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How to Solve Problems- Part 1

Frank Fournier
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Frank Fournier

President, Eden Valley Institute



  • January 3, 2004
    11:00 AM
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one might in turn with me to Job chapter fourteen -year-old chapter fourteen and women look at verse one zero fourteen verse one Job was quite an expert on this topic of problems and we can safely go to Joseph I know what problems are all about Job fourteen verse twenty he says and it is a joke speaking Man that is born of a woman is of a few days that is you don't live very long and he is full of trouble full knowledge management is talking about the anatomy that is born of a women of the women I would say that I guessed that it pretty well include lighting the workmen here is very generic it needs men and women it means anyone that is born of a woman how many people are born of a woman other all born of a woman except them a listen have to struggle is not right now and not just is there trouble in full of trouble trouble that's what we're facing now if you go to Joe chapter five and verse seven I've often used as birth yet man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward now how do the spark fly upward quite naturally the intent of the first is what you will be trying to get across to us trouble is going to be our lot larger struggle for trouble that's what life is all about and you know that I've never met anyone that does not have trouble now now it's amazing to me a few minutes ago we have to wear prayer requests and in prayer we went in and on someone in an overwhelming situation trouble right and almost all the other prayer request have to do with some kind of trouble in our lives are in someone else's life how many of you can vouch that this is so I think that everyone on some of your shine you have problems and we all have the question of course is not that we have problems but how do we relate to the problems we had that's really the question so you know how this is really what we want to talk about this morning with the truth Psalms forty six or any demand here in Psalms forty six who really knew how to relate to problems it's not that he had no problem because he was born of a woman I suppose that's the reason I don't know five hundred forty six verse one God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore because this is so because God is there to help us in every trouble therefore we will not be afraid that what it says is that how it is in your life and I mean I even established that we're all got problems we've all doctrinal and not only do we all have trouble worth the trouble but if you have God whether you have no fear no fear of fear even though the earth be removed and themselves be carried into the midst of that you know the waters thereof roar and be troubled though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof a friend of theirs coming a time when the mountain will shake with the current in all kind of trouble when the people of God we own not be afraid when you like to be able to do if your problem that easily as David was able to say no fear no problem is my refuge got in my strength bring on the trouble I have no problem with this sort of thought would you like to be able to handle it that way would it be worth getting into trouble so that we could have this experience what you think that this is not I'll tell you what they asked what they were getting into trouble so that we could experience it delivers but never mind you don't have to go looking for trouble trouble is already looking for you and it will find all you really need to thirty four now when I use the Bible very clear numbers their son thirty four verse nineteen ninety one it says many are the afflictions of the righteous why or because God knows that he can introduce himself at that point many are the afflictions of the righteous but the most complete anything by the way the list delivered him out of how many of them how many of them identical is going to be afraid if I bought you go get it against you is this true I wish we had time this morning I wish we had time to everyone starting right here one by one you stand up and tell us what you're troubled by would not be interesting well maybe it all sometimes weird two other troubled Iraq as we ought to hear a lot more about the solution God does call upon me in the day of trouble and I move the lever you his actual why don't you guys when I nearly review you will glorify me and God is trying to draw closer to himself needless to be glorified by his children in this world and tell you tonight in this world to curse the ground for our site you know that a demand that is born of a woman is treading on Kurt in very found it dated that this poor man cried and the Lord heard him and save him out of all his troubles how many all members then again said that they think the righteous cry of the Lord here and delivers them out of all their troubles you know when we have promises like the how can we be discovered how can we need as many computers as don't be discouraged don't need it they don't be afraid for I am with you I will help you getting a little your member of those upholding the AI will what that is a true even true in your life you act like it's true sometimes he is sometimes this is not through the problem is not amazing that we really believe God 's word we did there would never escape a word of discouragement the word of criticism the word of complaining board of murmuring out of our lives because he would get me dishonest and he promised to do it we just have to wait on the Lord he will do it in our pages six sixty seven aircraft for that in every difficulty we are to see a call to pray that's what it's for that all four doesn't be likened in four three nine doesn't be like to bring you thought being a Rob you know that problem Mary Gloria but we also know that if there is no difficulty we don't tend to call upon him until he allows the difficulty that we are in every difficulty a call to prayer any desire pages three hundred and thirtieth Avenue in every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief not only is the way prepared but he's prepared to bring relief is prepared to use the way that he prepared so that is what we want to look at this morning 's way to