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Without Hands

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church




  • September 3, 2007
    7:00 AM
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or thank you this morning your loving kindness towards us we are going he would speak to us revivalists father help us to see clearly what you would house to see this morning we thank you for sending your son to die for us and I'm not as you would hide behind rocks navies where is your words are trading Jesus name the name of my message this morning is entitled without an without can and what I wanted to forget that and outside of the terms we would say no hand or not going to turn before no hands in the little kids learn to ride their bikes and what a slave that law known as no head but what does that mean what that's all trying to say it is one it's easy it's so easy on doing it without without or else someone might say I can beat you and with it what a think you're so easily like you doing with my hands out of my hands tied by I knew we would get everything about it in today's context to what I do look at that time without and from the Bible and see what the Bible has to say about this term without someone should open with me to the book of Job thirty four with an eight look at the places in which this is interesting turn is you Joel started for and were going to look at verse twenty Joe thirty four and verse twenty Job JW thirty four versus twenty the Bible says speaking of the wicked in a moment shout they die and the people shall be troubled in midnight and passively and a mighty shall be taken away how went out and what does that term mean here in this conflict without an the wicked will be taken away the money will be taken away without an universe wants me what you think it might mean without an dog will do it another way that we could we could say that without what without human intervention I wonder if you look at my paper that I have appear not without that's good I like that without human intervention and that's what what what the term really means God is doing and he's going to do it have without human intervention of a single again split of the book of Daniel Dan what to do the thinking with me so we are told believers verse thirty four Daniel speaking genetic and everything else lost or stolen what's how will now head which smoking is a policy that work on learning clay and broke them in pieces what does the term signifying his job at the store this image and there is no human intervention involved in this process in other words this ending is as good as I destroy no human intervention can stop it the Stalinist now and it is a good mind seeing a man I want to notice again the book of Daniel chapter eight Daniel chapter needs and verses twenty five speaking of the little horn power the Bible says of the one powering burst when you find and through his policy also shall cause craft to prosper in his hand a sound something is hard and my peace shall destroy many dissent also stand up against the Prince of princes but he shall be brought in without hair was any God will delete and there will be no human intervention not human and is going to bring down this little one powered inability of the mind work God himself is not a doing less reference that Daniel eleven Daniel eleven speaking of the same little more empowered verse forty five the Bible says he's our planet Aesop plant in China the palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain yet he shall come to you and how appointed Daniel eight twenty five how is the company then without it but I want to notice when Daniel eleven forty five says in that investing train of thought it says rather and on shout calpain in other words null human now that I was meeting no human God will do it there will be no human intervention no human to help now what would I look to the New Testament to find this news are all phrase used again in the story of Jesus is shrunk my chapter fourteen March the fourteenth chapter and that's look at verse fifty eight Mark fourteen verse fifty eight with solid verse fifty seven and there arose certain and bear false witness against him saying we heard him say I will destroy this temple that is made with hands and within three days I will build another made how went out and without that is without one human intervention now the Bible says that they bore false witness but you know what good because the Bible tells that we can do nothing against the truth but what for men when they said you know what it is better for one man I know the whole nation perish not the high priest spoke that and even if he is all miss guys made off thinking he was speaking from so likewise these awesome witnesses and this is something that Jesus did not say but even in that one I'm sure this morning that there is a powerful lesson in what they said and actually a powerful show even though they didn't know they were speaking through someone to the militants went when they say here is that I will destroy this temple needed with hands on the back term with and and and what it actually means is manufactured that is a human construction of human construction now remember what they think Jesus will say when Jesus actually said in John two nineteen destroy this temple and I will raise it up again in three days later they answered this temple has been deconstructed but took it so forty six years while you may never destroy this temple this human construction and rebuilding it in three days but the Bible says that Jesus spoke of the Temple of his wife abuse by his father and ask your question was geniuses body