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God is Patient

Eugene Prewitt


There are three things we should know about God's patience. The third one is that it has a limit.


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • April 19, 2014
    11:00 AM


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in our world and problem free to say that God is good in the world all the request because after using as good as we respond they say not as good as your add-on listings you about today is my idea that God is merciful which I think is what is that we say not as good as you talk about the idea that God is patient which is little where the idea that God is merciful our Scripture reading I thought we were listening well is watching over you during that reading of the passage did you notice there that God saw the wickedness of man it was great earlier he saw it was great everything had been handed and made a man on the earth he said he will destroy man with the earth and how long was reported that one hundred and twenty years that is from time when God decided that man was selected he should be destroyed until the time when the matter was destroyed was more than a century and this idea is to launch us into our short Bible study I want a short history thoughts one idea is that God 's patience is everything to us it is the reason that we have any hope God 's patience is the only reason we can be optimistic about personally getting there the second idea is that God 's patience as a model for us he intended that it would effectively relate to each other and in patients 's incongruence that is it doesn't match Christian living if you are a higher education that just doesn't match strings we should be having his learn to cause Haitians have a limit it doesn't go on forever it isn't so not just what's up with that late there is a limit and when the limit is reached judgment begins let's begin looking some passages in your Bibles to second Peter second Peter chapter three seventy eight church chapter three is looking at first my the word here means slow party the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count answer tardiness but the Lord is long-suffering to us were not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance I want you to see in the word long-suffering there that hasn't direction easier direction their long-suffering in the King James does the password and the new King James has scored us all the same idea God is long-suffering his aim directly toward us so God 's long-suffering has a direction and it has a purpose she doesn't want us to die the idea is to gather no C if the reason his long-suffering because he doesn't want us to die that means if it wasn't long-suffering we certainly would die can you see that but is long-suffering to us to give us a chance means it wasn't long-suffering we were not even half a chance God 's long-suffering his patients is everything to us it's the in what is aiming for his patience for housing give us a chance he's giving us time to come to repentance that if he feels to us you don't let them make a change and he reveals to you today to make a change you make the change today that's repentance but if you don't make the change today that doesn't mean he is on today you will see you tomorrow give you what you force sometimes months or years or even many years this is what I mean my synagogue 's patience is everything to us but it's also true the third idea that patients has a limit and there comes a time if we've let ourselves against his appeal we become insensitive to that point his warning voice is removed he no longer entries are certain calls us to do the right nine Cisco noticed that doesn't only saying this verse that God is patient but that long-suffering long-suffering is the work patients within and her much you know that he's patient for a long time and it requires long patients to save us because we are obstinate or elsewhere slow or elsewhere slow comprehension I don't know might even ask you to raise your hand I hope the idea that you would admit your next or slow slow comprehension but one of these reasons is saving us is difficult and takes time your second Peter three verse thirteen first fifteen as we should I count that the long-suffering of our Lord is Wednesday salvation God 's long-suffering mercy is salvation I will coordinate internal computer users according to threaten your God is long-suffering is everything to us if I were to ask you maybe not right in this situation now you're already that we were somewhere else some other time to ask you to tell me what are the characteristics of divinity I think I know some of the first things people would volunteer very same God knows everything or he's very smart is that true they say God is eternal possessor that say God is a negative sense was just me he's very powerful is that true for us all hours of the word literally means she is the creator that's true and all of these ideas are in Scripture in their all-important but there was a time when Moses asks God to reveal himself as in Exodus thirty four and God to reveal himself what you turn your Exodus thirty four Exodus thirty four and want to see each when God introduces himself to loss residents of himself he highlights Exodus thirty four and looking at verse six and the Lord passed by before him and there would be Moses and the Lord passed by before him and proclaimed the Lord that is Jehovah the Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands and forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin it's also true that God is a God of justice that's the last half of that person in our library through a virus reality is this morning one is that God long-suffering is everything to us was the third idea got patience has a amendment and when the limit is really just a mess again when God introduces himself last he doesn't say the Lord Jehovah under the guise on the presidents omniscience eternal he is at those things those are all true but he knows what I'm telling you that our salvation is dependent on his mercy the long nest of his suffering his patience with us in Isaiah thirty first eighteen said the Bible says therefore the Lord will way that he may be gracious to you are taking notes at Isaiah thirty first eighteen why does God really is for the purpose of being gracious and not turned in James chapter five were almost done with the first of the three thoughts James chapter five contest versus James five percent instead of being patient therefore unto the coming of the Lord sounds like an person that waiting for God for Jesus to come back where occupations some people like it would take too long for them and so what does God fit us do be patient and then he says something about