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The Return of Eve

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • November 12, 2011
    11:00 AM
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once I got something I'm afraid I'm afraid I won't say what God wants me to say that refuse to be that we don't do what God to do and not because God is going to curse us but because he knows better than us the consequences of living a life outside of his new and he knows the natural results of following Sandy and experiencing an engaging and sent me does not lead to happiness so holiness is a fearful thing to live a life apart from what the Bible tells us to a man and so we want to hear what God hath thrust this morning a man I know that Jesus again have something very special for you guys and you know how to say this when it comes to talking about these these topics that would be hard-hitting over the last year I really believe God is calling our church to be more of a family church amen our Sabbath schools that minister to our young people and to those who are not so young are very important to God in fact I mentioned this last time when I preach that went into the qualifications of the elders the question was not asked do they know how to give good offering falls do they know how to seeing the question that's asked is do they know how to run a home how are they with their wives because God intended the church to be family oriented because that's what heaven is all about a man that when you say in John chapter thirteen John chapter fifteen although into John chapter seventeen Yassin Jesus first called his disciples servants and then you find out that he calls his disciples disciple and then he calls his disciples brethren I am easily to understand something that they're more than just mere sermons and followers of God they are sons and daughters of God anything is in the district is all about we believe that God is calling for the family model biblical family model to be restored to the same Internet think a lot of times I will say is that I mean this a lot of times when it comes down to speaking about what the Bible has to say about women and that the various ways they should live their life a lot of women feel respect along minimal reasonings like Proverbs chapter thirty one and don't feel resentment a lot of them don't read things like hundreds is home to there's a resentment and bitterness there and here's the reason why because her soul cried with so many things that they have to do and then feeling that their work is based upon all these other things that they have to readjust their life into optimum window looking out what God tells them to do there can be different if there both I want you to understand something especially the women you're worth comes from Jesus amen you're worth comes from Jesus not what you do but what Jesus did for you amen here's the thing we need to understand when it comes to Christianity something is very interesting about the system of Christianity that makes it different from the rest of the world 's fifth the west of the world basically teaches that life proceeds law the way you live your life will be determining the love that you will receive but with Christianity with what the Bible teaches love perceive life God shows you have wealth from that that is where the changes take place wanting to understand you know Google and what can cause brain that happen in your life will happen as a result the great amen you are doing the right things in the Bible because it aren't gone wild behind the clowns of God club in the result of God 's love anything into that and folklore looking at what the Bible says in public chapter thirty one reciting out various other topics when it comes to this issue I want you to understand that your wife comes solely from Jesus anything into that and from there is how you take these principles and is inculcated into your life because you realize what Jesus has done for you when God gives us these principles never forget this is not what he wants your happiness more than God you may decide there is no money you want your happiness morning but not even you God wants your happiness more than you do and we didn't know these principles in the Bible to give these things in the Bible he is the happiness is seeking holiness in our entrance into heaven and folks this is why we take these things that the Bible teaches and we put into our lives amen because of what God has done never forget that ladies special you that you have a savior who will more than anything in this world and there is no one who understands your heart and in the Creator himself anything and that are less bountiful water prayer let's come to Jesus humbly right now because we wanted to speak to us a net father in heaven but sometimes we forget that you are the king of the numerous in your closeness and intimacy with God sometimes we forget that you are the creator of all life father we just thank you so much as sinful people like us can stand in the presence of God because of Jesus but want to pray and ask that our hearts to be humble and open to accept the messages that you have for us the message this morning God because we believe that you are calling your people to be turned back to the great calling that you are placed on our lives father we pray that we would not be fair not be insulting when I put that the private Lord when you are ministering to us but Jesus we pray that we would be open to receive what the spirit house in Jesus name and read you something very interesting and that I really believe that this is going to be exciting I guess I think about a year ago I talked about the differences between men and women now going to show you something that's very similar to that and this was my AA Metropole website and his life as of the