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Love in the End Times

Eugene Prewitt


Love is an End-Time Salvational Issue


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



  • April 5, 2014
    2:00 PM


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I read that verse about how dangerous our day will be perilous times in the act and describe the perils that men will be lovers of themselves lovers of God are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God lovers of God and what should you do if you don't know what your are and how how are my audio when you think about loving God you are anyway in the manufacture of a love for God anymore you can allow for salmonella you will remain enough I want to begin by telling his stories you know you want to find these stories and numbers fourteen numbers fourteen beginning of your Bible phone thirty one hundred miles and numbers fourteen is the story of a well high and they're on their way back from exploring and they all have written more about how wonderful and that's a that we have to use they say that giant there will overcome us they say is to be difficult all we have come this far and to Joshua and Caleb to them jostling hey let's say we get you in the strength of the Lord are your memorable story better for the party don't remember so well find that firsthand you and numbers fourteen in first half of all the congregation bade stone them with stones you will hear in the tabernacle of the congregation before all the children of Israel that Diane is Joshua and Caleb which are watching the strong Josh life and Caleb is inherently good report for the church one hundred and shall about a mile lasting health someone usually can do it by what happens in the second half of verse the glory of God appeared and asked why they did it do it in verses eleven and twelve God speaks to Moses he says how long will you be more erased people believe me after all these miracles that God how long are they going to be rebellious against me is what is destroying them and this is a list I'm going to make you a razor and my urination that day now that the children story never heard before how God will wipe out his reliance into Moses and made a new nation better than the nation of the Israelites and the reason you never heard that story describe their numbers as well because in verse thirteen Moses begins to pray and praise for the people he uses a number of interesting arguments anything about the story you realize you have to use interesting arguments because he couldn't say they're such good people must put it safely is forget that there are folks on the people which like that of funerals these days is not true but most didn't say that was a missile crisis arguments you find in verse thirteen and nineteen kind of like this he says father please forgive them because your boring as they euro you want to learn how to eject and you destroyed then how is another life you were able to finish what you started for your own reputation please don't destroy Jesus because you have forgiven down for now waiting until now to be as forgiving them again he's acting like you made promises and now and Isaac and Jacob please forgive them to keep your promises are also interested in arguments used because you promised your own reputation that has a healthy human because of your consistency you look at verse twenty Numbers fourteen versus twenty and the Lord said I find it hard it is clear that be interested in witness but mostly sad I is hardly according to your word suppose that you want to know how to have powerful intercessory prayer is that you might want to stay tuberculosis a prayer that is used here and work so well two chapters later in chapter sixteen you have yet the story or a farmer you know rebellion or maybe you have not heard about it but these are really a man one of the Levite the others do not revise trying to have it who will take over the control of the nation of Israel and God 's wrath and to destroy the nation again because red is for sixteen he does it again until his reporting of the ghetto as for the nation 's glory and appears but most of your praise and this is the most pressure for thinking a little bit different is gone are you going to destroy the whole nation for the rebellion of a few people saw the first different and we need to resolve what God says his salary or agreement of buyer leaves no as all in one room and everyone else in honor and I will pay us because New Orleans is created in God 's Spirit group B now in fact the argument in Melissa 's prayer is quite a bit different than it is in chapter fourteen because money is very very sad that people aren't so bad you year that in contrast because you are you going to sleep every one hundred million of a few dozen is very nearly indicated that the larger part are better than the few ALLTEL you by the end of chapter sixteen Moses finds out that it really wasn't for because I go to bed that night the people of Israel began talking the next morning they found the naysayers in the forties of this verse first chapter sixteen in the forties they say you have killed the people of the Lord almost as if Moses had power to open up the person doing and then you are ready to kill Moses and Aaron this time it's all people you know people aren't any better for sixteen and they are separate fourteen but again God appears and a plaque begins to destroy a whole bunch of them just like not threatened to do this is where I hope that you will learn a lot because Eric is a very weak caricature in Exodus you know Karen Hughes the one that makes the Golden while behalf that is the goal of the fire and have came out to write about of following ourselves there area is lead she leads the whole nation apostasy and I know something about this church and I don't know much about it I know the church at least some of you are aware of apostasy online a leading person somewhere that's why I want you to think about Erin because error and was a leader in apostasy in Exodus but God did not fire him and hear number sixteen you see that Eric had gone through such a transformation that he takes a sensor and runs into the people and stands between the living and the dead that is Gary puts his own life ally and is just proves that his character is the day that I was in the past do you let people change can you let someone like Aaron to be a different man today than