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Bible Study On Daniel 11

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • August 4, 2007
    3:00 PM
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him are going to take a look at Daniel Chapter 11 which is sort of the interesting topics then we don't have time to go through all the details that Willie Wilson the height so when we go ahead and start with one of her discern his father Newman thank you for this Sabbath day that we can come together and study the Bible and present you with the weather says we dig deeper into the word of God may we learn some things that will be helpful to us as we prepared for the last days of prisons is services that my enemy and Bible study the second officer that and just out of curiosity how many of you studied in chapter eleven Kagan actually several hands more than one thousand and Daniel eleven this probably the most detailed chapter in the book of Daniel probably the least understood and in the church today must amend a growing up I think most of my classmates knew the basics of Daniel Sivan son of Daniel seven A may be the seventy weeks of Daniel nine you get how stands after nine months sadness that I don't know very much about six actually Daniel subject twelve is perhaps one of the most important person in the were going to take a look at that now as you know Daniel follows this pattern of repeated marginalization of seed Daniel seven Daniel a and in Daniel ten through twelve not Daniel Sandra Colvin is basically you can set Daniel one chapter he wants the same prophecy it's him to Daniel Schiavone was the earliest chronological appointment of the human you have Daniel sending the next processes and annually and finally found in ten to twelve service just for the reef reason views as adding a few in seven free will that I point out that in Daniel chapter eighty and for those of you who are coming in we do have handouts on since there are handouts for this Daniel chapter a interestingly enough starts with the kingdom of Meetup you have the RAM in the heater and nowadays although very clearly to the RAM in the heater area of the RAM in verse twenty being with a few horns being the king of media and Persia first twenty one the rest care being the King of creation of course Daniel chapter eight tells us about the this roster thing broken up and you have four notable horns coming out of this care in the matter that we see the little air in which succeeds the four horns of the King reason why my hypothesis Daniel chapter eighty follows the same sequence of kingdoms as panels chapter ten to twelve after a aegis of the kingdom of need he start licking the media and Persia the kingdom of Babylon is still in danger the same thing happens and then chapter ten three twelve and if you remember from your study about prophecy the reason why that one skipped in Daniel chapter eight even about one's own existence of that time is that the prophecy the twenty three hundred days just looking to meet a purchaser wants to focus in on that kingdom to understand the start of that prophecy him you're dying to see in Daniel chapter eight as well as in Daniel chapter chapter twelve is the sequence of meet of Persia than Greece and Hagan round table room and part of the description helping us understand the sequence of events is a hosts given against the daily by reason of transgression a single structure a response on the see the very same concept in Daniel chapter eleven verse thirty one horses arms shall stand on is further supported the centuries and shall take away the daily initial place the abomination that was since you have been here in Daniel chapter eight you have the RAM then you have the heater and ourselves assessing the media and Persia Greece then you have the little horn cursing pagans and people around and you have the day leaving taken when you have this army standing up on the part of people around us dancer chapter is pretty easy to understand the sequence of kingdom and we can be a whole study on some of the topic citizens Martha daily the abomination of desolation and all those sorts of things there is one thing that Stevens point out is understanding that the same sequence in each of these chapters in the same entities are described in very similar ways you have need of hers of injuries and pagan paper in the daily you have a transgression of desolation in the sanctuary being trodden underfoot that's mentioned in Daniel chapter eight is mentioned in Daniel chapter eleven after a we don't get a lot of detail about the kings of media and Persia are the kingdom of Greece were just told that the that the RAM is the meet is the king of the media and Persia with the sheer quantity of the two kingdoms many have the rest inquiries for the notable horn was broken you have the four ones coming out on just you keep your author who were the four there were what with the four notable horns is a notable morning with the four that come out in the kingdom of Greece but has served as prisoners of the no horn historically as Alexander the great recent figure out many have before you think I'm out of the office for generals and I have it appear on the board you have Lysimachus DeSantis installing those are the four Greek generals that succeeded Alexander the great UMass yourself why is that while as for guys and let yesterday and I'm not going to get your all this until of solicitous and follow me in all the battles they fight against each other and so for you can actually read that very nicely again relish by Erasmus he has all outline Ashley I summarize some of that information in your handouts as for the high-yield Darius version of Daniel eleven interestingly enough out of curiosity I went to the Internet I on Google and typed in Daniel eleven there is an evangelical scholar who on the first three verses was nearly identical to your righteousness that ass after verse thirty one he states that the literal interpretation of Israel and the makes the prophetic switch so anyway I was interesting since the first three verses are pretty well except even white evangelicals dollars a source of history is now one thing I want to impress upon your minds so we have a sequence of Kings and Daniel show I began down Chapter 11 that's how Horton is Daniel eleven the something that I want you to see take away from this study will was fitted in a separate first and oldest run through this briefly Daniel chapter chapter twelve this is one long prophecy Daniel Shepherdstown is the introduction what was actually the detail of the prophecy and basically once you get to the anniversary of end of chapter five of the end of the flow of funds versus four three thirteen help to summarize the things in context the name 's efforts we see that something interesting is happening here fuel a diverse one Daniel is saying CL Ogden Rita's is in the third year of Cyrus king of Persia nothing was revealed to them the reasons for both the shows in the thing was true to the time appointed with long as he understood the thing and had understanding of the vision first of all what was the vision that preceded Daniel chapter ten so you have a seventy seventy weeks prophecy explained to Daniel and Daniel chapter nine that why was the seventy weeks explains to Daniel and infrastructure not subdivision of January fourteen gang of the not understand the vision of Daniel eight fourteen and if you look at Daniel chapter a writer for Daniel chapter eight verse fourteen Gabriel comes onto the scene and God tells Gabriel in verse sixteen Gabriel make this man to understand the vision said Gabriel 's role especially beginning and then chapter is to help Daniel understand the vision of the twenty three hundred is in the versions that point of view and then number seventeen cents and if discussing the Gabriel to help Daniel understand the vision must be important to understand what his vision is now what's interesting than his what is it that God wants Daniel to understand about the vision of twenty three hundred days notice the universe circumstances understand the sentiment for at this time of the engine him a so what if they don want to