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Daniel 2: Part 2

Jimmy France


In 2010, our wonderful Heavenly Father nudged Jimmy France to leave his "secure large company" to do 3 things he loves: (1) Help people achieve Financial Freedom from a Biblical perspective; (2) explain the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in a Christ-centered fashion modeled around Christ's character and His Heavenly Sanctuary of Strength above; (3) help share miscellaneous truths in God's Word. So in 2010, he began FPB Seminars that helps people in those 3 areas where F = Financial Freedom, P = understand Bible Prophecy better, and B = understand the Bible better. Jimmy and his wife have 2 children, a daughter and a son, and live in Tennessee.



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thank you for joining us for the third and remaining part in part one of the nanotube presentation am sure that the first two presentations have perhaps generated questions that you might want further answers to I will have all the answers but I'd be glad to share with you further question answers you might find and I have two websites our website up on your screen is www. Bible chart .org you can also contact me with your questions at FPB seminars Gmail .com there you will also find where you can buy these charts we have a Spanish one in English one coming out in larger format and we had this very seminar in both English and Spanish that you will also be able to receive shortly on that website having said that let us continue with our focus on this focal point we've seen the last time the stone we noticed that every one of the use kingdoms here battle on native Persia Greece Rome Europe the kingdom of glory in the kingdom of grace have five components you can find this on your chart panel C and four the first component is a caning each one of these kingdoms have a king the kingdom of glory has Christ who serves others in a self-denying the second component is citizens the citizens of this phone kingdom are she'd like their shepherd the laws that govern this kingdom the royal law love God with all your heart love your neighbor as yourself every kingdom has a component of terms terms of citizenship in other words love God with all your heart love your neighbor as yourself they also have terms for territory and duration in this kingdom has the entire Earth forever that's the question of the can is her want to sleep with wondering what's can happen to his kingdom which is going to inherit the kingdom this earth and how long will it last his or someone else's God 's answer to him was the kingdom who is like rising character one pair of the earth and stand forever so what's interesting to notice is that these five components actually shift through the three phases that we will be seeing here shortly plus policy or an review the focus of Daniel two is God 's stone kingdom with five components Cain Christ citizens she laws that govern his kingdom the ten Commandments love God love man terms of citizenship love God love man and territory duration this earth forever now us turn our focus to the next part of this kingdom this kingdom comes in three phases again you will find this in your chart LLC and five the first phase we see here in Daniel chapter two verse thirty four by broken this down phase by phase is also a stone was cut out without hands slow damage broken to pieces no place found for those pieces then the stone filled the whole earth thus we have over here the stone first cut from the smelting phase one then it's lights all these kingdoms breaking the pieces of thousand years later concerning some ashes in this kingdom fills the earth this is what we see in this passage in the days of these games the God of heaven shall set up a kingdom not be destroyed notice that is not destroyed the kingdom not left other people but the kingdom shall break in pieces second coming consume all these kingdoms reduced to ashes in this kingdom shall stand forever right here the notice that the characteristics to the characteristics it will see in Daniel seven this kingdom not destroyed stand forever sometimes people ask well is this actually will we find throughout the rest of Scripture and the answer simply is yes psychologic here we have cut means pre- Advent judgment fund is in Daniel two versus thirty four forty four and forty five in the book of Revelation we find this for those who love the book Revelation fourteen seven says that hour his judgment is come in Matthew twenty two eleven through fourteen we also find the same idea of judgment the next phase is the slight phase the second coming nest and Daniel two thirty four forty four forty five those who like revelation will find the same event in fourteen fourteen through twenty the reason I picked this is because these two events the judgment is followed by the sun coming in we drop down a C in nineteen verses eleven through twenty one we pick up the idea of the second coming which is also mentioned in second Thessalonians two eight then we have a thousand years in the next event occurs the devil is there according to Revelation twenty versus one three six last supplement by Isaiah twenty four versus nineteen through twenty two then the consuming phase the punishment of the wicked is mentioned and thirty five and forty four a thing or two followed by Revelation twenty seven through fifteen in these verses here that shows that the roots and branches are reduced to ashes then we have the third and final phase of fill phase the newer Daniel two thirty four thirty five and forty four relation twenty one twenty two Isaiah sixty five seventeen and twenty five July versus