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Changing The Times

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed




  • August 31, 2007
    7:30 PM
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long trip I left map on this morning which is of my PUCO was visiting my daughter lives of their life the money o'clock in the morning and arrived here at almost six o'clock lots of traffic has anybody here come from a further placement PUC where did you come from all my him to North Carolina on second thought I just came from around the corner him and it's a real privilege to be here with this very select group of youth and young adults I see very encouraging things happening in the Seventh-day Adventist church in and I like to just share two of them with you before we alter one's word have the privilege about a month ago of speaking at the Inter-American division yes it's in the city of Medellin Columbia at about six thousand young people down there this was even on event that was organized by the Inter-American division it was very spiritually enriching but the music was deplorable and it was exciting for me to have used directors from conferences and get the records from unions and use and young adults coming to me constantly complaining about the music in a as a desktop know some nomination leaders it would be different but it was actually originating at the grassroots which is very very encouraging a second interesting episode I had the privilege last week Bob speaking to a group of two hundred later leaders in near someone Puerto Rico and they are having just terrible problems in Puerto Rico with were subsidence it's come to the point where they have dancing on the stage raising the hands shouting and clapping the only thing that's lacking is speaking in tongues you know but that might come down the road of encouraging thing is that when I got back home which was on Thursday I got a call from the youth Director of Westwood Arrigo got said reservoir I've had multiple requests by the young people in our conference to have a camp at our campsite with you presenting a series on proper biblical worship this is the encouraging thing about this is this was not an idea that we came up with this was an idea that the young people came up with it is only five hundred young people that want to go to this campout and want to learn proper ways of worship according to Scriptures that they can go back to their churches and they get these their churches the proper way to worship so there are exciting things happening in the Senate Baptist Church this is God 's remnant church Israel did not cease being God 's special people even in the very ends of the worst team life like Amon and Manasseh which were horrendous times for Israel they were still God 's people that were in apostasy but the natural science so and they allowed not to use them in a powerful way to bring revival of reformation among God 's people and as I look at this group I have no doubts whatsoever that the future of the church is bright and the finishing of the work is here and gather here this evening through the power of God as letting ourselves as instruments in the hands of God I want to thank Michael James whom I've only met online and I want to thank Norman also for the privilege of vinyl they had some some clout for me being here as I was with I haven't hope at Loma Linda last year so the last year year before last was last year and and so I want to thank them for the awesome privilege of being here to spend this weekend with this very select group it's exciting it makes me feel young now they finally get into our study this evening we want to have a special moment of prayer asked Lord 's guidance as you bring your Bibles and a busier months raising high praise on high praise the Lord this beautiful ship visited this is September raise them again praise the Lord with the people of the book right and right let's bow our heads for print fun and we thank you for the awesome privilege of being here this placement worse thank you father that you brought a safely that your Angels have watched over us and so many of us have traveled from different places father we ask that as we open your holy Word that your Holy Spirit will manifest himself powerfully here I asked Lawrence that you will open our minds and give us understanding that you will open our hearts and plant the seed of truth in each heart and we asked Lord that you will help us understand the urgency of the times and leaving father that if there's anyone who is indolent anyone who is just sitting around doing nothing I asked Lord that this evening we might be inspired to get out and shop from the rooftops that Jesus is coming again and we must prepare thank you father for the privilege of prayer we thank you for sharing us or we ask it in the precious name of Jesus amen I'd like to begin this evening by reviewing a prophecy which I believe that probably most all of us are acquainted with the prophecy of Daniel chapter seven and were not going to study all the details of Daniel chapter seven I'm just going to review certain aspects of the chapter and my special interest is in getting to the point of the fourth beast of Daniel seven now you tell me along to review the chapter assault you know that in Daniel seven there's a lot and what does the lion represent very well now that you have a better what does the better represent the van represents an evil person very well then you have a leftward what is the leopard represented as represents the kingdom of Greece and then have a fourth lease which is a terrible beast we call it the nondescript beast but really it's a Dragon speaks and what does this Dragon beast represents the Dragon beast represents role model unless the notice as we begin our study this evening is that as for these past four consecutive days before recess for consecutive stages of the menu now let's turn our Bibles to Daniel chapter seven and take a look at the Daniel chapter seven and we want to read verse twenty three and then will continue reading also verse twenty four Daniel chapter seven and versus twenty three and twenty four wanted a notice for stages of the fourth beast verse twenty three Vessey said the fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom on earth which shall be different from all other kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth trampling and break it in pieces stays number one before -based governing by itself no horns yet just the Dragon beast by itself that Dragon beast represents the Roman empire what we call pagan Rome knowledge of verse twenty four the Lawrence are ten kings who shall arise from this kingdom and ask you must the kingdom be there in order for the ten horns to arise from the kingdom obviously so in other words the kingdom is there for a while before the ten horns the Dragon days with the ten horns represents the second stage of this fourth beast