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A Great Awakening

Chester Clark III


In this first of a series on church history, Pastor Clark explores the factors that precipitated the Great Second Advent Movement which began towards the end of the Second Great Awakening.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • June 7, 2014
    11:00 AM
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our Scripture today probably encompasses one of the most beautiful and hope filled promises of God 's word and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again it's a wonderful thing to be looking to look forward to the second coming of Jesus and you know we talk the last few weeks we talked last week about them the change from the observance of the Sabbath to the observance of Sunday we talk before that about how traditions of the place of God 's word in the church about how philosophy and complicated interpretations of God 's word led letter to be a thing that only the clergy of the professionals that study and laypeople were prohibited from having the word of God the board wasn't even translated into their own languages they were able to read or just when to speak and some there there came in the church and church history a a forgetting of the truth of God 's word in one of those truths we looked at last week and the gel was the was the Sabbath to Sunday Sabbath but there were other terms that were forgotten one of the trades believe it or not one of the truth that were forgotten what the truth on the second coming of Jesus can you imagine such a a a wonderful to have been lost sight of that's what happens when we don't spend time in the word of God the truth of the second coming was lost side up what does blood apostles and called the blessed hope what an animated their lives but had given them hope for the future what I didn't enjoy them living their lives even in suffering and persecution was that it was the promise that Jesus gave here in John fourteen that he would come again just as we've seen in going downward in a seam getting going to come again all the early church was excited they were hopeful they are anticipating the second coming of Jesus in fact some of them were invented as an happen right away on his letter to the Thessalonians had a sort of dampen their holds a little bit because there's going to be other problems will Billy said before the second coming but they were never decided that the Jesus was going to come again why do you think they were excited that Jesus is going to come again I believe the main reason that the early Christians talk so much about the second coming I believe the main reason they hoped for look forward to the second coming so much was simply because they love Jesus FY they were excited about the second coming of the one whom they love would be returning the one whom they were separated from would come again you know when you love someone it's hard to be away from them talk to Michael about that after the service when you love someone it's hard to be away from them I remember when I was digging Jane Long distance it's hard to be away from someone you love it even harder to be way up in the balcony and the white on here you know when you're separated it's hard to be away from the person you love and the disciples were so excited about the second coming because they love Jesus and they wanted Jesus to return they couldn't wait till he would be here and they would be with them as Jesus promised here in these passages and yet his trip with lots side of many different theories came about mostly just forgotten but wait we know that that the Reformation brought a revival the study of God 's word and so they read John fourteen people knew there was going to be a second coming but they are picking confusion about how that would take place or when it would take place and it always seem to be some nebulous far in the distant future some of the theologies that were developed help to foster this this is sort of high in the sky view of the second coming but there came a time in an Christian history even after the Reformation when the second coming would come to prominence in the minds of the people once again and this was during the second great awakening were going to take it to take some time to look at this and how it took place today were going to be discovering how this truth is rediscovered and downwardly looking in our Bibles that some of the things that brought about this rediscovering this great awakening but before we begin I would invite you to bow your heads with me for an additional word of prayer father in heaven they were thankful that you've given us your word Lord what a privilege we half to live in a day when your word is is is free to be read by by individuals such as us Lord we are just so thankful that we can know we can open your Word today freedom and peace and safety we pray that we would be led by your spirit as we study its pages it we might understand something of your plan for us of your plan to return and as we look at sacred history as we look at how you have worked in the past two bring light hidden by ages of neglect to to the understanding of your people once again we pray that you would guide us we ask this in Jesus name them the second great awakening was a revival that the place among many different denominations it was during the early nineteenth century late eighteen hundreds and early nineteenth and early start in late seventeen hundreds and early eighteen hundreds of this great awakening took place meeting around seventeen ninety keep in mind this date when the second awakening was happening so around seventeen ninety that they would gain momentum momentum by eighteen hundred and early eighteen hundreds eighteen twenty eighteen thirty Ali was around eighteen thirty eighteen forty and their membership during this time rose rapidly among Methodist and Baptist congregations especially those preachers led the movement know why was this movement happening then I forwarded it were nights of export or just a minute and were going to see where it led but why was it happening one of the reasons that it was taking place whether with his view of the second coming called post millennialism in a post- millennialism is a big word that simply means people will