minus zero this how could God fill the new earth until sin is reduced to ashes and according to Revelation twenty versus one through six this happens a thousand years after he comes and before that the preeminent judgment study these verses and you find that very fact borne out someone might ask the question but I thought I'd read a quotation in the spirit of prophecy specifically Ray controversy that seems to say that Christ's second coming establishes this kingdom of stone a second look at that in context ricotta three forty seven paragraph one the throne of glory represents the kingdom of glory were talking about this blue line here this came as referred to in the Savior 's words quote when the Son of Man shall come in his glory and all the holy angels with him then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory and before him shall be gathered all the nations Matthew twenty five thirty one and thirty two notices quotation this kingdom is yet future is not to be set up until the second coming of Christ so it appears that quotation alone that this stone kingdom actually does not occur until the second coming the less I collect at a companion quotation this is from the bottom amount of blessings one oh eight paragraph one the kingdom of God 's grace so here were seeing this red kingdom this kingdom of God 's grace is now being set up as day by day hearts that have been full of sin and rebellion yield to the sovereignty of his love but the notice that word for the full establishment of the kingdom of glory will not take place until the second coming of Christ we tie these two quotations together saying I am taking any person on this planet who wishes to every son of thunder transform them by grace so that when we go to the preeminent judgment that we will see this in this presentation that setting up process happens first and then the stone kingdom continues us take a look then at pause and our cause and summarize slide were noticing at the focus of Daniel to is the stone kingdom that God has in five components three phases focal point three phases cut pre- Advent judgment slide second coming a thousand years later consume third phase Bill Mueller now let's take a look at this two part expression the expression the kingdom of God is actually taking in consideration both parts the kingdom of God is in the kingdom of grace first in the kingdom of glory second the verses in the mileage they can the kingdom of God that exacts expression are found in places like Luke chapter seventeen versus twenty twenty one where he says the kingdom of God exact expression is within you in other words he begins the work of transformation here in this red line in your heart then when that is seen in the books that were going to look at little bit later in the part the most holy place he identifies who looks like human character to parse the cycling of us God 's kingdom comes in two parts when he created the world he created us in his image meaning some incident living for others happiness submitted to his will when we fell gone could this written us off but instead because God allowed he set up this first part of this kingdom or workshop of grace that starts when we first needed of the fall into the second coming when we no longer need not sustaining grace that symbol of that first part is that mountain then we moved into the green on this line is the kingdom of glory in three phases cut judgment slight second coming all were notice these deportations as well right conversely three forty seven paragraph as the King is used in the Bible the expression of the kingdom of God is employed to designate both the kingdom of grace and the kingdom of glory the kingdom of grace the red band the kingdom of glory the blue band does this next quotation this is fascinating Bible and the spirit of prophecy are in total harmony desire mages to thirty four paragraph four as the message of Christ's first advent announced the kingdom of grace a red arrow so the message of his second Advent announces the kingdom of his glory our blue arrow and the second message like the first is based on prophecies is interesting when we take a look at this red arrow we see a little similar here for the cross there were prophecies about this first advent the nature of his birth Virgin birth the place of his birth in Bethlehem his crucifixion all these things pointed to the first advent of this redline the kingdom of grace but also this kingdom of glory also has prophecies Honorable all will see him etc. the one point that is sometimes medicine I had not seen until several years ago is that just like the second coming being visible is a prophecy of the Second Amendment also this cutting process is going to focus on character which we're moving towards the one were thinking of glory must put ourselves back into the mindset of the disciples when they thought glory they thought the older power etc. was natural with a self-centered focus of no fooling but when Moses asked God to show me your glory did God show Moses his big bank account went as a guide did in second Chronicles twenty no God showed Moses his character that allows them to have the quote gold part we typically associate with glory take a look at this in Exodus thirty four sixty seven when Moses asked show me your glory he says in the next chapter here the Lord the past before Moses showed him what not riches but Mercy gracious long-suffering and a character characteristics so when God speaks of glory is not talking about this gold glitter he's talking about characters of Moses when he asked for God 's glory God showed him character of others in this self-denial Bethany is looking at another