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1. Lessons from the Alpha

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • June 19, 2014
    9:45 AM
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hello yes your presence on this campground for all that's done especially just now in this one room for it you will guide and direct our thoughts my words help us to them away with something of value practical value for your consecrated Jesus okay since after just a little bit of an overview because there are six sessions which is unusually large number for breakout sessions usually for something for the family of six as nice but it's human nature is human agent I know you'll probably want to know if this half of what he's trying to say what they happen so you can make investors as a woman talking about you could then you can basically lumping under the general topic of the emerging church is one title is put on things mysticism of the Omega of apostasy the Alpha and the Omega processing pantheism pantheism also the title of this one is for the strokes of genius on those who are administering this canvas that is they have more means and a switch names about every six months so now everything started off as the emerging church and begin emerging church is simply emergent and I think that means that we gone by now anyhow if you are really on the running in circles and I don't use anymore so I wasn't calling you that the general drift we have six sessions and what I am not interested in is a simple rehashing and rehearsing this into the church and all of its members I think that possibly useful at times that very depressed and so I don't want to waste my time with that we will have one session with everything that focuses is going to the more recent history because if you're going to implement any sort of an effective response you understand what's going on so I think I be the fourth session for remembering to me if there's any one thing that I tried to bring to this discussion that some others may not perhaps it's a little bit more of a historical sense I can't start talking about the emergent church is going back first because that was the often and only a fool would take a test and get a C- and take the same test again without studying the text at why would I be so dumb and so my theory is if if we are in fact facing the Omega and I can guarantee you that I think it's a distinct possibility in the position to guarantee anything but I think it's a possibility selling out but if we are facing the Omega to do so without learned lessons from the office is playing dumb good so you our first one is called lessons from the help file so but even more than understanding the pass and the presence and realizing how fearful the situation is that it actually is within very dreary nasty situation probably more so than most of you have see e.g. she will find the right way to respond and as I said last night we responded to catalog hundred and ten years ago and we preserve the relative purity of our doctrine which was important but we lost the right arm of message and always says that when that happens it places the worst evil on the church and I don't really want to another century under the working so I'd like to get right so that's that the general drift the last one last shoe I think our how to respond to events that something I remember looking so let's jump in here then firstly start off with Phil as a young man interesting Guy hands down the most intriguing character evidence in the produced just if I wanted nothing didn't believe the state of the dead the way I do something if you know anything afternoon I'd like okay I is the most fascinating guy is always yell in a unique position semester the Lord and she's fascinating for all those reasons are just fine by matter of personality and involvement in one ethernet circuit this might don't know when this would've been probably he was yet saying waiting twenty eight a thing like that everyday if he's twenty eight years old that would put it in eighteen AED four years after he took over the management of the what was known as the Western health performance and immediately change the name to the Battle Creek attorney make the word up in the process and that's a scan way was he musical well so if you are a four twenty five male physician head of a medical institution in your thinking on your start getting married ha ha ha ha I is identified I know that if you are very well and am concerned out after Doctor Godhead picked up his second in the degree lungs are there we were in Florida he came back to Battle Creek and he noticed them in new Battle Creek family moved to she worked as a copy editor should start off the typesetter to review the answers a copy of which is that it's a something that some on the Baldur day got better that's shameless a good cook she was a musician she was an author poet she was attractive though ringlets were particularly well established in the she was gracious she was the wrong kind of young lady with a young gentleman might notice that was and he and that it was in the summer he went off to New York to do two more years of medical school at Bellevue medical Center New York City then premier institution the country the time had been together as there is the way these things work sometimes little cumbersome because it was another young man in town who have felt the same time and also noticed the same the only and at the end of that same summer he went off to California with his and so we have the young lady their marriage policy in Battle Creek and we have letters going back and forth from East Coast and West Coast of Michigan neither story was purely local battle we need to gossip type of the story possible totally