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Samson's Riddle

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 2, 2007
    7:00 AM
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the morning everyone I morning as I got here one o'clock this morning so good morning to you you know how we have really and I'm happy to be here with you happy to be a call to see the word of God with you this morning and that we have a very special message this morning so I'd like to ask you what all I had to me as I pray and support citizen even if heavenly father we thank you so much for your love for us fun as we consider the things we are trained to seeing this generation we ask that you would open our eyes and our hearts speak to us for a father has been especially the you would hardly nine hundred that Angel strength be round about us as we hear this message am a Angel sent to distract me are set out father we just pray for your power and especially this morning in Jesus name we pray amen in a honey riddles not that I will looking for riddles but I want to share with you around this morning I want to open of this message with a riddle and I need you to be thinking and thinking carefully I the Riddle are you ready for the rental and mandrake the out of the eater came forth to meet out of the strong team fourth suite what is the answer to the riddle I like future in your Bibles to judges chapter fourteen judges the fourteenth chapter I like to give you the background of what we're about to read we are dealing this morning initially with the story of Samson and will begin the first one the Bible says there in Sampson went where there am eleven it is never a good place to go Samson is on his way down and and God never intends for us to go down God caused the fire and fire in their cell Sampson is here on his weight down to commitment and sought a woman intended of the daughters of the Philistines and he came up and told his father and his mother and said I have seen a woman and not of the daughters of the Philistines now therefore get it for me July first three the father and mother complained saying come on there's so many others in Israel why are you choosing an uncircumcised Philistine adverse court Bible says around the rest five the Bible says and then went Samson down and his father and his mother did not and came to the vineyards of ten because Samson had a hard list has been loved by what he says she pleases me well I love anything very often the same reasons as well done I felt sensitive honestly about his parents are going with him on his way down and personalized the Bible says about one of adverse and you hold a young lying in role Oregon against him in a young line in North as sense and is on his way down to sing a young line in communism way and it's almost as though there's young in is there to deter Sampson from going where you should need only verse six and the spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him and rent him as he would have rent HD it's amazing how even in our wickedness God is merciful to even when we are headed in the wrong direction God 's grace and mercy filled their child's awareness and was that the Bible says here that this line is now turns into like a little baby goat or two because sensitive soul determinists and that he channels his lion to get what he wants hope you thinking with me this morning when I would meet a verse seven the Bible Bible says here and he went down and talk with with the woman and she pleased Samson well after Tonya returned to take her and he turned aside to see the carcass of the line and behold there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcass on the line each of will him well-meaning intent was my mother and getting them and they need to be taught another thing that he had taken the honey called the line so his father went down to the woman and sounds amazing a feast for Saul usually young men to do and it came to pass when they saw him that they brought thirty companions to be with you and Samson said unto them I will now put forth a watt griddle one of the riddle it's a puzzle another word for rental of Arizona State in the back a mystery is now one of Italy's it's a mystery it's something hard to be so sensitive Olympics other little to you at MSU he says it you can certainly declare declarative me if you can how sexually declarative me within seven days of the feast and find out then I will give you thirty seats and thirty changes of garments but you cannot the cleric me then shall you give me thirty sheets and thirty changes of the Army and a seventeenth put forth by riddle that we may hear it and verse fourteen yes he set out to them read with me out of the theater chain for me out of the strong came forth sweetness and the Bible says and they could not and how many days I find that significant because not in three days Titus found the rental and you know the rest of the story there is a broad sense his wife and she ends up getting gas from Samson and then tells them and then come back and knows what the answer is for seventeen representing the men of the city some of him on the seventh day before the sun went down so for the time was about to close for the riddle to me over your something just before sundown on the seventy what is sweeter than honey and what is stronger than online there was the answer to the riddle now let me join you a paramount humanity was heading down the path with hitting where the that half of the and it's interesting in the book of Hosea Chapter thirteen verses six through eight that God himself likens himself onto a live in and the way attempting to prevent Israel from doing its own thing and interestingly enough Jesus himself is described as a one line eleven I find that that interesting that this Jesus who who who came in the wake and sent INF and basically brought us trying to stop us from going in our own way how many of us have said no sin pleases me well saw well that Jesus you must die that I may say interestingly this line with who was the king of the jungle turns into this little kid and I think about the line in Jesus Christ who like to went to the cross the Bible tells Isaiah fifty three versus one two seven that that I is for our sins for which Christ was what room our things for which he was group 's out of the theater came for me out of the strong came forth sweetness the question this morning is done in the death of Christ that that the