ten differences between men and women are you ready for this one are I will keep a scorecard airing out human relationships is the category women tend to communicate more effectively than men focusing on how to create a solution that works for the group talking through issues and utilizes nonverbal cues such as tone emotion and empathy whereas men tend to be more task oriented less talkative and more isolated point number one for women zero format left brained both the atmosphere is manifest a far better in the last left hemisphere of the brain while men women tend to profits equally well between the two hemispheres is another point for the women doing then mathematical ability in the area of the brain called the IPL is typically significantly larger and mad a man especially on the left side than in women this section of the brain is thought to control mental mathematical ability and probably explains why men frequently performed prior mathematical path than do women so we had two versus one I lifted on reactions of stress men tend to have a fight or flight response to a stress situation while women tend to approach these situations would attend a brief friend strategy with Windows that does not want my men wielding to anybody other language two sections of the brain responsible for language were found to be larger in women men and indicating one reason I went into the legate typically excel in language -based subjects and language of associative thinking and emotions women typically have a larger deep limbic system than men which allows them to be more in touch with their feelings and better able to express them which promotes bonding with others Brian five typically membranes are eleven to twelve percent thinner than women's brain the size difference of absolutely nothing human intelligence and a man on the negative now paying men and women perceive pain differently in studies women require more morphine than men to reach the same level of pain reduction women are also likely to vocalize their pain treatment than that for their pain than men the area of the brain is activated during maintenance needs but whenever and researchers have discovered that in men the right whenever term that is called is activated in women the left side of it is activated but they will go to the spatial ability magically have stronger spatial abilities or being able to mentally represent a shape and its dynamics whereas women typically struggle in this area one point for men susceptibility to disorders because of the way that men and women use both hemispheres of the brain differently there are some disorders that men and women are susceptible to in different and ways men are more apt to have dyslexia or other language problems if women have dyslexia they are more likely to compensate for women on the other how more susceptible to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety why handedness is not a disorder these brain tendencies also claim why more men are left-handed and women this is very interesting to see that there is a difference with men and women not just the mostly but physically and he went counseling away with a different animal here again and it requires more than just sort of what I have to say when a man says we need the creator of the universe to give us instruction amen the one who created the heart of the woman knows best how to construct maintain is a that is while I may be limited in my experience you know I grew up with my mom and my dad went to Doctor Gordon opened out of the house I have three older sisters and so I was constantly surrounded by women but here's the thing the best place to learn about women is from the word of God amen like I said before this is the manual to understand this is the manual to understand our right when it came down to women I want to go see that Jesus did something very special women he lifted them from the degradation of society society and reread the wall of a woman Jesus came to restore the image of blocking women those who were seen as outcast Jesus lifted them up women were more brokenhearted because her children had died Jesus comforted them even his own mommy took care of in a very special way Jesus treated women better than anybody ever treated them amen and we need to understand that something people look at the Bible as being sexist and that is complete opposite Jesus came to restore the dignity of one any statements that and this is why it's very important to understand what Jesus has forced because he understands you need truly understands the I want you to see in the Bible you'll see some very interesting stats member that disseminated about the man beers bulletin bellies along with the steps that are listed in the Bible bought the first baseball available to boys was okay I remember when I was in excess adolescence although it was was entered after nineteen forty seven what man and then what there was not there is a mentor father and then there was the middle of the page you yeah I also really doing some reason to see if the Kimberly Lynn is icy and mingled simple and the components on an overlap of the components drawn are united as one is you see what the Bible calls the happening of the Lord the virtuous life the bodily mother and then make sure another one may be a mother in Israel but you do see this structure existing in the Scripture as not have a plan for men he has a plan for women as well and will involve some of this component and you want to see how biblical does it and you want to see what God 's ideal for you with gnome environment the ideal in Scripture if not for you to be discouraged if not for you to look at and say well that's something I'll never be both God present the ideal because he wants to show you what you can do with our insane and that God wants to help you as a lunatic and a look