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6. Life Line to Heaven

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI



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I didn't I would need to sign one hundred and forty one on-site review of the apologetic but anyway were studying like lying and that the title that were looking at like-minded heaven Psalm one hundred and forty one and the thing that I've been emphasizing the thing we want to continue to emphasize is that salvation is found in the cross of Calvary salvation is always down there there's no other way to find salvation through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ that will looking for salvation anywhere else once you found salvation of the cross of Calvary Belleville Beijing that if you've arrived because you haven't arrived and he is not even sanctuaries serve as you'll find out that after the cross there is a liberty netting and we make a commitment to the Lord by baptism and after the labor legally enter the sanctuary by faith which represents heaven and in that sanctuary by things like the place where we need to do three things now it's amazing that the thing that that we need to do anything but he gives us exercises the three exercises in the holy place of the sanctuary by which we can be sanctified by which we can grow in strength spiritually by which we can be witnesses in this world and by the way we are just like the work we are not witnesses as I want to bring people to salvation and then he working himself into the people so that you are ignoring will become like Jesus and actually become like Jesus we become different from what the world is God wants us to do that three exercise is that what we want I is a holy place of the sanctuary we find a table of Shabbat we find the altar of incense and we find the beautiful candlestick that you never whether they shall read is all about yes Jesus said I in the red underlined and in Matthew chapter moreover is more he said Man shall not live by bread only but by every word that he got of the mount of God as we may like Sam we need to be daily on the word of God so that we can become more and more like Jesus well this morning to evening of anyone on earth will I look at the altar of incense the night I sure do sound one hundred and forty one were looking at verse one in Psalms one hundred and forty one and this is very good says the Lord I cried out to make haste underneath you hear my voice when I cry unto me and what is needed doing while Ukraine and look at verse to let my prayer be set for the party as incident of the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice and I wanted another things here the author is asking is teaching us not only letting it necessary for necessity in prayer we need to pray another thing that is more specific that is trying to teach is that our prayer is not acceptable developed sinners prayers are not acceptable to thought and you and I are either lost dinners are same as in we are sinners and operators are not acceptable acceptable to God except the next week because of Christ's righteousness and you are right and I don't care your question I don't care your heathen you've been praying for your bloom of a players are not accepted not even unchristian unless we know that our prayers are mixed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ because we don't we know even though we have salvation everything we do becomes all because the unit you know that your righteousness is not your own as right as you write you are letting your vision is based on what he has done and not what you have done and you know that whatever you do while you but I won't think I'm not if anybody here wants to question that thing come and see me I got a quotation for you all that you are the alternatives is called the golden altar also the reason is all that is all it was made of acacia wood which represents humanity and it was overlaid dilute your language represented fifty five Chrysler for humanity and validity were combined there at that altar Jesus being divine came down to this world to set aside his divinities that invited godhood and took on our humanity and humanity and divinity were confined when we are human and he is awaiting Jane anything is to receive the divinity of Christ the divinity and humanity must be combined also and there are some people who would like as they looking at the standard advised that you are in no way there's just no way we can do that and the argument is wrong I'm just he and you are just human you are not a Christian because the Christian is not just a Christian combine of you get humanity we can't didn't eat anything I didn't even use a hour to go ahead and reach the standards that are absolutely impossible for you to eat she reached we can see that in second Peter chapter one go to second Peter chapter one and we effects there that shows us how this works second Peter chapter one were looking at personal whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises much more well that I mean these precious word of God all in waiting promises that I mean you might be partakers of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust by the way that the only weakness and corruption that's in the world is to receive God 's word a power that exists in God 's word gives us a slightly needless incorruption in the world now you know that Jesus of course that the authors write for himself came down to this where he had hidden in the already and he set it aside to take our humanity into their life as you and I have diluted with the same equipment we have so that he shows us how it is possible rest to succeed as he succeeded particularly needed