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Latter Rain, Sunday Law: What Comes First? Part 2

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 2, 2007
    9:30 PM
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Heavenly father we asked for that as we close the business left a message for tonight more than your spirit will be with us. We have we have been long at at the bible tonight Lord and we disaster you would refresh just for one last study and then when I was ten I get a good night's sleep tonight and you might be refreshed for tomorrow. We thank you for hearing our prayer in Jesus' name amen. Before I finish this I want to share with you a new dimension of operation global brain operation global reign. Three sixty is what it's called or G R three sixty the new website just went up about two days ago and you know I was really nervous because there's been a a lull between the seven seven seven of this year and the time that the new Web site went up and there were some one up three days ago and like within the first I think two hours we had about six churches that had registered. And I was like Praise the Lord. And so we sent out another e-mail and as of today we had I think another twenty churches are registered just in the last two days. What all of you are three sixty years we are planning to have three ten days of prayer meetings next year three. The first will begin January second and it will be ten days of Prayer followed by one hundred and ten days of activity. So ten days of prayer one hundred ten days of activity and that one hundred ten days of activity will. We geared towards outreach to that state and former Seventh Day Adventists. OK So that makes one one hundred twenty day period that would be totally dedicated those ten days of prayer will be dedicated to that student and former student of the admins at the end of that time period will have another ten days of Prayer followed by one hundred ten days of activity but this time it will be two non Seventh Day Adventist and what we are asking is that each person involved will commit to one day out of the week for that one hundred ten day period one day out of the week whether that be Mondays or Wednesdays or whatever that you will commit that day an hour a day or two hours or four hours of intentional Bible work. Whether that be Bible study going door to door making phone calls whatever it is and that what's so you're not doing one hundred and ten days back to back of Bible work you're just choosing one day out of the week at least one day out of the week to do intentional Bible study and so we the third ten one ten period will just be like a free for all. OK but it's a total of three hundred and sixty days hence all G R three sixty that's like a good plan. Ellen White says that she saw jets of light people were going door to door the earth seemed to be in line with a heavenly influence that's what we want to see happening. So container for a people said you know operation global rain so something was a big hype on the day. No the latter rain is not a day is a season and so we are praying that we are entering and have entered into the latter rain season where God will empower. As we begin to go forth into the world lifting of the cross. Amen amen. Having said that I want to pick up with where we left off with this issue of the Latter Rain and the Sunday laws and I'm not going to recap because I feel my throat getting ready to go outside I'm just going to share some more things as quickly as I can so that we can get a proper understanding. I have had some people say the angel of Revelation Chapter eighteen cannot be clear that Babylon is fallen until Babylon is formed. OK And Babylon is the clear fall and when she passes a Sunday law. So which happens first. Does the latter rain descend first. Angel distend first or does and the Sunday law come second or does the something all come first which then causes the angel to descend into the clear that Babylon is well you get that I am on face value it would seem that your son the law has to be passed first in order for the Angel to descend and be clear that Babylon is fun I want to read a couple one taken from Mass the events page one ninety eight which she says that she made all nations drink of the wind of the wrath of her fornication. How is this done by forcing men to accept a spurious sound not yet however can it be said she has made all nations drink of the one of the wrath of her fornication she had not yet met. She had not yet made all nations do this not until the condition shall be reached and the union of the church. And the world shall be fully accomplished of Christendom. Well the fall of Babylon be complete the change is a progressive one and the perfect fulfillment of Revelation forty eight is yet future. When do her sins return to Heaven when the law of God is finally made void by legislation. So this court seems to say that when Babylon is forming when correct can that Angel of Revelation thirteen eighteen declare that Babylon is fallen after the Sunday law has been passed and therefore the argument is that this angel which is which is you know which basically brings the latter rain the latter rain cannot fall until the sun they last set up. OK Is that clear the argument that is being presented you understand what I'm saying. OK Now here is the answer to that dilemma. THE ANGEL OF REVELATION eighteen is his voice not only which dangerously as Babylon is falling anyway. The second angel THE ANGEL OF REVELATION eighteen does not add his voice only to the second angel. He actually added to the first and the third as well you see. So he had to power two or three messages not now listen to this. Now another page one seventy three the three Angels' messages are to be combined giving their threefold light to the world in the Revelation John says I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was made with His glory. This represents the giving of the last and three fold and that's the image of warning to the world. So the angel that the Saints does not