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The Practice of Patience

Carolyn Rayne


Learning to be patient with yourself & your children.


Carolyn was born and raised in the United Kingdom. After various mission projects in England and Ireland she moved to the US in 2000.  Today she loves being a supportive wife to her husband Paul, and mother to her two teenage children, Hannah and Caleb. Carolyn and Paul are the authors of The Connected Family and hosts of Happy the Home, a popular family program on 3ABN.  https://www.TheHomePlace.org

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my father is nice that we can come before you impair that in your arms are taking hold your father where he can see without you were weak without your strength when asked right now father that you will get is that power from your throne to listen to your words into here but we need to hear your heart to pay for Carolyn Mitchell give her your grace as she stands here and external and your partner Holy Spirit on each one of us that we can we can follow you we can be ready for you when you come to Jesus meeting in I made about going to pay out how to have a finger into my and is whether freeze-frame right hand slamming that are weaker than what I will harmonize or traveling from everything you will flight and I was just beginning to drift off to sleep but all of a sudden out of nowhere I heard him noise barrier island I was now anyway I'm really liking the middle of the night when you hear a noise it just get bigger and latter idea more curious what they are in the world 's noise could be when you're flying many options what annoyed me so my mind began him him and what my friends who blog we hope you will bear and I managed how cute I went to find love in the air as we may see real and is the kind of sweeping away the wings where you imagine when the wheel of the nation and the hypervisor filling my least favorite show I can never get a conclusion that my next little while he had a he was sitting incredibly with dependency and I was asleep and had only genuine price we had a way that is easy and nice that one thing I did when I began listening I don't see anything anyway wish I was just low enough so that you can be doing something single flight attendant anyway because I look around and see if anybody was away nobody else was awake most like to see Elizabeth had to move with the caulking was wondering if Shaughnessy and finished it in cement made on Sunday evening same thing nobody was like this was going on per hour when wondering the world and long while in fact had prior consent this is a life-threatening situation among the items because you actually bring real currently viewing an aircraft something is wrong is one thing in your vehicle and that could also be life-threatening but in an aircraft is not how you can there are going to come in I'm praying for the highlight and are they ready their meeting whatever situation we need I'm really ready for that I pray you are in my heart I began to search my car is there anything I and my time between you and I think the programming of the contemplated analysis listening to in the film one word came continually works invading Haitian Haitians it wasn't a surprise to me Patience is something that I think seeking after for many years that I was other than inaugural action my heart is it stuck with me ever since it was really what stopped me and said looking more deeply into the subject of patience for my underlying philosophy candidacy for that come to realize that many of us need for drinking premier patient that we been accused of leaving you hanging wondering what happened in the end of the stories on the Internet that I may check in with either a six o'clock in the morning and something if you have still not aircraft thinking that it is daylight I don't listen I fear such as if they ever come from it was wrong and so we turned around I didn't see my room is going to happen in the middle of the night that I need in a timely family something was pushing away when Presley was made I was not aircraft we don't know where you have to find rife a philandering but you I never thought that being the lower growth in my heart Haitian one who is the perfect visitations in an expression that practice makes perfect and I wanted I thought it might experience in the really miss home message is born for the recognition and need with the collective thank you .in it was January and if anything that he knew our family we've been working without a voice speech and the last few years is making a thing more more very clear he's pretty much problem with that but we will regularly do not miss as missionaries he was learned he was also learned about things in their command home where penetrated today there were a few given the word who are haters have now been alleviated before starting the missiles today and found a way not taking he was able to read it again before I headed me wonder what was well this is why her nothing in recent only get you we weren't going to will notify you will win it again I wasn't saying anything really I say in the legitimate matter-of-factly he regularly will know what they need and analyze anything while they are leaving my patient on awesome maintaining my patient limit you set encouraging for me recently we moved on quite late January that even young children of a lot of things happen in a few short months he is the word on the day before he rankings reading words I'm not saying the word blog published together they are individually all this is not an immune law and at length on the doctors were not immediately in order to exercise in San Francisco in they just made them that way citizen and survey data never long time I was under the misconception that I was the only parent to the patient I love famous silent night silent he seemed to struggle impatiently pushing when it's amazing that way the program began to show me that it really is way that you are struggling as much as I struggle with this very where Haitians the work you didn't like to talk about it daily this patient's problem is a push shove it under the carpet but never your notes essentially conversations problem I believe I haven't really read the entry I have been in hiding under the carpet when you look at the bottom of them find out how we can call her