leave that Jesus was going to come back after a millennium of peace may you understand you probably read in Revelation chapter twenty that's where we get the understanding of the millennium you probably read about the millennium and you and I may have a different understanding of that we we I believe I'm premillennialists that means I believe that Jesus or she comes back before the millennium before the thousand years of peace is an incoming rocket and on the big detail about that teaching but that's what I believe it is very common in the church is the mainstream churches of the day this idea post millennialism and that is a Jesus that was going to return after the millennium now what does that tell you what it tells you if you believe in it you believe that Jesus is meant to come back at least a thousand years I blessing believe that we've already entered the millennium that letting the piece that described in Revelation chapter twenty must you believe that Artie begun as Amelia 's house in years until Jesus comes again about the long time not been in our lifetime it's not something we really need to worry about but there were a number of reasons why post millennialism actually began to foster a revival and a couple of those reasons were that will for one thing in America it seemed like an ideal what do you mean the millennium this makes sense I got a new country sort of this Internet like a country Americanism that was ideal nation at least in the minds of many Americans this was a you can go in and start your own country airline congealed state your own community you have your own churches and you can you could have a sort of a an ideal situation to begin a peaceful existence to begin the millennium in fact this actually led to a movement which was known as the restoration movement the restorations of the restoration movement with the idea of restoring a primitive idea of Christianity to the US population we wanted a pure Christianity without the elaborate hierarchy and and and Paul political intrigue that had dominated the church of Europe and America we do have that in America we can have a state church in America we can have these I these well-established churches we could have more of a Congregational situation where people could have the faith and eight wanted to have so a number of groups came up the Mormons of the shakers as well as this was very commonly viewed among some of the mechanisms in the Baptist as well we were going to have a I a movement is a pure Christianity and what better place to have it than here in America where the sky is the limit the tradition bound European churches seemed out of place in this new setting of the primitive phase based on the Bible alone promised a way to sidestep the competing claims of many denominations and available congregations one to find assurance of being right without having a national churches held in what they believe and so this sort of grow at a revival across America people who are trying to get back to the word of God all good things right trying to get back to the word of God trying to have an ideal religion and also have an ideal country at the same time we have a second Advent movement beginning of these two issues are components that grew out of the second great awakening there's an somewhat in contradiction because the restoration movement not not not idea of having ideal setting or ideal conjurer I don't religion that's all both both groups would agree with that but the restoration movement was excited they were getting excited because it was commonly believed among American Christians that this was the beginning of the new millennium you understand the idea that we could bring in a religion that was free from hierarchy and elaborate politics and those the church and we can follow the Bible the Bible only did Davis in a new country where where we could set up our own laws and our own values and our own our own ethics this was the one I reviewed his hope that there would be the new millennium established soon there would be an millennium of peace established on your the same time there was a great second Advent movement that was also coming out of the second great awakening and the active movement began the same time as the restoration movement but with a premillennialist theology that is the Adventists believe that Jesus was going to come before the millennium it was not being the idea of a pure church did not hearken to the idea of the millennium beginning it hearkened to the idea of Jesus coming in soon there's a different focus they are so that the Advent movement began with a pre- millennial theology and a greater focus on eschatology or in time prophecies and I want us to look at one of are some of the reasons why William Miller and the other and the other great second Advent movement preachers began to say that Jesus was coming again Jesus is coming again soon were to look at a series of Bible verses in the parallel passages that teach the same thing and want to see how if it's found in all of the three synoptic Gospels and it's also the gospel John doesn't record of what they writer John is recorded in the book of revelations let's start Matthew Matthew chapter twenty four and were remembering here that shrews are being discovered as the Protestant Reformation has continued to grow as people continue to study the Bible over the last couple hundred years since the Reformation neutrinos are being discovered all the time and this would be a rediscovery of the teaching of the Scriptures about the second coming Matthew chapter twenty four and were going to read here verse twenty nine Matthew chapter twenty four and verse twenty nine this is what it says immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened the moon will not give its light and the stars will fall from heaven and the powers of the heaven will be shaken then first thirtieth says then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven and all the tribes of the earth will mourn and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven power and great glory now with this verse begins this passage begins with a age time anchor says immediately after the tribulation of those days what is he talking about let's back up just a little bit here and if we did we look back here when he talks