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16. It's Your Call

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI



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talking night 's call is your call in other words it's your decision that's what it's called and there is a real printing here on electric is a real key here that we need to address I share with you because without you see sometimes we can go a long time being Christians almost being Christians never really being Christian and never coming to the point where our experience is what it should be thought of Peter in acts chapter seventeen accepted seventeen I want to be very very practical I've been sharing what I believe to be true for the last four weekend and I'm grateful for you all coming and I have a question for you wouldn't that this minister or what about this person agreeing with everything I've shared over the last four weeks yesterday know what a Presbytery and agree with everything I've shared in the last four we love a Jehovah witness what about a Mormon one of our Catholic what about a Lutheran what about a method is what allows you what a lot of food is one of only a Hindu what about a Muslim well now the answer is the possibly agreed to everything that I said in the last four weeks none of them well another question for you you think that all I said was infallibly true oh you're being quiet as I do you think that all that I said in the last four weeks is probably true in all that can't possibly be validly truth I mean how many people you know in this world are actually infallible how many coming things that you know so well that you can't possibly make a mistake in the thing that you know so well known some people at that point by the way I've met people who are so sure of themselves that he can't possibly be right on the certain point love that you are were all in for some surprises you know that by the providers of person him if I got a prenup there is a very thin first Corinthians chapter eight verse two that says we know nothing as we possibility in a letter says that there are many things we know we ought to know it is not a thing in the world let me know as we ought to know it sounds all around thinking that you're so smart it is actually one thing in the world as you are infallible off and doesn't work it is themselves because we're so that is spicy and were so ignorant by nature were sold we were sold fallible is that a word is that it is not possible to be right all the time I got a quotation here from my favorite artist Potter I haven't used providing that all all the time that we've been speaking but when I got to this point and what I got for this lot I had this quotation in mind managers read if you as a people not watch this is one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist church and she said as if people let people get into talking about talking about us talking about Seventh-day Adventists okay as a people we are certainly in great danger considering in considering our ideas because long cherished to be Bible doctrine and on every point in fallible and measuring everyone by the rule of our interpretation of the Bible now watch this is our danger this would be the greatest evil that could ever come to us as a people wall what could be the greatest evil that could ever come to us as a people thinking that our ideas because long cherished thinking that our ideas are what infallible are ideas infallible no way because we're human beings were damaged human beings and we can all stand to learn something from somebody else all the time is natural is it possible you you found out how do we pay ourselves from ourselves of what they are how can we ascertain when something is really true how can we ascertain truth from error is that important while it is important of course and the Lord wants us to ascertain truth from error I had a drink of acts chapter seventeen those of you who are creatures in here would know where exactly where I'm going already in any case Paul was in Thessalonica they are either because there were Jews Jews that were very envious of him when he was speaking about and I hold actually an attack against all welded people in Thessalonica Boston out of there and spend him to Maria ever going to understand this is asked after seventeen were looking at verse in and brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea who coming if there is coming to Berea went into the synagogue of the Jews know what the that is the Koreans were more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word with all readiness of mind and search the Scriptures daily whether those things where so while no Salisbury is related like it's an amazing is a reality in this thing as as we can see here okay whether they knew they did not reject what other people were telling I is a you and all you have to admit I guess I have a tendency to have my own opinions that my own ideas and let somebody else comes to me with an opinion that is different from the opinion that I have my tendency is to say no to recruit because that's not what I believe well friends that's not the approach that we need to think as manifested very and were more noble than those in Thessalonica because when they heard something the first thing he didn't do was reject that actually it says there that he received it how does it receive it they received the word with and mine were ready to receive it we were willing to receive it but they were not naïve and so they went home with that which they had received and they search the Scriptures daily to see where they made were actually drove the word of God was their standard and measured everything by that instead of measuring everything by their opinion is measuring everything by their Cree instead of measuring everything by what they had been taught them what they had understood and what they learned or what the heavy educated to be the youngest that they had a different measure addressed what a blessing it would leave everyone in the world were in that mobility more noble than those in Thessalonica where the variance you can you see how how beautiful this is these people were believers by nature there they were not skeptic by nature is in LA and I'm not I don't