himself he says people all the in way for the precious fruit of your and how long patience for it and hello Christine early in the this week was a somewhat hard we were gardens in Arkansas but when you experience that and I learn something ion I covered my tomatoes this week I put a covering over top of them and you know they did just fine but I neglected to cover migrants and you know they did not well and I neglected to cover my percentage and it horribly suffered and my baby expedited cover not big things reason it was ill for them that was the first night was cold Monday night your mother is more than one cold night right that was Monday night things went like that so I deny I have learned something and I'm not only hovered like tomatoes but I covered my already destroyed plants that site and help them badly I couldn't practice learn the night before and what I learned from this experience looking back is that when the husbandman ways a long time for the harvest I can relate to that I'm have to wait a long time to get anything out of the fruit trees but in this year I would have to wait I can see the husbandman when the patient is not patient and distance the husbandman is not Haitians and passes that is while he's waiting for you to come to repentance he is doing something he's trying to cover you and protect you and help you have in way that is dangerous for us the husband Mendes waiting for you is trying to help you he's trying to help me aren't you glad husbandman the slightest breeze look at verse eight which brings us to our second point being you also patient status your hearts for the coming of the Lord draws nine juicy in his verses of the patience of God as a model for us but the long-suffering of God has for God intends for us also to have ownership that you were clearly turned back to Matthew eighteen Nancy McKeon has had as little slack sinks Matthew chapter eighteen and looking at verse twenty six this is the servant of over ten thousand talents I learned something from this parable that people would hand on work for salvation could potentially be saved in their sincerity I can see that verse twenty six not many people that don't understand the gospel may in fact make it look at what it says in verse twenty six and the servant therefore fell down and worshiped him saying Lord have patience with me and I will a be all that you know what can he pay all J Campbell one two nine four in expert patients visiting the lord of that servant was moved with compassion and loosed him everyday and from that metadata has to be forgiven of the data he didn't even ask for them that he was even he didn't receive it because God 's long-suffering in his forgiveness are significant in the know it all work out okay with a work oriented man along and it doesn't work out from this terrible you know that because God intended that his long-suffering to us would be a model for us select our verse twenty nine and his style servant fell down at his feet and besought him saying patience with me and I will pay thee all in all here was someone else they had not done him quite right and that person was asking for patients and to get them patients he got it I wanted to see because of the remember the parable through partnering the rest of it I want you to remember that when God shows me long-suffering patience when I am obstinate and hardhearted imitation models for years to get me to change he expects that when someone else take month earlier to say that I will not be on blistering or frustrated or otherwise impatient with that person that is that Jesus did not ask you expect to be a model for asking is using the arrow look at Romans chapter two Romans chapter two as part of a fascinating logical developments were all teaches that if you are stringent holding people accountable for the mistakes they made it out of this that you have not accepted God 's mercy on the inside that's the logic of the first six verses Romans two and will only look at verse four it says do you despise the riches of his goodness and forbearance and long-suffering don't you know and God leaves you to repentance our first idea was that God is very patient with unfamiliar person person for me and you can do that for you guys very patient with me because he wants me to make that happen is great patient because he wants me to repair and it is visitations that has no chance to repair by the Romans to versus four yes I understand that I'm not going to be impatient with you if I'm impatient with you I despise seeing the very end the very Jesus that gives me a chance to buy the supplies that patients they can have no power in my life that is my impatience with you rob me of the power of God 's patience I say these things first person because I struggle with patients if you're taking notes only give you a few references that are not returned to but I want you to know about you take note one of them Ecclesiastes seven verse eight says there that the patient in spirit is faster than the proud and spirit I would like you to consider that maybe those two ideas are related to each other that impatience is somewhat related to Ron Dennis the cause of our pride network and patient and if we were really vulnerable we would be more patient with those who are making mistakes the other passage is versus alone in Chapter five in verse fourteen guests as being patient toward all men you can memorize that much of the person not much trouble could you be patient for new on all you need are is people all around one you know and I'm how does it at times don't mask of the audit do and whether it's because there is low or ignorant or Austin that when I case may be I should be patient toward you because God is patient toward me the other one is Galatians five twenty two and I think you maybe know that is the fruit of the Spirit in one of those proves is in fact patients long-suffering and the two of them turn in your Bibles to Ephesians chapter four Ephesians chapter four is right here near relations and you were trying to sell as fast as I was saying Ephesians chapter four verse two maybe we should start verse one I therefore the prisoner of the Lord beseech you that you walk worthy of the location that is of the position of the job you have as a Christian with all lowliness and meekness with long-suffering furbearing one another in love is patient toward us why does everything to us it's our only hope is that he's so patient but if you want to live in a way that matches being a Christian should show that forbearance to each other Louisville is even more practically if you find yourself being frustrated in your family are in your dorm or where the people are close to you there should be you should realize there's something wrong there that you don't want this