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Health Message & Righteousness by Faith

Don Mackintosh Dave Fiedler
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In 1892, Ellen White wrote that “the loud cry of the third angel has already begun.” Two months later, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg told the delegates of the General Conference that the key to the loud cry was Isaiah 58. His words went unreported in the General Conference Daily Bulletin, and were forgotten for more than a century. But was he right? What started the loud cry? Abstract theology, applied theology, or both? The history is fascinating, but the present-day promise of a renewed and revitalized full-scope gospel of health is showing its evangelistic power. Join us for a fresh look at God’s end-time plan.




  • August 7, 2014
    10:45 AM
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okay well our topic today then we were asked to speak on is twofold on this agency that don't don't look at the size the type assume that what is more important than the other they are both vital either one without the other is pretty much dead so my again going at the cover some ground rather quickly if I start to rattle and you can understand what I'm saying waved a hand at me and I'll try to slow down a little bit but I we do want to move rather quickly and so listeners are authentic topics in a set with the health message I'm going to assume a considerable level of understanding I'm not going to explain what we normally think of as a health message and I can tell you what you should should need or how many hours you should sleep in undergoing any event okay I do want to start out by pointing out that it was is kind of interesting that the health message came to the church just a couple of weeks after week finding ourselves organized in an formally organized as they Seventh-day Adventist Church exits cut like the Lord was saying okay now are ready to take another step forward in your buddy at your act together and nearly all the sciences famous quotation you probably read this is sometime the other eleven thousand brother Angel Juergen Otsego Michigan June six eighteen sixty the great subject about the form was opened before me and health reform is a big deal and it is always been a big deal was a big deal at that time and it remains so today okay it took some time for the church to collectively cut a wrap their minds around this instruction been given to I rather suspect there are still things we need to understand better but now whatever game probably though the essential idea of the one I must talk away from their contact with their exposure to the health message of that type would be something along the lines of the statement here we are not our own this life is not ours that's because we believe in creation and as the property of God it is our duty as far as possible to keep our bodies free from disease while that's good that seems a bit kind of the take-home message and so we began working on that unfortunately God gave us some instructions that we would have some idea of how to keep our bodies free from disease to get nobody was doing a very good job of that back in eighteen sixty three and so we know so the Lord included some of those things are not covering on healthful dietary in the alleys of the other topics Italy began to work on keeping our bodies free from disease and to a very significant degree with sixteen X it's amazing we've actually done so well that the world has noticed us this is a nice stat statistic rights advocates in California had a thirty one percent lower risk of developing anticancer when compared to other Californians about what's what's not to like about that rent is that if you find out the NFL's health studies and we don't ever sell studies no pointing out interesting things that's all great stuff I enjoy that I try to fall that keep the speed on recently and not a health professional as such I try to keep in four minutes it's great stuff I do want to point our attention though primarily to oh one more site Arrigo area because DNA is the basis came out but last marketing or something like that okay with them on everybody are such a great line note letting I use it I have been doing wrong that's not what we're talking about today that's not the health methods that were angling towards us but that way again is another aspect of this health reform thing that we have not paid nearly as much attention to them it's summed up nicely in the statement the line John has given on health reform is for our salvation and the salvation of the world I get really tired it's not as I get tired of this yet when you know what you eat and what you drink is not a salvation issue Avis or can be had here and maybe not always right now if you want to have a big discussion as to the propriety of eating link gets instead of big Frank's something like that then don't go ahead I don't know that would be salvation on my book but there is something about health reform which is for our salvation and that's what we not paid as much attention to it but even more insane to me as a last cause the salvation of the world there's something else to form for the salvation of the world and was not paid a lot of attention to that camp okay well that's what we may be looking at because it's that aspect that ties health reform to the forgotten without righteousness I think every guy is a better aspect of it it's it's a mess at selected titles or forms arises is my faith again now if you if you just know go to that address library and you say I would like to learn about righteousness by faith either humming books there are around a sermon given how many seminars on this that the other aspect of righteousness by faith I'm not complaining about that it's a great topic again but yeah as I was actually there wasn't I was putting this together talked together and I I I learned the new visiting outline doesn't use the word of the phrase righteous by faith very much that this is not the way she spoke of but if you go looking for things you'll find that that phrase shows up fifty six times on the LHC Vonnegut is no righteousness by faith in quotation marks and fifty six hits okay but twenty seven of those are entitled through comments written by compiler so they're probably not her words anyhow the throw those out for Timor are a crazy compilations in a little devotional books and things were just going from an original source a young fellows fourteen outline so that leaves fifteen original occurrences of the phrase righteousness by faith but only made seven of those are those original prices are actually noun phrases the rest is used by faith as as a prepositional phrase it out maybe United grammarian and that's fine I'll forgive you okay even though you did have twelve years of English class in a long line probably be so you may not recommend differently is the difference again is a noun phrase why try to be more minute than his inspiration on the vital question of righteousness by faith without all three words that's the thing she's walking upright as a noun noun there okay is a prepositional phrase the unfailing inexhaustible righteousness of Christ becomes our righteousness by faith right so righteous as I think is not being used as needed so sometimes only sometimes easier to worry about it because talking is so good she disliked the expression justification by faith in I don't receive no entry in policing sometime but okay so if you go looking at the topic within MS history now that then the lead story and is the county within the dateline young Minneapolis seeking eighty eight and and Mrs. hopefully you'll read this refresh your memories galore in his great mercy sin and most process message to his people thrilled as Wagner Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted Savior the sacrifice of the sins of the world it presented justification through faith this surety and invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God hearing on many had lost sight of Jesus they needed to have their eyes directed his divine person to his merits his changes left of the human family all power is given in his hands that he may dispense Rich Gibson a man imparting