of rule it represents realm in a divided state in other words it represents Rome as it's been divided up by the barbarians would have invaded from the north but then I want you to notice that there is a third stage in August fourth once again verse twenty four horns are ten kings who shall arise from this kingdom and all notice and another shall rise after them he shall be different from the first ones and so shall subdue three kings so you're not a set of the third stage the fourth biggest the third stage is when a little horn rises among the ten and up roots three of those ten kingdoms and of course we know that Babylon represents what represents the papal system the Roman Catholic papacy that's right so mixing freestyle discipline relevant ruling ruling by itself well divided into ten kingdoms and papal Rome represented by the little hole now I mentioned that there are four stages to the fourth beats where is the fourth stage the fact is that in Daniel seven the fourth stage is implicit in other words it does not come out in the surface of the text but you can strongly and for a fourth stage of this fourth beast is a how is that Daniel subchapter seven in verse twenty five and noticed something interesting about this little horn etc. shall speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most high shall intend to change times and laws the saints and the saints shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time was there a limit to the period of rule of little more yes one thousand two hundred and sixty years it would rule not one day longer because of that room when they longer than it would be twelve hundred sixty years but if you continue reading Daniel seventy discover something very interesting and that he has been a little on power is the power that is going to be ruling the world when Jesus comes because the power that will be destroyed when Jesus comes which means that after its domain of twelve hundred and sixty years it must rise to power again but I went what is implicit in Daniel seven is explicit in Revelation thirteen because the beast is equivalent to little more and more told explicitly and I'll talk more about this in the sermon tomorrow morning Revelation thirteen explicitly says that this beast received a deadly wound at the end of the forty two months but accidentally wound was healed and the whole world wondered after the beast saw the landlord has to say the state during the twelve hundred sixty years are the forty two months and the period of Dominion at the very end of time before the second coming of Jesus not so back to verse twenty five and not as central characteristics of this little more and says he shall speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most time it says the Saints will be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time nice if one phrase there on purpose because that's the one that will take a look at especially in our study tonight the phrase that I skipped was that the little horn show what incandescent new King James shall think according to the King James version self link to change what times and law not as evidence we have no problems index blaming things in the law what was the change in the law the change in the law was the change abortion from Sabbath to Sunday Roman Catholic authors constantly applications when they say that the church money authority of Christ gave it changed the date on Sabbath to Sunday or transfer the data from Sabbath to Sunday so we know having problems with the little horn changing the law you have a problem with it but we don't have a problem understanding what that means it simply means that the little and the papacy thought that it would change the day of worship from Sabbath to Sunday but when it comes to the times very little is said in the Seventh-day Adventist church about how the little horn thought that he could change the time now some of our scholars have stated that the proper way to translate Daniel seven verse twenty five is the Lorne should intend to change the times in the law the problem with that is that there's not a single translation in the world that translates it that way is a private Seventh-day Adventist interpretation furthermore the original language which this is written in Aramaic explicitly says that he should intend to change times and law in other words the little horn she did change two different things times and law we don't have any problems with the changeable law but what does this mean he shall think to change the time well above back with me to Daniel chapter two Daniel chapter two and verse twenty one when I want us to notice in Daniel chapter two in verse twenty one is through the elements that we find the sports three and hello I noticed the order Daniel chapter two verse twenty one speaking about God your mother Connecticut has received the drain he could remember it so was I have all the wise men killed they rounded up Daniel Daniel said give us time he goes in a brace along with his three friends let's notice verse twenty one speaking about God Daniel is praying to him he says for he walked changes the times of the season swears on the changes as the seasons but the little horn but they did change what the Times said that's a little hard want to exercise the prerogatives of God you'll certainly done its so noticed he changes the times and the seasons such an idea he removes kings and racism gains the thankful for number one God changes the times and seasons number two he removes kings and regular games and then number three he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge notice wisdom gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the also have understand reality is in this verse number one watchers of the times and seasons number two he removes kings and place escapes and number three he gives wisdom and knowledge to the Y 's wet what I want us to notice is that in the rest of Daniel to and Daniel three these three effect raises are picked up and explain our amplifying but they are amplified in reverse order in other words they're not explained by changes times and seasons God removes kings and raises up gains he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those of understanding but actually it begins with explaining how God gives wisdom and understanding then how replaces and removes kings and finally how God changes the garden the seasons now will reimburse twenty three and less notice how this third phrase in Daniel two twenty one is developed verse twenty three your Daniel says that God I thank you and praise you all about my fathers you have given me what is in the third front phrase yes you have given me wisdom and might and not made what another keyword was knowledge right and now I have made known to me what we asked of you for you have made no last the King 's demand some answers this third phrase explained in Daniel delivers twenty three absolutely not what about