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Reaching the World Next Door

Scott Griswold
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Learn how to reach individuals in your city who are orginally from unreached countries around the world. Discover four simple steps to sharing your faith with Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and people with no religion. Gain insight into the experience of refugees, and identify amazing opportunities to befriend them. Be a part of one of God’s greatest strategies to finish the work and take us home.


Scott Griswold is the associate director for ASAP Ministries. He previously worked as the director for Global Mission’s Buddhist Study Center in Thailand and as a church planter in Cambodia with Adventist Frontier Missions. He recently wrote Reach the World Next Door, a cross-cultural missions training program for reaching immigrants, refugees, and international students in North America. He is married to Julie and is a father of four, all born in Southeast Asia.




  • August 8, 2014
    3:30 PM
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father in heaven this is certainly power that we have together you have seen it before it was ever created you gave us this moment to be together and so we ask that you would send your Holy Spirit and promise that when Jesus is present everywhere with two or three or President Jesus is there and so that's our request is that this time would be taken over by the power of your Holy Spirit that he would speak to me that he would speak to the hearts of each person are here individually that he will help us to hear the unique distinct voice that you want to say to us through your words for your principles and that we would know how to put it into practice utterance I would not be wasted in any way but that now the seed upon the realities of us who grow further in the Meserve Christ that we would know how to take the gospel to the end of the earth starting with right next door and so we lift up to the many many people have come to North America the Afghan in the Muslim Iraq even Buddhists from the time from me and Mark Adam as the secular people sign up from behind we ask that you give is your heart for them today that we would be able to feel the passion that Jesus Christ has for those who have not had a chance to know you common be with us and be with those that are still underway bless them as they come and join us in Jesus name amen does get my background very briefly we have spent sixteen years of our lives in Southeast Asia were headed over there in two weeks it was still a part of it even though were living on Varian Springs Michigan I'm working with it ASAP ministries which is just down for administer out these days of projects working with the many refugees that came out of the house and me and Mark Adams Al Qaeda thank you and Cambodia Vietnam and into Thailand and then on into American other places and so that's how we are connecting even though we move back from living overseas were able to be part of that special ministry and go and help with training about six hundred and four national missionary is that we work with their doing church planting medical work out working with literacy teaching those of us in the best things you can do to help the country is teach the mothers to read and write were involved with the Marine schools getting children off the streets of Phnom Penh and into into the schools and they can have a free meal and Chris educates and I'm very excited to be going back to be there our son William son assist them his wife has given birth to a little babies I become grandpa is quite ready for that so our background is cross-cultural missions and gripping California pastored in the bay area now in a multicultural church and so the Lord is led us to have these experiences and as we started to come back to America we had that feeling of shouldn't be doing the words out there that needs to be finished I can go back I speak Cambodian history ties and stay there but we felt it was time to for appearance sake for our children's sake now education level it had college bound daughter been homeschooled all the way through high school and and and and so we began to pray Lord what are we to be doing in America in the lab with so many churches with willingness bookstores and and radio and television programs already in the Lord began to reopen our eyes I remember a member landing for a meeting of the General conference in Washington DC area and I went to pick up some goodies for my family this is when we were still living in Thailand as I went to target to pick something up I looked and I saw a tall big man days and dressed in an orange world I knew immediately that he was a Buddhist monk I wondered where he was from because I'd been praying for many years as director of the Buddhist studies Center for business and for blue time taught in this tiny landlocked entry next day in the thing with us in mind that area Nepal and unanswered runs in the oven the service will work on the border we've been praying for this very hard-core Buddhist country we can't even climb the mountains because they're considered holy and I looked and I saw I thought I wonder if he's Bhutanese went up to talk to ensure enough was living in America open ready for someone to share the gospel with him as we look at the seven thousand two hundred and seventy six and reason people groups he had in the world without any Christian witness nobody who can speak their language we wonder how is the work of God Clinton defends right I mean this is this is not small pray the Lord for everything that's happening this time is exciting to see what God is doing but the figure remains at his death is just representing where there is no Christian witness let alone seven that was presence preaching the three Angels messages what is God strategy how is