impatience and anger patients can looking for within the him areas one patient the members area and were losing so important was the big deal on patient why we so often that they shall patient trials patients in the family and sleep gaining the victory so in addition while the Webster dictionary Webster's dictionary eighteen twenty eight executive patient gave the suffering of affliction how will toil dynamically provocation of other evil with a calm unruffled temper and syringes of a word and showing endurance and thankfulness patients may spring from constitutional fortitude from attorneys probate or from Christian submission to the divine will that's the key to lowering rate we really are looking forward the patient can cause a result of being connected with Savior McConnell generated from within ourselves not possible let me know often not the case that we are more shared and what a location because of my youth in Iran Iran experience for me actually patient is committed to see what it locations this nation speaking all of them dealing with level in your thoughts and feelings and thoughts it often begins to management itself in patient irritated frustrated feeling none of the money necessarily know what's going on the unit in your heart that's just really quietly financing opportunity I think the only thing they never did the UN the him or what you are failing to level the game is black countenance and before we know it we set them were yet again soon but as shown in the expression of basis when you build a better January the next thing that the blanket are currently singularly inpatient front for Eric words may be going anywhere near the committee will hang when you are failing in their initiative and subordinate once her into those inpatient actions with a wrong spirit maybe I control nothing in any of any illustrations because they will be inadvertently reveal an appointment on secure nation that why you so I I ask you that question because his lawyer myself why I like this a lot like concentrated on Emma in the quietness of my morning time I realized this long line on the online system I think the bottom line is if you haven't achieved so I have intensive kids will know it until that self gets crossed somewhere in our day I was immediately denounced as an opportunity to find out what's really in that we don't know where the lines are the things my family later that matter why is that important what's the big issue about patience and you have your Bibles I hope you can extend the Galatians Chapter five verse twenty two license five hundred twenty two very familiar passage many times showing that my name in him proof of experimental lab joy peace long-suffering patient gentleness goodness I wait list and print finance there is no man the fruit of the spirit I started as a barometer of what our hearts are really like police don't see the truth shine in the hearts of other people we instantly say what Christian people that we say we are trying to delete seeding all been being there is simply no note we have no in choosing Jesus at this point line in an one James jumped to find the best scientists across few pages of the chapters across James fine organization and Olson patient establish your hearts for the coming of the Lord George nine set firm hold mechanization about what you're thinking you are usually transient urgency in this I like many for the cleansing of the North joy no people we believe family that we are in the last days we believe is not much time left Gina and I think many my time recently I have the burden the blood and before that time leaving the fund that we can be so bold to looking at disciplinary life but we don't really like you think they live not for my hot magnitude like I believe that today about a year ago a young couple came from similar tastes to glacier national Park what is the one half million people in the first through glacier national Park this year maybe you have anything that is what a half million or whatever I don't recognize your national Park to become a baby play with a bouquet that dream vacation they were hyper so the news story found this May defining and I wish you on a glacier national Park is set by the people they were taking a tour guide to document the reason that the glacier we are doing there is these I bet he would walk onto the glacier that everybody went including I encouraged him to do that there was vaccinated three inches and freshly fallen snow if you know much about glaciers one thing he can verify the teachers as glaciers while the latter reason he chose to what happens at glacier I was in a short time he was walking through the snow and identification and he went down very deep into the donation form and he was placed into an eighteen inch space and use the glacier atomizer he is a man going to try and get him anywhere he could understand it four to five hours in the cinematography recognizing retains the name to try and get this guy I finally they keep getting that wins tonight he realized I was with his wife and the people that when everything is really hatch my heart when I heard that story we need to be actual like this could be our last thing you never know what anyone Revelation four however while we are all very familiar with the patient of the same handmade and keep the commandments of God by Jesus was preparing will be comfortable patient of someone to a selloff in the nation eliminating inflation I want my Philippine enhancement well one of the main reason that I is a lack of that practical meaningful morning finally the North and every day without fail what I and when I said that I know that I am weak I'm not getting any great detail because tomorrow I finally finish our morning meeting with some name that will lead to tension within the next entry I spent my day and when something and we don't we know that when something comes into croissant with help we don't have a connection with the shooting in his voice only news our experience in connection with him it is so easy that you live over the next reason we become too busy pushing Russia today they had a huge influence messages to young people page one thirty five puts it this way over work sometimes causes a loss of self-control that the Lord will never did you catch that the North community room compels Harry complicated maintenance many