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The Purpose, Privilege and Principles

Tom Waters Alane Waters


Appreciating these aspects of homeschooling

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you are wonderful to hear you were looking forward to our time together what are we talking about the powerful potential cell phone school think of power and that potential we soon as we have watched our own children growing up without he was watching many families grow up if you will of the last sixteen years and it's been exciting to us to see the powerful potentials homeschool is simply to owners nothing divine or magical about it but homeschool is a tool of the Lord to provide an opportunity to explore and to expand potentials of our young people and exciting for us as we watched her own family has been seeing other families develop to see where those potentials in homeschool we then we are talking about several of the peas in the powerful potentials the purpose the vision of what we see in home school vision of what we can experience where young people can experience the privilege we consider homeschool a window of opportunity a very blessed privilege that we have a window of time even if Jean mentioned with Moses will be talking a little bit about all this later but that mother had a window of opportunity twelve years imagine that we had a window of opportunity homeschooling it's a privilege to talk about the principles that we are found the powerful principles that can motivate and can build and homeschool environment and talk about the priorities within the home homeschooling and finally how do we plan the plan is involved in taking the priorities that we decided our priorities hotly him we have twenty priorities while we only have time to what are the ten we need to accomplish and how we plan for most priorities Larry and I had never heard of home school or had any identifier when I first heard as anger being one to my children begin it outside a Chicago and suburban handicap I was sure my girlfriend when they know how we women talk young mothers in the early morning long as he was locking down close to little Christian school around your home she was walking she crossed our path across the couple 's six-year-old girl any musical first-graders as they were sitting in their mothers and children in your own girls are responding to a totally worth and then she heard a wonderful girl angry on a little girl in any hands and isn't cheery brought in the morning and when she related activity I have the exact reaction be all that Allison was four years old I started to get frightened the financial year she's in Vienna school Christian school and he talked about being disrespectful for one thing but the attendant was very shocking to me I also occasionally listen to Bible Institute radio catalog program Chicago area I doubt anything interview about homeschooling I started doing that I never heard that word before you know in combination and I was always interested me he actually teach their children home with only a new concept to me and I remember struggling are you and my girlfriend thinking is my child is being planned for and this other new potential and possibilities I guess I have had this in her sharing they came over me and to all the school child it was just all rail and how I don't really want to send out into the school by neither do I feel capable training her and rain in reeducating her in the home while another identity or faith or combination but I I said honey let's look in the homeschool I was confident that if homeschooled out there and if it was a good alternative that my dear wife and ready for the job I excited saying that husband that you don't do anything else in your homeschool program you can be a support in the behind your wife and he was for because I did not have confidence at all I welcome I'll try it for one year before talking now first grade and tonight I can remember when I went to first grade reading a little Dick and Jane books within a Windows PC RN books and that Apple can handle that you know I train came teacher but United handle this one yourself in this process of Wellington and my partner sale payout all give and go with it I was strangling a little time had it mall I got begin work analyzing different way and I started researching the law school because obviously at that time were going back eighteen nearly twenty years ago homeschooling now we know most things in the United States so that what is our aim to ensure was one of the things that motivated just one of the things that motivated us to our family to a rural setting and to a state went off her homeschool potentials while I knew that if I would be there to support my wife now obviously I wasn't there on a daily basis but when I say to be there to support she always knew I was behind her in this decision not only did she know that I was behind her but in every way that I could order every way that I understood I was there encouraging the process I was in courage and the young people to cooperate with their mother teacher and that's encouraging I knew that if we could have one good year together that then there would be another year not to take the whole state would sound less like the beginning people say what we know what individuals for high school I asked and I thank the Lord that he gave us a simple answer were simply doing the best that what God has shown us today and if we will do that faithfully today I'm sure he'll revealed tomorrow when the unit so I want to encourage you that it is one step at a time and fathers especially fathers husbands that we can be there supporting in many ways to be behind this program I recognize my great need and at the same time God was encouraging me to start going back to his working out for for so many years we as a professing Christian nation when we know the ideas of what Christianity is all about but really not spent time in God 's word to really dig deep for the instruct him feeling my needed and with the rehydration desire for my children to be ready for the kingdom of God we started turning IMG back into the word of God for guidance and for direction and that was a real encouragement to me because I found out that what he warned that I had to know everything and I want to encourage you with that it's not going to have to know everything in every subject what is important is that you know how to tax by a Mohammed Christ and