he going to venison but we can send a long time thinking and praying about that but three major summaries that we all know about our acts one Versace it will be the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in his church transforming our lives working through us in a mighty way that the day of Pentecost and beyond we will see him moving finishes work that deserves much study much prayer there is also a disciple multiplying strategy in Matthew chapter twenty eight eighteen to twenty this great commission has built into it the very way Jesus intends the work to be done as we go not sitting but as we go we argue sheets people to observe calling them to obey benzoin people do indeed conversion baptizing them in the name of the father and son Holy Spirit we are to make disciples in the way Christ in which if we had time to look at thanks from what we could do the anyway I'm not getting it into a diary but that's not the whole another area at her website I concern to some of the things there that I believe God is going to do it via the house a specific plan and Matthew nine verse thirty eight tells us he has specifically promised if we will pray for them to raise up laborers for the harvest he will do so so these are three key things that we know God is going to work mightily through the end of time but that's not what we're in a spent most of our focus on a global touch on all three of those in some way there is another one we seldom see and that we can find also there in acts chapter two verse five it says and there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews devout men from every nation under heaven how is it they said Thursday that we hear each in our own language in which we were born we know that miracle the Holy Spirit empowered the disciples to speak in a way that everybody heard it in their own language but what about the idea that God had brought them all to one place using doing that again in America in the United States we had to new legal immigrants coming in every single men more than a million a year not to count the illegal ones that is a lot of people who have just come in and in their transition are wide open to the gospel of Jesus Christ to loving care we were told about a hundred years ago evangelism page five seventy we should be able to see in the multiplying opportunities and they have multiplied since a day to reach many foreigners in America I divinely appointed means of rapidly rapidly extending the third Angels message into all the nations over God in his providence is brought into our very doors and thrust them as it were into our arms that they might and the truth and be qualified to do work we could not do in getting the light before men and other times there is so much packed into that quote is so amazing this is God strategy is hand was in bringing the nations to our earth to to Iran to America so that this gospel might be shared he's out to thrust them into our arms because were visiting cosmonaut thinking about it but the Catholics about this many others have been the right at the airport to receive them off the plane and to care for them and then to fellowship with them where have we been some have been there and was sure about that in a few moments but this is clearly his plan and they will do a word we could not do would you like to be a missionary in Saudi Arabia today meaning maybe not you might last a day or two I can kill you likely be set out in the but the people you serve what about that God has brought them here twenty of the largest unreached people groups are here in huge numbers phase of these are major and retrieves that we have no sum that is present there here in large numbers plus many others in small numbers almost a million international students are here in the United States and Canada study they are even the leaders of the world for the future leaders of the world the previous Egyptian president had studied here the president vice president of Taiwan said he feared the king of Bahrain studied here who befriended them who brought them into their homes here here especially from China India South Korea and Saudi Arabia seventy five percent will go back to their countries having never entered an American soul eighty percent will never walked into a single Christian church that needs to change God has a plan seventy thousand refugees a smaller group but a very important group common to our country every year we can knowing they were there going to land what city they're going to be living in at least for the first few months and we can be there to take them off the airplane and help them find and help the millions who runs us through the is not invented a powerful connection back to the difference between the seventy five and eight percent very very close many of these refugees are coming from countries where it is very hot and I don't mean temperature widening persecution wines these are the top twelve areas for persecution North Korea Saudi Arabia Afghanistan Iraq Somalia mild news Maui Iran Yemen and Egypt Syria and Sudan and many of those have come to United States of America in the last ten years and you know one sex of Mouton close to one six of Bhutan has moved into America in the last year in the last ten years so whatever you do do we really do about this amazing opportunity that God has given us to be missionaries right here in America people say I always wanted to be a missionary like you but my wife didn't want to go where I was and that where I plan to take care of my parents or as you can be a missionary will write here and God says the first thing that we should be doing is praying would solve the nice releases via and set volume nine page three oh three the promises made in talking up a promising were two or three are gathered God is especially their lunches were one or more of the promises made on condition that the United prison the church