the second prints not Daniel chapter two and versus thirty seven and thirty eight Daniel two thirty seven thirty eight here comes a practical example it says you all bought our King of Kings you hope to gain rather you are kidding our King of Kings for the God of heaven has given you a kingdom power strength and glory and wherever the children of men dwelt on the beasts of the field and the birds of the heaven he has given them into your hand and has made you ruler over them all you are this Hannibal was a beginner from the throne because God placed them on the and obviously remove the previous room size the second phrase been explained in Daniel two thirty seven thirty eight not only with Nebuchadnezzar but then God says after you will rise another kingdom and after that will arise another kingdom and that after that will be another kingdom and that kingdom then that is going to be divided into ten kingdoms and then God is to set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed salt who places feelings and who removes kings God does a great the Scripture will third phrase member were studying them in reverse order the first prison by changes in the times in the season well let's go back to Daniel chapter two and notice carefully the dreamed that Don Nebuchadnezzar had you saw an image had a bold breast and arms of silver belly of bronze legs of iron feet of iron and clay and the stone hits in the feed of the image of demolishes it and the storm becomes a mountain that fills the whole earth that Nebuchadnezzar like God 's perspective on Bible prophecy he did not like the perspective of Bible prophecy how do you know that because in chapter three Nebuchadnezzar built an image I'll go from head to foot what was Nebuchadnezzar saying Biden making a image all of gold from head to foot he was saying prophetic history is not going to develop as God says but as I say what is Nebuchadnezzar trying to do he's trying to change God 's prophetic calendar the sequence of events that God has established and of course he says Waldo anyone who questions my perspective of Bible prophecy and their three young men that say we because God said the president of the Babylon meal Persia Greece Rome will not be divided and then God will establish a kingdom which older me us right and you said that that's not the way the prophetic history is better developed but God is in control of the times and seasons not you than it does it says also that the case is universal to their answer is waiting for you if you don't bow before my visit if a body for the image that would be recognizing Nebuchadnezzar 's prophetic scenario right in the review and we know the rest of the story for young men went on to the fiery furnace and will show that he was in control that he overruled any change the scenario that many cancer had established blog Jesus Christ payment of the first and he sold that he was in control so we at least three first phrase blog changes the times of the seasons second phrase God places that removes kings and praise God gives wisdom and knowledge to the wise and these three phrases are developed in the rest of chapter two and chapter three in reverse order now let's take a closer look at the meaning of the word times because of a display some very important things that that ought to take the mission that we had as young people in the Senate Baptist Church now but with me to Daniel chapter four in verse twenty five Rebecca look at the work times in other scriptures Daniel chapter four and verse twenty five this is speaking about the insanity of Nebuchadnezzar for a period of seven years you know the Lord made Nebuchadnezzar of vegan and you know what it cleared up his mind to him in a well-being that Daniel floor verse twenty five they shall drive you from man your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field they shall make you eat grass like awesome face how well you with the duo have is a prophetic announcement about something that's what happened to Nebuchadnezzar yes it's a preventative method by announcing that is not a place now known as the period of time and how it's expressed the amount under Nebuchadnezzar is going to be insane basically it says a lot seven times which we know to be what years but there that but their years in a special since this deal with a prophecy right we don't applaud your day principle but this is still a prophecy that God is giving before it occurs seven times it says shall pass over you until you know how lawlessness don't you know that the most high rules in the kingdom of man and gives it to whom ever he 's always in control and what does God want is Nebuchadnezzar he wants a patient advocate that battles and was not made because of him about what was great because God placed Nebuchadnezzar but once I noticed that this prophetic event is described with the expression seven what time is violating the expression about the role of the little horn etc. the little lawn would rule time I was half the time does the work time and times there refers to certain prophetic events that God has established that they are going to occur in a certain place at a certain time with certain powers yes or no absolutely no work time and times referred to prophetic events God 's calendar events if you please let's talk to some text in the New Testament but with me to ask chapter one acts chapter one verses six way acts chapter one verses six through eight very important passage in sassy or beautiful yellows pages of the Bible turning by the way for one and together they asked him saying Lord will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel prophetic question what I really think it was a large has been long in your prophetic calendar to restore the kingdom to Israel at this time from a question of is this the moment and the prophetic calendar when the kingdom will be restored notice what Jesus says in verse seven any such event it is not for you to follow times or an interesting expression we just read that and then within week it is not for you to know times or seasons which the father has put in his own authority what is Jesus say is a lesson whether lifting and economy established Israel are not I can't tell you now because that prophetic event is in God 's calendar and he has not left he has not revealed at this time and then he says you can receive power and you can be my witnesses not as once again the times and seasons has to do with a certain prophetic event in God 's calendar not us first Thessalonians chapter five first the lawyers Shepherd Bible and read several of these so that we understand what the Bible means when it says that the little horn thought he could change the kinds first Thessalonians chapter five and verses one and two here the apostle Paul says that concerning the times and the seasons there is the expression again concerning the times and the seasons brethren you have no need that I should write to you