impossible to authenticate so I don't know the stories the young man on the West Coast had an advantage over the young man he values it one of his friends working and that would be she really really cheap and I'd like to believe that the young man a West Coast and nothing about it if anything of the sort ever happened but in the course of events after some months of correspondence and appropriate behavior due consideration married healthy without California and after some further period of time was married and became Mrs. William Clarence White is in Willie White's wife and John Kellogg had grown up a number of years in the way home and Ensign Willie were almost like brothers to him they often left me on John Willie we never hear much Doctor Kellogg was uncle had been one of the basic assumption was that that place is losing you he didn't come in second place and so in process of time and the young ladies of Battle Creek she was a cook a poet and musician and writer in the public as opposed and what else was I she was attractive and gracious she was everything to Mary Kelsey was the best and mean very rare for a woman needs me and intercourse process of time her name was a lot eaten she became Mrs. John Harvey Kellogg now that is particularly important with the exception of understanding why there may have been a little bit of a rift between Willie John and also understanding is one less point she was everything and more than married healthy but it was one thing she was not she was not seventy she was a lifelong sympathy that now to our ear that's unthinkable well bear in mind that even as late as the eighteen nineties who were actually high-level delegation meetings with conservative Baptist Adventists considering the merging of the two churches they were seen as being that far apart the merger never happen though because the bath to Sarah eventually they sat down and started thinking rationally about all this medicine obviously there's going to start hearing things like second coming speed of the sanctuary spare prophecy going on the Sabbath Windows 7 was at him but yeah I found it they've excited and have the anywhere near and so the merger ever happen but LA catalog without eating them she listened to very good friends don't like fun to know exactly how that relationship work out but unless now Mrs. allowed that will come that point later to tell their story one of the most important things in Kellogg's life is to understand the story things existing right here after the meeting at Minneapolis Doctor Kellogg was a converted man we only we could see the converting power of God working in his heart and life okay well the meeting in Minneapolis was Jones Wagner righteousness by faith line relations can harness all that stuff okay and calling out if I'm a freaking righteousness by faith community converted by now might do it Minneapolis I accept chemical to raise the question loses eighteen eighty eight Doctor Kellogg of the medical director the Battle Creek sanitarium for twelve years already and now was converted and everybody knew it and they could see it what was different I is not going to the bar on Friday night building did not stop the fighting life and Taliban fighting again it wasn't than seven p.m. but now he was converted what was the difference in the fastening of why I must first saw that Bob is finally different well make it real simple what was different was basically started being nice to people I noticed that's pretty high-tech and complicated okay but when did Ben and Austin Kellogg was a mover and shaker but that way and you can do things on a small basis for their being nice it had a different impact than you know if I certainly nice that we have anything to do with righteousness by faith that's an interesting question and I mean righteousness by faith in our I confessed my sins Jesus forgives me now I'm just as if I never said I thought justified news and it's a pretty simple thing well in some ways it is in some ways it's simple enough that it's real easy to get wrong to let I like this while the believer is justified because the merit of Christ is not free to work on righteousness phase as in the Santa Fe Dragon faith works by love and purifies the soul they lives and blossoms and bears a harvest of precious fruit where fate is good works up here a while and good works going to church on Saturday I think they weren't paying time and work in which it was felt at the second visited before appeared for the fatherless and widows are not neglected the negative close investigator said that for every people do and so that's what Kellogg and because he was converted everybody to our life and felt so among other projects which we don't have time to ruling detail he decided to start an orphanage in researching new there were between four and six hundred Seventh-day Adventist orphans in the United States that point that nobody was really getting some of them were in Catholic orphanages some of them were in County poorhouses some were being cared for by non- and its neighbors summers living on the street is right and so it went on like this and what you think by an orphanage that were used by the great Yankee was years one thing so the general conference exit fast emotions start an orphanage Doctor Kellogg you are so is also influence also make little committee raised the money and told the orphanage the staff of bringing configure simple project means a lot of work it's not rocket science in figure and so they spent a year trying to raise the money and the church church members really were interested the only folks that really noticed all the analysis and every week in review download starting our friendly venue donations marked our financial and the only group that really seem to