gather to themselves in such a merciful heavenly father did not place him in the document only the responsibilities that enjoy pizza shop singing in front of us keeping our hearts PR suite unsympathetic I really like absolute where a human talking about I'm not in man I can't help it said you can see that when you are resting place can stress that I was not complaining to be that way whatever with a coordinate along with not putting upon you it is time wonderfully and rail some time there are many scale if we arrest patient instead I didn't even play on we've been taking steps to not like to be that way so sometimes you place an order and it doesn't come as quick as you think you want to or leave a message on the answering machine inventor replied to send you hunting for is because were trying to write I'm just really really when it cooled enough business in the push in the rush that an inordinate book never compels it inevitably means leads to getting to the Senate for Mammoth area are interpersonal relations like the more scratch all that in that we can become sons and games are and they ran some kind of interruption comes along impatient just maybe I'm just sharing this for my personal experience maybe you're right in your message about Asian miniatures and him alone in a kind of interaction than in electrodes and when I very quickly and continue medications thinking of is that you can imagine what happens if we get a really nice restaurant in conjunction with the environment name when they signed to his Jesus Christ our sharp I religious life in him and that is how the situation could think of something terms of both what was with us worldwide I'm praying constantly for the human mind and the cost to my heart before I have in fact have a Michael Mike publishes the hand and that whoever I will hear his voice the reason we find ourselves wanting patient may simply never thought about it until I began to study found it everywhere I was very interesting and intemperate temperance there is a nonworking having a leaving of it and even they are speaking habits in second Peter one five three seven says is this getting old diligence to thank Gretchen and leveraging knowledge and stimulate growth and interpretation and to patience godliness unto godliness brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness charity I never realized until I began to see this is an interesting order in the way that is putting up for my life today pays ninety seven in this way the temperance patience anything to an impossibility for Nintendo per person indication that no one can return under the become patient patience discipline that will make rapid growth and Catholic home and by becoming thoroughly acquainted with and then combining with the grace of God affairs determination out our leading many become I'm really attempting the impossible I should be patient while not being temperate words how is next to an impossibility were you ever desired and shall automatically think the length of an executive not impossibility when I was a real cool to my car is in light of the patent leather shoes leaving him again when sleeping on and how much I choose to eat a healthy I see a direct correlation to how it has two children by other people and waited because my heart and OS had patches on handguns in our words we really like the open till now the invention is not told told told him things that we could wish where you and I liked how it was just from the selling is what patients is why it's so important I'm really so one can't know if the lipid palliation trial is too connected while I was reminiscent of find berries three we find in Romans five milligrams three hundred and twenty seven that we glory in tribulations also have knowing that tribulation doctrinal work and pensions and things seem to be getting connected the child where James chapter one verses three through four with like this the old joy when you fall into divers temptations at that shine on your anti- work and patience and attention through her perfect work related perfect and entire and nothing is as it will enjoy they really learning to have a child I know that my voice is him him Sharon is nothing more than simply learning the meaning and patience have her perfect work in the middle I gave his child to achieve child in school in Haiti to bring about what he knows we can determine how we will but I noticed that the more I prayed vocation the more my patient did use their skills on the information in the quietness of my mind displacements in my mind that the reason is that he wants to maintain strength and in that area is the opportunity to strengthen my weakness when I realized that when it was okay that's okay I will be impatient and testing the patient will be made to our country and I see the picture it will let them laugh even if it is not but you know some of them didn't make it much harder than definitive moving here as he thought of me it was such a big project managers a company can not writing them away with their it was such a huge thing it was really easy to recognize as we had our abilities to do anything with it only take the whole thing to the north and set the user for the weekend and went pheasant to see that no single person in this country and we are buying this has there was a defensive annoyed with easy to trust in him and him and him with the patient about the child became some live entertainment I'm interested in expanding business him reform and repentance by our country has them over I'm worried that I see you again eleven minus two hundred nineteen environment like Harrison of it myself every time we find a piece of property and that right away the tedious it was desperately prepared to admit anything that enter my name put my milkshakes and among them was a lot more levelheaded one of and he was saying greater than work okay with it in the next thing I can only imagine involved in the and he would then enable Raven moiety with saying that because the network either in my heart away the double wide inventive fixer-upper that old entertainment I was not in the Lord I should have been very patient with my husband what is his problem if I should think they are problematic when with the problem but before that whole process was that I realized my need of the Lord by the time they find out who I was sending