about the great tribulation beginning in verse fifteen he continues well will start verse twenty one reading it at the twenty fourth verse twenty one for then there will be a great tribulation such as has then since the beginning of the world and the most time no nor ever shall be and unless those days were short and no flesh would be saved but for the elect 's sake those days will be shortened what great tribulation and that speaking up I believe we'll have time to go to detail were going to in a couple a couple upcoming sermons were to be looking at that and how these prophecies team to be understood to look at those prophecies but I believe that this great tribulation that Jesus referring to the tribulation predicted by the apostle by the prophet Daniel and Daniel chapter seven now 's not only predicted and end of chapter seven this time this period of persecution tribulation for the church would be prophesied in six different places up all the time prophecies this is the most frequently mentioned as we have today is December twenty five and is well-versed on Revelation eleven three revelation twelve six members twelve fourteen and Revelation thirteen five and you'll notice that they are made they are found in different different iterations you have the same being talked about as twelve hundred sixty days you haven't been talked about his three and a half years having talked about his forty two months remember that a Jewish year had three hundred sixty days a Jewish month at thirty thirty days so these are all the same time three and half years forty two months and three and six twelve and sixty days it's all talking about the same time this was predicted that there would be a time of persecution now without that without going into the details of this study will look about a little later we believe that this kind very began when the church to church the Christian church came to exercise absolute civil power control the state and five thirty eight eighty five thirty eight eighty this is when the last of the three try information that are resisted the the bishops of wrongs civil leadership was uprooted now twelve hundred fifty years brings down to the year seventeen ninety eight right something I did not remember when is the date when is a great second awakening beginning seventeen ninety right that's about the same time as the prophecy had predicted there would be a great there would be begin the tribulation now notice in seventeen ninety eight were mum on the details today but we believe this was very elderly fulfilled when during the aftermath of the French Revolution when it was proclaimed and there was no thought Napoleon start general of brigade marched on to the city of Rome and he found the Bishop of Rome of hiding in the in St. Peter's Basilica actually in the Sistine Chapel and then did they actually went in with his soldiers it noisily claiming into this is church were echoing throughout chambers and they are arrested or captured the Pope and took him into exile where he would die in exile France declaring that there was no God there is no church it pretty dramatically emphasized the pack the fact that the church no longer had absolute control of the statement will distantly but notice what Jesus said when talking about his great tribulation he said except those they should be shortened document tribulation no flesh would be saved we actually find prior to seventeen ninety eight most of the persecution of God 's people in the truth coming to an end at least a violent prestige and why would that be one of the main reasons is what two main reasons one is because of the Protestant Reformation the Prosser Reformation created states in Europe that were Protestant and where freedom of conscience was a reason to a degree protective right and so if you were no longer willing to attend mass which previously had at times been punished by death you could move to a part of Europe where there was freedom to not have to do such things right and also during this time we have the beginning of a new country a country across the Atlantic a country which promised freedom and opportunity for anyone in many many persecuted individuals were making their ways not just to not just the United States but many of the United States and so an actual fact the practice persecution had come to an end prior to the actual seventeen ninety eight sometime fifty sixty seven years earlier there were almost no more people being burned at the stake and being persecuted by the church for their beliefs this makes sense Jesus said except those days have been shortened no flesh would be saved that is to say if it hadn't been for these partisan states of it had been for America relief open air release valve for these persecuted individuals become to it hadn't been for those Beijing short God 's truth and those who believe it might have been completely exterminated from the face of fear that's what you said that as they should be shortened that there might not be no flash otherwise no flesh be saved and now now look again at verse twenty nine when Jesus says immediately after the true place of those days the sun will be darkened the moon will not be relied the stars will fall from heaven the powers of the heavens will be shaken then the sign of SL you have the sequence of events in the tribulation and you have signs in this the moon stars and then the sign of the Son of Man second right I want to go back to our scriptures let's look now in the gospel according to Mark Mark chapter thirteen and were going to read verses twenty four and twenty five Mark chapter thirteen and verses twenty four and twenty five when you're there you can say amen Mark thirteen verses twenty four and twenty five this is what Jesus 's words are recorded by Mark but in those days after that tribulation the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light the stars of heaven will fall and the powers in the heavens will be shaken do you see a pattern here the same exact thing with advanced tribulation sun moon stars were twenty six then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory and then he will send his angels and gather together his elect from the four winds from the farthest part of heaven the far of the earth to the farthest part of heaven look at me now to Luke Luke