made with an all without it is Mountain View when he was yet I was outlining with him or without him him very well done there was Sheila Manning intervention being wanted there was a healing that way all in this work and so it's interesting that in a sense yes there's this one remember Jesus said I am the one the temple the temple saw this temple that was me we can Jesus said I would bring it back without question when Jesus was resurrected once that we had only found when I know what human intervention no human intervention and eleven this very show is something that Jesus wants to perform with each and every one of notice of me second Corinthians chapter five second Corinthians chapter five in verse eleven second Corinthians chapter five verse eleven or rather versus one the Bible says for we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of God a house not amazed when I went ahead eternal in the heavens what is falsely is certainly garner out and is currently house when they want when you guys human intervention however one day Mrs. Lee Tabernacle will be the home are being destroyed and God will grant us one that is made well when you are looking forward to that Temple made without hands the same is true however in a spiritual sense because Jesus the Bible tells us now annoying to me all the while Temple supposed to be the Temple of not now we are all temples in fact most people out there in the wild technologies as they too are you before you became a Christian you were still a temple not all about Arlington will know we were made when and what does that mean we have a mother and a father and they constructed a ad and that construction they cast on something inherently tendencies to say along the way we picked up some things in the structure that we will call what cultivated and seven eleven the promise of Jesus for us even now is it a crime will destroy I will be strongly backed temple name when had I gave you one may have with our in other words one that has been constructed by the Holy Spirit one that is with all who I'll be thinking this is my second time is fighting the Bible if any man be in Christ he is a wild and new creature or creation he wants to make us a new parent is that the critical burst with a look at this morning Colossians chapter two Colossians chapter two and I want you to notice versus nine and on more classes to beginning with verse nine for any hand that is Christ blood all the fullness of the Godhead bodily and you are complete in him which on that which is the head of all principality and power in his own also you are circumcised with the circumcision may how without taxonomy as a question what does it mean in a spiritual context circumcision what does that mean it means you have a new one on you are it means that you have been converted it means that you ever been born again it means that you are now walking in the newness of the Spirit it means anyone now living a godly life amen when the Bible tells us that this circumcision must be in a lab inaugurated this must mean hey how without head that is with how human intervention you mean to tell me that this work if God were to tell me that this thing this this this talk about my pleasant overcoming is God 's work outside of human intervention righteousness is hands down in the cash righteousness if they had down in the process don't touch it and it is in my work it is the one that is done with our human intervention now don't get me wrong here because as human beings we have a parts plant is lets say that upfront that you believe in getting nervous you can relax and you have something to do okay moment and talk about what acting is that we have to do because it may not be what you want Thomas here in fact the Philippians chapter three Philippians chapter three and verse three notice what is said here for we are the circumcision which number of circuits is talking about the circumcision made one without one without it we are the circumcision which Morrison gone and the Spirit rejoice in Christ Jesus and have no confidence in the class will swap of the circumcision made without hands understand that righteousness is gay and down they know confidence in the flesh and whose letters in what is known as the media in the book of Ephesians chapter two Ephesians the second chapter want to know this is powerful powerful mercy seasons to verse ten the Bible says here when you get the same as the Bible says therefore we are in a who who is getting dark we are in a block where commencing created in Christ Jesus unto a while the wireless which God has before ordained that we should walk in them we are whose workmanship is wasn't even if the money workmanship have any of your creative something make something with your hands that was what your web message to any partisan here in the art is okay as an artist you may be drawing determined that other paper and say nothing I need you to help me out here here's what I want to do in the fund-raising in your building a house on where is it ability you lock the thing that shipbuilding this is what you need I think you just want you killed now I'm not an inanimate object and you said but elsewhere human beings we have freedom of choice with talk about what the Bible says that we are his workmanship which must mean that God is the one in control of the wire of righteousness in our ninth it seems what I hear something interesting the wife for all workmanship wrong here first none of us agreed that box in the definition it is a product that is the word workmanship means that in this particular context factory that is not something that that's that's just absolutely amazing