passage Micah six eight he that showed me he has shown the own and what is good that the Lord require of you the justly a characteristic love mercy character quality walk only with your God again Haggai two seven three nine I will shake all nations the desire B of all nations shall come the glory of this post captivity house will be once more glorify lower foal that glorified then Solomon sister weeping about shown here because the glory the character of Christ is going to be there so are seeing the selfless stone is showing us in this thing up to material that there's a comparison between two images totally opposite kingdoms the kingdoms of this world are founded upon the principles of selfishness the kingdom of God is founded upon the image and principles of selflessness him for saying then is nailed to the class and contrast between two images into kingdoms selfishness meaning it those there the king in their citizens use others for their own good and the Wright controversy Satan is a prime example and Daniel to Marriott when Daniel came in with an message was beside all Daniel has found us know when he talked to Nebuchadnezzar he said I have found I have found someone who can interpret he was taking that the opportunity to aggrandize himself if we look at Daniel Chapter three we see this gold image that all bowing on pain of death this is a symbol of selfishness cell phone dilatation reservation worship will and justification but the other contrasting characteristic is selflessness that gives itself of this good benefit in the right controversy Christ intended to Daniel think of when he was given the opportunity to aggrandize himself he simply said is there not a God in heaven he J gave the credit to whom it was due again we notice the King of glory down here in the red and Luke twelve versus thirty five through thirty seven is says blessed are those servants whom the Lord Christ when he comes up shall find watching verily I sent to you that he Christ shall gird himself and serve the servants that's an awesome picture he serves as here at the Lord 's supper and then the new earth he continues to do what he's always done he doesn't say Peter John tired after six thousand years of working for humanity also down you certainly know he continues in our honeymoon in the hope the night at the young millennium to actually say I will continue this work of serving others the essays click on patient's welfare ministry fifty nine paragraph three not for himself but for others did he labor he was a servant of all same welfare Ministry one sixteen paragraph two not a threat of selfishness was woven into the pattern he is left for his children to follow this a picture that Mrs. Weiss says looks the most like what she resents he or she remembers seeing Christ looking like and I reminds me of Isaiah fifty three two he has no former comeliness that we should desire him it's fascinating that the God of heaven who has all the power to make himself what he comes to the earth the most beautiful person but everybody just wrong to externally in what that so he chose a form that if it looks like this is not ugly snarling that appealing and so people they saw him they must be drawn to his glory that is his character at this point to notice down here again in Matthew ten forty two through fifty two he is the servant of all that's what he's doing here the Lord supper this was doing back here in promise to even up the fall so we again have the clash of contrast between two characters to images to kingdoms not selfless kingdom denying self for the benefit of others or Satan 's kingdom and exalts preserves worships self has self will have self-justification prison life at this one Prince of darkness has this one notice the different methods of warfare God uses truth in love Satan uses force threats flattery and deceit whisking them you desire to be a citizen of what ruler you wish to be under the Lordship of source pause again and think about what we just saw the same were saying that God invites everyone to be citizens of this red kingdom of grace to take a son of thunder with serious defects transforming back into Gaza script draws likeness and then be in his heaven above at this point I was to transition to negative seven Daniel eight and Luke nineteen and we will spend the bulk of the rest of this evening talking about these reports this rather fascinating if we take a look we notice on our board that Daniel two is the foundation for the entire chart Daniel two has the head of gold which is the kingdom silver brass iron and ironing of Clay a stone in the mountain each one of these is a kingdom for noticing is that Daniel seven comes long as more detail so notice what happens in Daniel chapter seven we have a lot in adding more detailed of the kingdom about all then we have the second symbol we have a bear at a more detailed to the kingdom of Medo Persia next we have the symbol of a leopard adding more detailed to the third kingdom of regionalist cause hearing grasp what were seeing what this is saying is that God under it for day at David for Daniel is showing that this kingdom is going to have two features worth adding to in Daniel chapter seven the wings indicate how rapid this one is going to conquer versus the other kingdoms and eventually in the life of the thirteen that kingdom will not live the point is every one of these symbols as more detail this is a pattern watch this and then have the fourth symbol in Daniel chapter seven adding its detail to the fourth kingdom of iron this is called the fourth kingdom and I know seven verse twenty three this was called forth these are connected emphasis forth third first second