know if I should even say this but if you motor France French people in France are skeptic by nature they question actually everything and I think the French Revolution actually incorrect that into the left in a video law so many people that all I was left with a separate I think that that's what it was that way I then two hundred years later there's still having the still haven't overcome visiting and still give Laura Frazee will find out that the question everything question everything well that's not how God says we ought approach like God is looking more believers than ever heard that we were called believers before we were called Christian now you have people who have would readiness of mind he received what God has been in and in sometimes and I will write again on the receiving up to but we went to the Scriptures and he searched it out to see whether the thing was true or not okay we got a study well enough radar itself we got a study of ourselves can we not in a decision for ourselves otherwise we will be seeing now I told you that I would say my personal experience as fast as I can because of those are decidedly anyway I might thought that something in my early twenties I began to feel a spiritual I don't know why I don't know why except that the Bible says Jesus is life I believe that uphold wrong and so he was wrong that's what it was really withdrawing the union so I didn't understand this I had been a Roman Catholic all my life I have nothing against Roman Catholics of course that's how a lot and I went to church every Sunday I get a dollar every Sunday and I was ugly and no doubt about it and I think those considered to be young but there because of you all in my heart for the word of God I will I will I had never held liable in my ass I wanted to read this book for some reason you know because I never I was furious I guess is the right word and so what happened was I knew my brother-in-law read the Bible and every year the in my life as a farmer farmers daughter they had six years and the farmer settled everything is a lawless Jews were all married and living around the area and we all had cattle on the ranch down upon ancillary hearing what my brother-in-law and my job is slaughtered cattle for everyone we would put exactly everyone's freezer and we will need everyone's freezer whatever else there was that was my job and my brother-in-law that will be with you and I feel that he read the Bible every all we would be extremely guest to slaughter all that jazz that we needed usually six or seven and then if they were going to the butchering letter but I was then he's to read the weekends the three weekend with him Saturday and Sunday we would do that work all day long today and I would ask the Bible specifically about the end of the world satellite terminology on Saginaw and I is not the end of the world you have your own scenarios and reason for that is really at pathways I have at the end of the three weekends I will I promise myself that I would read the Bible Sunday by the problem what was worse I was working all day long in life and in the home at night and on the way for hours every day and my wife but anyways I felt like that's what I did and I just never read and the next year we will slaughter the same scenario again I would get all interested again and then of course I promise myself I would but I ended here is a story at all finally the Lord had today is that you have any says okay I'm looking when I am home from work I came home early I don't know why FEMA underground and eleven there is no present high with half an hour and hour earlier than all the others I don't remember why you any faith in the shower in my car and roll out and on my way home I had a head-on collision with the drug person that I been able to mount and he was young and I was hurt a little bit but I'm certain the lace point where I could lift weights for one side I knew right away I just knew right away as this is the single read your Bible and so from that I began to read about and I was like to read it just like any other book and in making decision at the end to see whether it was really the library is really likely to be well I know that when we did two weeks I was I was convinced this was the word and I got on my knees one day and I prayed a prayer I prayed more than one prayer and my new iPod photos and stories about his mother this is a part of prayer is not I am not going to increase the gain is coming whether like me I'm not going to do I am not going to bad I'm not going to I'm going to read the Bible not what you know I'm reading the Bible cannot trust these people are all of these only to have it through the neurologist I is the fact that they use Wi-Fi and I don't know how long a night I haven't always determine who's right and who's wrong therefore I'm going to read a Bible and I promise you anything he I you that was my approach to life and listen God he's really these every individual individually in the world and that the visa immediately and delete them all in one place the unit all days on Saturdays at the ready there are many amazing I have my radiator will be one of old ones ever how is that everyone doesn't like the others as it is known as world I was young all right but wrong in your life personally the real e-mail I am you know the first thing that you need to decide is not amazing right from there actually not from the trackpad the worldwide Church of God a magazine that I read in there as I began searching the Bible and I find I couldn't find anything different is that wasn't as that is that what it is limited in the Bible there is no Scripture reference writing out and I knew that it was a little on a one hundred thousand problems yelling even the Sabbath day and I you know my wife had a meeting unity is a all you will not know it was fun of the hair off and I is Verizon I'm thinking boy room I have pleaded one of these days is something I have been going in the direction she does one go well if you are not as bad what were and I see table I got my hair and my hat is very suffered occasion there and she was and is wrong with you I sent you I then am I reading the Bible and the Bible says that is a abortion is on Saturday night and Sunday and I don't know what to