him an icon I fitfully has been in your North Shore dining table back and even showed it as I know and I know my weakness signs of strengthening the longer this morning and let the Jeanette how often we can all of the smaller things in life is to manage ourselves and the one pictured in the range of allegiance to the present of things which I think I can do it ourselves many people think it will encourage actually be next to sons and daughters of God ABA president he was then escorted Christ preaches lessons of patients do not become discouraged but keep working old humanity child will come it is true and him consecrated Jesus of the meditation basin and is very ignorant child with testing your patience will be discouraged because even for those who are wholly consecrated the patient of the most Haitian government failed that you're just a hopeless case way of falling this is a different situation because you are confirming you have placed in and around this central point in my family that I get on a computer I'm not a computer person who has faithfully he may think that was printed off again because I want to section and I will him seasoning that means that you need to play I just think that Bill Clinton I like the something I shouldn't have but I love being in a minivan and culture my heart the invitation that interestingly I can only come when the connecting intercom things that I have identified an iPhone then you will and he is going to be in the money that I went back Ventolin lightning icon like the man said no but I think you need to start however not the hard things were made sent by fifteen minutes of allotted prayer not picking about having so maybe I find it for me I didn't like to know how I know that I definitely plan to thank you I believe my experience in processing method victory Northern victory for me to Haitian in the family where the rubber ring have the right to hasten my life today has ninety seven fax shelf life of all peace and that is in the experiences of the hand this growth was the one into my new one for your home all pieces of this menu very nice of you that are washing over you but in your home I think how it seemed easier to the Haitian people I find your photo that has been finding that other people at that adventure of the family circle and is is is is what one evening I was contemplating that I think I can put on a nice exterior the people there is a research and then we get so our family visas for who we really are becoming the United relaxants and that there are no whatever and they seems to me I wish you luck allowing me to react and are ahead of who we are there are those who we really are is to be taken to heaven this cartoon character that we like people sit there long shiny and polished highly liquid is five it was not effectively the staff will assist you in is why how often we can get cold snap with all the people were making great games of the higher illegal agitations and things that come into the house during the day and I think that it works in you that any of his authority comes and what do we do is him him if you don't endorse their right network in China is driving that ever seem to really work very well when I type that I think my husband that values authentic saying it all in the now and with enough enthusiasm he rejected him when you downloaded the program and sometimes confusing and exasperated him to visit but not really the way that we want to be it really is and is in a reinventing dinner at the home piece of leather and were seeking for an organization can turn things in the family they are not wanting to talk to my husband likely to happen to him because the logic so much more powerful than Leon is the perfect time making and then I have other than what may be the ninety percent with several years ago when we lived in a tiny trainer on that trailer park then I want numbers and I was washing on the launching function I think the laundromat it was inexpensive and unexpectedly when the vehicle is Orion which was a very often I find it highly a travel trailer things CNET to get a few small things in there taking several hours to do the laundry and actually trying to point the camera and darkroom on the train upon the big stars and seeing cold water in your call center hours over the top the wintertime and could go back to Munich New Orleans is well are you cycling and eighty million washing machine with SRA and a helpful when you train and you want to shape the parenting is when the garments of the Russian are you an idea well imagine anything very hard for this dream had we gone the money to buy some beer it's the age of favor in our family and was afraid he wouldn't have had in that we presently dedicate the money would be there until finally he didn't want to go out saying anymore means and with necessary but I was not finished by consent just getting on and on and on and on this case hinges but earning one hundred and ten years before his magician in it could not distinguish between a helpful insight anything else about it I just pray while several days later I will stay at while he was a light gray back then I was spamming and they took an effort to just the events in my lap but I never said anything against me I'm just going to basically set reading this morning and comments is really needed across this paragraph to the husband providing for the wife laborsaving devices crave at me as I am allowed during the commitment that repayment where was you could bring any nineteen percent of the length twenty two he said when you went ahead and get it going today he said no and they say that one burden in your heart and just made one in frustration for the one good thing that is sure different than probably praying into I know my hard disk changes over time you will hadn't come about as he was praying how the patient of Harry Arenas has benefited the parents with the biggest challenge is that I this nation with my children when just being open and honest conservative now often times we consider that we are the ones molding these little parents if you happen is for sure that we are your thoughts about what your children doing things your character think about I know that they are preparing my character for him and said praise the Lord opportunity will I used to be very Haitian midway it was my ninth joy to help these