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4. Why the Mess

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI



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and regarding your Bible to EV in chapter six and the page number is ten thirty seven one thousand thirty seven by the way I decided not to use the Bible myself I want to use my own Bible is the King James is not the result are away from what you're reading in the new King James but it'll keep you from messing up what happens if I read the words and then using dates but my mind remembers the King James and then I can alter the tripped up and I get all entangled that the two versions together and I think I'll do better well maybe I will but anyways on to try to do better this evening so you see what the title is what a mess that's what the title is and I'd like to begin to ask by asking you a question have you noticed the mess that the world is in today 's the world the Internet yesterday all the while you suppose would happen if the economy would collapse worldwide all of a sudden would it be a mask you know that the people out there predicting that the economy is going to collapse altogether within a few months at least within the next year at either people who apparently have all the credibility that you can ask for and they're making this prediction how would you like that happen within the next year it would be example at an annual I really don't know what to think about it I really really don't know what to think about what would happen if the natural disasters would come upon us so quickly and so frequently that we could possibly have enough money and accept a deal without the visit with all the disasters and and to call with what's happening what you think would happen then what would happen if diseases would crop up new diseases would crop up to which there are no cures at least foreseeable you are and so many needs either that coming out of the way that we don't know how to deal with the holding you think that's even possible for China will decide to go to America militarily would be nice man and that Israel attacks attack Iran and then expects a medical combat in the way that we get started in the Middle East I would happen if global warming is just a political exaggeration or is not a political exaggeration what happens if a madman pushes the nuclear button one that madman or another happen if Venezuela population comes to the place where there is no way anymore to feed everyone lives on the school what happens if anarchy should arise in America you know what anarchy is now that's the people rising up against the government and taking over what happened during the French Revolution you know what happened on the tabula rasa they got tired of religion and they got tired of the king and the queen and all the corruption that was out there in the religion and in in the government and the geek beat me wipe the slate clean of all these people it was terrible all the rain up there you know that it could happen here in America using any of these scenarios out of the question now now is it's amazing what a mess we would have let me tell you we have amassed now notably we do have a mess now was to blame for all this mess we are in and I was reading the other day on the Internet then it's kind of a magazine on the Internet is called real clear and it's real clear medical real clear of ministerial real clear whatever real quick and in I read in real clear politics President Obama was telling a crowd in Seattle that Republican state isn't it is best to stand on the sidelines so people will forget what I didn't estimate for these young Obama said the idea that the electorate will forget who businessman you think Republicans don't have their own spin on the screen as it was to blame Wednesday Google I think one side is blending the other side and yet decidedly provided it happens that way all the time anyway I returned to the Ephesians chapter six were going to be looking at versus ten this is page one hundred and one thousand thirty seven were in Ephesians chapter six I wanted to know that there is actually a solution here if everyone in the world would accept forecast of the words were going to rehear everything would be fantastic and is willingly begin to heal the world is no doubt in my mind that the Lord by his spirit would come down and would be able to work to every person in the world and we would find a solution to every problem you know that God has brought a solution for every problem in my always true my God shall supply all your needs you got a problem he has a solution you know that he knew the probably wouldn't want to have from eternity even brooding over this from eternity he knows and he had a solution for your problem that long it's a wonderful thing to be a Christian as far as I'm concerned I wouldn't be anything else I've been a Christian for thirty seven years let me tell you what I would never know I don't know where to go Jesus asked Peter this is in John chapter six understandable but people were following Jesus yet seventy disciples at one point and then he began to preach on the fact that he is the bread of life the people began to realize he's not thinking or talking about it the kingdom is actually talking about a spiritual kingdom was interested in a spiritual kingdom the turned her back on Jesus and walked away Jesus came to Peter and said we will also you remember what Peter said where would I all you see had been when Jesus is just long enough to know that is nothing better anywhere else in the universe and beginning to you with what I go to identify turn my back on God I may as well commit because I have more security in God than I ever had in my life I have a God who takes care me I wish I had time to tell you stories I could tell you stories till midnight maybe not tomorrow out with Asian Ephesians chapter six looking at