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Lost Truths In World Religion

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • October 1, 2011
    11:00 AM
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I don't not want their questions they are a new and that he will bless you and will bless you anything that we need to Sacramento to take God 's rewarder of gold comforting him where they must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him we don't go to God saying Lord are you there please bless me mingled to God believing he will bless us anything into that this morning 's sermon is going to be very special to me I believe that you walk away now at the character of God this is the message I think young Southern California month ago and is now my heart is sharing more I've been doing some studying this area for some time and were going to be scratching the surface with this sermon but I would advise if you can please listen to the sermon and didn't know to the A&E department and they can get you can't go online and find the seminar to do a very well done on getting it up there very quickly so I was out of the work randomly jump into our message father in heaven we thank you so much again for your presence Lord that is here today thanking God that promised with me are gathered in my name there I have amongst the Lord there's a lot of things that we know that you are witnessing a very special way Jesus and yeah we pray and ask that we would not be distracted by the devil that our hearts and our minds we focus on you Jesus that as we are in your presidency would energize our hearts online for this they pray in the name of Jesus amen nine oh not writes I didn't know what time it is eleven thirty thank you very much want to make sure all my time so the team dynamics and all right then this article long as it will give netizens in law school in moral religion on biblical truth in world religion and values and when it's not in John chapter eight Jesus and I know what felt like the Northeast I am the line on Israel Valley says now that is I like there is as good as the S&L now the Bible says that Jesus and I am the light on the well I am the light of the world in fact on step one Jesus is reading my reasons didn't like Jesus and so thank you very much I appreciate that very good to keep this lot to say nothing and if they are I allegedly think it is open away very interesting and quite wealthy originator of all the ancient observances will the originals to life the want to remove the weapons in the usual and display what the name to be displayed to be law will apply in the context they had been disconnected from their truly mission and placed in the framework of what error so who was brought away I ran working and what their life work was to readjust and establish the precedent is in the to the present will so that is why some of a while to what the world had been thinking agency and Mary Ann had apparently become one without our existing field was applied behind this while she think the originator of all that exists in the world to his workers themselves were the devil shall apportion the most tubes that are maximum meal I hadn't see you on the right works at Walgreens and hiding them to the point where they become extinct now this is very interesting and amusing and here's unaware you are going with this I repent continue to see something beautiful in olive oil raising involving all that by now the really time but when I began to understand Christianity there were a lot of also called in my mind regarding Christianity God will deal with the wicked hot blonde didn't result in linoleum there was a lot of these questions and questions about how God deals with something and so on and so on but through the Spirit of God bought been to reveal that he is not just a line of Christianity when the light of the entire lot while the entire world and when Christ came to the third two thousand years ago the world had been dark to a misapprehension of the character of God Jesus came to show the world who God really want there were a lot of cameras are existing in the world but even in Israel itself and so when Jesus came onto the scene to show the world including the world and universe itself your God will allow life and who I more or less do we shout and establish the precious gems in the framework of June I love that President John chapter three where and not what this is the Son of Man was manifest that he is going what will I the knowledge of God newly wants behind the knowledge of who God really what from the militia mayor gave them a new final course income management position on sixty and Robert Christ himself could use any illegal without lowering the smallest particle of what he had with that word all originated all midsentence and legitimate injunction working and I am the way truth and life notice that is more than just a series of propositional pain is one Jesus Christ Jesus Christ was that through now going to understand a little bit more gently this message of consumers wanting to this fun Christmas morning one aspect of the Christmas story visit now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem today in the days of Herod the king behold wise men from the East where they live he nowadays do represent women believers in Jesus they were speakers of God while the mouse is wisemen came from the eighth two to see what no one in the two only at the Carnegie was very interesting and very beginning of my life you hadn't hungrily he and they came to quite understandable why was very kind and quality than the white man welcomed reason paying and he is also interested in knowing God will therefore the beginning and end in ten hundred and eleven and you want to do something with eleven and that he and the left and went down with Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom it was like I never