to happen up with what judgment you Josh that you will he and you don't want to happen to goggle at work you're the review at four dollars maybe you're wondering what might have about it I have an idea of what you can fast to those to whom you have been in Asian you are impatient ask them to party with you for that investing documentations and after the party in the process of putting away and patience you make room for dogs or rewrite the templates of your heart you can rewrite once they are and make us a new loan as it will refrain from the metaphor of making clay something out of clay you're familiar perhaps with a second Timothy four verse two preach the word now all you young men were thinking of some day doing that you should know that verse it says is the word instant in season but don't forget the end of the verse is restored as to all long-suffering that is you can reach the hardware present shrew you can call people to the highest standard but calling them to the highest standard is no use for being patient with them when they don't reject tracer word with all what long-suffering now I can see several of you are nearly asleep already but works in the third part of this thought and I bid you all went up turn in your Bibles to Romans chapter nine verse twenty two Romans chapter nine verse twenty two this is speaking about that difficult part of the Bible where God destroyed all the firstborn of Egypt and then destroy their entire military and wine how were you in the territory harmonies that will last you and you are part of the Bible is difficult Ross we should learn how to deal with because blacks are coming in the regular company are not going to be shorter less significant than the ones that can you give following to say in what happens there really levels you usually learn to make peace with it happen again Romans nine twenty two says what if God willing to show his wrath and to make his power known endured with much long-suffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction I will say that in way that you can check out later for one hundred years but not with the wicked way the Egyptians treated his people for four hundred years in Georgia that you know the entire time God was willing to show his spirit against the oppressor there wasn't one there at four hundred years of God was willing to make rights and make wrong to write God is always willing to hold you accountable and give the murderer what not to receive God is willing to execute justice but what holds him back into his long-suffering he wants to give people a chance to see and I know there were Egyptians withdrew not four hundred years saw something different than the religion of the Hebrews and shows to change their plans and the way they read some of them even left with a Hebrews when the Hebrews left Egypt in other regard to some of them went with them God is willing to execute justice it is just his mercy as a model for us is long-suffering but the third one over on right now is that his patients have a limit are you sure it was four hundred years for no day it was a hundred and twenty first thought I don't know how long it was before the top of Ingram but it was about twenty hours after that talk God has a letter next to his patients and when that limit runs out what happens judgments begin I think the two ideas are either end of this talk need to come together the patient is everything to us and the other the next patients has a limit they need to come together because we only think about one of them everything about the land that we can arrange if we only think about his patients we can play games with it but both of those would be a disaster for us we don't have time to play games but we can have hurt because he is patient for the first year you were in second Peter earlier neither going to first Peter chapter three first future shop this was his first back to Genesis that story that we read about in our Scripture reading were going to look at verse twenty speaking here about that captive centers the people who were prisoners to send nerves that addicts of the people live first twenty excess which sometimes were disobedient when religious obedience that was before the flop when once the long-suffering of God waited was a say in the days of Noah why was it a hundred and twenty years according to first Peter three because God was long-suffering what was he doing was waiting for that are on the rear fence they then I call I mean except for any of them they didn't respond so I'm not trying to teach the gospel patience is always successful I'm only saying his patients is our only hope you follow that idea we can play games with it we should be thankful for in the extreme those are the three slots I want to summarize them in enclosed the first thought is that God is so patient with me it breaks my heart I think about how patient you spent with me if it doesn't break your heart anything about how patient he's been with you I think that is because you must not be aware of outpatient is better with you I got patients is our only hope he says in second Peter we should call it salvation and helping that the Lord 's patience or long-suffering is salvation his patience is waiting for us to come to repentance but he doesn't wait for us like a pacifier she is a good husbandman and he is working to save the grand to save the fruit he has no patience for it but he has in mind and he takes care of retreat even though not retreat is going to their edicts around every three and he realizes every three but not averagely is going to bear fruit is Jesus is the only reason the tree survived as long as they do but they will not eventually produce fruit that these patients have a limit he says let's take care of this year at the next and then does not cut it down why does it cover the ground but patience is everything to us but it has to limit in the meantime our patients need some model after this were the ones who need to see how patient you are in just about there be patient with others now you might together and get the wrong answer you might say I also will be patient with the limits but no not right because you should be patient with others with the same limit is patient with you and his patience with you is there's no sense you were helping patient with anyone else if you're still a Christian he's still being patient with you and you should meet patient's adjustment of status with everyone else got patients patients is long-suffering it is all the time for us on when it's over just as will serve as this is the same as the gods to be sent and how do you much more than you would like to know more about this if you like this more so than is www. done on universe


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