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777: He's Ready, Are We?

Shane Lathrom



  • July 7, 2007
    7:30 PM
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father in heaven thank you for the suffocated the others brothers sisters and his beautiful place I pray that on the on-air to us in your spirit to guide us in the assault truth of the comfort as we know it's cold I handle the also know that your present I praise you for that to me now as I share these passages that tell me how impressed I spirit inside you saying that you know I think David Santos said that while now the weather that may be calendar evidently allowed back there who are the visit example of a guy down start date for one one one now he didn't I is the Holy Spirit need a special magic number in order to pour out upon all the naughty thing is very conveniently really capitalize on this number and chances are decisively and it may not shut off now maybe they should Ms. Swanson is something that is not all numbers but no it's important for us to know that God is not the a special magic numbers by largely hungry ghosts in order for a place he is deleted to be without me I am a smoking feeling it was he waiting for the ideas I'm leaving this open her eyesight is anyways a mobile verse that on that proves that let's look at the book of acts is accepted to accept its universe one says speaking of the early rain elsewhere out of on on the disciples emanating of Pentecost was fully come they were all with one accord him one place how in one place right now he is here we want place and I noticed that Google is this question maybe you think I'll be in one accord today praise God for you and I was able to say that today couldn't be that it may be frustrated with each other on the inode I was tempted some points no vitamin C definition and he frustrated young lady with the directions anyhow here are no phone calls already know getting quite worked out as quickly as soon Arlene one accord in this place and the Holy Spirit is not borne out is it because seven seven seven minus down is because diamond is now for the reason that got down on a review something found on the desire of ages is paragraph one sent by this apartment building here my disciples that use if you have loved one for one to another when they are down together by forces offenses will be so working on the influence of this month every influence where this one is this is evidence of the image of God has been restored and that a new principle of life has been planted and so that there isn't another there is power and divine natures withstand the supernatural agencies of evil is the grace of him the heart so how is other people see Fahrenheit disciples to love one for another I can praise God has seen tonight in my life and life people around me where relationships that I knew were there was a rift in the restored and I suggested is one of you is there someone here is something here you may have no feelings toward or even more importantly this ingredient has a ill feelings when you make that first step how anyone was really for now we all I hope so is over here waiting on us my family being who we are not godly union you what I want godliness I think you know my way to know whether my getting is that chance is for money or car a good job right here God is waiting on us to look at on Ephesians chapter or verse thirteen Ephesians four thirteen and the sea with the purpose of reducing the Spirit are visas for thirteen is that it actually servers focuses for the perfecting of the saints for the work in the ministry food and wine and by Christ's to eat all the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the son of God unto a perfect man unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ was the purpose of unity by his allegations they are doing obvious of the spirit now you think using it as a greater measure of his spirit are you I is very make sense thank you got three power plants in the city and using one of them rekindled three more all God is waiting for us to utilize existing zoning given us before you get a greater portion of that spirit is required to prepare us that second coming turn to Revelation chapter nineteen Revelation nineteen relative verse seven I recognized this passes is the Academy is a safe place after the latter rain is an event all of us are looking forward to the second coming but it is five passes notice this is Leslie gladly rejoice and give honor to him for the Mary Landers his wife has made herself ready who's made herself ready the church I now fully good of our own strength no easy and I don't have the time to get into all the issues of know-how is we cling to the power of God all these things were here to fit the specific purpose of talking about the Holy Spirit how he works in our lives but God is waiting for the church to get himself ready to give us everything we do has to guess it has each other you must be logged daily forgiveness all these things but he's waiting for us to get ourselves ready I'm asking you questions and expect to sell hands how many of you this morning we spent time learning about praise God for those of you all again soon is the day I basis of this was the days he will and Deuteronomy one thirteen the strength of the day yet ask for the stream and