to listen to the whole front of price optimization page three eleven all in the covering which Christ himself has provided can make us need to appear in God 's presence this covering the role of youth all righteousness Christ were put on every representing believing so I count of the says to follow me knows goals identify that she focuses on why rain I found this equals a shame of thy nakedness do not appear related to retain this role will in the nose of campaign hat and not one the red of human being by all I was excited by my cup of your Christ in these humanity wrought out a perfect character and this chapter offers to impart to us on our righteousness are as filthy right everything will be everything that we ourselves can dual is defiled by sin and we also can while still what is due to signify accent mark all homework homework is filthy and therefore cannot be said to my daughter he says you are among a workmanship you're my family and there is any know all human intervention in the Nazi nothing or nothing but what about you not me righteousness is hands down what is right this is made up that role of righteousness is made up of two things the process of righteousness what is towards promoting alerts justification and while sanctification justification is the declaration of being right I think the vacation is one is in the process in Israel doing is not directly in the correct sanctification is the action unrighteousness justification is the declaration of righteousness right now hold inauguration that mold is made up on justification and sanctification Reagan Reagan Reagan justification is God 's word sanctification is over I will know what fine right now he smiled and said okay not all data on all hate one was on once you notice easy to find numbers twenty six Ephesians chapter five verse twenty six the Bible says here label to three versus Ephesians government in first Thessalonians five eleven of the votes of the book of Hebrews is the farmer 's twenty six the Bible says here is personally five husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself a risk that he might want sanctify the coolest job in to sanctify it is Christ's work he is the one that not only justify that occurs is righteous but he is the one that defines that is he is the one that that that does the righteous works he is the one you don't mean it in the book of first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three the Bible says here Tony's five twenty three and the very God of peace do I sanctify morning who is the one that sanctified is gone he is the one doing sanctified he is the one that sanctifies us notice again he was at the thirty first twelve games thirteen in verse twelve the Bible tells us there where are therefore Jesus also that he might want to sanctify the people with his own blood suffered without the G sanctification we are told is the work is not the work of a moment and our quality but otherwise I bought whose lifetime work is the it is God 's work that he does over your lifetime it is easy more so do we have a work doing something to do it we do nothing reduce high subject message history eleven of God was manifested safe to take away our sins and international scene sin is defined to be the transfer of the law but Christ was obedient to any requirement of the law he said it himself I want to do that little dog euthanized within my heart what on earth is that these disciples I kept my father 's Commandments on his perfect obedience he made it possible for any human being to obey God 's command when these and also surprised the heart is united with his heart the whale is marriage in his win the mind becomes one with you in mind that all are brought into captivity to handle it we laid his life this is what it means to be clothed with the garments of righteousness of his righteousness that subordinates upon us he sees not a fig leaf garment not the mechanisms of formatives and but his own role of righteousness which is perfect we all love Jehovah how do I think that crimes bold designs and sanctifies us without while many think it's a very familiar verse Isaiah sixty four Isaiah chapter sixty four and verse eight Isaiah sixty four and verse eight the Bible tells there was now old Lord God are our father we AE at the our father we are all aware of who's had him sign when God tells us that we are his workmanship you saying that you're likely you're the one your way and I am I am the one that saves your computer I know one who's shy and reasoning about so when you do something that is good it is not you that that is doing it it is God who sent you into doing okay many many many more that it further with this week really grasp he was not aggressive of helplessness that God dwells or Jesus dwells in a temple in heaven not made with one with an accent the seminars forty eight at seventeen personally for both that God does not dwell in temples made with while and you know what that means if you are attempting to construct your own oh and you God dwell in temples 's name was that because somebody else will get the glory this was a couple of know God dwell in temples made with my hand and so he's just you send on your attempt to build your temple on happening billiard simple scheduling handle change now it must be a hand download now many things in the book of Ezekiel twenty eight two Lucifer Ezekiel twenty and I want you to notice something about this Angel Lucifer and what happened with him in heaven Ephesians twenty eight with an begin with verse thirteen you know the rest I think in the garment on a reverse phone was not covering someone without I first though lens shaped