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8. The Books Don't Lie

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

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at first Corinthians chapter six instructor things and usually I have something to read need versus what I wanted to write into the birth will be talking about the judgment that the title is all about the book all my books don't lie there's both in heaven and the Lord is recording everything is everything you'd think everything you do and the books known by word first Corinthians chapter things were looking at persons to and three do you not know by the way I'm reading from the King James and what you have in your hand is the new King James and by the way to base fifteen I don't does anyone here who still need that but still and all there is based on fifteen instructors elsewhere looking at verses two and three do you not know that the saints shall judge the world and it will shall be just fine do not ID unworthy to judge the smallest matters know you not that you shall judge angels are much more things that pertain to this life is over given permission here to judge another person 's in the Bible that says judge is not that you be not judged we cannot have that but we're not going to go there is Matthew chapter seven versus one to instead just not that you be not judged but that is over there you go to look at the languages is condemned not that you do not condemn and with what measure you need it shall be measured to you again and you and I could need judges are like unto condemnation whatever you do give to another you will receive the same verdict that's what I think there however the Bible does not say that we should not judge anything at all there are things easy enough to just if you see someone being up on his wife you can judge that pretty well for what it is if you see someone shoplifting you can just let me know what it is you see somebody whatever you know that we know is dear readers only reason is when we see it in someone else but this is not what this is not about it's talking about their judgment in North America a person is considered innocent until he is proven guilty is it always that way now I'm pretty not innocent people being condemned unjustly yes yes guilty criminals are gotten away with their weave their crime in this world in this criminal system that we had today how do you like to fall into the hands of the criminal justice today while I value what I want to fall into the hands of the criminal justice because people out there who have work to do if you have an agenda and they want to look good to have a reputation and you have a career to build up and sometimes they just do not care who it is that your visa long as they can in the given somebody other than jail and the reputation is great and the people languishing in jail then can be innocent is that possible all is not only possible price eleven DNA have been some people innocent as medevac quite a few people innocent in the last few years now this of course happened to Jesus you know all about that pilot said remember when Jesus and then and I will be investigating this case I said to the people I I know I in him as the pilot was undoubtedly right now he didn't let them go you know line because they chose the Pharisees and the scribes and the leaders of the Jewish nation they came along and they cannot listen here you let them go friend of Caesar and I thought all go there I just can't risk my reputation on this and so he condemned an innocent man the problem with that of course that he was not just an innocent man he was the son of God and he did not get a fair trial now there is a difference however is not in heaven who takes care of my life all things together for good for me I just unjustly but there's again God in heaven who can handle this ACL is living and that all things work together for good to me even if I judged unfairly as well as how it was for Jesus Jesus was judged unfairly but it was all in God 's plan it isn't that what in the world generally in the well generally if you don't I leave you with the perfection of God and you find yourself in the case of an unfair judge or using an attorney or lawyer or what might be you may be judged unfairly and is really really really felt the scientist by the name of the automobile this was sixteen thirty three -year-old what happened to him you have to look into it and what they discover how well I found that I discovered that conventional innuendo laced conventional wisdom in those days that I will and sounding like you to propagate this finding amended by the wonderful binding but if you accept that a refusal to discover the powerful wife is a review for the telescope because they had an agenda and that didn't fit into their agenda now I don't know what their agenda what I haven't taken the time to look into it but they condemn Galileo because he discovered something they did not want discovered at that time you imagine that all the women at the Salem witch fifteen ninety do you think all these women that were hungered for this paper whatever happened to them you think there were all guilty now now about Nelson Mandela nineteen sixty three to sixty four get already spent twenty seven year him when he has the start do I insult Africa is listening upside down although we could talk about O.J. Simpson nineteen ninety five the event trial where he is having is that I don't know about me call around him she feels about it I like to feel anything about you and when these trials going on in the world people are glued to their television sets I think she will want to know the outcome it's almost like you're watching is a you is so much who's innocent and who's guilty but who's going to win who got on Smart who in the vein and people watch these things like they were soap operas are likely were they were sports games like that yet friends at the same time there is a trial in progress right now the judgment is that the books are open our destiny is in question right now is that an important file all it is we've been looking at the plan of salvation through the sanctuary there is right there and we've been walking through the site you are right we start out there in the well we find ourselves guilty of sin we think the language represents the love of God takes away the sin of the world we can cross over Uruguay all days we come to