at these components the happening of the Lord the virtuous life the godly mother and make sure the person would take a good look at the handmaiden of the Lord this is a stage where a a female is going from being a child in becoming a full-fledged woman she's increasing surrounded by influences and pressures for identity has caught up many times with her friends or peers and she is going through some unique development in her life but this is a very special time in that same public that God is calling for these young ladies to be completely unanimous that when you read the Scripture he'll find out that God actually called somebody to be a handmaiden that the Bible says about Mary Mary said that after God spoke to her well before she was married to Joseph he said I'm going to send the Holy Spirit he's going to overshadow you overshadow you and your wife you can the child and this is how will be the savior of the entire world can you imagine if you were in such a calling but he wanted a wise he was given for calling because they can't interact with you and Mary said behold the handmaid on a Lord being under me according to thy word both at a young age women need to understand something they need to learn to be holding our sometimes leaving open a definitive boyfriend they defeated down to the world and experience life long sometimes when you have that young women don't come back when the world they don't come back from the world and often of little testimonies of people went into the loving thing that that's the exception to the will that is not the norm sin is not something we play with is dangerous but Mary had a attitude about her that young women need to have to behold the handmaid of the Lord the Lord hath made actually come from the Greek word love with me waves or bondservant slaves in November the slaves of God and bodily genograms were handmade and is also mentioned as prophetic significance to jolt chapter two with little cabbages about but still tap into about the latter rain anyone thought that he will pour out his Spirit on his male servant and his hand me people laugh this attitude will be recipients of the Holy Spirit and focus is not just about elderly people pray in church or women who pray in church it's about even young women who can pray in church and received the Holy Spirit to anything that this is the attitude young women into the I belong to God my life and my wife is found in Jesus Christ and that Ellen White says right here I see it this is what it is it was existing child I growled to be taught that the true time of womanly net is not alone in beauty a foreign-born feature the possession of accomplishments and we understand when it comes to limit things that are very important and more two things number one accomplish this end relationships with their weather comes from Jesus and when they understand that they won't look at the requirements of God is something being cheated and something to feel bitter about it will be actually all the ways as well she says many the professional accomplishments but in a meeting and quiet spirit inpatient generosity kindness and a willingness to deal and to suffer for others they can be talked work society for some purpose to live for some object to trust in God and Fearon and to respect their parents benefited Santa Fe nearest available more pure minded self-reliant and beloved it will be impossible to degrade such a woman can you say amen to that she will escape the temptations and the driver had been the ruling also many teaching young girls that you also want you to understand if you can say one of them deliver media media train my child I don't be surprised that as soon as they turn eighteen they are out of this church don't be surprised by if you leave it up to somebody else to take care of your children don't be surprised by the results and analysis and that you are you should be very concerned with who takes your daughter out a should be very concerned about that very concern I'm waiting on hold newspapers about six sales were getting pregnant fifteen -year-old evening came when thirteen -year-old in order to place somebody who just let him thought what with somebody folks men in this something that you you have a us a uniform Re: right in your in front of your house and the young man comes up they said I would love to drive this far you would say you are not allowed within ten feet of this car no one answered question is your daughter was more or less enough for our was worth more we daughter usually interested in your daughter usually very interested Bozeman Helena dégagé dangerous for young women and families are instructed on how to be faithful to not how to be independent economies long for the Lord can you say amen to that safety is no longer write it where that's used for school sport charges even because of that that's the problem of what's happening in this world you don't find a lot of safe places for women anymore but I praise God for that but what the school is going to redouble their security and their instruction with their teachers with our church environment we fingerprint everybody if you are involved in leading on a ministry with kids with fingerprinting you because the purity about child maps to the stricken matters to God anything into that once you to understand that it is extremely important that young ladies are not educated by this world but there are educated by you amen nothing to go look at some of the things he says to educate them on patiently taught to are they any good the study found progress some object and floodplain W and to respect their parent these things are extremely important to teach young lady involved you are somebody else to do it like I said don't be surprised at the consequences another aspect that women should be a young lady should be taught is this but