take his wisdom to guide you because homeschooling is more than books in her work and I also found out that homeschool with more R 's education is more than just a personal of a certain type of curriculum and is more than just a preparation for mice have been behind your life in an successful in this world is meeting again at each other where we find out that education is so much more operation children who do not and that's one of the things that we begin to recognize that while the year in a homeschool setting or if you're in a public school setting archer school setting education is not just books learning education is the development of the physical mental emotional non- converted porn today and spiritual powers of the young person of developing the whole person to be useful in this Earth and this time and to be prepared for life eternal follow throughout me that he can understand I think me boil it till very perfect tray him ha ha I know you will when we understand that at AAA foundation on understanding we built off of that feature how have you know the will of God and be willing to do well and that is 24-hour day we find that homeschooling develops the essential attributes were looking at character here and have you if you'd homeschool you are actually involved in homeschooling right now back they understand regardless of what you're teaching it also developing character right character is being challenged as being tested character is being revealed and characters being grown and one of the things that we look for in character development is truth and politeness in every dealing of life that means that we want to see our young people come to the point when father and mother are standing at their side that they make very useful very conscientious very spirit my decisions and when we see that isn't happening we have a working knowledge and that work is ongoing to the work that I have to do as long as my young people at home and I still have younger Nelson Hall twenty one and nearly twenty nearly seventeen the work doesn't stop even though the book learning changes and they may finish their high school they may finish their whatever they're taking the work doesn't stop peasants now they're still in the home and we shall consider great privilege to be able to work with them in the home and we counted a great blessing him want to work with us at those ages home very thankful for that we want to see our young people survive in this world and not just survive spiritually Joseph did more than survivor last year young people do more than survive when you're in a vegan situation right we want to know that they're not going to be taken down the track by those influences but they're going to need rather than being that no situations so not only because the homeschool community to training characters in virtual isolation are mutually had his ride and they want to honor God but also we found another potential and purpose on school is for life and my and the motives of the heart even the most part is checked what is right and that is deeper level deeper Allen and your family working my heart is working on parking on these levels to sign here and taking your children in the home article easily are still teachers used to how the responsibility of their character development which is the primary aspect of education and work that's in place making it will be talking about that as well I have God help us to be sensitive to what is motivating my attitudes what is motivating my decision is what is motivating my thinking and for each of our children the purpose of teacher education and motivation have checked the evil NetMeeting motivating thoughts with you consider that as we were looking at the purposes of homeschool as we're developing the homeschool program we see barometers in one of Lebron or four is due our young people want to be more service oriented as a result of their education and I doesn't mean that everyone that is homeschooled our properly educated in another school has to be a missionary in the terms of the missionary but when it does mean is as we are being successful under the guidance of the Lord under his principles one the barometers that we should see as a natural byproduct of success in the homeschool is that our young people should want to be service oriented towards other people not only servicing themselves if that's not happening then we need to consider why it's not happening and where they're going one hundred direction we understand that as we give our hearts to the Lord and me are counted again at a hearing before the service is not just for coordinating beginning to return to be doing well I want any army in one convenient way we need to experience hearing those are just some of the purposes of homeschooling we found really and now I emphasize for us and we began this process like I said earlier it's just a one-year unit to tackle first grazing mining actually do it I didn't understand any of these types of purpose is to continue to motivate me through the years children tend not to want in discouraging I cannot feel like a failure he failed many times rather I know that God is merciful and forgiving and forgetting me I don't need to thank her you are him he is a pattern before he and I will oftentimes I write anything down on little known to put on my dad and I reminded him again I forget the air my dad and reminder something I read that morning was coming to be better teacher for a also spent a few moments here talking about the privilege of homeschooling I mail a Halliburton or class to understand what an opportunity we had been given in this country he countries in the world right now even holiday the world all almost that almost all criminals every first world country has time on child rights and was developed through the United Nations do you know that this country can agree legally government is trying on he had a nation will honor that United Nations law and in reality be talking about this tomorrow nor I are in reality what can happen is that we have already lost our rights is we had because for every given the child it supersedes the right appeared so we have an opportunity in time for Atlanta beautiful privilege and God has given in our country to homeschool our young people and you know now it's legal in all states in the and in many other entries so you have while there is a law already in play in basically no right we also have laws say we have