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Paula Lord is good Festival after the Sabbath day we saw many reasons and I want to close this beautiful Sabbath talking about something that is very important to us as parents important to everyone here what are your parents or child grandparents God 's word is the parents guide you believe that you really believe that it is an interesting thing that there were many years of my life that I would send a message and that because how can you say anything you but it was not my God it was not guiding you to the difficulties of our early parenting now we say we are people of the word I hope that we are because we need the word of God to guide us in things that we needed to have Natalie want to talk about tonight somewhere near go where you go to wisdom do you really go to the word of God to find the answers perplexities that you face all are in reality do you do what we used to go that is that we go to the authors that have supposedly gone through the word of God and we tried to glean from what these authors have learned on modern parenting principle motivator for me but legal machinations with a lot of that kill what was in my tall as a line yet again I thought my limited best by convention where do we go from the answers are things that we face there are we going to the popular counselors and leaders of RK in our churches today have the answers for anything from me I was in a women's retreat listening to a very popular Christian leader she was sharing with all the women they are all of us mothers in the audience the challenges she faced in parenting were all right there whether we understand challenges only think this don't run smooth when they come out of what we find out very quickly that there's two individuals that need to be dealt with our child myself as she began to share some of the challenges that she faced with the line a saline and depression in her young people as they grew up into their teen years she was expressing to the people that they had all these rules in their home in the standards in their home but their children and your you can't inning against women pitting against them and hitting against them until they were so frustrated as parents they finally decided that what they would do that go to the parent team method they decided they would give their children three basic rules as long as you don't smoke as long as you don't drink as long as you don't commit fornication the rest is up to you and the Lord and I tell you as I sat there and I heard those words for those mothers in the audience whose hearts were eighteen for encouragement and how to face the challenges we have this parent as matters how how the wind just discarded the word of God is given a superficial even now one of them were only freedom and those poor mothers laugh with me if they could go back so we need to be careful whatever getting our wisdom and our encouragement now some people say I remember hearing this morning on all did you know my child that this course something your child to another mother who also has a child with the marshes on the job at the same day and in a console one another this just might be normal childhood behavior it is a child who is not in the Lord Jesus Christ the guide is given something so much more and that is through his power we can raise our children from infancy to adulthood not to be normal children by societal standards but to be children and youth who have principals who have a relationship with Jesus Christ and who put him first in line so that they can have so much more and make them truly experienced joy and peace that passes all understanding you know one of the things that we began to recognize over the years with listen to people share observed that many times the problem is happening in parenting is that life is so busy and everybody can relate to that okay life is so busy that we really don't have time the parenting from the world that we really want to end up happening is that this is not how it is for us today but it's how it used to be especially in the early years of our parenting life was so lush so what's going on always dad is trying to maintain and put fires out as they happen then that when a crisis arose in the family we would gallantly stimulate as the children got loud enough I got whatever he know that we had to deal with because it was right there face-to-face with us this is not what God they are children for many years our children have been so important that they had the first place on and not that we haven't made many mistakes and not that we haven't had the struggle with our own busyness in which applied but we recognize that we couldn't just left our children grow up like weeds in the garden how much work you put into growing your winter garden anybody you have a really tough time with that assessment don't think we just come off and you have to work and pray cultivate those other things to come up and you want to come up right when no one are children's just happen and all of a sudden like many people I talk to the day ninety hours and I would've taken more time for the I wish I wouldn't publish it would put more energy into them so if you find yourself today just letting your children grow op just meeting the challenges when they happen and then the rest is just maintenance was no spend another week living that way you can make a commitment to God that that is going to change that I wanted challenging as we ourselves and then challenge out to encourage you as when one person there's only one source that we can count on for window and direction in life the word of God it surely if the parents guide it had the answers to average problem we face do you believe that you have the answers to every problem we face the father my wife's Bible case a month of the power of a praying wife while our timeline listed that bring life goes inside the cover of the book of James two verses we like to share with you to begin this evening Isaiah forty chapter fourteen verse eight it says the Word of God stand it for ever that means the word of God is never outdated everything that's written whether it's in the book of Genesis in the book of Revelation every page in between his current far needs today every word that there is there to guide us to encourage us to direct us to help us to understand how we can raise our children for the kingdom of God and in the words of Christ himself in Matthew twenty four verse thirty five he said had been in her will pass away those things are temporary but my word shall not