with analysis in first Peter chapter three verse one through six your godly life will speak to them better than words they should be won over yours they should be won over by your beauty as they should they will be won over yours they will they will be won over your beauty should come from funding from NSF I identified in hand and wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes instead it should be the inner self the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit now watch the premise that image in support of this claim all the same repeater same plumbing something very similar waiter is saying the claim is that women should really speak in word format more than outward on now watch what his evidence is used to support that that is the way the holy women of old name themselves beautiful you believe that God loves beauty S&L absolutely but you know what principle you do that in a single Walter Monterey Museum modesty begins as the principle of the attitudes of in line with God 's will not have to question what is your definition of modesty purity okay anybody else trust does anybody have a sentence becomes the modesty the method concerned that okay is there anything else the modesty lets on they may focus on the Athenian fund the outside now to redo the principle I read you a guideline a modesty set forth by particular church this one in eleven modesty it's an attitude of propriety and decency in dress grooming language and behavior if we are modest and will not draw undue attention to ourselves instead we will seek to glorify God in our body and our spirit and when I confront it come from the Church of Latter Day Saints very interesting modest leadership should be a principal lettuce talk to young ladies at a very very early some modest is beautiful and we are is not as I do just revealing yourself in fact the wealth and writer on XC meet you questions about modesty because I know there's some interpretation in fact I don't even trust that I'm able to actually define modesty myself so what I did is I went to Nancy Dale amongst his surname and he is a well-known women off there and she sometimes on taking the and this woman has done many seminars not having this issue is that when it comes a lot of the air are some questions to ask yourself are you ready for this rifle intended enough already it is questions to ask yourself regarding modesty question number one is the writing or picture on my clothing that emphasizes private parts of my body question number two if someone were to look at the well I naturally grow no to my face as I live the rest but I naturally don't they were to look at me question number three where do I want men looking when I come into view question number four is a fabric that I'm wanting to hear my latest column I will okay ready for the next question can someone see through can someone see through it to the private parts of my body and I wearing tight formfitting clothes to my pants fit correctly on my pants suits I did a claim to the hips thighs etc. am I wearing anything provocative books I want you to understand these principles come from a woman with a gap of concept the Montgomery County check our website the modesty is something that the Bible teaches is the principle that women should inculcate into their lives in their wardrobe and should be taught to young ladies usually got her modesty and purity the analog adornment don't let the world educated on Lady Gaga Britney Spears educator daughter anything that otherwise this is an example that the anachronism of the Apollo folks the Bible teaches the principle of modesty can you say amen to that body showing us the best way to teach our young people in our young women are taught this at an early age you will be blessed by what takes place in a statement that now when it comes to become going to the stage of the virtuous wife a lot of young women have questions about wait a second I'm going to the next stage of being a wife one day what are some of the things that I look forward I look for in the I is a valid value value I was going to face on the faith of the spirituality becomes the looking for Bobby has been my friend now that's really so identified to the other quotation when he talks about this is what Andy should look for these rendering in other words before finding adopted person you want to be the kind of person morning before finding the right person you should be the right person earning enough let a young man's feet once a fan was fitted to bear her share of widespread interest one whose influence will ennoble and refinement and will make him happy in my love things that should be considered well when you marry me happiest year home issues in economics or will see if Mary not only with all her earnings but all yours to gratify a vanity a love of parents our principles correct in this direction has see anything now to depend upon these and other questions that women should be asking God is a question that we can ask about themselves amen folks these are things to consider these are things that teach young lady to be strong to learn to be independent to going to trust the Lord to learn not to be dependent upon another man learning to become the person that God called them to be these are practical principles than using into that both we need to educate our kids like never before this is very important because in a few years there will be the ones that are leaving this church they are the future and if you teach in the future will be writing is a you said in your choice of a life study her what character will she be one rule will be patient and painstaking or will she ceased to care for your mother and father at the very time when they need a strong bond to lean upon and will she withdraw them from their society to carry out her plans and to seal her own pleasure and