God this represents God we cover the Jesus and I am the door and we find only here justification and we want to the labor and we find ourselves committing our life to Jesus Christ through baptism and then we entered into the sanctuary which is by faith because the sanctuary is in heaven and there we find ourselves eating the bread of life and and praying with the righteousness of Jesus Christ attending our prayers and then we become the light of the world and wonderful exercises that God is and so that we can grow and become more and more like Jesus we've caught all of that so what is next week I guess this is the past three years while it the vision and we need to cross to the other side that's what we want to do what is the model of the site right she just next where does it take us next what was it doing to our Christian experience this is what we want to find out this is what what what we want to learn and so this is what is going on here on how that is going to take some time really I don't message by message were going to develop what God 's intentions are for use people in what we call the holy place of the things right that's what were going to go okay well in order to do that I'm glad you join with me to Daniel chapter seven is a space seven hundred and eighty seven Daniel chapter seven seven hundred and eighty seven in Daniel chapter seven Daniel receives a green now in order to talk about that dream I need to set the stage generally in an evangelistic series one start with Daniel chapter seventy with five which Daniel chapter two but I don't have time to do that then you'll chapter two I wish I had time to do Daniel chapter two it's a wonderful wonderful Bible study I hope you can study it on your own if you've never studied it before but let me tell you about it to begin with Nebuchadnezzar 's king of Babylon he receives a dream God give him a dream but he forget the dream and so he called in all his life then and soothsayers and Chaldeans and with which doctors and additions that whoever else he can call in and out of the volume at the same time while because the week that followed the dream he's forgotten what it is all we know that that's really important but he asked them to bring the greenback began to it and long story short Daniel found anything not only into the dream but he encountered that Nebuchadnezzar was the dream is the him that he saw a statue made of metal from the top to bottom and then was a had a little in the breast and arms were also in the belly and thighs were the legs were I mean all that is left to represent all the world empires and by the way you've never studied that you can go to Google and you want to find out that the Bible is right on then you will then fire there hasn't been any world empires ever since that time and you can know what they were they were Babylon Beta version agrees Anacortes the tenant buyer which is pagan Rome by feeling down the statue down to the fee you find out that his nephew has been told well that's not rising medevac check about the night on your feet you'll see you have been told I thought was an attempt to make claim with iron and is due to show that they would not mix together they will not cleave together that's what the Bible says okay so that they represented the division of the Roman Empire the Roman Empire would eventually break up and become ten separate nations England France Italy Portugal Spain Germany Switzerland and three others which were there by the Vandals in the offer which of course were taken away later went on to talk about that in another class while finally individually a stone shows up I cut out and astonished out of loyalty is with great philosophy and the first thing you know it smashes into the year and the stone represents the second coming of Jesus and all the kingdoms of this love in all the governments of this brother two outer and Christ kingdom reign o'er after the fantastic story that sounds good read what it felt well if you know anything about it look up Danielle you know that that vision was repeated four times in the book of Daniel Daniel do demo seven Daniel eight then Daniel eleven as far as I remember in anything in any case are we you find in all of these the same vision repeated using different symbolisms of course and we had the information added details about how involved it just keeps progressing and you learn more and more more about the policies of the future by studying the book of Daniel 's I had to go to Daniel chapter seven verses one to three in the first year of doubtless absorbed by the way this is Nebuchadnezzar 's grandson solo in the end there's been a space of time here I think at the beginning when Daniel interpreted that the dream for letting another I don't know that Daniel is any older than twenty years old at least maybe some of you know exactly how old he was but I don't want between seventeen and twenty years old at the time when I hold that even as a result the screen is a lot visiting and it's his grandson 's son may still be alive because the grandson was sharing the throne when his father in the year of dollars the houses are king of Babylon Daniel had a dream in a vision and is it argues that then he will dream and told us on the matters I knows they can set I saw in my vision by night and behold the reasons of the heavens strolled onto the Gracie and women to win in prophecy means the ways of stipend byways you were strong there is a wind that starting okay it's really depicting war is going to talk about nation driving up our relations on a rise out by military force by throwing the other nation before then and so this is what this is depicting there is a legacy of how to interpret worth seeing them while this does give me a few minutes and the reason is that it may be came up from the sea diagnosis that is different one from another and we will take time to read this is what you look at verse volume by Bill volume when wings it is easy to their week three reason is now in the physics of which one is an seven a nondescript visa being that you can't describe because of no such beast in this world is like a Dragon terrible and destructive this is what the piece is all about so what does all that mean Daniel is perplexed and he can understand and so he asks an angel because he was visited by an Angel and Angel Gideon division as he asks an angel this is fifteen and sixteen Daniel chapter seven versus