verse ten and eleven and I'm telling you that if we understood is that if we lived by wholesale all the people did what a difference it would make finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might put on the honor of God that it made that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil you know what it means while some get what is that anyway tricks that's right that's what it means the devil is tricky not only is it pretty thoroughly deceptive and smarted and what we are and you stonecutters that all the time all the time and the Bible says hey you can know districts is what it says here right now what was well born we wrestle not against flesh and blood we wrestle not against human being but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places you see what the apostle Paul was trying to say here all the trouble that is carbon as well this caused a lot of levels are down below there and are working the angles every angle trying to cause more trouble than we think it was usually the one is a one person and Ms. Spears in her ear and he is the author Frank said in the right then he whispers in his ear read you know and then we look at each other as enemies and we fight like mad and is the devil is working both sides from the middle he does that all the time and we need to know his tricks then we immediately instructed to prevent his sense of electric got by weight of evidence is the very next book he does go to the right the survival to the very next chapter to wedding anniversary this does is outfit I think it's my model that's how I want to live like that a lot if we could manage to each one individual here in each individual you could manage to live by this verse you would be ready yes there's no doubt about this is that he instructed to looking at verse three let nothing be done through strife not writing down quite among yourselves or vainglory but lifestyle but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves one thing you're listing everybody else better than yourself what happened if everyone in the world limousine everyone else better than themselves if you treated everyone that way if you look back to everyone you meet with nappy something like the politicians did that without a losing campaign out of the data then it would be a very high decibels you know it's amazing to me and I think I said this before one of the earlier night was amazing to me among politicians that claim to be born again you know why they all claim to be born again because they want the Christian vote that's all that's the only reason how can a man claim to be born again and then despised the man he's running against him and talk bad about him and talk down on him and went over I think I got all kinds of names in the event is that Christianity requested to live there is no Christianity is amazing it just turns my stomach I would like to write a letter followed out what happened if the Republicans esteemed that the Democrats alluded that the Democrats esteemed the Republicans of the letter to let it actually could work together instead of instead of fighting each other all the time what would happen if they collaborated in trying to solve problems rather than trying to maintain this position and their and their and their color there their position against the Iraq dev platform thank you and back yeah and by the way in the first it doesn't say that everyone is better than we are enough to say that at all he says that's how we are to treat the is it possible to treat somebody that's not better to you as if they were better than you why not you are the Wilson I pay what you can win some if you're not result you can adhere adamantly to be with them is to treat everyone like they are more important than you are what a blessing that would be what the church that would be is your church like that all else so I'll anyway the question is often asked if I was loving it God is powerful it is so wise why doesn't he do something about all the suffering in this world good citizen while we often have to answer that when I was about eight years old I really don't know I was eight or nine million and ten I just don't know I was very young I we used to go to my grandmother 's house all my grandmother had a grandmother to Wii is another that has inundated every week it will open but on New Year's Day we had a meal with every one of her children and grandchildren and that wasn't you and every New Year's day at lunchtime we all had a huge meal together and what a wonderful party was younger this this particular time and I don't know my uncle was there one of my uncles uncles were there but one of my uncles daughter was very very sick it was his daughter but it was a spoilt child in any case and she was very very sick and I remember she was very racing and so I must have said to my uncle and have faith in God or something it really just like that and my uncle blew a few and he went on the red that everyone that he did not believe in God because they can be any guide and what kind of God will let a little innocent just like he's suffering and on and on and on and on and I was there you know I was very very young I really don't have any have any religious instruction really in the depth of my heart I knew that I could not meet his lunch I knew that I could not meet his lot but there was something in my heart that fed God is good and and even if I don't understand why this is happening I know that there is an answer to this problem I just don't happen to know the answer is not amazing that as young as I might have been that I could actually reason that out that way there was losing that puts that in a person 's heart even a little kid 's heart was thought to be a God in heaven because he is his logic was unanswerable but I still knew the opposite even though I had no spiritual instruction I knew that God was and I knew that it was an problem then we