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Abortion, Redemption, and Restoration: a Need, a Calling, a Hope

Antionette Duck Dianne Wagner
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For many who have experienced an abortion, life has become a struggle burdened with condemnation, shame, and regret. The message of redemptive grace invites post-abortion individuals to acknowledge certain truths: that their lives are intrinsically valuable; that their child, too, was intrinsically valuable; and although what was done cannot be undone, a Savior awaits—offering forgiveness, hope, and joy inexpressible. Join us as we explore the post-abortion struggle, the need for healing, and the hope of life restored.




  • August 7, 2014
    3:30 PM
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him bother me so much and we have the opportunity to gather and discuss this topic the Lord we want your presence Lord we want you to come and join us in cover each one of us was a bland Jesus protect us from the evil one because we know he's got my disruptive this is not something he wants addressed we pray for it I measured Holy Spirit to chew on the noted her ears that we will hear your words and give us wisdom Lord thank you so very much for your love and compassion and commitment in Jesus name I pray well I have to tell you one concern about speaking on this subject has been that it might be burning pain to some Miami audience who has experience in abortion and down I wonder that's the reason were so quiet about it being sensitive is very important that I think sometimes being sensitive has kept us from being on not saying about the subject being too quiet I had been one of those ladies in the audience I severed my secret sorrow for a long time no one talked about it knowing how to talk about it that is until I met and had a hand-in-hand I will forever be grateful to her because she answered the Lord 's calling on her life and she has used her voice and it's made a huge difference in my life now the Guttmacher Institute in February two thousand fourteen date of this incident reporting on abortion in the United States between nineteen seventy three in two thousand eleven there is fifty three million legal abortions performed with over fifty five million now twenty one percent of all the pregnancies and an induced abortion at least half of American women will experience an unintended pregnancy by the age of forty five for is terminating a portion of these women have had a least one previous abortions who are these ladies as well eighteen percent of teenagers fifty seven percent are in their twenties sixty one percent of abortions are performed by women who have learned more children already thirty seven percent Protestant twenty eight percent Catholic now with numbers like that it is very likely that someone in this island has had an abortion maybe you know someone who has maybe parents who of course to child to have an abortion they were afraid she wouldn't finish your education or maybe they were just embarrassed because they had a sexually active child in their family as you listen dust of your heart begins to break I want to encourage you do not stuff it do not run from it because there is healing and the land for workers I think he wants you to experience his full reconciliation God is good and faithful I want you to come see us I will return her vineyards to her and transform the value trouble into a gateway of hope there is hope for your future declares the Lord and your children will return to their own territory I claim these promises the Lord is anxious to make up for the years the locusts of the now I was brought into Seventh-day Adventists I went through our Christian schools I was a Pathfinder I loved did pretty good in gathering and I love singing and orange songbooks it best burgers I love going to Academy I have great memories of van trips inquired trypsin temperance rallies in Bible conferences I loved it all I worked it can hamper that love working at summer camp I was him elementary school and college how to me I gave my heart to Jesus was fifteen now in college things were rough for my parents were divorced and I experienced the hypocrisy that exists in our church prejudices and I distance myself for a while I had to reconsider my convictions about this church and ask questions and I'm sure many young adults do this is where I'm supposed to be this award here even with these hypocrisies are icy now there's a God and I gave my heart through fifteen even exist on thy knowledge mercy was able to answer all my questions and when the time came for me to marry my college sweetheart we both knew we wanted to have a Christian home Seventh-day Adventist home I knew that even with our problems the Lord had anointed his church and we were given a high calling I now attached and six months before my wedding day I realized I was pregnant and I was in tears again how can I break my grandmother 's heart and basically disappointed in critical expressions of those in my church my husband to be united only been intimate once but that didn't matter now to make matters worse I had a series of x-rays on my lower back to work and every position I called encouraged me to abort the pregnancy and I were ever referred to as your baby is always a pregnancy where light became a frantic blur for me I don't even remember my husband 's response I told I call the abortion planning and management costs how far along I had to be an effective date at the clinic I talk to a counselor first she wasn't Christian justice of the and she assured him he was just a tiny baseball just because I was a nurse I studied plenty of anatomy and physiology than it never occurred to me a question as you have to realize that well my life must have plant handing learned for me to consider having this procedure without any anesthesia I was scared to death the procedure was a nightmare and the pain so bad that I lost consciousness before it was over well it's strange because when it is over we do feel a sense of relief and it's very septic and it's very short-lived the fact of what I had done with Harley it was so Harlingen fact that just about destroyed I hated my myself in this man that I landed on my heart wanted to