fifteen and sixty I Daniel was agreed in my spirit in the midst of my body and the visions of my head troubled me I came near unto one of them and stood by that's one of them one of the angel and asked him the truth about this so he told me actually told me and made me know the interpretation of the things that what is it that Daniel one he wanted the center but in the world want the truth now now it's amazing that you wanted the truth I is the truth you is an important I found out is that I got to talk to them about I will go ahead and end the things that belong to the Scriptures and you know what they don't tell me anything anything the video that they will be responsible if they know anything more than a normative they all wanted him to be placed in a position where they have to make a decision talk to me the true I think anyone else they don't understand what they're doing an unsalvageable time with me to John chapter seventeen John chapter seventeen and her seventeen interface nine hundred and fifty eight John seventeen seventeen we've already on the feast this verse out of time but I keep using it I guess because it is the appointment visit John seventeen verse seventeen Jesus is speaking and says sanctified them through thy truth by word is drug that doesn't mean the sanctified something now they can wholly set them apart for holy use that can make them just like Jesus thou can align you that no I can't think about anything you can see it in the cytoplasm through Lycos is a sanctified and forget anything you want you don't sanctify people we rely on only the truth can sanctify a person but if people want to come out and say that they are so sincere well that's exactly change a lot into the truth no matter how sincere you are even if you sincerely believing a lie it does not make a world of difference 's apartment in the desert your sincerely believing that the stimuli we will not sanctify you no matter how sincere you are and so nobody here is not the point is not to sincerity but to the truth and it's terribly important that you and I know the truth what is going on now happen to belong to a church and all kinds of stuff coming my way all kinds of stuff coming my way and you know and like I even hesitate to mention some of the stuff that's coming and every time they do and they don't harmonize with what I've always learned what I've always been teaching what I know from the Bible I satisfied thank you for the study at our developer and Lynn Golden Thessalonica you know why you received gladly to things that were told to them and then they went out to make sure that they harmonize with the word of God and so when people come and tell me that we need to do this or that the other thing I'm not going to mention these things I take the time to study Intuit to make sure it's possible someday I will want to throw something at us that we're going to reject because we never believed in people we need to be careful we need to be careful if we love the truth now if you turn out to second Thessalonians chapter two second Thessalonians chapter two we see this played out also on a different level were not going to tell you dishonest folk tradition is tonight but we will value it is on a British newspaper were all done however when looking at him now the second Thessalonians chapter two this is page than fifty one second Thessalonians two versus ten to twelve with all this evilness of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved what happens if you don't leave it in a received a lot of the true what you want to be just what you want to believe you don't want to believe the truth you want to believe what I believe it was that I got back to put it out of my past is going to happen to me that this isn't true when my wife and I first began reading the Bible we approach the grandfather and we told him all kinds of stuff you know from the Bible we were not very careful it working it out and you is around eighty years old and he said you mean to say all we want is the line your air bag too old to change now now verse eleven and for this cause God shall send them strong delusion 's that they should believe a lie that you want me down to believe that the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness knowledge and Karen God does not have to send any delusions God doesn't have to send a delusion if you don't love the truth what's left of the edition the law if you don't believe the truth what's left of them even if you're not going to believe a lie using you've got about the truth and you got a really and if you don't believe that you know that you're going to love a lie is not automatic that's just the way it is it's amazing letter back to Daniel chapter seven now Daniel Chapter seven were going back it's a seven hundred and eighty eight everyone to continue injured of the property that was given to Daniel looking at her seventeen were learning more and more this is Daniel chapter seven versus seventeen these great beasts that's what we saw in verses four to order whatever it was six or seven piece great beasts which are for our fourteen which shall arise out of the earth and if you look at verse twenty three that he said that there be a shall be the fourth kingdom upon the which shall be diverse from all kingdoms and so you see here that these represent things and you do anything if you don't have anything that I can have a kingdom if you're not getting and so be representing and kingdoms go back to agree with me is three and the great beasts came up from the sea divers one from I heard where they come from problem to see how you're seeing a lion with Wayne now I've never seen one commodity now that I just lay the language here is symbolic this is also dualism is what we see all the tonsillitis as he represent 's right we can see that in Revelation chapter seventy one Revelation Chapter seven if you are looking at verse one and were looking at birds fifteen there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talk with me saying unto becoming either I will show you the judgment of the great war that sits on many waters and so here we find a woman sitting upon many waters and she's seasoned woman of ill repute obviously first fifteen now and he said to me the waters which you saw where the loudest it are people and multitudes and nation and tongue that's what it is and saw the boy least that we saw in Daniel chapter seven rising