first and watch this we then see the next symbol right here this one is the fifth symbol and Daniel J waiting for its additional detail in Daniel seven and this is what we say we see a little more coming up out of this fifth symbol now the focal point there were one of the notice is right here this is how we begin to see how they know to the plan of redemption tied inextricably inextricably together if we notice we are seeing each one of these symbols receiving detail from these others here know from the bear of the line silver or more detail from the bear brass more detail from the leopard of iron the detail from the Dragon this fee imposed from the salon or so the question is which is the next symbol in Daniel seven is waiting for us again up to this waiting for its accounting detail in seven the answer is the stone what's the next event shown after Daniel seven eight but the soul born right here in Daniel chapter seven verses nine and ten you see this just as this kingdoms for wings and four heads as more detailed this this preeminent judgment as detail to the stone upon from the stone comes in three phases is cut its lights consumes and fails so which of these three does this add detail to the stone was take a lot if we look at Daniel chapter seven verse fourteen we see at the conclusion of the work of the investigative judgment to her three actually characteristics of this kingdom it says that God gives to his son I came down that is everlasting doesn't pass away it is not destroyed bashes sound familiar to being a chapter to stone because if you'll notice indented Sievers forty five to those are used again to stone is not destroyed the stone is forever notice Daniel seven fourteen is forever into two forty four forever Dennis seven fourteen not destroyed in a two forty four not destroyed this can come is being represented here so when you look at the reporters questions where question is being answered here where does God the father with his son cut this kingdom of glory from listing in the race answer here to notice this this is what's awesome as well in my own mind we actually need to take a look at the titles of God the father and God the son what we see is of interest him angle seven versus nine ten and then thirteen is called the ancient of days here Christ is referred to as the son of man were seeing as if we don't rush past the rich detail in this pre- Advent judgment in which he is reviewing the lives of every subject in a red arrow this mountain we see that the titles themselves actually tell us that God loves you need here how so I done a study of the names and titles of the father and the son and Holy Spirit throughout the Bible and from my own study I have found that God has given up three hundred and ninety five titles in his name of his name throughout the Bible and for God the son four hundred and seventy six the point is this since Daniel has such a rich number of his titles to choose from why did he choose the ancient of days for the father why did he choose the ancient of of Son of Man for Christ opened paws here will notice a real need item if you will take your Bible when you're watching this DVD I would invite you to look at at least two passages I was asking God why did you use this woman this is the answer the game to me when it comes to Psalm ninety verses one and two we actually see that God is from everlasting to everlasting and relative to knowledge first annual chapter two verse three is called out of knowledge he knows everything about everything about everything except one thing according to James chapter one verse there saying he doesn't know experientially what it's like to be tempted so when my name comes up in the preeminent judgment is his character was as he's accused namely salvation he would take up my book say this is gently yes I say send them here but I would never have given to any reservations about how strong the temptation or the circumstances I wouldn't vision for a look at them but this right here tells us that because he is a God of love and what all his knowledge he doesn't know what it's like to be tempted he then says in John five twenty two because he loves me and he doesn't notice like to be tempted he passes my name and my book to one like the Son of Man that's awesome his title tells me that in the big holy place a most holy place I have nothing to fear for my John three sixteen God he hasn't stopped loving me in the postal employees any less than he loves me in the courtyard symbolized by the altar of burnt offering symbolizing Calvary and that process there is one of the Son of Man if we look at the four hundred and seventy six titles that I have found we can ask there's Shepherd there's rock there any number of names that he could used and yet when he used Son of Man in Matthew chapter sixteen verse there are thirteen Christ asked them whom do others say I the Son of Man 's and he identifies himself Son of Man so again the issue here in his title not the shepherd not the rock when the Son of Man in the context of the preeminent Jesuit their titles tell me that they are still loving the John three sixteen when reviewing the titles say so when he who is one who's been tended in all points like as we are yet without sin I can trust my verdict in their hands my these titles is in safe hands they are the ones answering the reporters questions of who who is doing this cutting would say that love me where are they doing this in the context of the pre- Advent judgment and we can look at more than a chapter seven but I'm going to switch to a slide another slide here but I like this take a look at since we are not afraid of the father and the son at