John chapter five John chapter five actually does not exist in spite of the fact that I'm taking it again always excited me because it leaves us with a promise that he would believe it would accomplish amazing things you just watch out for my Motorola series of up versus that are in the end very exciting were looking at John chapter five the beginning of verse nineteen a sense what we're reading then after Jesus had said to them verily verily seriously seriously I'm telling you I sent you the son can do nothing of himself isn't it amazing when it is to me I thought to come down and say I can't do it on you now government by the time they reach about the time when they can say anything but I finally did you just about it you think but it is in some yap what I don't have been any good examples into a position where he can say I can do nothing of myself look at verse thirty I cannot might also do not think why you say that well is very easy to understand we don't have to turn to John you certainly John fourteen in John eighteen we have to act famous writers rose five and John Chatterton he said without me you can do nothing is better our rent was Morgan Drew and I have proven that burst through that again anytime without God and after the next short Institute and Jesus knew what he was saying and he said that to us and is true about and the reason he says about himself I can do nothing if the nineteenth of June down to take life as we happily and if we can do nothing without God and he put itself in a position where he could do nothing without his father is out and that's where we are now in John chapter fourteen relating adverse in view relieved that I am in the father and the father is unique the words I speak of you is not of myself know what but the father that dwells in me he works the that John fourteen percent the father as well they need he knew it where did Jesus work great miracles in this world now the father as well opinion hating the work he did the miracle on fascinating are you able to do great miracles all you a lot I was there I preach to the lifestyle yes every morning I a lot more morning that we can preaching to the life of your and how I wish I could gestate in the name of Jesus Christ being of that cancer has walked through the door to heal them one after another judge how continuity and found many wonderful while it would be wonderful at all now I wish I would become popular we should probably just like a thousand dollars a person and I only spent five minutes to each one we got a name that isn't the way he is over there anymore and eleven small lifestyle not go back to doing is anything involving done and so they must retain what it is they're making you and I will you wouldn't want to love you and his plan is to teach them how to live life so it is something in living life as a weekend in an but not now look at verse twelve and that's that that's a kangaroo court Bruce Lowry John fourteen verily verily I say you he that he will see that exercises a unique works that I do shall he do also and greater works than these shall you do because I go to my father is that true you believe it then he lived and related note they can enter into consideration the times in which the way God intends to do things exactly sure what I'm going to do not denigrate yourself to the point as to say you know what I would do that for me God wouldn't do that need no no that's not right hey is doing the thinking Jesus did but in reverse in divinity came down on it we are genetically go pick up his nudity and inability lived because he gave a demonstration Jesus and live in him not his father was willing to can't we do it may not be taken at his word this is what this is trying to teach us when I asked what God gave us his word he and his word has power and we must recede we must eat the bread of life that we might have by these the promises his divinity in John chapter six verse six agreed on during their the just value he said there where the ICW they are spirit in their life in his words the power is just right there and I how do you know that you are our liability John fifteen looking at her seven John chapter fifteen looking at her seven if you will buy you need and my words about meeting you you shall ask what you will and it shall be done on you you see it need to work the ego or receipt the word in Jesus 's work in your heart and body Lord Jesus comes in the Holy Spirit and in a Vanity Fair which when God is there but you will let another word grasping prey that's right that's overspending you write a much-needed break you all out you know there are people who feel like they don't know how to pray just asking the question Utah that's what is this talk never found anybody to talk about he thought about that ever concerns you talked about everything that you need not be thought about the life you're living Doctor data values all inventions are you just talk to God in the negative the longer you do your prayer will cherish them forever and from there you be noted that a man of prayer woman the process might not want now I wanted to share a story when you anywhere despite I'm about again this famous story about a hockey game that I haven't been well there is actually after the second world war you understand there was a Cold War developing between Russia and America after the second world war in nineteen seventy one Jenna offered a small gesture of the top genital wanted to relax things between the two nations is much as they could so they offered to lay the Russian a game at tournament of the hockey L well and that is that any Canadians were not allowed to play their roles this was about to be sure they are playing against amateurs in