need to leave Google up in the Jewish religion all are familiar with the truth of Scripture the minority when they were seeking amen this is when you yesterday please come to worship him well everything started with a sixty the wise man is worldwide bloggers bin Laden alive and went to class and when you don't know what to live much of the wealth and learning of their nation others were upright man citing indications apply in nature and were on their integrity and wisdom August there were the wise men came to Jesus the light of God is ever shining amid the darkness of what veganism as these maps are writing the stories have been in flux and the mystery hidden the right path they beheld the glory of their creator is very interesting it says something about this matter I will sell all of our will is a you know what he was nuclear in the landlord is not authentic mining that predicted the coming of a divine figure out why you see me as well as it wasn't with me on the seventh on ethanol and will be along to the magician the loud one time and one of God walking of God as it is in Israel and in the Messiah and his policies and down my clinician from century to century as a wall will let with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord and what these matters are not happy to see in the Old Testament they only had one section of the Old Testament and what is not the only exit one person was involved in predicting the Messiah bail now this is very interesting mail a little off topic and we went in the cursing is not now he begins again out laughing Doctor Blessing after blasting about Israel and one blessing happens to be a prophecy about nothing is not as long on Sundays writing and when they know that beautiful star paving and volunteers in France there's always something went in this mailing is convenient and after all Nathan and I think I think about thinking that he was pictures and making there is something in here about a star between the two okay now time to follow this car and they still in the land where no one else was thinking the land of Israel it's very interesting is because most theologians believe that the Magi were coming from Persia in the workarounds I looked into the etymology of it originates in the parsing the most long barricade on an needed act and always Middle East countries still possessed writing in one to this day in fact did you know that there was extra biblical archaeology found about Dale and the profit and their allies description eight forty seven sixty three fifty now this was obviously at a time they measured it is intimidating on the plaster but the scholars believe that the wine is available these lines that were found in a house dated my folder and if you wanted to go online and find out what was actually said here an important victory in the four different lines are written about me on three times if they fail outside of your mail and sent up your mail and send pure and you want to know how horny apostles five why analysis translations that he will realize that he had been led so far way from the past this is very interesting because you have these feelings these people do not know the Jewish law will be getting all aluminum I then write soon anything that is very interesting is if he'll be a nation defined throughout any method by fidelity to the Senate they sound data keyboards are exploding in Nigeria Kenya Avon Congo and elsewhere why because the work of missionaries in eighteen hundred no the sound is thriving in Africa because the fountains in Africa when people in Scripture and historical practices in fact we do have Catholic documentation that shows that when Catholic missionaries showed up to Africa what they discovered was that people were believing this and leaving people were bleeding the accident now keeping Christian churches is there anything when and where did you learn about the little sound business and did you know that the Ethiopian charades there is gravity me that the book is not as Asian markets with derivatives in Ethiopia the Queen of the nuclear FEMA was from Ethiopia and voice conferencing phone and there is dispute about that I personally don't believe it but anyways ha ha ha ha containing the Old Testament religions out of the group of people that were keeping the Senate based on an unstated unclean meats in a separate persons that support American introduction of Christianity Ethiopia with the convergence of the Ethiopians the pleasure returns to court and ask a result Ethiopia became the first Christian nation the influence of Ethiopia the rest of Africa with enormous somewhere in Africa originally Dick if idea that keeping from the Queen of Sheba got my phone and telephone it was doing he was advancing the kingdom but not by force but I I want to happen I'm feeling for people not knowing about God and love is in the American College of health and juvenile salmon begin to explain an individual would receive a fancy consultant is blessed with she went back there and had to blow went to the way in Tampere when I went to the opening unit that is what you want and where is the religion none amount due was losing my religion is religion will publicly receive a the coming doctrine is not waiting in Akron Jerusalem after worshiping God and all of a sudden felt one man to enter and lots of knowledge estimates David unconverted what do they take the ball back to Africa and all of a sudden you now have Christian churches that are keeping the seventies that filling out the missionary shop to shop there when the second was also known as investment what is the point of the accident was eventually forced the key to submit the people power and start thinking Sunday have the documents that all their and this is very interesting I want to pay attention to a longitudinal progression I were going to not just Americans that God is in all I want you to understand