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Is Your Window Open?

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • May 31, 2014
    10:00 AM
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I was I was traveling him to give me back it up and hope in the air Loma Linda I have been gone to some trying to the past few weeks assuming that's what many of you here him and in and out of inlet of an onus on him to do to get heaven opens full of the love from him and but I'm really honored and humbled by what God is allowing me to experience as painful as it is and I just know that you and I disaster at him but you continue to pray for me and my family by two children of Anita right in front of continue to pray for us and was never difficult time but our faith in God only grows as you go through fiery trials and now brethren even as I speak now it ought never looked at speaking of elegant speaking now of at the same time the text that comes to mind us cry aloud spare not so there is a conundrum in that now we would preach the blood always be listening on the flipside maybe that's the blessing itself that people are listening so let's get right into the into God 's word and I read a few verses before we praise a customarily do then in chapter six sort of start of verse six then in chapter six starting in verse six the Bible says that these presidents and princes assembled together to the king and said that onto him King Darius live forever all the president of the at present the president tells listen the captain 's consultant together to establish a Royal statute and to make a firm decree that whosoever shall ask the petition of any God or man for thirty days see of the old paying the shopping task and then of lines now looking to establish the degree and find arriving that it be not change according to the law of the Medes and Persians which all terrific not wherefore King Darius signed the writing and the decree now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed he went into his house and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem a meal upon his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God as he did aforetime in his windows being opened in his chamber toward Jerusalem he kneeled down three times a day in Paris gave thanks to God just as he did before a message the Sabbath is entitled is your window open is your window open let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity to hear your what I ask that you make me just the vessel fill the vessel or unclean colluded last in a special manageable for your cleansing Holy Spirit into that vessel will not only what comes out of vessel would be which you would have to come out for such a Holy Spirit today's as we go through your word is prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name in Daniel chapter six will start over 's one and will build the case around Daniel this is him similar message the message that preached at the Southern California conference office but when we get a half ago one days ago on neglecting this is the message this is the message not only relevant to my experience Barela is relevant to what our church is going to experience Daniel six in verse one said that these various to set over the kingdom of hundred and twenty princes which should be over the whole kingdom and over these three presidents of whom Daniel was first the princes might give account unto them and the King should have no damage so a different system then as you know I Belshazzar 's feast meaning we need to go far said Daniel said listen human weighing the balance of the found wanting the reason a personal walk in and take a kingdom they do here there is a sense that he espouses a different form of government one thing is amazing about Daniel is he straddles empires empires shift and a man of God stands firm in fact he is still new at that person under the king even in the two different empires the statement about Anglo in the Bible will give with one Daniel in the second but without the backdrop of the new gain an idea of what I want to give up anything that happens in the kingdom was put together hundred and twenty principle only for the left with three presidents Daniel being the top president a whole different system is set up then this Daniel is preferable to presidents and princes being why was the preferred because he had an excellent spirit in him because of how we behave and what it is when you read last week appears on Joe well Joseph analyzes the Joseph R is religion made his ember Sweet then that same religion the religion that said I want to do to mean about how bad things get I am going to treat you kindly I want to praise God I am not going to resort to being angry and my hometown in in in depression and and being the unforgiving spirit to all welding wires change fee one and we invest over well other power unlawfully concerned God but the Protestant princes sought to find an occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom but they could find that occasional fault for what is he was faithful not the weather any error or fault found in him they wanted to destroy Daniel and Philip a database on a sought to destroy them if they want an Internet decided to look this evening to find something to destroy Daniel whatever they want on the Internet they couldn't find it when it was a scandal around dangling Jonathan Riley can find anything like that so what is that this guy really while the way of God Celtic were going to destroy him verse five then said these men realize my litigation against Ms. Daniel except we find it against him concerning the law of God something are just experienced the money wanted me out of a lot of speaking engagement in order to do so they went online to look to find occasion against me and they found sermons and in finding ulcerative minimum breach right here