Zionist of the tribe of Judah produced something silly for the very one that put in the boarding unwanted interweaving of violence Isaiah unsigned book of Revelation chapter five Revelation chapter five I want to notice beginning with verse one John is hearing vision he's other personalized on the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside sealed with seven seals and I saw strong angel proclaimed about our voice who was marketing open the book and to those the seals thereof and known enemy had been gnawing at my company was able to open the book might look that wrong and I'm much because no man was found worthy to open and read the book neither is there long one of the other sent me weep not John Weidner line behold know who the line in all the tribe of Judah the root of David has prevailed to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof and I beheld and go in the midst of the phone of the four beasts and in the next of the elders stood in line 's not a round ass and had been one Wayne was born in eyelids are the seven spirits announced the weapons won't do any payment talk about the right hand of him that sat upon the moment birth mother based on a new something on marketing to take the boat and to open the seals are often I was want to blame and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred on people and nations the very one that humanity has rejected in its mission statement is the very one that is not found worthy to open the book and brings salvation for humanity is this the honey is this not the sweetness of that sacrifice of Christ beloved yesterday John six verse fifty one notice John chapter six and verse fifty one the Bible tells us there John chapter six and verse fifty one I am the living bread which came down from heaven if any man walked E this bread he shall live forever and the bread that I will give is my flesh which I will gave for the life of the world could be possible that Sansone 's original is really a time of something much greater economy possible that Jesus Christ is not binding that these school and strongly hints that he provides is an sweetness of eternal life he says on the big gave you my flesh to eat will we bought a source because this is the sweetness in fact when he says I did my flesh in what was he talking about he was talking about the sacrifice of himself in this is without it is not flawless that is no sweetness of the gospel and then it is the frost that provides us with eternal life what Jesus did on the pros and listened about in the world he realized the world today is trying to solve the riddle you see the world is looking for that which is sweet and puts his powerful and they're out there assessing their starting in Hollywood is starting off the ridges there started walking beloved of all people on planet who should know on the side of the renewal that everybody is in and is trying to find out it should be the seventh they administer out of the theater came with me out of the strong team for the sleep we have the answer me rephrase we shall have the answer to the riddle that the world is trying to solve was the problem with us is we are still not certain of the answer we cannot start related cleric noted taste tested when someone a taste test in allocating gospel in sleep but you see this is not to know I think it's about what you know maybe let him will the fourth and so in essence we are not start moving the clarity as into the rental we still try to figure out which is leader the world on what Christ is risen from some of us are still thinking that that the media that the movies .com to have a little bit of sweetness with them and so I don't come mindlessly with these normative gospel honey and amendment of the sweetness of the world 's only two options use about the riddle Sheridan of eleven WiMAX a dangerous thing for God 's people in these last days we are not to be confused about the riddle I want to chat with me to the book of Revelation chapter ten of a notice that this submittal has eternal consequences Revelation chapter ten I want you to notice beginning with verse one the Bible says and I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was upon his head and his face was as much a son at his feet and is a founder with this angel not a created being of the messenger of God the Bible says he had in his hand is little book and he says what the conversation is not familiar with any crime a loud voice as when a analyzed in our values at this point in time somebody decided down somebody is in trouble entity understand the concepts of revelations chapter ten were talking about the pre- Advent expand talking about those years eighteen forty to twenty four and Jesus Harris seemed ascending and he cry I was rest for when the almost four and when the seven thunders had out there once I was about to run my heart it wasn't insane Anthony Sheila Nelson for the seven thunders uttered a right and not as a saucepan upon the scene upon the argument of his hands and and and sweat volume than the fraudulent dominated by seven in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he saw the dentist sounded off in another word you know I'm Josh Cindy is using another in the last days there is a mystery a manual that unless it is solved before the end of the second Angels sounding I had to come back to the history should be oh so what is it what is this mystery first aid in the Blessed Virgin has disfigured up to me and said take the little book which is open independently Angel to stand up on a stamp on your arm up to the Asian something getting in on about twentysomething take anyone off and a sound building better by it shall be what everyone sweep and as soon as I named my doubting was better him he almost prophesied before peoples nations encumbrance and not tell me the longer that that God 's charts have been commissioned to take me to the end my question this could be possible that we are presenting the timeline and without honey could be possible that what we do that what we are all on Brian are you are preaching is how another knocking with the message the message is totally sound is probably accurate but could it be possible that we are presenting gotten the message which I often knows interesting goals when Simpson came back to the carpet there would be around my proposal is if we preach the honey of these will come because you haven't seen the center I IV while speaking of the past is