the priceless gift of his own righteousness the helpless human agent this is the message that God commanded be given to the world it has me third Angels message which is to be proclaimed aloud voice and attended with the outpouring of his spirit in large measure and not just focus that last sentence for just a second end and you can see that today we could be just as well talking about health reform and the third Angels message OR health reform and the latter rain OR health reform in the loud cry okay there also tightly integrated and no matter which title we went might want to pick right that the question still remains so what's the connection between the two what this health reform had to do with the thirteen is message was sent to the love I was under the A and that's a lot of work and will begin with another fascinating statement way she said after the meeting in Minneapolis Mrs. eighteen eighty eight after the eighteen eighty eight righteousness by faith general coffin and after that Doctor Kellogg was a converted man and we all knew it we could see the converting power of God working in his heart and life I'm ready you had grabbed me at first I read Mrs. eighteen eighty eight Doctor talisman the medical director the Battle Creek Center for twelve years already is a church member and regular standing but now discovered that you can think now you can learn anything learned in such a way that everybody on the Aussie thought was different he did not stop going up on Friday nights Kathy that's what the commercial was okay and simply put basically here's what happened is when Doctor Kellogg was converted he started being nice to people and technical okay and complicated and all that sort of stuff you know but that's what converted people do is a statement like this this ties a lot of things together says while the believer is justified because the merit of Christ he is not free to work unrighteousness shades works by love and purifies the soul of faith buds and blossoms and bears a harvest the precious fruit of the tapping and Doctor Jarvik Helen's life and where faith is going works appear to notice with the good works are the sick are visited the poor I can for the fatherless and widows are not neglected the naked investigator that Christ went about doing good and winning men are united with him they start being nice to the children of God and make this entry was guided for since the expression of the countenance reveals their experienced admin can see it right now that they had been with Jesus and learned him now I really really like this statement but I have to be honest that it's it terrifies me because I'm very strong implication in all of that than those who don't visit the sick and care for the poor and called the negative egotist messages they may not actually be converted a pretty strong hint that direction out of the artist them that bothers learning how to just be nice to the people and it is actually harder than it sounds okay well even one building to jump not four years down from eighteen eighty eight Windows eighteen ninety two another very famous statement the time of chest is just supplies for the loud cry of the third Angels already begun the revelation arises the Christ the sin pardoning redeemer this is the beginning of the lights of the angel 's glory shall fill the whole earth and this one statement probably more than anything else is left with eighteen eighty eight on the map again at any of us as we are not going to take as animated as close as we had never come to finishing gods were below you marched down to all the little AL Ascot the logical time charged that Mister good for him and the cause is the farthest the finest we've ever done e-mail outcry that makes us pretty nowhere and I think it's entirely understandable that people been gripped by this and studied it and pursued it probably ever since she wrote that name well still the big question out of that whole visualization recognized this staff the next big question is so what happened and it when you read a revelation you don't really get the impression that the loud cries meditate like a hundred and twenty years and so what happened and I think it's probably fairly safe to say the general consensus is that something died on the line never fully came to fruit and I puzzled over this while everybody else smarter than myself and women went down about three years ago I had some added not to fall in my lap it hadn't really been paying attention to brighter years and just kind of pulls and gave me a whole new view and wanted to share some ideas with you at I decided for the first time a couple years ago but the comments were actually made about two months after the statement in light rights here at the close of side a member of eighteen ninety two and related jump forward just a few months to the General conference session of eighteen ninety three and the GZ Cessna A- was a ministerial institution takes attendees is not the exact in this case and then it that went directly on into the general conversation right so it started and in January when all elected February and ending in March citing Wright will long affect the way people could really do that any longer but this is that this is the case visible .net is the general conference of eighteen ninety three probably this general conference is best remembered as a general rule for the series of talks that were demyelinating Jones ranked twenty four part series on the third Angels message that's been reprinted I think at least three times I know there are copies available at some of those out there if you've not read them there were three good signature event but you know it when you I understand in my opinion I think it's generally agreed upon by the other unchosen meals may have a different idea but I leave the whole eighteen eighty eight 's emphasis and to strengthen the message I would probably say that this series right here I represents the high watermark in it after that intended to quietly kind of mounts that the people stopped talking about it is another series making a five it's good to night sky I would say that he denies a Navy represents the high watermark of the influence of the eighteen eighty eight message as soon as we know it think of it something else happen in the general composition of the know much about medicine Doctor Kellogg presented each talks on medical missionary work is where does improve every five and fifteen going to start out with the stocks in this case without are so simple and so basic that I almost imagine the audience will board a flight how you okay with the network but there's nothing wrong with being basic offensive victory start off with Mister Steffi said it is adhesive for my first thought all they want to do is establish the fact that God 's people should be doing good works have to have some substance and he had lots of support for things like this commandos are rich in this present age not to be hockey noted trust in uncertain riches but in the living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy or that they be rich in good works ready to get willing to share some of themselves and the foundation of the life to come that they may lay hold on eternal life is one one Cuba thing in this book this blog gives us richly all things to enjoy Atlanta and use them to us as angina let them do good ready to give what if I'm supposed to enjoy nestling igniters give me why would I give it away in the Bible versus as more blessed to give the nurse and have fun as I used what are you hearing on their hundred dollars and ninety nine looking back on the more Bible verses legal entities in the demand of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work those who believe in God should be careful to maintain good works and let our people also learn to maintain good works to meet urgent need I like that phrase either meet urgent needs and it may be coming it is a handle where the good work should be headed again to meet urgent needs that they may not be unfruitful and last and sometimes you that he might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for himself his own special people as Alice for networks class I doubt it will consign the UK it's a good thing it's not