Calvary when they began their work of atonement together in our behalf John three sixteen why should we be afraid of the father or the son and the most holy place as they work together to conclude their work of the atonement in our behalf now as we read John three sixteen most entitles John three sixteen says and were putting these titles in the ancient of days so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son one like under the Son of Man that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life that is absolutely awesome let's return to that previous slide let's take a look at Daniel chapter eight this is also equally important and encouraging we resume our prophetic suite again noticing what the Spirit of prophecy says in testimony solicitors one fourteen when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with the character that all must and can develop in order to receive the blood the reward of the pure in heart him so we know to Daniel chapter eight in our anticipating not just more details and dates were looking at how this new item not only gives contributions to this but most specifically the character formation it will be inspected and can pass watch this model is not mentioned the RAM is mentioned which is more detailed mayor to the kingdom of Medo Persia and we have arranged an not granting it is symbolized Hugo is symbolizing riding detail to Leopard to this third kingdom of Greece then the next item we see is a little horn which symbolizes Rome so here we have seconds third fourth being added to mentally have a fifth one being added to write here and you'll notice that it's interesting if you read Daniel chapter eight he is attacking what he's attacking the sanctuary that I am more and more now referring to the heavenly signs were striped we get that sanctuary of strength terminology from the Daniel chapter eleven verse thirty one specifically the King James version why was the devil want to bother with the sanctuary because he knows that in the courtyard any person were to stay use the sons of thunder James and John any person in on our committee pardon and the signs were strength in the courtyard they can then mean how their room their character read Time struct in in the most holy place of the etching the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary of strength and then they will be inspected and if built according to the pattern Jesus Christ they will pass inspection of the ancient days the father and the son here as they are cutting this stone amount of the stone kingdom of glory from the stone and rice that's why he is attacking this but the point is notice that we have here this symbol adding detail here this one here this one here in this one here so what is the next symbol that is being this waiting for his additional detail eight right here let's pause here and think about what were seeing this says in Daniel eight fourteen under two thousand three hundred days then shall the site shortly cleansed this black line represents the most solid place in the heavenly sanctuary strength and begins eighteen forty four includes closer probation what is interesting is cloned Daniel eight fourteen the cleansing of the sanctuary that is Leviticus sixteen day of atonement language but notice here before going back to the reporter 's question where is God having this stone kingdom of glory from the mountain kingdom of grace he's doing so according Daniel seven on judgment with the ancient days and the Son of Man and if they paid more specifically in the most holy place because the closing of the sites were does not happen in the courtyard it doesn't happen in the holy place it happens mostly place so this brings up three most always number one there is a most holy location there is a most holy law and there is a most holy day was positive think about this for a moment which of the kingdoms in these symbols Bible amid Persia Greece Rome and Europe bothered to go into the most holy precincts of their God 's temple in front of their knowledge most holy law on their gods most holy day to set up the kingdom not one only the God of heaven bothers to go into this holy precinct to set up his kingdom lets out a note about another dimension to this since only the holy go into this most holy place and this is the place he is setting up his kingdom that will last forever not pass away not be destroyed in the context of judgments what kind of the kingdom is he setting up a holy nation that is Old Testament that is New Testament for the Old Testament references we have Exodus chapter nineteen verse six holy nation first Peter two verse nine holy nation meeting more specifically looking like Christ and more specifically living for others in submitting God Mrs. Weber created for fellowship we fell from that we became self-centered rebellious we lost this has a plan in his heavenly sanctuary of strength are you and re-create in a other silliness submission to God he then inspects this over here in the preeminent judgment in the most holy place and those persons who have cooperated with God will pass the inspection is to give tremendous encouragement to every person now I wanted there is transition to our last section and I really really enjoy the section though again the way it highlights the character of God this will answer several questions and incidentally if you wanted more detail on this you can go on your chart panel C go to the bottom and you will see in summary the various things were talking about Daniel seven here eight here Luke nineteen which were going to look at now and I'll ask the questions of who when where why the reporters questions no watch this is as fast if we