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The Shaking, Why and How

Gabriel Arruda


Gabriel Arruda

Speaker/Director for Freedom Health Ministries



  • August 9, 2014
    5:00 PM
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our father is lawyer that is a must for this wonderful Sabbath afternoon then we could all get together and hear the word of the Lord and I'm pleased and happy to see those will come out to be doing many other things with their seven afternoon you be doing many other things of their time thinking here the word of the Lord bless the Lord may your presence be felt here please use me as your instrumented mouthpiece to freeze your message as he would have each of the Holy Spirit would be our teacher that we would leave here changed a step closer to Jesus please Lord a step closer disease we asking price processing and myself this afternoon for you to talk about the saving and before I can give you a little mini definition of what is taking as many of you are probably familiar with this concept just so we all start on the same page the shaking is a kind in which God allows his church to be mightily shaken before he comes again and any of those who are not genuine those who have been unfortunately playing church will not fully love the Lord will actually abandon the truth and abandon the church and only the spirit of prophecy tells us where I see in that time right now she said that they were in fact I heard a silly has been happening for a while and I find that like so many of Hassan Materazzi it starts in the Nathan Rosen crescendos and crescendos until it reaches a tremendous climax and the shaking is no difference now is something last quote on his limitless church amen stretch he call her to be changed will you answer that question at the end but I like to only show you that this is not somehow the idea of the shaking is not some Seventh-day Adventist invention is available constantly seeing it happen in Scripture several times before and the Scriptures of lettuce lettuce the idea that we're going to see is again and so we're going to see him not only how people are shaken out but also why very important now to see my a show of hands who here is very interested in not being shaken out of their initiative and easier hands fantastic as humans all of you please pay attention because I'm going to get very clear reasons from Scripture while there are going to be multitudes where old a large group is the wording this is a large group will abandon their facing room with prostate they were converted to families they will not and what to talk about the how and the like first let's deal with the house to waste mainly speaking the first saw the nasty chapter twenty four and verse for Lee's tenure Bible 's son Matthew chapter twenty four and verse four our Lord himself will give us the first manner first how last to help people I shaken out and is turning their little bit of context the previous verses disciples have essentially become up to Jesus and asked him to questions especially whether the sign of your coming as well as the of the world and also they were referring to Jerusalem and Christ goes into this amazing passage where he is detailing events around the destruction of Jerusalem which also read the as that will lead to the destruction of the end of the world and in verse four notice the first thing that Jesus says in reference to the last days and Jesus answered and said and some take heed that no man he was in the see the disciples of Christ Jesus Hollis house in the last days first he says don't be deceived what I communicate to us the session is going to be a tremendous issue in the last these fumes of the first thing I said in his longest course about that as of last things as the idea is that people one of the reasons people will be shaken out is because they won't follow all teachings will follow Paul's beliefs now the question is it possible for people not to be saying the Republican understand all of the truth absolutely back to another state you feel God is adjusted for things you don't know that wonderful recording their but it's going to be different in the last days in the last days if you are following error it is going to lead you out the church is going to be bigger God is allowing light during this time were living in right now in the company try from his work wonderful things that we've been hearing wonderful messages that you have many voices all over the world and he's doing it because we need to have before liked the full gospel truth as we proceed into these last days now not twenty four told us that in the last days many people are going to be deceived and as you look through that sadness is clear now to chapter three tells us that actually happens in Christ this turned out to Matthew chapter three verse eleven well this forerunner prophesied that this would come join us I'm sorry Matthew chapter three verse eleven and twelve will see that is shaking there have been many places in Scripture where there was a shooting before the flood says in the Bible not a spearman always strive with man and was driving also indicated judgments that there was a judgment on investigating happening during that time and not a chapter three noticeable we have verse eleven John the Baptist speaking he says indeed I baptize you with water for repentance but he that cometh after me is minded and I grew shoes I am not worthy to bear he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire goose fan is in his hand and he will thoroughly hurts this floor and gather his wheat into the barn