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Scholars are Needed

Eugene Prewitt


Scholars are Needed, Yes. But be careful that we do not replace the fountain of God's provision with a broken cistern.


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)


  • May 31, 2014
    11:00 AM


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I know you know how the little orchard at least we know hopefully a future orchard is unfortunately for this is fruit for example produce fruit for Orchard we have fruit trees and what they were looking forward to is canning fruit pears and apples and we don't know what other things can or can't be Canada's health you can camp persimmons are not us may freeze those who we had experience where my wife can I think it was apples or pears I don't remember which it was his pairs and we set them aside and we went to use them sometime later we found that nearly every hand had failed to seal properly and there was discoloration and evidence of spoilage in the top of the can which is very this I want that illustrate idea for you that in your life human and Christian for a number of years you've done a lot of work work you don't like giving to God 's churches done a lot of work of the church intended up trash books witnessed in your marketplace you help your kids in school I don't know what you've done and you've done a lot in a very long now you can do a lot if you have no sources release you have talked to hundreds of people in favor of the three most messages you can get a lot done in your life today that what you're doing that your life is like gently neon with good stuff in your hoping eventually to enjoy the fruits of what you're doing your character is what seals that and if your character to Seo is well new goodies for your entire lives after the mission to you another way if you put your whole life effort into helping people get to have been your children and others and yet the end of the day your character retains its defects the very ones that God tried to celebrate from you Satan will be allowed to the issue into a disaster that will undermine and discredit what you have done closet damaged people to or even beyond the good you've done in your life those spoiled payers it would've been better we've eaten them before we can they just weren't worth of thing in this wildlife is worse than useless as the first thought that one assures today are the title of the message is scholars are needed and in a way it is a reaction to Apollo I wrote a few days ago I wrote a poem called the academic way to join why microphones not even know that and I don't even know if it's not highly relevant to your life but I wrote a poem called academic when I put it where you live things like that on Facebook and I received a number of comments that indicated that what I wrote was an extreme production extreme not meeting extremely good or extremely bad meaning that it was not in any sense that the main methods of that looks old poem that I wrote that I've been that way was that we've made an idol out of academic studies so that if someone has the proper three a more disapproving of his follower we will believe what they say without giving a clinical evaluation or sensible criticism so that was the first right and I thought he wasn't received well there were many people who saw that it the way I wrote it was an time intellectual that is it almost looks like that God didn't appreciate scholars does not appreciate scholars you know Daniel was a scholar and his three friends were scholars they are scholars class a scholars website that they exceed other scholars at the same time in the same place they really knew their stuff Paul was a scholar I will say Peter was a scholar of St. Paul lies and Paul was able to address issues we don't quite address anywhere else I appreciate the scholarship of Paul he gives us so many insights in the Old Testament thanks otherwise be very skewered in the Old Testament maybe I just tell you one you can check into this afternoon when you want to do something wholly during holy time you read Isaiah chapter twenty eight twenty nine you find that some of the later passage Google God teach knowledge will you make to understand doctrine those were reading than those who are no longer dependent on their mothers those who compare Scripture with Scripture here a little they are little you've read this passage in Isaiah shall after the passage it says something about God wanting to teach his people that they won't listen some a staggering list is going to instruct them and you wonder what does it mean but a halt first Corinthians chapter fourteen he follows that passage from Isaiah and shows that that was a prophecy of how God will use the gift of tongs to get evidence to the unbelieving Jews of the legitimacy of the message of the gospel and was that fulfilled wind acts chapter two during the Passover there happened that God used the gift of tongues and governance of people who would been resisting now that my message and are speaking is all about the gifted photographers convinced fourteen when trying to tell you the scholars are needed and that's because Paul was a careful scholar of Scripture that we understand many things in the Old Testament at least I would have hard time deciphering and not been instrumental in helping without I'm in a review of a secondary role I wrote this week and if you don't like poetry you can just wait for one done in the model Bible study for this phone is called scholars are needed scholars are needed this I confess even if some have made a big mess studious persons with years of the books have viewed his wisdom what ever their lots I want an expert experienced to operate lasers on one iron to the play format inter- Shiite chemistry those students forget what I'm saying to balance my thoughts scholars are precious I love them a lot I aim to become one to study and teach kids range of the fountain of knowledge then