that how you do something so silly that it will draw the bees revelation ten is a reference to the twenty three hundred days prophecy and what I see from this beloved is that there is something about the twenty three hundred eight prophecy that is what sweet now find interesting because you know what I think a lot of twenty euros a pop in and in twenty three hundred days then some sanctuary be the realize that that is a riddle to the world Kristin Rip van Winkle who I wonder what this could mean their site as a result but I have given this until the rental things people there is something sweet about the twenty three hundred the problem and I want to share a couple sleeping beauty and the one with China move along as quickly as we canceled the complete of message this what is the sleep thing about the twenty three hundred a problem yet unaware obviously when we present at Cleveland they probably enter it here the business also including the claims that just maybe hanging out in the home for adjustments oh my goodness that just made cool cellulose and we present and people are terrified unable to imagine them being on seventy of is is is is a Holocaust because I saw the log that so they don't want to you about this Internet advertisement and eleven into the judgment below the fact that has to be a judgment is something there is no two ways around it why because sin entered into the wall and the conversation we must go through this process which is not a good profit and embodiment and judgment don't really you know how it is sitting in court realizing that our freedom is on the line and you make him look experience is never good is it is never good when you're innocent or guilty but it's the artist is a better one what could be possible that we are missing the sleep state twenty thirty days the pointer to the prophecy is is like the twenty hundred favorite him they then some essentially need cleansed blood claims by one how with sanctuary questions one thing about Leviticus sixteen went when I was going to the sanctuary to plan a sanctuary wasn't done then angry and his wife was also on the center what I want to know one you mean the sweetness of the gospel then she got up funny black and legal development was okay honey blood like that Jesus shed that is the whole that is the sweetness over all the prophecy of the sanctuary message the twenty third of this prophecy union the children of a proxy is designed to Jesus and what he did on the prong our only hope of salvation that is holding the date of final judgment every muscle will understand the nature of his own rejection of truth the frost will be presented and gives real bearing will be seen by every mind that has been blinded by transgression before the vision of Calvary but this mysterious victim centers will stand cut and then every line excuse will be swept away in our hike on page forty six she was also removed the cross in the Christian and it is like blotting out the sun which illumines the day and dropping the moon and stars out of the firmament of heaven that night and let me out here presented had been lying in without the hot all things is not about reconciling mastodon and often that the fatherless upon the cross upon the suffering he has given his and your in order to save the race from focus misery and to draw that to himself the process almost nonassignable without the cross there is no connection with the father and not limiting with the man in the midst of the going has been no welcome reception of the wandering who would return to the forsaken copyright is in truth know how the transgressor in the day of judgment what is the home of the transgressor in the day of judgment the crop the twenty three hundred promising the design of point us to the trauma what is the purpose of trying to the prophecy to take away what was John one twenty nine say behold the Lamb of God which was taken away the slaying of the world on the twenty three hundred eight prophecy is a Christ centered talk with the amen when we present you are going to stand before the judgment one day when we present it without Christ we are presenting something beats are now we're not only to offer or to show the problem were to show the rent the Tiger today that the solidarity problem you are guilty before mad but there is also an accident from the MS problem is able to send Jesus Christ of watch and listen me laugh so will will the song of Solomon chapter five song of Solomon chapter five and down on the real point here before while many do this in the Mountain West with song of Solomon five is share with you something amazing about this chapter you understand the song of Solomon is a book dealing with a bride and a bridegroom amen I'm eleven and the last phase we know that the bride and bridegroom is filled Jesus and his discharge and I want you to notice with me same with me Revelation chapter ten okay notice the bride speaking beginning with verse two I sleep but my heart which is almost one this is the bridegroom speaking I am come into my garden my sister my spouse in other words the bridegroom 's Café I have come somewhere I have arrived somewhere if I will be following not been synonymous to the right speaking I sleep a lot I see but my heart waited in the voice of my beloved then it's saying open to me my divorce what not to bring you nothing although being with me saying into my system I love my dogma on the file is filled with guilt and my thoughts for the jobs of the night the ride speaking I have put off my call put it on again I'm ready for you on your account and what is being brought back out into the world I think a lot I believe that you are counting on seeing the job I lost my feet house in the father mother though the Buddhas hand motherboard of the door my bowels removed to him I rose up to open my beloved so as I thought about my beloved had when you draw himself and was gone are you thinking of me are you thinking relationship and I'm thinking eighteen forty four myself you see I saw him when I could not find him I called him again no answer the watchmen that went out of the city found me with a small mean they won't be they took away my veil from me for the watchmen also want to be standing on the wall warning the people of God Lebanon and we find that the watch that in nineteen forty four were safe ha ha eventually you thought Jesus was coming then only the broad front along with me notice verse verse seven says they smoke