pass away my words will never pass away they are into no justice he is eternal so do you really believe that you really believe that because it's not really what's happening today she had allowed is in the church where you're attending but I tell you there are many people today that are facing prices random searches within the family facing a crisis because while we can say what Sarah must just like Israel all I only can say that when I'm less the heart is far from the Lords because were turning away from the principles and there is an modern philosophy that is happening in evangelical Christianity that you will modern philosophy that says don't really need and what we need is a relationship with you we need a relationship with Jesus Christ but if you travel around your travel around naked body we travel the world we see this happening it's hard in preparation for the times that were going to be facing I believe not too distant future we relationship with Jesus Christ spent most of this and talking about how we can need practical brothers and sisters young people anybody tries to tell you we don't need the word of God they went up a what's happening I see this happening in lots of places we travel what happens is our relationship with Jesus Christ begins to start setting aside if I can just I just have a personal relationship with Jesus and I can do a one-on-one basis with him I can just get my directions directly from him he can tell me everything I need to do I don't need the work I mean I'm getting a direct connection right people sit in my living room that had told me when I said to them I'm concerned about what you're saying right now can we take out the word of God together he said to me we don't need to I have a higher connection with God and I have been speaking to his widget got the word of God is the interpretation learning a couple of God brothers and sisters God 's word interprets itself online precept upon precept here a little there a little it is a dangerous thing to thing we can set aside the word of God when we have a relationship with Jesus Christ he will never lead us contrary to his written word this is the word that was made flesh and dwelt among us the words on these pages were inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ came to this earth and now what don't ever let anybody tell you we can set aside or of God I see most people when you hear me say this most people would say I never do that we don't do my church when you go back and you find out whether you are listening by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God you listen to your pastor you listen to what's taking place and find out if your your church is living by word that proceeds from the mouth of God raised not encourage action when they are subtle changes that are coming in and they're moving away from the Lord God will give up on compromise brothers and sisters Daniel is an example of a man who was truly still the principle he would not compromise the word of God but all how he lived at interactions let the word of God be a little experience in Jesus Christ no one have to compromise and you won't have to have a bad attitude you can have cry and have the true stand for the truth spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ our stage manager just a moment year is just for the management of the world is hurting from man who will stand with Jesus Christ for our families for God and you know one of the things that I like about Joshua when he took over the command if you will the children of this when Moses went to his resting place Joshua made something very clear before all the people of Israel he said for me and my house we will serve the Lord men is that the message that's coming through your family I hope some because when Joshua spoke to the children of Israel he spoke with confidence confidence not in himself confidence in God he knew God was asking me to do any result TV until the will of God and therefore he had confidence that he can go forward with everything God was asking as for me and my house we will serve the Lord you know it began to make a huge difference in our home when I was willing to take on that kind of an attitude in my home and there was no question in my wife's mind for a long time and are in our early marriage my poor wife tried to get me to leave out as a priest of the home she begged me sometimes she endured all right sometimes of his time and in this article but you know she was getting a heart cry when I didn't respond the first way to try to get me to do it she her knees and she began to plead with the Lord to stop bleeding with me and the Lord got through to me when I made it clear to my family to my wife to my children as for me and my house we will serve the Lord set a very different atmosphere and I hope that you will take that into your hearts men and wives here stand by the sides of your husbands as helpmates I hope that you will take on as for me and my house we serve the Lord let the standard be raised for the word of God let your children know that when you face difficult circumstances that the word of God is the final learning how poorly is argued and again I was right she did the British run to know when we made the commitment that we were to stop arguing and stop insulting our own way and if we couldn't agree we made a decision that if we couldn't agree after giving my side and her side that when we couldn't come to an agreement that we would serve getting into a fight we would take time to build word of God her knees find out God 's answer to the very first time we did that we were both wrong and got good I was sure I was in the rat was so confident I was smirking and when I left our Internet argument but I guess I was a smugness can be I did I'd be right on this one and I may get the word of God to stand behind me I was wrong this could be in all what a good experience in to be wrong and that God be right for my wife to be wrong with him I got the right Catalina self and their high gel that started us on a new way of working together the answers are here in order to if we will take time to find them when we make that bold statement as leaders of our home and whether where a united couple of whether were single-parent mother or father who has to go it alone to raise these children or a parent spouse is not with them there actually win we or I may say as for me and my house we're going to serve God and meaning on the death of our heart God will bless that commitment and he will bless it and we have found that we not only go to the