preach the scholars to study the sayings of man made the waters muddied by using there have by mixing traditions wishes and gases must confirm rumors how they make messes with the word of God curing through that's not the scholars of truth ought to do so yes many scholars like Andrews and days James White and others who study first writing young man he needs you to study with power and she's not the wisdom of men at this hour but he's with the spirit enforcing the word such scholars are useful wherever there heard theologians are needed to confine more stuff assays of man we had quite enough they were studying as children and the word they'd be in the scholars we need we need the scholars think the scholars are needed you see partner violence Jeremiah chapter two is our Scripture reading Jeremiah chapter two starting in verse eleven Jeremiah she was one of the most interesting chapters you can find a netbook that asks a rhetorical questions that are worth thinking about even today what questions it asks and doesn't ride for gas to get dressed sold for providing Lysias question can you imagine of right forgetting to put on her special dress of rights certainly would never forget on her dress and you might forget to get dressed up for something to write and not forgetting forgetting to get dressed up for her liking run and insure my to don't ask that question illustrates something will get to know a little bit later message of universal Jeremiah to verse eleven has a nation changed their gods which are yet no God will have changed their glory for that which does not profit I thought about that this morning one is that the nations don't change their false gods why are the Philistines so loyal to their false God why are the effusions of soldiers loyal to Artemis that is the lady that we know as Diane why are the nations is so loyal to both God 's I think I've seen one of the reasons when I was in India because the place I was in India was going through a terrible drought and in the parable of route they became desperate when you're desperately need help and so I saw an entire village that had gone together this is a village of poor people but these poor people were sacrificed sacrificing their goals and showcase to pray to the gods to bring the rain they were sacrificing their valves to get help in their emergency you know they were dependent on their God and if your dependent on your God are you going to change your God I don't want to say this more clearly but you're if you're holding on your rover in your life you're not going to change the rover center so nations do not change their God 's but this question says that my people have changed their glory for that which does not profit be astonished all you heavens at this and be horribly afraid yesterday very desolate says the Lord that is angels in heaven we be so sad that God 's we all have done something comparable to fall nations with false God changing their goddess except for that God 's people were depending on a true God verse thirteen for my people have committed two evils they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters and they have issued our sisters broken cisterns which can hold no water of think for just a minute about that word picture if you had a large piece of granite here at Hartford was built on a granite mountain unified and perhaps judging out about this jewelry out of that granite you think that would be easy would that be incredibly difficult I mean if you have the right kind of explosives maybe it would not be so difficult but Jeremiah she was not written in the agent dynamite so I'm trying to understand that digging and granite would be very difficult but you know you go digging something to hold water in that large rocks you are gambling with a lot of your efforts because as you get down far enough and deep enough when you're just enough finesse with your sister there is always the possibility in going down another staff which are going to encounter a fissure in the rock express and you know that's going to do your sister your hard work is going to produce less draining somewhere further down the mountain that makes sense and even when I decide it is difficult to did a sister and there is hardly an illustration of germ I can find you that God found for I have this show is more fantasy than going through all more digging assist turn only to have been leading to see Doctor Hearst thirteen himself out cisterns that can hold no water they can't hold water now before they began digging a sister to another never needed a cistern for speaking the metaphor Y Mineta sister you know they have found if you have a fountain you don't need a sister that I criticized you say if you have a fresh source of reply is continually providing water that battered in every sense than a sister maybe one of just in case modern give up what God has said is that he is like a sister she is a continual source of what we need and it doesn't make any sense to angels in heaven why would return away from him and go to something that hasn't so much for so little productive metaphor for interesting that they don't explain themselves and so I want to explain this one a bit as I understand it God is a jealous God he does not space out on Steve Hendee other sources of poor supply God does not accept me a having some other dependents for my wisdom or my saves you from iced drinks not even for for my acceptance with him thinking right now in Zechariah three you can turn there shall not have the reader is you know what they are verses one through four were Josh and why this before the Lord and he is a draft of what is he wearing you know his grass are dirt and God tells financial to strip him of his filthy rats that way the Bible illustrates that Cingular broken cistern called our righteousness it just can't hold any water I cannot be good enough to be accepted there just is no way I can did and did any day and I am not one to be accepted with