descend only Babylon is fallen. She also said the Angel also said they are God and good God. Even for the obvious judgment is coming. It adds power to all three messages. Now here's the question. Which message does the angel add power to. First that's the question and it would make sense that the angel first adds power to the first angels message. Listen to this. Where is it here. No one hears the voice of these angels. Hold on one second. OK here's my place. No one hears the voice of these angels for they are a symbol to represent they are a symbol to represent the people of God who are working in harmony with the universe of men and women enlightened by the Spirit of God and sanctified through the truth proclaim the three messages in their order. How are the messages to be proclaimed end their order. See what that means is that the third angel's message cannot be preached without of the second angel's message going before or right and the second angel's message cannot be preached unless the first angels message goes before it so it would make sense that when this angel descends somehow or another it first and power to the first angels message and here is how we know that it is the angel. When the angel to sends one of the first thing we notice about the angel is the first and not about knows about the angel the angels and Babylon is falling. No. What do we notice about the age of its glory. One just came out of a message. It's great and it's well power which is not what the Crow which is the essential argument on dark Sabbath fear God and give your knee and not listen. BABYLON can only be declared fallen after she has rejected what the South after she has rejected the light of the Sabbath. Only then can Babylon need a clear form. Listen God never contradicts his principle and here is a principle of Psalm he says this is the condemnation that light is come into the world and the world love what darkness rather than I So how can Babylon be condemned. Before the like of the lottery in other words it is the light of the latter in the life of the sap of truth that goes into all the world and when Babylon rejects their flight and is then and only then do we hear the second angel's voice. How are being added to the second angel saying Barack Obama's fault and why. Because she has rejected the light how in light of this powerful preaching of the Cross being the center of the sound of you no doubt about yesterday what she said it was only last week did you get that. Babylon is the current problem and because she has rejected the light of the South. Preach under the power of the Holy Spirit. Listen to what am I chose here in early writings. Page two thirty seven as the churches refused to receive the first angels message they rejected the light from heaven. She's talking about a meeting forty four as they refused to accept the first angels message they rejected the light from heaven and fell from the favor of God They trusted to their own strength and opposing the first message place themselves where they could not see the light of the second angel's message but the beloved of God who were oppressed and accepted the message Babylon is fallen and left the charities to study marketing forty four what happened. They did the mineral rights or did you know the early church go forth with the message Babylon is fallen in battle I was fallen. Did they do that without me first as I know it was only after the first message was preached and the charges they were rejecting that message that the message then can a Babylon is fallen come out of her you see that she has obviously rejected the true under the power of the Spirit. So when the last days listen to what she says about them outright thousands upon thousands will nest and who have never heard words like these before you know that's one great controversy and this is what she said. In amazement they hear the testimony that Babylon is a church falling because of her saints and because of her rejection of the truth sent to her from Ed what was the truth sent to her from head that Angel of Revelation chapter eighteen. Which piece ended and lightened the whole earth with its glory and how Babylon resisted this light and the very angel that she resist then to. Turned around and said OK because you have this life. Babylon is wants is for there is no more hope for her in the face of the blazing glory of the Latter Rain. She has set up a Sunday long come out or there's nothing else there's nothing left. There is no hope left for her yet is that what I'm saying. Otherwise when the other way around you know about a modest fall in the US is not what there's a chance the preaching would be of no effect. BABYLON already made a decision but it is in the light of that that Babylon rejects that truth that now she is the clear or to be fallen So this answers the question understand that Angel distance and he first gives power to the which Angel first angel. When that is rejected he will give power to the second angel. And then finally power to the third angel and that's how it works. Now we're going to take a look. At the white one. L. White's most straight forward account of the lottery. OK And what we're going to do is we're going to see that a lot of rain is actually mentioned twice in her writings This is from the chatter the shaking and the shaking. OK I want you to listen to this this is this is powerful and this is what we're going to see the Latter Rain is a rainy season right when we talk about the latter rain. There is an opening to the rainy season and there is a closing to the rainy season. The opening of the Latter Rain gives us the power to go and preach the gospel. The closing of the Latter Rain which in other places in the sphere of prophecy is called the feeling that prepares us to go through the time of what trouble when the seven plagues are the major time of trouble with the seven plagues of Florida so what we're going to see is that there are actually two major outpouring of the Latter Rain. Remember the not a rain is not a date it is a season. OK now I