me they wanted me that she was on the wall to delay my balcony come on guys something of a heavenly Temple what are you are you kidding me I charge one thousand Jerusalem if you find my beloved child handling that these people that they are prosecuting him I'm just angry dog killed then destroy them what does she say on policy on the love in the last year is that God 's people are to be sought in love with what he did for us on the cross that in the next of persecution when they had a chance to speak on inside us all yeah tell Jesus that I'm lusting the common bombast people are to be working not want to know is what happened is not this was what the other daughters say when they hear the response on the night as I said what I been more than ever loving out old outfitters among women eleven more than other than that my son differently beyond seamless tendencies as we know what is the care mainstream sweetness economics and the business and are listened to what she says most of the harvest season about to witness to the charges necessary for final opportunity and what he said my beloved is why I embodied the cheapest among ten thousand antennas of the most mongolian moxibustion and I believe it is either dollars Margaret is one of what is Watson looking for the sick agencies are the best license and an sweet and sweet love with him that means dropping sweet smelling myrrh is hands-on as well as with the barrel of his bounty that night I reunite as pillars of marble verse fifteen myrrh sixteen hidden mouth in most walks suite he is altogether lovely this is my beloved and this is my friend all daughters of Jerusalem ninety one see the response of the liberty of Jerusalem first chapter six verse one vendor is not the gone with our fairest among women whether inside another concern that we need the game with the beloved when we present the honey of these bookshop now why tells us the last rays of merciful light then that is a mercy to be given to the all in all Revelation obsessed character all know the child of God manifest his glory in their own life and character then reveal what the grace of God has done for their army presenting a guidelines and without the fun you see we can take as many big recovery search of the rental is actually found in the very place you what I been taken a hallway at becoming witnessed we think of in Revelation eleven nineteen and was a long the temple of God was opened and had been and there was same the lot nothing happens that was in the art of an estimate and we point the way that I can recite you know and I can answer what and when we say are you trembling to some trim and now now that your term will you become within the manager terrified to death now that your daddy is better than some of the when we present that the law is in the article all we have done is presented original we had not presented the answer see this in the Bible says in Romans he has led the way when people hear that this was a single case is no law is the standard of judgment and Romans three twenty three says all have fallen short all sending unfounded and saw the glory of God Romans three twenty seven by the deeds of the law shall no has to be one of five are still done is presented on the how well do I have to miss Jasmine on which adherence you're trying to the law one identity justify the answer is found in the art this is two things in your web again in that allow him to the Augmentin is a relevant applicant and article listen to me the thought about that that's a lot of nonsense for the sake of time that the transcript is but this our entropic but there was a a a a conflict about who was to be three and so each of these men at Robin Dodson the Russian in the law and the numbers fourteen or numbers of the sixteen absence and feminine God says the man that shot shows to be priests and Ron is going to but the man that I choose the Mennonite students to be priests is wrong is that understands and eleven because the miracle of all that was that it was a dad they ate dad speak out in the morning when they came they found that the snake had resurrect the Saul Saul Saul who were symbolically one resurrect see what I can increase your song is the reason why I was wrong given the art in heaven is because only one body and the high school Jesus our high priest because he offered himself you have the right to want her last name priesthood that the hammers riders of the son Jesus to come the high priest the one that was okay the one that leaves no have become our high priest so that Brown represents that the resurrection the death and resurrection of Christ but there's something else in the yard and that is not national now as Nicholas wears on me with the hunt or Yahoo notability is okay then deciding where the honey is threatening a Bible to Exodus sixteen verse thirty one Exodus chapter sixteen verse thirty one I want you to notice his beloved Exodus sixteen verse thirty one when God was in England when I'm sorry with the children is working that Israel God gave them a test of their first test was while Nana unit the rain that fell upon them and I'm not on Jesus how this is a symbol of who on himself I am that bread which now from heaven I was thinking about that bread is my understanding bread Jesus said this is my body which is why broken for you this is my body which is broken for you so from my sacrifice is using taken in this bread and it will become a part of you noticed a button on his wheels with banana ninety three at sixteen thirty one and the house of Israel called the name thereof then and it was like coriander seed white and the taste of the most like wafers made with what year where five hundred where is the funny and God representing that none of representing sleep out of the theater chain what needs out of the strong change for suite 's beloved it is the sweetness of what Christ has done for us when the well season when the man of God enlisted out he says I will draw all men unto me and he when Jesus becomes the one altogether lovely for us to was something changes that which was once bitter towards now becomes sweet usually the law of God 's beds in the wild logic of the carnal mind is enmity against what God intended and not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be verified first way God wants blogs and then I called back put sweet forbidden error and bitter for sweet him one evening what is the name of what four Babylon network before Babylon