to leave the father mother who in seventeen affectionate daughter lost lost focus is very important how we use strong we instruct our young women can you say amen to that very important going into the state of the virtuous life this is the stage where that young woman now enters into a time of a being married no nothing doesn't say vicious knife if there's virtuous life amen and this is going to timer to us look at father 's chapter thirty one configure problem though there and by the way does anybody know what the word virtuous means one of the board recklessly in the power a powerful woman who can find a powerful woman is not part of Chapter thirty one thanks and finally this problem while the students right here there's only one other person in all the entire Bible was called virtuous woman who knows with the is only one person all Scripture was called a virtuous woman she's not home purchase virtuous who announced it wasn't all virtuous Republic there's only one other person all of Scripture was called virtuous rate roof scene the only other person in all the scriptural call particularly because she everything found in quadrant chapter thirty one geophysical characteristics living in poverty you want to understand more on the wall of a married woman of virtue was white farmers jump to thirty one our younger arm and take a good look at some of the VI things that are laid out a schedule for us bloggers jump of thirty one and nine when really we promise to thirty one is about a woman's phone number had close to a thousand different women in his life in the day is like when we tell you about somebody were to remain in which you find a promise kept the thirty one but many theologians believe the woman that Solomon realized too late ultimately could of made me these princesses of these beautiful daughters of Pharaoh and what you find in Congress chapter thirty one is what the Bible lays out about a virtuous life but still there published up to thirty one percent August tenth thirty one silent person I want to the Bible says right here who can find a wide diphthong is asking a question when you find somebody like that because it's a rarity it's a rarity phone was filled with the wisdom as well ask a question in a land where am I going to find a virtuous life I've all these other women in my life and let me tell you none of them are virtuous I'm enough language was like as a lady begins to describe and promised up to thirty one in the virtuous life now were not able to cover all that you know since you know this certainly is more in this specific bubble to hone in on a few key points about a virtuous wife and to be very blessed by the study of almost everything went to Google and look at person who can find a virtuous wife former wife this file will be just fine I love movies and even wipe any time and he made all education that she is worth more than that I want to happen the hearts of her friends being faithfully what now why would Solomon paid out as one of the very first characteristics of a virtuous wife because maybe some Ms. Weiss went like they were Jewish beating out the principles of God in their lives in the first thing he states about a virtuous wife the hearts of our husband safely trust in it tells us about the characteristically virtuous wife she's somebody who the husband doesn't have to worry about when she's out of the house and is not talking about how she spends what you got but he's trusting her that she is not going to betray Islam both again unless it is living again eggs was not just men that are cheating upon their spouses it is when it and God is calling us to be faithful some of them probably made some big mistakes in our life but guess what God forgives a man because the city would like women if someone is not your husband your married you should not be blogging with any other man a man I know we need to be a little bit more careful about the subject but I will say this again if you are married you should not be flirting with somebody was not your husband and I'm not one advertising this by the way ready for this is something I got one Thai women they actually did jealous when you start talking about other guys in front of just talking about just mentioning somebody's name but when you actually start exalting another man in front of and it will never admit that he by the way and it also Friday I did journey is very good about what they were jamming German-American right now and that gently said something funny and so I can ask an episode of the bloodthirsty later but where to file saving and reading about the ten Commandments high-fat in the first commandment of the Lord our God is a jealous God and he looks like I like that you had just settled in my hot reasoning I want you to understand women ensure you have the trust of your that is who you are made for those who you are made to connect LOI says that union will not only effective in this life the life to come when you make a commitment to be married to somebody you found yourself to that person and is important that they be able to trust you but they know that when you are away from him they are not going to be calling up of advice find emotional support agent will find it from you was appointed one of their other senses but it will not go to another man focuses the time they were people don't even recognize these boundaries anymore you may doesn't mean anything to me they may think you know that that is your marriage certificate even if posted on your sure enough it doesn't mean anything to me is it okay if the games were learning but the first thing I thought about the virtuous wife etc. Huntington's there are also things I went into the master then married women just together more than anything is frameless to their husbands and family are faithful to God that he'll has more than anything