anybody it doesn't accept an invitation that was just coincidence that was wow this idea that a lengthy one but I really expressed the name of Christ will law in a laboratory the regression this was I'll will him him I think the theme of how God wouldn't you people who were waiting to know and have been working to see if the Hell I never would the Bible does not teach that the Bible teaches that in the early nineteen keys as you want to know why men are justly condemned and the defendant because the light comes into this world namely Jack White the latter a small way he law if you were in a great is however they live according to that has been revealed then is how they will be judged anything into that Susan is from this is an article idea well these people never heard the truth there will be lost while Ghana got on that what they don't only does it demand based upon what he has revealed to them and they are many according to that life so therefore you have a group of people that believe in the physical air within physical in error there are plaques is one of the dozen according to the rest of the year he will judge them according to those fractions of light in this just isn't anymore beautiful picture of God that just because naming the Old Testament God is dealing with Israel he neglected the rest will be a wrong about that a study of history shelves I've been wheezing throughout the entire environment in which book is an indication that God love them even in the Old Testament as is in the Old Testament but they all test results acts as a missionary in the region entirely pagan culture the story of the story of Jonah is a leading obligation I didn't know anything about no no no he was defending out this tennis match in this matter and had throughout the entire while he was trying to communicate the truth of who he really was no reason why does Israel was because if they are to be made a consultant to conduct any only meal that is all I can say that God is trying to protocol and is beginning to happen eventually it became really became corrupted Israel is the only blessing is taken to the entire book is that eventually brought on by new people nine hundred and five for the rest of the world from the one God bless Israel will God bless in Israel so they must that was the primary factor of letting the land of Israel to take the gospel to that country against country in this country three I will pomposity is documented by Seventh-day Adventists Daniel language that for millennia China has been called herself a land of what it would appear that the landed in the content was meeting this ancient civilization is in China the communist country in the annals of Chinese history we do not find a single incident of God 's anger being poured out on the tiny city because the moral depravity by the way the wind had gone a little about a lot of the artifacts in China one thing they never found in the Chinese culture they never found the images they wanted in the Chinese culture the bouncing and works like this it is expected within the thinking of because of the long economy has happened Islamic law and agent as part of a major pornography or negative the most often like that uncommon in the near and Middle East excavation wants this is the first two informative as well you can check us out before my honey suggest a white business generally these come from a bottle of goals from the north and from the West entities from the land finnan now Google just want to importantly they look on your phone you will find you are not working on it me in Oriental country that's the word interviews and etiquette perhaps China when it was the worst enemies when you plan to finance them Isaiah before service was terminated he appoints is the important thing is that the Oriental region no report is reporting on if the people in the party the Chinese however the meaning is still not quite clear let's not certainly English dictionary for no sign of independent studies or examples on the left breast from late Latin finance the Chinese I will say Chinese Mandarin is the best I can I mean nothing as far as the law about our FAQ constantly being used to describe the Chinese the Chinese the Chinese son is available will never forget that they found in fighting ancient Chinese literature they found and see a group of people who were serving this unusual also sorts and fishing he says this listen listen this is literally means that heavenly ruler by reviewing in effect precipitation fields or sacrifice recording the stuff of the Ming Dynasty eighty thirteen sixty eight one and begin to understand ancient Chinese reverence for Sandy when decent people who are hostile to create additional content this time I want to pay attention I wanted to begin to see the similarities that came in the worship service object boxing the model where the Lord had information spoken without he commanded the fat is a more writing of all in the beginning there was a great thing off without form and thought out before the blackout is an opulent involvement of the sun and moon to shine your spiritual sovereign first providing the most important of your you may have inhumane he made all things with their reproducing power about there being the attention with the persons in the similarity in the beginning God made you yet was without form and void and darkness on the base of the deep in the spirit of God was hovering over the race of the water and I think that there be light and there was life and God divided the light from the darkness then God made two great lights installing the Larry it's all on the stretch is those who wasn't this model is that you were involved in the monotheistic religion of China St. Louis it was grand rapids at thirteen one clearer war require to make them more of what you can do this in fact and also I am according to what had been remaining in England on the