but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire question he pictures this the Messiah as some of you have anywhere now what does it introduce produces with writers and noticed he used that Dennis had to produce a win and end the case what a way to lead an attack that takes a shot away outs of the barn and a week in week is getting retained and to the bar know what is and when a symbol of prophetic language because as long as using illustrations analogies here so what is when the symbol of let started Ephesians chapter four BBs in chapter four hundred fourteen Ephesians chapter four verse fourteen and we want to understand more about this idea of why John uses the illustration of Hamilton and his hand wedding these this shot away from the barn Ephesians four fourteen and it says that we need that we henceforth be no more children 's hospital in Israel and carried about with my friends and every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and the cutting craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive so there was a shaking in Christ Christ they then multitudes were blown away by false teachings and was even there was a tremendous division in Christ Ashley versus the Christian church and many were shaken out many did not make it may not continue with Christ Honorius and so we find in his name many weren't deceived by false teachings no notice want to say something about this God doesn't create a false doctrines you might get a indication from other similarly done using but rather allows them to comfort have you noticed that God allows us to come to the church sometimes and sometimes I stress level to allow that you answer the question is allowing us to essentially will Google get into so there was a shooting before Christ's public ministry the first might suggest that there is going to be a shaking a well as well before the second revival of Christ's public ministry policy and before his coming the first way the first man we found is through deception those of the second the second house and we talked about that as well this morning these two individuals we talked about this morning the second is strife and persecution first session second straight persecution no wind in terms of our house and actually have blooming things in the context understand which meaning is being applied I believe both meanings apply here in Bible prophecy we find presents in Daniel chapter seven is coming out of the members what was driving on the CSS or be square emerging ways were striving on this evening is very sure to be somewhere right one is symbolic of ABC's excessive nation Neil Persia Greece Rome did they didn't want to succeed another out of no friendliness and taking time with strife war lunch we also see that in Old Testament prophecy and and and Jeremiah Robison seven one we read that this morning we have four angels holding back the four winds or when the strife and the ones who may come the Bible says in verse through the Harris theater they would hurt to see that it would hurt the trees so we also find it in the model as a single anomaly of false teachings and also strife of truth turbulence tribulation noticed this quote from the spirit of prophecy of our commentary six page ten sixty five she says almost Christianity passes for the genuine faithful soundless but it is because those who profess it how no persecution to windward religious when the day comes when the laws made void and the church is sent in my fiery trials how will the church want to be sensitive fiery trials that will have God 's honest with us and letting us know the artist tried those a little funnier a great portion of those who are supposed to be genuine will give heed to seducing spirits and turn traders and betray statement for us they will improve our very worst persecutors of your own selves men all I see the first things to draw away disciples after them just holding out apostle Paul enable disease citizens face celibacy how's it going to happen false teachings persecution two simple things so this is going to safety strategies bias and violence well into the why question winners in the house what you can't understand how we have to understand why this answering the why questions want to help us understand how we make sure we don't fit into that camp and there are three reasons that I want to bring forth that are reasons why people will be shaken reason number one is compromise because of the compromise was the judges the book of Judges police chapter one one to see something very very important for understanding this ideal compromise the book of Judges after Deuteronomy Joshua Judges we want the very first chapter is chapter one is going to tell us something about how nice I was interning and to give you little bit of context verses one through twenty six starts by showing certain conquests that were made and continued after the death of Joshua the children of Israel continue to be obedient and automatic memory management going again and I want to do while all the inhabitants that are there there is gone beyond the line probationers practicing horrible practices we don't want them to influence you need to do it and completely they continue to do that after the death of Joshua but notice what starts happening in verse twenty seven judges chapter one verse twenty seven neither did Manasseh drive out the inhabitants of that she she and her townhouse nor it was announced on his words exactly China and her towns nor the inhabitants of door and her towns nor the inhabitants of the and Liam and her counsel inhabitants of McGill and her towns but the Canaanites would dwell in the land you