out of the sea otter coronations working done rising out of a very populated area and what does it say it says multitudes invasions and phones while at that time of course you would have been during the time of the rise of Europe there were more people there than they were on the side of the ocean for sure and probably anywhere else okay that these corresponds with the vision the statues that we talk about in Daniel chapter two the King of Nevels 's goal of making abuses outlined in all that represent dialogue so this is of less value than golf and there is not esteemed like the lion is and so the surrender their corresponded each other the best corresponds to the early iron corresponds to that great metal dragon like beasts in Daniel you need to go back there Daniel chapters seven seven hundred and eighty eight when I look at verse seven in Daniel chapter seven acted as I saw in the night visions and he will play for the red bull and travel and strong exceedingly and it had great iron teeth and you know is in the in Daniel chapter two the toes were made of iron this one has iron cheese and then it goes on to say it devoured and brake in pieces and stamped the residue when the beat of it and while I is from these that working on adding in that Hanoi was just like the statue had been told in this represents the division of Europe and soul out of this point little by little we see that the symbolism really correspond to each other now he measures bring us down to the end of time when you're when the Roman Empire was divided into ten sections we are found in Daniel chapter two that it would likely want to another because he was a mixture of clay and iron there they just were not clean one to another and so we come down to the to the ten horns in Daniel chapter seven and has you ever united now Hitler by and Kaiser Wilhelm drive in the volume five and child of Charlemagne child who Charles Salomé and disadvantages of the a lot easier child lamenting okay he I and others that tried and it never worked it never worked and that I think is the little alien rose up and said in a hospital in Europe now you can young is true now as there is an element in in your right now called EU European Union and they are coming at it from a different way not Windows I then decided to unite over this one currency and I am wondering just exactly how God relates to that I don't know how to relate to it I am watching no I'm studying this thing I want to see how this thing is going to play itself out because they're trying very hard to unite and you would seem to me is the degree of unity of the same time very very frail situation that they have an added value in the European Union crashes financially we are we are deep deep trouble anyway during the time of Daniel of course a stone was cut out without hands and select corresponds with that in the book of Daniel is the great judgment seat that's what it is a correspondence with that so when Daniel chapter seven was look at verse nine and I think the live rounds were cast down and he is and by the way the those who translated the Bible they thought that this was not about the bad guys and so they cast the phone down but I believe you go to the Hebrews is actually saying the thrones were set down in a IPL until the throne judgment thrones were set in the great judgment room that's what it's all about and the ancient of days represent Scott Egan Chin on his throne there in the judgment room whose God was white as snow and hair they have is that your willingness around was like that fiery flame and his wheels as burning fire okay and then burst ten eleven ten and a fiery stream issued and came for William Rowlands thousands ministered on him and then thousand ten thousand stood before him these all angels of course in heaven that judgment was that in the books were opened what was written in the books you know well more than ten are soon special Ya every word every thought every need everything you ever do even every multitude is recorded is not amazing now we might about it really amazing some years ago when there is no such thing as computers and so today we had computers and that we can record all kinds I needed no intimate if there was of course aware I don't record anything yeah well is not greater than a computer is that a problem for him to record everything no problem at all is just the way it is now who is it that's being judged here is about anyway Ecclesiastes chapter twelve this is great five ninety five Ecclesiastes chapter twelve the Manitoba Liberal elite media please call the creature 's name of Solomon he is the wisest man and that the Lord ever created he gave all his wisdom is a fantastic story except all his wisdom it went through his head and then he lost his way and he dissipated away and then when he finally got to his senses when he was an old man and he has run his help and all the rest he finally got back to the Lord and this is the book he wrote after he come back to the Lord is a very interesting book is looking at his life that he has he has wasted and he has great counsel and advice for those of us who come after him whether he had went on to chapter twelve this is where we are he says let's look at the conclusion of the whole thing he's analyzed only and you know is right and wrong he's being guided by it on the part of the Lord of the same dying and so he says in verse thirteen and fourteen C is the conclusion of the whole matter fear God keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man for God shall bring every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil and so everything we say everything we do a remote that we had everything we think is being recorded and when the judgment sits the pulsar open and your name my name comes up I got says okay let's read the book of life is a book not of the chapter we each have a recording angel is not amazing now there's some things I wish I had never said there is something I wish I'd never done never thought there's some motive that have driven me that I wish had never been there praise God that we have a savior you know all that you you know how lost we would need it it's terrible it's terrible God knows everything God sees everything and it's all coming up so in Daniel chapter seven judgments is that the books are opened every deed is under examination when it's all over when it's all over Jesus is given to me he's the King of Kings