take a look at Daniel J Luke chapter nineteen in verse twelve we noticed this pattern we see that Christ says of himself there was a certain nobleman referring to himself he went to a far country meaning Heaven to receive a kingdom and to return if those who criticize the pre- Advent judgment here understood that sequence here went receive a kingdom and return it would have nothing to say against us it's that simple watch this let's ask several questions as we are bringing this to conclusion toward character Christ likeness let's think about this him us the following questions number one when according to Christ's own testimony did he go to receive his kingdom he went at his ascension you can find out and ask chapter one verse eleven when does he receive this kingdom he receives it after he went eighty thirty one and before he returns next question where does our heavenly save your know if we look at acts one eleven he went to heaven he went to God 's right hand Mark sixteen verse nineteen you want to the throne of grace not Hebrews four sixteen he went to the heavenly sanctuary Hebrews eight one and two Daniel eleven thirty one King James version relations eleven nine relation fifteen five relations sixteen seventeen he went into the holy place here to reconstruct our character and then move into the most holy place seen here in Daniel eight the cleansing the sanctuary preeminent judgments than a seven or Daniel foundational chapter the stone cut on the mountain only talking about the same thing underscoring the issue of inspection this is the farthest this rather interesting as well what does our heavenly save your go to heaven as he goes it leases for things he goes to heaven as our mediator that's Hebrews nine fifteen egos of their intercessor Hebrews seven five videos is our King of Grace Hebrews four sixteen for the King of Grace was sit on the throne of grace mentioned in verse but also particularly of interest is the builder of the new Temple Zechariah chapter six thirteen talks about Christ as being a builder of a temple and this is what's fascinating will go back to this in a moment in Zechariah chapter six verse twelve and thirteen of says begun to him saying this book says the Lord of post saying behold the man whose name is a branch talking about Christ he shall grow up out of this place he shall build the temple of the Lord he shall build the temple of the Lord and leisure but the glory referring to Christ sit upon the throne as priest as king so we see here Christ is bit is seen going to heaven into the sanctuary of strength to do what to pardon whoever wishes to come reconstruct their character inspected and no BIOS like us to consider a come back to this in the moment but I want us to consider a few of the points and will come back to this portion here think of this he will Christ want to heaven according to this parable where to the most holy place first a holy place first the most holy place he went to receive which kingdom Lynch made the disciples were not looking for a Messiah who would suffer and die they were looking for or a temporal kingdom in fact they could not tolerate the thought of their suffering servant Messiah so when he's going to receive a chained down he's not the site was not wanting this kingdom where had the Messiah is one who gives his life billing for the kingdom of glory they were grateful that they had to have a change of character but the point is you want to receive the kingdom of glory and the return in Daniel seven verse fourteen he actually receives that kingdom and that kingdom is the same as a stone so we know very clearly that the kingdom he's going to receive is the stone kingdom but there also we see that the father is the one giving God the son his kingdom Daniel seven fourteen he receives it in heaven at the conclusion of the closing probation if you want to spare prosit quotation from that you can look at the right controversy for eighty paragraphs zero she says that he receives this kingdom quoting Daniel seven fourteen at the conclusion of the enclosed probation right here on a return back to this page here and also think about this as were wrapping the south the second angle to section before move into the next section the plan of redemption Zechariah chapter six verse twelve and thirteen mentions that the Messiah is going to build a temple but if we think about this there are six temples in the Bible first one is Moses Christ didn't know that when the Israelites to sin this dismantled the second one is Solomon 's Temple that was not built by Christ it was built by Solomons by the Israelites in Solomon 's day that was destroyed the one that exiles created a record or build that's not the one he he built the father set up a sanctuary so as not talking about this one in the sixth one is the father and the son according to Revelation twenty one twenty two so that they are the temple so the only other temple that Stephen Messiah as a mediator or as an intercessor as a King of Grace as a builder would build his people and that's what Paul is talking about in first Corinthians three verse sixteen he saying you are the temple of God do you not see in one of us as a stone the Paul or Peter mentions these to be pardoned then reconstructed then inspected and then we are part of this kingdom the Phils alert us not Nebuchadnezzar 's not many Persians not race not Rome not Europe but people once again and Christ's image again the character of Christ seems that stands forward for another quotations are like us to think about this one is from from the heart this is the two thousand eleven with you don't want emotional here she says on page eighty six paragraph