are offered an answer to these prayers there may be expected a power greater than that which comes in answer to private prayer the power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for God and for one another so he causes to pray you said earlier one of his strategies is that we pray for laborers as the harvest I am praying that of a aside this time right now and see what you see it every time we gathered that God began to stir his people in North America to reach the world that he's sense of the working business he's going to raise them but let's come together in your churches as you go home pick up one of these booklets are look at an online at reason world next-door .com praying for the world next-door if you will pray for thirty days then pick up one of these for free at the end and take it home if you want to start a small group at your church frame he looked around us and we have a lot of Vietnamese in our community or in Fremont we have more Afghanis anywhere except Afghanistan I think we better do something about thing called group together and begin to pray and Jesus will open the way to reach those people praying for the world next-door you will take into some other websites you can go into the Joshua Project and find out exactly who was here in America and if you don't know that you are or the other heating for the Algerian are not pronouncing them correctly certainly then you can read about them and God can begin to move your heart about twenty two years ago Julie and I I had no interest in being a missionary she had an interest to see men as a student missionary and we began to see that the work was not near finished and we began to pray Lord put a people on our hearts and he put Cambodia on our hearts and is still there and that's why were excited to go back in just a little death after you pray you begins as a war where are they who are they what's in our community and our website and on our cross-cultural training kid you will find ways to go out into your community confinement this on that little smart phone you can begin to look it up where the refugees going other any of my City Hall there is a hundred here from Iraq wound and even notice them well so we can go on do a search there that seem what restaurants in Cambodian restaurant here Jim Williams high resonant sounds delicious okay besides the lessons what about the people serving we went inside the last night for friends and friends birthday hoping this is what the Council biting my cut he said I'm sorry to the time who will you look like and what they were among there amongst all good friends I worked with them on there out there we can find them as we went to a restaurant not arrest a little domicile those are good places to go in there in California we were living there my son and I will looking looking for people certain that she was Cambodian we begin to bring by Cambodian lessons we had ridden over there in Cambodia when we were there and begin to get acquainted she had her baby and we sense a little gift then we moved seven I still have their e-mail contact but then that we can find them what about any universities the University nearby all it takes is going kind saying can you tell me about the international students here I like to help out maybe one hour a week teaching them English all surely tell you about who's here we have an organization on campus and value combines are we really need someone to take them drink during Christmas break just we don't just read this so they can enjoy American family no it's not hard to find them you can find them if you really want to get bread sign up to to have a student be with you in your home for the year there are organizations that will taken place them right in your home and you can share with our church members Ronnie Kathy Bush decided to do this they connected with Japan I had a student in their home to three years they decided to do a one euros cut in sake with atheists gave a lot of thought a hassle about their beliefs but they kept loving him and he still keeps in touch with them another year as they minister to as sad as they went to their life and so the gospel Batman begins and the Evans Kristen is a Japanese master in San Francisco today what we can do is just amazing as the Lord gives us opportunity summing enterprise begins a walk around like we came back from Thailand the food is better over there than in your Thai restaurants here that it's a whole lot cheaper since I last night sincerely just think an extra zero in the end and any price we pay in Thailand that's what it is here so we don't got into many restaurants but we were in California and my daughter 's boyfriend was visiting we wanted to take them out to you so we taken down the hill to tie restaurant we never gone to but I have to tell you before hand there is a friend of ours and silent her name is Sue Penn 's is like a daughter and she is taking care of our children did in our home before we let silence he said I have a sister in America and like you say Hunter Ms. and we'd like to announce exciting for this event all I don't know but when you seriously seller high as well he lives in we laughed and the Lord was laughing to give as we walked into the restaurant some reason I just got teachers got and I looked up and there was this little Asian girl she ran over she gave as a hunch is that these events have been my sister the tears poured down our faces this is the love of Jesus he loves these people he wants them in heaven he will miss them for eternity if they are not in heaven and so he says to us pray pinball and Sirs I will review somebody like I led Philip to be Ethiopian amen we got into her home we visited with them we became friends with her children her husband said to me I just want to know my wife to Chris and I'm not I'm an economist my father as I can't betray them by becoming a Christian okay thank you you