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Show Me The Father

Shane Lathrom



  • August 18, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him I think this will advance them I hope you guys really pay attention to the word that matters is the number thought and seventy degrees out with think of your love for your renowned leisure 's testimony in the citizens give you a you be glorified in to begin with so the story I think it's the first and oldest story in public wearing nothing at an intern my teacher and mom it happened a couple weeks ago and I want to get as many needles to record on until unless I can remember I went ahead and wrote this down the Randall probably woke up that day like any other day like most exciting young boys of about seven years old he was unaware of the events that would soon change his life you see he and his family were going to the beach not too far from here out the ninety one half server-side task last year nearly good and this is where our story begins I finished the work team and plan a trip to the beach Mike was on knowing that my wife and longtime desire rather than encourage me to go understanding we would be outlay I was reluctant but after considering it prayerfully I decided to go with them to join the rest of the team the beach about half the group started at the age about thirty minutes from on Laguna their opinions are split somewhat stay on the beach that they were at others wanted to go to Laguna as Providence and freedom of choice have it a loaded up in a car decided needed in Laguna upon arriving got out a knife on the market while waiting for the other cards to arrive we found a beautiful grassy no overlook medicine ocean out of each event later rest of the group arrived on rain down the last load I'm running Christ Salvador asked two of us to grass and warranty backed his truck after we located is not here we made our way across the parking lot and got downhill as we neared our resting spot that my son it wasn't hard to spot he was only two people who I assume where is parents are listed is young boy was in hysterics trying sound really while trying to make his way up the hill if you had him look back at him as if annoying intros onward up the hill without a word the frantic sobbing continued thoughts entered my mind what could be the problem why are they just trying to call Mister down is probably mad hippies having read the beach and his diet that is amazing how we on the outside looking in on a situation so quickly jump inclusions outplay someone else's fault and liberate us from taking action while justifying our commitments how can we know so little does another when Jesus he knows the heart said to the Pharisees in John eight fifteen you judge after the class I judge no man so here Jesus walking as a man a sinless man judge no man yet I was surrounded by the evidences of the father 's creation is love moments from his young opportunity show a suffering soul his father because I was too busy judging on last praise the Lord he was able to get through my stubborn heart and encouragement to ask a simple question what's the matter buddy 's course changes immediately at the magnets is still practiced in the climate will load lately separated from his parents thank you his father his mother I asked my attention to calm him down to get his worst are resting spot and offered him some water landing he received it he told me of this year 's joint year she expressed to me his plan to go to the massive parking lot attempting to find a car before they left it his father and his mother to let attendees is great I try to use reassuring words as when we a lot dry in the pasture other think back on that moment I wonder how many people are wanting in this world I'm sure wondering if the father loves him repeatedly pass on a day-to-day basis that have a picture of God if they got a think that all of life are result Charlie turned their mind was made to Romans chapter ten verse fourteen Romans ten verse fourteen Romans ten fourteen says how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed in house so they believed in him of whom they have not heard and how so they preach rather how shall they hear without a preacher was just as we are in God 's vineyard is waiting for all to do his work when prices on the sir he do his own work each to his own words or did he show people the father how many how many people have we passed this week have a B- remedied to heartless conservative a hundred if God had planned this past week one individual just one individual thrust reads on a money using Wednesday Thursday Friday and we hear regularly from representing a hundred people this is one of us are better opportunities at six hundred people that could have been shown on their still wandering darting his love I know not every experience is the same not every experience can be a little boy that you find that wanted on a beach if you smile it could be a concerned look it to be a kind work but one thing I do know regardless of the differences and varied experiences if we are being consistent representing Christ the world showing the father loved the world down we want you only will have the N/A when you're living the life that God is calling to live you have to matter what you say what you do turn up in your Bibles to John fourteen chapter eight I'm sorry concept fourteen verse eight this is where the child or message comes from John chapter fourteen verse