go down below Denver 's twenty nine verse thirty the first thirty unit of his underlings write out the inhabitants of Kidron nor the inhabitants of Naha ethanol but they can make you dwell among them and became tributaries so we see that Israelites saw some point trying to conquer pagan nations it is something of a company apparently and they stopped obeying the command of God you don't it's so interesting that has eluded his long list in which you get in a finding is that every tribe in Israel lest some a inland in their borders every single one left of the something in Asian still there living a life and in those pagan nations firstly we should have a slightly better but they started to grow as a group they became continual thorn in the side of his to the point were at later centuries later that Jesus asked him where able to write the ending Israel and Aptos now this is a very important lesson friends once you don't conquer is going to help you though is that in the Bible of the coverall of cover everything a nation they said I will do it most of them was the last Rosenthal is fruitless and you don't conquer is one of presence neither vanquish relinquished the serious notice that life is an intensely serious and the same as length and keeps them in gosling for keeps and we need to conquer every pagan him dealing with every personal demon that were dealing with and you know because you have done something to praise the Lord that you don't stop there not victory over I went training off none victory over some hallucinations you don't emotionally praise the Lord saw the Bible tells us we need to conquer pagan nation otherwise whatever we read left is one day in a writer of the message in Scripture is seen as nine thousand injuries and is one in a row and is overwhelmed Sunday at a idea is that we need to be the last one standing and you can be because of what Jesus did on the cross you can be last Wednesday but because compromise the reason why God is bringing attention to this is because compromise will eventually lead to the Zenawi announced but it is what it will be prophets and kings page one eighteen twenty eight notices a popular quote the time you are distant will the test will come to every soul in observance of the false that will be urged upon us the contest will be between the Commandments of God and the commandments of men as he was enough those who have units by the to worldly demands and conforms to worldly customs will then yield to the powers that be rather than subject themselves to derision and still threatened imprisonment and at that time that will be submitted from the dross many of us are that we have a minor for the brilliance will then go out Lord help us but notice compromise is a slippery snow so I spent to worldly demands and will Thomas USA wanted some drugs alcohol anything is as so little something something you know was a little deeper on this idea no one would anyone compromise plan will cost a few hundred eyes widened and compromised when the Bible that eventually going to be that we don't because of this there is a very important reason was going on a second Thessalonians please turn in your Bibles to second Thessalonians chapter two second Thessalonians chapter two and we will start and we want to understand why people to compromise the one of when situation second this millions to starting and he says starting numbers nine second Thessalonians two even had whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders and with all of the singleness of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of one's history that they might be saved notice it is not there for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness why are people ready to see the last days this causes this and is a exact question because people love said they liked and loved it and that therefore deterred them from loving the new friends there's only one running yards and in humility you cannot love both sin and the truth of the same time one will come from you one will crowd out the other they cannot coexist eventually the logo symbols well hello as we might ask yourself how to make sure I'm not as an Internet to somewhat question you look into the process how many should I thought me on the five simple steps for you number one choose God will never select power and just making the choice to choose the community to God has given you the ability to choice and you know many times we fail because we have not stopped needing a decision I will not be easy I'm making a decision but don't stop there turn synagogue in the moment of temptation because you will become a news that you are powerless in step number three number for each trust in God however believing his Word and even quoting his word in the moment of temptation and instead of replying so powerful simply move forward humankind with a certain things of your certain things you something that you know you should be involved in Chittagong will I will not be involved in this turn you and you are so I can't I can't return a listing of trying to find out how it all turned to look to him for not the weakness of the flesh and shots I believe it even will power units power in the word of God will be looking at temptation we say South shall not be any unalterable thing maybe is learning tempted with or now shall love the Lord thy God with all my heart along the line when you're in the temptation and instantly moved toward believing God through his Word has given you the power and ability to overcome second step in the way from the sky doing however doing God will empower you read single choose turn to