for you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a feed in the night is another thought prophetic event sure he's got to talk about the close of probation and the coming of Jesus so I have to write you about the times and seasons about that and the second coming because I've already told you about this in my first impression that you cancel first Thessalonians chapter four slug in the same verse two for you yourselves know perfectly that the devil locks all pounds as agreed in the night for when they say please and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them as labor pains upon a pregnant woman and they shall not escape so once again times and seasons refers to what to actually advanced in Basra but he found the cause of probation the coming as a thief in the night and the glorious coming of Jesus on the clouds of heaven so once again the expression refers to prophetic times events in God 's prophetic calendar now let's compare two very interesting versus on the new look chapter twenty one Luke chapter twenty one and verse twenty four and him are going to go to Revelation Chapter 11 and verse two were to compare these two verses of chapter twenty one and verse twenty four speaking about the Jews are often also this for Pacific elements in this in this verse and they will follow many edge of the sword and be led away captive into all nations and here comes the more points I want us to remember and Jerusalem point number one Jerusalem will be trampled point number two will be trampled by home by Gentiles that's point number three forever or is not allowed is allotted a certain period of time traveling is to take place yes Wiesenthal until the one that times of the Gentiles we are fulfilled is not established a certain which he calls the times of the Gentiles absolutely not what is that I will admit Revelation Chapter 11 verse two Revelation Chapter 11 and for to write very similar it says here but leave out the part which is outside the Temple and do not measure now that's always the same for elements are here for it has been getting to the Gentiles and they will want tread under foot that's the same as trample very well so it says they won't trip what the holy city underfoot for a long forty two months ago two how long are the times of the Gentiles forty two one but is expressed at times of the agenda by the way you've probably read the Gospels many times that when they wanted to arrest Jesus it says that they could not arrest him because his time had not yet come as the father sent us a certain time when that event was to take place yes was there certain that money was to be born when the fullness of time had come Watson for it is what his son but only when the prophetic periods come to an end in Revelation chapter ten verse six he says that one would be no longer time would be no longer by the way that's not referring to a chronological but it's not referring to calendar time is a will how do we know for two reasons because the angel is saying that during the sixth trumpet and the independent counsel the seventh trumpet sundering as such trumpet angels this time will be no longer but the seventh trumpet still remains to blow so history is an offer you and secondly because after the Angels this time will be no longer the same Angel says you must board prophesy again if the end of the world that come what good would it do to processor I saw you referred a lifetime it must refer to profanity what prophetic time so once again the meaning of the word time or times it simply refers to events that God has established in his prophetic now they are going to occur in a certain place at a certain time with certain individuals are certain powers in a certain way saw what must the little horn think that he can do he must think that he can change in some way the events that God has built in unit and has walked in his prophetic calendar in soundwave a little alarmed in other words what's what do you think that he could change God 's prophetic health question is that the Roman Catholic papacy beliefs the answer is absolutely yes I want you to notice and Daniel seven in verse twenty five that were told that the little onslaught that he could do two things he could change the law and even change the times I want to remember two things because Veronica to a very interesting person revelation twelve in a few moments you say Holland in the Roman Catholic papacy change the times when expected by the way probably all of you are very computer literate uncover computer ignoramus from you know I not turn on the computer and what not to answer e-mails and I know how a keyboard that's about it and looked maybe I'll look up some things on Google but that's about as far as it gets but if any of you want to find full documentation for what I'm sharing tonight regarding the change of the gods and the implications that as a former church I'm giving bonus secrets unseal .org and click on Bible materials and they'll send you to feel Jerusalem's incredible journey which is about forty seven page document that I wrote with all sorts of footnotes and documentation of what I'm going to share with you right now the Protestant Reformation was powerful because federal Bible prophecy is identified the papacy as the antichrist of Scripture event you look at all of the great reformers Martin Luther John Calvin Sling Blade on later on Wesley all of them believe that the papacy was the predicted that Antichrist of Scripture and make another guess is he that use what I call the historical flow method it's not a historian system and basically after the onion of maven have to use much brainpower all they had to do was let's see Babylon media Persia Gary E is really home as Romans divided into Tanner and then among us ten and Western round after round was dividing the vent were supposed to look for that little power is persecuting those people that claim to forgive sins that claims to be gone there that has been with silver and gold and sits in the temple of God which is the church hello I didn't need to use much brainpower for that then they that they follow the historical sequence in the following historical flow method and they knew exactly where to look for the antichrist he was for Western Europe during the Middle Ages at their time they preach with it sometime Wednesday with what what power they break you need to go with the Doctor Dobbs be done is to your that's a real eye-opener and he does I think every years the love and once in the right and saw him a little advertising here and all that he doesn't do it for profit so I can advertise at seeing I doesn't have to do with making money or anything like that but I also love that the key places that are mentioning great controversy the Reformation it's a real eye-opening experience any and all the Protestant reformers pointed the finger at the papacy and said Landau from the jurisdiction or given in Scripture in prophecy