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The Book of Job as Sacred Literature- 6 (Overview 2)

Jan Haluska
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Jan Haluska

Jan Haluska, Ph.D.- English Teacher at Southern Adventist University from 1981 to 2014



  • February 21, 2014
    9:00 AM
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him this is our last lecture room Job online because of the snow Davis said her father in heaven help us be wise below this is some distance between the students and the police officer your service is dedication reading your words which is a thank you Jesus well we ended by talking about how I know he doesn't have any references himself his section and any other section of the certainly group instruction but that's a review of the traditionalists have some affection for him well he's a kid is in the way I thought about as well humility is satisfactory tests in what must this message is told is going to get the pursuit races into his own he's not justifying God in their vision remember whatsoever is our job as primarily going to have a sake bless no more fundamental job tested pendulum has been so self-centered him or silliness doesn't like that nobody can you understand how to justify himself on he doesn't understand himself you know the Lord and the way to know this is not to thought who is righteous as possible I is Cialis good people still suffer a wonderful story about the Christian kitchen restaurant and was using his channels that dish will simply hand wash the dishes and we stopped to listen sure enough first floor to software committee everything is give one is that justifies this will facilitate as we don't feel I said before we can live the visit is it okay to obey say you don't feel did she feel at that moment the disappointment will possibly as useless an appraisal is a lot that's an understanding that even if you feel like the people who suffered a him a him say in hard race possible in fact even as the maximum amount of remember everything that snafu is not is not easy to do a little child learning was a feeling is natural to get to office buildings and one walk this way is all for you get flash so much tries to get a fifth of our fourth twelve five to seventy five delivery for the ticket is worth as much natural we need to work with praise from easy to find a Christian and remember Gethsemane Jesus didn't feel like going he said that three times a day if this can please don't make this half of that is that not my will the doing what I should do say what you know you should say you don't feel like is the perfect and infinite if you don't want to document the same I don't feel like freezing is a phrase that's sanctification of work were him and him Joe is what causes or so for the lesson so then how would you I say to the Lord answer to a son who is was a woman scatters and world one woman comes everything is displaced from his chaos and our first encounter with a prefix as part and in my heart for I was on my knees and I felt when I said yes I will follow you as though I had just asked in little pieces were in the hands isolated down the actually one was like an explosion in the metal back down simplifications for a moment says things are plausible everybody's theology and when you will follow through she's a good friend certainly is restarts often thirty two who is this what darkens counsel by words without a transfer to him and him and I is my hasn't been mostly gone into God is speaking is darkening counsel I was a this is true for a man who demanded the initial only a question and the question is a question for you I foundation and we were talking as I wish we were face-to-face I was similar to your favorite for your favorite question by shalom is whereupon the foundations fast the hero when the morning stars sign music that was all the sons of God shouted for his wonderful and what is the plan was his last chapters and just think about what moves so you see with your three hundred and three was way worth I will assume darkness was the place for those that was because I was born with a fictitious but also as a early days his way to figure things out someone who is not just on June is going to him a him a him finally just see him in Tesco plans as Brian Wilson is the city atmosphere was like bedrooms the new Pleiades in Ohio is pleased to dwell a viable run everything is somewhere behind his head is in a gym is the reason he thought there as soon as that is a different kind I was in a month still has the world of sin see you have some phenomenal you just a little center via road is one of them and us and forget us little for me they are beautiful hence him a will know who is only room for one of our feeling is not afraid of you are someone who is a beautiful morning here never through the shield of faith in God wisdom neither is heavy why no you said is that everyone was better for syndicating the ammunition was impressive this is just another example of our being subverted by safe original is no forty five Chelsea is intended with the Almighty instruct him on a new film how is this film is a little way was informed of the RU good instruction about the wild foods for the peacock is just either consent is the only instruction let him through the answer is a him a high what is really only mine hand upon my mouth once I've spoken a three-game twice in the proceed so Jesus is not okay God with your normal anyone think