want you to listen to this is going to tie everything that you that you know with certainty and it is raining. I saw someone with strong faith and agonizing cries pleading with God their countenances were pale and marred with deep anxiety expressive of their internal struggle. What kind of a struggle is going on here. Not an external one dealing with other people but an internal one. Firmness and great earnestness was expressed in their countenances large drops of perspiration fell from their forehead now and then their faces would line up with the marks of God's approbation and again the same solemn earnest anxious look with so look upon them. Evil Angels crowded around them pressing down. Then to shut out Jesus from their view that their eyes might be drawn to the darkness that surrounded them and that's been led to distrust God and member against their only safety was in keeping their eyes directed outward. Angels of God in a charge over his people and as the poisonous atmosphere of Evil Angels was pressed around these anxious ones. They heavenly angels were continually wafting their wings over them to scatter the thick darkness. Does this sound like a conflict between God's people and other people. It's an internal struggle as the praying ones continued their earnest cries at times are rather light came from Jesus to them to encourage their hearts and to lift up their countenances. Some I saw did not part. It is a pain in the work of agonizing and pleading. They seemed indifferent and in care and care less. Now let me ask you a question. You know think about it in a time of trouble can you think of any said the evidence that will seem indifferent and careless. No not everybody is going to be what perplexed and agonizing and why we know this is talking about a time of relative peace. OK There isn't a one group of people who are praying and I'm going I'm going to go with what are you doing what are you praying for I don't see a need to prattle say I need to agonize Why are you writing an agonizing. That's the general feel of what we're reading here it goes on I guess the meaning. I'm sorry then we're not resisting the darkness around them and it shut them in like a thick cloud. The angels of God left these and went to the aid of the earnest praying ones I saw angels of God are hastening to the assistance of all who are struggling with all their power to resist the evil in jewels and trying to help themselves by calling upon God with perseverance. But is angels that those who made no effort to help themselves and I soon lost sight of them. Now notice what she says next. I asked the meaning of the shaking I had seen and was shown that it would be caused by the straight testimony of Forth by the Council of the true witness to the Laodiceans. This will have its effect upon the heart of the receiver and will lead him to exalt the Standard and Poor's forth the straight truth. Some will not bear this testimony. They will rise up against it and this is what will cause a shaking among God's people. So the question is what is the straight testimony. Well you know what we don't even need to answer that question right now. Let's ask another question when was the straight testimony given. Is it something in the future or is it something that has been going on. It is something that has been going on not just what she says in the same place I saw that the testimony of the True Witness have not been to have heeded that puts but straight testimony in the law in the past and in the present. So let me try to explain this now. What she sees here is a group of people everything around them seems to be fine but there is spiritual darkness. Some are agonizing summer not the straight testimony is pointing out to these people you are miserable wretch and blind they can you know you need to repent you need and the people are receiving this message some are saying that some are saying you're making a big deal about nothing and that is what is causing a shaking even now in God's people come and wipe all of those eight hundred fifty that the shaking had already come in. So what that means is that in God's church there has been this slow so I work with me this slow sifting and shaking almost as though God is waiting to get the right make up of people in his church for some wonderful thing that he has planned for just the right people at just the right time is an amazing thing that you could be here for just for such a time as this. Now I want you to notice something. Nowhere does she stay here. As I lost sight of them but I want to share with you is it possible for people these people to do you know anyone in the church right now who has risen up against the straight testimony. Are they still in the church. Yes Then they still have their names where written on the books sold there shaking that she's talking about is not necessarily one that that shakes people out of the physical church. It may shake them out spiritually but they still may be physically present. So is the shaking going on right now. Yes Are there some people in this room right now who may be in this church have their names on a book it may not be in the church. There's a shaking going on right now and this is what she's describing here and I'll tell you why I know that as we read on. Remember this is not a cut and paste. We're reading one straight narrative from a long way. OK Now listen. What if she goes on to say that the Angel List soon I heard a voice like many musical instruments all sounding in perfect streams sweet and harmonious. It surpassed any music I never heard of seeming to be full of mercy compassion and elevating holy joy. It thrilled through my whole being to hang it all look easy. My pension was then turned to the company I had seen who were mightily shaking I was shocked and those whom I had before seen weeping and praying in agony of spirit they were in crime so I was because the wicked are vowed to kill us where they say they were simply weeping in agony of spirit and as going to sing like a stone they will is anywhere on the scene right