notice it always Adventists out there or not maybe in some cases out there who were taking care of orphans okay they are finished pretty cool and so these little kids started coming in on the train with no shirt said Battle Creek or Tommy but after John had about thirty little kids and orphanage from and is really kind of Bergin because he was right this is something the church should be doing and they work they put him in a bad spot to begin the praise of Lord I I I need right now well it's very all the details but suffice it to say that a late evening when Mrs. Carol and Haskell and on ethics needed thirty thousand dollars with which he built this I don't think you can buy the Windows for thirty thousand dollars in any of that thing was from Mrs. Haskell came to me honestly Haskell home for orphaned children it was billed as a memorial to her husband he is as misguided lector fair chunk of change and she figured she is needed online something as a memorial to her husband was very cooperation actually they had overheard orphans but again there is one big mass picketing which was the standard approach in those days they actually had it carved up insight into what was either nine or ten or eleven or something individual homes and instead of having all the one -year-old Sierra College of -year-olds here in they would have these homes with an infant in a year and a half and a three -year-old and a five -year-old young and adult families in a fun the family showed the psychologist today with a much better way they resume with ICC international children's guess hopefully they will fail so okay that's good so I'm Doctor Joe I was doing other things as well he launched medical mission work I would put in a plug here for some books that I can't even tell you because I don't have a greatly handsome young campus office again this somehow get out of their supply eight a.m. I wrote a book called the so so amazing it probably tells the full story some kind of rehashing that my colleges of your arguments start but he was doing a lot of what would my classes humanitarian work medical mission of helping people like the stuff that Jesus did know what physically went around went about doing good I spend more time viewing the needed preaching that was that was Kellogg's inspiration to start the Christian help answer the visiting nurses Association he started his different things and all the stuff going N on White has a very supportive things to say about what he was doing Doctor Kellogg was the managing is the kind of work the whole of our churches are bound to do under common relation to God and what does it mean to be bound in marriage and an agreement to contracting very good news is a and found ideas it is one of the requirements the contract is ask yourselves looking for keeping oriented by the all the mergers are bound to do under the correlation they are to love God supremely had passed there is a word picture select the and they cannot prosper until they take hold of this work in the cities and highways and hedges then angels of God will cooperatively cumulus mentalities and religious system here I'm a more lifelike than a few not advanced beyond some people more than I said is I lean towards the left side but I'm raising a family this religious system a religious system will be inaugurated to relieve the necessities of suffering human beings were physical mental and moral brethren in America in place of questioning and criticizing Doctor Kellogg dignity is doing a class of work he is stopping at the moment notice what you said they were questioning anywhere criticizing because of the work he was doing this medical mission they don't think it's right down to being in place along that when you do you are not given service you'll be heart and soul engaged in doing the same kind of work which will be of far more account of the sight of God the wrestlemania flocking about great when they become religious forces of the United were not invited was standing on the funding of how she would save me think I have a pretty strong statement it out and the other was a consensus nineteen ninety seven was a particularly low point in our denomination 's history and eighty six ninety seven those are the years when you get the statements about who can now trust the general club Association is the voice of the ever had a significant window at the time the were not pointed out for those in Battle Creek was Linda Lee Battle Creek they weren't in places where there was nothing to represent such as the plan would have been made in many places plan says in churches or organizations or some representation of blood for God 's sake people what his people to take him those in Battle Creek should work for the ones who need their help Doctor Kellogg took up the work they did not do the storm of criticism shown to his work from the first is very adjustment menus work hard the lack of sympathy is that it has shown in his prepared the way for the work he has been doing in criticizing them what is now such no justification for any such work had pictures done in different localities were given by God and they follow the example left them by price there would now be centers all through America plan is established to make plans and will not be a great showing and car go alone the work would be multiplied many places with the full cooperation of the institutions established in one hundred and five dated a guy attention seeking ninety eight by this time targeting preloading up on it and put a date on it I'd say probably mid-to-late eighteen ninety six he just got fed up with its use they don't get it kindly around on the outdone myself all shall evangelize the world and say went on to Chicago and Eastern Chicago city Michigan by this time I would