chapter twenty one and were going to see how Luke records this they should come as no surprise to you that the gospel writers are in harmony on this record of Jesus teachings and you might think that is not important you know you're just sort of remembering years later what Jesus is saying listen these these writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit to record the words of Jesus is not just coincidence that they have the same words in the same or same event is not exactly same words with the same idea the same order of events with agenda twenty one verses twenty five and twenty six there will be signs but we previously reversed twenty three there will be the true relations of work verse twenty five there will be signed in the sun and the moon and the stars and the earth distress of nations with perplexity the sea and the waves were boring men's hearts they owing them for fear and expectation of those things which are coming on here for the powers of the heavens will be shaken then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory now when you when these things begin to happen look up and lift up your heads because your redemption draws near as exciting friends of this and look at saying this is something a bit time to be alive this is going to be an exciting time when you begin to see these things happen look up lift up your heads your redemption draws near the floor lookout that John's account of this in Revelation chapter six Revelation chapter six and you're going to see the same order with the addition of one event Revelation chapter six and verses thirteen at twelve and thirteen Revelation chapter six verses twelve and thirteen and by the way verse eleven is describing the persecution and even the martyrdom of God 's people during this time of great tribulation relationship to six reading the first well I looked when he opened the sixth seal and behold there was a great earthquake and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair and the moon became like blood and the stars of heaven felt in years as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up and every mountain and island was moved out of place and the kings of Europe and Raymond Richman the commanders and the mighty men of every slave and every freeman hit themselves in the keys in the rocks of the mountains and said to the mountains and rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of them is it's on the throne from the wrath of the Lamb the great day of his wrath is come and who is able to stand you notice the contrast between the two groups of people one who are not prepared to see Jesus coming in once you are looking up and looking up there had excited the redemption is drawing nigh and this group is saying to the Rocky Mountains would rather die any other way than this way what a contrast with same thing with the rest tribulation and John here as a new and new a new event W great earthquake he says and then signs in the sun sun not getting invited the moon turn to blood and the stars fallen from heaven and in the second coming for different gospel presentations for different prophecies mall giving the same sequence of events in the same order tribulation signs in the sun moon the stars second coming now this is one of the reasons the second great awakening took place because as the Bible is now given to the people general people as it's now available in English is available in French it's available in German is available in the common tongue of the people reading and studying the Bible and they began recognizing wait a minute some of these things are happening some of these signs are coming about their taking place by the Weigel jetted to adverse Genesis look there will quickly for me move on jolt chapter two verse ten meters move quickly here until two and verse ten this is the prophecy that revelation is quoting from when it says the earthquakes before then the heavens tremble the sun and the moon grow dark and the stars diminish their brightness and he goes on and he says it talks about the coming of the day of the Lord of prophecy of the second coming so men and women scholars religious laypeople teachers preachers they are all reading their Bibles there there there becoming familiar with these passages these verses and then what do you know these things actually began to happen they began to see some of these things actually taking place first of all we see the Lisbon earthquake November one seventeen fifty five now is not that there weren't earthquakes before but by far one of the most dramatic and disastrous earthquakes that would come to the European continent is estimated to bed then and a half and nine on the Richter scale and you understand every every decimal every ten on the Richter scale is a power of ten in the matter force right so so and eight six is ten times stronger and eight five you understand that right now how big a seven is seven one is ten times bigger simple interest and I've been assembling one when you buy twenty to eight and a half and nine you're talking about and eighty eight a monumental earthquake of massive proportions and seventeen fifty five earthquake also known as the great Lisbon earthquake occurred on the first of November seventeen fifty five it was the holiday that happened they all think they and it happened about nine forty in the morning here at quake was followed by fires and a tsunami which almost totally destroyed Lisbon and the adjoining areas and estimates place the toll in Lisbon along the death toll between ten thousand and hundred thousand making it one of the deadliest earthquakes in history and it is it what it said that the survivors saw the seeming into re- to recede and because the city was burning the action rush out and opens base around the docks and in front of docs to try to get away from the fire not realizing the tsunami was was soon to come about forty minutes after the earthquake it enormous tsunami engulfed the harbor in downtown rushing up the river so fast that several people riding on horseback were forced to gallop as fast as possible for the for the fear of being carried away flames raged in the city of Lisbon for five days after the earthquake shocks from the earthquake were felt throughout you're as far as Finland and North Africa and according