penance again is Doctor John speaking here he says in first against eleven one Paul exhorts us be followers of me even as I also am of Christ who here tells us left as an example that you should follow his steps carousel bosses follow me as I follow Christ and Jesus left as an example was supposed to follow him they at thirty eight there tells us that Christ went about doing good it is evident that Doctor Don said that if we are Christ's sermons if we follow Christ we must also go about doing that we are not to wait for the opportunities for doing good to come to us but we must go about doing good seeking opportunities to do good to help the need to bless and comfort designed to uplift the phone we must search them out not wait for them to hunt us up and move us to action by their appearance is allowed terminology thing from backing out of years ago who are the fallen and a salad are the fallen if were going to help the fun way to uplift the public who are the following you guys are really out of touch of visualization users are taken other thought is very clear group drugs and prostitutes they are the fallen but an excess exactly determine a hundred years ago okay drugs and prostitutes they have fallen out by then fall into immoral practices ability on the immoral practice me was going he says we are not to be narrowing our charities for Paul says listen Galatians six ten let us do good unto all men and women now this does was listening to Tom and Frank it is truly adds especially to them who are the house of the day so the emphasis on church members but this does not excuse us from getting good to those who are not in the house of the basement he says all men and certainly we cannot hide behind this apology from you not been good even to those belonging to the household we have not been good even to church members is what he just said the often miscellaneous presentations often Taliban and Al Qaeda the screaming general in what he was saying that this is a serious artist and a little plaintiff you're lucky what's really driving at again well will come back to you Marine first he went on he said for years and years we have been well able to furnish a home for the aged and infirm the homeless for poorer widows while Mrs. H Gomez and helpless children members of our denomination old pioneers in the cause of the Lindley of their process property in the early days when the work was just beginning and it was faint images of the contrasts which processes led them to put all their earnings in the cause instead of hoarding up a competency for themselves all these worthy and deserving want to appeal to us on fraternal as well as humanitarian grounds we have neglected in a manner which is become a denominational disgrace while talking about here again well two things primarily number one at that point in time we would have a retirement system if you are to administer minister at and missed anything in update as long as you aren't when you stop working is not anything is present lectures at certain logic cause-and-effect I do think that you are basically tough to retire a host then -year-old you're tired and worn out and you're broke and this soul will insurance didn't really step up to the plate as we could have should have only wrote about them so we would eventually changing things so Kellogg wanted to do something for those old folks is what I do something orphan to get a little studying he knew of at least six hundred advanced orphans in the United States at that point in orders and an in Sonoma being cared for in County poorhouses some of them were in Catholic orphan home some of them were in a non- MS neighbors someone living on the street is that we have an orphanage after the alliances designated a landmark sold to use me for this epidural I was making ninety one calendar made a motion as well as our garbage and I will place for some seminal workers do and it was voting all duly voted I know I would okay so now we have general conference 's authorization they took Kellogg and mine was not a people or something like that in a low committee Mister okay you guys make happen you can raise money through the review and just describe it since I'm running ads like the weekly review about this project and please send your money and the church by large ignored after year they didn't have much money am enough money to buy the property in any money to build an orphanage let alone anything else the money had not come in what had come in during that time now talking eighteen ninety one to about eighteen ninety two okay what had come in during that year were address orphans arriving on a train from who knows where with a little note put on their shirt that said orphanage Battle Creek so now cows got thirty orphans and/or statutes which is an awkward situation to be sure to never try that but it is recently learned that they also need a couple nurses was a journeyman writer little cottage located next to be developing from his IRA praying as long as I need some serious money the church is not stepping up that way I need some serious money so well okay to make along so little bit shorter the Lord answers prayer is what happened this is the Haskell the children that was paid for entirely by Mrs. Carolyn Haskell thirty thousand dollars and fifty one and what inflation does you try building one of those thirty thousand and you couldn't buy the Windows for thirty odd this this house a hundred orphans it was psychologically advanced that he does have a big massive uncontrollable kids running around being brats actually split up in thing was like eight or nine or something like that family homes of family units a idea of a four-month old year and half old two -year-old and I five -year-old men whatever so they they function most like a family is better environment than anything singled out to Haskell home and its Mrs. Haskell no changes as as a memorial to her husband Charles S Wood died about a year before and after a fair chunk of change that is not advanced there were no relation to Stephen Asquith is the similarity name is Diane guests paying for advertisements about how I was doing other things as well in eighteen eighty two as well he started the visiting nurses program this is I think a picture of the very first visiting nurse Emily strums and and you'll notice this is back in the days of based on the difference between a nurse 's uniform and a pair of pajamas and I really like nurses and universal I think it looks professional as opposed to some other options but then I've nothing to do it so I said okay but so I'm not in this paper this program to get his daughter admit a patient center and and she got back in Chicago have an operation I don't know why Doctor Kellogg was setting world records for successful operations maybe especially something I don't know if anyone was doing on this bottle and the operation was not a success on her deathbed she said daddy is as a memorial to me I want you to put the money to bring a Battle Creek nurse from Senator Sanchez are you as well like losers and medically brand I am working the boards about the paid for by running it on Friday evening in early November of a teenager is this like Doctor John gets tired resulting he says it is no different in Battle Creek when I is an something is a call the other much of the workers of the senator him and he said let's start a Christian help they all said yeah what's up what is a Christian help make as many technical type of theological things a Christian help man is a band of Christians who help people get so they set up the first and connect that Islamic they set up and then that night in early November eighteen eighty said Christian help band 's number one elected a young Australian nursing surveillance Simmons Simmons to be the to be the first leader of it within a couple of months of your life they had sixteen of these nine member health benefits a hundred and forty four people spinning four five six hours a week going about the town of Battle Creek finding people to help it sometimes it that some people needed food so they took them food excreted sometimes allocated to have warm clothes in your Michigan basic a nickel so they took them call me they help people find jobs they