now do you know they're simply weeping in agony of spirit the company of guardian angels around. Then they have been doubled and they were now clothed with an armor from their head to their feet. They moved in exact order like a company of soldiers. Their countenance expressed a severe conflict which they had endured the agonizing struggle they had passed through. Yet their features marked with severe internal anguish now shone with the light and glory of heaven they had attained the victory and it call forth from them the deepest gratitude and a holy sacred joy. So something amazing has just happened. These agonizing praying ones you got to boost the careless and indifferent and then the one agonizing and praying once something happens to the praying ones they are now called with an arm to their feet and they have gotten the law the victory now here's a question. Had they gotten the victory over the beast over the victory in the battle against the beast hasn't even begun. You see the love it when the let me read to you what this is. The number of this company had missed and some had been shaken out and left by the way that careless and indifferent who did not join with those who prized victory and salvation enough to personally put an agonized for it so what were they pleading and agonizing for victory over the beast that you're going to national someday no victory over self and salvation. So let's say you're not oh no just so you and I decided to deny that we were just going to make a commitment that from now on we were just going to spend time reading and agonizing for salvation and victory. Why that would make us fall into this category of people who. Could he possibly receive not mattering. No crisis going on right now right. Not something on the horizon but missed those who did not agonize for it did not obtain it and they were left behind in darkness. Their places work immediately feel by others taking hold of the truth and coming into the right evil angel still pressed around them but could have no power over them and this is what she said. I heard those clothed with the armor speak forth the truth with great power. When is it that they speak for the truth after they have agonized and pled for the Spirit of God after they have obtained a victory not over the beast but overall self. Then she said I hear that I heard them speak forth the truth with great what power it had to say what you think the power of the message was. The sacrifice of the cross of Christ. When I see the cross of Christ I'm talking about the sacrifice of it became the center of those businesses. It had effects you know that means people listen not only did they listen. They believed thousands would be converted in a day. It had that many had been down some by husbands. Some are wives and some children by their parents. The honest women prevented from hearing the truth not even to be able to pawn it off their relatives was gone the truth alone was exalted. They had been hungering and thirsting for truth it was there and more precious than life. I asked what had made the great change an angel answered and said it is the latter rain. The refreshing from the presence of the Lord the loud cry of the third angel any mention of a Sunday lot any mention of a death decree you know the season be gains we got to pray for the season when we pray for the season God will send the rain the rain empowers us to preach the gospel and now listen to her very next words great power was with these chosen one What is that great power the latter rain. Said the Angel Loki. Now the angels about to direct her attention to something else. What is she about to see. Lucky my attention was turned to the wicked or unbelievers. They were almost there. The zeal and power with the people of God had all wrong and enraged them. Taibbi it's out of the north and east. Shall what Schnabel him therefore he shall go forth with great theory to destroy an enemy. What does she say next. Confusion confusion was on every side I saw measures taken against the company who had past tense. The Light and Power of God What are the measures taken against the company. Something or something you read anywhere else where she uses the word measures taken against people of God and that that term is synonymous in use with Sunday law laddering preach the gospel. They are run out of anger and in response. Sunday no. Which is followed very shortly by a death decree this darkness taken the ground there now what do we have that now we have another guard it's us they're going to run them right. Remember there was darkness or thinking about that in the beginning but that wasn't darkness. This was a sketch. Now lives in darkness but in the ground and yet they stood firm approved on trusting in Him I saw them perplexed. Next time I heard them cry I'm going to gawk earnestly day and night they ceased not by will of God be done if you can glorify the name make a we have a sketch with my people. Deliver us from the heathen round about us this is the first time we hear the mention of other people it is after the not a rain they are now praying deliver us from the heathen by the way in Acts chapter two when the earlier it was poured out where there was a Church of God of the persecution. No in our chapter four when the early readers point out was the church on the persecution. Yes yes remember wagon Peter pray no more you will hear their threatenings grat you are so I've been boldness to preach and the Bible says the Spirit and the house was shaken and they went out with all boldness in other words beloved it is because when God's people go forth with the joy of the cross then are going forth calling down about now and this is great news. Let's go out there and tell the world they're excited they're happy but when Babylon respond in the way that she does then they're going to go. Or you hear their threatenings What are you going to do and the Lord will empower them again to preach. Anna wine actually told us that when the right says when the Gods people alas they go forth. You remember