didn't have the answer well anyway in the sanctuary model we don't find what I'm talking about addressed directly in any case the site where your mouth is all kinds of things that are hidden in there the other dimensions that we don't see the Internet in that thing now we don't yet all were married where you know your father sitting from this thing here when using this failure what is the unavailable that you are close enough to see it what is the best Angels and his angels on the inside of that sale also known as Angels on the ceiling of the latter route by the way and it was angels everywhere in there now I want to do notice that there is no angel outside of that structured you know why because this is represents heaven this is the most holy place in heaven that I mean the holy place in heaven that's the most holy place in heaven and this represents outside of the outer court and it represents the word that Jesus did here on earth across and his baptism of course and all of that is the Angels that we didn't guess it can't find you know that you exit is looking at this chapter thirty six at page eighty four Exodus thirty six looking at this age and never look at verse thirty five in Exodus thirty six page eighty four and every wise hearted man among them that rock the work of the tabernacle made ten curtains of finding twenty million and blue and purple and scarlet which Sheridan 's job is not always another word for Angel and chaplains are cutting were made he then and so God when he had to make the sanctuary at Henley Angels all over the curtains and all over the ceiling that simply just something are you an heaven while Angel neither of these angels are mighty one angel you remember one time in the Old Testament one angel came down into a hundred and eighty thousand men in one nine not as pretty powerful right that's probably just Ginny is Angel it happened to him verse thirty five I think anything of the blue and purple and scarlet and fine wine women with Sheldon 's Mejia of cunning work now if you go into the most holy place you'll find right there is the most easy and on the mercy seat there are angels also we can see that in this chapter twenty five versus seventeen twenty two X for this twenty five versus d'Este seventy two but with the seventeen to twenty two and thou shalt make a mercy seat of your goal to give it than that shall be the length thereof and that Cuba has the breadth thereof and a half hour late to Germans the goal of the workshop I'll make them in the two ends of the mercy seat and make one cherub on the one hand and the other chair by the way chair of the other angels bear the closest angels to God and his pay at a attending angel that's right which versus that first nineteen yup and make one cherub on the one in the other chair on the other hand even of the mercy seat shall you make it Sheridan was on the two ends thereof and establish a stretch for their wings on high covering the mercy seat with their wings and the basis of that one to another one committees each other faces of the faces of the chairman 's being and thou shalt where the mercy seat above our opinion the other doubtful with the testimony that the ten Commandments that I shall give the and there I will need the human deed from above the mercy seat between the two cherubim which are on the ark of the testimony of all these things which I give the income and the children of Israel study the picture here although there is the mercy seat isn't just any of the chat there is the ten commandments the ten Commandments we had transgressed and God said that's where I want to meet you now this author here's all the operatives as an exactly an altar there and all our players rise with the righteousness of the offense of God the Christ's righteousness so that they can be acceptable to God this is across from the veil that is probably little closer to development we got in the picture here so that were actually meeting right there in front of their and I said that's where I want to meet with you I want to remind you that there are commandments in there that you have stress mess I want to remind you that those consumers you check them would make you happy that there is nothing else in this world I can make you happier then living by the way I tell you that can you imagine there's a God in heaven who knows what is best for us he tells us what is best for us because of how to succeed each other thought to be healthy tells us all to be happy and we hope you and all those restrictions I just want to do what I wanted to yell all parents are we don't want to get together so we govern they can do certain things and they have a connection to have a fit because they want to do what they want to do and they don't understand the unknown that were just being children you know what some of us are big and I wish we understood there is a God in heaven who wants us to meet with him right there and he wants to you what to remind us always in these ten Commandments for our guilt less good but we broken him and because people in them of course were lost and so he put a lid on it he calls it the mercy seat which is indicative of the mercy that God has in dying for us at the cross of Calvary and on top of the mercy seat are two Angels attending cherubs powerful Angels the Angel Gabriel is one of them who took the place of Lucifer who used to be in attending chair one and powerful those angels and those angels were told in the book of Hebrews are there to help their ministering angels are ministering spirits it says there to help the people of God down here in this world let me tell you when you give your heart to God you've got power on your side that's not saying nothing bad will ever happen to you but up to you what whatever the devil throws at you God will be there to catch and return it to your advantage this is my testimony this is what God has done for you from the