took care of the sick they taught people how to cook my food firelight again they just help people hundred and forty four Seventh-day Adventists wandering around town helping people at the start having an impact after the last one is all happening while I was off in Australia but so what did she think it turns out she was actually a fan of all the various aspects of health work medical missionary work the very simplest Christian help man is the one of what I do in my mind at least I don't remember her ever rebuking or correcting or warning against is always what you do that in a question about when I got what I want operational but in addition analysts and inositol again she would end up having to write save a buck on the promise your story is heading the wrong direction here is this problem with a serial arson reenactment event Michelle Masters do it technical area she wrote this the very word is talking primarily to push help answer the very work Doctor John has been managing is the kind of work the whole love our churches are by no stop before bowing that mean under constraint she had tied that game they are owned to do under comments relation to God what is a covenant contract agreement so if you're blowing it to do something by contract and you down to a broken they are to love God supremely and their neighbor as themselves should start being nice to people statement goes on this work is the work of churches and left undone and they cannot prosper until they have taken all of this work in the cities you I was you know I really like superlatives of in these these words of extreme health cannot they cannot so here's a hot tip for you if you like this or think if you want to life that's what really turns her cranky my government is all you meditate on a challenge okay is twenty five some not so scared because the rest illustrated a new job you'll fail but by water was a challenging one meeting I went I like challenges right have a chance of succeeding they cannot trust regulated table this organization I was in it is the man he is and I will cooperate with him into mentalities and religious system will be inaugurated will be the necessity of suffering human beings learn physical mental and moral need five hundred this decided rightly religious system now I'm not I'm kind of a flight I see my pants and again I'm not the best systems analyst manager kind of a guy this is not me going but there needs to be system in this enforcer there are people of other talents I am curious how I see the system I want to see what was an religious system will be and how I see with that looks on my brethren in America should run from a strip in place of questioning and criticizing Doctor John because he is doing the class of working is what classwork was again orphanage Christian help work visiting nurses working in a medical missionary work with it it's messy work Internet working with a drunk out it's messy work instead of citing Kellogg because the classwork he is because he is a buzzword he is we need you there you are not given service you'll be heart and soul in the agent doing the same kind of work which will be of far work on the synagogue of Zometa flocking about a great way to become religious war stipulated under the about is my house so Kellogg's talking him now he's back and were back in the general God is making any three okay and I I I just loaded this very briefly but for some reason the other I have my suspicions with people those the summary had no callous comments were recorded in the general conference bulletin that you it was just edited out the very first pages of things is Doctor dog will be giving a series on admission went but not report to find one or two other references at all Doctor John said something last night but but so it went it was prior years without inviting knowing about this whatever okay that's that's this is this these these comments right here this weekend turned my life around again so dogs giving his presentations and he got along talking a good works and very simple thanks a lot until his fifth presentation that he mentioned in VM oh dear as I don't offer listening at eleven twenty three I thought that was amended in eleven minutes going along okay where to go very quickly right now Doctor John said a very simple things I'm not a redesigned you can find double double task if you want to basically what he said his brothers and sisters the loud cry is what you find in the last verses of Isaiah fifty eight and he will ride in high places I figure there is negative audio quality lets you bridal say here I am your lights arrived in August and artisans also eliminate out A/V repairs the resistor present them in the food phrases and some all I worry I will than memorize them and getting all those promises last night introduces the loud cry a lot like you but it's all condition if you do your bread to the hungry interviewing the forecast at your house if you break and we'll let the oppressed go free those kind of things that that that is just simple concept right there beside the loud cry requires that we manifest the character of God if you want loud cry to begin brother that is a placement will begin him I disregarded the statement right here he said is that I think is expressed as close as he ever came to visit if Allawi has been begun by our people it must be because we have just begun to do a little in the way of letting our light shine it wasn't anything funny about this ironic is it himself the last two years and start all these things that was a medical missionary program if there's any connection at all he's a guy money but also is going but he knows so little it's like he could hardly believe that it had even begun putting out like the beloved Randy W they didn't cover that in a front-page New York Times nobody else had noticed luck I began SoCal I was like if it's going to begin began by us doing the work that was supposed to do notice that this is a lifesaver woman tinier notices one word she did not say that the loud cry would go forward with the proclamation of the righteousness of Christ it's a revelation there's a difference between those two things noticed this the Angels glory shall fill the whole earth rang less that reference it's an allusion to revolution aging one rain after these things as another angel coming government having great authority resolutely with his glory so a little quick standard evidence biblical symbolism questionnaire for you what do the messenger Angels on Revelation represent God 's people when his glory character specifically the character of God so what isn't it illuminates the earth but the manifestation of God 's character through the remnant church and incidentally that was fun here's the best practices in using because noticed this especially if you so fill the whole earth look at an allusion to Habakkuk rank for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord filled with what the knowledge of the glory of the Lord Summit to be showing the glory again as the waters cover the sea how is that ever supposed to happen in this world the secular world this is not what everything else stay connected how is the knowledge and less characters through God 's people from the segment is nonoffensive we shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening at every point of its progress until the whole earth is covered waters cover the sea the medical missionary work is the manifestation of the glory of God can each justification by faith in Christ we made manifest in transformation of character this is the sign of the world into the doctor who profess the daily events we are living churches seen in the factory pricing with a living testament goes forth to the world inconsistent Christian action what Christian action would that be running the words of the great teacher getting financial disciples is the example we are to follow it is only by the selfish interest to those in need of help we can get a practical demonstration of the truth of the gospel the Lord will give you success in his work the gospel is the power about an salvation when it is interwoven in with for life when it is within the practice the union of Christ I work for the body and Christlike work for the sole is