eight seventy four show us the father and I suffice Jesus said to him and I been so long time with you and yet hast thou not known me Philip even asking me seen the father and how saith thou then show us the father the lead is now not I am in the father and the father in me the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself but the father that dwell in me you works believe me that I am in the father and the RME or else believe me for the very works day fairly then I think you either believe in on me the work and IQ he also and greater works than these shall he do because I thought my father is not only claim to be speaking the word about the word bothering doing the work work on it also promised us and if we believe on him we will do the same eight and ran if not mere presumption is that I'm aspiring to say that we're giggling and further with this message and price I know that Christ is expressed in the father but through history you seeking to show people the father through our and even greater way and whosoever ye shall ask rather whatsoever he shall ask in my name that will I do but the father may be glorified in the son work on know what is this glorified turn with me to revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen in Mercer County and you are here last week when Don McIntosh I wasn't I was out of town actually I had to any praise the Lord for persons means waiting on driver and down to the wedding after he claimed he shared some amazing things with us in the Bible one thing he shared with us was drug passes that all the most electronic mail with your relationship working starting person because I saw another angel fly minutes of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and to them that dwell in your edge every nation in kindred and hung people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him of the Army service and worship him that made heaven and earth the sea and found water some people there is most everybody while Donna Gerrit and with this in IRI found you on the public church that I never seem orange on a hearing verse seven says James allowed waste your God and give glory to him that one glory than the strong on crawling into the renunciation wrong is a great word doc so which means opinions God is teaching to the first second third Angels messages to change people 's opinions of him God wants us to know that you are so the Bible says we love him because he first loved us God so loved us while we were yet sinners anything is God it shows to have the rock Creek evangelistic seminars but he didn't he chose work a few seeking to vindicate his character to his children by his strength not our strength nonetheless each seeking to change people 's opinions the wrong opinions of his love toward the first Angels message might be summed up in this instrument are live by Christ with his life to fear the Lord to change it was abandoned the father showing an eleven creator but before we show him we need to know him this word here glory or opinions is use a number of times in the New Testament and relating to how Christ was demonstrating the love life as a character his father but if we are to show him we need to know him turn with me nearby was seeking this chapter one image chapter one in reality the first three verses always in analysis and page turning this is another thing that all Jeremy last weekend I was unaware of the Bible it says in verse one who exactly times in a diverse net estate in time I'm bothered by the property in these last days by Ms. time he who the father has appointed heir of all things by them also you need the world the being gig drives rather the brightness of his father 's glory and the express image of his person that word right there in the Greek is not right you know like the light shine upon a mere lucky enough that were trying their means shining for not reflecting is an actual lawyer complete life Christ is the full complete and true brightness of the father you not merely a reflection in the same passages given this idea is dealt with again you look at our glory to same on passes and we just rather were just read in Revelation chapter fourteen it's taking out a shogunate of God crisis call the revelation that your federal witness the next term the express image of his person that term express image to be better translated as character it is the only place in the Bible or the sword is Jesus that's another thing Don McIntosh Aaron the only place in the Bible for this word is used so the one place in the Bible when you finally were character home on character development and report writing the one place in the Bible you find the word use character is a connection to how Christ represents a check in the file look at the Greek it's a big return there the song is never could before anyone challenging a look at the one place in the Bible where the worst all eight with the time and the father defined it as human being the perfect and I'm going over my words your holiday but I can't really simplify this constantly Christ is a perfect air or imprint of the father there is no greater way that God revealed himself to us honor continuing on where to where we did and a lot of them were to look to Jesus right so so the father by being like Jesus how is it we become I can only default example Charlie creates a more chapter one Mark chapter one and verse thirty five I think all the seven secrets to successful devotional life there are