been working to train and teach each agency shall him whom he is now it says would travel to various countries it isn't that easy in Germany therefore bitten by law to homeschool their children and when we worked with families we happen to know some of the families that have taken a challenge we just received a letter from a family who is now going to the Superior Court in Germany to stand for what they believe is a God given right to educate their children the difference is that in the United States of America and we are losing our life as many of you will recognize that we still have the best place to live in the world right now is a window of opportunity to see the difference here is that we in our Constitution when when you take the following Supreme Court that court upholds the right of a parent to teach and educate their children they been several fascinating our Supreme Court in the Supreme Court the Superior Court in Germany they don't have that precedent at this time saw the packs recognized that as they drove the Superior Court in Germany they will either be given this right and they will set a precedent in their state in Germany or they will be they will be refused with the refuse they have to make a choice whether to break the law to move to another country imagine that we take so many things for granted here in this country we have for the wage right now to educate our children and life in the area both the mother of Jesus she was given a privilege to homeschool on the genus was for Ben and his mother was forbidden to send to the rabbinical schools it is very John the Baptist modernism then you send her son to the rabbinical schools have a special purpose now applied is nothing were forbidden to do anything but homeschooling using a privilege that God offers to us we say that when we see that privilege in its truest sense that Boras is a call to our hearts to look at that window and take an opportunity for enhancement that we really scary like the opportunity to do and we started into the Scriptures as he was Jesus and John the Baptist homeschooled the life of Joseph Scriptures as they homeschool we know that his training and wrong and his occupation was developed through the influences of an interesting as we started his home environment was pure and simple as he recently taken that you want to create an environment for your people can be very simple environment overstimulating the starting point books we have ourselves and what is not so much what he see advertisements thinking versus your home very different ways of thinking are the temptations are necessary so we start looking at ways that we can have her in turn will make it a little more you are in will was raised in the day were taught to love your God and really at the foundation of the home him he is counting on you won't fear love what I am to and also some hidden and has physical development were boundary and that's very important homeschooling is not just all day in the book I do all day and later announced between my strategy and physical layer is the body and mind are only immediately one he continued to research the life of Joseph with all the reason on his own treaty is in fact he is not an accident at times we live in he was a leader in them I really don't feel like an omelette in addition he was obedient to the Hebrews and in every situation and how I describe the resolve and five inverse is true and twenty one and twenty two this is the Joseph Pharaoh of mayhem and Lorna 's house and ruler over all his substance into teachers hasten to her child was now basically trained and educated him we all know heart tells a story I had and he was taken he is willing to try to rational slavery he was a slave in our country under adverse conditions and had no recognition that our news archive to this young man as he turned we are so him less we cooperate with him not everything that is who characters Josephson not speaking for a couple of moments of Moses brought their there at how our fall applications will reveal me just magnificent the powerful potential in this is that had a window of opportunity for twelve years let's say that she had the privilege of twelve years with her son they should value those years absolutely and she was successful by the grace of God she was successful in preparing him during those twelve years that laid the foundation of his greatness and that foundation was laid in a very humble home a very simple home his mother was a slave in Joseph's case he was the slave so Moses mother was a slave in the humble home but she was able to implant in him the most important thing that we can employ in our young people homeschool or whatever their education she was able to implant and him a fierce loyalty to God that you never let go of and when EKG is supporting tasks when he was offered the wrong of the pharaohs he said that he would rather suffer with the children of God and to enjoy the pleasures of that while the kingdom for a season is really what we want our young people to come to you think I'm going to be in the line it are hidden from the enticements of this world him all he is constantly laying before our young people the enticements of the billboards or maybe not the literal one maybe some of those still in the billboards of certification are consummately for young people we want to teach down to train these in volume to the service of God and that God really has gotten really has her heart then parents will have that wasn't enough the byproduct and myself and our only opportunity he can maximum ability I only is an assault of times using a mandolin and is and will and will and will is why I had such a certainty before Stan and I can see where I was following a family and I are becoming disparate I recognize you and I is again currently he purposes and print link at or before a flight and probably write a new chapter in the Bible and your family was going to be written about what is going with my family and your family have their and orange that's pretty serious drinking and having brass and not really we wanted to so it looks as we ourselves as we weren't being able to have those names of our children the new chapters written to be written right now and are we preparing our young people for that I was diligently working in our are preparing people for he alarmingly many children get away with eating we had I reckon were all little and tell you I widely have to be so particular and