God in the moment of temptation and that your colorless Ross 's word believe his word and assemblyman for practicing this and what I have been experiencing to me wonderful victory Saturday night time and on your own friends you're powerless but when Jesus you are all powerful to do Ms. Wellington on your own is impossible for human and possible with Jesus Christ it is impossible for you journalists help our holiness I love the home ministry healing when anyone is one powerful sentence Christ's life declares that humanity combined with divinity is not for me say if you just combined with divinity he will overcome as we don't combine humanity with divinity the only we try and humanity humanity cannot overcome sin but when humanity along with the divinity disliked person he was officer you will be in a you are links to a power outside of yourself that however every single is the gospel of Christ in the hope of glory the mystery of God and Jesus loves you friends he wants you to be free and you know I'm pretty certain that every single one was sitting in here probably has something her life that would have an pushed sniggering would you like to take that first step with me who would like to choose whatever issue you are dealing with will start talking about it on whatever issue you know that you're dealing with legislative decision right now together I'm making the decision to follow Muslims in my life that she will just raise your hand whatever it is not unlike this office I know I'm struggling with this I'm not I am making the decision volume is as important decision is importance so no one compromise step number two I'm sorry reason number two why was going to be shaken out not fully surrendered the scooter John seven seventeen was turned to the gospel of John chapter seven of her sentencing this may seem to music but it's so crucial is so important so many fall short here but we don't have to John Chapter seven or seventeen I love this Bible verse I been reading a lot lately seven seventeen and says if any man will do his will he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself nor does verse tells us and tells us that if you choose the will of God you're going to have the ability to discern truth from error you will know it in your heart you made a decision that she was going to choose God 's will in every area of your life but when your heart is not right with God something scary that she is like air or an error special election and we can very easily this will be clear this up this is for the sincere child of God who is sincerely stating it just doesn't like anyone this is for those monopoly given their heart that God I did turn to another passage that further clarifies this is wrongly with Isaiah twenty eight was turned out that this is something very interesting in that passage Isaiah chapter twenty eight twenty eight and Muslim verses nine and ten ten twenty nine along the process of hermeneutics Bible interpretation that says first line Isaiah twenty eight whom shall see that's the height of whom shall he teach knowledge and who shall be made to understand the value that are weaned from now and drawn from the breast for you know this precept must be upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here little and there is still a famous passage about policy principle and it brings out the idea that finance sound Bible doctrine we must compare Scripture with Scripture and that makes sense and got to does and doesn't be found in some little corner in the Bible which is consistently all throughout Scripture either online necklaces rings and you know there are some churches and some people they want to point to one obscure person I want to know the whole theology often correct Bible hermeneutics cricket final interpretation works we should see it consistently all the Scriptures know something very interesting verses unleavened to thirteen house why not indeed indispensable and it's the reason that many of us do not expect from the Scriptures look at verse eleven forwards were and another he speaks of his people to whom he said this is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest and this is a refreshing yet they would not hear of his first thirteen but the word of the Lord was incident free storm precepts precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here little wonder it repeats what we read in verse ten but then noticed that since that that we might go and fall backwards and be broken and snared and taken as things what is the reason I'm not according to the context what is the reason why nonhuman online online yes five dailies of other writers is safely build sound doctrine bias also so that the wiki could be deceived in the lightweight we developed this remember we already read second Thessalonians chapter to visit for this cause because they love us enough to God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie we are even right building on his nightstand I have never wondered as the Bible God why did you online allow Paul to write Colossians chapter two for sixteen races when humans is going to salivate at everyone and as you read when you are listing any and all baptism for the dead I'm inevitably excluded and eliminate race and are whining about no predestination you have these thoughts as you read the Bible and even Doctor Sultan yours isn't really doing anything what does the artist I will offensive of the Bible content and that you will be in the begin control absolutely why not allow the in their view I'm not worried about the Scriptures like everything is the more you study it cleared with the