know what more men should all buy fabrics another iPod was prepared in the day in the end of the was proven one thing here when the word workmanship when he was saying was Lucifer my creation you are a Mac and work your goodness your righteousness were all a part of my creating I created you I made you the one that made you will be I won a major right is I the one that sanctified you were my workbench and solely those of the days I want to does not develop me was by the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of the Midlands what is Merton good good stuff loses the American are you solving him when he was trafficking is another think it was shocking something had wireless each king in heaven he was shot live in particular he was trafficking a concept what was the concept that was trafficking in heaven hearings in Isaiah fourteen those of us that I will be like the multi- one of the most time I the most time in loving merciful kind and long-suffering female of another azalea he wanted to meet eternal life moment of the what he wanted to be what he wanted to prove was that he and and of himself could be cooler righteous holy women out help sell righteousness was watching West Fiji and now knows what it says about me to verse eighteen of the misunderstanding that heart was lifted up because of our love we can beauty not what I was on my reason online he was looking at the goodness within itself and a lot of our thinking that they find no not what everybody sanctuaries in Lucifer defiled his sanctuary by attempting to take the work of righteousness into his ball on dangerous is a dangerous one now the master was new for this term self justification is that stand none you have not heard this term cell sanctification is that thing on available a part of the same role God is the one that was due nowhere the Bible says that there was none that would good know not what not one in your custody doing good and doing evil do good not one do you know that Abraham had to give God a hand you got in promise and went down I saw it his mind that the promise was not going the way that he thought it should be said that in January and end the hand of God try to get a brand which the candidate and what does Abraham and this is my water when you have until it's interesting that when Abraham finally then I noticed evenhandedly patronizing I want to take a nine in your head the Bible as he says in Genesis twenty two it is that Abraham stretched forth his hand she got have to deal with him there because he attempted to give God I asked how many of us have attempted to give God I had and had ended up messing it up if you look at that jar Nice enough fingerprints in the easy it is that nothing of any miniatures when you think you don't have says are and I don't understand you and you got nothing to present all over and that star every time we touch the dog onto something he's not how many remember a guy by the name of Arthur K are you ready to do that and make sure you're ready the Bible says that I thought was charming the art of the covenant what's in the art of the company the law of God and the man and activists dichotomized up in a and dog always focusing right now on the law of God as an and the Bible says that that that that the car in which the art was that the donkey which is on the donkey show and Art began to fall over and put forth his hand the Bible answers to other for four he had any thoughts regarding what happened to that number maybe that well the Bible tells us in the book about numbers that only the priests were to touch the whole evening out what that only the priests were accessible in things because the priests were a height of the of Christ and only prized transforming things handmade only Christ because he is voting that's who he is already his rights as only he can stand before God only he can shoot the ball I was wanted in a chance to keep the law from being broken in so many of the in attempting intentions were good how many of us and attempting to cheat the law of God from being broken struts for our head seats with that's not the way that I want my market you can do is mind work I'm not saying that you can't seem to log on to say it is his work he is the one that accomplishes how do we put our hand in the mix once it doesn't mean that quickness in chapter two verse eight Isaiah Chapter two verse eight I second the first age we read there they are now also is full of items they worship the work of their own hair that their own fingers have made in the minibus I like Nebuchadnezzar God gave Nebuchadnezzar and it a picture of himself and his kingdom it was a picture of a what about my as you look at that man you saw that as time went on man what were the metals got less and less noble goals first right but then what so and then wrong and then I all the way down to what it could the story of fallen man we started off in righteousness but in the word I said I need to clean and we do however in Daniel chapter three Nebuchadnezzar is not happy with what he sees so he builds an image made with hands Nathan Anna before the mother I believe that many of us because we don't like the image of the art where attending good intentions were attending the velvet image but it is we who are building the image look at me look how good I the wonderful thing that I'm doing and went building and paintings but God is not destroyed at any one way or the other until they realize that it is God 's word and mountains nine hours to notice is the again I said shut the twenty nine verse sixteen as if slain under sixteen to see what the Bible says he Isaiah twenty nine sixteen sharding your turning