to some sources even in Greenland and in the Caribbean tsunamis as tall as twenty meters at sixty five feet swept the coast of North Africa and struck Martinique and Barbados across the Atlantic a three meter ten foot tsunami hit Cornwall on the English coast so this was a massive earthquake that caused great devastation great destruction now by itself we wouldn't really pay much attention without any notice for the fulfillment of prophecy which understand men and women everywhere are reading their Bibles now and they're reading these prophecies and what team next was even more surprising there would be a dark day and night May nineteen seventeen eighty the this was from about eleven a.m. to eleven p.m. darkness all over the northeastern portion of the United States it was it said that is as men went out in the fields the work is the house without a passing grades in the cricket day the chickens one out in the barnyard it was a normal regular day and then it began to get dark so that before noon the cows come back and view the chickens were back in there rooms and men were wondering if it will be I then I've been in the complete solar eclipse I think it would be quite as dramatic as it was housing Don actually the time West Africa and then we were building a church on that day on that morning working construction and and about nine o'clock in the morning it started Google the twilight median sort of and you wouldn't I is just weird in the middle of the day for it become so dark you can't see and cars have to drive with their headlines but imagine if any we all knew that was happening everyone knew there to be a complete eclipse and what about the little glasses of the dental one thousand and we were least all the people around around the community we were in they were loaning them to us look at and I got pictures of it but the fact is if you know this is an happen and it didn't just last for ten minutes like a solar eclipse last it lasted for hours the rest of the day was dark can you imagine what you would think we would think that those who had read these prophecies these passages might reflect back upon them and say wow maybe this is a fulfillment of that prophecy knows that Israel factory reason has ever been assigned for this darkness no Webster said Sir John Frederick William Herschel astronomer said the dark day in North America was one of those wonderful phenomenon nature which will always be read with interest but which philosophy is that I lost to explain it every luminous body and the universities struck out of the existence the darkness could not then more complete you couldn't see your hand in front of your face this was followed a number of years later not four years later again by a massive Leonids shower on November thirteen eighteen thirty three this was a brilliant meteor shower that covered all of North America Japan Loughborough said wherever observed it was the same continuous shower of stars as falling as good as snowflakes in a snowstorm is that it described that if you were you stepped outside on that night during that upon the stars that needed shower you could read a newspaper only by the light of the falling stars you starts that's how bright the night became in fact we have this story from a link in a blink and was actually boarding in a home in eighteen thirty three and use it was a boarding in a big installment we know the story we know about it because Lincoln later was asked by some of his elected bankers meeting during the Civil War and the bankers were asking him if he thought if he thought beginning survive and bake at a Lincoln had a knack for telling stories he said no back when I was a young lawyer I boarded with a deacon is begin the pristine church and little town there in one night I I I was awakened by pounding at my door in the deacon was shouting he was saying a a get up at the end of the world and he said I I went out I went outside and I look to finish showering falling stars it was indeed unsettling instead but behind that that display of falling stars I could see the constellation that I knew so well they were still there it was still whether expected and I realized the world wasn't going to come to an end tonight and use that as an illustration of why he believed that the union was going to survive as well is pretty neat illustration with behind the signs we have something even more dependable though we have the word of God and then here we have Abraham Lincoln 's account debit it was a was a AAA on alarming event for some exciting for others to learn again to renewed study of the word of God and now we have had by the way after the dark day on that not the moon came up red as blood and so now for those living in eighteen thirties and this is one explanation of why they didn't be the second great awakening seems around the eighteen thirties they now see they now seen in there with their own eyes part of this fulfillment taking place that Jesus said would happen there would be a great earthquake there'd be a a a dark day there the new moon be trying to blather me of falling stars and the next thing to be expected to be the second coming and so this is driving men and women to study their Bibles from the Connecticut Observer newspaper a lot of November twenty five eighteen thirty three as the editor of the old countrymen makes a very serious matter of the fallen stars he said we pronounce the rain of fire with police on Wednesday morning last an awful type a short forerunner a merciful sign of that great and dreadful day which they inhabit the earth will witness when the six heels of the open relationship for six red minute ago the time is just a hand described not only New Testament but in the Old Testament and a more correct picture of a big tree casting is free when blown by a mighty wind it was not possible behold Thomas Burnett had written about this in sixteen ninety seven long before this event should place commenting on in his commentary on Matthew twenty four between nine no doubt there would be all sorts of fiery meteors at that time and most others those called falling stars which though they are not considerable singly yet they were multiplied in great numbers falling as a province as it leaves from the vine are faced with victory they would make an astonishing sight we