judges but I wanted to give them the ammo you know I do not that is applied to allow them to have these these these reasons Prince God has me the truth clear word of God amen that sure is clear if you want to see it gone me a very large door for all people pass through and enter into the truth but he has not removed the window of downs comparable in the will will doubt what it does is there because of citizen out those who are not the window about it not to see God 's honest children but again those who are dishonest there is any leave anyways if God we remind is not a freedom of choice is willing to drive anyone taking a stand I tried anyone kicking and screaming into the standards last although they really don't want to know is still not as in freedom of choice and his name is written in such a manner that if you really want to deceive yourself can you humans have very strange is a very strange thing we have none of the animal kingdom is only enhanced we deceive ourselves and I would lie to ourselves about doing we do that when we do not crazy to Congress on a utilizing investment in Samaria and the Johnson and said it was okay and that was when he is with an enthusiastic tendency to do that and so God has allowed people the freedom if you really want a lot of that when you can allow you to do that he gives him the freedom to trade themselves if they really want with you online enable agility will cease you guys willing beside him unified God is immediately being wide open door for everyone to if they want to feel like traditional ontological freedom to do that as well it was funny always passages that refer to Sunday observance since baptism for the dead those would all be cleared up that they just use the line upon line principle that is all those things when you testimonies and ministries page one twelve Jesus God 's Spirit has illuminated every page in the holiness I will end a little impression because it is imperfectly understood she's the top of the shaking when the shaking by the introduction of false theories posited income by the introduction of false theories these service readers anger nowhere our life savings and baseline into any position to suit the tenor of their feelings the heart will determine the Scriptures present if you love Jesus and is your sincere desire to follow his word and you have nothing to fear is not writes you are in a dangerous situation when you're not willing to follow God all the way when it is not really about them I want to use to a certain extent is about what I'm used to as an electricity deserves about what my family Dennis your graphic design adversely comes down and you insinuate but was herself the God-given extension in error and you can follow him all the way I was a citizen of the people unless event and you know what every single person in that room and this is a matter of a single view of the problem was further amplified work is not spending time in the world is a very disturbing revelation to me as I travel the changes present demonstrations just not spending time talking up the terrible epidemic in our church is needed is someone here today who is not understanding season with his leveling lovingly tell you inherently fragile in danger right now do not make a delay made the decision we talked about making the choice in the decision this corrupt decision-making is your first work the science right now is that everything is related to those of you RAR as you may have is today is not made that decision and you can do that in your heart right now last reason reason number three fly son will start shaking and I think this is going to be one of the most common reasons because we don't know ourselves we don't really know who we are you know my wife and I were visiting family and urban California back in March and what we don't know her wedding and we were getting ready to leave her and my grandmother 's kitchen as we get our stuff together also in the whole house started to shake and my God was a native of Southern California said that are Latino and so we all ran to the doorway and then we remembered that grandma and grandpa were sleeping in the SOC ramps in the seminar may not get them and got to the bathroom this is not about him to get them out there but you know emergencies are really interested they tend to bring out with the downside of people having is that when emergencies is some people need as they freeze up and they just don't know what to do something when you say I'm not having everybody in an other people they rise to noble self-sacrifice that we known it was an emergencies bring out people you know the shaking of utilization the shaking is yelling for the spontaneous emergent something silks and all that stuff only take us one time you squeeze it what comes out whatever was the highest right now you and I and so we are soaking whatever were soaking whatever we spending time with whatever meditating on or taking and whether that's walking with Jesus the Word of God to help others ever we can or maybe it's things that we talked about last times that God is not as and when the shaking comes as squeezing and whatever you soaked in as what's going to be squeezed so this time around this is why this is a strong emphasis in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy about this probationary period is that of harlot is annoying not really that bad right now this is something I and whatever were soaking in is going to get squeezed during the shaking and I like to go to example of someone in Scripture who is a clear illustration of this was the Luke chapter twenty two Luke chapter twenty two