bring relief not that he was his way is different did you know that the Bible says that God laid on our way as high as they haven't in the love your star his weight higher Ed is better than our ways by thirty one his ways are different well as with everything amazing how we would like to be delivered when were in trouble and felt like we wanted to be delivered any other way we want to be delivered away we have chosen to be delivered but God doesn't operate that way this is what we wanted to eat so that we can be prepared to receive the way he delivers at the Joseph found seventy seven on the Psalms seventy seven the converse nineteen seventy seven nineteen might not understand at first glance the highway is industry in the past in the great waters and I put steps are not known what a strange place to put ever tried to put a path and that the were very well that it I mean you can go over the same spot over and over and over again and you'll never know that you gone over the spot if not like walking on to your visit again on the way even if the editor not very happy with someone while you are you look at twenty eight eighty interestingly that there you will read your people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron why couldn't it be that I is amazing to me that when the people of Israel the picture is me the children of younger children of Israel let agent you know that if they were working the land of Goshen the land of Goshen is quite north of the registry and when they land it was strangely from you and if they had continued to go straight in from the ocean they never would have needed to go near the Red Sea the gondola land of Palestine without touching any water you can but there they are marching even all of a sudden the clouds all out anyway like I don't know what they were thinking I don't even know they were thinking about it but it made they have known their geography I wondered what in the world happening with opposed to be going to the cloud with no wind of the club will sell you know that the club without because the Lord wanted him to come to the registry the Lord wanted one and I for them a huge problem if you had been the Lord would you have done that deliberately like he did you know that he felt doing God was deliberately leading them to have a huge problem people tend to be between a rock and a hard place to live in artifact they came to the plate when it was an army behind him and is serving with undefeatable and before them was an impassable barrier the risky I thank you for those people that it looked like a major disaster who was it that led them there God but God knew that in your life when he was being used to what would appear like a major disaster we now you know that it would have been favorite for them to go by land but you know Frank it was my favorite for them to go my way because Egyptian army was behind an inviolate the Egyptian army would conduct of the now Egyptian Army game catch-up didn't like had prepared a solution to that problem let you know that the solution within the NFL I got wind that way God gave them a problem and thought he was the problem the song from this is what we want to talk about this morning is not a blessing if they wanted to that which you look upon and disaster is the door the highest benefit architects said God is a very present help where where in trouble where eleven a video that that's what the text actually says that this is after is the door possibly even this is not what you get in the problem I know that they didn't know that did the Egyptians know that operated the Egyptians I know that they would not have followed his real identity was very noted you know you know that God is an ever present help where intro for the solution is because the problem that's where that's what we want to look at this morning now he in Jeremiah chapter twenty nine verse eleven in the new international version and I don't have it with me here I just know that it says they are at God has a plan for his people and then it goes on to say that it is a plan to prosper us to give up a prosperous user now I've paraphrased that pretty badly but that's really what the meaning of diversity in the prosperous future God has a plan to have a prosperous future I appear to have much of a future that day been very now selected a new you wanted to the look of the problem and a look at the resources they have to meet the problem and you know what that does to you because I didn't have any resources to meet the problem and so they saw the hopelessness of their situation and they began to murmur and to criticize and complain and cry blame and to accuse and that's all that they could do because it seemed to them like there was no solution is wrong didn't they know that God 's way was in the view Isaiah forty nine with neither Isaiah forty nine I actually had a series of meetings think I told you that already about fifteen to twenty sermons on how to solve problem I would like to do that sometime because we have problems and we need to solve them and here we got another way of solving problems and God 's ways are not our ways were in Isaiah forty nine it's a strange way in verse eleven Isaiah forty nine eleven will make all my mountain away you know what the symbolism of the word now but the symbolism of the word now the problem at one amount is not tried it on the difficulty of the Darth Vader I will make mine 's been away if you see that I will make my problems away the way even the top and the way is in the mountain I will make my mountain away and my highways shall be exalted you know in mostly her engineers are hired at a great expense to plot highways are right away from and around Mount not open you know that don't you but one does not do here what he makes his way right over the affirmative I believe that if we fully fully believed it he would do away with all discouragements he would do away with all their matter fact it would feel our hearts with optimism and great gratitude when there is your heart feel the gratitude all the time all I hope so in the history of Ewing four eighty one paragraph two our heavenly father has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing where is his way by the way and the Mountain Tennessee I is in the difficulty he goes on to say in every difficulty that's where in every difficulty he has his way prepared to bring relief where was the relief of