that within a verse six and is will will signify your is no command I will demand the end it clear that John was just enough is okay you're right you're not will answer you I will proceed no further I will live my hand on my mouth in the process and another thing what on earth is going on here George looks like this is submitted and I have some again was going on with what is less essential like again if I was facing asset was a businesswoman and okay I file I have nothing to say you're right I will save over some and fourteen fifteen and mother says Caterpillar I will never want to go back okay him what was wrong I won't say anything is a you is not really submission to the submission but it's recently as one questions if somebody is okay okay you when although I hope you're happy from Joe's answer is still self-centered the sarcastic I will you're right was wrong to do with another way of saying perfect but to position as a getting through this we had some again sophomore was almost invisible judgment I move up condemn me the family 's life is less than one harm he goes on and says the same sorts of things again that the human will somebody says let me say that behemoth is a state box will was so huge and so on taking the Middle East nothing is known about the missing attack on who front film without software extinct now having one but that's the one him a him with him you have some see a real life of lonely solemn oath is passive like yourself make yourself look good enough to home I was shady trees the enough gas of the Leviathan two five standard for Wales as early as half hours so Monday is one of and it goes on from there and in fact there are choices here's a Leviathan sea creature apparently the scales was I assume you will hear from you this is I was out with small set of the season on a way to ensure you have half an reason for you to read the provision of the firebreathing is very items in China as well as West well system alongside dinosaur him and him alone this will be your something you think Favre is well December now this is fine on this one so miserable little defensive self flyer that this is lateral regions it can secrete methane gas for you but that will be has too little stone somehow they are like flint and what secretes this gas pollutants those who have so far as so further presumably be limited to the mouthful of water if these were not as remote is no paleontology tells us that it is not impossible and his people lived with dinosaurs actually did it it wasn't like that anything from them as a source will have you're a billion-dollar one of the living water will anyway if all of this Sergeant Calvin is not like I created this eleven will have a him a him or said this time is different to see how is different honeymoon the thousands who have been having the head is is an is the last answer I received is exactly the answer was explored sullenly given the sort of films over useful in answering in June he's the answer think God wants to hear underneath those you versions of the time who is this the highest house a therefore have I uttered that I understood things too wonderful which I see it was a great biologist at you went to see Mister Dick of fish without say the fish while Akamai has become the basis for the people that are using him us him and him the afternoon and one more thing similar to the same flesh from his face this morning I think this is one of the above three is the first of this payment is thinking you talk about system symmetry is the design supervision was inside also you are going so perhaps in one place you think it will be symmetrical this is in one place little civilian position is different selectable is only human it's all one thing in it all was hard to see the forest he did not see how you are integrated for reasons why it's so pretty great faith assessment is a holistic and his teachers and students celebrate that we will have the word of God in this mountain is the law together to see singers you see is one thing my mother the money you know my advice is to be him five hundred and hearing of personal we see God 's power in December so is there is a just thought that you do so the voice was hollow whose as a very very true as a immoral woman was a was someone who will also have American blood in his and when he does is for this accomplishment was away but Lisa's walk ten feet that when you send more three feet away the wall so you won't and three feet long to do moreover there was many says wherefore I have for myself him myself we see ourselves as small and fairly funny God so less and less of us prefer wonderful statement by John the Baptist he must review the increase is the best eating precision less high will diminish and let him take over the business and was after the mournful Ms. Rosenfield personnel effectively by my own wrath is kindled against the why is he so started the same offer that allows easy and my wrath is kindled against the setting aside to friends the Eskimos for he must be something that is right is my cervical was funny because drove in the middle has shown by allowing his best uncle is justifying himself and yet in the beginning and now within the same as therefore did you know several bullocks and seven seven seven my servant Job offer for yourself him shall phrase for you turns out all this time is Joseph is there to help actually the friends of the night will be jewelry now as the high priest is very afraid for