mystery that everybody and I was still confused down the sentence of the rental and my family to get off of this is that the confusion will disappear and the people will calm lot I'll Babylon because they now know the answer to the radio with you know when this riddle is presented and understood in its fullness the mystery will be one will be finished you see the love of that mystery we know it Christ in you the hope of glory passes judgment all while a high priest who died for you after suddenly something sleek and that is how and when you accept him when you do that's really not a winning tank bottom honey you are actually taking Christ came to you and when you try and do you see things the way these things out of five nineteen birth and when the Bible says that the law of God is sweeter than honey I found that was once busy you now the constantly why because you realize that because you have Jesus Christ you can stand in the judgment against the law in St. Louis we know sleep the sleep law I lost my brother but that hasn't begin or anyone who's ever kept along perfectly one Jesus now now let me rephrase that Jesus is not in and has kept the law perfectly from what from his back now that if you do then I can do that very simple because actually even in ancient school he is just like being shaken off what I said because I am me but Jesus was right this was partly because he was in peak shape the law perfectly because of who he was in was without it I love Jesus the ten Commandments is simply a a description on the back character that is altogether the so now when I see the logon perspective on how I is not up to the destruction of my Jesus I described the Seattle disagreement and commenced by the description of these so now when Jesus is in me then the lobby constantly to me and I is not keeping his law Christ in you the hope of glory this is the mystery that is to be accomplished in other words beloved you are not already sweet Christians Christians not been ever since and are not a Christian don't raise your God cause us to have to to be silly to be to me like a sweet smelling savor although the gospel is is good news beloved if not better news you realize the cost is to be the center Monty some time going to do so we'll talk about this in our next meeting Babylon when we make across the center of all of our deal of cross distro 's hellfire like that that we that we absolutely recently across the trust is this slide processing because error cannot make its way through the cross so what always the same death or eternal punishment in hell with no process was a can of husband Hill okay now what happened to Jesus paid the full penalty of sin father not discount what happened to the now pitiful and obviously we know a lot law now here's a question that Jesus suffered internally and had inhaled so if the wages of sin is eternal suffering and were all lost because Jesus was only good for reading there across are you tonight across all well you know that makes it easy because you know the Senators E O DeJesus got off easy are you saying that what Jesus Palin approximately is it another way we put the cross even God hath message she has been drink mix made across everything the lacrosse that's as part of honey in your preaching and wants to be okay I'm really getting great influence all solve the mystery receive the same gone leaving Kathy all solve the mystery will receive who is one try and you know Larry all who declare with something faith all who have made myself I know this is the sweetest thing on clutter the gospel nothing else is sweeter than the all who can declare it certainly will receive the change of garments tries our righteousness but that's not the only change we receive revelation first Corinthians fifteen first Corinthians fifteen versus you know so well what perhaps will read in the first Corinthians fifteen fifty one behold I show you already are selling you a mystery why does Paul say that because this is the culmination this is all those who have understood and applied the mystery of godliness she says this is the final part of the Dniester are so you are Mister we shall not all sleep but we sum all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last show that is just before sundown for the trumpets sound sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible we shall reach will will will will collapse and this mortal must put on immortality Solomon is corruptible shall have put on incorruptible and is more also have put on immortality then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written death is swallowed up in victory over death where is my same old brain where is my victory versus the seven thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord you want to change environment one more those who don't solve the mystery must give up their nose and vote on the next will be found naked those who cannot certainly declare that this is the answer to the knot is the current amount of the color with your life that's what the real declaration is in person clearly the less I like the Army going down those who cannot understand the middle those who cannot get cannot mean the answer will be found naked and want something on this morning I present to you the honey there is a world out there that is waiting for the if and if the work is to be finished in this generation we've got a enough money and then take the I father out of the heater came for me out of the strong came forth sweetness unbelievable how this points us to the crumbs that rock event Nana the sweetness of the past and that faith is the answer to the dilemma of seeing thank you father for speaking this riddle and thank you for granting us the answer maybe the contrary with certainty is filed if we're not certain and he cannot go into the world with a certain 's health was not to be certain and father we pray that your son will receive those changes of garden that we might club with you forever and we pray this in Jesus name father I just want upon us one moment asteroid that if there's anyone in this room this morning that is still taste test your that you would help them to taste and the Lord is good for the Navy refrain from anything that is unlike to enter clear with certainty to be that you are our suite our funny our goodness our righteousness our everything thank you Lord for hearing our prayers in Jesus name amen


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