musical memory training in the physical what will happen here in July wants to see there is a strong parallel between how we educate our children and homeschool the actual learning heart and how they are being trained in the characters now I said when sharing a couple of examples from Old Testament results of the privilege that the parent called the powerful potential but I'd like to share that he is same result can happen today and are happening today in the net even more exciting you want another one of the last things that we experience as we get to know people in different places around the world is that as we see families taking hall make decisions we also get to see the fruit out we see a lot of hardware but we see a lot of people we get to see families and the results of decisions that are making on principle and you know it's been a real blessing to us to see some of the results of young people who we know that they were growing up in our little ones and seeing those young people becoming prominent eBay and University starting in technical college setting in community college setting you know we've we've seen the fruits of this young people who have been homeschooled will him the privilege seriously and these young people are graduating with highest honors class their professors are saying you need more of these China students that can govern themselves they don't have to be looked over constantly that can take an assignment understanding getting more of these young people that have the integrity and the right one young man with another country right now is very reserved young man and if you were to meet him you immediately know that he probably savings time is shy but in the program he's taking in the good school that he is involved in CA has gotten the highest grade he has gotten the best reports from his extension program may have an extension program with a center students out the instructor over the floor of the whole school said we've never had anybody get as many raving reviews about their integrity he's already been offered three positions she's been offered to start a business when the Americans starting a business is just a young man had finished talking with your program because the people at the school and the people that is working with and come across this kind of integrity this kind of determined perseverance in the sports praise God that's the privilege and the results of taking the program seriously and want on actionable plan we can like and people and I pray I exactly right he was him as our internalized to be on the Lord 's to be movable in the old pressures of life that are desiring that's life we wanted and are sharing in group which is he a you don't let it be a try out from your mind there is these images make this decision but that Anthony and informed all in your education and your people and godliness to arrange the entire program on the principles principles are important on the and the principles that we want to talk about comes from the word of God and that is very important where we get our principles determines what will be the fruit so where we are selling if we're selling from the word of God we will read from the word of God if we are selling from the word of God in the spirit the ex- Spirit of Jesus Christ we will split will be from the word of God in excellent spirits in her young people because there are some people use the principles of the word of God who are people I spirit of God and when that spirit is not a company is saying it doesn't produce the same for hours about principles today there you can nominate principles we could talk about we want to talk about three key principles that are necessary for success in the first is that our principles must come from the standard of God 's word him shall not read my run along but I know every word that proceeded from the mouth he believe that I know we believe that intellectually but we must come to understand me practically that we must learn how to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the because as we come to understand and practice of this kind of living will that our young people will be able to face the pressures of the university setting they will be unable to face the pressures of the peers around them but only as they come to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Matthew four first force interestingly Jesus quoted that verse this was Jesus speaking that before anyway speaking of the devil who was trying on a frog has homeschool program is younger the devil was making one of the strongest bid overthrowing education of Christ in the wilderness of temptation he knew it was his best opportunity Christ was at his weakest point God help bosses parents to train our young people than at their weakest point they will live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God but would usually for this quality there were a quarter field customers his mother had taught him from the Old Testament there was no New Testament when Jesus was quoting those words his mother had faithfully taught him to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God is happening I think I I I I I him him him him him I really like Cleveland it eventually when I see what I want one of those principles in order and went away by what we want in our national flesh but Philippians two fourteen yes that's why right here that all things not applied was never afraid to see inspiration is never afraid to speak in absolute and Philippians two fourteen says do all things without murmuring and disputing we took hold of this principle were actual very little and it was one that we win this act saw all things without you yes I just thought it shall him and he is not as well as I it includes mother and father as well I heard these words I chose to live in which you have to often asked him to help you like it's not my job I did that yesterday and I tell them all and these are from the water 's household okay he is going to her infinite electric him will him to win the Ohio score on you you know these are presently experiencing and when he is on the word of God will release even refers to the principle when I was e.g. two girls very first year on findings I is on staff and for every letter sound he and I tell you to open down any practical selenium is understanding how is that I like bread because I realize I already had a number is a certain I was entering my children as early in the