Damon know what this presidency she drags herself with strength and strengthens her arms I looked at a different translation rights and understand you anything about the virtuous woman she wants nothing to do with anything I sent different translation she's breathing arm in with this one is doing she is staying fit for a husband family sometimes we may go down long enough and I got I got about a married and went on a lot now there's learning exercise below either the liberty says there is what is often she says don't make your parents in such a way that your scarecrows away from the corner no joke Jesse say that check it out I think roles in your iPhone delight as they rolled in that quotation will come up no joke chassis it becomes your husband your children Jesus make sure you're not you not appearing in such a way that US Airways closing the corn of its important that women face many men you guys have a lot less of bearing children Uganda and a lot of things is very important when you think that that's one part of the Bible this watch is that you don't go all the way to verse twenty two and twenty three she makes tapestry for herself there are also things I went into the master then married women just together more than anything is frameless to their husbands and family are faithful to God that he'll has more than anything Damon know what this presidency she drags herself with strength and strengthens her arms I looked at a different translation rights and understand you anything about the virtuous woman she wants nothing to do with anything I sent different translation she's breathing arm in with this one is doing she is staying fit for a husband family sometimes we may go down long enough and I got I got about a married and went on a lot now there's learning exercise below either the liberty says there is what is often she says don't make your parents in such a way that your scarecrows away from the corner no joke Jesse say that check it out I think roles in your iPhone delight as they rolled in that quotation will come up no joke chassis it becomes your husband your children Jesus make sure you're not you not appearing in such a way that US Airways closing the corn of its important that women face many men you guys have a lot less of bearing children Uganda and a lot of things is very important when you think that that's one part of the Bible this watch is that you don't go all the way to verse twenty two and twenty three she makes tapestry for herself boy talk about somebody who sorry in the situation to maybe think of a good later on don't have to have worked with husband to be a virtuous life not causing to be a virtual black no matter what can you say amen to that praise the Lord let the dog the godly mother the godly mother this is the stage when the woman starts humming sound analysis view is very important you don't even have to have children by Brown to be a godly mother can just imagine just like there is a lot of children in this church can we don't have on the mother 's and God calls you to get on the mother that is a message that both of you somebody was out there instructing young children who are placed in God 's heart is gone love the children God loves those children the Bell life is an Adventist home this is very important mothers to a great degree the destiny of your children rests in your hands you realize which is anger me this is instead mothers to a great degree than any of your children rests in your hands resting your exams the way you hold the child and bring that child will affect the child will be in the impact they will have this world focusing on now I visited the patrons upon the property doesn't fan you'll get to heaven they who praise God that Jesus and then she said he will then think his mom for the lessons he learned from her mother 's have a special place in God 's heart amen I'm in there someday my way it's not about income and it's about the outcome it's about the outcome mothers in Israel not cause you to be godly because he will instruct your children primarily from within the word of God to know who Jesus is the love the Lord to understand and hear these stories of how God has been cradling your life and when these you will slowly be strengthened because I think a lot of the life they will remember the stories are mother told them no Johnny no envelope about what some amazing race he was in a relationship that time the storm he remembered his mother 's lifetime and he became turned on and because of that mother 's lessons are never forgot anything but love for young children church praise the Lord three hundred and thirteen in fact if you want to see something very interesting in the Bible when God gave instruction to mothers the one thing we call them to hone in on the focus on money for this one it's the left look right here I do know that when God gave instruction to mothers one thing that was specifically point out many times let's be example what you feed the child because the child's habits and what they learn artifact will will affect them later on in life in fact even the Bible talks about prenatal influences you know that prenatal influences that when the Bible says right here Judges chapter thirteen first what this when the time to us Samson 's mother I look at the instructional difference are now therefore please be careful not to drink wine or similar drink and not seeking anything unclean and something to add a footnote to this event when Samson 's mother and his father were told by the angel that their child in what instruction they asked for Sampson snacks and said this is very important on this point yes he said what is the instruction concerning this child none of these interfaces what is interesting for raising children and I think now that instruction of God needs to be specific her child involved