house when they maybe I'll have the opportunity to tell you all the major revelation chapter for Revelation chapter four Lisa doesn't have that one picture on the screen but you can turn turn to chapter four the reason I had done it originally that way is the sad Chapter four Chapter five already should be just one chapter John the regulator John the problem is brought out in spirit into heaven he's into heaven and then when he gets into heaven there's an open for him he's already in heaven so the doors opened into something else which happens to be the sanctuaries of the doors open and he walks through and he walks into a scene to Revelation chapter a look at verses one and two I do this I will and he will was opened in heaven he was already in heaven for the door into something else these already and have any another doors open and he walked in and of those laws which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me we said here computer from up here and I will show the things which must be hereafter and immediately I was in this and behold the throne was set in heaven and one sat on the throne and we had a judgment seat will go now to chapter five remember this should be the same chapter one chapter five hundred looking at verses eleven and thirteen what I'm trying to do here is to impress you with a number of angels that exists out there after you are I wonder how many angels I read somewhere that God is replenishing the Angels that fell out her know that that fell Lucifer took one third of the angels were going to read that in a few minutes and God is is waiting for a specific number of people to be safe they can bring to have it so that he can make up the number that you lost which was originally there were how many people you think movies coming I assume it's a big number I sure hope it is wherein the word revelation chapter five what looking at verse eleven through thirteen and I beheld and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and he said the others in the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands saying with a loud voice where he is the Lamb that was slain to receive our riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing and every creature which is in heaven on earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea and all that are in them are you saying blessing and honor and glory and power beyond to him that sits upon the throne and unto the Lamb for ever and ever you know that as long you know that there's singing you know that this is called the language of heaven you know that if you turn in your Bibles and every time or search the Bible through to see what they say what people in heaven say that it's always thank you thank you thank you Lori on her Majesty belonging to an end to holy holy holy is always on praises and praises and phrases you know that if we want to go to heaven we better learn the language down here below is the lamb worthy of our praise well we wouldn't get there wasn't for the RAM and it was indeed I landed upon the men come is not good is that I wonder why there's so many people that really don't want to hear that there's a God in heaven all that look at him as if he is a cruel creature it's amazing but there is no cruelty at all as a matter of fact our God is a wonderful God wouldn't it be wonderful to be in heaven would be a safe place to be either think what friends where you think the trouble started in heaven for you think of the community good person was committed in heaven as soon as spread havoc all over this world after that so the question is why didn't God do something about it right from the very inception that make sense to you with a man in Texas he was a linesman I guess something similar to that anyways he was in a basket on the long boom that he was working on electrical there went up in the air and he was struck by lightning and the lightning kingdom right out of the bucket Robin Robin obviously was apparently heard that point and he ended up in the hospital for months and when that will be decided that if you would course outlined to his insurance so that they could date a medical bills but they said well that I call that you know we didn't do that it's an act of God and so then he went and he went to court adhesive the insurance company and the court agreed with the insurance company is an act of God he decided that he would sue God and there were about fifty five judges in that city and so he filed a suit against all the churches of that city well one of the pastors of the church decided that he would write an article in the newspaper and in the article you wrote that's not an act of God that's an act of the dental believing well through an act of the devil but do you know that God is sovereign you know that means that God is sovereign it means that God takes the responsibility for allowing his children do I mean if you had a ten -year-old boy the GNU all your over all yeah about that even a thirteen -year-old boy could do this thing yeah a thirteen -year-old boy who took a stone and broke the windshield in this electronic door on your neighbors would come for the uncomfortable for the father over the father why do you think because he's responsible for his family and you know that God is the very same is true that if the devil that caused all that problem but God is sovereign and he accepts the responsibility for everyone that he's created in his universe is not amazing you can see that in Isaiah forty five Isaiah forty five this is phase six forty five Isaiah forty forty five the number for the page numbers forty five LL universes by seven God is God revealing himself here verses five to seven I am the Lord he says that there is none else there is no God besides me there is only one God I learned you know thou hast not known me that they may know from the rising of the sun and from the west that there is none beside me I am the