say he is a natural tendency toward pride was seriously coloring his functioning mental processes to build up the Chicago city Mission Viejo is not this the great Chicago city mission which I built Nebuchadnezzar think of it anomalous that you know this that's important thing remember is that how I was not writing everything that he did the ministry was not right and everything that they and you have to understand that if it didn't make sense of balance writing sometimes if you read a letter written to Doctor Kellogg and speak very highly of the ministry that you read a letter to the ministers issue of the day before the day after Jesus Riemann and I don't because they're not doing this lets the other way around with him she like the Kellogg and she's exalting the Lord show me you are in danger you're doing the wrong things and again is that you write the ministers and x-rays confusing the past should be the subject of keen regret the Lord would now have the medical mission work recognized opinion that this will respect you have only one place when plants eliminate many places where you do not know of his work in the fact that our ministers are very slow to become out to farmers no sending all the lightless allures given up on the subject this is lose confidence in love with generous guy he hosted as he personally paid for the general conference he comes in a different years provided lodging at the sanitarian provided food in the cafeteria one year after this assumption the strength I remember I had I should double check and see if I think it is will focus spellchecker before I get and in the cafeteria the sanitary and the others line results and eat your food away off in one corner was little cubbyhole of the wall and ignore that the cubbyhole if you absolutely had to have me and me reading really just boiling mad regional conflicts meeting would break out all diminishes constraining out across that wherever of the fire was from point a to point B and cafeteria it does raise an skinny line entirely and illustrated anyone up for you second guess making furious this has caused a cappella their party work another form is created in the spirit criticism is born down unlimited unsparing manner in which the Lord does not think he has belittled the gospel ministry and is regarded idea displays the medical mission work above the ministry had seen it in the century diminishes remarks that make it not been the honor and glory of God fear you think that Kellogg was either said such an interesting but this time sensory referring to the end of his ministry as a collection of very mediocre he was he was so in line with my hero for a symbol of his life and most of his writing at least in certain air of his life in Yellowstone early in the morning when doing together to address the big glass water they go outside and out in front of his house she called the residence yet a large circular area pavement in a block down and get on his bicycle he would write furiously round and round in circles his exercise and in the middle that circle was a stenographer because he was dictating the book and how I did not need a copy I mean seriously it came out of his mouth and bring it was a block and in his books held together as well as anybody else's books very very bright guy very very driven he would he was he was determined to be good there are probably still today I don't probably feel left out but for years in the Battle Creek area a person could go into heaven physical and the doctor would take one look at it scar their abdomen saying that God is he can sell you a more smooth and any doctor neither recognized by Kellogg's incisions he set the world record for successful thoracic surgeries is not a fatality this is a time when they were averaging one out of every five died and he went hundred and twenty four of so you know if you put yourself in his position and he was clearly the most educated at best world okay I to write from Galilee O'Neill and Ann Arbor area now and do the place to hunt as well you can look at all these farmer kids with no formal education training and the ministers as wannabes and wrong and is not hard to understand if you're at all humanlike I could knows you refuse to thought of our specialist got us your result these influences of sometimes make it work leotards that should have been they led him to stand apart to some degree for ministry I desire to present matters as they are presented to me such as their addresses and phone planning is done the work same design should be done Doctor God 's been led to take the course is deemed it if you can get his duty to take he is not connected with those who were not in sympathy with the work e-mail can be of God you relate God give you a work and you know what it's there for you Charlie listens I tell you the whole church to be doing your doing and the ministers are fighting hard to write back to learn how to deal the worst casualties in this church are all people who basically went down because of here opposition Jones Wagner James light almost stopped now until we can learn to deal with even rank apostasy in the right way we will have problems who will be causing problems our people not alters and they should imagine that is working with values cooperative forms of health reform cannot reason guys affect understand how great it was a blessing the center and about Battle Creek management Doctor Kellogg and his faithful associates through this work which was asserting his message of energy where it would otherwise been very difficult in the finances but the perceptions of our people have been blinded nineteen hundred writing to the General conference president seeking the same Doctor Kelly from himself he is not heating the gas we should he is not