sacrifices of many opinions will not make the most of the alternate you shall make or leave and usual sacrifices on your burnt offerings on the Internet most Malaysians will build an altar availability of themselves they will construct alter specifically documented his life usability all are in the same direction towards infinity people 's visit will be completely lost me thinking again with also used in ancient Chinese language that could be off here the character or needs what he will equal what righteousness is interesting meet my seat I can I found a homeless person but without worker create the life law minor things interesting I like you to a vehicle now still the latest threat like this vessel was eight less persons equal and a link to vessel in a letter is equal to what no other interesting like the story and one no but I remember exactly the something made in the normal articles McAfee will I will want to do now the Titans now claims his baptism aggrandizing this laundry is wonderful as well this one site but the direction invention languages of what happens now pleasant one plus paintball pleasant laugh that it will again be evident if our advantage is now less one was able to lift it will you I was exactly do you tell the story is loosely one language will study the culture of the best ways that you called to say that lots of their language and will one very interesting parallels about this in Genesis chapter one sixty seven and the Lord is indeed a people online and at one language and this is looking into now nothing else to do it with help from the Congress go down there is something I understand one another that is so do you want this on the desktop that exists in the Chinese language at all connected to this changing entity whether anyone also working to understand something just because we don't read about China in the Old Testament doesn't mean running with China's advantage that we all read about the Jimmy AVI and other parts of the Middle East and other parts of Asia London England we get back on the challenge you read that right Chapter thirteen percent to describe the Google people in a negative and as you want to do things five hundred out of I will try than one billion people in the know nothing about the local story and a Jesus is in the wheel realizes to real life he was put by law we have learned in only what we have seen with our high but when we get to heaven only to see a lot of people in heaven we thought to ourselves that person in going there but God gives life and in his name and that God is not done with this welding he is working every man's heart but this one range less final part equals what rainbow is yummy when I greeted following year that the way most of the season the club and I will remember my covenant between me and you and every living creature on all was the water cell number then let's is why all the less you find the stories of the Old Testament networking religion where these cultures about the story of the black it will won't live the life issue so therefore what you have some knowledge of what documenting history dinosaurs by the migrated over two hundred and seventy stories from different call to from around the world about the devastation was although there are varying degrees of accuracy these lenses are all these similarities the theme we thought that the world is what I like what there's only keeping people survive immediately they began to multiply the power band was set up the haunting beauty of the language hints that are available at home plenty everyone in that way and you want on this way there is the baby needs to the plaintiff leaving history and ending at the local culture and all the air begins about and then you have the jams and through that are in this one will know this is a survey with the encyclopedia in a telephone interview and they want to find out religion because there's apocalyptic stories how in their religion the world had a destruction of some kind and they found one or two that were destroyed by an older about ten hours this one when I walked about fifteen or destroyed by fire and then I found over close to two hundred that were destroyed by worldwide what you know partly becoming a Christian I was admitted anyone happen and will be new in Hinduism we knew about worldwide what I know about this alarm read the Scriptures always fascinated a liquid is this is not wanting in writing when he has the fish Howard told the Art walk on water at last attained the highest mountain in the Himalaya a command economy argument concluding that insufficient all men of wisdom I am the creator of everything I took on the shape of a fish while you don't know the one I did on the Cablevision I have saved you from this line with my blessings my new will once again failed the worldwide with these words the patient disappeared and then became the father of a new race of the FL that you like all like that with an almost like that for you in Genesis chapter six and then were gone feeling a wall lighting and then giving explicit commands to Noah raises a lot of people I will go to nearly every single religions exist both genes and put everything where it was very interesting iron one this went to the theologian he said this many people say this many people say that when it comes to all religions while religion are fundamentally saying the same but superficially different events and surroundings but I don't believe that I believe that while Millington are fundamentally different but superficially the same however I announced it is going to get a step further and say that although they are fundamentally different there is one thing they do have in common they're all in sunlight we did the Old Testament and New Testament stories there's one thing that these qualities uncommon something in conflict with each other they all have something clotting climbing with Old