle number one of how to get virtue is do not ever think you've already achieved its do not ever think of energy that there is a controversy that used to be a nepotism the thought about perfection and I'm not the type of profession to disintegrate crazy it is a serious issue of perfection is not a level where you reach it is not state that you reach you have a checklist in the keys in chocolate red muscular prophecy for today study to versus I'm perfect for today that is not perfection and then friends Adam when he was created fresh out of young and he was perfect but Adam was not perfect to understand God made Adam to infinitely grow rebook education Adam wants to spend eternity rolling into the structure Jesus Christ that's just profound dissonance and here we all are the salvation when we get salvation restored fully to the statue of Jesus Christ and we go to having to face we continue to grow Helene 's appointment growing every afternoon how do we grow for excellence comes in while we get that first well on the Ephesians all of a sudden on Windows state Philippians chapter three verse twelve because talks about do not you had already obtained a little verse thirteen brother and I count not myself to have apprehended but this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before the second principle is moving there something that God uses with young people young people do not have issues and then was a young guy were not old enough energy to never lived long enough people haven't burned us yet the Pistons you what is young people have a sort of naïveté this innocence the church was founded by a twelve -year-old the fourteen -year-old seventeen and God says hate start a world church okay start if yes someone older they will take on probably derivative but will lord another that under the first is your verse thirteen forget those things which are behind forget your issues for just your insecurities forget your fears for that in the event behind you leave behind your old uncovered itself and reach forward is positive thinking is nothing wasn't PBS's lot like no of New Age thicknesses from Scripture in and friends press on this way goes on first fourteen I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of Christ Jesus first for he says never give up never be discouraged and here's the thing we talked about faith friends faith one yes in Scripture it says be not discouraged yes there's something that God 's word God in his infinite mind he thinks of something said let there be light and this this is thought this work travel is other supernatural loans and this is the supernatural lungs comes for the supernatural breath supernatural breakfast or supernatural lung of supernatural cars have supernatural sound waves into sound waves come out of the supernatural mouth of God and be sound waves that you hear that there be lights in the sound waves asked to become what life profound top but everything got says it becomes when God says do not be discouraged same principle applies my prayer for this church for this conference for you individually is really the people who refuse to be discouraged discouragement this is the one tool use TV as he does but he is a discouragement even more into I refuse to be discouraged if not a mantra in the homicide be due to because it's not bad at all you have faith in God 's word says do not be discouraged me Joshua chapter one two Lord just as you traded like it's a degraded might be Martian trees you create non- disbursements in my life help me get beyond my insecurities out and get this passion or virtue moral excellence of treating this in the entrance that's what we need the first service passage verse fifteen let us therefore as many be perfect be thus minded and if anything he be otherwise minded thoughts are revealed this evening to you but as therefore as many be perfect this is a secret perfection enemies constantly growing in stature price cost how is this possible our only example in which the following is true in Scripture but leaves after two restricted to the chapter two verse fifty two Luke chapter two verse fifty two instructors says Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man there something what were my favorite spinoffs is this those make Jesus first last and best are the happiest people in the world we live in a postmodern generation where young people desire for something authentic something passionate in life and how one gets his promise those me Jesus first best and last are what the what happiest people on SES is a good look around this is Martian temperature you see the happiest people I don't knew we needed should be we should be peculiar event the sloppy we anoint or special license unless I felt we should be the happiest people us in here Jesus is the secret to being happy is that there is a start there is no nutrition exercise you can be happy to the things the skepticism verse fifty two Jesus increased in wisdom and stature in favor with God and man as your faith virtue meaning you have faith you have we talk about last night answer with a level of all this off is not feeling it is not motivation it means everything that you do you make your best means excellence is a clear so that if you do something you do it all you might hear if you do nothing with your mind you know when that error we squeezed for areas when first university to Jesus increased in wisdom intelligence leave the group to send out your Jesus had to grow intellectually can you imagine the garden even Jesus taught Adam about photosynthesis he taught Adam about it and how all this works and then becomes his birth in Corning and has to really learn those things he taught Adam transpired is your thousands of years to his mother was weird and wondering everything if I were in the guy I know this I noticed in the shop and accepted exp working group while Godman secondly Hebrew English stature he was physically I don't know how tall she is lots group he grew a beard on to the pictures of Michael