live the rest of my life with all of a sudden became repulsive to me I had a anger towards him it was sad and it is terrible and getting there you see the topic of abortion had never been a part of my life I had no clue what the effect that that would have on me as one of such a burden that we educate our young people in our academies and colleges have my children since they were young that panic kills when you play you're not thinking straight and are likely to do something stupid and get yourself killed someone else I don't know if you've heard stories about people who have run into a fire instead of away from it said that because it can align found out I was pregnant I panicked and I ran into the fire and someone was killed now after we've been married a short time I got up one night and took the scissors and I had all I understand there was nothing there is to be nothing wandering about me I was constantly I should myself I would sit on the toilet with a razor and would run ways around the inside of my arm it was like they needed to feel that pain as I have but on the silent now I became pregnant a second time after we were married I was always was already convinced that I was unfit caramel there's no way I can be a mother and I had a second abortion I call the clinic lied about how far along I was in set the date no emotions no crying in fear this time I went in listen to the little speech not available with justice that baby had been taken mercilessly and the security of my womb my tendency was being stripped mercilessly from my soul this time bulimia had complete control over me shame destroys that was destroying me it digs a big deep indeed nasty hole trying to stop that holds us to deal with it I would stuff food down my throat until I could not swallow and then it would all one being a people I was getting it all out when I need to go was that we didn't get hurt your catharsis needed the healing of the Savior the redeeming power of Jesus in my life that the bulimia only brought loneliness and shame as so many of the joys of being a new bride were taken from me I cannot sleep at night and I battle constantly with depression and eventually I went to a therapist who gave me sleeping pills and antidepressants have an history someone to be the underlying cause and enchanting my husband and I we went to marriage counselor who promptly told us she didn't think our marriage can be saved and was terrible to ask as we let each other it was terribly discouraging we want parents to work we were clueless she never asked us if we never had a miscarriage stillbirth are you him abortion issue that can create all kinds of unresolved habit now he was never brought up recently didn't bring I remember one night I got was desperate Franklin at one eight hundred number for the post- abortive women on the radio so I remember fighting in the washroom at Calder when she answered I told her my story I was making myself so vulnerable and the first thing out of her mouth was when e-mail abortion is murder don't you well I continue I hung up the phone I wanted on there was no mercy and not soon after that a girl I worked with at the hospital invited my husband and myself to go to church with her so we did and collegiality sermon that particular Sunday was my abortion not a creature was very animated and loud and all he did was rant and rave about the sin of abortion and finally he declared that God would not and do not forget the women had an abortion well now coursing quickly recanted the committee he confirmed all the reasons I had paid myself and I just got the drink machine and also locked the door for me to ever well to reach out for help for a long time since there's now a foreign talk to anyone about my abortions and then in my life was one of survival and bulimia continued had it hidden everywhere I spent money we didn't have lived in secrecy how is insecure in my marriage was in shambles and provided I had a three -year-old son and I had six -month-old twins so I was exhausted and wanted one way and all I wanted to quit only can do is pray the Lord 's hold on to me just hold on to me well right when things did hit bottom and yet hit bottom hard my sister recommended that I go see a friend of ours was the women who had a ministry I didn't know what to expect I went and this woman was very kind to me that night she took me to the faith of Jesus across how was so beaten down I didn't even know how to pray and I would repeat after her she would pray and how it repeated she would pay the cookie it was beautiful before I left the air I shared my abortions with her first time long time I'd actually trusted someone with my disk leave this sorrow and shame when she was very serious with me that she didn't do anything to cause me to lose hope and with her help then I was able to confess my sin sin of abortion and I know my confession was sincere and I know the Lord occasional event later that night I was at my sister 's house and I remember very well in my hands and feeling the Lord 's presence like I had never felt in all my life and the Lord came over and he and he healed me about bulimia and he held me I said to myself because of the bulimia now my life to change and I had a lot of courage and I could hang on I had never been able to longtime but with that said I didn't know a realize the importance of dealing with those abortions on another level there was more work that needed to be done my journey was an overnight visit affected my life for another twenty one years and it wasn't until I met Anthony that I realized this before he share the rest of my story I went and had to come up here and share her story with you and also the beginning of Macchia in nineteen eighty one my mother was an extremely abusive marriage also is addicted to present my biological father was addicted to drugs and alcohol she was not a believer she also was monotonous just in California back in nineteen eighty one abortions were free in California so she decided to do it she was one to save up enough money when she finally had enough money she was going to get on the planes was going to leave this marriage was going back to California have her abortion and be done with it but she secretly gave money to a friend of hers because