and he is the Lord of lords look at verse twenty six and twenty seven out where Daniel Chapter seven were looking at verse twenty six and twenty seven but the judgment shall see if and they shall take away his dominion that's from the little horn our government to talk about than some future of future talk but the judgment shall sit in the away his dominion consume and to destroy it unto the NT this is the equivalent of the Stalin coming down and destroying all the kingdoms of this world and setting up Jesus Christ and Lord of lords and King of Kings is twenty seven and the kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the Saints of the most high 's kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey him who gets the kingdom we fantastic try to grasp what's happening now friends in his and happening here under were talking about a time this is where it's happening we know that this is heaven and so the only way human beings can get there is by faith that judgment is set and the people are shocked there we need to understand that that is that that is so suitable to open all the needs are being read in our secrets are coming out and were not there makes it Jesus is given dominion after every regard again Jesus is given dominion after every human cases decided after every individual has been investigated and the vertex is brought up but you try and find you know if we follow the world is not being judged invective now there's nothing to catch all have sinned and come short of the glory of God the wages of sin is death and that's all it is if the people out there have not received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior if the people never come back Thursday and is presented others in in your life right about not being cited by through the word of God you are not the light of the will we are not witnesses all of these things is not linkage is nothing to justify when this judgment is going on is not a judgment about the bill and every individual in the world out there is the judgment of every Christian everyone who takes on the name of Jesus Christ everyone who confesses there is in the bond the Lamb of God who receive into their personal savior then they want to walk through life and when we get to the wall we could double as it were when we get them all and we get to the judgment seen by then let's see you live now to their privileges let me of that received all that I have been trying to give them less even do it openly lets you in good faith openly visit this judgment is all about that's why the external and its products people who are being judged equally don't go there but Ezekiel chapter nine this is because the judgment of the house of God Ezekiel chapter nine because we are the ones that are being God 's got a be mitigated and you and I individual meet vindicated one by one each one individually now that everyone who claim to be a Christian if he really is everyone that claims to be a Christian really urged is it possible that an individual has all the trappings our rituals all the ceremonies and in the end they may not be Christians at all all you it's possible it's look at Matthew chapter ten Matthew chapter ten I wanted to see something there that strikes terror should strike terror into our souls Matthew chapter gamer looking at verse thirty two and thirty three page eight hundred and sixty Matthew ten thirty two thirty three awesome at this meeting whoever I just use English whoever therefore shall confess me before men him will I confess also before my father which is in heaven what will you do that will confess me before the father that when the father looking at my case when the father opens the book and begins to read about me Jesus will be there Jesus is their years on the most holy place of the thinker he has at the judgment seat and if I will confess Jesus before Menzies is that I'll be on your hobby your defender verse thirty three but whoever shall be nine meeting for men him will I also deny before my father we use in heaven and this is not simply talking about somebody going out and say I believe in Jesus are getting out of tracker getting a vital study anything in our whole life is my life and I Jesus Christ as my Savior I love my life honored him in my Christian walk that's the question in first Samuel chapter two verse thirty first Samuel chapter two verse thirty and as you know by heart I love it I go back to it all the time because friends it keeps me balanced it keeps me going in one direction if you look at Daniel chapter two verse thirty look at the last part of the verse first Samuel chapter to looking at verse thirty one regal versus the bottom part it says more than that honor me I will honor and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed out of your life honor God as your one hundred on every decision to you you may use it to honor God or is it too indulges out is your life a representative life this is really what all this is asking Revelation chapter fourteen I might move him because we've got territory to cover Revelation chapter fourteen we come now to the three Angels messages this is after a time when the people that come along areas you can see that in Revelation chapter seven he says are angels of this writing but people are not sealed under court as with the zeal of the living God and Tony Salvatore is well written with the right to win the war between the problem is that when the wind envelope on the Kurt because I think is my servant went with the seal of the living God and our client in order to accomplish that he said three angels with three messages this is where we are in Revelation chapter fourteen and byway in Revelation chapter seven is talking about the hundred and forty four thousand in Revelation chapter fourteen is talking about a hundred forty four thousand if we would receive these messages if we would understand these messages will incorporate these messages into our personal experience our lifestyle we would be enough being done hundred and forty four thousand God would be developing a hundred forty four thousand enough we would become more and more and more like Jesus and then we would be presented by Jesus Christ to his father in August before the throne of God this is what Jesus is trying to do this is that you can wish whether this is why anyway were going to study that's more because we need to understand what Jesus is trying to do is eat