seven fundamental steps and Lee Christ in this one passage that will lead us into a deeper relationship with father just like he had Mark one thirty five says and in the morning rising up a great while before day he went out partying to a solitary place and their prey so how do Christ begin his day with God right knee and with the father was actually here is the reason a lot of times in Scripture all passages have a large impact on life because it reaches us are similarly yet we are where we are at war we have been one thing I was struggling with how now many a lot of new technology external news area was developing that consistency developing a daily walk with having our heavenly father and our member when I first come must first archive eighty Jean on our sturgeon which is on and out over at all the sound search hi my brother my father my mother and myself on over the edit answer the jury is an shortly after that I decided not ill in some ways the same person yes and I don't doubt LSU emergency the Bible says is instigating older .com the strength of the day oftentimes these Christians think because I know more about the mildness better Christian because you know I'm the young the best theater on better Christian but I thought the case I know many people I know there is a list of pastors who struggle in this area struggle and having that daily walk with Christ because in their minds they judge their Christian experience knowledge was the situation I found myself when I was a change earlier tomorrow about this I found myself realizing that I didn't have a relationship with God Yarbrough one eighty nine years I was struggling with this and I committee I covenanted that from now on I was living in a bit like three fifty in the morning out there read my bio for an hour and a scare off the over our and pray for our renovating our rates is now wild it was his religion how many here married I even imagined meet somebody normally have a relationship with them in a showcasing what you have a great marriage is out of the organ do this turn argue that unarmed as you can't let you for now McLachlan we burn our Internet talk about possible gives names are now you get is ridiculous using that as well once a month using it he said the ninety nine and without me I got tomorrow morning get out a set of guidelines but if you like to do it in ridiculous for me to exit Doctor sixteen Exodus chapter sixteen the Bible tells us that who is the bread of life Christ I got it also tells the user that manner was enough from heaven how many of you guys remember the experience of the manic me know my experience awareness raising Cain became real for me was when I realized that this is dealing with our relationship with Christ our relationship with the father beginning in verse six dozen Melissa Harris and the children of Israel and even then you shall know that the Lord had brought you out of the land of Egypt and in the morning you shall see the glory is our glory of the Lord for that he has heard her murmurings against the war and what are we a murmur against skipping down to verse fourteen FS and when they do that leg was gone behold upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round thing as small as a whore try on the ground and when the children of Israel sigh they said one to another is manner but it was not what it was that or they didn't know what it was and Moses said unto them this is the bread with the Lord has given you Judy this is the thing which the Lord hath commanded gather of it every man according to his EEG and Omar for every man the number of your persons KE every man for them which are in the MS children of Israel did so and gather some more and somewhat if we were to apply right now on a jet nor maybe not right now is dishonest maybe Marrone and get somebody out and bring them back in the home say I and I say we could not in Ethiopian Africa has any wheat and we sit down you know maybe everybody here in this individual he thinks mail to eat more of a word because of our comics need struts yellowing of the a lot more sitting out the hometown buffet is nothing in weeks Donna Mills he demonstrates a hair and the children of Israel did so and they gathered some more somewhat against you they were full God has promised us the strength of the day if we dump the word in the morning and we commit to say what annoying a relationship with the I know there's trials on in my life I may not be alive when trouble comes but I know I cannot meet these trials in a Christlike way with out having a relationship with the father writing so if we come to God comes our father and covenants they looking going to do this every day even if only for a minute I guarantee you all your stomach is good panels one minute one minute will go to the three four elected he'll tell you what you told me that I need to set a rigid guidelines known our dear Hotmail in work against you and work I went right back into no mind lack of relationship just gave up on the whole thing for probably a couple years the reason I'm sharing this pass is because about two years ago almost almost years ago today concerning our birthdays August twenty ninth and was right around my birthday am using my Americans amassed only on one in eight years all I know they are the problem of America the mass my relationship I know you live our lives emerge the Bible and the Bible are go as you I felt as Carolyn any know some people know that story I realize