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13. Sealed or Marked- Part 2

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

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okay me Daniel chapter seven titles after seven as Faye seven hundred and eighty eight in Daniel chapter seven we've been studying together this is number thirteen by the way that the workers outright thirteen times we met together and were beginning to know one another I hope you're beginning to realize that the real issue isn't a mechanical issue the real issue is not Dunbar versus Visio it is Babylon verses Jerusalem is not even the worship of the needs as opposed to the worship of God as that would be awesome you would understand that that's important that it is in use you friend is a great original in the heart of God because God has a heart of love and his issue is that you mean the kingdom of heaven is you is you are you are what's coming because what's funny is like visiting levels of people I don't know how else to say going to be busy most of the people in this world and he does not want anyone busy as you want you to see him thinking that I come here they can begin the word of God as somebody thanks is not as low as it is the one you and he wants you to have salvation so the real issue is usual God wants us to have salvation he wants us to know that salvation is by faith in the gift of the righteousness of his son salvation is not by faith in the inventions of men don't think you cannot be deceived open your hearts open your minds to receive the word of God because that's the only thing that God has in this world besides the people that he uses is his word this is where we stand you are not so the question tonight is who is the enemy who is the and what is the mark of marketability so let's start looking first of all at the in Daniel chapter Junior don't have to find out because I got your Daniel the business review we've already seen the agreement Daniel chapter two and five reveals Nebuchadnezzar what the history of the world would be likely reveal that the Internet bath and he said that he and Nebuchadnezzar then with people world empires before there's anything else is always on Babylon is one of the world on fire need a version of the Roman Empire Greece was a world on fire and finally the pagan Roman empire was an entire ad as you know okay finally we saw a dream that the Roman Empire the BAM Roman Empire the is divided into ten the image that we saw there and I don't just do even though we didn't go to substitute together and he thanked all who are made of clay and iron facility didn't mix it just was not cleaned together over an hour going to Daniel chapter seven and is the same prophecy Athens in the book of Daniel the God of Varanasi as in Daniel chapter two the same prophecy is repeated in Daniel chapter seven Daniel Saturday and also in Daniel chapter eleven but with every route recognition from our information more information so we think of the prophecy that was required reading from Daniel Julie Daniel chapter seven except with significant new wrinkle saw where Daniel chapter seven Outlook advertisement before we meet different prophetic annual chapter four and this is a dream that you will have and the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise and you can almost imagine Daniel going back in his mind remembering a hey I heard something like this before Daniel chapter two there was an image that he had ten dollars and they represented a danger can can kingdoms okay but in a twenty four the fifth of February Daniel Chapter seven were looking at verse eight and I considered a horn that the ten horns which are not the same as it unfolds in Daniel Kathy to I considered the horns and evil soul they came up among them another little horn that's eleven or entered a little ointment comes up among them before whom there were three of the first one by the roots and people in the Horn in this hardware I like the either the man and a mouth speaking great things and work great here mean blasphemers so here's a little horn and invalid entities the horns of the other party other horns or nations I felt a little organization also it comes up among them and by this little horn three of the other in order out in this farm represents a man of the item of management and an organization has a mouth speaking that is the last in the spring amazing well this little horn trouble than we can see that in verse fifteen it upset him as it were first fifteen and it came to pass when when I even like Daniel had seen the vision is fine for the meaning of the vision then behold there stood before me my right with you first on the wrong chapter verse fifteen chapter seven hi Danielle was agreed that my spirit notice how he's feeling now he's breathing I Daniel was agreed in my spirit in the midst of my body and in the visions of my head troubled me and so he was troubled he was upset by what he saw felt why would you think that he's upset for seeing what easy wealth of reasons he's upset now he's beginning to realize that this little horn that's in Daniel chapter seven even if our people are always one thing you don't watch CNN he was using as a secular news about what's happening in the world of the warrior of the war there this is having a nation rises a nation of whatever whatever you don't get upset about that effective and you will have to and you think if all of a sudden you do then you say that you are charged the people you belong to me by another nation are trying to wipe out our church and our people will give you a list of what's happening to Daniel here begun all of a sudden realizing that God 's people which are his people God 's people are going to suffer in the future at the hands of this little horn and it troubled him verse twenty one and twenty five chapter seven and IDL and the same harness the little horn made war with the way and prevailed against that it prevailed against them in