she can bring money into the house so she gave money to a friend of purse for safekeeping and when she thought she finally had enough money she went to her friend and said I need my money and ready to get out of here and go home and a friend said what money I spent time she had no way out she had nowhere to go well her husband my biological father and had from the paper she was experiencing morning sickness and he cut out an ad in the paper and place it on the coffee table and adds that she am alive voice of the pre- born it was an advertisement for crisis pregnancy center so she went in and to confirm the fact that she was pregnant and asked William we only have an abortion also now won't help to have an abortion would you come back for some counseling please contact the counseling and social integration went back for counseling and when she went back as she was sitting in your counseling session she did and I'm using life magazine and a copy of it at our exhibit it was the first time the world had ever seen the baby in utero and the magazine detects all these different stages of life conception through on throughout the nine months of pregnancy and it shows formation fingers and toes arms and legs hands and feet she never knew that the baby living inside her was a lie and when she realized that she said the Holy Spirit is fell over her and she said I don't know what the future will bring the ongoing threat with his baby ally with saving I was not raised at minutes I was actually raised Symantec the Lord though brought me to an understanding of the Sabbath day and when he did I was convinced I need to keep Saddam and so eventually I made my way into the Seventh-day Adventist church and I studied for about a year and half I was really convinced that this is the church for me this is a church that I needed to join I come home basically a when I came across the church 's official stance on abortion I was really quiet amazed I didn't quite know what to do I have been at work in these issues since I was born my mother and I share her testimony many many many times and the Lord has just brought such incredible healing and life from this experience has spanned when I came across that I didn't really know what to do or where to go NSI I was is concerned with our silence on the issue and the and inconsistencies I was council eventually and so that you don't not join the joined NEC to make a call these things make a difference concerns September twenty ten I joined Seventh-day Adventist church and and twenty eleven the mosque year again commit Antonetti could you I see in Houston Texas two thousand eleven now the abortion will the abortion was supposed to be a solution to a problem instead he created a larger-than-life problem according to abortion advocates the board post abortive women should be feeling right about her decision she was exercising her right it is your body is and is it really she doesn't still find because something was wrong with her before she had the abortion if there is emotional instability after the abortion abortion it's because she was unstable productivity abortion some pro-choice activists claimed that it is our religiosity or religion that causes us to have a hard time after choosing abortion well in the late eighteen hundreds thousands and when women suffering from hysteria were incarcerated leaders within the French Enlightenment also held encourage the view that it was the dangers of religion causing this kind of behavior even though there was significant evidence that this hysteria was the result of sexual abuse a young age there is no political or social support for investigation one thousand and when we incarcerated their hysterical behavior was in response to a trauma but instead of validating their trauma the credibility of the victim was attacked psychiatrist in society preferring to think that the fundamental problem lay in the fragile nature with themselves the link between hysteria and sexual assault wasn't seriously explored until the nineteen seventies and it was only in the nineteen eighties that the traumatic nature of sexual assault and the resulting symptoms of post dramatic stress disorder were universally expected now the same pattern of behavior towards time I was seen in wartime under conditions of unrelenting horror and trench warfare during World War I men began breaking down and shocking numbers they began to produce symptoms that look like the hysteria and women they screamed and they wept they froze speak they were unresponsive by the military authorities didn't want his report to get out they were more afraid of the demoralizing effect it would have on society they insisted that truly noble man would never succumb to care but find glory in the challenge was declared that man who were susceptible to the hysteria of women had defects and masculinity once again the credibility of the victim was attacked in her interest in the long-term effects of battle trauma was not really approached until the nineteen seventies when our Vietnam vets came back in a formed rap groups and through these groups they were able to validate each other's stories and have the courage to resist kind of a their bravery was during this time that definition of posttraumatic stress disorder as we know today was developed sadly many women today are locked into their own private asylum and I say next time that I do like your losing your mind due to the dramatic nature of abortion once again there is no political or very little political and social support and house Christians we shouldn't be surprised by actually prior to the nineteen sixties investigations on the effects of abortion concluded almost without exception that abortion inevitably causes and it does pose a severe threat to our psychological help by the late nineteen nineties population control advocates have set their sights on regulating birth control and abortion major population control donors like the Rockefeller Center Rockefeller foundation made research dollars available to prove the benign nature of abortion the subsequent shift in social political and scientific thinking perfectly coordinated by the late nineteen sixties the American Medical Association the American psychiatric Association and the