the true interpretation of the Gospel don't notice of award you only it is only my salvation disability and as you can come to me any can generate two hundred plans on how to get a practical demonstration of the gospel and I now had two hundred plants and I can save a lot of time because I know me I can ignore hundred ninety nine of all no one had any way again I is a letter to a group as his word the drill intervention no more grammar for you at the article I was only three a.m. in the event this is a definite article is used to distinguish one thing from a bunch of others is the one and only true interpretation because not all there are many interpretations of another mother will union tries like my work for that body Chrysler group and so on okay Christmas alone into success in reaching the people the Savior mingle event is one of decided that he showed isn't it within minutes of the news when it off as they made them probably all heard that eighteen gazillion times I'm sure famous quotation but a lot extra surprise that allowed them you have any others they are okay my time is longer on abundance that's it on if you want to read more about that I will recommend this volume right here hasn't been something and you can do that from acid onto or from run the publications agree they both have a here today and just as an aside if you happen to like endless history I have a few copies of my previous but back there and you can worry about that after the session is over and now I will be glad in the past and on carry-on limit is grew to four I the one here with my part of today's doubleheader father and the Lord thank you for the passion that we heard today and days voice based on not his own manufactured box but on revelation and inspiration and so we do want to be a part of that revelation of the righteousness of Christ we want to understand what that is we believe there's something there that is has been missed by many and by ourselves many times we desire that to happen in our lives blessed to that end Christ able so Christ what about doing good basically is what the date is set and we got to do the same he was anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power or how you know that acts ten thirty seven because he went about doing good or coming here and healing all manner of sickness and disease so the idea that the Holy Spirit is present is tied up with this change that comes in people 's lives and they come to help and out of that comes a sense of gratitude and when they say that they recognize what justification by faith is made manifest is made manifest in transformation a character like he just ended this is the side to the world of the truth of the doctrines we profess the daily evidence that we are living church is seen by the fact that we are practicing or analyzing testimony goes forth the world and assistant Christian action that's the picture that scene and then I'll a lot of course again again refers Isaiah fifty eight to illustrate that was organized it engages for a minute because they just read some of these quotes allow press forward it starts with cry aloud spare lot lift up your voice like a trumpet tell my people entrance presence in the subject of their send right so there's this idea day of atonement imagery afflicting of souls but that it goes that is as you want to come to add size seminars you will love to do prayer ministries he loved to approach the Lord but I don't hear you omitted it is with the Sabbath day and I was Isaiah fifty eight is an activist chapter away on it then we go through this but it's what the book of Hebrews is based on because you have both days of the book of E Bruce the Sabbath day he restrained for on the day of atonement chapter ten and it does the same thing this is one God Dave and I together I called up one day and I sit day I discovered something in Abrams and he says the same thing I discovered about us history and we had like a disposal mom so the problem was that the preaching and prayers of the folks were going for the guy was not hearing there was no light there was no wild cry what was then the solution love for Christ Christ likeness another was that love for Christ comes first granted to them he reveals his himself to his righteousness to us and what is done in which we can't help but respond and medical missionary work then comes forth were never taking credit they say our good works and glorify the father them as they know you're not like that I'm talking myself and then your righteousness shall go before you and Zaire as it's included in a part of it goes before you and the glory of the Lord Dawes and is your rearguard powerful and visible than the return on this loud cry it's all right there in Isaiah fifty eight now here's the point price cut of Tom Arafat has a right we don't have to add a bullet crisis a crisis whenever I than it is stuff happening if we had done this thing and I think is exciting now then again we have an opportunity and an end science and always of the things are probably colluding about knowing it to help us say that what we had and what we have still in the spirit of prophecy and his counsel and his drug is trial pits trip of the moon but it is true as we have these people that have this opportunity to see that again and we have enough to be a part of it now if that happens than those it would be a reversal of the worst evil and this gospel ministers and medical mysteries workers are not united this is the more stable in my family my family is an illustration of the worst evil my great-grandfather was a contemporary of Kellogg and of the little white candle on the Adventist prophetic message he sliced it away from the practical aspect in many ways and so that you just rejected it during the time that there was a split between the ministers and the physicians right so now my cousin my cousin is the president of the seventh Day Baptist church today in the and lots of you have the knowledge how you something that at the end I don't get the begins I can tell you what's happening with them I thought we did to the ant thou how I came up with this she sought Johnson Waggoner sought everybody to see them and tell exactly what is not sought jobs at Wagoneer you know they were pretty much beat up right now I was sent for all-expenses-paid trip to the land of kangaroos to jump around down there nothing against nuclear from Australia we love you and always legitimate ties of early numeric I thought the Lord did not require me to go to a country so far away at my age when I was frustrated by overwork but I thought the voice of the conference has ever tried to do when I have no clear like myself this is an unusual woman today that I don't know if this would happen in fact she was unusual for her day actually because during her day a number of other churches weren't thoroughly doing things differently I will go and let his estimate the point of my talk but during a lifetime there were twenty seven other denominations it began ordaining women that's a different subject why didn't do that she painted a bigger picture about this don't listen to me and I've been on the committee studying the sink the last two years I worked suggesting to you best not be issued today are issued today is to paint an even bigger picture okay and what I want to say here is that the messages of right the messes of righteousness by faith applied is that bigger picture it wouldn't take care of multitudinous problems if we decide okay don't also get that she goes down under one half no wonder there is the thunder from down under eighteen ninety four C says this it has been presented that Australasia is the field in which we will do a model work a work that will struggle our friends abroad on another lance Halley evangelistic work and the medical work should be carried forward in perfect agreement and perfect carpet landed together but whatever what's how log was that he had disliked out yet frosted and he went one way and he separated he separated Bobby was converted that very day stop but during my days not so he got there it was converted at that time but then again you converted and he began to look just at the medical aspect without the prophetic aspects any dendrite things moving but