Gabriel and Canada twenty three hundred a prophecy what does God want Daniel to understand about the twenty three hundred across December seventeen in the way that is for the time of the now interestingly enough Daniel Levin hopes us understand better what happens at the time of the survey what happens here is that the beginning of Daniel chapter ten notice what's happened here Daniel gets a vision in Daniel chapter ten analysis he understood the thing and had understanding of the vision but if you look at the end of Daniel chapter eight says I was astonished at the vision but not understood so interestingly enough the in the vision of Daniel chapter chapter twelve helps Daniel to fill in the gaps that he wasn't getting about the length of the twenty three hundred days in Daniel chapter eight finally when God is through the sequence of kingdoms and down Chapter 11 Daniel finally understands us and this is with the twenty three hundred a prophecy is all about before then he didn't understand so Gabriel comes in after a couple then you understand the vision of identity separate he still doesn't understand the next chapter nine the only thing that Daniel can handle is that seventy weeks are cut off for God 's people and Danube is the privilege of getting the time prophecy one is exactly the Messiah and by the end of the chapter nonsense still doesn't understand what can happen at the end of the twenty three hundred days so it takes this last vision in the book of Daniel for Daniel to understand the most important time prophecy of the book of Daniel because you could make the argument of the book of Daniel was written for us to understand the twenty three hundred days and so Daniel had an understudy has forgot having even more information so that he would finally make him him here's a couple of other points about Daniel understanding things in receiving more life from God Daniel chapter nine is of course the famous intercessory prayer were Daniel is praying on behalf of his people how they have sinned wickedly he understands from the law of Moses the curses and blessings of Moses in Deuteronomy twenty eight minutes are unfaithful they would be destroyed in this enmity seizures of trust in January of twenty six of them actually was that he thinks that Dorothy Clemenceau when delivered in a standard captivity for seventy years or twenty three hundred years that he has long regarding chapter nine and at the end of this prayer Gabriel shows and of course Gabriel if you read it says that he left the scene and began the prayer suffer interesting bananas so so God will stand on its arcade downward annulus it really is the seventy years just like I prophesied in the book of Jeremiah and so Daniel feels much better about that he still doesn't understand the twenty three hundred a prophecy said Daniel Chris for two minutes God is the answer for the seventy the notice Daniel chapters never send verse two dances in those days I Daniel was morning three full weeks I ain't no pleasant bread neither cancellation or want them I'm not needed it I want my cell phone also three whole weeks were fulfilled some with Daniel nearing here in chapter ten he's fast and pray this only eating food and necessities not eating the desserts on the table so to speak so and so honest fourth not shooting them off like it was in Daniel chapter nine thirty ten Chapter nine persecuted messenger to answer the seventy weeks documents in one or more thought a year earlier maybe God would've told me center on the here and now chapters him under Santa Fe with the twenty three hundred days on the key phrase in size for three full we and English efforts and gives us this rare glance into this great controversy between Michael and Satan and if you look further on down Daniel chapter starting in verse twelve we see Gabriel shows up again versatile than since the enemy see or not Daniel Forfar the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand and chasten myself when I got my words were heard and I'm come for their words but the friends of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty one days now begs an obvious question with Daniel Hensler for now when God has sent someone to help them understand now here's the here's the other part of the great controversy were the strongest unrolled for us as well so obviously Satan is on what's going on here and he saw last time the Daniel Craig Johnson Gabriel down to help Daniel understand the twenty three hundred days better now we have a beginning point for the twenty three hundred a prophecy and and the time when the Messiah will come select anything very happy things like Daniel training and understand this vision this can be a good thing because this time governments almost in half in the process so the first time Gabriel came uncontested but what happened turns interceptors ethics can you have a three-week struggle between Gabriel and it says here that the prince of the kingdom of Persia not if you like that on the surface how with the princely kingdom of Persia he gave her from talking to Daniel twelve the present King refrigerant would of course be the king of Persia to him I was working on to fulfill answers to Daniel 's prayer on the author you have to realize that what was happening here with Satan was working on the principle now yes yourself what exactly is going on here well at this point as far as we can tell the twenty three hundred a prophecy has not been set in motion and what God is waiting for is for the picking of Persia 's shoe send out the command as he said the king of Persia world in this chapter a minister cannot add at this point time hasn't happened and Daniels actually rang to receive more why the four judges Daniel Moore why he is trying to work on the heart of the king of Persia so that the twenty three hundred a prophecy can get set in motion and Satan has set one such three hundred prophecies it started as a countdown to the end of time and the farther he can push back the beginning of the twenty three hundred a prophecy for the Fishback the ending of it and so God actually is the one that upon Daniel to start this process it as soon as Daniel starts fasting and praying then Gabriel comes down but he has to work on the king of Persia first to get the prophecy started and once the heart of the king of Persia is sure and then got to give Daniel Moore why certain Gabriel withstands the friends of the kingdom of Persia for twenty one days and that he was unable to overcome the filing that in the unit health and all in none other than Michael of course Michael Dean Christ said want as I study Daniel Shepherdstown eleven so forth I wonder what would've happened again if Daniel stopped fasting and praying that you we him him a reasonable time to fast and pray you want to find out what's can happen at the end of this prophecy some fast and pray for QE 's few weeks comes and goes with it I'm done positive action business as usual what would happen when God may not of been able to answer Daniel 's prayer that Daniel was persistent and because of this persistence Michael came down Jesus and actually turn the tide and then he was able to give Daniel more why and obsolescence addresses the practical application the study always like to make practical applications we need to keep praying for the things that God has promised that I got actually works is actually defend on the case we reserve persistence and praying for things of the M the latter rain which will empower us to get the message to the world don't have to keep waiting until we actually have a persistent praying for that for Daniel to get example if tonight 's first fifteen minutes and not answer this prayer and sometimes we get this cheap answer is that sometimes it takes three weeks prayer for systems are forgot can work on notice what happens now that Crysis turns the heart of the king of Persia in his first fourteen Gabriel Sills Daniel now I am to make me understand what shall befall the people in the latter days for yet the vision is for many days so now that the tide has turned and the heart of the king of Persia is ready to do God 's bidding now God himself Daniel what's can happen in