Lord and there is none else there is no Oregon even emphasizing that year I will delight and I create darkness I make peace and I create evil nugget is that you told your Bible but as the King James here and it says I reason I created an evil eye the Lord you are always things that God create evil using what he's doing here God didn't create evil but I was accepting the responsibility for evil existing because he created beings with the power to choose and he knew that at a certain point in time these beings would exercise the power chart and might just turn against him and he let it happen of course does not create Lucifer to be evil now now not create Lucifer to do evil know but look at Ezekiel twenty eight now this is seven hundred and fifty seven Ezekiel chapter twenty eight were looking at versus volatility seen in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight by the way this is talking about Lucifer and it's couched in in the symbolic language but this is whom is talking about and you can prove that by looking at the text and the things that are said about the individual is talking about here so where is where in Ezekiel twenty eight verses twelve to fifteen in the lamentation money right away yes I'm a man take up a lamentation against the King of Pirates picking up viruses assembled Rosenberg Son of Man think about lamentation against the King of Pirates and say to him that they are the Lord God thou feel at some point we limit everything you now have been eaten now not many people in as well I've been eaten but Satan has been there the garden of God every precious stone was by covering the site is the Pope as the diamond apparently on a suggest further sapphire the emerald carbuncle the goal and the workmanship of thy Travis accurate and I was prepared in being the David and I was treated created him thou will be anointed cherub he was one of the coverage chair of their back cover and I have said he so that upon the holy mountain of God I was not locked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire and I watched I was in the high ways from the day that you were created until iniquity was found in the malware that uniquely come from did you know that this is an illustration now heal that it was God who created rates the offender will not ask a question about God created great greatest good for you why did God create great wealth the Bible says what God created great city Isaiah sixty five and Isaiah sixty five I would looking at their station this is a six hundred and sixty two six hundred and sixty two this is Isaiah sixty five and were looking at verse eight and you tell us why God created right the hotels are either stop in the UN is not important but I wanted to see how important it is because I can use it this evening as an illustration verse eight that they have a lot of as the is found in the cluster and one said this is not the destroyed it right for a blessing you even so I do for my servant 's sake that I may not destroy them so God created greatest to be a blessing and I think a lot of your blood salvage her hemoglobin ever goes down get yourself some great juice is drinking it and you can raise your hemoglobin count up by it there's richness in the great now what have been done with great well-being squeeze the Nevada sugar to them the fermented envy that a chemical they made alcohol and they are violent process destroyed the blessing that is great and have made cars out of the blessing that God has intended and you know what happens with alcohol that he ever had at the experience of living with an alcoholic a lonely living with someone who has no control over what he drinks and does violence in the home and is all kinds of things that can go wrong there accidents are caused unless medevac accident on the road have a degree of alcohol involvement in their rates and murders in disease and poverty cocreated the graves and he created grace to do that now you create those that are to be evil now I think really Lucifer as a good angel and a good angel named that eleventh up the good angel had the power to choose and one day he decided he had enough of being good and now he was going to they are late not amazing but I haven't been in verses seven to nine revelation twelve roses seven to nine is amazing that you wouldn't think it would be wanted haven't but there was water in Revelation twelve seventy nine and there was water in heaven Michael and his angels plot against the Dragon and Dragon five and his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven there you are and what happened how many of the Angels got thrown out of heaven I think you can see it in verses three and four and appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon that the devil having seven heads and then on than seven thousand on his head and his tail drew the better part of the stars of heaven by the way stars on a single in the Bible of Angels or of ministers so that the height of the stars of heaven the angels of heaven were Kathy cast them to the earth and the dragon stood before the woman which was rather ready to be delivered a lot and the third part of the Angels follows her after the water they were thrown out go to Matthew thirteen page eight hundred and sixty two in Matthew thirteen looking at those twenty four to twenty eight Matthew thirteen eight hundred and sixty two another parable put he forth that's Jesus saying to them the kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field but while men slept his enemy came and sowed tears or weeds among the week and when Wayne will blade was sprung up and I really then appeared the weeds also the service of the householder came and said to him Sir didst thou not sow good seed in your field where the week the weeds come from and he said to them and enemy has done the servant said to him will thou then that we go and gather up the weeds and you know what