the papacy is the predicted Antichrist Roman Catholic Church as a result of the Protestant Reformation began losing thousands and thousands of people across the not only that the Roman Catholic Church began losing entire countries to run the ball through to Protestantism and the Roman Catholic Church was alarmed to be just because just a matter of a few years entire countries were becoming Protestants and thousands in every country were becoming part of the choice of how can we counteract this as the Reformation it didn't dawn on them but the power of the Reformation was found in Bible prophecy so they called the Council of Trent that was from fifteen actually the longest Council of the Roman Catholic Church fifteen forty five fifteen sixty three eighteen years that Council and the whole purpose of it according to them themselves was to confirm the Roman Catholic beliefs and to attack and destroy Protestantism but they couldn't do it but in fifteen thirty four a man by the name of the Ignatius Loyola number of Ignatius Loyola of Saint Ignatius Loyola a Spaniard found in the Society of Jesus no one otherwise as the judgments what about purpose benefit of a secret society he was going to destroy Protestantism you know when I went with Doctor Don speak on this trip to Europe it was very interesting to me when I entered St. Peter's Basilica the first thing that caught my eye is a yellow Sun versus found at the front of the Basilica you can't miss it seems in fact wherever you look weatherbeaten artwork or chalice says large icons are statues you have sons galore everywhere you can tell that settlers are penetrated the Roman Catholic Church debated of course the pagan day of worship penetrated Roman Catholicism as well but something that I found very interesting is walking about two thirds of the way up to the front of St. Peter's Basilica you have a statue of Saint Ignatius Loyola and his hand Catholic canons of the Roman Catholic Church his right foot is on the neck in the process of crushing the neck and parse question but at a Protestant that was the avowed purpose of the Society of Jesus on the side of the desert was to destroy Protestantism and so Roman Catholicism discovered that the best way to describe Protestantism was not by attacking the doctrines of Protestantism but by attacking the method of interpreting prophecy of the functions while this is not one of the individuals who came very early from the Society of Jesus was a Spaniard a Spanish priest from Seville in Spain his name was Luis Valdosta into English those about mana pronounced fantasy elk is what the proper pronunciation Belfast any commentary on Daniel and Revelation and in commentary on Daniel Revelation please send the Protestants have it all wrong using the little horn of Daniel seven cannot be the papacy because the little horn rally was a nasty individual that desecrated the Jewish Temple by sacrificing us why on the altar of the Temple he persecuted the Jews any good for about three years but lost it for about three years but not exactly three years but three years is close enough he sent it's not close enough it has to be three and a half according to the brush is a basically he said that that this individual with a name of an paint of epiphanies was actually the landlord that lived one hundred and sixty five years before the birth of Jesus Christ and he did everything that was contemplated in the prophecy of Daniel seven slice that if it was Antiochus under sixty five before Christ it certainly cannot be the Roman Catholic Church in this commentary he also said that the beast of Revelation thirteen was Nero because there was this tradition in the Roman Empire that Nero was going to be killed and that somehow he was not resurrected from the dead and he was the even more despotic than he what he was before so they think the deadly wound of Revelation thirteen as a blanket zero as I argued in his book that will go with it around sixty three BC was that was the fulfillment of a baseball site is not the landlord as Antiochus one sixty five BC and the beast is Nero in the year sixty three anywhere in the in BR fifteen hundred so the papacy can not be the fulfillment of this prophecy a bullhorn and is another jasmine rose at the University of Salamanca also Wednesday his name was unseasonably better anyway an approach he said I agree with you because really the little horn and of these represent the same pop and what they represent is a nasty individual who's going to rise in the future right before the second coming of Jesus he's going to rebel the Jewish template to support the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple is necessary and the Temple has been a favorite evangelist and then after a while the last three and half years he's going to persecute the Jews and he's got to make your life miserable and he's not desecrate the Jewishness so basically was saying that privacy was going to be fulfilled the prophecy of the little horn and the beast was going to be fulfilled in the distant future therefore these prophecies can have nothing to do with us now the amazing thing is this as I did my research I discovered that the position of the Roman Catholic Church today is printer is the idea of a filibuster is the official view of the Roman Catholic Church I logged in as many commentaries as I could find them discover what they believe about the little on what they believe about the beast invariably every commentary to the Roman Catholic Church that I did research in states that the little arm was Antiochus epiphanies and the beast was near interesting but here's the amazing thing I also decided that I would check out liberal Protestant commentaries by liberal Protestant I mean Protestants don't believe in full inspiration of the Bible they believe are exactly things such as gay marriage they believe that abortion is okay they also they also don't believe that it possible to predict the future doubling the predictive prophecy as I checked out all of these are commentaries from bodily sample were united their probably a liberal church United Presbyterian the United Lutheran the United Church of Christ United Methodist almost are our mainline churches that there basically lost their belief in full inspiration of Scripture so I checked as many commentaries from these churches and I could discover you know I found with the exception every single one of the liberal Protestant commentaries teachers that the little horn was Antiochus epiphanies and the beast was new where do they get back from they got it from the Roman Catholic Church that's right however there's another branch of Protestantism that branch of Protestantism is the conservative Protestants I for example baptism Pentecostals and Evangelicals you know what perspective of Bible prophecy Pentecostals and Baptist evangelicals have banned the futuristic scenario is that the local bookstore today you can find a book in any