the latter days so if you look at Daniel chapter eleven the first thirty versus basically take you from the time of Persia the time in which Dan was living at the time verse one all the way down to verse thirty two the following Western Roman Empire in four seventy him versus thirty one through forty five which take you from five oh eight the SKUs the cause of probation and management control verse one so I guess the question would be based on what God told Samuel chapter ten what's the most important part of Daniel eleven as of the first thirty verses in the last twenty or fifteen obviously is the last fifteen verses in getting the Daniel chapter twelve where we get into the details of what happens in the latter days that remembered and Daniel chapter eight what God wanted Daniel to understand was that the vision was for the time of year and Dennis Chapter 11 all it's really doing is setting the table for us to understand the particulars of the time of the and the sequence of the kingdoms are the same and then a shuttle of Chapter 11 as they are needing a few and seven and especially Daniel Etienne eleven are parallel because the they remained in Babylon as the infant as a kingdom because you start with me to Persia and messaging and more than twenty three hundred a prophecy start to God wants you to realize that yeah the head of gold but it was in the incursion of the prophecy of the twenty three hundred days so that's why Daniel eight Daniel Levin don't have no so with that said I hope with the introduction officially looking at English actress that you see that there is this clause next throttle were Satan did everything he can to keep this information from being given to Daniel 's things out of the last Sunday to receive more like animal Crossing of hundreds of the coming of the Messiah and sustain those this time this is God 's Daniel more information is trying to give more information about after the twenty three hundred days announced not good for Satan and sure enough that's what happens there was Daniel 's persistence in prayer that enable God to give Daniel him a specifically the purpose of this vision was to help Daniel understand what should be far enough people and the latter days serve with us that will look at Daniel eleven Daniel Chapter 11 if you put your hand out and really nine and again and here all the detail here it really is incredible the detailing on here and see the kingdoms that he describes in inverse excuses there shall stand up yet three Kings occurs in the fourth shall be far richer and therefore through Xerxes from four eighty four sixty four November three through the mighty Angel Santos Alexander the great and then reverse for Cisco initial standards of Alexander's kingdom shall be broken shall be divided forth for Windows 7 and remember than a century remember you have the notable ornaments broken up and the four horns so we have the very same sequence here than in a Chapter 11 we going to microscopic futility these people are now just to give you a release outline a few some of these people are in the details of Manama and I got all that over what happens is you have Alexander's this kingdom is broken on and you get the four generals the divide the kingdom these were Cassandra Lysimachus so it isn't hauling and what ended up happening is so Lucas eventually conquers Lysimachus into standard and Ptolemy holds for them Egypt and here's the importance of these four kingdoms at this point we see that starting in verse five see the first reference to the king of the South and never six the King of the North is mentioned the king of the South McCain in the north originally thinking of a southpaw only thing in our facilities these were literal people with O King and so it is basically control the area of Palestine all the way up into Macedonia and this is modern-day Greece every year this is modern-day Israel here's modern-day Egypt were Ptolemy was in control so what ends up happening in the rest of Daniel eleven as you have this epic struggle between the King of the North and the king of the South and the history is pretty straightforward enough Ptolemy and salute is going against each other than their descendents here against each other and you can go down through the sequence of events and eventually some history that some of us may be learned about in school you have characters such as Cleopatra and Mark Anthony to show up on your Caesar Augustus you have Tiberius Caesar you have Julius Caesar and is a brief mention of the Prince of the seventy first twenty C as I said how diverse the first thirty versus are necessarily must meet in there and forth and there in the Bible for a reason that they are just setting up cable for us to understand history so that we can understand the time and since when that's happening is you have this kingdom through these these guys are wiped out songs take them off the board the Salinas has control of here and he has the latest drawing against Ptolemy and then eventually am actually on Cleopatra and Mark Antony then eventually came up together they become the king of the South and you have you eventually have some Julius Caesar who becomes King of the North now what happened of course in the sequence of events alumni I'm not really him the other studies and Daniel Levinson eventually Julius Caesar and Hagan room on her the kingdom absolutism the king of the north so then what happens is instead of the kingdom is solely distinguishing of the North it's now taken around to actually run the Italy is also ever hear drawing a full have to work on the opinion or on the conquers all this area and so now you have taken around and because they conquered the territory of the previous king of North which was the king of miscellaneous now Hagan roundness the king of the North and is referred to as the King of the North in the residential Chapter 11 you have Egypt's it was Paul Newman because Mark Anthony and Cleopatra they are the king of the South now if you look at this just only on a map obviously this is not for the respect the south that one of the reasons why this is voting in the North and the king of the South because this is with respect to Jerusalem where God 's people arrested King of the North comes from north injuries something softens up from the letter Jerusalem so that is sort of an interesting point after verse thirty you have this struggle between Rome and Egypt or before that it was Salinas and Ptolemy and even within him the first thirty versus theirs there's some interesting preferences even a time trusted universe twenty four that predicts on three hundred and sixty years of pagan Rome on hi there being the leading world power this was from thirty one BC to three thirty eighty three thirty eight he rounded the concept on so all of those things are in their and I'm going to have to eat Novak through the handout you can look at the information and then some Revelation is really important part is after verse thirty then I mentioned this in my sermon a couple of weeks ago about the ships of Chisholm and if you look at that time the shifts of insurance and were in the land of fire and the reference for that the cruise is Isaiah chapter twenty three versus one that's in the hand up Carthage was the center of higher witches were the ships of Chisholm launched from and why is this important move this is where janissary of vandal wage war against the Western Roman Empire he was the one that helped to lead the charge that went to the to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in four seventy six eighty and now you may ask yourself the question e-mail yourself the question we feel with bingo numbers thirty four seventy six eighty why does that matter while it matters because it gives us the sequence of events to where we are in the prophecy of Daniel eleven so you get to Daniel Chapter 11 verse thirty and now you are in four seventy six eighty and the fall of the Western Roman Empire and interestingly enough Daniel and just basically given chronological order it doesn't jump back a little bit in verses twenty four through twenty six I believe soon become all the way down to the fall of the Western