Danielle 's thinking on how this is not good you know these are God 's people and are being prevailed against by this entity this little horn which represents the nation verse twenty five and he shall speak that Lord against housekeepers great word that is left in his words against the most high and shall wear out the face of the most high anything to change times and laws and they shall be given into his hand that is the site will be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time well this is that you are discreet but it's not just secular history because now a lot of people are implicated in this verse twenty eight hitherto is the end of the matter as for me Daniel my conservation much troubled me and my countenance changed me but I kept the matter in my own heart so he was all upset by the insane anyone he was not feeling good about this he didn't know what to think about it because the thing had been explained only you know that in the future there would be a question represented as a little horn that would make trouble for the people when that would blaspheme God so here's the question who is this little horn so let's examine the descriptions that we just read of the little horn or at least the circumstances surrounding the little horn we saw in verse twenty four we can read verse twenty four again just the beginning that's what we saw in the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise while we know that when the Roman Empire was broken up ten nations Roosevelt was represented by the cells of the of the image it is also represented not by the ten horns in the in Daniel chapter seven of the ten kingdoms that were made up were made out of Germany Switzerland France Italy England Portuguese paint and three state nation mother wife statement that time is whether her you are relied the Vandals in the Ostrogoths now to go back to Daniel chapter eleven verse twenty four we find out what happened is that another shall rise after them that's the little horn rising among the among the ten horns here and he shall be diverse from the first and he shall subdue three kings so here we have done things but three of them are rooted we saw that in another very fierce and three things shall be found be safe to do that but that in my brain is not working anyway that's what we got here in the following year we have a just want to go back to history the Emperor Zeno he was the Emperor of the Roman Empire that IBM reviewed the Zeno he defeated the hurry of her life in the year four hundred and ninety three eighty after that the Emperor Justin Ian exterminated exterminate in the Vandals in the year five for I brought the power of the author not four years later this is the year five hundred and thirty eight this is a very important date now this is the year five hundred and thirty eight prophecy is that there would be ten nations but three would be uprooted okay anyway the upfront license along our athletes on the half of it little Horn our can be here that it finally was all done with the year five hundred and thirty eight apparently that made Roma parts for that little hard power to have a place among the nations somehow he became the religious leader actually underwent a Western Rome so in Daniel seven verse twenty four says that the Lord is diverse from the first letter of the word diversely different this alone is not like the other nations their central vision in all France and Germany and even in Spain and Portugal and heard her ally and the Ostrogoths and they're all nations all the same but definitely one comes up among them and for if they agree other Mara rooted and that makes room for the little horn that is not the same as the other nation now what is it about it that's not the same apprentice kings and kingdoms are usually political in nature and enforced by a military relations have a military but as this little how shall we say Bishop of Rome that's what what happened near as Ms. Bishop of Rome couldn't you see became more and more and more power until he became not only a religious power but he also became a political power is insulted his name we know that now that is different is very very different usually a nation is a nation but is not the church and attract visitors but it's not a nation are you only chart and a nation at the same time we know that go with me to Daniel chapter seven is a little power that grew up among the ten horns back to verse twenty one in Daniel chapter seven IDL and the same or need more with the site and prevailed against them in verse twenty five what did we read a lot of the same again and he shall speak great tours against the most high shall wear out the faith of the most high so now I would like to ask you I don't know you made your history you may not know history I'm a history about it so I've studied a lot of the thing eight ten we asked the question has the Roman power ever engaged in persecution all yes we know that it has indeed positioning stage in a holy crusade that it ways in the thirty year war is a matter of fact if you were to read Fox's book of marker you know that Fox's book of martyrs would tell you that at least fifteen million people were killed because they rejected that church and decided that he would rebut that they would base their lives and their salvation on the Bible and so I'm afraid to say I'm sorry to say it but it happens to be true in those days at that time there was a religious war that was going on all the time and the Roman church made war against the saints of God in a larger people who would read and believe the Bible at that time and that's why it was called the dark ages what it was called the dark it was a dark time for sure in verse twenty five it also said there that this same power with base to change times and laws in our attempt to change the divine law why sure is very easy to see how you can read your Bible you can go to this staff is when anything is I find that they are always there when you