bookstore that interprets Bible prophecy in the correct way you'll find that every single book is written by a conservative Protestant scholar pages that the little horn and amazed represents a nasty individual who is going to send in a rebuilt Jerusalem Temple for three and a half literal years is there a person get the literal Jews is to desecrate the liberal Jewish Temple after the rapture of the church to heaven so revelation has no relevance for today by the way they also teach that from revelation for the revelation chapter nineteen all that applies to the Jews after the church is in heaven now think of the implications of the if that's true then there's no already why was he breaking the three Angels messages because the three Angels messages if this particular part of Revelation is what frontage of those that must mean that the three Angels messages will be provided after the church 's rapture to heaven and it will be proclaimed to the gym somewhere past focus on the Protestantism has in by the false prophetic threat arrest scenario from Roman Catholicism and has imbibed the false futuristic scenario of Bible prophecy that was devised also by Roman Catholicism in other words Protestantism will not only make an image to the base in the sense of joining church and state like the papacy did during the Middle Ages not only will they make an image to the beast by keeping the same day of worship as role they will also make an image to the beast by interpreting prophecy in the same way in which the beast established interpretation of Bible so what does Daniel chapter seven mean when it says that he shall think the change times and law the law is the Sabbath of the change of the times is God 's much God 's delineation of prophetic events but says that the Lord is the bankruptcy that the beast is the practice but Protestantism and Catholicism say no avail I wasn't I guess our narrow the little horn hasn't risen yet the power if that arise in the Middle East in the future after the church 's rapture to him in other words Protestantism will make an image to the papacy not only by the day that they keep but also by the way in which they interpret Bible profs obviously that God was in a thickness with his sitting down I just think that God was going to raise up a people that would counter that those things up a little oriented all of you Revelation chapter twelve this is where we come in Revelation chapter twelve in verse seventeen Ashley will not verse fourteen so using them not taken out of context revelation chapter twelve verse fourteen RUF now yes I know especially what sense this system tried to change the probate listened to the talk try to change the time yes it is a literal nonsymbolic data try to change the identity of Israel yet is rolled little bit of change geographically where this is going to take place yesterday place in the Middle East are you following that change the place they change the actors they change the time varies they changed everything they've tried to change the breakdown and of course listen folks the reason why the devil wants to do that is because if the papacy is not the predicted little horn than the papacy didn't change the law was identifying a joke he's trying to hide who changed what we change the law and will change the times nonviolently to Revelation chapter twelve verse fourteen but the woman was given two wings of a great eagle what does a woman represents the church that she might fly into the wilderness to her place where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time from the presence of the serpent question is at the same time as a little yes I are in the same context that were in the same context now notice verse fifteen continuing the thought saw the serpent spewing water out of its mouth like a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood the flood represents the multitudes nations funded peoples that the papacy used to try and annihilate gods people now something comes to the rescue what comes to the rescue but the earth helped the woman you let the earth he represents the Earth represents about ten rental rate of the United States not the United States as a nation but the territory of the ninth of the earth helped the woman now will notice in our state the modern worship service that in Revelation thirteen and beast rises from that territory all beast rises from the Earth the nation rising from the earth the place where God 's people took refuge the Pilgrims arrived here before constitutional America was established I volunteered now notice verse sixteen but the earth helped the woman here where the United States and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon spewed vomit is not now noticed after the twelve hundred sixty years what God does in response to the two changes the political heart attempted to make verse seventeen and the Dragon which is Satan by the way not only Satan right and sometimes is and has been very consistent I myself tomorrow but that even conservative and is a very consistent in the way in which we interpret symbols and always have at the Dragon is home to try to say yes but the brightest monocyte the Dragon has the power to try this later child when the child was born what nation was that wrong the devil used wrong to try and destroy Jesus and then Dragon FCC is authority and is powered to the base Dragon gives as part of these as the devil through what the role now it's there this was different Revelation thirteen verse eleven says that this basement rises from the Earth it has two horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon it must mean that not only talks like the devil does when it walks like one it talks like if someone are not will deal with that a little bit more sensibly tomorrow lets us and he went to make war with the remnant of receipt how many characteristics of this remnant to how I do think to give you one guess why do you think the program it has two characteristics isn't just possible that the purpose of the two characteristics of the show and online people and will counteract the two things at the middle part of the speculative and the dragon was enraged with the woman he went to make war with the remnant of a safe keep the Commandments and what shines does that correct is correct such as in the law but there's a second characteristic by the way so you're that young focus on not I just read this right after the dwellers in theaters time times and half a time when the same context are we not were in the United States are we not a lot of information about people particularly under your will to put a massive lot but there is something else notice the last part of verse seventeen and have the testimony of Jesus Christ not what you supposed is corrected by God by the testimony of Jesus Christ I will admit a revelation chapter chapter nineteen in verse ten Revelation chapter nineteen in verse ten it says here and I fell at