as Christ specifically said that Satan was trying to shake this person out Lugo twenty two verse thirty one according our customers learn something from this Luke twenty two verse thirty one is a passage on the layer with the perfect example of what were talking about and the Lord said Simon Simon Gillespie behold Satan hath desired to have you that he may says here that the shaking fists a few as these but I have prayed for the Jesus is praying for you did you know that but I have prayed for thee that I made fail not and when thou art converted strengthen my brother the devil was desiring and uses no doubt who was desired shape up here in the line of DoubleClick see what Peter can see the double saltpeter to self she says he does not know with an side derivatives appear to know himself very strong evidence that clarifies that it don't pay all as the leading in the desire is also said he was the ringleader hitting on the sample Selena Ron Garnett seventy he was one of the leaders in she really did not know himself nearly so interesting knowing ourselves it's a lot like that dress you notice that those who have bad breath are almost always totally oblivious to what was this a strange thing is you don't get the last one to find out that everyone you know sometimes I'll come to my wife in the morning not withdraw is why she has a ninety nine and is not going to video and but I know that my thoughts normally we may as you is as I wanted me who's the one closest to the stinking up the first is the last of the elements that so much like us in the hunt is imaging and I had to we think we are many kinds of the people of another need only look at other people sometimes it was not running is realized hollyhock and being how they are and you know whenever that happens my mind I ask myself but you know a lot of people immediately think of anything anything about myself knows what it says and for pulling the testimonies aged forty six she says the great reason why so many professed Disciples of Christ all the presentation and make a worker pensions is that they are the vision and the knowledge of themselves and of themselves here is where Peterson is specifically was so thoroughly sifted by the enemy here is where thousands will make shipwreck of faith you do not change your wrong Harris flipped your souls of ionization purify your soul Michael Weiner to connect yourself with having an minimalist save you from self such as intervention all of us another as Nashville not to know what you sound with how my grandmother and my grandfather were cleaning out their garage and I ran across these old videotapes they taken of my dad and his brother whenever his coming reel to reel the oldest really old ones so they set it up and playing in a Virginia law there continuing to do stuff around the place and will be working any hair is high on the video just really getting the voice a hard time coming everything football and was barking orders at them and himself who is that guy one of my boys only that he goes and looks really started to cry as he was sharing this with us this is certainly most of us was a higher price I nicely seen and gone then when I call he introduces into himself this introduces torso sometimes I do hope was to understand who we really are and you know why this is particularly a problem with Laodicea this problem is compounded when the right this problem was they sold was worse when you know your rights the Laodicea Israel she's right about what she doesn't she worships on accreditation as a guy she understands about the high-performance is performing and she understands there is an inherent danger of not being right that we have to watch on using it so he actually become in with your rightness increase in humility in a rightness you were steadily increasing together you are a very strong candidate for self-deception is not anything wrong with being right in his velocity and the truth yes for humility must increase with our correctness with our current understanding of life and know nothing about false religious zeal humanism greetings on the wrong when they know they're wrong and broken houses in wrong things and people to understand anything think about some religious and things that happens out there people do terrible things and you know I have to admit that in my own areas of my life some of the hardest things I've given her was when I was one hundred percent sure she is the IMAX since when does a regular license the meaning so strangely really likely have capacity when it is clear there is still wrong that somehow this is the ability to be me and that's okay somehow because were in the White House the individual rights you guys become so we don't know ourselves the Bible is a strong evidence that we will be shaken it's ever those of us how much food for these last days we need to be doubly careful and nine by show of hands is like that who would like to know themselves as who would like to know themselves and praise the Lord is God is faithful it enables you know I like and my answering the question why would God shake his church immediately answer another of his knife on this issue is preparing for war my fetish as he is preparing for more what you notice something every time got a number system people is because he's preparing for war what the press office chapter one but another center what we want to see this is what I see that one dial number system when he does it himself because he's preparing for numbers chapter one Luca versus two hundred and says in verse two taking the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel after their families