Roman empire inverse thirty and dinner am I losing you are you following me here I don't serve anyone not getting out of here she fast so him so far as the year following the another way of working out is that we are following the kingdoms of the that you mentioned in chapter two minus the head of gold were following the sequence of kingdoms and in the seven or eight again Chapter 11 is getting us the details of who these things were and how they would rise the power and remember this prophecy was given before it ever happens to a messy amazing thing about this prophecy in my microscopic detail it talks about how Julius Caesar would be attacked by his own people how the Romans basically murdered Caesar guesses his residence place and I may be jumping around with it it talks about some right of someone writing up after Caesar guesses she was a vile person that was Tiberius Caesar in history refers to him as being a vile person so anyway we had in the anniversary although it down to the end of the pagan Roman Empire who is the King of the North I remember we have a king of the North only have the king of the South and all of a sudden in four seventy six eighty the Western Roman Empire collapses which begs the question of federal pagan Roman empire has collapsed and that is the kingdom and so if the Western Roman empire hasn't lost it down is no longer the leading world empire who then would succeed the king of the North including who would succeed pagan around asking because if you look at the rest of Daniel chapter eleven they are ours and there are three main references to the king of the North now verse thirty first thirty one a sort of the transitioning point to helping us understand who the king of the North is an one of the reasons why when I went advanced for a earlier and I went to the sequence of the kingdoms of the RAM that he give a little more than the daily in the transgression of desolation all that because that's a crucial piece of information to help us understand who the king of the north becomes in Daniel chapter eleven after a we do see that you have the little horn in its pagan Rome element you have a little horn capable Roman elements who is the King of the North and Daniel Chapter 11 serve serve Daniel chapter eleven verse thirty one is really the key transition point as I was saying in our I read this evangelical scholar on Google and he continues with this literal application of the of the prophecy and makes everything literal Israel and the destruction of Jerusalem all of those things that does not really what is being pointed I turned in a Chapter 11 sedan Chapter 11 verse thirty one money region is first connected in a century to show you the similarity so that we can understand this a little more clearly Savannah Chapter 11 verse thirty one is an harm shall stand on his pharmacies for the fixing of the North Star and stand on the part of the king of the North initial for the sanctuary of strength and shall take away the daily initial place the abomination that maketh desolate as Daniel eleven verse thirty one director Daniel chapter eighty him three verses eleven and twelve L actually one hundred thirteen the CAC even the little horn magnified himself even to the Prince of the host and by the daily was taken when the place of the sanctuary was cast down at her store and army was given against the daily by reason of transgression cast down the truth the grounded practice and prospered and I heard one thing speaking in another sense that under that certain same mistake how long the vision concerning the daily in the transgression of desolation to give up the sash remembers to be trod under foot DC the similar elements and damage Chapter 11 verse thirty one and eight eleven through sixteen Daniel eleven thirty one Daniel eight eleven to thirteen you have an army standing up on the heart of in Daniel eleven is the king of the north and in Daniel chapter eighty is a little more I remember in Daniel chapter eight you're having a transition from taking the people run and the little and the little horn of Daniel chapter eight versus pagan mendicants cable run Daniel chapter eleven you have arms standing on the part of the king of the North notice that sufficiently the sanctuary of strength or tendinitis is the sanctuary in the first trial underfoot as they shall take away the daily that clearly in this chapter a as the initial place the abomination that maketh desolate negative chapter eight you have the transgression of desolation that is the sanctuary is to be trodden under foot of the same thing so you have an answer pray you have named Chapter 11 the same sequence of the interestingly enough the transition from Kagan the cable run happens in the same place and an instructor a down Chapter 11 the transition point of the little form in them separated from hating the people around is when Clovis or witnesses the host was given him by reason of transfers in the flow versus arm him everyone at arms shall stand on his part that's an army standing on the part of the king of the north which is run now after levers thirty we clearly see that you have the following pagan Western Roman empire so in the Chapter 11 verse thirty one five now arms standing on the part of the key of the North and then you see that as it attacks God 's sanctuary the daily is taken when in those entities that's the same thing as being a chapter eight clearly and in a Chapter 11 verse thirty one this is a transition because Daniel chapter eleven verse three talks about pagan rounding destroyed by Gensler Amanda lets you historically we know that in verse thirty one now we have a new power that's assuming the part of the king of the North and makes it is helpful to understand it is in Daniel chapter eight you have a little more in the little Morris first taken to become stable so the transition point now we know intimately what Daniel chapter eight is okay the transition point and separate from taking a more is going to be the same place that you have a transition in the Chapter 11 in the transition happens when you have an army that stands on the part of the king of the North and with the Army faithfully got century the take away the daily and they played was the abomination that maketh desolate so historically in verse thirty that's four seventy six eighty and historically in verse thirty one this is five one eight eighty and finally the five way eighty people run gives out of it for you declaring for this to be the protector of people and why is this significant because this is the first time that you have at home one such meeting the civil power in the what are the why of universes as they place the abomination that maketh the flat in running the experiment turns you weeks ago but this is actually a different example the abomination of desolation the median time Sunday at the end of Daniel was the abomination of desolation and Daniel eleven thirty one is Clovis and the papacy making an alliance combining civil and religious power of abomination to God spiritual fornication is another way of describing that this is five zero eight eighty six with the civil power of flow this combined with a religious power of the that combination enabled the papacy to rise to preeminence and should not doubt the few remaining pagan kingdoms that were standing in this way so that by five thirty eight Justinian significant decrease in crime the hope to be the on the leader of Rahman and basically Ron Dennis the papacy assumed all the civil power within the run so now you have an five oh eight transition of the King of the North from taking the cable run justices after a you have a transition in the little form for paying the cable runs we have the same sequence of the hat I have time to comment you must about the daily although I do believe it's taken of them and the reason why I say that mindful cycles to disagree with you you can talk to me afterwards and talking on the reason I say that is because you have a clear starting point for the daily being taken away by the way now if someone can give me clear evidence of what happened finally that certainly Christ ministry him for a week to reconsider my position