are going to a Roman Catholic catechism on you mind you I find the Second Amendment has been removed altogether is not there in the guy is him and his amendment as it is living unit number ten a while and then remove the Second Amendment as the guys are not to make any graven images of European governments are one you have on all all well RF images is that Hughes is what they are in the Bible really says thou shall not have any graven images now they will have an argument I don't know is that a Roman Catholic I understand the situation and we use this involved were not worshiping those vacuum those are just to a just reminds us of God it reminds us of the things that always they let me tell you let me ask you requested him to his cell why did they remove the commandment of the catechism why because they understand that that's not what God wanted isolated to the commandment and threw it out they change that law so that we would not let people who don't understand women who do not read the Bible would not know it was the eighth amendment said they would reject amendment everyone is missing and they don't know anything about it not only that but the biblical Senate they thought it was strange to a traditional Sunday worship no matter not a change in the law and finally in verse twenty five we also see that oh that Lorne would exercise this power for a time and times and half a time so what would that mean we understand what this is saying prophetically this means that one time is one year which is three hundred and sixty days because were usually the for using the Jewish calendar here is your seller has thirty days minute I thought if you take if you take twelve months of thirty days or three hundred and sixty eight is that how you will need more than a hundred and twenty days and a half of time you have to year in eighty days and so that all is well latter-day and that's what is representative of from the follows the Ostrogoths in five hundred and thirty eight to the fall of the papacy in seventeen ninety eight twelve hundred and sixty years happened in seventeen ninety eight the enough WAP that you know I I you know I've always known that but I don't for a long time you know that I just lately I found out what would happen and I don't know all the details that I haven't had time to study it if you intimate in all details but on December twenty eighth seventeen ninety seven on the latest seventeen ninety seven that's earlier than seventeen ninety eight in December twenty eight seventeen ninety eight ninety seven eighty groups that belong to the papacy the people under the papacy cause a riot in wrong now they did not intend what happened there and certainly didn't intend that this should happen but very arrive a brigadier general by the name of all which was a brigadier general in the quality and was killed in the riots now that was who he was very good at because not only did you remember to vote immediately you know you nearly conquered all our old and seldom knew that he was in trouble but it was too late for the harassment and end of holy water in your herniated by the fact that you I think you'll is Brigadier General is only marched on Rome not two and a half months later something like a half months later in February ten eighteen seventeen ninety eight and he proclaimed I'm not quite sure he proclaimed is in or around were all Italy you don't really proclaim today that is usually a Roman Republic and roll printer and he said in exile in the poem neither year and a half later August twenty nine nineteen ninety nine seventeen ninety nine thank you at last the Roman church was no longer a political power in the world it was still a religious power in the world but it was no longer of political power in the world he never is no longer has the power to say to an army in eighteen minutes I need your help to go and fight Romeo here for the state of Switzerland I need your help to fight with heretics over there he did not have this power anymore and I don't like the people in the world really felt like it's power was broken for ever okay now about a transfer from Daniel chapter seven two Revelation chapter thirteen Daniel chapter seven through Revelation chapter eighty as you know it is a revelation in the book of Daniel our sister books or brother both say whatever you want to follow they supplement each other as they compliment each other the prophecy in Daniel are very much the same properties that are in the book of Revelation and prophecy and revelation of the thing prophecies only a more detailed any interplay one with the other and you can understand what book unless you understand the other because both books are used by God to bring light to the other younger staff and so it is that way felt a little horn power that we just been looking at in Daniel chapter seven represents the papal power valve are going to look at the first beast of Daniel Chapter thirteen filing level of the second beast are not mine I finally is America and prophecy the second being that we see in Revelation chapter thirteen tonight we look at the person the party establishment of these of course is the king or a kingdom that will readily him review now and we're looking at verse one S I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw of these and then rise up out of the sea you remember what the symbolism procedures eyes multitudes of people and nations and languages and so what are we seeing here we see a nation rise of a very populated area and we know that it's already we already know that if Europe so I stood on the sand of the sea and saw this nation rises up out of the populated area having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his head the name of blasphemy and of course we go back to Revelation chapter seventeen we did all that the other day and we saw the song that blasphemes these again and that's after we got them understand what all that is you remember also that the beast in Revelation