Jesus said don't do it last you are root the week with the week in order there is a lesson here you will ask yourself if God created Lucifer and Lucifer made a devil himself then it was up to God to destroy Lucifer I mean wouldn't that make sense to you and start all over again while I is wickedness but he answered the question right here in the parable of the tears in the wings I mean of the week in the weeds and he says no because if I start pulling out weeds of Michael of the week when I'm going to allow the thing to do go we have left it goes on to more explanations in verses thirty six and thirty nine here in the same chapter first thirty six to thirty nine then Jesus sent the multitude away and went into the house and his disciples came to him say because it was available that explain for us the parable of the tears or that we in the field he answered and said unto them he that sows the good seed is the son of God so God is the one that so the good seed the Son of Man is revealed as a world so there's only here because you are the children of the kingdom of God by the tears of the weeds are the children of the week at work the enemy that sowed them is the devil this is the end of the world and the reapers are the angels becoming God is going to sort out the wheat from the weeds in the field you knows how to do this is to send the Angels to do it but he's only going to do it when we are ready why did Lucifer turn against God if you go to Isaiah fourteen Isaiah fourteen when I read this is six hundred and sixteen six hundred and sixteen Isaiah fourteen Lavinia is as well in fourteen the question asked by their numbers well Isaiah fourteen how are you fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how do you cut down to the ground that is to the earth which didst weaken the nations for thou hast said in thine eyes I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God that's all the Angels I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high I will be like God now why in the world even think Lucifer would not be satisfied with what God had given him he was the highest angel he was the greatest angel he was the brightest angel he was the strongest thing to see that absolutely everything he was second to none except for God are you the triune God the Trinity God himself he wasn't satisfied with that can you imagine he wanted to have God strong if you have been God what would you've done here they come out yet but you see God couldn't do that God couldn't do that imagine one day he will come to choir and the survivors of earlier and very waiting around to sitting around in the zip is not bad one of the angels that had nowhere to run a measly one of the Angels and what haven't you heard God tell them to be desolate and got the zodiac of the light will is that right we go to these interviews because if we do something wrong God will give us as when they had been working worshiping God out of love all of a sudden now they want to worship God out of fear and God said no that's not good I can't have that in my universe and so what God is doing is allowing those other two eight two to reveal what his government would be like what he exactly like what he would delete you live in charge of the universe he is allowing the support to make that demonstration are you happy with the demonstration that Lucifer is making you happy with all the suffering and the disease and the dying and the waters in the pain and all the rest that goes with the nonsense that has come within no I'm not either let me tell you something it won't last it won't be forever now you and I might think it's forever the problem with you and I is that we look back six thousand years with a influence alongside while lesson you have Nvidia six thousand years and even if you are eighty years old today I assume being it is on used open with a pretty short time on earth don't you think I'm sixty five and unthinking wagoner I just thought it anything to five when I was young I thought if I was really really really old as well I do now life is so short and that should want another hundred years and believe me I don't think it will as a matter of fact I think we've got video but it may be that I will die before the end you know what by the next thing I'll see you I will be resurrected there maybe sometime fast but I won't feel the time without now I won't feel the car and listen God is allowing a demonstration to go on and we might think it's long time is not a long time you can't live a long time your destination this time no matter how you look at it for you and me it's a short time so they'll get impatient about this event is coming for all of us in Ezekiel twenty eight we can see the end of Lucifer I mean Satan Lucifer Abby Ezekiel twenty eight seven hundred and fifty seven seven hundred and fifty seven eighty two twenty eight were looking at verses eighteen and nineteen we can see the end of Lucifer not read the way the new King James region I don't reason I don't like all this into their content and God is speaking to Lucifer Satan that are defiled by sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities by the iniquity of thy traffic there or I will link the fire from the midst of the shouting I really and it will really need to ashes upon the in the sight of all them that behold the all day that nobody among the people shall be astonished at the now shall be a terror and never shalt thou be anymore I love that really because it's true is coming up time that a five goal arrived right from the midst of units that he will benefit from the inside-out now and he's going to be ashes on the ground and ended creatures that have been created that are not lost but one of them down and be astonished at the power that this individual had any has no more power no more power it's all over remember when this happened when the universe is satisfied that God is good and