the player in sale because he was being so nice is a certain help him grow marijuana news and the dead and he got been zealously did not I just talk to them on the phone he said a big Bible you gave me I'm on page eight hundred cents pretty boring so hang in there you're almost in the stories about Jesus keep praying keep release and remember I told you not out as I said I know that God loves you too prayed and talked to he is to see what happens so when you meet them care for their needs is a simple we won't spend much time talking about it your Seventh-day Adventists you know what it means to care about the whole person at our website reason world next-door .com each of the cards it's in front of you pick up several those cards as you go convenience have different statistics certain with other people here to SI but there's a whole bunch of ideas for how to really care for refugees in particular and also for international students who can meet them at the airport it's really not hard you can rake leaves with them teach them how to wear warm clothes they come from Southeast Asia and so high they put on a college when it's seventy five degrees out they land here in the middle of winter and they have to learn to drive on icy roads they are trying to get used to how to use an ATM machine some come from cities and our doctors others come from refugee camps and I've never been out of that camp since they were born there are so many things that you can do to bless them and love them Judy Aitken the founder of ASAP ministries his sense is out twenty years ago to work in the refugee camps we work with now her daughter Jolene and her family the risen birds live in Albany New York the whole family is absorbed in carrying permitted for refugees sometimes their children come up and save money we can buy that my friend is another coat for winter we need to get then send this family has been ministering their life spend their nights he goes out he's an engineer needs underneath trailers mobile home trailers find out these people think they're frozen pipes because why they can afford to call upon our and other refugees they get here within three months they have no more government support day after they got their ticket that was paid for them to fly here there are some services that will carry out a little wonder that they can access if they know how if somebody helps them want to consider learning English they need a friend they need someone to care and we can do that you find more stories of my podcast at recent Rolling Stone .com I do weekly podcast called reason world ASAP happens there are some of the stories about reaching out to refugees there a lot of these stores are also about Cambodia Thailand Vietnam because were helping people know the needs and helping to raise the support for that which you can sign up for their code to the YouTube channel as we reach out to those people who may be surprised to stumble across something they are not our friends over here in Battle Creek was surprised they suddenly saw a few individuals attending church there the big Diane Tabernacle Church big and in his history there this couple may they saw them just coming in and so they begin to find out and reach out to them arrange for there to be a solid schoolroom downstairs and recognize them they've attended outside for years so they help them set up a classroom 's notice the children were struggling in the Sabah schoolroom because they didn't understand England's so they worked with the teachers to begin to use more stories and more pictures and sleep more simply they began to visit the homes of these people and to send this on singing lessons they opened up Inglis Hendler they found a Burmese handler and there that begins into something was using the hands of the some of the ministers they're all around us there here as Ginny swaying my friend from Kyle and a church planter in that country he left Thailand I was mad at him is what is he doing leaving the admissibility wines in America a few years back and I found out he was contacting all the Karen they been under fire in me and more for years thirty forty of the longest civil war going on that I know and many inside the flood to the refugee camps in Thailand many of North America thousands in the last seven years and Jimmy has been following them up while he was a group of visitors of them and some of their NL thirty one groups worshiping across North America this is our greatest refugee immigrant sync messaging successor and I know for the seven Baptist Church but others I just talked to my friend maybe a leader away on that one so he comes from Mongolia Jimmy's way we just had a meeting together over in New York Union Springs Academy open their doors the group of three four hundred Karen came from Oliver United States some of been here for many years countries islands parents hear others have just arrived and can speak English army of mutant was being trained there and we had such a good time they sang so beautifully passionately we met with the young people struggling with the generation gap mom and dad kept speaking was yet kids begging translated for them but they're caught up in the world the cottage in the call to it is so excited to be here they need someone to help them think through how do we do with culture how do we what's the good of Karen called Teresa knows what's about that we can let go what's the good of American culture what's the bad that we should let go so they're here this is a family there Chen from me and mark their right here in Grand Rapids meeting in the of the church itself against Wyoming church nearby and so they're all around we just must watch all the summer you may say wait a minute I am not seen any and there aren't any really around the end sounds like a neat idea but you know I can't find any but maybe will but if not relocate your job as the Lord to send you