need not look upon these things as hyperbolic poetic strains but his barefaced prophecies and things that will literally come to pass the understand what Bible students were expecting their expecting just that to happen and when they saw happen they saw as a direct fulfillment of prophecy and ninety seven Thomas Burnett had written this from an understanding of prophecy Dennis Denison Olmsted professor at deal University and one of the most noted meteorologists of the nineteenth century he said the following extent of the shower leaking thirty three was such as to cover no inconsiderable part of your service from the middle of the Atlantic on the east to the Pacific on the West from the northern coast of South America undefined regions among the British possessions on the north the exhibition of shooting stars is not only visible but everywhere present in the same appearance a massive display by the way some people say will talk to those signs that just been given in America and down what we do see the signs being taking place in places where the Bible was being studied where people were expecting it and it wasn't just in America it was only in America the America as on the on on November thirteen but will seem just a minute it was actually there was a separate shower that took place using your professor continues those who are so fortunate to witness exhibition shooting stars in the morning of November thirteen thirty three probably saw the greatest display of celestial fireworks but it ever been seen since the creation of the world or least within the annals covered by the pages of history and on November twenty five twelve days later there was a fine display of falling stars on the continent of Europe and Minister Burgess Louisiana which is today Czech Republic stars fell like a rain of fire within the walls of fire making and I still like the people bought the houses near the must be on fire at the same time and in Austria there was a falling stars and covered his face over five hundred square miles it was described by some as streams of fire coming down from heaven horses were frightened by it and fell to the ground many people were made sick through fear this is from Weinert Heinrich helper book published in eighteen thirty five in Stuttgart Germany until this as a description of what is happening around the world people are expecting these problems take place before the second coming and lo and behold they are taking place around the world and so men like William Miller we won't take much time to talk about him today but midnight blue million will overstep what you know were studying these prophecies and they were looking at these things that were happening and they were becoming convinced that the end of the world could be very near network to look at a couple of other factors that would've precipitated this great awakening that was taking place the time and one of those other factors within wall conditions that were talking or backing up a bit now the round seventeen ninety when the great second awakening with a big gun around seventeen ninety have moral conditions in the United States that were not what we as Americans today generally think of are led to believe all about you how many of you when you think of early American leaders think they were all just Bible believing church building faith praying people you know just like that they landed off the Mayflower they got the boat berthing need to do is pray and they prayed ever since it's only day that we wanted from God decided that idea when you talk about in American history will really nothing could be further from the truth because America was in its nature people came on the Mayflower they praise truly had colonies were very good as their people Junior to escape persecution there is also the greatly impacted Deism and some of the secularism is impacting American money getting some statistics okay I think you find this interesting some statistics in New England you have been most religious people the New England colonies had been most religious people this is about seventeen ninety were talking about and in New England about one out of eight attended church one out of eight seventeen ninety New England the best goes down from there if we look at the middle colonies which were a lot of German Scotch Irish about one out of this team attended church about one out of fifteen and when you come down to the southern colonies which today we sort of regarding the south of the Bible Belt right in the Southern colonies about one out of twenty were churchgoers and you remember that is people who were reading their Bibles would look at their Bibles they would say what Jesus said as it was in the basement no as it was in the days of Lot Reich level many would wax cold there are many people who saw not only the signs that are happening in the stars sun and the stars they were also looking at society around them and say this is a sign of the end we have a amoral and more conditions in society knickknacks when Jesus said would it would be at the time of the end note interesting to note biting in the second great awakening by the end of the second great awakening so were talking about fifty years by the end of the second great awakening seventy five percent of all Americans would be churchgoing that's why they call midweek is a trend then this should in a generation or two from from from very little interest in spiritual things from very structured hierarchical churches that are then brought with them from Europe to a very personal spirituality machines growth among more Congregationalist type churches and a very personal practical religion being practiced by the in of the great awakening so huge transition take place but we can't neglect the fact that the beginning of the segment awaiting this was viewed as one of the signs of the times the reason they believe Jesus was coming soon but I think perhaps the most significant reason that this great awakening took place and out of it would be born that great second Advent movement new understanding of income events and eschatology was that the book of Daniel would be unsealed and were not to go there because the short time the Daniel Chapter 11 verse thirty five Daniel Levin is once again a parallel prophecy describing the history of the