reading this great controversy. She said had they known the consequences of their word even to reading that right there. Underpin the man cried charter had they seen the consequences of their wired their words they want to remain quiet but compelled by the Spirit of God they went forth to preach you see but I mean the reason why is because when we go forth with this message of love when I can see when I'm going for say hey guys back at honest father when I've pointing a finger at what is going to force a hate across the crooks who love Jesus the cross Come come come. Do you believe it across human intercourse then the law of God is the principle of God and when we lived in someone just thinking there was going to be so happy. Everything is just great knows and then we will see the dragon the revelation of the dragon come to life. That's what they cry they cry out deliberately even run the Babas roundabout of they have appointed us unto death that the creek when is this after the lottery but i know i'm can bring salvation. These are all the words I can bring to mind all seem to have a deep sense of their unworthiness and manifest an entire submission to the will of God Yet by Jacob everyone without an exception most earnestly pleading investment for them never it's a total different pleading and wrestling for the memory. This is not the one that was happening in time of peace and the masses with love it is we've got to be wrestling and pleading now in the time of peace instead of waiting for the crisis to hit before we say OK I'm not going to be around that. And unfortunately this is what some of our brethren are saying you know we are praying for the lottery you're wasting your time these things are out of water we've got to wait for the crisis they think before we plead for the Spirit of God. Soon after they had commenced their earnest cried the angels in sympathy desired to go to their deliverance. But a tall commanding Angel suffered them not. He said the will of God is not good for children. They must drink of the cup they must be baptized with the baptism. You see the dead to create have passed and wasn't death decree process. Now we've got the close of what preparation now everything is done there's no more preaching to be done there. Dogma preaching that they could do everyone has made their decision. ST that degree is gone for God because God For Let him who is writers be right is still that he was born of your own so it was every everything stand still at that moment. Soon I heard the voice of God if he isn't a writer and author I mean dang and what one doesn't say the voice of God but it talks about Michael standing on their backs when probation calls and Michael stands up to the service people saw or heard the voice of God which the heavens and the earth there was a mighty earthquake buildings were sinking down on every side. I then heard a triumphant shout of victory musical and creative. I looked upon the company who are a short time before war incest distress and bondage. Their captivity was turned in a glorious moonlight so no one there. Our Glorious what a lot of rain. What do you remember in the very beginning they are like the glory of God are glorious like sons of one and they go forth to preach. Now they preach and now that the persecution comes their distress they are perplexed. Just before the second coming of Jesus. Another glory of light is seen upon them. How beautiful they then look all marks of care and wariness were gone and a health and beauty were so you know we countenance their enemies they even around them felt like dead men. So this is an actual life. They could not endure or the light that shone upon the delivered holy ones the light and glory remain upon them until Jesus was in the clouds. Beloved the Latter Rain is a phase and there is not a rain that that opens the season and there is a rain that closes the season that Madam rain that closes the season is none other than the fear of God Those who receive the seal of God will have this light upon them and that seal is what prepares them or is what keeps them safe in that time when Jesus comes again and others are perishing around. What do we see here the Latter Rain is a season not a day in the latter rain comes not in response to the Sunday law but in response to God's people leading an agonizing four victory over a cell that is where the matter rain comes in now I want to read one statement to you because of that people send in a statement you know people say this is totally clear you're going in the spirit of prophecy. Listen to this very quickly. Oh by the way. This real quick. I'm not going to read it. I read something else. Here it is. OK The great issue so near at hand and then this is actually taken from last the events and it says here the great issue so narrowly and then in parentheses it have the enforcement of Sunday laws close parentheses will weed out those whom God has not appointed and he will have a pure true sanctified ministry prepared for the latter rain. OK though the fault here is that OK See this is pretty clear that the Sunday law weeds out the people and prepares them for the latter rain that we've got the Church and prepares them for the lottery. Let me explain tandems put this or them natural it's natural for you so you can see that what she says does not contradict anything that we said. Number one. God's people are called to pray and to agonize and to obtain the victory over their work their sins right over so when they do this. Ellen why the same Oh I don't know this tells us that the Spirit of God will be poured out upon them. Now remember before this there was a shaking going on correct. There were some who were in the church who were not in the church right those people in the church they will see or they will that rain will be falling and they'll be looking around and not realizing that it's the latter way that we go as I know you guys are crazy. That's what she says then the land of me will be falling all around and they will not be able to discern it. So if they're not able