program at one hundred and turn the entire time you are to understand what God tells the schooling is a wonderful opportunity to learn what God has for you to choose good will Bible -based curriculum but I is and is not for him he is only five hundred and it's for us to think that what Jesus spoke at word proceed out of my mouth is now if your willing to be honest really honest it's not comfortable to take that literally it is not comparable to not pick and choose because we always say that we live in we always shun things that would normally ask our national him we know that when our children in the home school setting or the facilitation one of your children homeschool our route school still are going to have responsibility for instruction teaching children this reaches to let some things slide we've seen it in her own home don't want to deal it out right now to do right now maybe down the hallway if we just given a little time as now if we don't deal with it and we seems and I have to say some heartbreaking examples of parents who have done a pretty good job but the list dealing with one or two key things in their children's education and thinking back to meet face-to-face with some horrible consequence because I was not comfortable on one case a mother desperately wanted to do those things and ensure that issue with the young person but the father said now leave it alone in this company because the weak link is always the place where this combat it will always come back parents don't think for a moment that you can pick and choose the principles and if you don't like you found the reason I don't want to do one of the principles that God brings to me like do all things without murmuring and disputing this because it puts a right face I want to push it away because it needs I can't do that either because I can't say that my son once my daughter don't do this why do you where you live that way my fondest give up on Kristen mine and so it brings it right to my face many of us here to address the weakest links in our children in the school son because we have to address the weak link in the God is willing to do that if we're going to do as we address them in the God will help us address it in the child something one hundred and first printed on the word of God is like a baseball of your curriculum on you here on my WebCam manager on your education has to be the most important because when the plaintiff can we please not to go on from there and he began drinking out there are the actual application of the school or the home train or a character and we can begin to understand how I have an word of God that like being in pain as Christians we can not my will and where we stand by for it magically start the deep inward and when we go through as we had time and for many years studying the word of God is the other teacher is why I carry you with an reasoning okay I cannot last twenty one years and I think you go in any pain the largest as he will already like mommy concord and as always I'm going to do that you will understand so what is in his hair him a you child in the way he and he he will not will I need to reset your unwanted time telling you all again first is while studying since one person in public on those words I pray he is he will pay yourself what our trainees is more than Taliban wanting to have an accident in June when Mars help to accomplish too many air handling with them in this entire process will actually go and meet is we applications through the menus the reason I am so while we can one person 's child and read he had no understand what is my mother is everything and they are able are for you I survey herein and the words he is gone with the proper authority he went on the way you serve or understand just as I we read about this is true that life Abraham I on Altair when he could have jumped off and down the mountainside and I felt that he willingly shells is very important as all I really how will he greater order to win this one you may want to try the foundation in a school setting and we also have another lesson in the expanded if you will inspiration of the word of God the book 's education for example in fundamentalist Christian education are a hollow hole books powerful hooks to take the Scriptures and help expand upon them to make them meaningful and practical data so those are resources that we had had used extensively in our home wow we need to move along to the second principle we can talk about numerous one of the first and most important we just talked about was making the word of God standard of our education secondly can our children have to candidate he and Donna one of the verses that came through to me I think partly because actually young we were in transition experience ourselves and others clicking through the meeting was very meaningful was he was thirteen five I will never leave the north of safety was very meaningful to me personally and as I recognize the application is the father how many times do I leave my children and percentage down in the very moment of their experience when they need me desperately when I want to say down whenever crying out to me maybe the help me father me maybe there are things like him carnivores I don't want to hinder they do their actions don't look very good cried as they are nonetheless for us friends ten our children really count that we will never leave them nor force them in their education and training this is been a real help to me I is the one person my husband draft before I had an offer that is why I think we are hearing situations and we encourage one another and homeschool setting is really principal or school he died in counseling now using then we discussed that he is gay and he asked where I is meeting time and is very frustrated and felt around her guilty to something I sat on wrong thing we did and this will never leave you nor forsake you on my mind to runway he how to work with my children not even our family and loyally in town and as healthily as properly trained on the train there's no one there to train and educate our children so that an opportunity I will never leave you nor first they had been challenging with at for our children and I grew in my heart come this evening feel free to talk with Scalia yes there's time to time neither is he example I know that I always been in combat him him him him he is he in quiet reflection I will there is the spelling package don't leave them on doing