do is turn around she said if that's what the Bible says that's what you should do is that you know of that day forward my wife people you know and we began worshiping together so now we did not worship we didn't know anything is just living with working with me were thousand on a Sunday in church and we were keeping this up we didn't really know what we were but anyway I went to the mind and I I went to the personnel manager and I said we got wrong I felt it reading the Bible and in and from Friday night sundown Friday to Saturday nights on his last and on eating is from here on out and you look at me we'll have a problem well I didn't go there to ask his permission I thought I went there two thousand one I was going to do and he can do whatever he wants to be good human being his eighteen thousand employees they were going to change everything to review I will thought they were okay and he said okay what were you doing about it I is the general manager and he will tell you what we have decided thyroid where you can imagine how much I pray that today right through today I will and are united as a general manager is always regarded it as easy as I had a long conversational and he heard in his hat that will that is that I don't know he said we went to the headquarters which was up with the rest of our lives is that they hold us to give you whatever you want you realize you're the only one fifteen thousand in community love me is that those are the also read you every Friday afternoon to early is going to add everyone what he will and I'll know I and you have to explain why you're going where you're going is all that Holly is anyway you the largely be done that thing that I discovered was a correct understanding of the state and now I got back to straight out but I didn't know anything is reading the Bible my guess is that correct understanding of the state is at times on my brother-in-law and an all favorable progress as long as you remember rest of our lives out endlessly nine anyways I will follow while all by television is always room explaining this later today and you will read a whole book is that it will now how will I know that was not right I can't tell you how I do I know anything I'm not the only uneducated I didn't know what you know anything and yet when I is will you he did not harmonize with the Bible is amazing what God can do with people as unintelligent as needed given all the me was not as a Hillary of the new inviting I was very interesting I was reading it I had that he brought his improvement and brownies if I don't hope another Windows ahead and give you more than you can handle his life is writing on VA file volume made a promise to me I love you and I use that to I know how great I is no longer a month is a lot of I was happy to anyone that you know that is that you need to be in charge understanding and invited me and we love people who are in prison of our readers to people who are really boring on the ongoing as we did the outlet they were driving around the city and driving driving can't find anyone I wanted my son is the password right out of the city as me in Canada the author 's heirs so we thought it are in I don't thought he was I was ongoing and disorganized in a we went to the czar and I find an old old man he is not infringing on his uncle and aunt on my is a remodel you collect bottles in Germany and unloading while a hybrid on I know I is the vehicle is in you is a way that I'll accurately match you know anything that I know that is that when you are violating the house is like as you don't read in any of his name and you don't recognize the only recognizing opportunity and the environment are around role in the downloading were verify the life you will only U looking for and find wrong and I will order is sought in our unit had where I is going with me and Emily came so that we were face-to-face I pulled out eighteen dollars and as I told out eighteen dollars and is the largest policy you this to you you know you and you may not have all that will delight only otherwise known as the novel EU is not an old man who was born and so I don't know I said I wanted to have been the unit is not always as ongoing master I found myself at having my grandchildren that how I was paying my and you know that my mind wages went up and up and up and opened the total came to the place where making a hundred dollars a day every day making a hundred dollars in the form you will is the with my meeting yesterday at the really one Sunday and see how it is and is gone and what kind of television you yeah it was television religious programming officers understand how is everything religious by now okay so I is organized you and Annette Don Davis George Benjamin and I didn't like John him me it always I was programming and I didn't like him because he was the two zero zero seven as far as a fellow when I saw the tragedy I thought not in his life and I was walking towards the television he said we had a modern the and I and you and I and you know one of the reasons I began reading the Bible as I want to help from God is not only that of my life from a very very sadly and more than one in you need to know and is rolling is what you call than I thought you know what's going to happen I have a family I have all I have and I know all of this stuff everything Google is okay and is available at all in the same and I don't want to want help from God and when a man comes along as we have a Mardi Gras is the only modern-day issues I know how was that the network through it is no stranger to my Dean I believe every word I believe that you are installing the program I say throw to move it all that surprising when we get is vulnerable modern-day prophet this was going to be so wonderful on something for you as you create is a knife and he is alone responsible my wiring my desire is that you love this will be the last order you have was his only life worth living are so began on the go people 's church right I saw my very the part I want to worship I want to work in the family I want to have it sure is allowing to this is lonely this is decidedly authoritarian all my friends we had a lot harder as the one you are Theodore and like that anymore and solve we were getting lonely but I