not the greatest things our white wedding gown and blended the two and down by well presented a model work will what exactly will the components that came out a little way to Weston Haskell who after James and his wife she was maybe going to be his wife of course he said now that's another story but he wrote the most thorough of almost anybody know that it but he writes to pursue sent to West dependence is placed upon preachers while the house to housework as much neglected she then does begin talking about you need to go house to house him to be in people 's homes have you noticed to be gone people told something changes that is something that changes this afternoon the Internet is not only house to house were put in evangelism and the local churches Kristen help work which they mentioned is the Lord 's way bringing the suffering a lot to the knowledge of the gospel it conforms more nearly to our Savior 's mother works as revealed in his earthly life AJ Daniels got it I mean he listened that Weis is that the wife's supposed to go a change in medication I just have to housework not just the evangelism but also education obesity white will see what amount the entire absence of any special instructions of its students to care for the sick interaction with Christian help work and education and training Bible worked for Bible work is necessary so also is a thorough education and training required that the worker makes in tablet gently minister the poor and sick so she's calling for education that blends these two unchanged in education instead we talked about knows what happened is that fateful education be given to the thorough instruction of students and nursing a person help work as an Bible work and within one year those changes were made so what happened in Australia was this how I went out with this complete package of righteousness by faith blend in with medical mission work instantly and began to be instituted instantly because there was none of the banquettes there was no battles nearly three so to speak and then they had these exist helps me stay involved okay guys so I'm open and objective algorithm this is Carol they were a minister and dentist team medical work in Australia is definitely do more this failed and has been in America said Carol we want is this what you were presently one five oh workers and canvassers who are nurses eleven statements as I'm a nurse and a pastor I'm a personal identity data is that is a lot of money to take to the bank with that okay so so there was a change in education there was to be this blending the college and medical in fans it lists right during the early Searls they had it only lasted knowledge in the back with a memo evidence medical events then this idea of comprehensive camp meetings I love you never seen again many like this voice in fact when you go back your conferences call for this holy recap meeting following with a tent meeting the family by visiting Bible work selling of the bilateral religious and health books and my Christian help work and the establishment of a medical mission sometimes Kashmiris went on for several months when I like little convocations like we do they were meant to establish the work and was based on Christian help close summary what happened on other than what our white model medical mission work in a personal way like is the secular all just like Kellogg didn't have an organization 's Internet when the ones I might I read somewhere that she had quite a number of people living in our own now someone set up to forty people I mean this is a full-time profit in a lesser site job now she didn't see little side job she thought it was very important seeing modeled Christian help work on automate our white would always model things people were doing once I listed of evangelism doesn't work Susie Xavier 's will go through the eastern seaboard holds all kinds of meetings is eighty because the general conference presents that I don't think I can do that okay let me show you how to do that at any and basically turn things are well as you model welcome to shorter personal life because you want to be like Jesus suicide is righteousness just as I want to be like that was a change in the way of vandalism was done in local churches it was done to be like Jesus and there are the one with the work of men and women was also down under compensated and recognized men and women were paid from the height of a man now they don't know reorganize the entire meaning of Scripture they just do the right thing and the result is the that they didn't have time for those divisive type thing because there opted but we don't have time for those kind of things there are all kinds of things to do and I will tell you about that this before there was a change in educational curriculums like Artie mentioned to be more like Jesus on the fascinating I think were just looking to smoke and I actually had people at the Royal school wellness of why you have so much time to do outreach said wait a minute how do you have someone assigned to do outreach it just is what about knowing God and you have an education that takes people for four years for undergraduate and four years for graduate and then all euros for residency and then you wonder how they know how to look nice when he was taught in a you know the interesting thing is that the apostles wrote the New Testament Jesus I meant so much to do to open wrote down their class notes I went right right right for sticking with me to number five there was a change in the way Cantonese and evangelistic meetings were that it was more like so what was the result of this fascinating result those that started the statistics down of this is what they found anything not by a man I just six years eighteen ninety four nineteen hundred Seventh-day Adventists because of the ministry known as Christian help work were known throughout Australia New Zealand according to the archivist to look at all the numbers down under the time and they more than doubled their membership between the beginning of that ministry in eighteen ninety four to nineteen hundred another word she has said this will be an example and it backed it out ASAP I try to I changed everyone's been a while it worked right it were no peers the thing will it still work if we look at Jesus while he so changes what we look at what a better one is done what he wants to William Kirwin and impart and empower us to do this thing where faith is good works appear with sicker visit the poor care for the follows and windows were not neglected the naked or clothed and the destitute orphan righteousness by faith that actually works it works so what about now a Buddhist type couple stories known as we close appear is a very complicated with a the radio hidden we did struggle school on I had been doing evangelism training with amazing facts but I love and I still love that aspect but what I discovered was that there were a lot more people that were interested in their health than they were interested in the things we were knocking on doors for so here's a pie right and we would not endorse about this many people were interested in what we had say and we missed this many but now I found that if I go on and talk to them about their needs physical emotional mental spiritual they're much more open right to the whole thing so what we ended up doing and I don't have a much time do I have a week we we disconnected the prophetic from the practical talk about this tomorrow at the amen lunch for them to talk about that because this is so essential to the school we go to put them back together and one of the things that that we noticed a couple things we'll talk about what we could partner with ASI website I want to say is I convincing and Pacific they asked me a couple years ago speak and it will host a spiritual war that came over me I'm not I'm not sure but I said something code so my provocative and I don't want to offend anybody here remember you telling it will die here and a assignment Monday the first I basically said why are we spending all this money on these nice meals on this nice hotel why all these booths set up we all know the rich people I wish to just go talk to the guerrillas had said that but I said that it was like one