American psychological Association all reverse their prior positions in opposition to abortion side of this new body of research that purported to prove abortion was safe and actively supported the repeal of abortion antiabortion laws since the Roe V Wade decision in nineteen seventy three the commitment of these health professionals health on organizations to abortion has a way of there received we will begin to suggest that the net when were those who were most psychologically fragile prior to their abortion once again instead of validating that the credibility of the victim 's impact on the late nineteen seventies women who had experienced emotional and physical problems after abortion started coming together and in nineteen eighty two the group women exploited by abortion weather was formed at a huge impact on our nation and within a year he had chapters in all fifty states most of the postabortion ministries that we had today were formed by women who were part of that weather movement now at the same time there were small numbers of cycle psychologist who were working with women and they began to recognize that am the women that they were treating that had a history of abortion or showing clusters of symptoms on the somatic stress disorder and the family psychotherapist Vincent Rao was the first and define postabortion syndrome this is a variant of the posttraumatic stress disorder David Reardon director of the Elliot Institute began researching the effects of abortion in the nineteen eighties so even know the American Medical Association called in the American psychiatric Association attempted to squelch any recognition of postabortion the evidence about the traumatic nature of the abortion continues to unite according to the LA Institute sixty one percent of women feel guilty for what they've done fifty two percent no depression still others are doing and burning sorrow and grief bitterness fifty two percent said they suffered regret they've endured anguish remorse despair shame worthiness is loneliness helplessness helplessness it is seven percent self condemnation there's anxiety and confusion self-hatred fifty four percent are unforgiving of themselves they experienced in Guinness uncontrollable weeping and loss of dignity I can see why so many of these women deal with alcohol and drug abuse or self punishing and degrading behaviors like eating disorders promiscuity is real common or suicidal tendencies and there's repeat abortions using it now that percentages I shared with you are actually low Dion to reason that affect status people on post- abortive women don't share it on participating postabortion studies they conceal what they've done and also another thing is that the aftereffects of abortion are delayed the average time for women women begins to fill with the decisions she's made is five years using eight to ten years before they start getting help Doctor Julius Vogel a psychiatrist an obstetrician who has performed about twenty thousand dollars and twenty thousand abortions insist that everyone whatever her age well sexuality hasn't and destroying a pregnancy level of humanness is attached this is a part of her own life when she destroys a pregnancy she is destroying herself there's no way can be innocuous there was a Los Angeles poll taken and found that seventy percent of women who admitted to having had an abortion day they believe abortion is morally wrong another poll showed that seventy percent believe abortion involves the killing of a human life human being violating their own moral standard I remember this only represents those who are willing to participate in this study so moral dilemmas moral dilemmas by very nature involves emotional and intellectual conflict over the decision this conflict from many many produces a powerful sense of crisis in their lives leaving women completely overwhelmed by their situation these women often times will rush into an abortion I ran into the fire without ever examining their full range believes new feelings another very sobering aspect of this is that those who are in a state of crisis surprised in the crisis and in this particular one because it's a moral issue even more heart wrenching those who are in a state of crisis are more vulnerable to outside influences that would be an noncrisis situation the state of crisis especially when it involves moral dilemmas causes people to have trust less trust in their opinion and you look to others it creates a heightened psychological accessibility sending more reliant on the opinions of others especially authority figures when I read that I thought about all the physicians I call I was so scared me know never forget so they become more reliant on the opinions of others especially authority figures you know I think this is a time to be with you remain silent about this issue I think we need to learn how to minister to young women who are in a crisis pregnancy I think we need to learn how to master and women who have had abortions I think we've been to sign for too long I found this quote share with you and God abhors one cinema of another of which his people are guilty it is doing nothing in case of an emergency indifference and neutrality and religious crisis is regarded of God is agreeing these crying and equal to the very worst type of hostility toward God and when I met and had at the two thousand eleven July see I left that Hall nine I felt desperate panicky fad she had all this joy I couldn't I confessed and repented of this and I knew the Lord had forgiven me it was more work to be done and I will tell you ladies there's any number of women have come to me and say I can sit the Lord forgive me why do we still have too much pain which will excuse me is nothing interesting on that point and cars that women could doubt forgiveness and believe me it's hard to believe that Jesus can forgive you of something like that you have to come to the feet of Jesus and experience Jesus love him glad so many times that experience just as I was laughing but it wasn't until I attended a retreat for the post- abortive and I understand the incredible need to have that trauma of abortion and validated I had to deal with my denial and acknowledged my loss and agreed I allowed myself to be I had