do want me in the user is idea for sure I feel I ought a way that you would be Jewish you know because I felt like that was rejected who is not as worldwide Church of God and what I didn't know is that they don't have churches they always read all I didn't know that's not a I'm deliberately illiterate is illegal available to visitors we had an entire neighborhood I know every door in president Harry every church nor everyone I could find looking no human no human is all I know you know there is our every Saturday addition salt of his yard and I decided retirement on strike that will study all I do is that I is not resigning people of color he remembers especially in the north end with Silvio you need to let you know that I could not find the recognition of the sun always been mine went on a high something they just don't exist you can find this well is running the company in her is in this church is method written like that at this I reviewed all well after you read and I'm reading well will and will run organizers anywhere why don't we do this actually we got a Saturday morning and all are you dressed all in all we are him wrong on that I have been reading about the pro-lifers and I will do as I is is is and you know it was all over now is whether there is we had bought their own right I know you are not new as always also using my turnaround time we saw the Lord is in we were there on time what is bizarrely sat down and decided schools superintendent was an old lady is that older adults is that over level and he was eager that he was boring as all the fans at and I so I think my life is soon as she thought were you born that is better this is a thoroughly luxurious than the increase in Utah run in the life and associate he is Jesus vessels of revenge entitlement that is reborn over remotely so we waited we actually waited as will lessen and all you are you must it was one of those argumentative church on earth are you at with the fact that you a call soon as that is the lesson was over as is my okay where I am not everyone will have an enormous door open and black gentlemen one hundred and one from Jamaica dressed in black suits and white shirts and just like a knife in my life ha ha Yashin is about to start him out if you've ever heard someone in matters related outreach you don't appreciate it a lot I never greasy when I you know that I never met you him on-air one week earlier insults writerly never with return all we know is that you are from and through the recall orders one actually live in the leaders for the unrelated ideas one is I is an excellent education as they were already suffering from the summer you have is whether there is there we couldn't go before they got there because he would have been nothing when they left us a few days earlier on Wednesday my sister-in-law is and she thought the Bible story books that is as well that these folks you work hard and as long as the source using wanted how I is an and why is gone on in formulating your and they were servicing hard as you come to my house a lot of I will absolve you that it Sunday we went to her house with you being only a few her legs and as with all holiday design visualization is a seasonal reason I is amazing we are Saturday and is and I really is that all is as follows is my outgoing message and we ended up buying all of the annual get on I found when I came as I found that is modern-day prophet him all I and I thought while and I will and I thought there was a book that is an unwritten law and I read some of the management is not of course him I found no one it was that everything that God has taught me everything that I understood of the Bible was his seat we violate any individually point by point by point by point and when I got in a user in one of the every point was there it was not in fact is not as I do anything for you Christian experience what it is only remind the related okay now let me share with you the key doesn't want to share alone have you ever heard the saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions for letting it means that there's a lot of people to wake up and help bigoted figuratively who have always wanted to change course who just never did change course now that's what it means okay so now here's a question what's missing with our good intentions what was our good intentions that we need to do why is it that God has inculcated but it got has put in are being second help us to make our good intentions every you know what it is challenge advantage of this choose a low though real willpower a lady or have any willpower not be another you wouldn't be here you didn't have any willpower you never couldn't make the decision to come you know that is not easy Saturday night to just decided to jump in my car and I'm going to go the valley when I could sit down my cell phone popcorn and watch TV or whatever it is that you might think it's a twelve hour it takes a decision I do this I sent in your decisive enough to come here and escalated I appreciate it Ya but how decisive really are you what is the governing power in the nature of man read that's what we know is your decision anchor our view of the size of how decisive are you now you know the desire to do right is good as far as it goes right with you I have more than a wish and desire to do something you got your wish to build on the site of action and you've got to get up and go turn with me to first teams chapter eighteen first Kings chapter eighteen this is the story of Elijah with a little bit about Elijah last night the start of a lifetime he's the case fight whatever that might mean in any case he's letting a time when Israel is upon the Ahab 's again he's an Israelite but his wife is Jezebel and he is not as reliant as use of their worshipers you got huge influence on her husband he becomes of them were shivering he thought he was on the nation the nation becomes male worshiper of the whole gang that many of you have ever named your daughter Jezebel not want just without a mouse I made your name is Jonas God wanted that it was a young so you can see that this lady had a reputation even designate still this point so named are girls that Yossi had a lot of people in the whole nation had become male worshipers web .in