to a new setting research online weirded although Iraqis go all his events in Detroit there's a bunch of Los Angeles Glendale area I think I'll see what jobs are available there is your family strategically permissions just not clear around the other side of the world right here might be a little easier teaching was locally not an English teacher you say neither was my daughter at age twelve my son age ten available at three and four but they are in Thailand we talk to people remain friends we had little classes taught them what they needed to know which is things like how much does this cost where's the bathroom important things you can do that here for the young people are you in a university seven Dallas or non- Seventh-day Adventists do you have a heart for the internationals of their I went to school at PUC Walla Walla and is I wasn't watching went to school with a tie with the Cambodian didn't cross my mind that they needed to be strengthened or maybe reach we had here at Andrews University Buddhists Muslims Hindus but what about the secular universities how many Waldensian type young people will rise up and go out and go strategically not alone as a group that's moved to Purdue University let's plan to reach the world for Christ strengthen each other and let's learn how to reach them so how do we just promised in the in the little learn about the seminar that I was sure with you a four step method for points is simple so that you can have the confidence to interact with anybody so in the context of crystalline the context of caring for their needs I'm going out there and meeting them one should think with me or four things that you do not anybody does not have a handout yet everybody's got when he doesn't have in their lives somewhere in the back at the very corner there so if anyone else wants to grab a hand up the record towards the back but I'm not in a redress and that are not for you to rigid right now but the four points are there if you want to look at the more the first point is listen a sale leg of his Hindi I love think I have anything to say to them the little scared even to talk to her but hinges come in different forms and sizes right is a little more normal is there an address friend of ours is actually not hindered Seventh-day Adventist but good for the picture anyway blessing what I want to mean by this is that when you meet a Hindu all you need to be able to do is ask questions and listen you don't have to know about Hinduism at all might help you might be a lot more intelligent questions but if you don't it's okay ask questions so for instance on my street in Cambodia we were missionaries there noticed on one side they were from France they come back they were wealthy they were secular they were Buddhists who is on the other side of the street house they were at a shrine they were very poor that is Friday was very faithfully worshiped it every day made offerings everyday it was more Hindu and Buddhist he was into the powers and asking for help down the street another one I'm a Buddhist yes was the Temple once a year that saw another one you would let him believe in anything supernatural stuff philosophy for me so the point and simply listen listen to understand the religion I'm not of course listen to another heartaches their needs was going on in your life this is not only Christian care does the loving thing to do but it is that foundation upon which you will build whatever you share next if you don't know that even understand how can you really find that piece of the gospel but they need at that moment too often were so eager to talk so eager to speak that we don't have a clue what were saying I like our children many times we haven't bothered to understand and feel their heart were telling them what they ought to know and not listening until they know that we care ministry of healing one fifty seven sympathize with them in their trials their heartaches and disappointments this will open the way for you to help simple step very important second step a firm similarities see their man interacting with the juice man we had so much in common I believe that God has especially entrusted the set of the ministers with a message that perfectly matches the similarities and the needs of every world religion think about it for a moment with me our Jewish brothers and sisters is not one of the most obvious we share the whole entire week all the Old Testament there logged a profit with songs poetry the Sabbath meal going to do there is a lovely ministry can think of it at the moment I just met him at the last done local ASI chapter they're doing a ministry among Jews in Jerusalem people say to them OKC keep the Sabbath the best distributor in Jerusalem right that's a lot Ms. Protestant groups are trying to reach is to know our people around the world from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night saw what they're doing put aside the things of the world and spend the time with God again about the creator think about how all of life comes event spending time with your family enjoy the goodness of God to think that was between Jewish brother sister somebody who maybe has forgotten to take time on that day was caught up in making money as so many secular Jews in America but there are also many were deeply religious we had much in common what about with others will the new spas for a moment for quote in laboring a new field do not think it's your duty this at once to the people we are seven bad minutes we believe that the seven then the Sabbath we believe in the non- immortality of the soul this would often arrest a formidable barrier between you and those you wish to reach speak to them as you have opportunity upon points of doctrine on which you can agree to Allah the necessity of practical godliness given evidence that you are a Christian desiring peace and that you love their souls let them see