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Growing Faith

Eugene Prewitt


In Paris, TN this sermon addressed a church planted largely by MEET Ministry staff and students.


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • April 26, 2014
    11:00 AM


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as for the afternoon to have hernia in their handling of a century earlier beseeching him as same Lord my server lies at home sick of the palsy previously tormented and Jesus said to him I will and heal him there is something there about evangelism is very simple we aren't together and you know when Matthew twenty five talks about the sheep and goats and analysis of this she took an interest in sick people Matthew twenty five is not cited that she heal the sick people it says that they visited them but existed up to you again in Matthew twenty five when Jesus separates the sheep from the goats are the basis of whether or not they do something for him you know about the story right you know and he talks about when he was sick and was present the question is whether or not they visited him around trying to say to you is that if you've never been in the program and meet ministry and if you're nervous about getting a hot bath and don't know how to do it or if you feel like you don't know the difference between diabetes and high blood pressure you can still be qualified to be issued in Matthew twenty five and you'll take a personal interest in someone who is you know you can visit them you can show that you care and in visiting them in showing that you care you make quite an opening for sharing of many different types you're so kind to say to you I'm not saying you shouldn't learn how to do the simple things Jesus did offer to come and make a difference and you should too but when you made this offer the man did not see fit to invite Jesus will you send per se Lauren I am not worthy that you should under my roof besting there were only in my servant will be healed for I am a man under authority I have soldiers under me and I say to this man go when he goes into another company comes into my servant David S and he doesn't when Jesus heard it he muscles and set them to follow Mary I say to you I have not found so great faith no not again Israel getting out of this interior had a larger faith than anyone Jesus encountered in the first thirty years of his life in thirty years of living where new layout Jesus did not talk to anyone that has lost faith asked the Roman soldier and that makes me wonder what was special of the Roman soldiers faith just like his veins I observe and photograph I serve the Roman soldier was Ernest when he came to Jesus you are a Bible says that the actual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much I noticed that when he came to Jesus that he was asking something for himself he was asking something for someone else it was his servant when another blogging of the fact that someone hears the church and McKenzie and someone else to do it in Huntington it will make your prayer life much better it's when you're doing service that you have content for your prayers when you're not doing service your prayers are either short redundant or selfish or draw its environs to pray for an hour is not you are talking out of your home stands for sixty minutes at around you two how were you not have a substantial list of needy people that you care about and evangelism fails your need in your prayer needs I see brother Samuel agreement and as I said I know he does because I walked in on him praying yesterday morning I thought was the worst six thirty in the morning when I went into where I was going to be training and I was in there long enough to hear that he was praying for people without health works of long prayers you pray for people probably even without evangelism you can think of a lot of sick people to pray for but if you want to happen how were your prayers it had to do evangelism because most of the people who are sick are sick because of how is left in your prayers for them don't make much difference at all for me to say that they don't do anything like what you're praying for premises another way I know that you have had a special prayer even in this church in the last officers only been here working fifteen years but you may want to charge for Manasseh Lausanne the last thirty years of your life you were fifty you probably prayed thirty years of private paper over a thousand people in cancer by batch of eight hundred and nine well maybe not because survival rates are going up when trying to tell you is that if you want to have power in your prayer run a half to do evangelism have certain issues and needy issues and hungry people which are praying for make a difference for you the back to the soldier she was earnest in his petition he was selfless in his there was something for someone else and more than that she did not feel like you deserve anything from Jesus can you see in the store and even if you were the Internet even like you deserve to have Jesus in his house was last working her over him so yes ideologue but I is our something but it was that she has us because you're kind of powerful please do it anyway and I know is that he is not part of the church euros are valued Israel's story is thinking that Jesus found someone with great faith in what part of the church is not interesting turn forward a few pages to Matthew chapter fifteen is seen as the only other New Testament chapter four Jesus talks about someone who has great faith someone living that has great faith is the only other place some are going now to verse twenty two and behold a woman of Canaan came out of the same clothes and cried unto him saying have mercy on me old Lord you son of David my daughter is previously blessed with the devil juicy sometimes this lady has in common with the soldier for one thing she's not part of the church for diabetes not have to something for herself as something for the frame another she is earnest and her vacation she's asking when she's not really Jews as slaves you would talk to appear friends let me present up for just a moment prayer is talking to God as to a friend but please don't misunderstand the idea to say that prayer is talking to God as to appear fire here I mean someone who knows your equal if Barack Obama becomes the friend is not an invasion into my here and when I talk to him is going