one the Christ came to the world to be a reconstructor of character authorities reconstructing our character back into his likeness in processing kings base thirty six paragraph one Mrs. White is ascribing absolute beauty of the kingdom on the young the Temple Solomon 's Temple and she goes by saying this she says is garnished with precious stones surrounded by spacious courts with magnificent approaches in line with carved cedar and burnished gold the temple structure shoes on but the physical structure with his broad hangings and rich furnishings notice this was a fit emblem of the living Church of God on earth which through the ages here we have this red line here the kingdom of grace through the ages has been building after the divine pattern which the materials have been likened to gold precious over stones polished up the similitude of a palace of the spiritual Temple price of the chief cornerstone and him all the building fitly framed together rose unto the holy temple in the Lord Ephesians two twenty and twenty one he is taking any person who wish as a result under and polishes then building them towards his likeness is doing rather than his last quotation that I wanted to take a look at and missed this part is this one this is from a trip releases volume three page nineteen paragraph three she says angels and archangels mess interesting she sang there more than one archangel there's there's more wonder at the great plan of redemption they admire and love the father and the son as they behold the mercy and love of God there is no feeling of jealousy as this new temple renewed in the image of Christ is presented in this loveliness to stand around the throne of God here she's clearly referring to the Temple that God is interested in is not metals it's not precious stones he saw he got people that he created in the beginning like himself living for others submit to God for face-to-face communion we fell from that we became self-centered rebellious and loss this he said I have a plan to which I can pardon you and my heavenly sites where strength reconstruct you into selfless other centered cemented people so that in the new words you can live face-to-face with me that's the focus of Daniel chapter two not just a list of metals and their respective dates so as we wrap this up I like to take us to our last slide in this presentation and bring this in for landing before we launch into the plan of redemption for how the actual character of Christ can be reproduced in us think of this quote we have here vacation page one fifty four paragraph three quote unselfishness the principle of God 's kingdom is the principle that Satan hates is very existence he denies from the beginning of the great controversy he has endeavored to prove God 's principle of action to be selfish and he deals in the same way with all who serve him not notice the part in red to disapprove of Satan 's claim is the work of Christ and all who bear his name if we look at Revelation twelve twelve verse eleven I have that as one should be Revelation twelve eleven we see the same thing and they overcame him the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony Christ and his followers just like it says here have the privilege of number one disproving the devil 's claim was an old flame is not possible have the character of Christ and every person throughout time who accepts Christ is showing in this red line the thief on the cross below made with name and sons of thunder they are showing Joe concluded that it is possible to be pardoned by our mediator or the reconstructed in his image and every time they gods people including Christ do self less acts they are disproving the devil 's claims in the broader sense of the controversy and giving to God the ability in the pre- Advent judgment when his name is on trial for written notice in Revelation fourteen verse seven is says Bauer of God 's judgment is come his character is on trial that when all the universe says bird is in God 's selfless character he is possible God 's character is the only one safe to be in the says the eye the sovereigns are this is on the throne of the universe and the citizens then they say all look at all these people Joe you me etc. each one of us has the privilege of disproving the devil so that our king of this mountain kingdom and then destroy this kingdom glasses of my having the character of Christ it is possible for each one of us to the two zero actually hasten this list soon coming of Christ so in conclusion what I like to do for each one of us is to repeat the quotation and then think of this transition that is this we started with the understanding that the contest was ministers one fourteen when the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood believers will have an entirely different religious experience they will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with the character that all modest meaning all can develop to be the recipients of their more the pure in heart so my challenge each one of us is this lets each one ask God show me a more beautiful revelation of your characters of them by that I cannot would be like you I can draw the people to you but help destroy the devil in his attempts in this red controversy to discredit God this is my prayer for each one of you and my God 's grace let's meet on the other shore and in the next section will look at the plan of redemption to see how it can have a character of less this media was brought by osteoporosis God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe will you like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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