Russia the problem with that are or think I will share them are professionals but under the topic of the manager and all that in their airline or the Russians and love anybody else because the Russians just like the isolate everybody in every nation that is likely to get beaten like nothing and finally even the Russians when visiting and they decided to demand that he got to break the Canadian professionals actually wanted to be the group is negative the Canadian web goal is Professor at this is going to be easy because we invented this game is on our game and we don't really imagine that I know Russian veto all well and good I cannot than eight game tournament games in Canada for gains in Russia the young lady came and the Russians beat the Canadiens seventy three thousand Italian something was wrong the latest nation is not practicable out on the street in any city in Canada and everyone was walking around with bags over their figurative is that you thought about being embarrassed yet well but that is not the way it is not good that you always do that when you think the Bible say that you did you exhaust yourself you'll get not down and you've you have a result you will get the right not that he will get you up he already found that level of every individual and resignations even with nations he does it and he didn't of course over there you can count on it and in our cried when I is one thing will start shooting in a video medicine in the second game Canada Russia one and and I know in the Russian one I again wherever you want to do is I was due to the Russian wondering the beginning and end time and so the Russians were winning he was later everybody would arrest him and in the fifth game the Russians once again finds that now that is with their backs against the wall that they have to win every single game let in order to win the tournament and what were the chances that see how strong the Russians were playing there is no way that visiting with the right well in the next game the Canadians won three to June and is hitting Canadians one thirty three and we're down to the last game in Canada has to win outright it's just finding me and he got into a fight the Russians actually more more goals than Canadians and that would account in their their son Canada had to win the game outright five hundred thousand working underground in the mine and I went to work and it was time I came into the lunchroom and then again was already on his letter that he had already gone to the third three again it had already gone through the third wedding of it and I sat down then and I say how the game going and I remember when we went we want to know is why three and there in the last chapter Canada scoring three goals in the Russian storm that will let all our lost planet backbone and by the way I never really great or Molina ever or will it be the law is that now that I have never really great one of the nightmare in my seat with all that I want to brigade in the brain I set up a prayer to heaven and I think more how many Communists are praying a communist operator to this comment is outside that I really did anything it is against the wall is him away at least one Canadian mind and I do that unless you win the game and you know that God respond he told me I don't know how he will but the opinion of value that is why announced everyone in the lunch room again is in the bag and then visiting and everyone went like yet all I did a new Internet banking hours are going to win they didn't believe it it doesn't look too bad it wasn't enough time in the game and all the rest of plenty of time for sure in the game anyway ten minutes later whatever is already in the lunch routers or three thousand feet underground not the phone rings and the effect that escorted any high for a nice sense to me you are right now this don't have to score twice more you know and about five or ten minutes later I don't know that they are long and irregular violating and clarified that we have to spend one hour and in less than one minute left in the game until you can understand about about about about about about and you don't get you is that all early to that that know that in the net beside you I believe in the monotonous baking in Canada deliberately so that I added an extra note later on the ice in a roundabout and with thirty four seconds left in the game all Henderson a born-again Christian Paul Anderson put the puck in the neck you can imagine what happened to the probably trashed every city in the lovely issue the problem is that the point of all this is that nobody knows who won that game I know you all the goods of the matter I didn't go in general and if you know that God didn't for me to do that kind yes he does in the mingling that what God will be no help thinking that you're going to go outside their impregnable bronco than the Broncos are going to win the being in the Super Bowl I was Africa yeah now it doesn't work that way I stress this point I interested in your salt in US theaters you really want to know something in your spirit he would be willing to follow yet he is anywhere near as important is that it will be young children he will do it you won't do it just because you want to win the Super Bowl that doesn't work that way God is not in June nonsense he really really this in God was willing to cross and to suffer internal validation on your Q could it be a lot easier just me not you yeah yeah for sure God will do anything except force the ball of people in in the bottom you can make a history how many times did the Pharisees come to Jesus in faith shall show a in there and we will be and whether you gave he was even working miracles every day everyday they wanted