the Red Sea it was in the Red Sea object lesson three hundred and thirty two let nothing hinder you the Lord has given you a job to do hasn't he is given his work with got something to do with a lawyer but you know that with the work will come obstacles right nothing hinder you say has not woven into meshes about any human being so firmly that he needs to remain helpless any uncertainty but are still hampered by circumstance that we need to what it said all of these circumstances should create a determination in the right direction and circumstances what kind of circumstances upholding the man who will be your helper and not your hint not amazing now Heidi two minutes ago said that he spent some time with nine Vienna in the end I was in overwhelming circumstances not that overwhelming situations now I don't know Deanna and I don't know the circumstances I'm just trying to imagine what might have happened maybe Deanna here she was in the apartment and she got all these boxes as you got all this mess in our house and he's standing at the sink and washing dishes and he looks outside and here comes Heidi and she does all know that's just when I need the houses and that what you are doing is that I got all these problems and issues on how meter outside all night that the delusion why did God send Heidi White and husband problem did you know that the problem-solving problem but we urge of human and civil rights in height he did tell us that he spent today's real organizing the NFL now I need up some of it but I really don't know what the circumstances but I can understand that things happen that way don't they the solution is in the problem opposing circumstances and interview the circumstances we'll be your helpers they will not be your hindrance is not amazing that such tremendous concept in my mind really was that the helper or hindrance while it appeared to be a hindrance I but it turned out to be a helper in I used to live in beautiful British Columbia I lived in the Fraser Canyon the Fraser Canyon is a rough rough Canyon and some of it and if the bottom I mean it got high mountains on both sides and there's a raging river called the Fraser River going through the Fraser Canyon and if and if the problem you know why because I had friends living on the other side of the river and there's no way to get my friend on the other side of the river because there was no rating otherwise agreed it was twenty miles in the opposite direction and even flameout that way until I wanted to the library I had to go twenty miles in the wrong direction across the bridge and go forty miles to visit my friend had to take the amount into a twenty mile trip so how did they all get problem you know how they solve the problem they used the energy that was in the problem to solve it amazing how event coordinator they took a cable and dig into a tree on the side of the river and across the river which is about half a mile is a huge river and an ending and the cable to the other end on the tree and the other end what really a tripod made of metal monitoring and then they tied a large to the table we believe you know and you would come down the road and you get your car onto the barge and they would untie the bars and the card was taken out a little bit and then they would put up cattle in the water when it hit the water to currently playing a larger way and then drive it all away to the other thought you drive your car off another would come on the newsletter going to the current and a withdrawal by the end of the other party because it was going to bike around and in the push at all only the other end they used the problem to solve the problem and this is exactly what God does in every difficulty in every opposing circumstances we are just not a hindrance the solution power is right in making it readily is this is what the Lord would have us this is how the Lord would have us relate to every history of using page fifty we should seize upon circumstances and instruments by which where nine hundred and opposing certain because all things work together for good to them that love the Lord and I will need for lack you all kinds of problems and God is standing behind that grin on his face he know that the devil is not the ability to invent any problem we cannot take a turnaround for your advantage it's an amazing thing well praise the Lord because that's the kind of God we had been the worthies have a problem in with the fiery furnace yeah what did God use to cut their ropes and destroyed their enemies the fiery furnace that a lady by the name of Norma Youngberg wrote this almost all the deliverances of life are in the furnace not from the first euro that's quite an insight because it's true so now are you afraid of the furnace you know that we need to burn burn way to draw the furnace is also going to deliver us from this awful world where you it really really is what the lions den the problem to Daniel well you know it wasn't it really wasn't the area against the envious princes where the real problem the Lions dental care of them getting Haven your member name and in the story of Esther Eyman thought to give Mordechai a problem by dealing in the gallows what was it that solve the gallows problem in the gallows they didn't sure if the dental causing a problem friends with though the earth be removed though the movie carried into the sea though the waters roar and be troubled about the streak ended with the dwelling thereon we will not be running why because God is our refuge and strength a very present help where in the very troubled this is the kind of God we serve they had a little meeting last night and we enjoyed ourselves I think those of you who are therefore we talk about a phone call that I had in the morning and how the phone call after I've spoken to my friend for about two hours left me somewhat somewhat wondering what why everyone thought that we don't stand a chance of fixing it you know I went home and down began to research and what I should be preaching today I've already given her title how to solve problem with you Lord knows what we need we don't have any problem we only have solutions and I you know that is not wonderful this is a media list processes I was a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about half universe is like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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