satisfied the Lord is signified submission will does not exist alone in the slum mortgage that were thought to be the great important thing to be done is a very effective and expensive okay so come on and start to work in Chicago and only subordinate but he turned it into this great monstrosity was using was burning up bundles of cash and not really doing much advances in the process they take them it was very very good in the journalism was ready very bad God forbid the purposes Doctor Kellogg has in mind should be carried out our work is not to be a divided work what exactly was he wanting to do thank you well I don't know but I think this is related when blossoming as the medical mission workers are not united there is place our church is the worst evil that can be placed at grammarians part of speech is super what is worse than the worst half past ten worst dressed at that is it so funny because we've got a hundred years without really feeling like we have you and we went to the heyday of what we call the heyday of American vandalism with the worst evil in our churches we didn't even feel like it was a problem bugs me that I wonder about this at a top executive of the social without recommending like the Lord has sent you God warnings that you are not heeded them of the work you take up in Chicago law requires John let's required this at your hands yet established as an American your own ambitious creating as you want some fantasy providers give you another work to do you called this the second part of the enemy has led you to read the banner trailing vessel Doctor Kellogg has committed himself is working on denominational network which has taken the money for people who are decidedly denominational people I think if you do not sustain you in the kind of work you're doing and expanding adrenaline book on Islam 's there we obtain the least results for labor put forth if you only read these statements you would say we should never work in the fall semester my sister says they don't conform here is a place where she says yes of course Arsenal 's the people for all levels even over a lowest levels of society but is not all of our work for fellows he was was such a good fundraiser the problem if you would like vacuuming up all the available finance and burning down in Chicago forget the word is that he is fighting I can't imagine any different shine far different and was blamed for union handymen not of our faith and life to someone you love God but a free use of money with your standalone way that God is not appointed by never saying to engaging gathering means in doing what the Salvation Army and let them work in that line you attend to your appointed work this is another area where we take it and blow it out of context and overall flight bank statement is valid but it does not mean that anything the Salvation Army ever does we should never do that because you there are number things the Salvation Army did one of which is that time was to attract attention to their meetings and such things by the use of what they call the gospel way the gospel way the Salvation Army version turned out to be pretty much identical to the imitation version on handling for the well the wagon was just a big open wagon drawn to the streets the city without a band singer playing out on making as much racket is a good somebody walking in the streets passing out handle zero Lou come to the service of the solar semiconductor with the Internet sellers learn it was was many prepared cost almost at that time so much fun that they looking out I don't think they are as nearly Pentecostal everywhere that the things you can take it felt like you but what we doesn't think it was it don't work for poor people pretty much know and accept a mistake we do we should work for the poor and the lower middle class and the middle middle class in the upper-middle-class of the lower upper class in the middle upper class area around request we should work for everybody okay that's another form of God is not worth the effort now that General conference Board April nineteen oh three in General conference in a public meeting held life that God does not endorse the efforts put forth by different was to make the work of Doctor Kellogg was hard as possible in order to build themselves up God gave the land health reform of those rejected it got one another when they are sending out came from Doctor Kellogg and they made war upon him and a bad influence Doctor economic career change and Kelly's got not want him to stand in a position of warfare he does not want you stand we've got to learn how to respond properly to the process now here's what's the most amazing thing about this is that the new Susan a four year after the writing of the book living she's standing up General conference session and the whole sermon that wholesome whole section of the segment she's defending a big she is not defending his pantheism matter fact interestingly enough the word pantheism does not show up once in the general conference bulletin ninety oh three it was not the issue at in our interest now handily only that you have to understand until I had a good side to it that the baby do that so that was given I am the baby they don't slimline croquet attitudes of others or when illegal land will eventually either they have to do everyone else Jesus went off the guy 's ego is no the organism health yet understanding the influence of the Kellogg at end of value that he offered the church in order to appreciate the damage they did the church is not a flashback before my husband 's death to sell it writing course James died in eighteen eighty two so how far before I don't know but legislative simple and will just make it early eighteen eighty two I would make February eighteen