in this spot at Idaho the whole firestorm of stars started in a end this thing was unfolding of talking to my daughter in regard to listen you know the lot reasons men get pushed out of positions the sexual scandals the monies oh there are our apologizes scandalously know to be placed on a position to preach the word of God is not something to hang ahead about that I was out of position then at least the Angels can help escort you out of your office as so as I want a person will appreciate everyone who sent the person that I got person and through prophecy quotes and prayers and appreciated believe me I want you to know if you've been praying for me we have felt the prayers I want you to know that literally and I'm not talking and intangibles that I literally felt that the Saints were praying for me and for my family of the first Judaism is holding pop off I could not move off of my bed I would like chilblains on my bed and reading the Psalms and I remember from all the college another place where I like to have it in time of persecution in the time of trouble the song will have a special place for those being persecuted and I never saw or understood what that meant until I was in this position was open to solve the Renaissance thirty five and eighty eight and fifty nine always great Solomon began to read them it became crystal clear that what they experience having raffles already dealt with and even as they lied about it and tried to destroy the whole experience is that he puts them into such an eloquent language of the Psalms are expressions of God 's people to be in time and why he plays for the medical sums up writers so it was nice because I haven't currently depressed in this kind of crazy situation I know such a situation could even exist in my life for the slumping template to a violate on my bed literally couldn't move couldn't they couldn't do anything because the weight of the finally nothing was sitting on the same as the word out and I got calls from Bermuda and England in Jamaica and Africa and Australia and all of the United States and Canada and all of the lucky ones argument LA and all you have to than in members not as friendly as the only question in anxiety was a pulseless and instead began to realize that God was in control and not even to try me from our ramifications what I've just been through your exchange first amendment and around as one writer put it right I mean we have a First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion and of course you can officially do that but in this scenario what happened to me and if you don't want to be filled King Lowenthal of the date on the way around the First Amendment fundamentalists out of my founding father this country for very good reason without the First Amendment we could religiously charges of religious freedom in this country the way we've understand it would not exist but when something is happening to begin taking rolled the concept unusually lethargic when you can believe the way you want to believe and share what you believe if you want me to speak about and around the First Amendment is a big issue that was that there are many employment issue there were many economic issues there are many interracial issues now I issue that came up when God said the still old man the first and most important issue is your salvation LOL I reason this could be happening in a part of that first needs to be refined the trial comes on you the first thing about it was that the quiet since there was a God what are you trying to teach me what shall you try to change my family what is right to do because I was edgeways I cannot handle at Los Angeles and analyze laptop like all of them the government always work out other good reason to go to medical school because you think about it in a while I go on the long-haul time to work on June Joseph in this match everything from everything from me everything so that I can stop it let me let me make a confession to you now one of the things actually that your career itself had become an idol success you are having on the job with the idea that people wanting to Surgeon General United States and help opposite of accountability on the successes that you have all the accolades were given by people know God and what you are getting it all the while the phrase of all the quizzes that you were being given off depending on those signs your connection to me and so they situation one of the things God wanted to do with the bringing back to him and remind me that he is the source of all things good for both of the counted all joy the one thing you can think of heaven with you as a character all degrees I have those certificates will bar whenever money is not in the bank will learn when the possessions I will burn even this last phase will not make it into the kingdom is on charges of battle even if any liens abandon fiery trial because he wants to perfect our character at this but I know my character will in a job or or or or position will actually lose eternity John fifty eight United is one of cell phone amount of prayers help the person felt sufficiently dispersed and it hit me between the eyes someone at Margaret Howell 's are names you like to learn it women in our church and in Hartford Connecticut faced her to confront my mother we stayed in contact and somatostatin she sent his verse just as verse when I write it made sense to stop it the worst eighteen John fifteen verse eight is if the world hates you you know that it hated me before it hated you seems that if you are a little while the world would allow his own but because one of the world I have chosen you out of the world therefore the world of what hates you you can place it in both worlds as well as quite frankly the position of trying to navigate the two world and often you can't get into it because I called you to do more things than these