to be in Mister President maybe it were friends for a long time I might begin to call him Barack can imagine it but it is adequately with a great deal of respect I think he's a name when we speak to God that are necessities show you have some evidence of the fact that we know that you are assembly and asking someone who is mighty but when we talk to God and nonchalant way almost every talk to someone who is our same level and type of communication that lack of respect is in your reference that really reduces the power of our prayers and sliced the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man that unveils we left off in verse twenty two verse twenty three but Jesus did not answer or even a word and his disciples came and he saw him saying us another brain send her away for cheap price after us but he answered and said I'm not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel know that I had to be hard for her to listen to it have to be hard to have been chosen men not even want to have her around not only does the master answer than others the answer and then they asked the master decides relay and complain about her like she's a nuisance I have to be hard for her to take but I had to be worse Lindsay is a sad I only sounds to the Israelites as she dies it says this is verse twenty four over twenty five then came she worshiped him saying Lord help me but he answered and said it is not appropriate as it meets means there is not appropriate to take the children's bread and to cast it to dogs illustrates this from talking to sister Jackson this morning the way to church I know that there are some prejudicial towns are areas around here I don't know how far away but I know that I heard about one I have lived in a town that had no black people other than my students I was energy in the early nineties and the Arkansas energy still is that way but there's just a lot more students now is examined he only has a few hundred people that makes it demographic difference I know in a place that is full of prejudice that you have to be real careful how you talk because some things you say could be misunderstood they could be perceived in a way you did not contact and if you know that you realize the kind of prejudice existed between Jews and Samaritans you will realize that when our Lord Jesus says in this verse wasn't the kind of careful by what I'm talking about some excessive anyone hear what I'm talking about what Jesus can get away comparative woman to I have heard to Don and I know there are many of us know I don't know you I just gas that there are many of us that is someone in a way like that it wasn't esteemed religious leader and they inherited us seemingly on the basis of our race as I thought had to see when this person and is seemingly on the basis of our racing comparisons when God something would rise up inside of us and it would not be contacts but what does the woman say she says truth lower yet the dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters table lists this woman does not feel one bit more worthy than the century she feels unworthy of any special attention from Jesus but she thinks that he has so much power and gifts and love them even what spills over might be enough to satisfy her so because of her knees she pushes through a apparent rejection she pushes through apparently Jackson and just continues to ask you know when I wanted to pray for Arena nothing happened and he again and still nothing happened and I think that you keep rates seven times and nothing happened he might grade eight times your center trying to say that he listens herein have to push through an apparent prejudicial very argument to approach a Jewish teacher when I'm trying to tell you is that if you want to have and what is Paul and Kathy and I think you have so easily and easily hurt or offend the sky have to be a fee also I'm worried that installs almost bounced off a phase that is willing to keep asking God for things but sees no evidence that he is answering because it knows what he's like and care in Nelson he cares afraid that pushes this persistent was just even Jesus has says verse twenty eight then Jesus answered and said unto the woman great is your faith be it unto you would be invited as you will and her daughter was made whole from that very hour I just hope that there's no one here the things that I just try to give a justification for racial slurs if you think that you misunderstood me but let me just clarify why would my Savior talk to sleep the I think it's the same reason the sun goes down at night it's because of her faith was powerful and there's no way that we never would have seen it yet if it had not been pushed to a rigorous test Jesus knew how she would respond and he allowed himself he chose to speak in a way that would make what she had shown up it is disdained in fact from the way his own disciples back into chapter fourteen in chapter sixteen at either side of this chapter Chapter fourteen is a chapter repeaters as if it's you bid me come to you on the water and then he gets out him boxes and then he gets distracted you know by the waves and him against the same enterprise our Lord you're a price of saving me and then the Lord saves him but Jesus says oh you of little faith why did you doubt this little faith have the wherewithal to get out of the boat and walk on water the masses of different ways that Peter have little faith that he get out of the boat as I'm trying to help you think through his beautiful face got out of the boat and he walked on the water glasses that little faith wasn't like the woman's and pushed through the difficulties it hit the difficulties altered that's not what great favorites like it wasn't selfless like the woman he was asking a gift for him there for his very own self he said asked me to get out of the boat that kind of faith little faith isn't and down experience it really doesn't believe in the power of Jesus I know he did because what if you cry out when he was afraid of dying is the evidence that he really believes and is little faith enough to get help you can get help then he will pay as bad as forklifts is that it doesn't have much piece little faith clones and governments it doesn't force through difficulties it doesn't hold onto it doesn't recognize its own weakness unworthiness and causes all kinds of problems best chapter fourteen in chapter sixteen after talking the