evil is bad but God 's way is best when everyone of the universe has made a final decision some are and some of the enemy when all that has happened the end shall come Revelation twenty one verses four and five Revelation twenty one verses four and five wonderful from and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are passed away all he does that upon the throne said behold I make all things new and he said unto me write for these things are true and grateful how do we know whether will be part of the heavenly gong where they were going to be found in heaven you candles is metadata several places in the Bible it says we can know a boy shepherd boy was hurting a bunch a sheet on the side of the heel on the other through the valley on the other side of the hill was his friend and he was hurting a bunch of sheep there is called each other by the way I just live in this is in a country called Lucid to the little bit of a land locking it's a landlocked country in South Africa it's called kingdom in the sky because it is built on mountains and enlisted to all the shepherds are called her boys there from the time their five years although there you know when there was a machine gunner horses and whenever else they have all kinds of animal there and they called to each other from mountain to mountain 's amazing voice boxes that they develop the is really amazing I don't annoying sometimes because there's so much noise from yelling from one mountain to the other you what is I suppose any doubt that how they develop your link I have no idea but the hard drive in the loop as any other Chevrolet others yelled at the Shepherd Blanton on that deal with all of their sheet with a mighty storm a terrible storm in the Valley and on those mountains and so the Dubose found shelter under an overhang of the mountain there was a could be saved and they waited out the storm this time was over all the sheep were mixed and try as they make a separate issue there was no separating them because if she does want to help you understand and so they finally got frustrated with that being and they decided not to Yangon home console and type of the present was already about another traveler and what you think happened to the sheet the machine follows the guidelines issued new who their masters were there she knew who the shepherd was the know who your shepherd is whose voice the ear John ten twenty seven nine fifty eight nine hundred and John ten twenty verse twenty seven my sheep Jesus is speaking my sheep hear my voice you know that means the word of God my sheep hear my words we speak words would voice right that's what you say you have the word of God in your hands you want to know your way to victory heaven Jesus said I am the way no man can get to the father but by me I'll tell you how to get there listen to my voice was in two my words now someone might say listen I know right from wrong you think you know right from wrong someone might say well you know I go to the charge of my pastor is my guide really I do this on DVD lately and is it English by Disney and all these wonderful little movies and an animation things editing push in this league is to tell young children is restricted at home follow your dream really is not that I will play Sinatra was already say I did it my way and you come from my family you would hear them say it was good enough carbon arrows it was not enough I guess it is good enough for me let me tell you something is not good enough for God God has another plan he really really guys a problem chapter fourteen verse twelve he says there is a way that seems right to a man when the end thereof is the way in Jeremiah ten twenty three says it is not a man that walk it to direct his involves the reverse side leaned onto thine own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path friends you know I guess the disrespectful for that which you are doing I don't know what it is you're doing by the way you know what I can say this there is a God in heaven and we may not always be doing the right thing as right as we think it ought to be we have decisions to make there is a God in heaven he was willing to guide us and it's a risk to ask him to do it but when we asked him he will what around blaming God for all the trouble that in this world the trouble wherein he will fix it he will fix Indiana were going to be on one side or going to be on the other was responsibility you think it is where you end up careful walk with God while asked him to guide you and he will do is make a decision any kind of this is be willing to follow God wherever he has to follow I'm not asking you to follow me and I'm not asking you to do it I think that would be one human being following another drive uses a human being there's no doubt about it but the devil is to know as you don't ascertain for yourself what is right you could be deceived and if you think you know you are smart enough to know what is right then you are missing if a man thinks he has something learning is nothing he deceives himself this is scriptural Galatians chapter six verse three would you like to show the Lord that you want to follow him if you do we decreased that will let us pray heavenly father Rod were were just human and were faculty in many respects were very weak we don't always know right from wrong up from down by we know you you make no mistakes and you promise that if we acknowledged you you would direct our path you promise to instruct us and teach us in the way we should go used promise of our asking you to do it just do you know the people that are in this room you know who it is that has that have stand to not know who they are this is that this is a commitment this is a prayer in and of itself we ask that you would guide us in this media was brought by audio covers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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