something a little yesterday it is important that the order was plenty of signs to be seen out there every day Jesus was working a miracle and yet wanted another one they want another one so they could be they wanted another one out of curiosity and find something wrong with it somehow you will learn one of the network are we valuable great things he will thought maybe going in the right direction and apparently I was going in the right direction I was being drawn by the Lord and he was willing to work at a strange miracle in order that I might him closer as long as there's very also noticed a new granite in the member I could reach in Bulawayo seven hundred miles from where is I didn't intervene in Zimbabwe were living then you design my wife and I think other people I was just newly elected president of the of Riverside and so my wife you want about available away with mingled my wife always wonderful where you are going to the new question eyes you want to become so how are we going to go a while but I think his writing is integrated more young American who don't need on the great as everyone always on the car and so that an accurate value kind of had a choice and so we decided we went and got the advantage is where having a train leaving Wednesday evening at six o'clock at night we showed up at the train station think about my disciplines I will doubt in Zambia and of course the frame length is a good thing won't be here till nine o'clock which is not so bad because it differently had been there they wouldn't it would have been late about twenty four hour busy but anyways it was only like three hours or or or or maybe seven hours I'm not exactly that in it it came in at nine o'clock the problem with that team was that more than three hours and we were waiting for the drink the resulting aneurysm to get there they were so as a result until that is done at the guide where we were waiting to steal the infield not until the people I want a tradeshow that and people are hanging out the window now fortunately this is a major stations of a lot of people actually got off the train there and then people started running more than that everything is just all just met everyone just charging ahead five my life well we won't get arbitrated we don't try we put our backpack on and we waited about an and now we had bought that God wanted her latter also and I think that the begin thinking that there would be seems in the great batting second last there is no state is just one big open car everyone and not everyone had been a car that we were in that I was standing on one one what you want anyway they got going at about everything that it would stop educating more people like me without the people but it would I asked the guy standing next to me I love that they could get Livingston which is halfway to the layout I'll get about twelve hours and I would like all of our I understand I'm not at all hours doesn't often happen you know anyway were so going on and everything that is taking more and more people about an hour or an hour and a half down the road I sent my wife just got my what a great thing and I've been on her a lot so she left her fact that Wendy and she's been out to people in either New York or her in any case in the meantime I cannot record added that these be Rao will you promise you I promise you if you leave the straight I promise to get off that was my promising on that incident where I had I just didn't care you give it everything I want all the okay and guy that was there my wife came back later and she was over there by the door will be exhausted the fact that over the heads of all the people in mind in her backpack both in Iceland and about my life she found a place in the last and that nothing in one of those anything it was the aisle and that these could sit down for an hour sitting down and trading going on tracking all it went all the trinket and he was an alien and that there was a call off their hinges and him everywhere my wife and daughter in the middle of the window looking outside and I had better get up and you know that they follow very banana a solid black and drink finally stopping the rocket back by open the window I climbed out of the train and I felt a lot like Acinetobacter and she is human of the door I don't rely one of the window at the new document window but the vast and we go back I can see that where we going I'm not okay was the year of the industry and I am in fact we are confident we have left and so we started walking down we walked for twenty minutes now I don't know exactly how long and the person you know the train is coming it's like what the world weather data that are leading edge and was coming that left his radio either going to find some help and they thought they didn't want to ride and we said yes and they made a climate on the present and rain practically no thing like they were standing on the vanguard and were going on technology and you have never experienced anything as exhilarating as this one you know how areas in the locomotive get on the track is Asia's going that all this power behind you is just like in your governor are always wonderful is really really doubt while he went to ten miles and a pound of telecom and exercise they want to go and so we said well okay where are we and what we have to do is walk around while Matthews you try out on the left super dark I don't know how was your trail anyway but you'll find a trail and climb up this trail will lead to a road that is eight kilometers of the time okay so we can become an adrenaline on the route my wife sent me to kneel and pray I won't live that way anyway she in a manner so she may be held out as red we knelt down and they