following is for this I will know Jesus that several thousand people then he told him to bury her gather up the fragments that were unknown fragments of the disciples first sometime or others and then share them with but the next day when I got on the boat they forgot to take a breath and read this chapter sixteen and Jesus sat that enigmatic statement he said beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and they are thinking of all novel he caught us we forgot to take the wrath which when Jesus perceived she sat down why are you reasoning among yourselves as if there causes because you have taken breath don't you remember the four thousand and how many baskets you took up the five thousand hundred Ask Jeeves is a how is it that you don't remember don't understand I find it telling that they understood Jesus told them and that little story of O you of little faith his disciples who are they the ones that have little faith in the people of the church overnight the ones I have great faith I'm trying to help you understand something something happens the reason that you are the people in town than confronting ten and Mackenzie and wherever else you're from the reason you're the ones that know the internals messages it's not because you're the most spiritual people around is not because you are the greatest and most studious persons in the neighborhood there is a different reason and that's not an enlistment time of Jesus with all disciples weren't even the strongest faith people around you know that they emerge one C shows as usual question why Jesus did you choose the twelve when you cut them chosen the soldier and the woman right now I answer that for you also it's not that is not that Jesus could have chosen others in your obligation to God this phase is much more on your knowledge than on your faith is what you know what that makes you obliged is it another way I have a wallet in my wallet is some money and if I handed dollars in market instead this is for my wife that craves an interesting scenario where Martin has my money and I get them to rebut my own hands but it still doesn't belong to him she has it but it's not his I given to him to get to someone else in any situation how well we view with Martin pockets the money necessary young people here that is so even though there is no breaking and entering even though I put the money in his hand it still is staffed in turn help you understand and in Jeremiah twenty three why Jesus complains about all stealing God 's words from their neighbors is not the neighbors happened the profits from them within chapters asked if they had spoken my word then they would've made a difference is that when God gives his words and you are telling you for someone else is not for you long waited for someone else and when you share also makes a difference for the people that makes a difference for you I know Mark you would have to attend dollars on so Jesus chose the twelve disciples because they were part of Israel they inherited a great deal of knowledge that those outside the church Senate have you disciples grew up knowing something about the Sabbath about the sanctuary they knew something about Jehovah and his history in the Old Testament because of where they grew up in a world where a lot of ideas and the idea of like dressing modestly was familiar to them and I think about eating something that was unclean and have to be persuaded about that they understood these things not because they were so studious mind you but because I sort of inherited that you follow what I'm saying is instrument I saw not one but not everyone here inherited that the syllabus are kind of like that we inherited that we can have to find out on her own it is your knowledge that makes you obligated to share and that's why Paul said I got her goals to that Greeks and barbarians to the wise and unwise is not like he ever met them so I get a transaction with them he was better for them because God had given him something that was for them by level of literature work as an opportunity to do something for someone to be there sharing not ask your raise hands how did you just weekend I'm not asking you have like giving away a piece of literature are shared some of the fight sole idea horse or someone who doesn't share your denominational preference but my guess is not many of you be able to raise your hand and then you all should be able to one of my favorite experiences with Don McIntosh on of you know that name is on TV and sometimes his can shoddily mark I have my students listen to him one day when he came in five or ten minutes late for the lecture MAK and he acted like he was itching all over like an illustrated music scratching himself all over talking about a set I guess all ovaries and spend some like to spend more than three hours I talk to a non- Adventist your Senators community and my students is that we have to watch if we don't watch it because they are doing argued human of all wrongdoing is spouting off each other and that is yet I hope that doesn't hurt too much as it does because it cuts because it should Jesus chose the twelve to give them a chance to discharge their duty and Jesus can use persons with weak faith and then combine that with a teachable spirit but the disciples have going for them was a teachable spirit and a little bit of faith as you cultivate that is one knowledgeable experience with a lot of faith University and here the idea that faith is a leap in the dark it is not faith is the most rational approach that you can make to the evidence in favor of I love you on knowing God faith is rational enough to say something than something like a vaccination that has number or unit I want to say to you that if you know this many reasons to believe in the truth and tomorrow someone brings up an objection to what you know and you cannot find any resolution none of your elders none of your pastors none of your friends know them can result I want you to know that is not rational to abandon your faith on the basis of that is not rational to take one reason is that outweigh hundred that are rational approach does not require that you are able to resolve every difficulty is an irrational idea this is that if you can't resolve every doubt is not sensible to believe that this is not as if it's true that because you cannot resolve one of the house you should discount the hundred evidences in favor of the theory