he was in the past I hope you can't because God can God does that kind of thing by chapter twenty eight the people are upset again there is a need about water and instructors want to turn their procedures plus numbers chapter twenty we're going to look at verse over six and Moses and Aaron went from the presence of assembly under the door of the tabernacle of the church and they fell on their faces and glory of the Lord appeared unto them he also happens every five history chapters the people rebel God 's glory appears most right that's the consistent themes fourteen sixteen twenty the people rebel is that I got Lori know God 's glory shows the anyway order to show off in the tabernacle rituals the people rebel you can see God 's glory in the tabernacle and what is the Gothic people do they read but here in chapter twenty Moses does something more than Ray he prays plus he gets frustrated and when he raised lots gets frustrated he smites the rock Moses doesn't get to go to Canaan I want to turn the crisis chapter three verse three is not Microsoft or later fraud also as part of your new religions is just according to the Bible just the last few years that might help you to remember that all the keys are together if you find Thessalonians are Timothy you know you're close to fight is confident it will hike this shelter three bedroom him for three cable Internet is that learning about the Bible is held he bank you started at age thirty one admit that as well so those refugees out of school and learn under eight and nine is the only easy time for your history Titus three verse three for we ourselves also were sometimes foolish disobedient VCU stirring various lusts and letters living in malice be hateful and hating one another not everyone is going to admit verse three is true that you want to admit it that we ourselves that a human audio also if you know someone who has deceived you know someone who's deceived you know someone who lives in now my first people in hateful of other people that you know people like this for the first three well if you believe that I believe you were like that to we also were sometimes deceived living in malice Haiti one hating one another foolish assassin verse three if we were that way you still are it really is a good question what is the difference for us in other words whatever it is I also make a difference for them people a lot look at verse four but after that the kindness and love of God our Savior for man appeared first or doesn't say that God began the longest after that and he lost during that time were listed to see you love us the whole time but will make the difference in verse four where will that existed before it appears right and you see that person born in the logon up here that's what made the difference in the low power level in our way when you appears in the show I doesn't have to find our knees because God alone class once you know but I don't see and so it hasn't changed you I don't mean that where does appear to everyone you know you said that he would be way off because you decided that he was listed on withdrawal or the he was wrong and himself that doesn't mean they all commented on would be drawn so that the love of God appearing as powerful country back for Scripture reading Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty four and looking at the first twelve this is the danger sign in this context Matthew twenty four hours well sad and because iniquity shall down the love of humanity will last hold there are two ways that happen once intuitive and other that's only intuitive when you think about long enough that when winning is fun and if you are taking it you lose your grip is erstwhile Iraqi when you go to the parties you're not especially interested as you wherever you go to them when you take part in the pleasure seeking experiences where the rolling start at you began to have less interest in spiritual life this inequity is around me and when you are here low according to immerse the Rose Bowl but that's the only way works given where it works is when your children are being not unique to me whenever he how below many problems that is you don't have to participate in inequity to be affected by when you perceive inequity if you allowing your heart shape on your ill-treatment if they want to stone you today tomorrow in the next day and you get frustrated and you have experienced that twenty four versus well because iniquity is now the love your love has grown cold your longing grow old because you observe in equity just as all you participate in iniquity but watching for the delay not that they will can really mess up your love Matthew twenty four want to make a connection between verse twelve verse thirteen he that shall endure through the Anaheim the same shall be say what is it that needs to endure today autoimmune it is our law our laws needs to endure and bring danger of our love laughing because iniquity is about whether or not we participate to be participating you don't know that way if we deservedly could go that way I might want to present you as a practical idea at the beginning idea for the message this morning is that heartfelt prayer for following people is a way to preserve your love for them and when you pray for them that are talking about down it has a different impact on how you relate to them it uses regular Joe earnestly every night for two weeks and then you see him you're not in the same way as Lee 's everyday talk about how awful is going he has when you talk about is an inequity it has to be your action from you even if you'd like to hike and I think when Josie is you he senses something is really ever sat someone was becoming distant from you it doesn't even require about how Christians are waiting to know people are withdrawing their affection from you the lives that you can do that to others to especially important if you're standing up for what is right because when the history of the church the people who stand up for what is right like Joshua and Caleb often get treated badly and their spiritual life is in peril that's how it comes in a back room lost it they were opposed right to read and offensively it began to get to them they need to feel and think about it and has been to me and their affection from their rivalry but when you mean you're not comparing people who really are fashioned from the Lord Jesus himself because he is trying to help