might want it I say that but then I was something Lars so wildly just over all these choirs singing for people with an that was in it that member in a room adjacent inside bag to maybe we shouldn't racist president Dave here but I said that it would afterwards think it was only when I talk to you that was like that chapter in the begin talking about in the vision that maybe next year instead of being a little hotel they would don't try and do something and they went to San Francisco while they went about to cities and finally at near San Francisco said look we want you to come shields great controversy when on behind the scenes back and forth whatever long story short controversy within controversy without I can't take any credit except for what Mister can take credit for which as always as one of the major rules of minister is to support with an invoice it don't trust people might hurt them but ten invoice I got involved the others well and they got really behind this and so the bridges of health thing was born and we were terrified actually all the work terrified but we were buoyed up by this statement our work in the city San Francisco was broadened and deepened God sees it many souls to be say an event revelation of the character of God they need to see the righteousness of Christ right revealed somehow how you reached that city it's got all kinds of roadblocks so they went with the bruises a half now went down we did this free medical dental clinic in the CBI exam rooms there with the plastic trash bag you can see the dental clinic agency and know where the squires were also happy to see the people lining up a line of her twentieth twenty five hours before his role the densest working there was a domination of this particular piece of equipment from one of the dental company is making trials for people filling in the gaps of restoring the breach in their teeth our students were doing massages our students were doing health coaching our students had been trained on type of that earlier and they just know this they were working with these people they were pouring themselves out as Dave said am a lot back in the day that that they talked about within the eye exams we got all these machines were going to do more of that coming up and choirs were singing the second and while we all say I is a grace might as well we want out of it was also singing amazing Grace and I was wanted to know who I was certain with that bedtime I was sitting next to the patient and he goes I said hello to mean the rest of bigoted Bush has and he says who are you are you grateful that is a more humane because I love that song but I never would admitted in this town right to search your regard comes up to Bailey says Thursday Disney once you seem to be someone that knows about what's happening here is well depends on what you say next I might've mentioned that are not his is why is it that you are here this is a very section of town by way of the side was a pornography studio my students to know that they went to the wrong side called me up and said pastor Don where have you sent us what was that Amy is for the prostitutes and the others positive status into the following I said no please that's either building slowly so as not to attract attention Julio site and there they were but we certainly this is a dark section the time this is the people you care well that means there is willing to enlist debonair knife and eddies as they get hearts and you're down here what are you doing as a willingness trying to be like Jesus and Lisa Jesus died putting it inside your lubricant inside of the jazz elements is bright because I'm upright is an okay well I'll present so then he comes back to his later the sky news is looking is like no water by the way they mandated that we get security guards would enhance security guards as well security guards of a mayonnaise gives good information thirty thousand bucks and blacks alike okay more people to witness to close up we know that in uniforms on so they can write he comes back to his letter to me he says me I don't understand I can't tell you what was put it this way this place used to be in my mind a place of darkness but now it seems like it's a place of light the security guards talking to him talking to Mrs. Alito near the city aside from the security guard looked like a very intelligent young man you look like you go print places of life in our final figures are not as though they are the principal so talk to him and he says he's as big egos while I'm here taking business really is checking with solid I said no I I the business to his report business this is how charges you should write a paper churches are big business in America value searches that make all kinds of money he was really interested this is a good idea considered and about your father 's business in the guy I schedule a cruel one saying this will be sent to you I believe God wants you to be a high school minister for Jesus Christ that's what I believe I want to say to you in a security guard but I believe God wants and that he wants to be about your father he started crying over seventy my dad 's a minister he why I'm here I don't know why came to San Francisco lastly do not I shouldn't be here this is your right I should be about my father 's ill wetland at all open it was gospel medical missionary work it was serving folks saying the folks at Angel early in the morning they often found Jesus in some secluded place meditating searching the Scriptures are in prayer and with the forms of singing he welcomed the morning light with songs of thanksgiving teachers is hours of labor and brought heavens gladness of the toil worn and the start of the patties in the backyard all this different music groups people respond that they couldn't believe that they were in the middle the rain people on CIGNA how do people say a genuine older I is incredibly now this is a is is coming unique after this at this clinic send now I went down on the coast to visit the seventh a Baptist parenting side of the family but I don't think the owners that they are done they had gone without the spirit of prophecy and and without the sacred message to my summations and swerving but so that they may have done without that end and I got to their house and that was visiting with them and they said we saw we know you were in the air so what do you mean watch TV or what was he is a clinic in San Francisco and they served thousands of people in Benin they were abandonment to those like you all the way along the coast all the people watch that there are people continuing to call because I never saw anything of this is in the midst of the city that's totally bought into socialized medicine of Obama care but look Obama care as much as it might or might not work you feel about it it never brings the gospel with it and we had thousands of people served and thousands of people lined up are you with me is there something that we can bring that really is that was brought that it was the righteousness of it was just a practical demonstration of that now I think Wesley eighteen so the one of my greatest joys was to see my students from levels school the health school they were terrified I want to see you said you went to our school you're saying that it's only like two months from graduation in your same is basically to step out in faith twenties you don't know what to say Jesus knows what to say don't bring all things to your remembrance it is studied anything you know what the hardest class for their program is my class and Doctor Natalie 's class I'm in the world will no longer do about it and tell them protest when they're coming because it terrifies them too much but Doctor Natalie tells of visas business domain is to be cumulative Oklahoma England so I thought I heard them out there they were like all actually been easy consider this and they were like giving is a wonderful health talks to everybody contextualized to their names are the basis going that's a great idea how do you know at the link you have you know you and God brought into the remembrance as they were coming back they said that it reminded me of those things you listed the better on the test I said maybe we should go serve people before every