consultants to study the character of our children to learn how to work with each child is different Gagne left Samson would be struggling with intemperance within temperance what was also the instruction given to the parents somebody else to let us a child that was filled with the Holy Spirit Elizabeth and you will have joy and gladness and many will rejoice at his birth or he will be great indefinable like and shall neither drink wine nor strong drink he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even from his mother 's will and John the Baptist become what God had promised it was without fault with the instruction given up believing Jews and there was never a prompt like John the Baptist mothers usually can start with what you feed your child usually New Mexico look at what's happening in this world right now is everything accordingly when popping up a Walgreens video now that we have CVS until one of the status involving their emergency nobody in the store until you make your way to the back with the pharmacy is a what you see a line of people in what's happening as well people are getting sicker and sicker and sicker and they're turning to blogs as a way to remedy these problems and guess what it's not just the elderly that their minds is young kids with their mothers that are giving a lot of drugs for their mother there and he lets you to lot about his diet nine oh there's a legitimate case that often anyway denied I think in this office that might have in this study over three hundred ten is an example for over three hundred fifty look what they found in the diet because they found out that they were eating very colorful cereals in the cohort who married this all like rainbow colored things in there to see it every morning but will Second Life was cleverly funny thinking is that the unnecessary guys are no definitive line is not enabling a drag on the food and help me program at Minneapolis-based Institute for agriculture and trade policy which I think Longhorn a ban on these five thousand twenty fifth day of that brain activity and behavior in fact did you know that England actually bands second who died because they are aware just that young children actually banished monotony in America you want to want because big business against what you're in charge of your child if you don't know what you think you can you pray US Jesus Lord I don't know what the best ideas might involve showing detainees this instructions these women is to give you instruction and then reviewed in ways that were raised up learning these things like I said before sometimes will look at these things or think I am sold far away from that how can that ever happened to me that's what the gospel volatile amen for the gospel all about I think they believe why and make you into something even greater things they mentioned that that's what the church is all about and helping in that process we are bound to be a family chart Damon even been elected president next year praise the Lord we should like people well I only have one could take this church may the wind sits in the front who him they are young the major Yahoo and real estate in the patent of the Lord to the virtuous life to the godly mother and out to make the mother is in the final stage before that that moment but we believe called that had called the matriarch stage is the stage without woman had gone wild and she has gone through difficulties that you have learned to trust God through it all she has seemed to come she has raised the children she has participated in the lives of her grandchildren this long and is called the matriarchal mother in Israel because not only did you focus on her family she's focused on the church to MN is a very interesting make our take your Mama Luke chapter two verses thirty six and thirty eight then God is a man I want to see the matriarch women priests arrived to be a matriarch in the church before the Lord comes back if the Lord having connected of a million or thirty six now that was one Anna a prophetess the daughter of an annual of the tribe of Asher she was a great age and she lived with her husband seven years from her virginity and this woman was a widow of about eighty four years now good sentence this who did not depart from the Temple but served God with fastening and prayers night and day and coming in that instant she gave thanks to the Lord to see the baby Jesus in the spirit folder they are from the fact he saw and she just praise God it went this woman this may track within the place where God wanted her to be she was trying to alert Israel and Jesus is coming back soon is what makes our conscious focus not just on her own family but the family of God she is coming into the church him while someone is talking to the all clear realization is that it is long how the Lord in the times a week she's committed to thinning of herself over finances number five teambuilding up the costs these years are years of faithfulness and trust at the same time she realized that her children had made a egregious mistakes and errors in their lack of straightaway from the loving and what this woman is doing this major she is praying for this woman she's bring our children she is laughing for children to see that they will come back to the Lord and he will not stop I like Jacob shall wrestle with God that will not let you go until you bless me until my children are saying folks this one matrix all about that's even strange that now validated I actually try this chapter tells us that all the women talk about matriarchs should be involved in the construction of younger women part of being a matriarch is that you are instructing younger women don't limit the faster going about it but all the women needed is now time for judgment is not time for criticizing this is a time think the young lady and a woman