that he was seven twenty five says he never wanted to make intercession for us that doesn't make sense to me that he would ever want to make intercession for them finally she would be taken away service bus just went beside Helen Weiss is not assessing points are donated to salvation wish you but if you understand more clearly helped you to understand the sequence of kingdoms of events and how God works through his people know that more clearly six five oh eight eighty six much better with paganism being taken out of the way so that the papacy could set up its environment to say that Christ's ministry in the heavenly sanctuary was taken away finally this is clearly a starting point and wireless it is a starting point because if you get an answer for twelve or someone which is basically the same line of thought enough of resources from the time of the daily shall be taken when the abomination that maketh desolate set up there's a via thousand two hundred and ninety days reform was to see that weight is coming to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty eight see the beginning point of the phonon in the thirteen thirty five is five oh eight MS associated with the daily being taken when the abomination that maketh us being set up at the Clovis using the civil power of his army to defend the religious entity of the papacy search that's a key point I spent a lot of time for thirty one because Daniel eleven verse thirty one is the crucial transition point in history from the supremacy of pagan round table and once you understand that from verse thirty one on through the rest of Daniel eleven that the agency is the king of the north that will help you understand better the sequence of the fellow prepares for the closer provisional Michael stands up and then in chapter twelve verse one and it's funny to me in it here's one him for your recipe culture depiction of the North wind in the is boggles my mind is usage of right person is really only major problem I have is that the other night the details especially through the first thirty or get in Daniel eleven servers thirty one you have arsenic in the part of the king of the north which is the papacy and force the papacy doesn't fully regard sanctuary they just don't take away Christmas tree in the heavenly sexual but with their false system of forgiveness of sins through the increase in confessional of a clearly little egocentric but they never characterized as related as there is always people were faithful to God during times now inverse thirty she is 's reverse forty are really not have much in the handout about that is because it's pretty straightforward about it one of these days I'll take the time she put the detail in their better physically versus the thirty one through forty thank you for finally to seventeen ninety eight and you see especially liked in inverse thirty three see the element of persecution you see the element of God 's people falling by the sword Wi-Fi my captivity and vice oil which is exactly how the papacy persecuted God 's people they would I think Stephen Moore mentions he was here that the papacy would go out until people don't fill those Christians in a few kilometers of property sluts spoil for theory burn them at the stake they were so make fun of me have the same Bartholomew massacre where the trader went through the street point out the houses of the faithful Protestant and they were slaughtered there is really a brutal time and and don't believe the papacy when they apologize for the time together and do the same thing again a Denver thirty four up and falling their help with a little help that I believe is the Protestant Reformation all the way down you see the King magnify himself above every god remember Danielson twenty five he shall speak great words against the most high end all down through here I really sensitive and wanting great stuff here but it's not really actually verse thirty five is one hundred one for notice first three sizes some of them offender 's initial fall to try them and occurs in America might even satisfy medium because it is different this is a crucial first notice that the persecution of God 's people by the agency and dance after living to fill what time it says the time of the person is not in the correct answer but that this is a crucial point we can say yet we have is finally in the seventeen ninety eight but if you like to dance Chapter seven first twenty five and this is this little and powerless the papacy and a percentage of makes it clearer distinction where the little ones only the papacy and the Chapter seven where the dance record is first taken people around new service of your receipt of the little morning verse twenty five the he shall speak great words against my financial wear out the saints of the most part this is the persecution of God 's people just as we've seen here in Daniel eleven thirty shall think the change time for monitoring the Sabbath to Sunday and artists have how long God 's saints are more now argumentative the hand of this little horn agency which is also the King analysis is initially given under this and until it's finally time from the dividing of time is twelve hundred and sixty thousand prophecy from five thirty eight to seventeen ninety eight serves ever seven we understand the persecution of God 's people will can send you twelve hundred and sixty days they are Chapter 11 works full that the persecution will last until the time and in so that's a nice connection assure the persecution of God 's people in the twelve sixty which is the same as in which is the same as the time in the end which is clearly seventy years because of the twelve sixty seven key point Daniel eleven thirty five and this is where things get interesting to me because versus forty three forty five are the area of this prophecy the describes where we are now and if you dance after a one and you realize that God has accurately predicted with precise detail the rise of each of the individual 's illness and mentioned several individual kings and queens and so forth within the king of the north the king of the South through the transition to the time of Christ and the pagan round the table right all that you have the time to the dark ages of the person fusion of God 's people and all of that and you realize that this prophecy still have site fill unfulfilled I should thank you excited and interested to see what's trying perhaps the avail in verses forty to forty five now versus forty is the first part is pretty easy to understand medicine forties is at the time of the Angela King of the South flesh at recent afflicting the North so the family and we have seen of a self session at the king of the North will first of all white years of seventeen ninety eight what him even high but she never sounds to visit the King of the North right so you have France atheistic friends know us representing the principles of the king of the south of Egypt now you see that you have symbolism found in Daniel Levy we've made a transition from him in Somerset is absolutely literal to somewhat symbolic that clearly France was a literal kingdom so there so I will not have literalism in Daniel eleven that is more symbolic that the father use of humanity is never studied prophecy for disabled how he said literally to deny you have something other than Egypt visiting the South the distorting that is not really Egypt is just something that comes with time with understanding of God 's prophecy as you switch to more in time for God uses more symbolic language to describe the same way as you have Daniel eleven forty the king of the South version of the king of the north serves this is a crucial piece of information because remember what point God said to Daniel understanding on the night seventeen that the vision is for the time he served God wanted Daniel to understand especially when what would happen in seventeen ninety eight so the end of time enough where Daniel eleven verse forty seven if Daniel eleven verse forty is the starting point to the time of the end which is what God wanted Daniel to understand how crucial you think verse forty and onward is for us to understand this