you are trying to get it signed and grew it not to sit down somebody on Adobe wowed about my knowledge but in a knocking because reality was withdrawing the Bible study we just couldn't summon the wrong one showing in Christ love of finally North America Mass. my grandmother on her deathbed in way over on the general house my mind was a mess anxiety stress here down down the mind higher as expansion issue experience cleanest thing people you can reach it my Treo look back look back at all think that God didn't like when you were right with him and usually credit for as for staying with the lead us what you doubt the look back to forget how God led us in the past to the point slowing down at all it's a credit or cover cells begins our testimonies for myself I made you want there's one thing I haven't tried that existence and I praise God I couldn't focus on more than a very diverse regional over and asked me to write a thought of my had a machine gun noted Aladdin finally I realize I'm still alive and is not given myself I committed out years ago that I'm not missed a day on my cleanest and where we change the palms in you do will commit not today maybe not enough variance you can avoid that maybe aren't many things in your daughter they just try when you have a minute and how many must die the father 's presence in our home how many believe he is in your own humanizing the husband getting up getting ready to record his wife any right by the door lock the outdoor life then there is money not seen a work docs you mainly think and act like humans in trying to get disabled on your it does not make sense for us to sit here saying that God is in our homes we want not in our home to walk out the door without saying one word Ms. ridiculous you can make your estate states if you don't even communicate with somebody living out home unhealthy narratives unhealthy family I'm not saying this to make you guys sat or stressed out her miserable and I want you know that this is a biblical teaching but with me again the same chapter exes chapter sixteen at this chapter sixteen starting in verse seventeen is in the children of Israel did so and gather some more and some less and when they didn't need it within Homer either gathered much had nothing over and he that gathered little had nowhere they gather every Mac porting to his e.g. and Moses said let no man leave them until the morning this is key notwithstanding they hearken not unto Moses but some of them left of it until the morning and it bred worms and staying in Moses was wrong with them how many of you here are his how many are her family how many of you probably really family and sometimes yet aware of an urgent alert neighbors can you imagine you got twelve jars and accounting no whole arms and your neighbor not those that authorities read is ridiculous right absolute in a gap I steered online tried on a analogy really sick person not a store out worms and cabinets and give those your neighbors but he wants not the Bible 's illustrating here if you get up and hundred of us and on Sunday and take us and carried to greet you all got no other money and some nutritional value those worms but it's not really convinced people to come back oftentimes I've had this experience for years I had this experience of the house twenty five announced a young present in our twenty eight are my friends accompanied eighty nine this and that I was out I was an Midwest spiritual things on my mind I think you'll can like listening understanding crime in the ready the other ready murder so in my mind I'm drawing this roadmap unites involving no bulldozing some things ignoring others and in my mind I like playing up an association with and I was exactly does your I will try to get them from where they were in a depressed state skip over the relationship with Christ that I didn't even have somehow bring undecided market-based antichrist Nizoral is there this is the time that we get a minimum stinking worms it's not that bread is not that I'm regretting not want us to get the people and what's interesting is Amana it involved some so you're getting air Saturday morning Jan and the potluck meal foods scarcely speaking but you have in your cabinets are in the worms don't think that coming to church on Saturday is not sure inspiration told us that if we don't have a daily relationship with Christ he will not yield us and you this trial has taught people not talk my family in the past I believe that you have it on no longer hold this position in the passage and settle not have a strong relationship with God in heaven you know he's really need a rest but I'm in a miniature you may be laid to rest lifetime but I honestly believe that there will be many people that look anonymous fire like writing oddly dressed and ready to worry about me are that God one last days at will instead of the late rest because whatever situations that involve they will be the most vilest offender 's persecutors not utilize a is not a safe place to be thinking that we on our own disconnected from the father on a daily basis can hope to aspire to a deeper relationship with and without any kind daily network consistently and yes even while the canopy from across dance I believe that all my heart but how many people to be lost in the process normally by passing on Macintosh goes the story one of the saddest stories ever heard of a man father actually in use data modeling and he glides the plane you have shown the