his feet to worship him I said to me see that you do not do that on your fellow servant and of your brethren when the testimony of Jesus was not for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy and Andres Ellen White in the retina church in the United States by the way why I have a very tattered zero this book is called the great controversy is you is an abuse the another everything that Ellen White ever wrote was within the context of the great controversy between Christ and Satan and you know that this is the only book on Bible prophecy the whole world that has Bible prophecy right the historical flow method should because actually got the begin of the whole conflict series of the pagers and profits the origin origin of synonym because you know this is the last chapter see so you have to begin with a second promise to find the whole controversy between prices annual no papers and profits profits and gains desired ranges which is the battle with Christ acts of the apostles the battles with the early church and a great conversation from the destruction of Jerusalem killing the millennium and time again Ellen White in great anniversary explains prophecy in the correct way she explains with the beast is it's the papacy she explains with the second beast is the United States she explains the image which of the union of church and state in the United States the conifer their worship counter for way of interpreting Bible prophecy in other words this book what is this book counteract this book counteracts the change and God 's prophetic calendar that the little horn trying to make the airline says that the priest is Antiochus of the beast is some nasty and an angel in the Middle East luggage or outlays of knowledge and the papacy the falsity RSS you this last few minutes of the race of a great thanks that you can tell everybody worships that you know what has no way if the spiritual image to the principles of the beef to the principles of Roman Catholicism and you know people believe in the future a scenario essay on your project have to under forty are on your right-hand Allen explains that the spiritual mark on which Sabbath observance and the visible manifestation to Sabbath observant CML book and you find that it's the Sabbath on evidence of a fantasy world and particularly in the writings of Ellen White God raised up a LeBlanc to correct the change in philosophy times in my life if you want to the document that I have ever on our website use your study the whole story of how while God raised up inland like for her to write the book great controversy and present prophecy from a historicism perspective in England and in the United States at the very same time Protestantism was switching from historicism the printer is meant to future the very time that God raised up Ellen White to write the book the great controversy someone thought that at the end of this very says also you think you can change the times and the law while I'm in a race of people who keep the commandments of God and with the gift of prophecy the testimony of Jesus when asked if you think that if a little on the B segment now know this is when the change in the law of God take place it took place during the twelve hundred sixty years right you shall intend to change times and law in the spirit of rule be time times and to write in asking what is the this unbundling the future with regards the abortion sit in the past it changed in this mind the law but what is available in the future it is going to impose the change in the law on pain of death in a Windows system resurrection power is going to impose the mark of the beast and what is the mark of the beast the market of these is Sunday so I miss is the mark of the beast the change in the law it most certainly is so much as you did in the past is going to far smiling in the future even on pain of death so is it going to go back to the same old habits and yes in fact time and again in Scripture we find in prophecy that this little horn with an apt two stages and how it was to have a past age and it was good and behave it was going misbehave fast and that was that arise in the future and its women misbehave on a worldwide scale just like it did in the past you know why the after the millennium the wicked resurrect although they resurrect righteous or wicked the restaurant just as wicked as they were before so they left before the millennium the God of the second coming of Jesus when they resurrect they pick up where they were living at the right is no change that Illinois is that they pick up exactly where the occurrence of the thoughts begins exactly where it ceased which means available when they die they work date they were going to underwear and have to work a month when they resurrect the rest of the world because they pick exactly the same place where the person I thought so there's no change so announced to the papacy misbehaved in the past and he received a deadly wound was wounded to death with resurrects the power is in the same power yes is another behave just like up in the past yes in the past the clinical change the law in the future that involves a change in the law by force which is the mark of the beats but now what about the change and drinks the revelation chapter sixteen Revelation chapter sixty and were just about finished revelation chapter sixteen NOS verse thirteen Revelation sixteen verse thirteen Seth and I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of what out of the mouth of a fuss now why would you have a video what is available to counteract the children to get the practice the rate is a lot a raise is accounted for profitable I see much anatomy and in the end time because not raised up a people keep it anonymous and not in a people who went the true gift of prophecy the devil says okay one that I do on pain of death is in farce Sunday as a day of rest and if you don't keep your and I exist and for my I'm going to share a false prophetic scenario with the world is not a big eyeliner no you know how God counteracts that it is our final point he counteracted in the three Angels messages go with me to Revelation chapter fourteen which is a message is supposed to go to the whole world Revelation chapter fourteen the beginning with verse six then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those well obvious to every nation tribe finding people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the August you are anomalous what the first Anglicized and worship him who made the heavens the earth the season and found the one way and God bring in the perspective in the first Angels message worshiping the creator what is the beast in Farsi the business enforcing the mark of the beast the change in the savants and Teresa for people that invite the world to worship him who created the heavens the earth the season of bones one furthermore the third Angel ends by saying here are they what she commandments