to confront my forbidden grief before I could finally forgive me now can you see why the church has such an opportunity to minister here as Christians we cannot compromise the society and politics when it comes to the issue of abortion we have to remember that the work of the enemy not brought secret undermining of our principles and when not to copy and human being there's no human being whitener to be our criteria having the attitudes that decisions about life must be made in the context of a fallen world is not acceptable Kevin begins now for us are not at all the principles of heaven will govern every aspect of our life regardless of the magnitude of the crisis we face we hold the healing balm of Gilead in our hand and I'm afraid I'm not even using it even with our own Seventh-day Adventist brothers and sisters and Jeanette and I have met many women post- abortive women who are hurting and we recently received heartbreaking letters at the cause of our faith we Seventh-day Adventists should be jealous of the nations in or nonwork thing how can we encourage others to trust God though the heavens fall down town abortions wounded are seeking out recovery programs that record numbers and I would say that speaks for itself women desperate for healing and afraid that if we don't take a moral stand on this issue show the world and each other right here in our own church who is a leap and trust in their enemies out on a grand opportunity to minister in the name of Jesus they would have regrets throughout eternity because Scripture tells us that we will know the truth and the truth will set us free John eight thirty sale while we call to share what is true so that we can be a vessel through which the top ten is set free I'm sending you it says in acts to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God said that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me we share what is true so that the rule asked by the power of the Holy Spirit those who are downloading to breathe new life our Savior raises the dead to life not just for eternity here now in these moments if we do not know what is true or if despite knowing what is true we wave our we gloss over it or failed to raise the standard and how are those who are dying how will they be brought to new life how they come to Paris free air on redemption I once read a line in a book called redeeming love and the line red would you have her hang on her cross browser the magnitude of that question is striking to me there is a fundamental truth that unites every single one of us someone is going to hang on your cross and there are only two choices you or your Redeemer either we will yield our lives in humility to the Lord excepting his sacrifice for we ourselves will hang on our own cross and will spend the rest of our lives streaming and grasping as we take tenants desperately trying to be enough to make it right we cannot pay that debt and you know what the post- abortive women campaign out at either and neither can the poster boy of man our sin separates us just as profoundly as the act of abortion separates them and what we must not fail to understand is that none of us not a single one will find peace forgiveness freedom apart from so what is the significance here if we excuse soon if we refuse to call it by its rightful name if we trivialize that then we stand as a barrier to the redemption for the very person who is so desperate to find to need to be forgiven for something that is not sent no not at all we share what truth lives at one because the truth sets us free we do not point her to the life and where she going to go the question that faces us is will we embrace our calling as individuals and as a church to be instruments that help set the captive free the tragedy and devastation and Diane story is not unique to her story as she shared we have heard countless stories of tragedy and devastation women who share things why the enemy tells me that the reason my children don't believe in the Lord is because I had an abortion along the way back condemnation just a sink in for a moment what is she going to do the reason your children don't believe in the Lord is because you had an abortion there is nothing that enables her to make that why there's nothing she possesses that can turn back the hands of times there is nothing she can do against that sort of condemnation and search is faced with a combination that she cannot escape and consider the implications of that condemnation implication is not simply that the Lord is not for you the implication of that condemnation is that the Lord is not for you and that the Lord is set against you what is she going to do is she going to turn to well she's not going to turn to the Lord she's not return to the one she believes also conduct research so what did she do wasn't hard to my cut herself because Colleen allows her to feel something she stops herself and encourages again and again will looking for cleansing is some kind she just like I said she chases idols and lovers desperate to be made whole and the question we are being faced with bears who is going to tell this woman the truth the life-giving grace fill in truth but she hasn't been doing on you and ask me where the individual effect as a charge will have a calling we literally have a calling from the Lord to do instruments on his redemptive grace we literally had a duty to help set the captive free and if we will do next if he will hate the security if we will embrace this calling we watch as our women and our name are set free our women our daughters sisters mothers wives girlfriends husbands fathers sons individuals families communities were stored will we embrace our calling will we embrace this duty only except the hand that's been offered to us by the Lord my prayer is that our answer would be a resounding yes the first at any brazenness calling is we have to reach the post- abortive woman where she is the post- abortive woman is landing with a chain that is staggering in order to reach her in the air we must come to a right understanding of what was loss have to honestly acknowledge why shouldn't our not mourning the loss of a clump of cells she's mourning the loss of a human being in our response to her despair to current