seventeen ninety five Fountainhead and ten North and we can explain when and where you remember what they were well we didn't explain totally less the revelation seventeen would want to come back here in a minute but I am sure I can explain it fully and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to explain it fully this evening I'm going to be done yet and so for you to study anything come back tomorrow and tell me what you discover you discovered anything I want to ask this question to yourself or ask me the question is the best that has one who are the sudden it you know that in studying prophecy the Bible has to answer his own questions that you has to be a biblical answer began interesting things out of the air and say I think it's different I think that is thought of you in the Bible so let's go to verse some ten percent Mister Revelation chapter him looking at her then there are seventeen five are fallen one is in the others not yet come and when he comes he must continue a short space now who are the vital answer no other answer is acceptable I found to be well five are fallen that's easy is it Babylon 's fall in your version of solid reasons involving pagan Rome is followed in seventeen ninety eight program title Rome fell at that time by Vermont that if anyone is and then let me read it again here the other is not yet will be studying that one more night this is America and prophecy and there is there that think that we already know what they are who is the one that's not that use that says that you would say that is that winners and who is that and just to give you again you can find the answer to that in Revelation chapter eleven in the not so new readers you come back tomorrow and tell me okay let's go back to Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen looking at verse two and of these which I thought this nation which I saw the high level populated area was like unto a leopard and easy recipe to bear in his mouth as the mouth of a lion and dragon gave him his power and his seat and great authority as the year disease described but is like a lion and like a leopard bear what is the description of the wildlife heating up and we go back to Daniel remember manual supplement and complement revelation to give back to Daniel Chapter seven you can see that Babylon was described as the lion and universally described as a leopard and briefly describe as though there is all we have to hear this piece this nation has the characteristic of a smiling on him under the unwavering there is one of okay so there is integrated into Leopard is reason like I often nonsense about it by myself now what are we anyway anyway they had this this means that some young revelations are thirteen verse one as the characteristics of Babylon media Persia and Greece that's what this is all about numbers the Dragon says that Dragon gives that it you know that I did if you go to Revelation chapter twelve verse nine Revelation chapter twelve verse nine the answer is right there in the great dragon was cast out that little serpent called the Devil and Satan but you can get any clearer than that which deceives the whole world so the Dragon and what you give the gift is being used see unilaterally each of authority well that is not practical to see that in a minute it uses the very words seat of authority in chapter thirteen verse three one hundred in a little while so here's the principle we need to understand both Satan and God work through their followers that the ground rules I don't know why God decided that it would be exactly what it is that when a so Satan has to work through event is easier in this world and God has a church and he works through sisters here in this world during the time of the Roman Empire Satan uses the Roman Empire to try to destroy God 's people trying to destroy remember that don't you go to Revelation chapter twelve again with the back one one chapter Revelation chapter twelve and we begin reading personal and for their review of a great wonder in heaven the Walden what does that represent that the charges yes clothing with the sun and the moon under her be in upon her dad a crown of twelve stars representing the apostles are the twelve patriarchs whichever you like and she being with child cried travailing in birth and pain to be delivered and there appeared another wonder in heaven behold a great red dragon we know that if having seven heads noticed again having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on his head and his Dale drew a third part of the stars of heaven talking about a third of the angels received by him and his and your and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered by four is the power her child as soon as it was born was a child Jesus is about to be born during the Roman Empire during that time and a dragon is waiting there to devour devour about child of the dragons devoured the time to figure with what he has out here in this world is so low is that I sleep unconcealed very easy the parent etc. that's who it was and so the Dragon darts through pagan Rome you know that I was pagan Rome that tried to put that it would Jesus on the cross of Calvary feel that a pilot he was a governor a Roman governor who said his Jesus to death you know that it was a Roman seal that was on Jesus is doing sure it was the Roman Empire that was used as Satan and the great red dragon now we we read reread the dragon gave him his seat of authority could be the only offered no of any reiterate that we in the fourth century and Emperor Constantine decided to move the Roman Empire the seat of the Roman Empire the place called his me that I may say the name of the croissant the novel that he named it after himself elected Bishop of room he left the vision he has been involved that was the seat of authority at that time and he left the vision to be the Bishop of Rome and to establish his authority that Sony gave him his seat as the Bible says the Bishop