of God someone is whatever people that will proclaim the Commandments and the people as holy Sabbath even at the risk of dying to be able to rule and then of course not Revelation chapter fourteen verse eight it says another angel followed saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication Babylon of course represents apostate Protestantism as well as Roman Catholicism notice verse nine then a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his Mark on his forehead or on his hand he himself shall also bring about one of the rest of the WSU isn't vitally important for us to know the beast it's is a vitally important for us to know who the second beast in Revelation thirteen sure isn't vitally important for us to know what the mark of the beast is absolutely the miss you where is the whole religious world looking for fulfillment prophecy today everybody's looking to the Middle East missing all the Muslims over the fundamentalist movement you know that they are fulfilling prophecy we have to change our view of the little horn we have some of ourselves was a little artist magazine if the Muslims and Islam this is all everyone walks to the Middle East and while everybody looking to the Middle East the antichrist power roles in Romans twelve twelve ago the United States and nobody can see of because are looking in the wrong place I understand they say why is this important that's all revelation fifteen or final text revelation chapter fifteen and I want to notice verse two Revelation chapter fifteen in verse two speaking about the hundred and forty four thousand and seven I saw something like a sea of glass mingled with fire and also in the victory over the beast and already his image and/or is Mark and over the number of his name standing on the sea of glass having hearts of God that it says it sees the sun is in the song of Moses and the same group about a boy Nevada forty four thousand samples will be alive when Jesus comes that they understand who the beast was the advantage that web and what that image of the beast was good to understand what the mark of the beast was yes did they understand the number of his see that's one another thing that that the evidence are starting to play around with all you know sex sex sex my carriers have a day that doesn't apply don't thought of it what's up with studying out I studied very carefully if the first part appeared in our newsletter the next two parts will be the completion of the article that I wrote on the number six six six we need to know what the number of his name is we need to know what the name is we need to know what his markets we need to know whether these days and we need to know what the image is financed to does the world need to know Mister that is the longest psalm acidophilus open fields on Bible prophecy that a lot when attire saw who is a veteran of Calvin about this special message and special scenario some of them but a church rents and have noticeable and unfortunately today when addressed to want to see it because they want to be politically correct we will want to offend anyone what we don't talk just confirmed you feel offended when God says listen if you worship the beast and his image you don't be thrown into the fire this message am I a fascinating would you rather that God didn't say anything of the limits of the five what kind of God would that be see all of God 's threatenings are threatenings of love is wanting someone to love as he doesn't want people to worship the beast somewhere they don't know the business of there waiting for someone in the Middle East after the rapture what I don't know what the market is not that they don't multi- issue and the importance of God 's holy Sabbath is assigned between God 's people will be easy to be in the wrong time and so it behooves us young people with love for love of Jesus to go out and to proclaim this message of this marvelous message advised him to our church it's precious it's biblical it's powerful at our next hour through the power of the Holy Spirit the good pixels by the way allow me to say I give you a couple of examples of two ladies in my church I will give you their names mortalities the Roman Catholics and well when they first heard me talk about the papacy is the antichrist they just got furious and longtime liquid coming to church to make a long story start that both administered and they both teach and the children's division him a you people get mad about something initially when you talk about doesn't mean that it's all that after all solid classes got pretty mad when Stephen breached his areas of life even though I knew that was the same son Aquinas conscience he went out on an expedition to prosecute the Christian icon set off a market legato baddies in a what happened on the road to Damascus the Lord humbled his heart and evil and Stephen and had Stephen Stowe became the great apostle Paul Fontenot might be offended at first but then when they sit down the Holy Spirit has a chance to work on their minds on their arts assessing you know that really makes sense and I think about and eventually come to the side of low I pray to God that God will use this song group of young people here it to share God 's message with only one at all week about the book steps to Christ and I said that we give out most additional Helen White said she said it's any more than once that there's one book above all others that she wrote that she wants to block the general public is the book the great conversation she says I price of more than silver and more than gold so I want to challenge us this evening to do three things first of all if we haven't read the great controversy read secondly we with prayer and with an attentive mind and see where we need to make changes to be an answer and then take the book rate conversely and spread like believable and share this message with almost worth searching for that's all my something that you want to do for the power of God was razor and the bustling life we pray for this power has father we thank you for the privilege of starting a worth to see whether we thank you for taking Alaska taking us out of darkness into marvelous light what a precious message you've given to the Senate banister of his father not to hide it under a bushel help us to let this light shine upon the minds of people that are confusing of searching for the truth help us to find those people help us to share your message with our Lord asked that you will save souls for your kingdom for you been so much plant that love in our hearts so that we might love them more and perhaps not as much as you do but that one so that we will not father we thank you for having been with us we thank you for empowering us in this series of meetings this weekend gives a wonderful spiritual blessing we thank you for hearing and answering our prayers we ask in Jesus name amen


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