brokenness to her shame is to dehumanize the unborn or to trivialize the aborted act we will not appoint her to the Y we will point her away from the site if we are going to reach her we must honestly acknowledge what was lost a child who was made in the image of the more our value was established a creation and it was fortified of the cross for evermore the Lord as creator is fundamental to our origin our purpose and destiny so ninety five six says oh let us worship and bow down let us kneel before the Lord our maker Isaiah forty five eighteen for thus says the Lord who created the heavens who is God who formed the earth and made it was established that you did not create in pain who formed it to be inhabited and the Lord and there is no other Isaiah sixty four eight but now the Lord you are our father we are the clay you our hotter in all we are the work of your hand he established our value Genesis one twenty six to twenty seven tells us then God said let us make man in our image according to our likeness and have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the year and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps so God created man in his alone in the age in the names of God he created him male and female he created them Genesis nine five these respects from the hand of every man's brother I will require the life of man whoever sheds man's blood by man his blood shall be shed for in the image of God he made man Psalm one thirty nine thirteen through sixteenth for you formed my inward parts you covered me in my mother 's room I will praise you find fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are your works and that my song is very well my frame was not hidden from you when I was made in secret and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed and in your book they all were written the days fashion for me when as yet there were none of them are not John three sixteen for God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whosoever believes in him shall not cherish have everlasting life this is the Lord of glory the team down we are not merely human beings we are human beings created in the image of the Lord we are creatures who possess intrinsic value something fundamental that no one and nothing can take away its intrinsic value it's eternal significance it is the Lord causes a sperm and egg unite it is a lowered cost is inside that the forms is the Lord causes an embryo to develop in the Psalms David spoke on the value of the unborn even while he was on form and forming statement was not speaking metaphorically he was speaking quite literally about with what he was saying was informed I can conception at fertilization the entire description the value of all life born and unborn these proclaims in the Old Testament are career declared that man was created in his image and in the New Testament the intrinsic value of the human was fortified for evermore our Lord establish the individuals value he and he fortified across these facts are not mere hyperbole this action because the Sinn Fein five the creator of the universe proclaim your value in my pain with the very wide through that as he enshrines the value of each and every human being for all eternity the message of the Bible and all of our church is not simply that Jesus and I about died we knows he created and fearfully and wonderfully made was not for David allowing it applies to each and every human being or how many of you familiar with this slide war and if that's the point if you can see a very very small hail blue dot right that children taught that the earth that you currently inhabit I was agitated back in nineteen ninety from the satellite I was passing about four billion I think what Miles what your scares me away at the speck of dust in the vast universe and you are a smaller speck of dust on that spec of dust and yet the eternal God has established your value we I will value and internal significant as those made in the image of the Lord these characteristics are so fundamental to that they literally define our very existence and cannot and will not ever be diminished or destroyed if we are going to claim that we are not intrinsically valuable from conception then we must be willing to accept the implications of that claim if we are not intrinsically valuable from the very beginning there is nothing to ask him still intrinsic value in us at any point there after if we are not intrinsically valuable from the beginning that any action of value is based on what I do what I achieve who I know what I possess however Japan IM how well CIM if we are not intrinsically valuable from the beginning spent any attainment of value later on again currently my own power my hand strength not being made in the image of the Lord to deny into the value and are beginning means any value we possess was getting to our own making if that is true the name is not the creator it gives us our value but ourselves the unequivocal truth is that we are valuable solely because we were made in the image of the Lord that alone gives us value that is a very humbling proposition and yet in yielding ourselves in humility to that truth you're able to stand in true glory someone might be tempted to make the argument that you know what the word abortion is not mentioned Russia is not meant to branch is a true statement two points in response to that argument the first is this quote by two white it says if you have given offense your friend or neighbor you are to acknowledge her wrong and it is your duty it is his duty free freely to forgive you and you are to seek the forgiveness of God because the brother you have wounded is the property of God and endangering him use them against his Creator and Redeemer she making a statement about the value of a human being the second point is a question not in our position as individuals and as a charge that the Bible condones everything it does not explicitly condemned really think of quite a few savings or injustices that are not explicitly mentioned in Scripture and yet still grieve the father 's heart my friends got clues in Darfur the light training Institute wants to use the example of lynchings based on race or gender neither of those is explicitly mentioned in Scripture