and the very thing you know as soon as we denigrating her voice and yelled about midnight I think about this time and two men walking down the road and we can get them talking though he later them to get here and we asked them which way to go and of course it was on the site that I had said we go that way is that it's eight kilometers the time I thought you giggle over the mountain is only a kilometer page one of the individual to take us over the mountain and he did and we went for the product that is not anything that is not an related with a lot of carjackings so there is no legal driving at night and there is no OEM down again on the pavement and said Lord we only need one carbon on two cars one is not just an monthly and five minutes later a Mercedes the German fan in the Mercedes and you can wear yellow well going to reside in a Riverside and therefore any go back to Riverside back to our house and we were back at the very segments where we had started a whole day 's adventure was not at time when I reached the word something yeah so then I say we have to ask ourselves okay I will today when I went to the same message over and so this time we decided we had some wonderful experiences there like I said the other day that's where I met with the first I knew that those leading the way and then he wanted to come home with us because we had such an adventure to tell and he wanted to have an adventure and we came home with us and was the most boring and get you you know that there are conditions where yet there are in the very first condition to prayer is to I do not answer prayer God you are God does not answer prayers because we are righteous because we are really just because we are active God does not answer grayer because we are not answered prior to eat you loving and will answer your prayer to blog viewed himself we had some friends who are we were visiting one time and we were telling them about that as we were telling them about the help message and are we really need to do to help message in the regarding of the lake we only did you get a good thing is that it has nothing to do with salvation you can order you don't have to do it and then we can put the thought answer all our prayer you know what they were saying but answered their prayers and that they could prove they were saved because answers their prayer not recognizing that God was answering there prior to drive into salvation rather than because they were saying they didn't understand the and I wonder whether after they lately feed our selfishness and he honors them that honor in at how it works cortisol sixty three Psalms sixty six I'm sorry of the early longer than usual today overnight at food were in Psalm sixty six out of ten voters eighteen in Psalm sixty six if I regarding the wiki in my heart the Lord will hear me I took that word to the Hebrew concordance there on the meaning of the word now actually to whether regard is a French word it's a Latin -based work and activities to see or do not act now the connotation when as a Hebrew meaning of the Hebrew chocolate it gives to the word in any case it says to look at the Journal the ceiling we join the pension and share and then enjoying the inlet some kind of rally that the very thing that hurt God that very thing that is driving reagent and gone we'll call you that prayer when you can pray prayer and cherished in thing but it doesn't work all over James chapter four looking at verse seventeen in James chapter four therefore to him that now to do good and do not begin in is seeing and so you're doing something you know you should be doing there is another version of IPO in August after fourteen verse twenty three Romans chapter fourteen verse twenty three it says there at whatsoever is not of faith in what equivalent of this person saying the same thing just in other words did you know but here you are expressing an undelete that he is a tree of knowledge ethernet three and he said while one officer says that they all be like God hot heat from the street and so too good not getting what you did not have any weapons that the whatsoever is not of faith is in whatsoever you know you and you don't do best and also how to listen over to Matthew chapter seven Matthew chapter seven you know that by heart in Matthew chapter seven verse seven wasn't that the another Hebrews that ask and keep on asking and it shall be first they are everyone asks and she's on asking shall receive verse eleven yet even being able to give good gifts to your children how much more shall your heavenly father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask and keep on asking in a letter in prayer meeting that we don't get a direct answer everybody immediately when we ask and because I like to answer that prayer he might be happy to talk to somebody in Russia and answered your prayer to begin organizer and to give you the thing that you're asking for so they'll start asking the Lord hears our prayers go to James Jakubowski something very similar James chapter four relevant verse one promise come where is infighting among the company now has even of your own lust that war in your members you last and have not e.g. elicited desire to have and cannot obtain you find and where yet you have not simply because the euro is not amazing young but is also possible that this you can see that in verse reading you ask and receive not because you that you may consume it on your own I want I want I want to some people whose prayers all I want I want I want like little children in the grocery store you never that illustration of the ever seen the children in the Rosie 's birthday what kind of children children you know are are are are born with carnal nature