don't leave them with a long long way and I always pray for what is righteous we want to talk about I find myself wondering about a couple more about that secondly you certainly want to talk about his building a strong foundation for their education and generate a whole tax cut is other familiar structures safer Matthew seven versus twenty four to twenty seven and you can go back and reignited the business story Jesus tells the bottom of pollution and who built his house upon the sand and a wise man who built his house upon the rock and the winds blew and the floods came and the house was built on the rock and he says and there was founded upon that house was nominally we should build a solid foundation for our young people that fall they will not be moved when they face the experiences that that Joseph face in his captivity that that Moses faith in his life they will not be moved and were told that any work that's worth doing is worth doing well now is that in principle now the Lord brings that to me over and over again some of the littlest things of life will seem less lower him a him principal is always yelling for what people see now how many people see the foundation may receive as much of it so let's forget about partner in what happens in this part that those rights it doesn't matter what people see is what is he whatever is worth doing is worth doing what is a Christian education I think if you don't happen to get it really blessed me through natural cover to cover only a really compact city 's actions in reminds me or when my children's weekly principle if it is worth doing well called around and you are encouraged to live in Atlanta that he is dealing with so that he built a strong foundation in the school elite with and in genealogy his notoriety were even how forties and when I read in family worship all my family to be loved we love you to correct me so I can read the words I never learn as you know that the foundation not because your peer is looking if he is a you as part of our country when I was a little girl is on all alive and has shown off tonight in reading comprehension spelling I want home and as my girls are in the first grade and I highly know that are actually in on how to word and you and I learned that not only will now enroll her in my thoughts as he you will see generally long wherein I don't think I'd ever seen it is worth immediately eliminated by word Natalie and I is build a strong foundation in it is what they need to develop a strong and semantically comprehension or he dealt with in each case I understand Scripture is clear so in a single day is the foundation will offer the important and how murder have your children understand the difference have no attitude is described and what at first it will as you and you will and you is that you are understanding what may be able to communicate better when they understand and communicate clearly and they truly represent what they understand we should be and he will throw the actual reading writing and we him I know we have inherited the foundation there because you have unusual child never met a song I is naturally he wanted to learn everything in only her mother is and he is and how where you are persevere there are on the all children he hotly had been rooting around by a now I see your zoning on the net and you can swing it I know it's not as soundly as I can see how is ourselves and early years in the early years as an laying hands on me that they are having with last good tournament our thinking is encouraged as he and they learned those people in the clearer and sharper and higher math it was easier as well it would show a man rather in China are illegal through these long division problems I stopped and went back to his strong retail what was lacking forward to I really so human nature however like the fish you will find a nature like MoveOn only had enough I remember when Helene was teaching piano to our three children along with a couple of other children in our area to it we know and she said I'm not going to repeat the same mistake that happened would like to know because when she can now she could memorize the piece is the backup plan for the teacher but how high can you go any higher math right thing the PL presume you can't memorize the piece so he said I'm going to make sure that our young people know on terror music within a hot count the rhythm of a substance related jaw hurt people that can play the piano to play fairly beautifully with the King algorithm that is shocking the reason is because they haven't stay with that basic in all the human nature of modulus is like everybody else's we got a copy hundred bases on the one visit on the sidelines and songs and only balm that she said no not ready she had this in the most mundane things over and over I said thinking it was little carried away here but she said that to off on the side I thought I have said such things right in front of children that is the worst thing a supportive father and his disabled wife will rule never to use that well I learned some of those lessons the hard way but no less than go ahead until the student the basics now Allison plays the piano many times better than the way him only losers are an piano because she taught the basics and goes over everything we teach them the basics of math correctly and they'll go as high as vacation the basics and fine for now the elderly but he loves him already now I need to learn this make him master basic something cruel something cruel at all just asking George went from there for historic in a while master the basics and he he didn't record one hour this process and that he cannot get the course of his mother thought it was practicing for two more hours now and he didn't want a massive that he was tired of violent whatever it is if you're helping young people and the six they will thank you for when they hit a higher level he is an average very as an immigrant talk about this document in our homes schools and working on an outline this is important for us in a good house computer and now he and I heard it means all the tools that we all saw on the screen and you don't know their birdhouses built on the work you have managed to while I was getting a little rain here are five or ten and talk about how that priority will include curriculum is this media was gotten by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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