Testament stories boosting the lines that just because when you create him in a second limited view in the Old Testament body field is not he has been dealing with these other nation since the beginning and we can bypass these stories built in these religion of Abraham the ones that might hang a PhD about this figure language writing the religion of the pairings the Magi are said to call the religion test Abraham the crazy religious books to Abraham who was believed to block them from having some sort of the dead they left and that's taken place the present is an vocal claim Abraham i.e. Abraham will the invoice all into history the person consuming the rate against all defendants we are called upon the written cable news and country called the Chaldeans uncle Dean could blind difficult nothing sometimes brilliant while there are twenty one Obama with like their house Sarah was the right velocity left their families families in obtaining the eye can see what this the identity of Abraham and Sarah Longman and sublime honesty was first laid out by Jesuit missionaries with the same indefinitely signature calculation seashell at the media and being a possible time to convert the Indians they begin to find inside anything in writing that there was mention of Abraham and his wife is at the enemy that can't dealership is being called while I will sound like the added hatred and eight and is able to the scratch bitten to live and Islamabad have a wife who was also his sister named survivor music possibly still be a stretch it might be except for the tributary that were sent on some I watched the earnings high bar presented affect how did the story of eight the part of this culture that so you can fake compositionally far away from the streets that we find in Scripture the wife is right here this is beautiful you guys a brand a friend of God one example is likely what the plan where he dishes it was decided to set up he set up his last altar calling all within feeling him into the morning and evening sacrifice and when you sent was relocated to the all she involved in years there is all will be as safe and English and whenever one of these things that alter me know when everyone and we had a citizen the altar and there are several living up to let is the acronym sees also all other things around them I think in Trenton on the Old Testament and they want to but the same altar once you want to know if this genuine improvement from Babylon the all Windows install is what the wonders of Hinduism exactly around the time of the ejected out for yourself if you have shared with these Fahrenheit and they will reply and lends a hand to generation they still running I did this how is worship God and followed by a miracle surrounding them and all claims alleging a change in over and over and then all of a sudden if it is inconvenient and their headlines find little closeness of the local biblical story and not the clip by it was still there is still what you gone have been working in every man's life in a statement that no doubt walk away from this is a canal are you endorsing these mobile within little enough to land endorsing the law you space when anything is the only news is not as fun was not related Doctor Jean Houston see what this visit Google people I know what this group of people is called then we are satisfied with the volume underwent he was a scholar upon upgrade I think that this actually began to work with them and find out what they believed in she discovered an unusual story made me at the foundation was that the origins of their creation in the region and you tell me what this sounds like an outdated it is not Wednesday what listed him as a person the Angel leaned decidedly milder restless man from around the born blood into his skin is holding to the nostril I is now in another one the first man's bottom and put all the open end in sight then you breathe why don't forces in the present statute entered into the body and move it down if the doctor walked of men and the present action of water while others got into FA begin children to people my force I simply think they need to be happy they will never have to work it will live forever there's only one thing ever been done now listen well to avoid spiritual intelligence is nonexempt information the problem to me is absolutely amazing I want for the for Windows it was never for any reason violate that law as they obey these instructions he and his children and went near the tree then one terrible day pregnant woman and you will looking a pregnant woman said to her husband darling is the one of the problems we say you know that is wrong to say why is that because it is against the law is that endothelial law which do you care about more made some silly old law David what do you think into the deep and there was obediently and that's aware of any thinking problem the people at the top agent appeal under a pile of leaves he then returned to just one situation it she earns her husband today speaking to all the other families had a bit and everyone ate the forbidden fruit and I'll never find them meanwhile the little watch from my mind the less the methods of massive people of the independent phone three Bob was infuriated to disobey my orders effective the fifth of August you will win and you brought upon this to me and you will manage that then I'm going to punish you both and you will find out what is to work on but it is the one part NBC and Donald Lady is a woman fifty million developers he was not the most your babies are cute and they will always have to work for the man three what does this sound like you I was very interesting about this Doctor Jean Howitt is not a piece when he was studying this he said this is unusual because this culture has been undercut for thousands of years there's been no missionaries to this trial and then because I wonder where they got the story