they want what they want and sometimes we get you staffing and a lot of children have parents that enough discipline their children is other going down the aisle and they want this and they want that anyone visiting walked out in the heartland is what I is you might be abundant and I wanted that is not there can we find is scheduled by the end not anything the league but it does one has to be done there and he walked and walked and walked well I had at least some that regard when we were as you in the near New Orleans used to hang around my neck will I make my life so met and you and I are trying again I have yet all I cannot have that and we went and found it was far far worse than we would go into a message or whatever you would really knew it was all fine and I will rank and I have and my right became really long it was her knees not my favorite I decided on a plan I sent to standardize the knowledge on here on out and everything you ask for a very big Mama in getting your head when you need something fast and everything you will okay a Philadelphia time to go back down we know you are a stormy weather grocery stores you would start all Jindal Genio that is you asking them in the shower somehow she got it figured me out and she never figured out how she got what you want without asking into the workings of the work and settlement all two weeks to belong quiet and be we could go to sound like I'm finally getting a treatment plan for the rest of her doing whatever revenue I could do it and she was running without any shut this thing right by the way there was a young couple at the meeting when I said this the other day they came back immediately to anything when I was racing themselves in derivatives that are and how the very thing they want without we went shopping and left a restaurant and eleven W anything you ask for anything for that very thing you're not going to and found a weapon found in the beginning was like that and I just a pleasant name even the restaurant they had no right to the rest that anything are going to be anyone wonderful about your wonderful when getting a call at the number three on Guinea is a factor in the fact that Mark Chapter 11 Mark chapter eleven three hundred and twenty two twenty four in Mark chapter eleven and Jesus answering said under them have faith in God for verily I stand you that whosoever shall say on this mountain be thou removed the outcast the disease shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those things which eat that some of the bath he shall have whatsoever to say that is not a promise in that wonderful you could actually go outside here look at that mountain and got to move Daniel of your private bag I'd like to see this because I'm female mood lately not not lately not ever know what you think God is trying to say here I mean the weather is similar that we can understand English even if you do not go in your heart and being whatsoever ye will do it outside and down the mountain will let me know doesn't work doesn't work that way God never meant the work that went something as I was knitting your mountains of difficulty that's what he needs okay so that the lifestyle center some people there with mountains of difficulty mountains of the hotel around the move is accurately display get out of that lifestyle and to get out of the property is ignored on this world even do it in our work now Rodney you know you can get a corner try hard to believe in all that you legally restrain a Hindu prayer Linda was the visit of the corner and concentrate on meeting unity and concentrate hard enough and they will levitate well that's all it is levitating the table in order to propagate I will be on the one microns they propagate that of even know that these have not trying to you know that mountains will move you know that God has promised me to the revelation is that it will be checked into disease you can well believe it will happen because not sent and that's how they were worse by taking God at his word eighties I thought it will not need to move a mountain is not valued in your account and use them in the mountains he was little and you make a because he will do that from God honoring straight on his mercy and his belief that God would like to you no way he will not light airy promises true in every promise is true you and I had a illustration of idleness of James chapter one James chapter one said he however going first live what a tremendous problem in this promises to every soul in the world gender and Christian alike this promise belongs every person in the world and I can prove it at least I can explain it very fine either any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that gives to all men liberally and upgrade not that is generously not looking for all NIV and it shall be given in the notice year if you want anything if you lack wisdom in anything and you want to do it God 's way it doesn't matter your Christians it doesn't matter you're either I doesn't matter your communism doesn't matter you're an atheist you may want to do and God 's way and move your blog to do it that way God will noon was brought in God one of the answer that I'm rare but here is a matter they all looking at what may nothing wavering for he that wavers is that of the sea driven with the wind and talk then let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord eight dollars minded man is unstable in all his ways and what is a double minded man now we can use in the vernacular we could use the word to make him a menace to a pediatrician one day and even then I didn't do very he you want to do everything that I is working on a charge that the whole minded there are a lot of people who would