presidents and princes assembled together to the king and said thus unto him King Darius Lynn how long less however evangelism is in diabetes got the greatest of their evangelism there is this in the King live forever okay episode inquiry among all the president of the kingdom the governor and further the counselor and the captain consulted together as a royal statute and to make a firm to create that whosoever shall ask a petition of any guy ran for thirty days sake will be okay with each outing have to do the double-blind amygdala will get Daniel get everyone together once it is amazing how they were all willing to conspire against that because the righteous are report as the world is anybody then then then then discriminate against anybody wasn't committed against anyone like I will show thanks they called in the paper finally read it carefully it is actually true but the power of the media deliciously whenever they wanted to call you that I will even Google you believe it which spoke to me about persecution and the time of the power that the media will have the intellectual of the relative magnitude of the mental battle of an individual group of people and what persecution like that that prosperity multiple pop multiply a mass of professors persecution purges them out of the church when the time comes that the reason of this inspiring reason its climax as well it is really against us for what we believe I am here to submit church people are going to run for color I experienced when it will need a result when he's out of a literally little of themselves remain powerful holiday and the time of the church in the standard we can't get no path about us than together verse eight now again established victory in signed writing that the Nazis according to loan me the person which alters not with working various sign the writing and the decree even know what all you reset the trap designed the thing now Daniel knew that the writing was signed we week out what happened and what was house at his window being open to the chamber George so you want at least three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God he did before that it will ask you with this one it has been a certain if you have decided to shut as Windows I believe that with you Google discussed that will be a busy week this afternoon but I want to submit you to closing and opening windows and setting how you intend it's easily justify settings window because I wanted a sign proclaiming to maybe argument when does the McDonnell needs me to be safe in this position so I'll continue to write outside the window because I shut the windows because he may pray they don't see me break can get in trouble I'm in reason to shut a company called outside outside and raining outside outside ask you a hard question ask our denomination question is your window open when the warming influence as a hobby my trap you work for sixty wow or taking down is a window open all and when we were going to shut the window of truth in it the cat really think which is what happens in the act many people don't notice that his child is pure to destroy anything that I was getting secret messages from people they will have to debate and one of them are one of the more liberal charges in and I was like giving me an opportunity to recast what I believe is either your job will be secure OR executive how unjustified I shut the window I challenge you in our lives the seven evidence are we going to shut the window we do continue to stand for God tells the standpoint even though it may mean off significant harm value out there was not an easy thing it is an incredibly painful thing and because the whisper things in your chair is trying to make you feel like it all in all liars often is no one there with you while you feed the children the outing against the tribe plant the seeds of doubt in your mind that if you want to find a way to repay and record out and find another way to what I said is that the even feminine leadership in the city I think I will give my house I before I give up what I believe the very moment married my grandmother married on a very a lot of people at my great hope in life in the making of a cover of Fortune magazine is not to be the doctor on the here and the United States my great hope that one day on the sea of glass I will be able to arrest my arms back around Commonwealth one million and in the city of Pasadena is an administrative organization can do that you give me that opportunity that's something that I want to work out with my guy that I might see my level of the get and more importantly that would stand before Jesus when the contrast my crown at his feet if you would know and we shut the window frame the persecution afraid of trial five how I says this is from signs of the time from her second eighteen eighty two who she says it may be a difficult matter for many physicians to pursue the path of undeviating integrity while they shall receive praise or send sure yet this is the only safe course all I want is they might gain by selling their honor would be only the breath from polluted lips as she lost to be consumed in the fire those who have moral parts to stand in opposition to the vices and errors of their fellow men initially of those whom the world will receive major insult and abuse of falsehood benefiting from the house from a high position because they will not be bought or sold because they could not be induced by bridal dress to stay in their hands with iniquity everything are currently seem to conspire against them but God has set his seal upon his own work they are divided by their fellow men as bleak unmanly to hold office but how differently than the most high regard the goals of the spies that are really there while the storms of Columbia and I may pursue them the man of integrity through life and upon his claim God has the well