him do you think there might be people who been digging up that sister for their entire life why there are people who all their life I'm thinking right now of people who practice Islam people who all their life I didn't even in this in this rock was hard rock but their cistern won't hold any water what I mean is they can be good enough all of our righteousness is filthy rats what about money turn to Jeremiah chapter thirty one Jeremiah chapter in Jeremiah is not when it all Joe chapter thirty one both start with Jade at the end of the similarities and attorney Jeremiah thirty one best refine the new covenant but we're going to kill thirty one Joseph thirty one and verse twenty four when people have returned to the book of Joe you probably should so before you put a lot of stock in what you read to see who was speaking at a particular chapter that your reading not every verse in the book of Job is written by someone that commanded in the book of Job and it got even asked this question in the book of Job who is this who is darkened counsel with words without knowledge argument that got asked that question but here is relevant chapter thirty one we are reading things written by Joe Joe thirty one and verse twenty four said if I have made gold might help or have sex in the Feingold you are my confidence if I have rejoiced because my wealth was great and because my hand had gotten much if I beheld the sun shine or the moon when I was walking and brightness of what you were probably in verse twenty six as a people in America probably not worshiping the sun and the moon will look down the verse twenty eight where the money part has some application to us this also works in the wiki to be punished by the judge price should have denied the God that is above let me say it another way Jonathan Harris sun worship money worship you see that in these verses is the same thing but they have something in common they both are a denial of God that is above and the judge condemns those behind you and Manuel is like digging out a sister in difficult rock I mean it even though he works hard at all your life you can't even deliver immune from problems on this planet it is a cistern that can hold no water him what the men he had done I thought many men in the world and in the righteousness many that had another wealth I thought right here in America many religious people depend on doctors might even mean precisely what you might think I mean I mean there is a sense where you depend on doctors the way a sick and even reversing a son honey became so sick that his disease was very right here we did when he was very sick the Bible says that he didn't go to the Lord evenhanded on doctors and staff that's one way that people deny the Lord will come back to that but speaking the something so different we think of doctors as being smart that within the doctors being smart out there several male visitors your e-mail visitors here that are involved in its entirely possible one or more viewers of Doctor so and be very careful what I say doctors probably are quite intelligent but the fact that it may have a higher IQ doesn't make them one more reliable when it comes to knowing what is true when I think about the source of errors and heresies that have gained prominence in this North American division a lot of them have their origins with medical personnel physicians not because physicians are more erroneous than others but because of their more trusted in other words here is the man who was thought to be less of says something and erroneous and no one believes him as a something erroneous and many people believe him so which one ends up becoming well-known well I'm not saying doctors are more foolish to follow to say is not that they make more mistakes but about the matter is that the cause of more problems besides not because their doctors but because we use them like cisterns that can hold no water we depend on them for our wisdom best for a similar second Chronicles sixteen twelve where the Bible says yet in his disease he sought not to the Lord with the positions in here I think I should have been when I depend on God to be my deliverance God delivers me not I hope this hope is that by using his resources sometimes he even gives me money to help me with my problems regular strings that are God 's money to help you with your problems sometimes he uses money to help with my problems sometimes these as doctors to help me with my problems sometimes he might even use it otherwise people to help me with my problems he never uses my goodness to help my problems because my goodness is filthy rags just doesn't help but God can use these and other items what he doesn't want is that we would demand on them some people many people do you hand on their military for a solution to their problems are read to you from Isaiah thirty one verse one and if you're instantaneously find verses you can even read it with me this is a blow to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses who trust in chariots because there is worse than because they are very strong but who do not look to the holy one of Israel nor seek the Lord does not sometimes using RVs cost deliverance I think of Gideon certainly God sometimes uses soldiers to deliver but you can you even see in the story of Gideon that when God uses soldiers deliberately worked to make sure that you realize the source of Alberta 's hand and not the soldiers that is that God is jealous what I'm trying to say is that scholars are needed we need studious people like me need doctors and likely need wealthy people and life nations need soldiers we need scholars but we cannot depend on their trigger Bibles first Corinthians first recipients chapter one of all the writers of the New Testament I think it's fairly safe to say that Paul was the most thoroughly formally educated the runner-up likely lose but I'll probably must get it is interesting to me that Paul is the one who makes the most