truth and very Christlike living when positive outlook confuses truth in a related story but things you history you know what I'm young and I do have fun you have been mounting would you believe a tornado came through his area 's family is hiding what are the last words that he said to them as don't be like me go to church how much better would have been for him to set an example he died in left and right behind how much more peace would you have sure them and convincing probably he was late he never had the opportunity to lead his wife and his children chart consistently he did not have the peace in his mind knowing that they were reaching down that path friends we need to have a consistent relationship with Christ because it does not know our person may become a unique telemarketing our relationship with the father and the asking almost like for you how long you been anytime you were housing your life needs a well you know I know a lot about the Bible so you know I don't need to do for you you need to its ridiculous authors it's no wonder that people go through this life doubting the love of the father because the very people are speaking him include myself in this the very people they claim to be the chosen of God but more like the government God enclosing as it passes go three to Isaiah chapter fifty is a chapter fifty verse four I send you his secrets this is this pass is exited I suggest you read it awoke early business of this chapter is taking a this means that the Lord God hath given me to learn that I see no need a word in season as a freshman and no ones geared to him at his query is waking in the morning by morning he went in my ear to hear as the learn what is to say says the Lord God hath opened one year and I was not rebellious either turn away that friends reflecting back on the past Mark one thirty five I knew each day-to-day trade all that we are still even get up out of the room they assumed most of the oxygen in that night you get some fresh air you still being that the lumber that you are an incomparable warm cozy room he went out to the solid-state placement rate you do not turn that way behind the relationship with Christ now is rather odd analogy twenty sixth we find the story when the saddest stories of Scripture but God knows how to think a sad story in front for good these bigger than the devil yet one of the saddest stories and scriptures found here beginning in verse thirty nine twenty six says and when they had sung a hymn they went out into the metabolic anxiety designs of them all he should be and shall be amended because of me to start for it is written I will smite the shepherd and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad but after I am risen again I will go before you into Galilee Peter answered and said and him that all men shall be offended because of the yet will I not given Christ scene where he was in his present state of condition is present standing with the father says this verse thirty four Ortiz is verily I say unto me that this night before the cock crow doesn't deny me right if you mean nine funny story of Christ went back and forth where we any consonant if I can sweetly and he asked here specifically who profess that he did not want to deny Christ they could you know watching trading insurance nine dictation he was telling him what you need this is what you lack in his relationship with the father that will prevent you organize me to start this coming time friends when you come across this on to get enough looking verse forty five forty three it says and he left then and went away again and prayed the third time saying the same words then teachers disciples and said unto them now and take your rest before the hours at hand the Son of Man is trading to have this inner strength time when she lay we made love coupon sleep in the parable of the virgins are all lead to differences somehow the Holy Spirit summer space-time the word I pray for each one of this year that will spend time at work and closing and I wanted you guys hanging the Randall and his family were reunited at a by some miracle we were able to find them on a crowded beach as luck would have it they were right there waiting for him it's time just it's time that we stopped at stop passing our brothers and sisters by and be like Jesus they are there waiting for a kind word a concerned look they're waiting for someone to show them the file we can know the father 's LOI says in Merrimack the page seventy six only by knowing done dear John and Mary Meehan but many who profess to believe in Christ do not know God they have only a surface religion they do not love God eighty nine studies care father had your love usually demonstrated a desire to have a relationship ship with your son I pray that we will claim your promises and we will be like Christ with the more earnest desire for more like you I thank you that you are not willing that any should urge that all I think you that you didn't leave us down here wondering discovered floating through life without any direction you give us all the direction we need May each person here tomorrow morning wake up spend if nothing else only wanting what you have complete peace and politics of guilty when they walk away and let her know that that is truly all that they can handle and take one minute and multiply like we did the loaves and fishes help us to show you to the world Jesus in


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