eighteen eighty two assisted happen I pushed the wrong button of the format is that Doctor Kellogg came to my room to tell me that he had a great life he said no and told her what was it was similar to some of the views that he is presented in living Temple I said those theories are wrong I've met them before I've even when I first began to travel ministers and people were deceived by these sophistries they lead to making God a nonagency and Christ a non- entity review of these theories and invalid and I definitely think when the whole matter before Doctor Calvin showing what the outcome of receiving these theories would be he seemed to be getting I said never such theories are institutions do not represent the people and just a quick question how many of you are single and single is not married and this next lesson is for you where and how odd it is panties a room Herbert Lewis DD LL.D. editor of the Sabbath recorder professor of homiletics and church history and health University the seventh a Baptist university that Mrs. Kellogg got her degree from lifelong friend of the family frequent visitor Kellogg home Elizabeth and on Monday that he looked he now must headed quote unquote Christian pantheist but in all probability that's where Kellogg's pantheism primarily came from this account is located in the Stanford PS Edwards fascinating new everybody was anybody church and state worked for Cal worked for Butler worked with Alan White worked with everybody worked with Haskell he was at he wrote his memoirs and I crashed the system is fascinating in fact he tells us that one day a white bearded gentleman that would be like came into will my classroom without regard to the receipt of the class it was age Lewis D D LL D etc. there is adding records and papers of the Baptist after the last Atlas came over Johansson said you wanted to talk your class is not an unusual approach to scientific subject like physiology Doctor do not think they may be stretching the point in emphasizing the exact features of God being he is a spirit you talk up his hands as he eyes and ears just like you were a physical being God is present in acts he is everywhere in the trees flowers food we may not endanger getting too narrow a view of God after many thought I answered admitting for the time being what you said about God to me he has had both my ESC law cf. years he hears my prayers yet eyes he sees my significance in my weakness is strength my argument and gives me grace God is a person to me the discussion ended with my having learned where Doctor Kellogg George a field deputy press that investing got e.g. a way that some if not much of their panties Doctor Lewis was once Mrs. Kellogg's pastor and president of the university 's long unit was present with Professor in the Department where she got her degree his paper the Sabbath recorder was a steep event is McCain regulated a dog on George Stanfield 's book God 's love is as strongly pantheistic as living Temple he was closely tied within the baptism and dropped by the Seventh-day Adventists he became the pastors of the Baptist Church in a creek of which was a member now I have to expand their historical account will be here because the standard administration review letter read paints a picture that Doctor Kellogg was this heretical we can help because there is some truth pitch to see these names though so I wonder this guy was I personally was taught what pantheism by WW Prescott by Doctor Kellogg who were believed upon it and what was the target for repeated talks and studies by Mrs. R by Professor and Mrs. Prescott for several years before nineteen oh four never after that pantheism was not a perceived problem until the living Temple was was written in SPF Edwards Sanford PS Edwards and new be credited at the end of their section on there were people drinking pantheism I don't have it here it's in a book that will be a couple of months to sell you know so that they can so picture a larger scale Wagner said so many unfortunate things Prescott is really unfortunate thing family over every contract on a example of what to feel the thing likely biggest book some time that I would be to give them a living template never read reviews really do want to be like Harrison L Israel mind of knowing what they say without reading it but yes oh five I felt was not really important there processes on the else's okay that's good enough for me yeah here's what happened when Kellogg opened Century breakdown the project templates that we send chambered on February eighteen nineteen oh two license let's pretend that Kellogg top-down way that is pantheism of February eighteen eighteen EDT to twenty years before Kellogg had just finished writing living Temple he said hey school I got a book will get them publishing house to train for free I will get the MS all around the country this is for free and all my royalties on the faculty can squeeze available to rebuild that every country to victory again so zero conference committee thought about it and Kellogg submitted the manuscript and there was some discussion on the committee that they weren't entirely comfortable with the person well let's let's appoint a subcommittee that committees always made me never actually using Facebook and Twitter subcommittee Ms. Lincoln committee of four Kellogg again David Paulson W repressed missing you guys think is that elsewhere it's a good book became back with two reports the majority report hello again Olson said the wonderful book printed the minority report Prescott said I hope that such material never comes through an advance press this is a big step for Prescott because it gives me an error rule I maybe year may be heaving kitchen sinks exactly what woke him up I don't know that would be fun