to discern it must mean that they're still there in the church. Now that's not what. Which pushes people out of the church and I don't know that they're crazy and what makes them even more upset is when we go forth preaching this message with power and they think the church is responding. Then they're going to be like What are you crazy. They have been is doing you are bringing on a time of trouble. What are you doing. Why are you causing all this ruckus and God's people will not be going are causing ruckus they're just preaching the cross the cross of the thing that they're just preaching across but it's causing a ruckus and so what happens is they begin to distance themselves but they don't come out the church you see they're just saying oh you you know those are some fringe people but now when Babylon has had enough and they set up the Sunday law guess what happens the Sunday door we don't know who had remained in the church but had been shaken out a long time ago you see you know the Sunday not only serves to physically remove those who remained in the church but whose names were no longer on the books in heaven. So now when the something all comes it has read out a people to prepare and others are coming in and they're receiving under the loud cry the now rain and now you may have a purified church that is ready to receive the cold being rainy season rain the Sunday law without in a physical sense and purify the church in a physical sense so that you have a pure church. Everybody in the church will be purified not once they are found in the church. Now one into our person family church and those people will have this glorious light shone upon them until Jesus comes in the clouds they will be kept safe through the third and last place anybody ever heard of a sleeper cell. They are the most feared people in America. Everybody's looking around and saying Could sleeper cells be in my neighborhood and we have a sleeper cell in our me and I want you to understand that the definition of a sleeper is one with a law abiding an enemy who is a law abiding citizen in the country in which he is until awakened by a prearranged signal. And once they had prearranged he was given he springs into action and becomes bent on the destruction of the territory in which he once lived and was a law abiding citizen and I believe a lover that in God Seventh Day Adventist Church there are sleepers. Law abiding citizens of the kingdom of darkness. They're just really just living life and bad things and I keep a long lost son in there yet but I will be eating into my flesh and I'm afraid I am gone that what went on in there has been a pre arranged signal that God has given to his people. The Cross of Christ and I withdraw all men to me what they love and when we understand what Jesus has done for us on the cross it will wake us up and spring into action. Do you know that Jonah was actually called a sleeper. Jonah was made in the bottom of the ship. And somebody actually goes down in the bottom of the ship and awake. Now fleas are Jonah was sleeping while the world was one of the people on the ship were perishing and beloved I believe that there are many sleepers in God's mist in the Church of God Today we are asleep waiting for Sunday law to hate. Now we will wake up and spring into action now and things are we sure are here a long time. Man was taking Jesus or God was taking Jesus so law is that we are sleeping. And another let me tell you that when when a sleeper awakes he becomes a teller to the place that he once was a law abiding citizen. God is calling us to our way and you know I don't know and these are weapons of mass destruction. God is calling it God is calling us to wake up and to take hold of those don't you. And these weapons of mass delivery and beloved as we take these weapons sort of gone which is the Word of God as we take the love of Christ as we take the cross of Calvary. We walk away and begin to wreak havoc in Babylon. But if we are asleep if we are waiting for something when that something is weighing in on ourselves we will not be the generation that will have to give it to somebody else. I want to go home. You know I am tired of this stuff. I am tired of you know temptation is away everything man is via another they have temptation a great phrase and you know this is my home while I wait for the day where I want to have to be tempted anymore I went through the day in another way where we can go home and it's just kind of thing. What are you waiting for. What are you really. But this could be the generation. This could be the if not when. Why not. Here's the problem. If my people which are called out that there there is the condition for the lottery. If my people who walk all the money will wait for the Sunday law then I will hear their prayers from hell. No If my people which are called the money will humble themselves and pray and turn on their wiki way God's people have we can wait. It's how merciful God is to us call those we can and still loves us says just turn from you we turn from you with your ways and you wake up you will arise and shone for your light is comin for the glory of the Lord is written on you but I want to rise and shine about you I want to I want to go forth with those weapons and you know every time I got a message for sleeper Southern I get so scared when I preach then cry Man I sure hope you know I've got a scary thing right. God is calling us to wake up to love it and to preach the gospel the everlasting Gospel and stop playing around and to get busy for him. Heavenly Father we thank you so much for hearing our prayer tonight we thank you for speaking to us. We thank you for opening up my eyes. Father help us not to be foolish virgins waiting for some crisis to hit before we ask for the oil but rather the Lord let us be wise. Having the oil before the crisis is that we will not be found naked and wanting and without fire. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayer in Jesus' name we ask it a the min.


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