is very important for us to understand this is critical so you have seventeen ninety eight and Revelation thirteen this is the deadly when him at the north end this is where after that I have a hurdle I noticed a few people to talk about these verses that is not very now the really odd there's a few people that are setting these verses the is not as many as I wish that in these verses I made an attempt and it's my Amsterdam I really gone for the worth of anyone else per say other than just the principles of difficult hermeneutics that are consistent with the rest of the Bible and well might have the same kind of think that he imported a fine job using on the chapters of the great Congress important is way backward some of the details that you haven't heard this during our universe most of the very excellent to stop identity that is actually to take a look at the needs on these verses and realize that I'm a human being with no down greater insight into the things that many of the recipe that I have met in the sense of studying verses forty three forty five and now the finance they would budget history and they would make they would look to the processes they would look in the Bible may would cease together from history and from prophecy what things represent a mascot in a five sense here and Daniel Chapter 11 verse forty uses of the time eventually have a soft flesh and that seventeen ninety eight now we know from Revelation thirteen that after the deadly one and the papacy makes a comeback in all the world wonders after the bees that we see in verse forty pound the papacy were the king of the North makes its comeback versus forties is in the casino the north shall come against this enough the King of the South White a whirlwind so that's very quickly various course in with nice shirt for the first thing that I have an traveler queue for him earlier ruin for yourself then you may not agree with anything done after eleven verse forty six the first thing to look at is the answer key of the chariots and horsemen in many shapes and actually what I should've mentioned is that obviously atheistic France and the king of the South continued after seventeen hundred and continued on the principles of the Marxism socialism and some of you may not like what I'm saying the program but sorry that the Democratic Party has a lot of these principles in their party platform now before you say yeah her forward before the Republicans are prohibiting the massive if you're part of the Republican Party for the Democratic Party or the ureter and the king of the north of the King of the South never be destroyed said I guess I met everyone on the following counsel desperation on lysis to avoid politics like and as God 's people we have better things to be interested in political interest of this world so I'm in my little so you have it here's the key points of the kingdom and I think the comeback against the king of the South with these three entities it comes with chariots and horsemen and ships now when I try to do as I looked through it and went to Strong 's concordance and mortality examples of any type of artwork Horsemen are used together to see what that means throughout screw him fell Sherry 's fourth place together it's indicating an army for a military service and the examples of second Corinthians six fifteen there's there's many other examples that this suggests that the king of the north of the agency makes a comeback against the king of the South represented by communism socialism with military power but is not the only thing that the king of the North comes back against the king of the software also comes backed with many ships that interestingly enough Matthew and second Chronicles nine twenty one Proverbs thirty one fourteen the receivers as connections with riches and merchandise and a few words in Revelation eighteen which is talking about Babylon was also the king of the north of the papacy are the little horn we see that Revelation eighteen ten next the one with the merchants of the earth who are described as should and companies with ships and sailors who were made rich by Babylon so in essence what you have here is you have the ships then symbolically represent financial strength or economic power so you have a military and economic power argued the entities of minor finances and military use of the chief things that the King of the North uses to make a comeback against the king of the South now if you look at down through history from seventeen ninety eight to the present one the Vatican ever amassed a great army that comes out of the Vatican has gone out and destroy the world I can't think of a time him him a very small place surrounded by the city of Rome the country of Italy is really not much to speak of when it comes to an actual geographical military power that you have to think about think about history and how the papacy has been able to use its political influence she would in effect a mass of military and full of power even though in and of itself is not that our sense of the thing that I went back to see what features history and some of you probably remember this is how many of you have necessary Campbell of the something bigger but how many of you have ever read this article and time call the holy alliance and this was written by Carl Bernstein and he is a pretty good investigative journalist he and Bob Woodward which were the two guys who broke Watergate and he actually was the one who also one hundred this secret alliance between Reagan and John Paul II he's actually a very good journalists you may not be very good at all but the people of the world can be good historians and reporters we connected information from us what I think he has provided for just people with this article if you read this article and you can find by just typing in Google you can Reagan holy alliance or time and you'll get this article I printed it off here is like a certain theater and reveal that I summarize the key points and and one of the key points in this article of course historically Reagan begins residency in nineteen eighty one after defeating Jimmy Carter in nineteen eighty but in the twelve page article Reaganesque quarter the same world one of the earliest him he is recognized the Vatican the state makes them how at least four of Reagan's key cabinet for Catholics and radar from jump over the second half of the first on June seven nineteen eighty she and in this meeting where everyone thought they were talking about the situation in the Middle East and how to keep Israel safe place they actually were talking about developing a strategy strategy to take down communist Soviet Union by assisting the Solidarity movement led by what the last of some of you may remember him and here's how they did it they provided finances together as well as infrastructure and through the political connections of the papacy that the archbishops and vicious and all those guys the Cardinals they were in contact with people on the ground and whole and and the United States provided the month to have the money from the United States you have the political know how knowing what's going on the ground the papacy there in Europe and eventually work for less and the Solidarity movement over its name the Communists government through the assistance of the papacy in the United States and he was from Poland and Eastern Europe that was the first place if you will of the nineteen eighties revolution that ended in the fall of the Berlin wall for three remember Reagan's famous speech where he says Mister Gorbachev tear down this wall we all remember the nineteen nineteen eighty nine so and of course one of the other things I have much of the this talks about this in the fully aligned vertical but one of the other things that the United States that uses the papacy and the strong because of course him a few paces trying to be dominant in your you have the Russian Orthodox Church which was in direct competition with an agency so that was helpful to the papacy so one of the things the United States did to bring down the Soviet Union financially with star behavior remember hearing about star somewhere Reagan to proceed