of Rome who is the pop-up the father the Pope that's what is called gradually gain power and more power and more power at the head of this church and finally of course he was not the head of the church only when he was also the head of the state called Vatican City you know that Vatican City is still a country that is considered to be a nation that is you know that all nations seven fasteners Vatican nation is not amazing it never would've happened in America hundred years ago all in all not even the time of John F. Kennedy in the time of John F. Kennedy the Protestants were wringing their hands in this country because the E resident has been had been elected as a thought for sure that he's going to join and with the papacy but he has to be getting paranoid that wasn't politically correct in those days and he couldn't do it all but since then hasn't happened all mine it's amazing there's a lot of as a lot of forefathers that would be turning in their graves if the new has happened down here in America today so now we know who these what is the mark of the beast that's what we got to focus on now we've already seen that God sealed his people with a sign God has assigned a secret from the foreigners of his people up if I find it you can see obviously I don't see anybody here with a mark on their foreheads are not stamped with anything now before it is where the form below is the forehead is where him hard as we got where we reason that when we have a conscience that's where we reason things out that's what it means that he puts his mark that he he convicts our conscience that something is right and when we adopt that very thing then we become the children of God not after having said that I need to be careful I can't say other people out there because they don't have that signed or not is not a lot of people who don't know a lot of is a lot of people who are living up to their to the lightning have the conscience that they know they are the people of God but there's coming a time when the whole world is going to be going to be aligned in the sand and all was going to know what is the seal or design of God and what is the mark of the work assignment visa for and we've already seen as we studied together that the Sabbath the seventh day Sabbath is assigning God himself staying in Ezekiel chapter twenty verse twenty embers well God himself says that Saddam is a sign between me and my people that's what it says it's a sign of his authority if the sign of years ownership of the piece of Revelation thirteen thirteen that say the least that same at Lorne in Revelation chapter 's annual chapter seven is in rebellion against God and you have engines own signs and were going to turn our attention now to the screen because going to look at some thirty in the Catholic catechism here's a question that's in the Catholic category in them and I have to apologize for the English how prove you wouldn't strangely approach things but anyway that's what how cruel you how do you brew that the church has our to commend the holy days how can you prove that God has given this church that kind of power is not a Rainier this is out of the catechism is not a very accurate say he decided to send me with promises allow of and therefore fondly contradict themselves by eating Sunday's victory greatly most of these amended by the same church as they say here if any we have the power to change the command of God there is no where in the Bible does it say that we should be worshiping on Sunday we go to the other party upon ourselves we changed the worst day from Saturday to Sunday that the power we have any protestants who uses a protest against the gnocchi to say that we have instituted they are that through you yet is he looking this is the next question in the next question in cotton seedlings but it's a question we had right out of the on of the catechism again to me ye are you any other way of proving the church in our Institute Festival presents that's the question and answer on guys visited had he not exactly certain on this either she even even the Catholic Church agrees that the symbolism of a woman is the church had she not had such power he could not have substituted the observance of Sunday the first day that we should which is the first day of the week for the observance on Saturday the third of May I changed for which there is no scriptural authority Catholics know that that is so you'd have an evangelistic series in England of a city in that event was the theory and say you know there is authority in the Bible for taking seventh to Sunday and people of New Orleans search the Scriptures and search the Scriptures available for the fastest in the past Thursday yes we can relate after all all did have for one time that prove it and on and on and on there's all kinds numbers of the people know and yet none of them actually grimacing because there is no temperature of the visit well for sure are and how easy it Sunday worship is the mark of the Roman church is authority that actually the Catholic Church doesn't only admit to actually see both the amended by the name of the misuse cf. Thomas which is the just learn to the Cardinal Gibbons in October twenty eight eighteen ninety five ninety five said it is at this act of changing the Sabbath to Sunday is the mark of her ecclesiastical power and authority that her last remark remark of her authority for the mark of that nation 's philosophy of bread when we when we read a Bible we see the mark of the beast is pictures a unique market like the mark of me who follow the word resulting nation because this is simple for a nation has already what we got here is the mark of a nation the mark of his authority and so the Vatican as a nation and it has authority if they so have enough authority to change the law it really doesn't have that authority but as thinking that prerogative and what made that authority universal powerful is that if people had stopped the people have received