test anyway one would suddenly we do say that you know free clinics for medical void one percent of Americans scramble pay bills many foregoing dental care of seventy three million five hundred thousand people this only to help and we still have the essential worker ratings reaching the cities is now five cities that have lined up after San Francisco asking for help at a whole bunch of small ones I'm getting calls every day I don't care where you live it doesn't have to be San Francisco it doesn't have to be cerebral by way of San Antonio world over fifteen hundred volunteers our looking for fourteen hundred ninety eight so there's San Antonio but there's so much more advanced going to fail old morals as they all should it's going to be a blending of the medical missionary work with the gospel work it's the gospel revealed by the criticism of motivation it has to be motivated by gratitude not the other way around many can become legalistic names and love say but when you see what God has done for you that you can help us and I wanted to some day he went about doing it now yesterday I just don't live in San Francisco I mean after their couple in a weakness on St. Helena 's wealth and energy because it is it these are rough places this counsel about who should be working or not working there and and it basically is people that don't have kids or that are are are are behind that page so sick but there is a there is a place to move in and out of the city 's one but you may not be in a big city but let me say something that I thought was vastly as I study the life of Christ he ministered in the area that was forty miles wide by seventy miles luck he ministered and lived in a city called Nazareth but he went about doing good at all kinds of cities largely small cities I will look up I tried to search out how big is Nazareth also I discover the city of Nablus small insignificant no trade routes little economic importance and was believe the population do not exceed five hundred people hundred people only five hundred people and we got all block all the New Testament written about this guy that lived in small cities of this is the point I don't care if you live in San Francisco are delivered in Muskegon care if you live in mile Michigan or festive bird again these are small places subject of the river Michigan I like it eleven Grand Rapids or big Rapids or Eaton Rapids outlet care if you live in Howell Michigan very small unique name as well look we live in a small little hamlet there and we mourn I said my students I read this visit to the operation blueberry be diligent to pick the berries nearest you and then search for those are the select our biggest problems that were not even written of the people club on me I say this about myself but for my five years when work for amazing facts I was final of the world and he who was everywhere was nowhere right so we have his novel idea what it would just take ourselves off television cameras and I do any media and despair like cases even have like maybe nothing is radio the one we just get really authentic and does try to reach the people that we can walk and see only those people and we drawn map around the campus we went out and we did this little thing how can we help you we want to help you guys helped us we want to help you they were like really no one 's ever come from the campus to really help us out it's only six thousand dollars that gets us into your programs was fascinating to me so we drove we put our ions days and we tried to drive mappings of the maps we made little groups two-mile radius family groups and we now have just been going out trying to share the love of Christ in practical ways and once they filled out their cards we went out to the house and we did what they said this oneness as I would like my yard cleaned up and went like this and then place it anywhere never get to see you I was like when someone says were never in the CU put a circle around that one and it also looks little wary worst most scummy looking job that has the most payback in other words we want the community to see that Jesus was in the neighborhood and as we started going out of doing it it's been amazing it's not hard stop it's like it I can do like Texas and put it over there now and not to God or it was amazing what's happening in our kids of come alive on as we done that but one of the needs that we saw in our committee recently was that they had dental needs on the one side so we realize that so we brought in a dentist and we put a piece coils free DoubleClick signs and we brought in the Dennis and a couple of the Dennis and hello Dennis but friend look like I'm really healthy there and what we did was turn our school and you could do this with your church we turned it into a clinic of doing good we took the big dairy products of Adventism the milk and cheese of you will is the doctors and the dentist Olympic villages the reason people go to the store if they're not vegans and we put them in the back of the store just like they do you know so you have to go past everything together and we put them in a very bit of building Elysées as you can see there but you got a cemented over all those available so they went through a health expo and I went through all these different things and basically what was happening was that they were being faith in the Holy Spirit because these people love Jesus and they were meeting them and they were talking to them at all the students were running there back then they were doing all a stop and then they were praying with them they were talking them and they were singing to them right and finally they got back into the Dennis right you would just was the same thing that happened on the micro level that happened in San Francisco Berlin San Francisco the people when they got prescriptions for glasses we said will fill the prescriptions at the church next week the first thing they really saw well was when they saw the church you say that I think we got a sophisticate 's will but you know in ours as well as this one values out front my little daughter I had her help just now don't want to get up while she was over there I was with Bush this is the way she never does that with her arms and she is gone the phone those guys on the phone on the part doing anything to come down here no no no don't talk to me come down here they are getting free eyeglasses all are not alone in the car while my daughter here is that right was other people come these other people in San Francisco we turned thousands of people away in our small hamlet we turn I think ten people and this you unique dynamic is happily as to what happened as I've seen this coupling of the two the practical ramifications manifestation of the theoretical prophetic and theological framework were very big on theoretical written material were very small and revelatory incarnational application for Windows came together something in a cabinet and happen for many years this multi- what happened I got a call one day from this person was attending one of the cooking schools in Mexico I talked to us of what kind is rented for doing this and I got okay I'm googling her house I'll be over there tomorrow during your free time never had anyone google my house soon oh like that so he comes with his wife and family he says what we discussed at the Chase we like what were seeing here we want to be members of your church how we join your church I was like Ubuntu when I'm about twenty eight thanks to either of my interest in what we believe not knowledgeably what we believe what you just doing what Jesus did most like not that started to happen I've had eight people googled me I come to my house over the last six eight months I think what I believe I know and if we are quickly exact and demonstrate our gratitude to Jesus in this way something can happen only to lose it I mean it does happen why are we still here why are we still here unbelief worldliness on consecration strife does that describe archers today we need to believe in Christ and his righteousness and I believe his good I know my nonsense and glory small iron alloys I've seen it about my brother is the church 's been out of service


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