word of God when we can't agree we started deciding because we recognize maybe were doing other things in parenting that are not principal out of the word of God 's recycle and are looking for the principal in the word of God to be archived and the word were told is the written word and it was also spoken wording you know we sometimes overlook the most basic place to find the very foundation of the principles to a godly family I take it back to the book of Exodus chapter twenty do you know that every challenge we face as parents the root of that challenge in the answer is found in Windows basic ten precepts in a I have been amazed to help at times surprised myself that some of the challenges we have faced his parents in our home for the answers we have looked for we could take it right back to the very foundation with Jesus when God himself spoke it in with his own finger wrote it the rest of the word is simply an explanation of his law is a demonstration of human beings like you and I go to have inventory that they either chose to allow that law to govern their hearts and home are they chose not to and we can go through the entire Scripture and we can see from cover to cover of the Scripture people who chose to to go against the word of God it was not nonstandard in her home their life and destiny they faced and we can go and find those baseball men and women in years children who intercepted back in their lives as the authority the ruling power in their life those commands of God NYC as they allowed the spirit of God to change their heart their lives the joy they experience the fulfillment that they had been injuries that were wanted me ultimate promise of eternal salvation and so tonight I went taking just a few of these very well-known but sometimes overlooked team principles God 's Word is our guide its appearance standard the first one when I look at it Exodus twenty and verse three thou shalt have no other gods before me you know I remember as a child and even as a young mother reading and thinking okay we're talking about the golden half and now all these idols of gold because I think the text in which we read that passage but when we understand what God is really saying to us it should be no other gods before us that means there is nothing in life is ever replace Christ being first and foremost in life as parents there is no thing that we can allow our young people to get involved and that will supersede the rightful place of Christ first in line now still have no other gods before me and so we find the challenge is immediate to music with your young people and you can tell that that music is taking the place of Christ and taking the heart and heart needed against the very character of God then that becomes an all right all that needs to be if it's association that an item that needs to be removed if it's fashions are sports to come how we know how do we know if this is becoming a gun of failure Jesus and by their fruit you shall know we are facing many things in our family and we can tell what is becoming a God worth replacing because what happens is there is in Christ 's pillow talk about it anyone say that Kathy talk about it but giving short answers fun it's okay possible new music was talk about will lose up to talk about when you get those kind of responses you get a situation you know that they don't want to be touched self is cleaning if you get it a response into grass and you don't want to talk about it only my friends always that kind stuff I things do it everybody else does it you know that you losing your place in God 's losing his place if you don't take time then we face these things but we face them early because we were looking for playing because we sat as for me and my house we many things started showing themselves instead of pushing them under the carpet and citizen Malone it's okay that you know him we must not be screen here now he said Lord what would you have us to do and we dealt with these things in their infancy in God I praise God that as a result we had not had to deal with rebelling our young people that they ever die we had a deal with hard hearts but Dave is never disturbing past one day in our home I'm thankful to God that I can send with valid heart of hearts I dealt with my hard heart clings hard heart but we deal with it it's our first work in the Lord Jesus Christ and if it is not your first work under God then you will see the fruit events in the wrong direction is out of the commitments yes count the cost isn't worth it absolutely don't wait until their interests wrangle don't wait until us Robert says they're all with the course of their sin and wait for you to see the symptoms of these things happening don't grab them by the throat taken from open your heart to them but them open their hearts to you I have no other gods before me you know when we keep that has the focus it helps us to have wisdom in making decisions on what is safe for our young people to do I remember just like coming to a key last mountain bike and he likes to try out new technical skills and he's read about in challenge and is for him and he told us about a race that was happening in our area actually think it happens every year and is a group of the hello to our area Montana to mountain bike in a race that is a very technical so I wanted to go through it I go to be competitive eaters want to go to challenge the scales at seventy father ever do really well how well I can do if I don't get out there and just really get all that separated question is not the right question is not the right question because it's going to be a native and I sent him to sign it don't think that you've always got to have all the answers but I had an answer for this I had an answer from our experience I said to sign there is no stopping point there is no place where the competitive nature can ever bestow you know that six-time Tour de France winner K lost his wife five hundred twelve the sixth some people think it's great I think DNA they look at Lance Armstrong he think it's great but his wife said it's either me or the race in the race as a stopping point I knew that for my son I said no their son this is what thou shall have no other gods before me one of the greatest gods that we face is the God of selfish pride in everyone of us faces we don't want to develop that doing son sites that be stuck with if you keep up with you naturally importantly sound is that we give them something better announce ourselves to think that when we look at that the challenges we face as parents we can find the