toward possibly trillions of dollars on into this Star Wars project which created an arms race the training the Soviet Union and the United States and so now you have here more than military of the United States assistance the United States is now flexing its military muscle for the benefit of the papers you have it if like the financial power to help set up the Solidarity movement for now flexing its military and financial strength by spending trillions of dollars on Star Wars and of course is very easy to say we had to keep up with him get behind the nuclear arms race for the United States and so they started going lots of money and what ended up happening was that what she the financial collapse of the Soviet Union and so they were able to hold off this power in an Reagan later on after his presidency he said with the help of process in America I teamed up with Catholic Europe to bring down on therapy and this I believe is a direct fulfillment of Bible prophecy you may or may not agree with me this is just my study and that what I see happening in damage of your wondrous forties you have the king of the North using military and economic power with the assistance of the United States as the sea shall enter into the countries and shall overflow and pass through so we assist the states the Soviet Union was was overthrown overtaken by the Kingman verse forty one official intro under the glorious plan shall be a return that he shall escape out of this even eat American the chief of the children of the half and now this is a potentially hot button topic here what's the glorious land on Monday after that just so we can come back to that the one thing that's clear is that if you want earlier negative Chapter 11 women's of the glorious fun is clearly talking about Palestine to the glorious land in Daniel Chapter 11 earlier on the glorious plan of Palestine and it was a glorious plan of person is the promised land because the land of promise where the land flowing with milk in the land where God 's people resided not it would only make sense that the glorious land would not be literal Israel at the end of time because the king of the subsurface of the King of the North was not literally Egypt that have the same principles that he so you have a glorious plan is probably more symbolic representation was not about that more as we come down further through the check register we have a outcome back to the correspondence for now I'll just leave the other thing that I don't I just will I will say that I don't believe it's literally as soon just moving on your centers forty one how you can American the chief of the children and escape out of in Canada setting the north not historically weren't even him him right service id. however and were relatives of God 's people eat the EMI came from the wine is an eleven a.m. and were the two illegitimate children of Lot two dollars your story so there related to guest people for CMI sport would be like basically there the brothers of Jacob or the Israelites and say they become thousands of course first cousin when you have now in Hammon there that they are the sons of law which would make them the nephews of Abraham Severino close connection to God 's people the children of Israel and if you look at the map they are mourning the right at all that they actually were to the east there their territory was right over here to the East figures uveitis the king of the North units after seventeen ninety eight sensory capacity the country season enters into the glorious land people off to the east or even non- ham and egg estate out of this now if you look at Isaiah chapter eleven is an interesting prophecy that includes his people serve this gives an interesting thought a few these people could be my sale of the business the great prophecy that talks about the run of the people being recovered the second and you have in Isaiah chapter eleven verse ninety type there is the description of the holy Mountain verse Genesis metadata shall be a root of Jesse which will stand for him some of the people of the Sabbath Jewish religion Gentiles seek in his rest shall be glorious of God Sabbath rest of the city that he and universal limits of the initial kind of half Monday the him him to recover the remnant of his people mythology where they come from personalization set up an ensign for the nations this is clearly the Sabbath and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel and gathered it to the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth and you verse fourteen is a official fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines towards the West special spoiled my mother used to gather initial later hand upon Edom and now have in the children and show these sources suggest to hear you have even lower than him this suggests that these are people not a relevance of God that response of the Sabbath message the units are there people that are related to serve my best guess is that these are people who profess the name of Christ and down have a full knowledgeable truth and that the key point that is brought here in Isaiah eleven is that this instrument is the Sabbath so you have the Sabbath message that these relatives enough people sponsored even following on as best they could and then finally they hear the Sabbath message and they say hey that's it that's the message and so these people escape out of the hand of the king of the North who is trying to make all the world received the mark of the beast which is Sunday worship so that's my best guess as to the Edomites the non- amides that he read the anniversary can either eleven hours like this is a Michigan highway for the remnant of his beloved cereal like as it was Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt that there is a glorious promise that we will make it to the problems when one of these days just as enough people to the first set assessing please chosen the same path they did to take the detour to get the system assigned thrown in for extra hundred him through the forty one now basically if you've noticed here in the universe forty was seventeen ninety eight and verse forty as best as I can tell didn't really begin to reach its fulfillment from nineteen eighty seven and Chapter 11 you have between seventy nine D in nineteen eighty not a whole lot going on which in many respects at the time got people so that you can move forward with the next component here we had reached the time where the people of other faiths profess that Christ are coming in like prayers and your church as we know it they will someday purse for his as he shall also search for this and also countries in the land of Egypt shall not escape notice for forty three and he shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver and over all the precious things of Egypt and the Libyans in the Ethiopian shall be of the steps now here's the here's the key points in notice geographically I realize I talked about this a couple weeks given us geographically where the king and annoyances city comes down from the north at the inoffensive this is like repetition of history comes down from the north comes down through the glorious plan and he ends up passing through Egypt's which was the king of the South and Libya and Ethiopia are here soon one of the things that have time to talk about was that one of the key that the papacy talkers are the king of the North half years in these kingdoms of Eugene Egypt Libya and Ethiopia which really they were all part of the kingdom of Ptolemy are the king of the South the thing is that the king of the north conquers in these kingdoms is their riches so him the riches of the United States that the party United States that don't really believe in God from the world that wants to just do whatever they want to have the religious labor have their liberty city whatever they want of course we believe in freedom of speech and all the other liberties that we have in this country but there are people who abuse those liberties unfortunately the anyway the potato seeks sponsors the part of the world described as Egypt Libya Libya and Ethiopia which have the riches of this world so what an