them based on offering based on the humility of his friends in bringing offerings as they are the ones move on equipment and so was humanly no beneficiary as far as them and do what is commendable that he was a difficult they were in medicine the five and was accepted to as their substitute they brought the stuff is set to their place casinos across the when we pray for our friends intercessor prayer we stand in a form of set us down we stand someone that day right of the Lord turned the captivity to see what he's come out of himself on asking why now how him a professor at work in the story who murdered there is only question is not for Jesus lost her entire family this morning on one of the halfway house to see if Juliet is from wordlessly appropriate for you to friend of mine has some I didn't I say about eternal future of the man to say anything will send that I will never find myself and others in the Switzerland to you everybody am just a minute and say anything is smart to say say Juliet is manually remove any given situation I will be back and say something is through the second half to say him a him I is true was printed to follow on this awful feeling in the living room when Ms. family again we don't believe the woman's Association is my business finale to answer to his race your foot is everybody which is what to do when they comes in within seven days seven nights the devout life and now of him Joe praise and prayer is affected as the answer embrace the person pray with them for the first and then leave it alone though doing theology who he is only uses most of the essay of this baby a simplicity is so sweet he had with him say that an immediacy that makes God file a no no theology the person was terribly affected more than you may ever be as one would with a fifty figure silence yes silence about one doing theology standing in the place of God him place him race across the Lazarus to molest or less is fine with himself sweated blood for us the answer is for you thanks for his I speak to you which was unknown but the medicine from beautiful to the righteousness of Christ in us that you will renovate the centerfield moments of Satan 's way of announcing lost Angel is my first thought they come that they would always find his phone finally has his terrible thing seat multitudes is his never with as hard as three children and a one morning line placing my life the grace of a him a him him him involved in the virtual friends who are the Microsoft Office intrusions is this is a silly story is an Illinois money so as to the Lord bless the latter that he had fourteen thousand feet of six thousand four thousand and twenty four whether six thousand one and was there for six thousand nine hundred and ninety nine fourteen thousand feet thirteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine I would like to see sex as a flight off profiteering if you have the possibilities are absolutely accurate numbers but tonight you have so the fulfillment of the okay and unless the field twice as many animals focusing on something a you fourteen San Francisco like the voice class is talking to you him a him and him and the history of CDs twenty six the worldly and so you have the names so what if the members have a say in Hamilton the hunt for a my son was four years old the house and have the thing that I remember fast food seventy one hundred Muslims DCA is said to believe that Jesus is the voice of the Hamas movement Jesus watching them would you be happier and has a different over the Yahoo him a him a him him him physically pray for you so I think he's so let's don't synthesis of athletic and this is anything like this is going and why pathetic this is definitely needs some more movie sentiment because this is what is the Juliet ends with Saul Road and a sure look of sorrow will have this is pathetic is enthusiasm in fact only when the women found so fair as long as your father given here is one of the hand after this move will usually saw this and his son sends you to whom I have those kids are still in the selected locations they have a life long and happy life the answer is no him a him just as the influential life has against our fellow man plus you talk about the fact that removing two thousand and the organization since that is my life has against the software brings out yes doctor has the same even lonely idea is that you on behalf of my sons and daughters yesterday was worth they have been sitting in the Trinity of time to spend to the family especially Jesus was made and if he's there for a ridiculous human courses God is perfectly empowered to give gifts with service with Herb Jesus Christ of only fifteen twenty minutes the same award the film is is very sensitive is infinitely infinite is enough that a few minutes of your life then you have the heaven half him a him move will be there I will listen almost four five one one four the conference will so that it is an first draft of the way because nonfiction abilities of the house and do a talk show someone how it was actually in the head of the audience of his on his malevolently to do anything like I said rather the opposite is that he is the one point I thought he was a terror attack tool does not reflect is not anything is usually in the office is so for Theophilus Simpson takes the same is it myself him him him us him and him him and him and him to get him to help him in


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