that you are conscientious us he will gain their confidence and there'll be time enough for doctrines could you read the whole passage again gospel workers a hundred nineteen two hundred and twenty it's back to the event is in your Christian when we say affirms similarities when it does me with your words adjectives that would like you to live it invite them to join you that and feel your passion your compassion many many areas that they can see that that's able to see that you are truly conscientious what about Hindus Buddhists but back at the Muslims from it said there in the quote we just looked at a moment ago it said do not feel that you need and once the Sayer seven balance I have friends when they meet it was something anything are you a question the same now let's will what is he thinking by Chris pig eating alcohol drinking womanizing person who's happy with the politics that take and trust nights on nations for the sake of oil are you a Christian I cannot know I'm a seven thousand and all inside well we believe in one true creator God made everything that scene because he made us we should live in total submission to everything we do is we should be asking them what what he wants to do how we believe that that because of that we treat our body like a holding place place for people worse it would take an throat are presented so we don't drink alcohol with any unclean meats things that would defiles like pink and your better listener some of said in response so we bring to the forefront the things that we hold in common we speak of those things whether worshiping false gods in English London Ken and Muslims and Jews is one thing we share one true God incontinent and the endocrine and poison back to the word of God the Bible what about Hindus and Buddhists people of the world price object lessons page two ninety nine are worshiping false gods they are to be turned from their fault source of not by hearing denunciation of their idols but by beholding something better God 's goodness is to be made known he are my witnesses of the Lord that I am God Hindus and Buddhists we share much in common but not in the area of God not in the area of salvation in the area of morality if you were to study Buddhism I'm not delve deeply better than with it for sixteen years and understand and know about their people have noble path of right thinking right speech right thought right actions right livelihood upon and on it goes purifying the mind of every defiling thought grasping this world 's goods knowing at all getting away why would you do that put it aside Inc. about the things that last live your life in simplicity and harmony honor your parents and on and on it comes to news and the depth of spirituality walk into the country you can feel their devotion to their religion they believe in the supernatural is intense and strong into real limit out of the Seventh-day Adventists is an event outside of us where we now the supernatural is real we pay attention to talk about the great controversy we are seeking to purify our minds down the seal of God upon our four heads this is our these are the connections when we talk about the Sabbath how do we get there how do we go will come back to that in a moment but we are called to affirm the similarities I was on a train coming down from Shanghai in the north of Thailand Bangkok to teach the pastors about reaching out the goods and to learn from them and my family was with me we're on a sleeper train the little boy was up running around size ten now use little event after Wally came back he said that in thinking and take over now so what you mean is a Wideman talking to his monkey would become good friends and a set of my little book clean hard naughty hard but I think you better take over now so I put myself as I came down to make friends of his young monk as we talked and interact a little bit she had questions on his mind he was interested as we talk he came up with one big question is that I don't understand it why do Christians say you can send send send some more and I will just keep forgetting it was okay he was looking at the West he saw Hollywood he saw politics is on materialism greed and he said this is Christianity and inside I hear that God 's forgiveness is immoral this is that would not step down to this high had the privilege of sharing within the shrewd as a gospel that not only is there forgiveness there is a transformation of the heart and Jesus on the cross enemy and to show up in the truth of Jesus on the cross and how he said the selflessness of everybody and I shared with him the beauty of the cross of Christ as I answered before about the cross was somebody with a Buddhist come back to that it is time to leave it alone for now it's on the podcast but with that month Kathy was sitting there listening to the fact that Jesus the true salvation was about getting rid of selfishness purified in the heart and becoming a compassionate person two Corinthians fibers fourteen have seen die for all that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him to die for him the Bible teaches us that our self was there that I am crucified with Christ and I know longer live this is what Buddhists are seeking for and his eyes became right there was something new there was something beautiful in the Christian message so we start with our similarities but we can't stop there we only stand similarities were just doing interfaith friendliness we must go onto the difference is because they are salvation differences because the father is not known to the Buddhas omissions and it is beauty in his purity and his greatness of character but how do we do it so we don't have to enter into conflict yes sometimes it will be confident will be a sword that comes when not to start there as far as possible be at peace and the way to show differences is two stories doesn't take long distance one experience