essence has happened here is you have you have the making of the north and in a sign of Christ this was basically the then known world over she did have Persia and Babylon for research this is essentially the whole world and their time and symbolically speaking and then in chapter eleven the king of the north comes through the glorious land he has them to Egypt Libya Ethiopia and by the time he gets down here he's basically talking off the whole world and Revelation through Jesus all the world wondered after the beast etc. faithful feeling around sure sir Revelation thirteen and Daniel eleven especially versus forty three forty five billion clearly together if it's just that my saphenous understand Revelation thirteen pretty well-known attempted annual alumni for not as much is that this does make sense to me that you have Egypt's Libyan easier and so that's where the kingdom and North ends now the reason why this is important or we service all of the initially one of the kingdoms of the Cassandra Lysimachus and Tony him with all the set up so that we would understand if you are making the sovereignty time energy when also helps understand you guys people are and what their role is as easy as soon as we get through verse forty three anti- about this a few weeks ago sightings out of Easton out of the north shall trouble therefore he should go forth with great fury to destroy them utterly to make it away now the King of the North this year he defines out of the cities them all away down in the land of the king of the South so when he gets down here he's physically possible or when he hears things out of the North and East the trouble and dishonest in a little bit more time I really think I have the basics that are meant to be a little bit more evidence to show what I was saying a few weeks again since I had a piece out of the North trouble is therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy and happily to make away so what's there's a very familiar verse I have time to get a few weeks ago Revelation twelve seventeen relations false seventeen says in the Dragon was wrong for the woman went to make war with the run of received keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ here you have a similar scenario you have God 's commandment keeping peace the remnant of God 's seed and the natural rack is Ross with the one in dose make war with the remnant of her seed now we know that the dragon is Satan the revelation chapter thirteen as is the Dragon is power deceit and great authority to the pages him he is also looking in the north so what you have here and then in chapter eleven verse forty four you have a message coming out of the East and North from where the king of the North is that message have to be coming from the vicinity of Jerusalem you could say wealth from Palestine the mostly widely that coming from Jerusalem and the same response in Revelation twelve seventeen he goes forth with great fury to destroy utterly to make away money it's a response to message setting click the Commandments done the assessment of Jesus so what you have here is if you subpoena North represents the papacy and messages making it making the papacy furious he would only make sense of this message is coming from a group of people that are on God 's side given the fact that the Dragon has given us power to see authority she paid this year the king of the north so here's a message coming from the vicinity of God 's people he did say in Palestine of the glorious land or Jerusalem somewhere in there and serve the response by the papacy is to go forth with great fury to destroy utterly to make away message now the other key point is narcissist hiding out of the East out of the north shall trouble the other place in Scripture that talks about a message coming from the East apocalyptic sense is found in the root is found in the book of Revelation chapter seven and in relationship to seven verse one you see the four angels holding the fort owners of the years in the four winds of the years and the idea that that is use that once before in will him or something significant will happen we see what happens after the four Windsor unleashed is inversely as is often another angel ascending from this surgery have a message at the very end of time that is set forth just as the four winds of striker went out upon the hearers in this message coming from the east is a message that has the CEO of the living God and with this message it sealed the servants of the and God under form of energy study on them the people C eleven hundred and forty four thousand Serbs in Revelation chapter seven you have a message coming from the East if the seal of the living God and this message seals the hundred and forty four thousand and in revelation after eleven we see that the king of the North goes forth the tournament away many just as the Dragon and Revelation twelve seventeen seven oh makes sense that this healing message would have the component of obedience are the ten Commandments and I realized that I went through this quickly lessons of the ceiling messages the status message and we have versus of course they can prove that it didn't seem to have Chapter 11 forty four percent from five the Dragon Enroth for the Roman woman Revelation twelve seventeen and the commands of God all of those things coming together so that a commandment message in a message that reminds people of God 's commandments specifically than the commandment in which he would receive the seal of the living God amounts of the fourth and the verses to prove that the Sabbath is the seal of God is Ezekiel chapter twenty versus twelve and twenty one thousand little obvious sign between me and you forever so you always say while this is a sign that it is an say that at this you know him as a performer so what that verse shows that a sign seal it can be one and the same serve the triazine of twenty first twelve twenty Romans chapter four verse eleven we see that the sign and SCO are one in the same and that the Sabbath is assigned between the people forever so it only makes sense that at the end of time a message having the seal of the living God would be the same sealer Simon God set with a few way back they said it's a sign or a seal between you and me forever and of course it only makes sense that a Sabbath message I'm not a message that brings from the time especially the fourth amendment which is the Sabbath which is the seal of the living God would especially make the king of the North and the reason why is because and Daniel chapter seven twenty five the usual thing to change times and laws and with that change of times a month he persecuted God 's people during the dark ages of the twelve hundred and sixty years we read about the ending of Chapter 11 and as the Sabbath message again but in this time comes to from the same power of persecution that was prominent during the dark ages will also rise again from the third is a message from the each seven the seal of the living these findings that come from a place of this is why I believe that the siding committees must come from Jerusalem here's what this message is a ceiling and message it has the Sabbath message in that he studied Ezekiel chapter nine place for God 's people are sealed is inside the city of Jerusalem still inside the city of Jerusalem is where a market set up for heaven those who sign right for the abominations that are done on the land if you read him volume five who even pages you send it to sixteen the chapter the seal of God by Ellen why she clearly sets out the that on the issue talked about is he so much people receiving the seal of the living God suffuses each of my as a as an example of the seal of God at the end of time and just so happens that those you receive the seal of the living daughter inside the city of Jerusalem there would only make sense that when the king of the North is way down here in Egypt and cutting committees in the north from the trouble Jerusalem happens to be into the east and north of where he is and then federal of so Jerusalem is the run because it's the remnant church they keep the comma


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