precious ladies think it's the most amazing experience and would never forget I can anybody give ever being in that environment yet whenever somebody can play when they are giving birth I can rarely bruises on my arms anything related to becoming on everything going through their birthing process in the evening sometimes a lot of emotional awareness that they would show in the heat of the moment they didn't lose my patience I believe my I can see that it is on the honeymoon phase is anxious time I did hold to experience situation it was a corner whenever the children on the field him will run an already challenging how I faced a sixty seven I wish to say to every father and mother if you have a hasty temper seeing God for help to the company when you are prepared to inpatient to your chamber he is going to help you easily influence over your children letters when you use in patients and deal harshly with their children you're not learning crimes that another master yet another another monster I be encouraged in fact Cedric Germond for how to overcome it you can e-mail her with United on the principle of these words can be the extension of your men and when the situation and needs to Howard from the Lord to go back into it it was setting will challenge each other like his walk away if you walk away and walk away down in south trying to deal with those later one is your connection with you need to do the things that you need to you already can you help the North and then when you will have the power to change the hearts and show North is changing to change the he is our answer as I been praying earnestly seeking for this experience is changing its changing in my heart was hammering in my judgment Pennsylvania is very encouraging memory locations in Houston they hate and now I'm not when they I'm getting day by day I am praying for the experience in one hundred and seven quarter white film and what pensions and trails that broken and made him a millionaire and how patients in primary now I had the last part of his time looking gaining the victory they didn't drink again the first link in gaining the victory found meaningful morning if you're not having anything to worry that starting anywhere else for me to be writing this point the meaningful mankind is time which you know when you come away in connection with Jesus Christ and to leave it to him in connection and Haitian on Monday and we singled to hate surprises more from myself than any other weaknesses and Paramore is an enemy of the Lord brings my heart on a daily basis and then maybe you want to do it I didn't search works at just the right pension that will assume a few things you can find I can't share no namespace of time might have heard in reading through the book start pages again to gather reading instrument will also look at the area the Lord was Haitian his patience was tested at him and every aspect how I can be like he just really encouraged me to lead the lines of the Bible characters do you know there's not one Bible character I think of his life you can look at and you wouldn't mind sending text in the areas of patient any anyone you know you showed that only differ in their abilities different characters you can think of everyone she went through with that in the white house him are you okay with the meantime we are much more conscious of our native tribe and writing about everyday ways denied harming to be conscious of my need today like I pointed out to me my dad went well until the children may be sometimes you just don't hear yourself these where they recognize very fretful child Christmas I really don't crank two things number of they did not help myself to be sent to you because they sound is already right to and somebody said in Canada and they were just exaggerating I will pay my rent and my children sometimes respectfully I know we do it through the Orbison family as well and to think I knew there were no minivans in eighteen counties that can chill we talk a lot more about that on the other seriously get guiding principles for the end he will schedule a schedule and you were in your schedule you're not going to get too busy if everything for you to schedule when they are scheduled to be startling in the areas of contemporary sedimentary patient benefit the right time to get up and run honey until the right is the right time everything ran her own crash in in in the Constitution is the real key area remember the dictation whilst impossible eventually so what do we do when we are provided at one thirty five married a wonderful Iraq and 9/11 when inpatient words are spoken to you in nonrecurring the counselor never while it only seemed on insignificant scientists is not to say what I will do is a sample letter word with you where it's anything early experimented with apathy and where do you think I will say nothing at all my children among them insanely I'm sorry exactly should be sorry nothing will be the same as last we are thoroughly reprehensible is there anything today I know and conscience of the Nile so pray for them as for those that are more prone to promote me know I told her script inserting is not provided such as provided from making the case is to not give their own penalty for that to know in my sixty okay one thirty six home family seven one hundred power in heaven and dinner then you send often fail to reveal patients and colonists can you enter in your life and do not give up the struggle result again this time our family the patient and every provocation I think I take care always the only example of you find yourself being a not so often category is not enough because site once you become aware of patients many of government may not have any information you are will have you back to you so you can set experiencing of the camera I think he is right you cannot than him and he will give me the strength and the person who can count me in an employment verse six okay for being confident of this very thing that he was then working you will perform it until the thousand Jesus Christ you will be confident with you to hire no question that he would this was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free audio and much more you would like to know more about hothouse the more sentence please visit www. .com universe .org


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