things upside down song is named upon its prey over seventy and admitted he made me not or sound of things flames at the end of freedom that he has no understanding got to look on the Potter yarn a lot your way do not claim out how pottery is made I was talking a house Pottery Barn than the asking five must go through a hiring process is that it is a new book that's why the Bible says that it thinks is not strange God is trying to harm the immediate example of so here you are face-to-face with some temptation who is about to work the work of righteousness who is Christ and unashamed your news to see no point now that sensation and the practices and patient is to solidify in your character the ability to say no but as far as coming you go against the pop there are no more anything are all mad and say yes the fire comes and you become hardened in what infant think about God and ask you to do what Jesus said the work all I wanted to do was be clean just old age is one of the claimant of a deal of the cuts of the Potter that I know that the Holocaust claim it doesn't yield to the tribes of the father that you are right dismissed and that yields in some and every temptation and HR Christ is right in forming and shaping what he wants you to do and that the freedom of choice comes in when you say nor I is the hands-down undiscovered you go ahead no no not when you know that things your lack that God marking and you and throw you you wouldn't do anything to you you are trying to do anything benefit of all kinds it was basically an old Bay yield to the middle of the markets when the clay stands up against the plotter and and and and and something moved in a certain way where you let me know God wants England as an athletic future annual case based on the romantic adventure as soon as you have I was on-the-fly and the way in any advertising you know that I was on the computer okay this money on this I was this is exactly the work is exactly what God does is when he tries what he's going through his creative process the following process is to freeze the whole ride their hall no and what we do like rebellious clean we say on the rise up against the pop see justification and occasion be his war of accessories and other refreezing in the right places that he is part of identity have to stay right there okay now wanted to write their what is happening is we are becoming a hard and in righteousness Highland in practice and now the genuine the vast volume of the demand among us I want to think about the stealing of the ones I wanted it certainly into the true both intellectually and spiritually see that it's a knowing in Jeremiah twenty says noting that the public clay was marred in the potter 's hand until we have to break in and you know do it over again I ask what God is doing with praise God when we pause in one of those this was okay without breaking down and he brings you down advantage of her coming to write so I'll unpalatable food as we got older with only as the clay window count of interconnected natural way claim the stone is cut out without hands smite the image where on the eighth of a because that lady isn't mingled with your my only met me Lord but not there see the clan I represent eighteen and the people who profess to serve God but are on moldable by the Potter when he was in the guard how did she get the fruit she put forth her head we can imagine perhaps Satan singularities once you take your future into your own that you will be like you can set your own future shed your own destiny it was the putting forth all day at accounting for five hours secondly what it means to say that God put Adam in the garden and not only son Genesis three twenty two not all of the matter because one of us and now less people are flocking and antagonist your life that God stopped him and put him out of the garden for that very reason to shop mankind him into eternal life could not be gained by Damon pointing forward is because of the work that I'm good have to you can accomplish you gently sanctified and justified by putting forth your hand on the nasty to do is become one click that is your one because the Deuteronomy eight versus fourteen to seventeen of the Bible tells there when Moses was warning in Israel be careful is that all these things feel you turn around and say my all and has gotten even as well be careful does the work must be a work with our hands and sometimes you do that when God will something how does the shape of a census by his widow and by his word so it's his e-mail for me not to go back please recently says okay and he's will come down and it might have to will begins to shape my will and if I am right weekly on doing is that it is with she is the one that is doing the wire you know when Jesus was here honor than anything elderly believe me for the work that and that he said those marks are the works of who my phone even Jesus because it seems that I like that gone are the complaint so that means that every thing that I do I have to give glory to the father is that it is a fundamentally what we saw and that's true love other men see that nothing on himself anything is set so if you do nothing of himself using the same level as the way that you do is hand property and the look father Noah had no hard info for us to grasp of because we are used to putting our head into me know and is Nancy Grace no known trust try silently this cheap okay I'm closing with these final thoughts Romans before Rollins Center for an first eleven we need to bring this down to the last days Romans for verse eleven the Bible says here and he that is Abraham received the sign of circumcision a seal on the