world Dana gentry twelve does and enter Chapter 11 talks about the persecution and he talks about talks about a huge and marking the beginning of the time of the in okay it's been in Chapter 11 in verse thirty five well a few verses later in Daniel twelve verse four it says Daniel shut up the words of this prophecy of this book it's for many days it's going to open on the field at the time of the inner Stan Silva compare Daniel chapter eleven thirty five saying the time of the and in the end of this twelve hundred sixty years and we compare Daniel chapter twelve verse four say of the time in the book of Daniel to be unsealed all of a sudden we realized that after the seventeen ninety seven to ninety perfectly the book of Daniel 's would be understood in a new and and widespread way and indeed this is what happened the book of Daniel being unsealed there was a great awakening in the study of Bible prophecy both sides of Atlantic in Europe as well as in the Americas people were studying the book of Daniel to study the book of Revelation and they were coming to an understanding of what these prophecies meant of leeway from Doctor Freeman the prophetic faith of our fathers said that that authoritative set sets on the history prophetic understanding said the following nothing comparable to it in sheer numbers had appeared before and definitive Ralph became a recognized sign of the times and came to be looked upon as a fulfillment of prophecy as people began to fade but I will show you a little bit this is from prophetic faith of my fathers on those little hard to see but I don't think I've ever share this with you I will share with you what what a catch heart of those who are studying the prophecies it's it's it's there's no doubt historically that they were more people studying and writing about the prophecies over the next fifty years of the great awakening between seventeen ninety and in eighteen forty there are more things written about prophecy that had been written in the previous fifteen hundred years without a doubt each of these lines represent a person you may not may or may not be able to read it this is a see their lifespan beginning on Sunday ninety eight that's when we would see the book of Daniel being unsealed on these dot on the line represent each of the major books or major articles written about in time prophecy is a what you see here is a compilation of the different individuals who began studying prophecy not only studying it there writing about in their publishing their works and so you have yet but in explosion of them the scene it it largely begins in the eighteen twenties and eighteen thirties he starts seeing all these dots showing up and it's exploding around the early eighteen forties issues and explosion of the study promising and I think that a lot of them in the eighteen hundreds it would've been a lot of authors the chart continues and it continues this is a massive undertaking of the study of prophecy that had not been seen previously until this time you see the book of Daniel is now being studied in a way that it not been studied and written about and shared and they were communicating from one side of the land the other side of the leg sometimes arriving things without why would someone also written on the same thing encompassing conclusion the reason was because God has gone was awakening his people to understand the beginnings comes the signs had been given for reason and as they invade as they saw the signs in the sun the moon the stars as a sophomore conditions of society as they began studying the properties those things the inviting them to the study the policy the book of Daniel now is an field and they were going to come to new understandings of God 's plan for his people God 's plan for this earth that had not headed in Moss side of four centuries and even millennia all my friends the good news was they discover that Jesus had been hitting it wasn't just a suggestion are a good idea when Jesus said in John chapter fourteen if I don't prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you and myself these Bible students began to be convinced his words were true he was going to come again and I coming could be very soon I believe friends that coming his various I believe it's much closer than when these vital students began studying and over the next few sermons were going to be looking at organ be looking at how they teamed their understandings why it's been so long and how we can explain that and how they began to discover not only the truth about the second coming but other truths they were led to one after another as they came out of the great second awakening but today I just think like you I'm thankful that we have promise of the Savior I'm thankful that favors promises that he's going to come again there is going to me and they went there is a new hand and the new word he's been in charge during the great millennium not our job to make a perfect world it's our job to make our hearts right with him and he's going to come and he's going to take us home to be with them that where he is there we will be also let's pray father in heaven today we just less thank you that you given to us such a wonderful promise the promise of your return we thank you that as we look to these Bible prophecies we can see why you see how they were so significant to those living in that day father we believe you have a message for our time to really get a message for us so as we continue to pull back to the pages of history as we continue to look at your word I just want to pray that you'll help us to get excited not because we know Jesus is coming soon and were afraid we'd better get ready now Lord help us to be so in love with you like the early church that we just can't wait for you to come we can't wait to be reunited with you so the second coming will be our blessed hope it will be our fervent hope it will be that which we look forward to it which animates our existence our decisions every day thank you for these words thank you for the pharmacy in the film thank you for the problem of having to be asking all this is a this media was brought audio nurse website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive please visit www. audio tours .org


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