while you turn to Revelation chapter fourteen I was looking at verse six the beginning of the three Angels messages there were six and I saw another angel fly out of the midst of heaven on you he's lying he's coming from have you got a heavily message here having the SOS of even the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth and to every nation in kindred and tongue and people the what the angel has an urgent message is laughing by gold everyone loses while not everyone in the world and were part of that program unit and ending October seven saying with a loud voice fear God statement Ecclesiastes and give glory to him for the hour is judgment is wasn't him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters the hour of his judgment is who and when something is when is that while present then it's right now there is a judgment going on right now and who is being judged we are inward being judged out of the books that the recording books of all that we say and do it think as a matter of fact a man must be given a trial before you can be acquitted or condemned before he's given his reward or before he is going to punish you with the revelation chapter twenty Revelation chapter twenty and looking at verse twelve in Revelation chapter twenty and I saw the dead small and great stand before God and the books were opened for the book was opened which is the book of life and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books according to their works was being get here the dead are you think that they are standing before God at the judgment virus and that's the way were it's pictured sometimes I know that they're being judged of that which is recorded in the books they will come the judges will come to a conclusion it will come to a verdict and then at resurrection shall be resurrected and they shall receive their reward or their punishment we see the same thing Revelation chapter twenty two and birds well Revelation chapter twenty two and birth of Jesus speaking and he said behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be well I guess the judgment is that because when Jesus come he comes with his reward according at artworks have been on a when you look at yourself you see a holy person you see a righteous man woman when you look in the mere are you happy with what you see a nevermind now never mind physically where I ever met anyone that satisfied with the way to look at yet doesn't matter how looking I think they are they're not thinking they're not looking to only they could change it or know some you know terrible spiritually speaking are you happy with what you see I'm not I'm not ever happy with what I see spiritually how then are we going to stand in the judgment day this is the victory for more verses here and then we can quit first John chapter one verses first John chapter one verse ten yes we say that we have not seen we make him a liar and his word is not at least in part using are you a sinner author you know I be going to be making God a liar in fact the Bible is true we are concerned Romans three twenty three I keep repeating out all the time all have seen and come short of the glory of God Romans six twenty three the wages of sin the beginning of God is eternal life so who does the get go to good people are bad people that now there are no good people are other people don't you know and yet I don't have time to go there but Matthew nineteen verse seventeen Jesus is what you call me glad there is not good but one that is God how many people are good there are many and so the gift has to go to back people it's wonderful because that's what IM and understand this is a tremendous blessing and so the Bible says if we confess our sins at first John chapter one verse nine if we confess our see and he is grateful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all our unrighteousness is in you first John chapter two verse one minute children these things I write unto you that you sin not and if any man sin we have an attitude with the father Jesus Christ the righteous last first Hebrews chapter four Hebrews chapter four and will go to call it a night even this chapter four verses fourteen to sixteen seeing then that we have a great high priest that is passed into the heavens Jesus the son of God let us hold fast our profession for we have not as high priest which cannot be got with the feelings of our infirmities but was in all points tempted like as we are let us therefore come going well I only because you can know that's why then only because Jesus went to the cross with years to come totally inexact here under the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need from the soil that you need not being used with no in America are everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty unless you've got the wrong prosecuting attorney unless you've got the wrong guy and there's plenty of that so you can't defend on the justice system that we had here but it isn't so inherent in having everyone is considered you in that terrible allow that's just reality that's just the way it is until of course Jesus takes our sins upon himself yes friends listen we can go across we can confess our sins of the cross we can make a commitment and then we can go into the sanctuary and enter into three a.m. to three exercises that leads us to become there are any more and more like Jesus and when we come to this art here when we come to the most holy place of the sanctuary we come to the judgment of our but the judgment is our is based on what you and I have done with the cross of Calvary when you and I have done with why Jesus needed to cross him he died there or see and then he turned around and left us with a room of his own righteousness while you done with the role are you wearing it and he cast aside that's the question that's being asked in the most holy place of the sanctuary what are you going to answer when your name comes up I don't know when that is offering listen us hold fast our profession and when we need help come boldly to the throne of grace there is help for every need that's what set you given your heart you are you going forward we need he began in her now would you like to tell the Lord that you're still undecided this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like this more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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