those hearing people in song of Solomon and the lady wants to go find the Lord I say the church to begin the metaphorical application there she asked very busy and the answer is nowhere he feeds the lands and that's for you will find him that is if you do what Jesus is doing if you serve at once and he's serving if you care and for what you will have a human death but I have so far is that in the end of time is a salvation issue is salvation all individual artists don't want to end your ones that are saying but not everyone in yours because inequities tasted hot shots that love it doesn't one of two ways either by participation or by observation you've helped unobserved to some degree you're the one being treated badly so when you help with CSS you have to find some other way to maintain your affection and intercessory prayer is the means used by analysis of chapter fourteen and sixteen twenty when God says so right from the people God doesn't want most is to separate from the people God is casting the law of Moses and the noses you need to separate from the people he would have been ventilating a lot of tasks what I wanted from him is that human soul care for the people that he would leave her there and when you get back to work out rightly enjoy chapter two you know some of you within chapter in my early in the latter rain here in verse twenty three Congress thirty thirty one but what you might not be aware is that in verses twelve to seventeen you have the possibilities of getting back of the latter rain that is in verse twenty three to thirty you have experienced God 's Holy Spirit but it's not just a random OR unpredictable advance it follows on the heels of something that sounded is in verses twelve is him how will surely let us following gamers will ask the church 's accumulators as we humble ourselves is that we don't think there were so much better than others the idea that we also were sometimes foolish this evening is a much better thoughtfulness on board I'm not like these other men he's asking myself humble ourselves and to put away our sins and to make a difference in your seventeen size the trees stand between the work in the altar and they say they are your people call God and then they begin to use the same arguments that Moses used in numbers fourteen they say the lack of a human rule over them not because of a human father because your reputation as it is you'd like me to God destroy the Saudi IRS church that will be very confusing for the human Muslims in Java at the Hindus in India will concluded that the act that has been I have the truth is I'm exactly like this at that God says in Ezekiel twenty seven zero three five you uses a young thing about taking his first followers like you satisfy certification opinion ever wonder what their clients is because it is a joke I got as I went to strengthen each other that would confuse the human slice and but every now I was right then and there in around Moses 's rebellion it was most regarding way to specify numbers forty six you guys I will destroy them they are like to do it because of the you are holy children know your fathers in the next generation they were developed to and God sent his angel plenty I dislike them because they humanize either the children don't feel like you are fathers that's why he's super solvers twenty because he says in one generation first well keep the Sabbath is the next generation verses one to keep the Sabbath is a different audiences God spared his people rebelling because of his own reputation not because the people are so good I think you understand turn your Bibles to first John chapter one first John chapter one and verse that is wanting in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship one with another you see the means to church unity inverse how do we hand out in a while everyone and this is something more than the love of Jesus Christ his son cleanses us from all you know all this plan and supposing there's sin in your life and you want to be free from that sin God 's plan a is that you walk in the light and when you walk in the light that is in you choose to do what God says when you live according to his words when you practice what he says when you walk in the light she cleans up your life plan B is verse nine is much more famous suppose you don't walk in the light supposed to do the Rob then confess your sins if we confess our sins he's available and just to forgive us our sin this is still having us out and he still brings us up he claims us on a walk in the light but if we don't want to know what he claims is we confess our sins and put them away that plan and plan to be in both cases is the blood of Jesus the claims asylum in other words we walk in the light not by doing the right thing my character is changed I can't change myself but the light I walk in the light of God 's love is the love of God that constrains us it's his mercies that lead us to repentance and they can rent all of Romans to versus for the murders the goodness of God leads us to the goodness in that context means his mercy the way he relates to a swimmer Erin Fawlty we were married and faulty decedent serving various lusts and pleasures but after that what happened the lovingkindness of God towards man appeared now I know that I can't just preach forever because of the funeral coming up this afternoon so I summarize the last two thirds want to say today and tell you that this was not this website audio verse eight Eugene IMO the ERC .org I do know that on U-verse .org and your smartphone to your computers you can find a much more elongated version of I'm about to share with you there but the summary is that in Isaiah fifty eight the Bible explains how to live in the day of atonement you know in the day of atonement back in the will they have to inflict their souls and we know the related adjustment today and we ought to afflict ourselves but it's not a very simple to figure out saying what that means practically because it doesn't mean for example to whip ourselves right and suppose you wonder what exactly it does mean well there is a chapter to explaining and that is Isaiah chapter fifty eight in fact God asked the question there he says that as a people that we are devotional this is the first few verses he says that we see Jim Daly is a nation that had not forsaken the ordinance of God we don't like to know his place and then we say why is it that when