underlying principle there in the Thomas of God as is and lots of love and liberty in XML and discusses found in Exodus twenty twelve now were not diagnosed or everyone to see because we wouldn't have time we encourage you that there we find in the word of God and even in the concise law of God the foundations to pay nineteen principles we find their truly that God 's word will be our guide he says to us and to our young people honor thy father and thy mother not just dad if he agrees with how I think I'm just mother because I can be really sweet occurring she can give Dan and goes along with me if it might your father and your mother for the reason that we didn't have long life that's the only command with problems alive that's fulfilled here an eternity in this one when you think about that honor thy father and my mother is still applicable today you'd be amazed at how many people come to me again with the wrong question here's the question I have lots of people asked me so busy at what age at what age do my children star at what age do my children not have to obey me anymore is an eighteen this is what I have been lastly this question are the twenty one to twenty five many people Russell I have I couldn't tell you how may people have said my son told me that when he's eighteen he's not here it's tragic all all day so I'm eighteen and then I'm an adult I will tell you that one of the greatest lies the belt was put on parents today in United States of America is that when you're eighteen year adult and you get all these rights when you're eighteen and five brothers and sisters we should not even blink your eyes and eighteen doesn't mean we don't need to recognize it don't I'm not trying to be radical here okay but I remember watching with my daughter on her eighteenth birthday has a solid feel to be a team she certifies the worst birthday ever had if you know my daughter Allison for her to even say anything that negative would be huge I like dinner and I said Alice why would you say something like that she says because the world puts such expectations on the age of eighteen likes something just automatically happens when you're eighteen and you should just be a different person you're an adult the Mel start chasing you now she said I just like my life the way it is I don't want my life to change because I just turned eighteen I said praise the Lord I agree but if you find yourself in that position you know don't ask the question how long to my children have to obey is the wrong question you need to start working with the heart of that young person because I can tell you we've had so many beautiful experiences with family visiting us and when they visit home they had some teenagers and one of them was in that mentality he said I don't want anything to do it us and when I turn eighteen in the evening you can't do anything about on thankful to save you that young man at the last on his mind today and in nineteen years old he loves his parents he loves the Lord with this whole just beautiful it communicates with me from time to time it's beautiful to see that God can change that attitude in general are starting start with his parents I also got a letter from his father said to me after his visit in our home you have no idea how close I was to the business and I was ready to jump off and leave my family he's a new man crises is I mean a new man Christ Jesus his children love him honor and respect him there is no talk about I'm not here eighteen it's the wrong focus brothers sisters don't let the world don't let your young person trying to enter the arena that's the wrong arena to VN is not what we need to be dealing with we need to be dealing with the cause of evanescent as a cause in every transaction what makes that young person say that our young reasonable care may not reason with us Tim and express themselves to us do they not sense of love from us do we have no time for them do we only give them our rules but we give them nothing to encourage them what is the cause deal with the cause and the arguments of the eighteen -year-old will go away many people are too busy to pushed too self focused to deal with the causes if we want our young people to honor their father and their mother we need to help them and guide them so that they learn how onerous since we've used this in our home and to establish that the foundation of true obedience for our young people to learn how to honor the father mother is having in credible reflection in my home my mother and so my mother is seventy six years old and on her more now than I ever have a man and I have a respect for her more than it is understood respected before now because she's all because I see that God has wisdom in this commandment and went on my mother our relationship is a very beautiful relationship and bring her joy and I experience that joy and peace in honoring her as he looked back to Scripture there's Abraham and Isaac Isaac was a young man when Abraham his old father taken up that mountain the honor his reliever handle talking in the little things of life to him and when the big chess game Isaac was there faithful to honor his father that's a very no well-known story but all through Scripture we find other stories that encourage us as parents or single parents alone trying to do this work in healthy people I think of the story about Elisha found in second Kings chapter for an event is a story about a widow that had to sign and you remember the story there was a famine in the land and many people were very poor in this widow lady was very poor in debt and in those days we didn't adapt you sold whatever you owned to pay that debt she had nothing so she in her desperation she'd met the profit and she explained her circumstances anything what you have and the only thing she had other than her children her two sons with little but oh well he said told her to go get vessels bringing into her house so you know the story now right what mother do she called her two sons interested boys I'd like you to go to the neighbors to collect all the vessels that you can get the biggest ones you can find as many as you can collect when she brings home to me those boys respond we know they just waiting for it they aren't hurting on future and tells about them bringing in all these vessels recommended an argument in what you delete I mean we need all these empty vessels for anything but listen maybe she told in London for the oil into these vessels they get a sedentary crazy or what we got enough there for the bustle of the Army must be real is that what