is the Bible that make an permissible I think we could all agree it doesn't ought we not use Scripture to interpret itself it is evident that Scripture proclaims the value of the human being however all of Scripture there's not a single verse that either explicitly or implicitly states that an individual may end a life of their unborn child I really love this quote science teaches that human life begins at conception it is also true that is affirmed by religion it was not for that reason cease to be a strictly scientific truth abortion either case the life of an innocent human being or doesn't it can be one or can be the other I cannot think of before we can destroy any living thing we have to first determine what Atex my friend Steve Wagner with an organization called justice for all likes to use this ten seconds defense if the unborn is growing she must be a life is just human parents she must be human and living humans are human beings like you and I are valuable aren't they that definition of alive scientists have generally agreed that things are alive exhibit three characteristics irritability metabolism and selling cellular reproduction inability reaction to stimuli metabolism converting food into energy so cellular reproduction growth the unborn exhibits all three characteristics from the moment of conception this is a glorious from the moment of conception a unique genetically distinct human entity comes into existence every scrap of genetic material that you possessed right now you possessed that every single debts you are simply at a different stage of development nothing was added to you along the way to making any more human or any more you developed from within everything that you possess now as you sit there you possessed that so we know the unborn is a human being some while the unborn is it really a person so there really only four differences between us and the unborn only for us and they were brought up by philosopher Stephen Shores you can remember them with this acronym flag size level of development environment integrated dependencies these are the four different says really between us and the unborn size it is true the unborn is smaller than we are does that mean the unborn is less valuable a toddler is smaller than a twelve -year-old is the time but less valuable than a twelve -year-old I think we could agree that's not true what about level of development yes the unborn is less developed than we are does that mean the unborn is less valuable simply because it is less developed I do know how many of you noticed but scientists say that you do not reach her intellectual peak until your mid- forties I think that's great I have something to look forward to does that mean that everyone who is forty and younger is less valuable and everyone who is forty and old are simply because were not as intellectually advanced in that morally relevant in determining our value environment yes the unborn is in the womb and we are out here in the world the distance environment determine who is valuable and who is not I change locations when I walked out in the hallway into this room does that change how valuable I am what about degree of dependency yes the unborn is dependent so were newborns are newborns less valuable simply because they are dependent on someone else the reality is that the unborn will requires only the proper environment and proper nutrition just like you when I require even now we have to be willing to honestly knowledge that abortion takes the life of an innocent human being or a dozen but it cannot be both if our response to this crisis to the woman in crisis not just one into the main man in crisis our response is to dehumanize the unborn if we decide to call the inborn potential life are argue that the unborn is not really alive or argue that while valuable important decision quite as valuable as you and me if we dehumanize the unborn that acts of dehumanization it acts as a barrier between a woman and her redemption honesty on this issue is critical to call to be set forty three knowledge and confess our site is universal we acknowledge and confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness but it was Friday if we trivialize it who is there to cover it other maybe someone in the audience who is thinking okay yes I agree with you I see your point but I'm really quite concerned about freedom of choice what about our right to choose in our right to choose freely if we start talking about this physically informs like this women are going to sell pressure and are not going to have freedom of choice anymore still he possessed the freedom of choice yes absolutely however do we also have a duty to speak out against those choices that are harmful morally wrong and contrary to Scripture do we not speak out against adultery lying stealing including me even how men can we stay silent on the tragedy of abortion just as our stance on adultery stealing lying not remove an individual 's free will to engage in those acts speaking about the truth of the abortive act doesn't remove the individual 's free will to engage in a one year to consider these two statements the first says abortion is wrong and I will speak every truth I can to persuade you that abortion is wrong the second says abortion is a tragic dilemma of human fallenness and whether you choose to have an abortion thus ending the life of your child or whether you choose against abortionists protecting your child those decisions are morally acceptable both of these statements preserve the individual 's free will don't they by making understatement am I forcing anyone to choose anyone way no so what is the difference the difference here is the direction in which the person is lag with the first statement she is led to the light but the second statement she is led away from the we do not discount the power of your influence in your words you heard Diane amazing story and a little bit of mine always a key difference in those two stories people believed in my value and not just my value the value of my mother through their intercession through their pleading through their willingness to engrave a woman in crisis my life was spared contrast in my life I perfectly ensure our spiritual soundness for powers sake