to know well this led to have a knockdown drag out on the general conference committee working through the summer of nineteen oh two but it was never the biggest issue the biggest issue was writing that summer is a catalog of Daniels both ended up in England California is pretty fresh and Sharon will harmless friend wanted by Kellogg said no calculate Holly St. John yeah I would never appeared off to take it anymore I hear and they argued about four hours men's restroom third story third story and some building and Daniel says that he got the Windows by jumping out the window and this was the perceived issue well the conference the conference committee finally decided it would not work I would've been probably guessing it will exactly maybe set him or October of nineteen oh two Kellogg chalk it up as one more stupid decision by Stephen ministers and he said okay and you will bring myself anyway the largest publishing house west of the Mississippi and they said happily one print the largest greenhouse less than this if you know here's what you hear will him and him to visit only in football review and analysis of the brain place were all made and they were sitting on the floor of the pressroom floor everything for the press everything aggressively you know where they were down on the night of December thirty nineteen oh two and I suppose the Republicans take New Year's Day off I don't know the celebrated technologies like that of the reviewer but it never happened because that was the night you help in nineteen oh four well okay that was the end of nineteen oh two site and register the history of this and I understand this doesn't make sense until you thinking wrong things with things and in some okay stand forty six we are solicited to break record fifty minutes in the okay until the long that some of the short that never okay so you have this whole thing went through make your video is a general composition in nineteen oh three not a word was said about panties better opposition to know what the defendant in the fall of nineteen oh three catalog and Paulson and how the crest to some degree and other physicians and some of the educators of the remedy were clearly on Kellogg's I like because good for them in the truth was General conference guys were not always being fair or nice detail and yet a lot of people were sympathetic because they knew and what he got a bully on the block bully takes care one came many pics on you next time for the things they were they weren't very happy with that nineteen oh three autumn Council session package part that's when only rights that iceberg vision banking heard that story hopefully probably okay as needed for the developmentally explainable quick plunder for other Rick Howard 's new book meetings is that copies are available for San Diego okay unless anyone subliminally him again and I were little okay that's when the happenings in the fall of nineteen oh three there was one last good decent chance to try and save Kellogg became always known as the Berrien Springs meeting of NATO for the exact dates very tense situation was held the variance brings the new school was writing manumission are in college elder Doctor Professor E was that blankets with Professor McGann 's wife died the day before the meeting to start large the industry had a nervous breakdown because of opposition from other and very tense meeting and in that meeting I would say probably unfortunately although it was amazing it was valued I don't in that meeting Prescott stood up and attack Kellogg on panties and that's when pantheism Ashley became the biggest had been the focal point is up until that time that's why he says Professor Mrs. Prescott are working on him on the back is in thing but never after nineteen oh four one negative five most like here is the connection Professor Prescott Doctor J Wagner Way London three years in the eighteen nineties I have good evidence that while they were well that welfare they weren't closely associate with us I'm a Baptist word old established body and what they looking at the US in nineteen hundred strongly indoctrinated with panties knowing of my teaching in the college along spiritual lines with business they making desperate attempts repeatedly to get me to fall their life by teaching from this you must gather that to my certain knowledge Doctor Kellogg was not alone in going astray on some doctrinal points he and some of his immediate associates were the only ones who got the blame and refuse to retain now you could look at this and you could say why Dave Sandy pantheism was a big issue though not saying that it was a huge issue it wasn't underrecognized each followed difference to me people just didn't see you there was a problem Senator hammering down and that's the living Temple was published in always react this to me it seems passing stranger beyond weird rain that fell more than long and the work of God cannot discern the character the teaching in living Temple in regard to go I thought the problems in living Temple would surely be discerned it would not be necessary for me to say nothing about that since the claim has been made of the teaching of this book can be sustained by statements from my writings I am compelled to speak in denial of this claim for this session seller too much overtime but by father we pray that you would be with us and guide our thoughts and our perceptions and understanding of things we want to be wise father we want to see those things which are blessings in those things which are weakness and this media was brought by audio Bruce the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about how the universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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