young people a lot of young people say that they mean what is this crazy insult they honored her they brought the vessels and they did exactly what she asked him to do and that oil filled we she said go cell phones go somewhere in the click event is a powerful story it we can use to help our young people understand the importance of honoring asked even though they cannot understand the reason honorary means that they must trust us and if we want them to honor the Lord baby doing honor asked because if they honor our single trust us to and they must learn trust in order to give themselves fully to God in this trust him explicitly with their lives and he will honor God with their lives we want to see our young people I think I can say this for those of us that are here because you're here because you're desiring to walk in the ways of the Lord but you wouldn't be here want to see our young people have that kind of response that kind of willingness only I remember situation we were at another family camping and our young people came to us and said the group of youth taking a hike and we wanted to see if we can go along with well who's going to go down for a question who is stimulating out now is there any direction is the purpose of this now it's very interesting when I start to even ask these ten questions in a setting like this that make some people uncomfortable and ask you to raise your hands but we won't do that upon the people that make them comfortable and you know some parents are so used to giving their children whatever they wanted to all our are so used to just saying no oh everything and there's no joy in life than to find something in between and soon know us reason together and so we talk together and when they finished asking is not one point out one thing and I don't want anybody to miss the game asked us our own in a school that point in my message last young people to enhance their appearance they just go than three hours later you wonder where they've been okay so that's just because they respect us and they wanted to nor answer and so we talk together and we took a few moments and we made a decision together we made a commitment as husband and wife his father and mother that if either of us has a red flag about something we will not go forward even if we can explain it allocated to safeguard it has been a great blessing and it has never failed one and we decided that they should have gone high I tell you that sometimes it even makes us feel better I have to say now okay but we didn't feel we can agree to that with all the circumstances that we had pieced together in our decision I would tell you that way when I really liked about the decision was the response of our young people not one of them argued or debated for us about that usage you know why because they trusted us in that decision because they never learn and are continuing to learn that we will give them every opportunity for enjoyable recreation every opportunity for proper association that we can give them we will not needlessly deprive us of a trust now is beautiful about that is a God honored that decision those who honor me I will honor it was substantive and hygiene were glad we didn't send our young people but we saw in a very short time there was a few other young people who didn't end up going in height and are young people got together with them in they had a little time of playing musical instruments and put the government comes in a nice was great it was a good alternative of the Lord provided for them I was alone and provide anything is it ever know we talked about the replacement principal but you know sometimes in some circumstances you can't always replace it is it appropriate for young people just to accept the decision and replaced with anything you as real life sometimes is meant by God in that situation allowed for something very nice to come in and to replace it so when we set the law of God as the standard in the link to his word all our guide to help us parents are young people some of the challenges we face is that really more to do with us some of them making a situation the pressure is great or greater on us as parents to think because we risk being misunderstood we risk getting criticized we risk me anything but we cannot learn by pressure we cannot panel by popularity we must parent by the word of God we must know that God is leading us in the reasons why we make the decisions we do and explain them to our young people and then we must be true to God and we are true to God and parenting our children it is a motivation of the best example they will have for you to be true to God when they faced just so the word of God as the outline principles for us as parents the e-mail also had the answer to every question we have every dilemma every challenge that we face in your face challenges and you don't know what to do and you don't know who to talk to about it and you know you can go to the word of God and bear your willing can search it out and find the answer even the most modern question that you can face in parenting you believe that there is a solution to every problem in the word of God now it's true that you may not find in their you know whether you should buy and read forward or a green Chevy in the world but you will find principles that will govern you in your choices for spending you can find out if you will look for them and the word of God is says to us in Psalm one hundred and nineteen one oh five thy word is a lamp unto my feet and they like unto my path sometimes we have to go very basic power-sharing example you get comes in the law of God if you can't find an answer out encourage you to go to the law of God those ten basic principles and you'll find in every situation this is a route that can be found in all access twenty verse three says verse thirteen excuse me thou shalt not kill what does that have to do with anything we have a killer stare now but I'll tell you that there are a lot of people that come to us with this basic question my children argue and fight in bigger all the time what do I do ever heard that before what does thou shalt not kill have to do with figuring fighting was very interesting you see if you don't go to the word of God there are homes where is considered normal the flight I actually know of normal to knock each other down Russell on the floor and punch each other and that's the just normal all that is normal to yell at each other to communicate is that someone talking to me of the days that now we need me we yelped off our lungs and then just fine