they dared to go to those uncomfortable places they didn't first see thirty years later my voice would be used to speak why into the life of another they did not force-feed that thirty years later I would meet a remarkable one the was dying inside a chest pain to be set free this is what we have the opportunity to do to intercede not just for the life of the child not just for the life of the mother but for both and to intercede not just for physical life but for her spiritual life I love thinking of the crop like that the cross is where devastation and wreckage needs help are you swearing in the free air of redemption across his word tribe owns with this is the cross this is life eternal this is what we had the opportunity to offer not in our own power not in our own strength but by whom and through whom we are made whole for the past supportive woman honoring sanctity of life isn't too accused her not to vilify them not to condemn her honoring sanctity of life invites her to acknowledge this truth that she is intrinsically valuable that her child was intrinsically valuable and though she has done what cannot be undone a senior way offering forgiveness freedom joy inexpressible if we refused to lead women into the light on this issue whether by our silence or by our indifference we have hinder and continue to hinder countless women who are desperate to be set free there's no forgiveness necessary for something it's not sin how long how long will we push post- abortive women and poor post- abortive men aside to languish in guilt and condemnation and despair moreover for these women who are keenly aware of their sent to her Diane story for these men and let the wind for all more agonizing weight of shiny what is our silence really telling them many a post- abortive woman has hard grace is available for the adulterer grace is available for the fees that for you post- abortive woman nothing silence called hard unforgiving site through to us as individuals can we as a church the board is seeking to extend gains hand is seeking to extend his hand to those who experience this tragedy the question is will we be conduits of his redemptive grace will take up our duty to boldly proclaim him and women alike have been and can be ingloriously wonderfully with the answer must be we must have the courage to tell her that she too can be forgiven so when enemies look at her shoulder mocking Sheena seen condemning when he piles her failures on top of her when it's easy when the storm rages and the thunder is rising in her ears and all should consider are his words of condemnation she can turn to him and boldly say I have been redeemed I've been retained are not redeemed because they never stand redeemed because we do nothing wrong or not redeemed because we've always been a pediatric ward teams because they're covered by the Y and all we need no if the answer to that question I have tried to regain as people who are one person son of God Almighty who thinks that his free gift of forgiveness praise the Lord our cancer days the story of the cross is the story of redemption the person who struggles with pride is just as guilty as the woman who's had an abortion the person who indulges in anger is just as guilty as the woman who's had an abortion the person who cuttings is just as guilty as the woman who's had an abortion moreover the man who stood aside while wise girlfriends daughters enjoy their abortions alone are just as guilty as the women who engage we are all equal footed across all of our righteousness is as filthy rags and yeah because we can expect it to our Redeemer when the father looks on a cc of his son 's righteousness is his signs section in Hebrews twelve serial ports hold it for the joy that was set before him our Savior enjoy the cross do you know that July was it was a class he first saw our brokenness steeper software change our needs and knew that we would need him desperately and he had for you beloved I'm stretching out my arms and I will not come down he first saw our needs and then he anticipated our redemption the anticipated cost walking home and create an alive anticipated our reach creation as which to experience the transforming life-giving power in his redemptive grace brings we were his joy and in class to realize he is telling a story that the word all old protein sparing desperately needs to hear Romans eight twenty eight and twenty nine tells us that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord to those who are the called according to his purpose all things work together for good all thanks that all isn't just sugar and sweetness all of the nice things that you've done work together for good and it's not just a comfort to me to help me understand when things happen to me note there is no qualifier all things work together for good all things all things father my failures my faults and mistakes I passed all things together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose what's verse twenty nine for whom he foreknew he predestined to conform to the image of Jesus our Lord is sovereign there is a reason he promises to restore what the locusts have eaten spare reason he plot there is a reason he promises to give beauty for ashes he is sovereign over it all and he is using has used and will use it all to form into something that is truly necessary to become a week to live the life of obedience yet undeniably I want to walk according to the truth in life we been given absolutely however are we called to live a life of shame and condemnation in despair now the house in times now we are called to have a lot how redemption of victory we are called to be instruments to help set the captive free outlasted here here the words that have been spoken with say to Diane this one remarkable car frame check one was locked through higher and is come out whole and vibrant and free listen to my story is one who is literally rescued from the jaws of cat is a year as I was saying that concludes our seminar generating questions we have anything that is medium was using my audio is only a thought evidently been like to learn more and I find a defendant in Anaheim is a worry as a online service please visit www. nonbelievers


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