righteousness of the faith what was circumcision C C do you realize that those who are you in the last days will be see because they learned how to put their hands they received that circumcision when I want everyone when I received the seal mama say sentences was a single window the Sabbath is salad awesome you think about what is the sign of initially seven five is Eagle twenty eighth oh nine award of God is beautiful in Ezekiel twenty first twelve and also I gave them my posting assignments in the event that they might know that I am the Lord that what say goodbye one was who was in the field and at last they also realize that justification and sanctification is not worth where exactly where that's great and so now the Sabbath becomes the most it is God 's work is when God created the Waterworld after every day or example in a day the Bible says he was a B drafting the mammography and it was so not enough in the onlooker that were sold just this morning you know the word means and means to set up right John anyone who sold and the word amen carries the same meaning which is faithfulness or TVs so you use it and then when you say Y V zone and it means faithfulness letting these oh so every time I said something the world was in whistle then why did nothing to help out in its creation they are you are you are a new creation you are my creation in the saying while also are sealed on Muslim learned that the company known and Al Roth simply said that they simply respond that are responsive to the will of God the word of God is not that one is God more so when that's seven thanks Ron God sealed and if anything yet it's good it's good in his shot is so is a man on you amen do you limit and then I got says the amen brother don't go there a man that had a net volume of righteousness is summed up in the warm evening because you can come up with the idea is that many of my thoughts and I do not need on my lazy Ali cellulites has set in that's what put a name gone allows click to talk to talk this is just a smartphone all I want to do with it and when I say something is a new given freedom of choice I cannot override you will and I will not do that there must be cooperation with the cooperation and you're not doing anyone a name amen amen and so that is why the seal of God is not keeping in bears the mark of the beast receive in the Florida why because the I know why all my windmill Sunday is something that was more of the month each in their own right this is a second we think this is more like Disneyland and we can do this with you we can be righteous without following your law we can be right as well following what you think we can be rises without a Mac nice is when the seal of God received in their hand they would have something to glory about because the clean of heart some hands down he was one more prison in return he was for ten invited down the Bible tells me that he had entered into an see from his home were even as God 's will from the seal of God simply says RC modeler and now with God that is working she is one that is doing the work and all I do say a name on this prison done so when he's a big praise God it is inventive and if I don't want to the football game and this is why you are pretty well where they stands and onto the Wii watching what was missing and what is I a note because he only has to do with you upon so he him I will pop over Hernandez is still a excellent deficit in the business of getting to know don't really know where the money this morning you realize in your fingerprints are all over the tenure same boy I wanted to come in a woman who can't even read how in the company nominate another and the chance that is very specific appeal and there may be no whining here for this but this you are not giving in my photographs sitting on the fence I'm an acid come down as unless and I'm not about because this is a man so you may peace you made in so doing you know it will not did not want total control you have been resting your hand against the father saying no door Delphi mine will be gone online and this one was a boy I do not lay it all in your which is income you hold the boy you you do the only made one more appeal for those of you were coming up and you can raise your hand you are enough to know that doesn't appeal me back to the markup visible and I maybe some of you are struggling and can one make a decision process will follow-up on how to does not have time to someone who over the course of all the meetings you've heard a single again I need to be baptized or rebaptized understanding on injuries and no some some I got to know who needs the gettable visa 's razor and real effort going against the demands of so they can make known among their answer may not when asbestos to our heavenly father we thank you sometimes that you have taken this plan into your we thank you Lord because anything you need such as humans we know and sold more than they said his work is my satisfy all the glory and honor and praise will because the work was done without none of us will be able to take the glory for the powerful themes you will do in our last father you teach the arbitrators that is to put our hands and allow you to have your way with you has said I I imagine that will draw all men unto me you are the neck the only way we can Sean and if we are helpless so not too busy to be molded and settled in the truth naturally I spirit in a file we thank you for what you had done here this morning we thank you for what you've done here this week please molders for you are the potter can be on me in Jesus name we pray amen


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