and use casting evil spirits audio lives for Jesus to say go and tell what God has done for you and we are told that our confession of his faithfulness as heavens chosen agency for revealing Christ to the world we had to acknowledge his grace is made known through the holy men of old so resource until Bible stories to tell stories all stories on the differences in stories which will be most effectually as the testimony of our own experience we are witnesses for God as we reveal ourselves the wording of a power that is divine every individual has a life distinct from all others in experienced differing essentially from their that means you have no excuse this story is so unique so sassy like a snowflake that has to be seen that is beautiful and there will never be another like it doesn't matter his stories tiny watch and pray for the person who means of these processing knowledge amends to the praise of the glory of his grace when supported by a Christlike life having irresistible power that works for the salvation of souls you want to be irresistible then after the rice is in Christ to be in you everything Jesus was a character using yours for the asking by the power of the spirit the fruits of the Spirit then when combined with you telling the story of what Jesus has done for you little though it may be you learn to stop yelling at your wife in North America that you decimated renovations for your kids you stop to help you stop doing something they knew was wrong and finally give you victory desire pages three forty seven irresistible this is my friend you can't see them well they saw the pictures not good that's one I love this man he's a carpenter 's work on our property and value to the Thailand help me to salvage my house it wasn't destroyed by termites they are really wicked wonderful symbol of sin and he was a symbol of salvation and anyway as we shared our stories we shared various things which are Bible stories there was a huge flood so was we were bouncing around in the back of the truck can help somebody I told him the story of Noah and the flood he hurt his stories and pieces here and there you don't have to tell all your stories at once all your testimonies a lesser on the trainer on the plane one seems to I think that what the Lord wants you to bring in Oregon to three but I just have seen it every time wherever I go stories are what God uses but if you just tell stories it's not enough it still is point number four and that is that we need to invite to experience if we just leave it there is my stories God is wanting them to sign he wants that seem to the way it is when the birds stealing at the weeds growing up around it silly causes to ask them for decisions pamphlet one eighteen page to the secret of our success and power will be found in making direct personal appeals to those who are interested in having unwavering reliance upon the most high simple requests not have to be along fifteen minute appeal up in the sermon it can be as simple as May I pray for you some exist for another argued that their marriage is falling apart you listen you affirm the importance of being unfaithful husband being faithful and kind you shared your story about how God has helped you in your own merits can together or maybe a friend whose marriage almost as all that God brought it back together and then you say to them I have to go now can I pray for you that God will help your marriage sure on those brains and blood sugar I need the prayers over as I can get enough there they are there in Sri Lanka I thought on the wall of the restaurant there was Buddha there is Ganesh from India and there was a Jesus never mind that they don't know you're praising the reminder also pray to someone else I got answer your prayer in pray for that merits and then a little Scripture 's reality vision this is a Scripture from the holy book read this over before every time before you dear wife matter Sabbath or what she's doing houses run off any of your tenure angered by for a doctor this was Moses husbands love your wives as your own body healthy we need yourself would you know we're having about everything yes how much of your character wife is to care for your body well okay I see your point of view maybe I do have some fault in this marriage Hyde Park okay so you're inviting them to experience a little thing Sabbath I think my quote that I wanted is not there but it's against it somewhere and they will see later Alan White says the best thing that can be done for the heathen non- politically correct word I suppose the pagan heathen but the reality of those who were without Christ without salvation the best thing you can do is to share about God through nature taken into nature do things within the gain God 's creation powerful mysterious second buckets their God can be known Romans one says so clearly to nature that people are without excuse every Donna I got to be known that well through nature that people are without excuse so don't blame with it invite them on establishing she been so stressed out lately I know you just need to release you high blood pressure said executives about usability rather he told me as I'll be on a time within several months how much you bring your family join us we do some called Sabbath experience with that we go out nature Saturday afternoon to take the whole family is walk through the park gotten countryside and we learn what we can from nature and it helps our family we learn lessons actually help her family really sounds kind of interesting we join us as we known a time this week are I got your calendar when you have time to three weeks and I can do it okay it's a date to take them out into nature with your family do would you do a the opinions of his kids gather lessons from nature from the leaves how it believes to have it taken Carmen Hochstein still spit out oxygen how we would like that from our