like to get all defensive and double vanity light is present in heaven that the whole minded and this is what this is not to know the level and Carla and vision and that is newly as far as I'm concerned that is the greatest all acquire of answered prayer is the greatest qualifier one needs to be be on in vivo be humble all along the call before you second Chronicles chapter seven and fourteen second Chronicles chapters that encourage or team wonderful verses that I finally seven with dedicated event dedicating the Temple that he has done or the Lord and the letter during violent prayer answered back and here is what God said there's working in my people which are called by my name Christian shall humble themselves Bartlett is what God wants once humble people and then the rest of the verse describes what it means to be humble okay the horses about you you know people which are called by my name shall behold and being on the radio know that prayer in order to grow you need to be humble you never have anything of anyone if you think you can do it yourself or do you think you have to yourself you know the thing that you've already thought and so in order to pray you must be humble you must look at God is greater than yourself and that powerful in that outing and more lives than all the rest of the story of my people which are called by my needs on themselves and pray and seek my face I don't acknowledge any and all the way and turn from their wicked ways and here's what I'm going to do I'm going to hear your prayer I'm going to forget your resume and I'm going to heal I'm going to fixing this this is any night event as Varina really tell the story all over again but for the sake of the recording I have to do myself I gingerly Valley October two thousand and two when I accepted to be president of Eden Valley rally was all and the departments were to some degree mostly the red and within six months we were in the black praise God not because I am a business person because I'm anything but a businessperson and God sometimes be where somebody for just accepting the responsibility that they really don't want and so God reported an event or three years in a row I really miss five hundred dollars a month three years ago yet rated the stipend by three hundred dollars and everything was wonderful until I pray a very specific prayer and I said not least glorifying knowing that he couldn't do it all I knew we couldn't do it I still pray the prayer God we are fighters already that we you knew that was too humble neat and so I gave them permission from the and I soon as I get everything began to go on the everything began the love you are here to experience a wonderful time I want to go through that again I wouldn't do it with it either because he was so instrumental in God and were humbling this guy in anything we as a retirement center in this room there were times when it was absolutely long and you think it would remain low you would think Seventh-day Adventists which is a growing population by the way would want to come in here don't you think they'll is in a beautiful countryside across the just invited me in everything is at in this and you think that's what people want people to come and are older people by the way so they began to die one by one and there was no way replace I just couldn't find anyone come in so we were losing them either by diamond leaving one by one they were gone and got fewer and fewer and came to the place where we were losing three thousand dollars a month and we decided what there was even a time when we close out the lifestyle center is six months there was a time when we decided that two hundred fifty thousand dollars a quarter million dollars on on agricultural equipment because God said he needn't even education and agriculture and that the children all you have to do is agriculture God is going to last evening of quality value I not only did we spent a quarter million dollars in investing on equipment but we were losing three years in a row something like a hundred thousand dollars that is not that impressed with the case of the front I came to the plate where I saw myself in reality to be an accident in absolute absolute what it was a brand-new you have to make everyone on the team I ever did anything like that in every year like I was reading was not as they need me there was not in my life and the upholding the and then one day that I create a certain prayer he removed himself from the unit have been making that he just revealed himself as soon as you will let was in the worst page one hundred and forty six paragraph zero is when God lets a man have his own way it is the darkest hour is you want to have your own right I know what that means I know where that leads and I am no longer interested in having my own really really because I know what on earth sparking well there is a way that seems right to amend but the end thereof the way of your Jeremiah Sanders one three it is not a man that walking and directing that we might think we know what we want we might think we know what to do but it is true we don't acknowledge God in all our ways he cannot direct our path are going to find out where it leads and were not going to be happy with this but it's infinitely rather strangely a half hours every day and hour and a morning 's launch lineup an hour after work I was meeting were ineligible straight up the mountain where there was some earlier light or dark it didn't matter I went up the mountain and I spent another hour meeting with Don for the help that I needed at that time now what happened in two thousand and eight you on my economy had already down in July I called whether you will hundred and fifty thousand