statements that could be interpreted as an time intellectual reverse tribunes one look at verse twenty where is the wise where is the scribe where is the disputes are of this world hath not God made foolish the wisdom in this world is not that God is trying to make a mockery of the human mind God created the human mind and he made about budgeting doesn't work undermined the credibility of the persons who get put on that pedestal he tries to undermine the credibility of the scribes and Pharisees of the long years because once you put men on that pedestal and begin to accept it they say uncritically you have a cistern that can hold no water you member what God says in Jeremiah two my people have done two evils the first thing they've done is they've rejected me and there is a connection the reason that resulted in the test turns is because we can't find the fountain anymore I mean we don't have the fountain you need to find something else to rely on when you don't know what it's like to be void I got resources by his wisdom by his righteousness by wisdom unilateralist like to be supported by the yell like you're hanging in your danger of falling to begin looking for something else to hold you up and if you begin blogging 's been a be a lot of work you have an idea and if you dig hard enough maybe you can have some goodness or some scholar or some army or something money or some Doctor that can hold you and it just can't be that's not just is not just a neutral action is the second evil it's not right to go after some other dependents other than God your first Corinthians one look at chapter two verses in chapter two verse thirteen West side also we speed neither words which man's wisdom teaches but which the Holy Ghost teaches comparing spiritual things with spiritual but the national man receives not the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness I think your you know that because they are spiritually discerned there is a liaison of installers don't have access to unless they are an important person using that in these two verses any as your whole life studying and are not as persons they just don't have access to many scholars we plan you can see there's only one but it really doesn't anyhow anyhow when it comes to spiritual and that is a spiritual scholar and we know something about the net is as follows from these two verses only do they ask for is someone you know Mister Stoller doesn't impair spiritual things and gases force who wishes orphan must conform is not inherently spiritual life and culture in history I don't remain ignorant of alternate history by Amina comes to interpretation as I he's not in the Bible for yourself that his father that we need as far as we can be turned back to Jeremiah chapter two Jeremiah chapters one and more fascinating chapter in reserve a few other thoughts and what Jeremiah has to first go to a Canada made to forget her ornaments or I arrived her attire we've asked the question is actually certainly not yes my people have forgotten me days without number one is to say by this powerful metaphor of the rider getting on her dress he's saying that when I got and the more I was to connect with the fountain my neglect is rendered at that time knowledge and connect with our source of power what are you waiting is as unfavorable in the lives of our angels as it is for Austin consider ride for Jay hurdle is that again when you see that drive blocking up front on her wedding day and losing how I went when you see when you see it saw been going on that is tossed like she's I cannot believe you forgot for Microsoft close however that slice uses inappropriate and I exhausted us in failure that's how my Angel season when I in the morning don't want because I am going out on this latter and people are going to see and people are going through a bizarre that are not connected I'm not sure with the races of the gospel it just doesn't make any sense you shouldn't make any sense I will say that people may have forgotten me today is not limited in Jeremiah chapter two Jeremiah chapters two verse thirty seven is speaking about us about the people of Jerusalem depending on each other for their support instead of having upon the word of Jeremiah on the power of God in John I have this kind of craft laid out the data enemy funniness that is part of any plumbing problem there any funny is that bus is what you will about the letter there are two different theories of the Jeremiah wanted to trust the process and the other one is to get help from another superpower and that is Egypt and incredibly Jeremiah you might remember that many people of the Jeremiah goal for auction to NASA go to Judy Jennifer L what is even half as fast as what happened with verse thirty seven yes you will go forth from your and your answer on your dad for the Lord has rejected your confidences and you shall not cost burden that it makes me wonder if God is not intervened if you just might have been able to deliver God 's people that I don't know the answer to that question but I see this book again and God help nothing in the Pentagon and in how the success what to identify where supernaturally to underlie the page as people in some other confidence I can see God working in and out of America maybe even supernaturally to underlie the credibility of our other sources to show us of those citizens have holes in them to show as they hold no water he's not trying to lead us to die of SARS Israelis in our system what is he trying to do some venous back to the to lead us to connect and indeed is happening on that source of wisdom is alert and rested his head on his resources he made as the doctors in modern armies Florida but he wants us to have him alone and when we do he'd have lost have made a difference in the media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about hothouse the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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