was struggling to a one approved I want to share with you my experience I want to share with you what God did in my life to those times and let me help you this is when the truck is all about there's one other woman in the Bible is called the mother visit was general it was never and she led Israel into battle the only drug she was regards crazy without there folks and I said this when it came to the patriots for those older you come to one of two places in life that is at the very end be very better about life will be some legal praise God for the life you have in your life will be one of joy in your somebody who is lovable and your reaching out to people you care about the women in this church your instructing them in the right way this is what I may truck is all venues amen to that phrase I didn't force absolutely immediately ourselves over for teaching young children how to let Jesus praise the Lord amen I think of a special call this is something and then delete them off then and she called that the manifesto a charge the women this is what you said now is the time for momentum reformation and revival in the hearts and homes of Christian women all around the world now is the time to bowl against the flow I believe that God has brought you into his kingdom for such a time as deemed that means a willingness to follow Christ and his word when it seems that all the girls your age are consumed with beauty I fell back to having had time in the polluting your affections on quite regarding your marks using the proper impurity and becoming acute speaker in your generation on your peers seem to be going in the opposite direction single women families using the past with contentment it means being willing to be married or single which ever gone house we for his glory and the fate of his kingdom means using your singleness to serve the Lord without distraction it means being willing to be sexually pure and to be assignment on the family of God married women if the call to be made on a world of broken promises to love your husband to pray for him to build and manage that glorifies God oh I think maybe one hundred times in his lifetime anything healthy Ohio holding Kali of being a helper to your husband everything in the Scripture exhorts the main intent of the exam your submission to Christ himself beneath getting yourself wholeheartedly to your husband they know me emotional or physical intimacy with any other man whether that means embracing the call you gift of being a gamer and a North Carolina don't let the multi- you how many values should guide your children that God gave you his vision for the impact to your children and your grandchildren could make for his kingdom for generations to come to battle in prayer for the souls of your children and your grandchildren numbered with two mothers clung to Jesus in prayer number that the stories the parable of the woman in the sovereign Asian woman would not let go when I told that Baldwin is all about older women major in means choosing not to be tiresome don't settle for a life consumed by golf bridge meeting with activity and preoccupation health younger women need you and you say amen to that they need you to take them under your wings and to help them learn to live lives that leaves the Lord can use payment both dogs calling for his women to stand up for defendant to become the women I thought involving me the Beatles daughter Cindy is a mentor that because when you make that decision Newsday okay but I am standing up I want to be a woman of God I want to be a virtuous woman and when you ask Jesus to do this transformation you will begin the process and that emotion these things that will lead you to become God has called me to be eleven oh one thirty fifth I will then man and women be restored in the image of the above and he will not be completed can you say amen to that of the call women and men drink ourselves women is the call women got on you to stand up and say you know what I want to be involving on how one of all the while I will call God 's plan will invite you it's a big think of everything you know what I want to be involved in woman you love your tomorrow is the cost to all women out there that have told you women in community you can mean only my closet and began to be a godly person now this is to talk to all the women about men be praying for these women right now joining me that Jesus will touch their lives was a lot of talking when and where is linear we need to talk to their Savior the women here who want to know that Apple father-in-law discharges among community not just about nurturing others but among the architect folks God is calling for women to stand up and essentially leaving the government behind every great man is a great woman raise the base alloy with Neil Neil right now before seeing the still time for you this change can only come from God behavior modification is asking for complete transformation of becoming the woman that God calls you to be all father in heaven I just think you for these courageous old women who stood up down one of all of what I just think you no I sure more facing many strong women will love you no safety attack on them how long are temporary and emotionally crippled or Nevada let them know right now you want children and you are sustaining God I pray that you would let them to become virtuous learning is one day than the major bulwark against tenant in a surprise then all these women will be a large army will update me they realized the special calling they are your daughters will thank you Jesus for your blood were placed on their lot Jesus later this media was run by audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you'd like to know more about our universe the more certain is www. .com universe .org


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