faith is no leap in the dark faith is a sensible approach to net asset is favorite of a loving all-knowing God is your Bibles Isaiah Isaiah chapters forty one I think there's even some of you was gray hairs here that you know people make the very mistake I just described people who have encountered some objection is not about intelligence destroyed their faith Isaiah forty one and looking at verse twenty one this is God speaking he's not really speaking to you nor to me nor do they even use the inherent articles him his fax them to communicate back he says proves it was your cause says the Lord bring forth your stronger reasons set I came to Jacob let them as the idols bring forth and show us what will happen like that show us the former things and when they are that we may consider them to know the latter end of things requires less space to come show us the things that are to come hereafter that we may know that you are God gave you good or do evil that we may be dismayed to be molded together behold you are not being in your work will not let me say this to you another way Christianity and Adventism in particular has an advantage intellectually over Buddhism and Hinduism over Islam and hedonism over secularism and even Mormonism it has won over all those things it is predictive prophecy the fact that the Bible has made predictions in Daniel two seven eight nine oh seven incredibly predicted that Serbian Empire after Persia after Babylon Persia and particularly to the project the best one would not be followed by a fat instead of a divide into a number of independent sovereign nations that those with process is not invented until the very end of this first history without ever being united together that is an incredible production you know that those independent nations of Europe have persisted for a longer period of time than a combined reins of Persia and read Babylon put together and they still are persisting today you know that those seven nations are a small part of the world now that was very significant when the book and that it was written but that in the last three hundred years ago seven small nations have control Australia and Indonesia and the Philippines and Pakistan and India at the islands of the sea and almost all of South America and all of North America except for the very western part of the point in fact they have control almost all of the border countries in Africa and a good shot of the Middle East that is amazing that God could see that coming and speaking that held the seven independent nations they would not coalesce when being the dominant power in this verse history identity give you a longer of lecture of predictive prophecy and I want to understand is that faith is not contrary to reason faith is a rational approach and it is unbelief that is your rational and how it holds on to Dallas and perplexities I'm not saying that probably only full-time perplexities that is underway I'm not saying that I believe I think an honest citizen and or not I'm thinking is that it is my belief holds on to end out which finds no explanation even that is irrational in view of all the other guy all right I talked plenty of time to review with you is really going to sleep already and I'm going to close if you want to have an experience of prayer faith there are a couple models you can follow in the New Testament neither one of them are part of the church but it doesn't mean you should leave the church just need to see more humble about the fact you know what you know but you should be harnessed in your petition and usually can ask him thanks for others and make it part of your prayer to recognize that you don't deserve anything from God that is because of what you need not because of what we deserve enjoy their past make it very clear by the way you play that you don't falter in your Boolean just because nothing seems to happen when you pray you're going to pray and pray and pray and feel like that woman pushes through the horse apparently Josh and all of them should be sent to you Craig is your faith be it unto you even as you will have to guess that your hearts desire and prayer to God was for someone else that they might be saved do we have an obligation to Huntington and to Mackenzie you do not based on anything I've done but particularly on the fact that they haven't need that God has given you a privilege should you put the work of the left and the church is there squarely on the students that is foolishness because they are only here for about four months at a time and it takes longer than that a lot of the findings relationships and it takes to win the soul I think if you talk out of our everyone that is one of the foremost amend them our church would be populated it's just a time-consuming business to bring someone through all the difficulties of accepting the three handles message that you don't get all the extra things that you've been learning about I'm talking about the fundamental basic things that are encountered on them even I was like I have more energy and no more than you do what about if you're one of the once yearly just has blessed your last knowledge and others can you just put on the church members who have been more now because you want to get to heaven to sell you have to do what you came in and that means visiting the sick which is sound you certainly can do that means visiting those in RJ you certainly can do is not something you certainly can do you can visit again he was made a ministry that boils down to reading good books and writing nice things on Facebook and spiritual walls I want you to understand that while there's nothing wrong with that that is yes that is you don't cultivate relationships with those who don't know that you are helping put the partial over the candle and even the candles burning is not an idea that so many mean things to you I don't know what you think I'm trying to I'm trying to advocate for the people who advocate for themselves you know you look at the argument Congress a please come over and help us it doesn't mean they don't need help it just means they don't know where to ask for we have a week and when we start to do for others our faith will grow him we will ration known as the very values of this media was brought to you by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain than the visit www. audio tours .org


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