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The Book of Job as Sacred Literature: Introduction

Jan Haluska
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Jan Haluska

Jan Haluska, Ph.D.- English Teacher at Southern Adventist University from 1981 to 2014



  • February 12, 2014
    9:00 AM
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all lectures on Google were presented to Southern Methodist University students in the course Asian Classics during February of twenty fourteen lectures were recorded in my office to make up for snow days you should know that each class again was prayer aquatic was even though the videos mostly skipped that part was under the classroom during the first thirteen lectures the students were studying horizontally out of policy were served in roughly the same relationship to the ancient Greeks that the Old Testament served to the Hebrews the Bible is immensely superior to homework or any other book though there is such a difference between homework or any other of religious books on the Bible of the Bible is a highly complex narrative first of all it has stories and wisdom literature written all telling how God related to his people to see one reason why it's so unique we can start by realizing that literary critics look for at least three kinds of unity in any top-quality narrative in the Bible has at least three kinds of unity unity of plot unity of allusion or reference unity of theology at least those three perhaps there are some others but those three are enough plot well applied as an account of events having a beginning of military and according to Aristotle wealth of the Bible Genesis is the beginning of the cross is the fumaric centerpoint in Revelation is the end you will find merit however complex it is usually an allusion or reference is all we can illustrate it with the new national short story about to go out west doing something in the beginning of the story somebody says watch out there is a root problem around here even us in trouble it bears and then somewhere around the dramatic climax we had one hundred icon was of error and somebody's is seen as a barrier I told you so so is referring forward to what's going to happen the action is referring backward also to what was predicted of course the Bible is full of the Cisco prophecy prophecies of Doctor finds great profanity talks in the Bible and each has a prophet in the beginning singers which were to happen here is a prophet at the end saying here is what happened so the Bible prophecy looks forward later prophecies or references talk about earlier things including prophetic fulfillment of Isaiah fifty three for examples refer back to in the Gospels particularly matching challenge evolution by all our unity of illusion is unique theology does exactly the same the old system of the neutral zone difference people try to discredit the Bible use that idea of this unified theology to to attack the Bible over what role they finally gotten changes has things go forward God is a God of hatred and sternness in the Old Testament God of love New Testament but not soulless I'm I always remedy readers on representation and certainly resealable control that is so little well it's hard for one author of the big book to maintain you three unities of whatever kind the Bible was written by a group of perhaps thirty people over course of well over a thousand years some people say thirteen hundred some people take other numbers in years but it's over a thousand years so this is a bunch of people who never met is an old joke says a committee of ceramic travel as a horse put together by a committee well the Bible is not as a unified horse and no offense against ten thirty camel lovers but I'll the this is a committee that took place over well over a thousand years and never match and yet you have a thoroughbred racehorse it comes on those the Bible is miraculous in its unity and that makes it and shoulders above every other book on the planet and a something else if we look just of the book of Job will find it from the beginning it is far more profound than anything the Greeks have certainly anything that overwrote the story honestly the goddess Athena asks her father zooms while he will flip to go this use is a good man is loyal to the gall of these pious eyes and noble honorable courageous man and yet you are reflecting that of course is the great as one would be her every culture is known as the best true and so here's a wonderful beginning of the Odyssey hear his heart addressing this issue on but Homer has a loose say wait a minute of it is either I forgot forgotten what does you as well watch sentences passed the barrier of your teeth he says he relies entirely than that Odysseus is not afflicted yet the victimization of Odysseus is gone for ten years I answer that well homers Lewis doesn't know how to answer that until he doesn't he just does all Rover and restorative use of your father if you go on Calypso 's Island and all lap but he dodges the question of why the affliction has happened in the first place then nothing else I know of refers to that the books of the East particularly the Bhagavad-Gita for example say that matters a such thing as evil and so is all an illusion on the laureates in the what anyone believes that he will realize a problem well the book of Job grabs the issue like Jacob wrestle and was gone and gives the only blessed answer in this effort and the history of the world Joel is therefore the book of Job is therefore more profound than anything the Greeks anything anywhere else it's the basement attic of the Bible as well worth reading so come along with us on our journey in Asian Classics to find out the book of Joel


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