if you go through the day New Year's married however this for your mother your brother or sister you can however maybe frame color is not God I let you down let yourself if you're married in July sending might adorn you walk outside again passing bioassay I love you honey I hope not you believe in Christ losing your home how many represses in homecoming you want pricing the home you think you should say something to him before you walk out the door outsell our results access and assigning to get always knew that I is telling a little emotional on my sticking out of it is now four years old and solace three thousand and fifty see my parents got rebaptized my brother on the other is with us it was through an evangelistic series led by a Muslim girl so this evening I was executing about science and I need to experience my life with God images in studying the Bible but it wasn't consistent and I don't think they looking back I don't remember people emphasize enough the importance of having the allotment price and fifteen sixteen seventeen and the home of seventeen became very rebellious and down and down for those of you have a living Kansas partners is on Southern California was Arkansas Kansas is unlike a lot of C's latest lengthy end-user with a one minute airlines have this last night as little on his addition to camping the house and partying is how Leslie and although the Michael I was eleven and I will not come down when our season was what was amazing about God 's use as a graceful now they finally realize you know anyway my friend David Goodfriend he spins the nine on the legs and had above I see the house he filled out his own meager zero bad lately the sealant is a halo didn't come than our fancy house with our dog in our yard Harvey family and all yesteryears health hearts as I says to me in the basement for the upstairs of income I'm afraid he will give us an e-mail I think I live in Kansas because no IV was in looking up the stairs of his cuts his mutilated health and now suddenly I got set up for the length and volume on the CL cycling in this house I have a sustained in an is marred by his life like I'm not literally suppressing the video screens he tells but on a evangelist examine and compare design capacity my girlfriend down your church the relationship that was really unhealthy hauntings recently doing and on me this is a easy meeting convicted I was raising very very conversion experience praise God he was able to on my decay that relationship by missiles in the Black Hills are coming in the room is called evangelism is no longer located my sales and other not find it sound warning anywhere with the Black Hills and I suppose the mice were on the phone on him facing my heart wasn't really in the school I destroy one in the helmet my friends I stuck it out on it into the program ion guide called to go the Bible Word and Georgia I want to go away now Rocky Davis on these the coordinator on their DVR seamlessly is coming I gave my three hurdles from developing one of the Carnegie is exact well you know needless to say got sick sick and everything works out and I had to go to Georgia anyhow that I do not want to go even I said I would go and leave on Siddiqui yelled to my lifestyle that I had was I survived the first in my same know South Dakota values videos videos Georgia about a handy guide with me out there tonight in New Delhi Georgia while there is a lot like it was a South Dakota I just wanted the Mac my home life and daily relationship with Christ is the lifetime of money on the phone to about twenty bucks everything to you again pulling hard crazy things in Alamosa and is a pilot back in the relationship I don't blame the other individual array should I let myself know it was unhealthy for both of us when they get out lightly on dizziness Israel the inmate on this is about your relationship we get some really crazy times the Selatan will have one I'm particularly Greyhound and allow you heard this testimony comments out against the mine is on his way now is working with the cold borders against me was in the Bible say about you is not resolved since the responses and did not evolve where he smiles advisedly as and him while calling upon the Bible say we rose Felicity is uneasy with the video out you might've us a leg model studies one in particular is going to rain again hardly believable or even in the rain is coming and looks over the blinking rather in town on one of them being defined church site design of the Linden Yankees the phone I really miss my conversations I hopped in my car whenever the attestation was able to the gas station is a girl walks in the lungs is required please I normally be these payphones on I get my cargo to the phone to my phone call and drinking is the phone will answer that I hear the phone I see certainly bringing me one side I morning bringing unanalyzed members needed in an outline is why came on the enhancing and I was like going cycle taking home on the phone and the design hello if you hear this guy Justin is a way I'm guessing the leggings of me as their shoes off in the summer and on the coast in the second and on and I you and I decided to use them on the Canada's of the non- mind seeing laser mouse eight thousand names of the votes in this knockoff is down here and give my phone number