family anything negative in your homes now in that a child's mommy okay all right so what should she do many shops are back the off-season be nice back maybe he'll get nice like the trip but believes so you learn you experience the doctrines of God every doctor that we have is so practical so powerful were usually just talking people to put forth I think we know we need to recognize and take people out to experience how much did Jesus preach about the great controversy I was a priest about the health message how much do they preach about the second coming of Christ little more there maybe but you look at the things you think about how much you preach how much he lends stated that was risen from the Denver mint we might have artist on without but he did say go for it and pray and we know a story of one or two people have been raised in this film good reliable sources God is wanting to do miracles he's wanting to do healing people say wow what if I pray he doesn't answer do you think they prayed to their gods and don't have answers sometimes put onto the sign they offer there and since their money they paid amongst nothing happens I guess I didn't pay enough for guess it's because I'm doing this in then it will be okay if God doesn't answer perfectly but likely he will heal healing the lame and they are walking again is getting visions and dreams to hundreds even thousands of Muslims across the world we should be expecting and praying for great things and inviting to try what about our words what about the power of her words as we speak do we have this yet actually bought page twenty two to the defense of the Holy Spirit the disciples resulted on the plot for him and for those for whom he died that hearts were melted by the words they spoke and the prayers they offer hearts were announcing Melton Facebook and the power of the Spirit in the about power thousands were converted we know that the work is in even as by the Holy Spirit so what is that mean for us to do okay pray for the Holy Spirit pray for revival and reformation we've had this wonderful emphasis for the last four years powerful I saw go from the juicy dividend is in southern Asia Pacific division to the union to the missions of the local church but you know I would get it done now seven seven print morning at seven o'clock communion seven kind of tired of these things we forget our just a quick phrase off my tongue please give me the Holy Spirit amen it is like being given a bank account and you're given an ATM card and you know how much is in the NHL doesn't have received seed never know these to get in and you get twenty dollars on a new twenty dollars free thank you and I was thinking that to me next time you try hundred hundred K to get satisfied with a hundred a minute thousand is another's millions there this is what it is of the Holy Spirit I have began to go I have been going through the Bible again and again looking at country three times now looking for what the Holy Spirit times when he falls great place to start his acts chapter two and just look into begin to pray for them and you will find that each piece has a special match to these people of the different places and different religions is our heart our words melting hearts are missing that you came across the phrase at all remember where it is and actually the Lauren is also where it says that Paul went from place to place with tears have I gone with tears yet and I been calling people to give their heart to Jesus tears to a lot of people he said I would rather that I was a curse for the sake of my brother like Jesus on the cross Jesus was dying he was whispered in his ear as he will not resurrect you said is so offensive to guide you you dine a second that there is no resurrection from the second and Jesus stayed on the cross he was willing to die for adversary can get you into heaven that's where Paul was and Moses bought my name out of the book our hearts there had me broken before God to say I don't want people I can picture myself on the green bus crazy bus there and tax in silent going to language class being bumped but around these people irritated I realize a lot of these people the missionary will love these people so what would you we rebalance theocentric that's a Lord I have no love that you have perfect love please come in my heart please fill me of the fruits of the spirit let me love like that the answer to Holy Spirit poured out in your life they see it in the air drawn gifts of the spirit I don't know how to help anybody with help pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit for healing to be able to pray to be able to make a difference in these lives in these worlds God is going to come again and he's going to finish his work those tons you may say I really don't know what to say and and suppose I'm talking and visiting with people I'm just pause and pray again I've been in the recess and I want to make sure that what's left the time that we have left the gun uses it as he wants to not goes without the unit assigned to question or get to certain things that is little positive father I can feel your passing enjoy now I'm excited and I believe your finish your work in ways that are way beyond anything we expect so Lord I pray that you take the last twenty minutes we had together and then she will fasten it again I'm asking that you would say what you want to each of us individually because it will be different you have a different call on our lives and different things one is to do with events we also do not want to leave you're just having her good ideas are good stories without taking and doing something is in the next week please will busily when one has to do is a medium with my on every morning and I haven't been willing to learn more and I find a route identified as a word online newsroom and www. maneuver is not


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