and I cannot together and see the monument and plan out what healthy people supposing now it doesn't rain for three nephews usable will get their attention a god and goddesses I think we will probably like that if elected get yourself a half and some don't and won't be any new arrangement three hundred Philly life your goal is to get past security gets right is a space and said no to no rain for three Matthew started around March two thousand and nine at nine in a half-dozen sentences together does God or three years you can find them was not like something is him and find him well you have your later the area as part I mean his heart people are nine thousand nine everything is really really believe in God until I can get back together and is getting we have their attention out and yes I think so okay so life as well as it will really happen if confrontation time get them up there on top of Mount caramel and were going to have a compensation okay so they have to read all eight hundred fifty priests and prophets of mail probably brings the military probably brings up all of his high hi to distinguish people a lot of people of their mount caramel allies are all aligned himself he better not fail in the things about the newbie of these hamburger because and so anyway you know what he said you know that he put his finger right on the problem look at verse twenty one were in first Kings chapter eighteen were looking at verse twenty one and Isaac came unto all the people is how long halt ye between two opinions in the Lord is God follow him e-mail is not to follow him and the people answered him not a word not wiping the people have a word to say why they answered him anything is the next thing they could decide they were hauled between two and the receding of the best video you know we decided to get off they were Israelite by nationality but they were better worshipers by Joyce S oh yeah they had a choice to make any life is bringing them to the point of making a decision and they exactly as there is in that amazing you know that that is the first device in the Bible right anyhow that a point when Israel is in a low and spiritually who is the second Elijah we covered that last night John the Baptist you know that he cannot allow one in Israel spirituality also he gave Rivera way of the Lord and he did you know the very life well maybe a lot of different answers I think I'm that once we find a very light in the book about my category are concerned there is says that he will turn the hearts of the fathers of the children of hearts of the children to the father that his work I wonder what it is that you would be you don't turn with me to revelations after three Revelation chapter three I believe this is the argument for however I have no hard facts to back that up this is an opinion well I think it's a good one the thing is a message to the last church of the seven churches of revelation when it's the last earth is the last phases of the people who we are not as investigated Revelation chapter three verses are verses fifteen and sixteen Jesus said that the witness as I know thy works thou art neither cold nor hot I wish you were cold or hot so then because thou art lukewarm neither cold nor hot I will spew the out will vomit you out of my mouth you know in Christianity today Macy's is you know that why because we're not on fire for the Lord and when I cold hear would not want within the church only valid within a world we don't want to leave the church will be lost but we don't want to leave the reader because when one hundred thousand dollars on game but that's happening there and so what what happens is it makes who warm Christian and making Jesus said I was wrong with them neither hot or cold home between convenience don't know which side to get off can get myself to be on fire can't get themselves believe the church either the Everest faster than yesterday after have you ever visited people who have been to church in years and one thing about the book and going to their house and he is okay well you know I guess you're really not interested what I think Yahoo bulletin board and wondered whether this is I know I don't know what it is like being unable to television that is a non- one hundred and you let it run the Eiffel is going on to repeat the story but I thought his story some nights ago about a mining Canadian that I was in your member in answer to a prayer prayer in my breath is lower than twenty five years old and I is the soul of colonial you all come back I'm really interested in what we say I like the Bible and all that but a lot of living to do and I want to want something I want to go I specifically said to me he said you will not have another chance and I argued with him and I argued with him I mean I won't have another chance I'm still young and less upside is that you will love such as hill climbing because I knew that it was God 's voice and I wouldn't have another just because God doesn't like I decided to give my heart to the Lord and I've never like to know why he said that he said that a few months later I was involved in this interest mining caving and there is no way I would be here today had I forfeited God 's protection that no way and my partner would be both of us got out of there they were both Seventh-day Adventists to this day Philippians four thirteen gigawatts of either do all things through Christ as you know that that's the question you know that this is the question is not can I do all things that I says I can the question is really that's a question you know that you can do all things you believe it if you believe that you act accordingly you with your will and your the fifth of its amazing that we all sit around us Christians we say we believe that we can do all things through Christ that threatens us and then we didn't have anything that means we don't believe it right yes I will say well all I can quit smoking you want to what you have in life eleven with smoking then I guess you can quit smoking anytime you want to do that isn't the question the question is not technically smoking as you will will you I have always wanted to be a visionary really why then are you not a visionary on that but a few missionaries to hear not a missionary something is wrong