by the house of their fathers with the number of their names every male nipples from twenty years and upward all that are able to go forth to lots the war in Israel vows and Aaron shall outnumber them by their findings knowing David to number Israel not a very upset with him and was displeased and why is the was numbering his own military strength and not trusting in God when is the last time in the Bible we see God is stronger relationship yourself Revelation chapter seven we see God doing something in Velasquez revolution chapter seven and I had the number of which were sealed and there were sealed hundred and forty four thousand of all the tribes of the children in verse five thousand Mercedes goes on twelve thousand from Judah twelve thousand from Reuben and Gad and so on and so forth that we see whose numbering God is my feeling that he's preparing his people will before God takes his soldiers out toward convincing me in the ranks of the school toward final verse Deuteronomy chapter twenty God is is very interesting ritual is a book for anyone go out Deuteronomy chapter twenty organ reverses to identify activities Deuteronomy chapter twenty notice it says Deuteronomy twenty first two and when it it shall be when he are some nice analysis for you and I hope that the phrase shall approach and see the people notice first five and a half official statement of the people saying what man is there to have built a new house and have not dedicated let him go and return to his house Mister died in about another nine days and what man is he that planted a vineyard and have not yet you let them also go to turn it into his house lest he die in the novel and another many and what is there that have betrothed to life and have to take and let them go and return at his house this Ugandan women evidently there is resynchronization of this and the officer shall speak further of the people that they shall say what man is there that is lots beautiful and fainthearted let him go and return it was houseless as Ruddiman 's heart faint as well as his peers contagious civil court is a lot more consistent increase in officers on front of what Manhattan 's and he would go to the next those minutes slowly but surely some of you and me God thinning the ranks one is not good because in his last days God cannot afford to have one as last feature should know precisely he can afford to the crisis is the XO God bless the church is she allows him to close you can't see how well you sure she is formally reviewing arthritis is lasting Jesus cannot leave the sanctuary taking a casual news bashers stand in that time therefore God cannot have it cannot afford to have people aren't one hundred percent in summary while the movie studios and one half months number two not fully surrendered number three because we don't know ourselves and how will happen following consumer persecution City National has a close I'd like to know where living a wonderful special time and God has given us out of finding great abundant life abundant to I know what you're struggling with all of us have some struggles in life but God has provided grace and power you you could be limited on ice six it can change a candidate in the belief you to believe what God is saying and it is still in here that like to get alt. amendment slogans my first is very specific if there is selling it has not fully surrendered emergencies in the field on today maybe they feel they're usually a candidate finishing lady you have never been baptized in the sea ice when you haven't not you feel the need to be the case notice for reasons of Scripture differently baptized into the first one was on biblical message or maybe the first time you were not sincere in realizing I was in case you didn't know what was going on in understand all the things and number three menu left the field left on what is teaming a price or number for you to learn tension that has changed your life of believers there is anyone in here who fits into that category I would like to meet in the Galactica or maybe you never been advertising like to give them Jesus about his houses like to give you the invitation today please send right for you there is anyone here in the fall today you guys when you have is leaving next January assessment 's I have sent it was well perhaps tonight he seemed nice you're in danger to shaking for one of many reasons processing that there is compromise happening I spoke to do these messages and you realize that you are not following the close is he realized this truth you know living recently doing maybe you see some of the ways of the world creeping into your heart if so that is collected by an arsonist at this time witnessing and together had listened to him if you think any of these categories I like to have a special privilege of the altar may be compromises happen in your life I would like to ask you to come down to the old love especially when you ask number two made me realize I am not fooling in the Jesus had not fully surrendered not grounded on the word other things have been getting in the way I do not easily spending time with Jesus and the Bible maybe other things of incoming first if you like the change that you realize you want to find out I also like to invite you to come down as we see and lastly maybe you realize I don't understand myself as I sure would like to realize a fear that I is the situation anything anyone call on the help he is in this media with Rod audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more certain than the visit www. .com universe .org


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