Isaac Newton in favor with God he grew spiritually in Hebrew in favor with men social whatever we do friends we must have a level of excellence to the we must have excellence in growing our intelligence are mental faculty students did at four oh GPA is meanwhile have a form of GPS system gets straight A's students develop your mind to the best of its possibilities no one is asking the Einstein we all have the potential to become like Jesus in his mind do one way to do is start reading the we are slowly losing the ability to read some good books that are good to meet a call the spirit of prophecy books is relevant but here's the thing all of you understand English hopefully your share this into my English is flawed as it may be your listings English the spirit of prophecy in what language you are there and by high winds written in English not a lot all is a reason why the Lord chose Englishman because of this reason lunch is good reason mortgages Greek leaders a reason she was the shaman were not some no shrine in the middle Mongolia has no access to only three outright we are American and minority people this was the fourth our minds with excellence second it was agreed not networking or similar Scripture also if they were reading ability losing the ability to choose to understand Scripture the King James version is written in a twelfth grade reading level today we translate this to light the new kitty level as a first parade in unit Jesus died and happy with you Jesus loves you these are not the quality versus their okay for kiddie versions but not for us it meant me to sit down and study this out and then we need to use our minds the maximum capability applying faith to watch virtues or in the morning we had devotions say Lord I want faith but in exercising my face I'm going to give my all time that the horror into my daily devotions and when I read a book on this topic or region is assigned to me under reading it because it is means that part of me because I'm being like Jesus meant excellence secondly Hebrew was physically I don't know how much exercise Jesus that I can't imagine waking up and it seemed to the birds and injuring living on the projects I am not saying that I'm saying we should watch our bodies first thing is we need to eat breakfast amen is the best way to make ourselves healthier now don't know what you are involved in public University ministries public universities him breakfast young people refuse a breath behaves Syria may hate them but he makes me hate those note needs his head eat breakfast and you increase your lifespan by a million years uncle Myung eat breakfast watch your corn syrup levels watch your trans fat levels walked on and be healthy where we are very known about this be healthy management never thought just because it is a Symbian 's weaknesses could be a statement that's not the point Jesus roof is whatever Jesus does she does with this her excellence let us sanctify our bodies with utmost excellent inference that when the group was socially signifying relationships in favor with men as Richard says gentleman wants how you interact with females these are your fellow sisters in Christ Jesus you will be held accountable to God himself of all the thoughts and words and action you don't give a sister imagine if he was your little sister a lot of the probably have to pay will be totally gone ladies these are your brothers in Christ sanctified relationship to Jesus Christ how you treat others is invented two of your relationship Jesus Christ parents appreciate it on the Macintosh QB D Moore seeks to review of Jesus Christ whose children bottles my mind is automatic I'm not on the father gives how much my parents review for us to the kids it's a new idea suspects but I think likewise we as children must also review Christ to our parents and young people have a calling do you mind our elder generations of the innocence that they used to have it was dramatic being correctly understood one thing yes we haven't called last way is Jesus developed himself spiritually sanctify your being happy devotional life have a level of humility that it blows everyone out but a weakness but in the next friends must be like Jesus and always rolling us there's something about this my uncle is a pastor in Korea and he has the uncanny ability to identify agonists in public and online this superpower to get it we ordained or something like how does this work we went to a Kim's club which is like a Sam's Club in Korea anyway we went there there was a lady humbly yet attractively dressed chitter hair long very very humbling the she's putting some cereal and a Little Brown and my uncle was staring at her my uncle the book is man get her stuff and get out of here I want off in his own crib I like and he goes up to hers excuse me I'm starting truck you but do you have any something avenues and she her eyes Asian smog has got really big and yes how did you know I just know there's something about having this we should have a godliness amen we should smell of godliness or raw to be brought people should stop swearing in her presence not because we are holding is the about us the minute we stop smelling of godliness we starts nothing of other things we don't want in a case of principle everything that we do yes University ministries will be power students whatever you do with all your minds whatever your are you wanted you do it heartily as unto the Lord in these estimates in a professionalized means excellence and your families mothers in your cooking think the most excellent dinner for your family gentleman when you're working for your families Michigan Ashley Johnny Finder bosses children you do an excellent job in school and others of thing and activism we think Jesus is coming soon understood on your project yes you were mediocre comes from media means halfway over the grizzlies announced the only halfway up the mountain and hill be thinking a lot is an Apple or you know that Jesus comes and was in no explosive is