is in Kansas all I know you design a leave I was exhausted finally after volume energy going back and forth on the phone on that I only got maybe to put you here for this reason adding the latest leg mother son stories ever heard know this girl greatly in our dad left there at a young age and her mom was an alcoholic and yes she was involved in a relationship with us on gaming for many years now I is that recall him his family realization when he got back on written while they were gone ahead next guy just as I was in the lead of pardon got pregnant in a development links and now he had examined do not believe in God as his vice is gone the way is more authentic prizes of forgiveness and here's this girl know a alcoholic mother and left thirty days to find itself on Louisville 's anyway so on because of this whining is not a company is Joseph I know it he was so convinced of is that even though you could careless what happens is that this is hard to see any fears cause is that we scheduled itself to like the reasons the author you know so you're lucky that you got his number on the one you know how things turn out about the phone and on demand house with my head I think of you have found a single iPhone phase was just pray of honor on I don't think as you do that use the house is not really liking invasion it isn't very rare instances even saintly life as a Missouri my wife anyway so I hopped in the car analogous in a gas station for no rain in Georgia I saw about twenty thirty miles outside Atlanta and that feeling is a semi- illegal Israelis as I'm leaving I like that handle four-way intersection I think this was how they are everywhere section don't deliver this goes into itself the only defined as the boys live in them a lot of the person you guys to on an way you come this way I had come on a three-phase health is reporting that again telling him in the country side assigning David learned route I did not know who wrote for no rain in on all results view head is as crazy as a self language mainly as a singular season on every person in the world I think of themselves as they get a phone call the phone call is even for me always honest like my head is so I decide I might see him a cast that car done me on pass on the street students are not playing with these loves the McMaster Carr driving on the road on coming closer snack bar in the closer I think Instant Messenger right I was amazingly no touchy-feely impression bring a lot of the thinking was that uses it was more of a person who gave you this cc and say something is a stronger and stronger and stronger as I got no on the road I saw a car in the business and marketing admonition that impressions is he doing a supposedly finally had enough of his angel and God himself flying over in the nose but he must realize that I was innocent right I was getting a passing car notes on his back she wrote I asked if she goes off and leaving time that I've ever seen and today I believe that designers of the accident on my nerves is resigning my things out that is my Angel are crazy man there is a swimming was lanky miles away in one easy example is that all the signs anything against what he says Terry Ryan is him turn right and landed her Florida is in turn right Sony needs turn right side turn right on Missouri and a lot of holes I'm not allowing the business will come I don't make anonymous as you know anti-Semitism places around yes how do they give out the unit is going nuts I looking for places around making no driveways of people 's houses enough of your life downhill thousand and six in South Carolina his success by the nervous targeting ligand and the stop light measurements like this outline on a hill this was a success you are half of the budget and anti- in handle that I I I açai something to my friend is planning to suggest the formula here I am trying to turn around I vividly wanted is a high level in the cross so I desired mercy as I get my license around on the Gardens will build on and I come to a clearing and is like a little hill not like you have the still here as Eliza have you wisely write it out use of them I was enlightened to write my headlights and I knew I I will look like they knows the cars I get my car one hundred Linda Ziegler knew this better window she constantly died to save the evening I was the last time I was aware like these are going and hanging is a Brittany leave is not aimed she is looks in a crying no not ahead yes my Karner Road I saw Hayden went over and I feel like I rose through the car off so I thought of economic car and boat was used in password by José zeal exam diseases in savings use kinds of months and finally I decided to visit you sincerely believe their life it is seen as well posted into the future places mobility hate his family there is a view that is his name and everything is the never told her how I have been financing them because of the one you and I both know that Danny is now in the related person is somebody no matter how many times in her telling her how recently said he's always it is now melodic and using story is of a story I told on suing a woman caught in adultery and not Christ and how you wrote the sentence handed in Christ in this user is a villains in a more after that she's blind Saudi films that awareness crying competence aware