just when you really hear you just haven't decided what you're going to be what you going to do and you're not doing it because you are indecisive question it you seemed that lately it was now the devil 's work is attempted he's really good at it the dental work that will work with their harassment is rampant while you and give you a reason to rationalize all I just got away but he was in the decision whether yours is if you well because I force you to do well know is working to give you grace and power and why you so you are encouraging the way you do well as if you are this is certainly the age-old chapter three Joel chapter three I think with automated tells after three I wanted to see something this is in the minor prophets is not always easy to find but if you go to Ezekiel you can go to Daniel and then was I had no clothes not that far off Chapter three were going through the last bodily the jolly little controversy is all about Provençal allows the end days by the way every chapter talk about the last days as well the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the last they do a whole book of Job is very inspiring if you know what you're eating when I'm not averse working on money use it as a springboard for okay not like that multitudes multitudes in the valley of decision for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision point of at the time where every individual will have to make a decision we will be brought to make a decision in the last thing we just finished studying the market of the beast and was studying also America property we can see by these messages that we be listening to that were coming to the point where someday everyone will be brought to make a decision but you know that I'll probably the problem yes some people don't make decisions on the Internet people who don't live in an ever met one looking in the mirror our bodies need everyone to make a decision in no if there is a crisis in the church you doing you make a decision of you go to the bathroom they got there what are you going to need that I'm going with you let because that's what people at his right and going right to know what is even friendly visit God wants you to read the Bible for yourself God wants you to communicate with him asking to guide you believe what he teaching you and make a decision to go with him in spite of the fact that your friends and your family and whoever else is going to be again provided through making the decision this is what God wants from a and is going to be dangerous in that day when people are coming with machine gun and whining and get up against the wall and say we want you to worship the beast or will kill your children know what even by thirty one you never made a decision by yourself you're not hard time making a decision that day if you are not decisive three motivation in my opening my job market we now decision an individual 's single unstable as water and can never be truly successful would you like to be successful while we all want to be successful and interview me decisive manifestation of I don't want to buy from you are still more afraid of making mistakes will be another him wrong and not a few of you may think now I'll know I've never been to school I made him to school on the second year at Garrett is a great wanted to a degree you learn that the school what is your unique that you know that's right athletic and United are people who are in the problem you have that is a problem for you why is that the only way you can learn that it was a laugh out of the back is not the only today that matter very much let me ask you this you get all your math problems writing reliability video no comments does it matter to David you've got some of them wrong what does it matter who you know how to add subtract divide multiply yes if you know the formula the problem is that you made mistakes on were just use the teacher to teach us to teach you how to do math and that's how God relates the life you know that he wants us to live life successfully the only way he can teach us to live life successfully is to give us life traumas all kinds of problems in our crown jewels out of our neighbors like that that is born of a woman is a you a you will travel all around the best yet from the date you are going to live the life you will have trouble and what's the trouble floor while friends is the just the live correctly little while all these problems we learn how to do better and better and better and God was preparing us for the kingdom of heaven second quotation in decision soon becomes decision in the wrong direction is not a beautiful obligation in his vision the decision in the wrong direction God would rather that he made a mistake and that he don't make a decision why you don't make a decision you're not exercising your decisiveness is not exercising you will you will no exercise you will you will and won't he will use it when you need it you are able to make decisions all people make your decisions for you I don't know how to emphasis emphasizes more last location long to tire the Angels it is even more excusable to make a wrong decision sometimes than to be continually in a wavering decision in where green provision I think you are made they say it's okay you'll learn instead of lamenting the state of progress God of him appreciate a no-no of the laziness and over is that you get all that I would like you God you will later say that he will learn from this reason God will guide you but one of the unique dollars an night you need to be decisive made a decision don't let other people make you waiting for yourself praying with Iraq and you and then do the best you can with what he given you that there are people who are your followers feel lonely do you have a kind of group mentality in the group go that way they just kind of go that way of the group of that religious kind of go directly they don't make their own decision it was an experiment there was an experiment done by a teacher she had nine students and one one of this investment out of the class is over this is making to do this experiment once in the rest of the data the other agencies as I thought it was for along three lines on the blackboard a will be a long line he will be immediate