short of their young study your heart out because he lunges from smallest to a Jesus on one C+ swing by here's why we need to be excellent in I know each student she believes in excellence because Jesus gave his excellence for us so she put she channels that excellence into her schoolwork she mostly Ivy league college she goes to she's a history major and she studied her heart out balance inquiry temperance leader on it she studies are harder and she did a class she's the only a info collapse and you thinking while that's great you think she's not even a for herself she's in the eighth now why in her class she's witnessing to all the other students the students come to her for history tutoring help and she says before we start its prey one student said I'll not a Christian washer we pray what I printed a gossip all guilty of him and him for evangelism but at least one step towards closer yes you is neither given profound she's also witnessing not true student of Professor Professor if this lady was this girl was a D+ student would not give two cents of time to this girl yes I see because he's a star student he opens up office hours for this one history book she gave to him she can vest him for free the great controversy as she opened the back he has with analyst footnotes scholars love footnotes and guess what she knew every source in the back of the book of Hosea this guy in this annoying than this guy this idea you read it affords me she graduated after that we don't know whatever happened because she gave estimates people about Jesus as a reason if you put your excellence in whatever you do if you are a trash collector make sure your block is the cleanest of all trash yes Ben Carson is an excellent surgeon there's a reason why he's being invited to all the speaking engagements he got invited is another person Oprah Winfrey had heard of her and we sing so noticed people Oprah Winfrey she is a excellent talkshow host supposedly she got invited to Africa to talk about AIDS I want the talkshow host had anything to do with AIDS in Africa because she does her job well she has opportunities to do what she's the reason why Michael Jordan is being asked to do underwear commercials for everywhere across the world she does well with basketball has to do with underwear nothing him while you where you see please basketball well and people think that excellence transfers over to your underwear he seeks knowledge any funny I think this point is this your excellence the level of excellence that you show is indicative of the quality of life you live with your lord and master it can be the sloppy life if you're unhealthy if you are need to keep your families and nests that reflects something in relation to Peter says as your faith what virtue whatever you do consent of excellence and to uphold this one story there is a man events he was a son of a butcher from Italy he went to seminary he is a Catholic and all results don't story he is a Catholic he goes to the seminary and he wants to serve the Lord meet us but he is a passion for football so while in seminary a he starts coaching up a high school team able to do championships basically a long story made a little less long key goes and starts coaching for the Green Bay Packers his name is Vince Lombardi and her developers working ever if you have that you think of in nineteen fifty eight the Green Bay Packers won one game lost ten at five one the lowest apparently worst teams in history after that year Vince bombarded comes in in nineteen fifty nine they went seven games it was five in nineteen sixty they winded and if a championship humans five more in the next two super bowls as football window lease for the most excellent football coaches of all time he's known for this quote the quality of a person 's life is in direct proportion to their commitment of X it's regardless of their chosen field of endeavor messages here's not but won't become a football coach desktop whenever you do whatever you have passion for answer your faith virtue may get excellent did the best job as reflective revision Jesus Christ President Nixon sent Mister Lombardi a telegram out a lowly opinion of President Nixon as he was before our lives let me know what I think that he wrote a time of thinking mistral awarded all of the service and she thought the President of the United States he thought he was so even though Mister Lombardi he did not sign his name Richard Nixon something that people that the level of steam that people have as long as the excellent people respect the temptation is for us to be excellent for our sake amen there are some people out there like a fortune but Scripter says add to your faith wants virtue those who need Jesus verse last best are the happiest people in the world Jesus gave his best for you he really did get his life what are we giving him young people your mission in life is change in this world now in this generation older people your job is to help us out with your finances and resources and encouragement and I want to spice yes it all jokingly we all young people here that Methuselah almost all young and hear your position energy unseal a passion asserted him that we need Christianity meant that this one question how many do you want to have is not a feeling you understand this is a principle of excellence apply to everything that you do from you on this as virtue only Jesus Christ razor hands hi friends raise your hands with your hand excellently as part father in heaven we've convened you this morning that we believe we've heard from the words of your son father we ask for forgiveness for being mediocre in various aspects of outlines the father we ask and you may empower us you may give us the divine nature to be excellent morally excellent in every aspect of our lives help us to forget those in the past continually move forward we do not ask to be inspired when he asked me powered this greatest earnestness and humbly Jesus


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