were practicing religion the best we know how our self-denial why is it weight fast as it were that you don't give us that spiritual revival were looking for and God says you didn't know what I was looking for what I was looking for the service not Michigan where not start overland looking for his service of needy people the words of God 's plan that divine economy doesn't that I ran got serves me the divine economies like this I serve you and he serves me I hope you and he blesses me is when I go out of my way to help in figuring out verses six through nine here in that chapter is when I go out of my way to help needy people that he goes out of his way to help me with you promise to do Isaiah fifty eight wife's amazing promises he says I will guide you continually he says your health will spring forth speedily he says that light will shine in the insecure areas of your life Jesus is the present process is suddenly another chapter that will delight yourself in the Lord you are showing inheritance as promised and Jacob but I think you are the best type of promises but you have to meet the conditions the conditions are in verses six through nine and also in verses twelve thirteen what are the conditions one is that when you see a hungry person you feed him when you see a negative person you give him food when you see a Castel person that you end up taking him and but unfortunately perhaps for you when you live in a world in a nation that has a strong welfare system so that I hear people who are naked it's probably not because they're too poor right but don't despair you can still claim the promises of Isaiah fifty eight because there are some other things you can do access to let the rest go free range every hill to list those that are discouraged on the speak now and are more simple way of talking you know someone who has an addiction help him with it you know someone who's the draft helped her with it and let me tell you right here how well her system there are plenty of deep rest and addicted people so that Americans have access to Isaiah fifty eight and you need that first here in America because when Jesus comes back in these mindless sheep and the goats instilled in me the same rate as Matthew twenty five it's those that were allowing the love of God to appear as much as you've done and one of the least of these my brother he done it unto me well if you cannot find a hungry or Nader Castel person you'd better start looking for a struggling discouraged or oppressed person I think you can find one of those do you think you can find results when you apply the gospel remedies and then the goddess made available to you as much as you and one of the least of these my brethren you done it unto me you let the love of God go through you the love of God goes through you and the love of God is through you when it shows you know what it does to people who are foolishness even serving various lusts and pleasures and changes them and what it does for you is a mix available to you those beautiful promises and then your luck can be growing growing at a time when others people 's log is shrinking so what a disaster it would be to be done in five minutes I promise but what a disaster it would be it is not menaced we were critical sensors and condemning but we weren't visiting our neighbors and helping them with their real needs I'm thinking of Christian service page a hundred fifteen about paraphrasing sentences in your neighbors and find a friendly way those who will not do this who will manifest indifference to some shown will soon lose their first love and drove critical condemning such rest of their fellow brother that's dangerous because he was love endures under that and the same shall be saved but don't think I didn't give you warning he is the one who told us that we ought to be serving others is the way you afflict your soul today you denying yourself the benefit of someone else you put yourself out because someone else needs and when you do that that is the love that is like God 's love this is an audience full of atheist shown on the screen of video with proper sentimental music and starving children and a low voice narrator who knew how to use the pathos of his voice any of you would rise out of sympathy for the starving children you would care about them that's sentimental love is never the kind of love the distinguishes Christians from non-Christians atheists happen to Jesus had given the Republicans love them that love him I said it will be understood as trying to say God 's love is the kind that goes after those for serving the various lusts and pleasures once more hurtful and hurt and might even have notwithstanding you is the longest kind to those that that won't be kind in return is the kind of love and most assuredly pray for those who want to kill him it's that kind of love is the assent of the mentality that puts distance between you and the offenders and begins to kind of surround yourself think about their their sinfulness because in that case your love grows cold and it's a disaster I don't say the same thing over and over and I think that we need to hear the same thing over and over again when Jesus comes to legacy of the last a church and he speaks to us as a people as a whole he says that were naked it's because we don't have the righteousness of Jesus to all classes that have this problem not just one class were all naked the remote versus the gold that gold is love and faith combined for sixty serving others in your own expense that renews what's lacking when human losing in your life when we do the Isaiah fifty eight experience we are buying the gold of revelation were letting Jesus into our life and if we do people come in and eat with us and meet with him we will find ourselves to be over comers will sit down with him on his throne that's what I want for you and for me our father in heaven please spare us from the growing lack of affection that exist today find a way to show us how we also were foolish and deceived and serve in various lusts and pleasures if there are some here that still are serving various lusts and pleasures would you please show to them your love and allowed to appear nice thank you for the skin is more than the name of Jesus and this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe there was more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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