and what is ideas that the pygmies were the first ones came up with but little did he know the biblical story points out that after the able that nations and tribes battle all day and I won't put the recent history when memories of the phone can you think of this gone houses including an release on his people to come with it now I'm not just talking about the one in charge of anything taken at all gone out to know who he really got into the night leaving almost on his little article came out a few years ago and it is a Muslim my conviction that will be having one of the theologians of our conference not existing phone call from the president of the DC at that time I said I would define a call from a Muslim she and want to go talk with the compassionate and more to the Middle East and they began to arrange a meeting and they are needed to happen with other friends with theologians and there they sat down with all these other things and they began to talk to them about some of the similarities that exist between Islam Christianity which includes up to him and says when the real reasons why arranged this meeting is because I hugged me and my dream I had it three times I saw the second coming of the self which is Jesus three times also it vividly my own mind and then he said and I was told to knock holes this group of people pointing out the Seventh-day Adventist church and the voice said these are my people three times that dream came to did you know in countries that seemingly think it would seem to not all men present was looking on normal countries and Middle Eastern countries that many Muslims are becoming believers in Jesus the one having dreams dreams at all is one of my friends and a few friends were really is a and and even though man was a was escaping some of the persecution was coming from underneath nearly six hundred and twenty episode was the seventh in the week ending into west of Jesus and me and I will unfailingly greenly and very interesting results of the house is the man at the front within the man says you know I really and then he said my friend with something like the racks everywhere humans like New York's now I'm running like crazy and referrals of watching anything of the vacation is nasty anywhere in the mouths of any very comfortably on discounts and any notices my friend is within the rat and that you know the scrap heap and will exist between the children on Sabbath I don't but after some children got started despite was expecting to follow through he is doing if all the world right now there are people all the world that are searching for the truth that may have some really available to us you realize that the people who don't know anything about the Bible that I really felt like they were gone and I like them and I have been praying and fasting there's a nanosecond somebody please only look into this and guess what if you adhere and I think you will as we all know how what I do believe that don't worry about what you believe and learn how it is is anyone of anything maybe the problem is you know fundamentals meantime no zoning and I wanted to people like you didn't want to file with unfiltered frosted not only to neglect these people and having an inlet stream this will enable to make some effort to try to restart you will need to happen just why you will see what I if we don't live in the bottom happens and then walk away we had an opportunity to know the truth and be based on it right now within don't think he has something up somebody else to me Chuck because God is trusting that you will be taught there may not be another opportunity God is calling you to reach out to his neighbors use the neighbors in Hindu neighbors and neighbors just wanted to Madonna and some plaintiffs will think I will notify you cut me just like you please call you to reach out to them both where also in the mouth is in Revelation fourteen of the model will want to buy ammunition and everything is not called as visiting the foods that we any has been gone as is both you realize this could be the finest Seventh-day Adventist there are so well that is why you will there is a world that is why for the gospel because when you want to the London new client so today and when you see a person with this one is a well there's some love and they got it I want to bring anything with his life of bliss this is now in atheism will pleasantly light is Jesus Ionesco is broken there's also careful beautiful is trying to meet you have a Google people in history as well as well okay because only right now filling will need in some way needs the love of God anything is only right now maybe I do a bonus of the Muslim Marathi whenever religion it has the zones work with some in the medical community agriculture and tourism in the warehouse anywhere anyone you don't hope and in the same way you how to know when you help them to know anything is only right now how do one right now whether raising a act ringtone something needs to be reached as a second longer to pray that God will give us an opportunity to reach out to father right now son five this one a try for that person God that were thinking about doesn't know you never even American public blood that was shed and the great value that you place them on their life has to somehow affect large needs comforting news so want to come for that person God right now it is leading us along the signs of faith that person Lord thank you so much you've given us beautiful knowledge and truth of unhelpful ways we pray that as we're surrounded by an enemy easement in the last guy he was encouraged in love with Jesus being this media was run by U-verse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word research and audio and much more you would like to know more about how humors you like the more certain than the visit www. audio tours


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