swimsuit you have different levels so what is your standard going to be you see this bickering this spirit of agitation between siblings is what happened with Cain and able Kane that he agreed with his brother enabling that Kane 's anger grew as his conviction grew and you know the story he became the first murder in a sinless well nearly sinless environment there right at the beginning of it all you see Jesus said in Matthew five twenty one and twenty two euros hard and sad thou shalt not kill or you'll be in fear of judgment are just not reading this and you sharing this and then he goes unsatisfied I tell you I say unto you that you are angry with your brother without a cause you are inferior for judgment what I'm trying to save United we need to take the basic principles of God 's word and bring them out to their natural spiritual conclusions bickering and fighting and arguing the home has no place in Christian and it will not lead to eternal decisions it leads to destructive decisions and so we can take our child is far back in the word as we want to write to the law of God and show them that is the spirit that we have that God is dealing with it's not just the outward act of killing I looked at those two words by the way we kill that Jesus used barely kill the Jews in the ten Commandments the death that she is in our tall the death and life are in the power of the tongue Proverbs the eighteenth chapter the twenty first person if you look at the death this is talking about the death the tongue gives a look at the death of Abraham died the same word the same word in Hebrew so this chilling that we do with our tongues is viewed in God 's eyes just the same way as killing the way actually understand this when we tell them why they can't bicker and fight we need to be overcome down with the word of God with the principle that makes sense to them and we can spread all the way back to the ten Commandments and bring it all the way forward to New Testament and need to be in the season 's reasonable this bickering and arguing fighting has not been due to the kingdom of God but has to do with the dying there is no perplexity you face the camera we so vehemently miscarriage I have learned more than double times as many times and you know I found that when we have done all that we know to do and we week he get that clear direction we don't want us to say you have one for even more complexity than we had done all we know what to do by the word of God all that we understand we still have an opportunity to change circumstances in our home story I like to use as that found in the eighteenth versus one zero eight as a story about another widow lady I really like the fact that God chose to single mothers to bring out some of the most profound lessons and so now people come to me and said I certainly disappeared he messages is good but what for what about us were single parents sitting on the principles are the same the principles are the same God 's word is eternal it is it is a matter for single for young or old area for married with an unbelieving spouse of remember the believing spouse they are the same so here we see her mother had done everything she needed to do for her voice again to sons this woman was also in that and again in their time they sold what they had to pay the debt she knew all she had she didn't have a little lamb all she had was her two sons so she did what each one of us continue she went to the judge and then in the story as Jesus tells his story this judge was an unjust judge he wasn't even a Christian but she went to him and she she poured out her heart she she brought forth her knees her story her agony apart she did it again and she brought it again and again and she will not give up until she got has a very big lesson from cleaners we serve a God who is very just and very gender and very long-suffering and all powerful and I found myself and my life at times going before God as his widow and before that and just judge and pouring my heart out and say Lord I just don't know what else I can do I have studied I have prayed I have searched your word I have put great effort Lord but his challenge facing now I don't really want to do but I know you do and I pray and I poured out my heart and would not give the name of God gave the answer he gave what we cannot do to change the heart brain we happily have the principles we have the earnestness for our young people that God is the one who changed the heart and we pray without ceasing we give up too easily we pray once or twice and value networks for that matter it don't work for me we need to pray and pray and petition from the depths of our heart and in the Navy ours that we do this only days or weeks that we do this we need to keep going back to see if I can show us anything that will help us in our number but we now and we have the confidence to believe that he will be leveraged answer the prayer he will not force that he will give all of the power that is within heaven to hell to change the heart somehow encourage you when you can't find the answer in you you can see it clearly and eat you really put forth near your effort will go to God and asking to do when you cannot do for the heart of a child without word will be our guide he will never leave us the first thing that told me to come close with prayer Nessie comes up I just want call again to our hearts special to the fathers here as for me and my house we will serve the Lord how about you but he'll together is referring on in heaven it's truly been blessed Sabbath day Lord we praise your name for the beautiful music and wonderful fellowship and the spoken word that we've heard today are there many hearts here tonight better their aching heart I pray that you will give hope you will give courage and strength Florida three hours of the Sabbath come to a close I pray that each here understand what it means to be surrendered wholly to you Lord we have a special burden and hearts tonight for those of our families were not here through the power of your spirit is hard to an larger begun a good work in us I just pray that you can finish it in each one of us and I will be faithful who will be strong until you're coming which we know to be soon because we see the signs around us drawing his family here tonight ever so close to your heart we look forward to a Sabbath will spend a first set and me will my mother is a a a media was brought by audio or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than in www. audio person or


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