dollars and Jake may year and found an visit and borrow a hundred and eight thousand dollars I said that I don't have any way to make back in that matter if you fail we can sell the Valley and will pay all back to me all over and that was wonderful and it is not all hundred fifty thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars edited by only using thirty thousand dollars to make payments on the hundred and eight thousand and eleven ourselves a little bit on getting overtime work while I was in in September the economy crashed in my economy had already crashed anywhere in abject problem the Lord brought us just the right it's amazing that I felt awkward and he's never late and always on time but it's never before you don't see over the edge you will get right to the point where and how it is I'm sorry this is delighted that the experience that gotten right that a place where we were done done and it was all my fault and I knew that I would be seeing the bigger the big failure in the historian Robert Taylor called the office either a letter writer letter to your newsletter list and what great I like I've never really letter to my newsletter loosely like all the time while she said another one and I really letter that said I am in trouble I need your help and I describe what the trouble was that we were facing and you know what came back from that letter two hundred and forty thousand you know what help bring the wire for crashing down when they are one lady said a check for fifty thousand dollars a day is all over you know the economy crashed is no point does not innovate you may as well as a are there a lot of friends and people who were never sent us a penny ever just somehow the letter I taking the letter ended just a few letters on that page and mining in the heart and donate some of the people that sent Monday he never in January and by Wayne November got last Los Angeles all of all kinds and encouragement alarming media we have a ninety thousand dollar question out because we pay back a hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars but regular is that you don't apply thousands are working as our values honor glorify himself that he now in January there was not one soul that signed up for the lifestyle was like how no one's going on now is a good idea in the idea was of veggies usually of course had heart problems there really and and and the production manager of EA Murray had prostate cancer let's give them both up realized standard and radical units of time and the executive committee said no way I wouldn't be there there's always people working at me again why should we give to people of recession winners all those other people that's not fair so let's given everyone and I thought were going to we did it I will never really anything everyone began to compete Valley and it would be on a donation basis I saw the loop however these people were satisfied in what we knew they're not making a lot of money and there's no way to import price that is installed this isn't going to work with you know ending Monday the first month of luck will get money that was February two thousand and nine that he made when life it was amazing it really is and within three weeks CE Murray one answer three went back in this Asian I carried the world and you'd be young again threatened that he is real and he did a documentary of Eden Valley in our documentary show that on here and we had three interviews on the air also in the poem began to ring and friends and going very very well I was in the morning and of course since that time sometime during that first year besting even into us he was twenty years old he was dying of cancer and die we became friends we had vital studies together and when he was leaving the mom he said the lack of England is what I is amazing twenty -year-old Madonna Young on the abdomen the other kind because we get eaten Valley hundred thousand dollars and she said yes and did and then when he went to the Mayo Clinic and was going to die and he asked if I could do you know and we did that and after the general feedback to another year later the same individual bonus a check for one million dollars many of the greatest gift that I have received in the staff of the are London's water of less than what you know that you can have lots of business you know that it will really really bad if you don't have the right in the people you have are not taught the people doing the no all-out bag in the lab of the Lord changed all that also as you know we began working words are master plan and we know we get the master plan on time or manner not but it came on time and then Aronoff to gain additional two hundred thousand dollars would work God has been keeping honor on on on this year over and over and over again and someone might say wow what a leader law and credited them to instantly for chairman of boy sitting on a voice asked to speak all over the world of the dark all I am in constant criminal when I humbled myself enough in seeking space and turn for mice in years my prayers abuse my sin and exist my friends list in the sanctuary model morning and evening sacrifices offered by the People's and the prayers of the people remain acceptable spelling pregnant of Christ likewise we should meet with the name of one thing sending our prayers up through the merits of Jesus and our conditions of course prayer are not answered because he obviously not ask God for the things that belong and we ought to pray you turn soda bottles you see here is the media was brought by Audiovox website spreading worth reading audio and much more to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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