on I know what to say so I decided there was in their second year noise is louder louder nutrition though illustrated on this microphone is the louder and louder and are more young rain design finances yet what will this noise is pretty climactic high negative name in highlighting this noisy honey from taking these brings of my business sympathetic and empathetic you are late inspiration that taking a little noisy lower liar and I look over the rightness or diseases light shines in the bushes and it was the second coming conversely him I was eating Breyer Breyer noisy lowering are finalizing the shame you are definitely things that any lighting is probably to get my think and to him about here is definitely not way I look at her cardinality his will is like those little rain is yet visible interface will look like buildings that would need was more of the wireless clothes I never asked early in the childhood dream that question he wore a suit on the machine you that night night Dawn had done something amazing to reach her now you guys like those on the story on after that I was impressed after analysis I is you is last analysis jerseys only that is the person spoken she told me that on before she got pregnant her sister on his blackberry to Luther Chicago is the situation at home the mother but she refused the offer and on enhancing the site is using the liver this is an Chicago-based guy but was amazing what you go through spring like this in your living completely in the world like I was on the relationship I was in I was surrounded the house and ministry that reality beyond housing minister to one rousing ministry and probably took me a good year I wish I can tell you an experience I learned my lesson I think the fact that relationship and my relationship with my millionaire so I wasted about three years of my life and her life not bringing federal on much music putting my family her family and friends Donna on but it certainly sometimes like I realize you are the probably thirty forty fifty more people mile radius and better services from Nelson Lehman a clear mind that wasn't the own crazy like I was young somebody who believe that guys do things think that blood is healing is a clear conscience when he saw the newspaper that I see the summer and I now and these were a lot of movies I have more of a challenge thing you has the finest cultures and that was Ava Moses for my own selfish interests but as it is probably a year before I said wow that values needed to realize he was reasoning it is always the not everybody gets it many screens is not because God is the community what I think the story allows because a lot of young people here so you're married you only have to worry about this but there may be somebody I think three years of their life their family life somebody else that is David and I have a decidedly net .com I like to say that New York am heading to Mexico in the singular together as ridiculous I leave them on my car and the things you love other prerequisites like my liaison by incriminating the house is pretty serious I same thing you have prerequisites to my house and mainly living in Southern California was on the Y will suddenly come to be there's no prerequisites I know find out Haim Glenmont leaving the same place you will find hair we plan on working compatible him throwaway is now the breaking heart behind Harpswell mooring families St. Mary's in part talking dog jumped talking about their parents have seeing the kids brothers and sisters in the following example this is called housing housing compounds for solvency hours ago Senior at the first prerequisite relationship here on this earth relationship with Christ and in you are not in the points reason at least one minutes every day in the Bible and one minute frame everything consistently is that he will sell you things you will notice what happens is that some of the strong nineteen hundred eighty is the stretch if you are not in the habit of staying on the everyday file in the Ukraine every morning we walked out the door yet no business even thinking for a minute that you are going to be a losing carry on a healthy relationship that damaging an individual I learned that lesson tells about twenty five years old on twenty seven out of ten twenty eight I got married and on I laugh because we found four euros ahead of those outlets as well as it is I had a thought like that we survived the first two and half years of our marriage we enjoyed last year he is loving the difference will him him as they praise God allows almost two years anonymous Monday not bragging a megaphone this individual relationship is the one hand because no University of the always even with the pricing for your Bibles and historians in Mark one thirty five Mark one thirty five it says speaking of Christ in the morning writing up a great while before day he went on to Martin designs replacement rate from three twenty ufology is an example Shane W David a look at anybody else in so much of them were falling price but if you get up tomorrow morning 's been born in the Bible one million and is it'll grow you don't have to set some schedule what one hour in sphere crossing one our file no one minutes is initiated to find ten twenty find you are just


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