done prepared for him folly and iniquity will at best yield only a life of unrest and discontent and out it's closely for a dying pillow and how many as they view their course of action and its results are led to end with their own hands their disgraceful career and beyond all this waits the judgment and the final revocable doom she says the part were called I challenging situations I can tell you is not easy God is that we debate to encourage the church still sits on the throne and that no weapon formed against you will prosper in a little weapon will be for you what will befall the weapon will not be allowed to prosper on you the deadline is what we set out I personally don't will have to send you a private watch the live that is what people that I wanted to what God promises you that when you will notify you will go into the fire with you but when you're sensitive in our lives that advance lobotomies that the lines that medications of God will be there and keep them out on the Lions Club holds so why do enemies rejoice over what seems like your certain destruction that's not realize that they are angelic voice event and a holy moment that you like that like I had I believe that is a problem in one what Angel 's log indicating Holden on the Assyrian army started thing about Rick God is not absolute what about worrying about the worldly God will bring on you what you can handle the regional medical school and I'm not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but the unit we can at least get me through anything challenging how to begin to know that you just got in the little things in life you have to understand that even in the smallest aspect of life is important that you trust God because God I will want as if we are faithful as of so many testimonies the commodities so invest more than one hundred people was the second city manager assistant city manager will is not what is our home and our great concern you might enjoy what would I'll deserve Christians while I do what I wanted that were not Christians my landlord came to look at the place should lately however that there was nowhere about it his family and monies bringing you get what you love a right to stop communication and innovation springs full-time of what is not listened to several of your sermons and man they are convincing gotten together so we you don't know what I'm doing no idea how this is impacting people to stop and you will never know when you get the glory will understand the fullness of what God is doing whenever people were fully wanted to listen to the sermons and probably most importantly one daughter their unwanted Peronist biology just maybe within a couple weeks is all happening and I will train outlet remark heart crying and print forms I happen but God will make sure he sees my children to pray and cry and drive and pray and just cried and dried and is asking God 's world is a terrible place of unelected things out of after school and a slightly alarmist and I thank you that we me that this was later Christian for you don't know why passes us do what he passes through why Joseph is terrible in the middle I can't imagine the thirteen years of slavery and poppers Houston and ending years in the prison angels and had to go through the worst Bartels a story with last week 's worth modules to think about pink out of the water is gone a is to be restored in the bath and get them for two years to show you what to hear life for Joseph spread across itself is in prison Joseph was learning about justice and learning of the laws of Egypt in example thirteen year sprinkled with the developer Joseph to be second-in-command in Egypt tell you that God was noticed things to prepare us for the next that more than forty years of amazing training in Egypt he was ready to be at least a general in the Army the Pharaoh yet he was not prepared by the world to lead God 's people the OH first for forty more years before I think here the to start a ministry one other thing that I really learned in this process of the God truly loves us in this process that we serve our father in heaven who loves us more than we can ever imagine that he is truly working all things together for our good that even in the darkest hours of our lives in a select all should be lost I have learned this process the God of the universe is going to take care of you and if you just let go and let God you have nothing to worry about why you're on earth and for less American than I this is not sitting on I can looking well and with no means wrong and I think in this outlet and it was evident that when you collect your ears tuning at numbered you feel forsaken Allah alone and it wasn't like that we want to go dissemination is under the weather desire to live even provide part of every more white leaves you like John the Baptist Julia and I will never not a motivational coach him to what was done about this analogy right about nine out of the bedroom Joseph Greenberg one that works in a little rough right and lazy right is exactly what the voice and they stand in front of Nebuchadnezzar we will not be careful how we answer you besides the famous notifier so anyway back in the fire so be it why because no matter what the outcome God is our God and I challenge you to go through all go through Google available through the church every morning a regular prayer and ask yourself is a window by allowing the world to see Christ in me by how I live my allowing Christ to shine from me or how I carry myself or in order to compromise and fit in in the workplace or in the school black holes my window at sunset on Saturday and leave it that way goes on on Friday some full believe when the seventh of November is killed by a of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more certain that please visit www. .net verse .org


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