Charlotta and when that person is I cannot think my feet now ask you which is the longest lying on the floor and I will report to be and I want to know what I do not elicit your hand nobody was okay and so that's what happened the person came back to add the she organizes to remind us of our patient wanted to be in the limitless address that's fine because it was the longest line and angiography is the shortest line and she says is this the longest line and she had organized with everyone in their hands and were all all right away yesterday all the other hand and the person we come in later who didn't know what was going on was like what in the world is going on and build my little hand handling of sheepishly and she went because everything was not as something she didn't understand but she went with the now you are well right thing all I hope it's true because there's something in time when the majority are going to vote for these the mark of the Cleveland hopeful rep you won't vote what you will but it will be when your actions you okay were almost the last question when is a person strengthened is it before we decide are actually after you know being told that Jesus defeated the enemy across the dinner you know that all the power in the universe is available to you reason right now did you know that you all the power is there but you know that your decision reveals your faith you know is having the hour until you decide to do nothing in our company the decision which reveals your faith when Jesus walked into the environment is in a you remember Mark chapter fourteen two three four in Arafat that he was sore amazed for the first time in his life he had taken as the world upon himself and he was crushing the life out of you and so he went into the garden any leader that his father father is there no other way is there to be another way father you can do any human is perfect as any argument with his body leaving with his father is no way that his father was happy to say there is no underweight three times Jesus prayed that prayer is that human sacrifices on all results were going to the article you know anymore where you are what end he decided that any cost to himself that one is your date on before he decided after was the angel therefore was an hour there before anyone at all there is plenty of income for him until he decided that he would trust his father in the situation and as soon as he trusted his father go through the angel came strengthening him you only need stable friends is how it works you know the truth of it also you may be a point where you have to make a decision in your life either this decision of that decision I don't know what decision you're facing right now but let me tell you what you will have no power from God you pray to God if you want to break and superpower but there will be no power I feel you make a decision on which side of the question you wanted to get use out of the side of God the power comes but it only comes after you make a decision did that in your car get that in your mind because that's the only way you can him your faith will be revealed by the decision you make anybody do you remember in the Garden of Eden E is she had bought one I is is is is that in each other I seem to always follow that say about how she related to God well she can trust him it was discussed of God and he put her trusted servant she went with him well what kind of power she lost all the power that you had people and maybe works we us just that way now I've got a couple is living I'm just going to go to the end of what I wanted to say a thousand decisions we face every day and throughout our lives should I accept Christ as my personal savior the decision is so I follow the Bible for what it says and as it says John Haycock should I change my diet what about what I read and watch is there a decision that we need to make on that point should I wear jewelry should I wear tattoos should I wear me wish churches I attended their decision we need to make their on which they should I worship should I be baptized in the back I should wear long hair short hair nowhere I mean all of these things are decisions that people are making these days what about the music we listen to the date what other clothes we wear certainly the missionary should we not be missionaries listen I want to give you some advice here's the advice all these points will come to you one by one day by day however long it takes whenever God Raven you may decision on the side cost that the advice that's what you want every time you know why because in the first annual chapter two verse thirty seven that honor me I will honor you want a life that is happy you want a life that is productive you want a life at least I want to live that is congenial you want a life that is happy honor me I will honor you when you're asked to make a decision you won't see that you have a demo on one shoulder and review the side of illustration you know of an angel on his shoulder and an angel on my shoulder white one in the black one right right and while speaking in your ear is the one encouraged to forward that is going to do so in everything we can a few that I was going to throw everything you can as you as to why you should not go on why you should not trust God as to why we should not do God 's will already thought he is alive is a lot I wish that I had time to ask all of my whole life and what it would have been had I never chosen God and what it is today because I had in the meantime I would never go back for anything in the world now I don't know what I'm going to do in the mark of the beast comes I can be bragging and say well I understand from this I'm going to stay strong I sure hope why am his letter God is in all and software I put my faith in my trust in my prayers and my decision easier Lord help us learn you how many of you would like to say I want to make every decision on the side of truth on his side God and not undecided the enemy is anyone in your company are easily politicized the idea that media was brought by audio a website dedicated to spreading God 's word and audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than is www. audio course taught or


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