it it hasn't changed a lot alarming rate of the Commandments are filled as a finalist of the same but the people have gone either directions they have dissected the tradition of men if opposed to those log on to the word of God where are you in this permit me to Revelation chapter thirteen again Revelation chapter thirteen or going out of verse three him in Revelation chapter thirteen and I saw one of his head is that the beast that came up in Revelation thirteen verse one remember has said it hasn't we've already enumerated them who they are and you can tell me which one that is tomorrow after the resources well that's the first three years said one of his head as it were was wounded to death whether that Roman church receipt admittedly will probably party we've already said in seventeen ninety eight at the end of the twentieth twelve hundred and sixty years of rule General Burke VA Napoleon generally captured in exile and destroy the church is political power from that moment the church has no more political power only it was a religious entity but notice the rest of verse three downward Revelation chapter thirteen verse three I saw one of his heads as it were wounded today fatal wound and his deadly wound was healed he was resurrected I like it he is deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the political power after this nation and is vividly when you well you know the answer is not known now all we often the historians and theologians and people who appreciate some of these is the deadly wound was healed in nineteen twenty nine when Mussolini reinstated the Vatican of the political nation well that that's fine but you know that the deadly wound was not you how to know Italy began to be healed there is no credible is not yield a duty to do what you used to do before if you break your leg is healed and he said that water is not revealed yet can you and I feel the what do I use that Elizabeth is wound you buddy I tell you what it had a significant health in body you got a cast on his leg when I'm scared to drive in nineteen twenty nine Mussolini Rio three is slated as a nation and from that time the satellite power has been rebuilding rebuilding rebuilding and we all just watched us of past history and see how powerful this entity has become how powerful it is horrible in the government in nineteen eighty nine the Catholic church took on Russia with the help of America and whether they do the Russia now they brought it down they destroyed communism not fully possible but he sure made a dent in it and that is amazing power there and when the two combine the church and who say Roman Catholicism in America combined together neglected something there's a lot of power behind those two and so that the moon is being you and the power in me regain and one of these days were going to feel its power we really armor still in Revelation thirteen verse six two eight seven he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blaspheme his name and his tabernacle that is his sanctuary week being mostly studying as I write tonight when I look at the sanctuary must be said that we see right here is the first that this entity wants to draw the sanctuary underfoot and have an tabernacle and then that and them that dwell in heaven so it warns on earth against them that are in heaven for sure verse seven and it was given unto medium to make war with the saints and to overcome them not you are our was given him over all kindred and tongue and nation is not amazing how much power that is not a time is coming it's coming in per se and all that dwell upon your earth shall worship him how many all all excess remember Daniel chapter three three Hebrew boys Hebrew men decided that they would not bow a very small number compared to how many were there yeah and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names no notice who they are are not written in the book of life of the Lamb that means that there will be name written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world and so we see here that is the end of days as the whole world is going to be polar bears going to be a gray majority of medevac it says you're all aware also worship after the Athletics says the whole world there is a book and is the Lamb and the landless Lane of the cross of Calvary there are some people who want to receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior Thursdays are going to be forgiven they are going to be given grace to become as it says in Revelation chapter fourteen without fault before the throne of God and there's going to be a huge war between the these two entities except that is going to be a lopsided war the whole world against a very small remnant very small group of people while in that it decided to go to be on will divide will be your foundation or will you set on the foundation built by the traditions of men when you worship God on the day that he has instituted to be worshiped on are you worship of false which is something with the in the minibar will you be marked with the mark of these we understand life addressed me back and eventually go in the face of sanctions and the degree are real you are the image of the beast by the way that's fun for studying tomorrow night America prophecy is going to make an image to the beast and that's on-topic tomorrow night now undecided you know inside why the off are you going to be on the site in that day that's the big question in daylight day we can handle the little the little tests that come our way how are we going to stand in the day when the whole world is against you going to spend office for me and I'll be praying for you people because many of us will be lost unless you really know where this media was brought by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading and audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like this more so than please visit www. audio tours


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